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Default Parent Night-Teacher Nightmare

Parent Night – Teacher Nightmare

I hate these parent – teacher nights. Boring as hell. They ring the bell and we walk from classroom to classroom to see the picture that little Bobby drew or read the poem little Sally wrote. To sit on those God uncomfortable small hard chairs for 20 minutes and hear the teachers drone on about what they will cover this year and how the kids will need to focus and study hard. Blah, Blah, Blah/

My wife knows I hate these things but she nags the hell out of me to go. “Don’t you love your children? Don’t you want them to know you care? Do it for the kids”

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah., like my appearance is going to make a difference, and our kids will suddenly get all A’s and win college scholarships all because I went to parent’s night.

The annoying bell rings, time to move to the next classroom with the rest of these sheep, enthusiastic, talkative women and bored husbands wishing they were somewhere, anywhere, but here.

However, as I entered this next classroom, things started to look up, and down and… oh hell yes!

Usually the teachers my kids have for their classes, are, ugly, burned out hollow shells, after years of teaching stress, but every once in a while a younger, female teacher transfers into the school, who not only gains the attention of the students but the parents as well.

This new teacher, Miss Stephanie, suddenly captured my attention . This woman was fucking hot, at least to me! She was not overtly sexy in any kind of traditional sense, but for me she was perfect.

She was tall, slim, about 5’7,” short brown hair with blonde streaks, She wore black librarian, Sarah Palin glasses with rectangular lenses. Her breasts were small but her legs ran all way up to her ass. Her calves and thighs were well shaped, She was the librarian type that I always fantasized about having sex with. After greeting everyone, she turned her back to us as she wrote on the whiteboard the things she wanted to cover tonight and that was when I saw her tight, athletic, round ass under her dark skirt

She was dressed conservatively, Her dark skirt that zipped up the back, and ended just above her knees, Her top was a cream-colored, pull over sweater, a size too small, I assumed to emphasize her smallish breasts. She wore light grey stockings and light brown pumps with 2” heels, a strap across the top of her foot, Her gold tiny stud earring glinted as she turned to face us again.

I had no idea what she said next, I studied her body, thinking of how, if I ever got her alone, I would spread those lithe legs wide, tie them apart, watch that skirt slide up above her panties as I did this, how I would rip off her panty hose and slice through those panties so I could access the venus mound of her pussy. How her screams, her begging me to stop, her questioning of why I was doing this to her, would only turn me on and fuel my lust. How I would cut off that sweater, slice it up the middle from her stomach to her throat, slice open that bra to expose those small breasts with what I could only imagine would be erect nipples – erect out of fear, or the sudden exposure to the cool air.. How I would straddle her face and shove my cock between her thin lips, thrusting in and out, until I came on those rectangular glasses…

“What?” I felt my wife elbow me, “Yeah, I am paying attention” Of course she gave me that look, My wife knew what I was paying attention to. She knew I liked the librarian type. That intelligent woman who spent her time with books instead of boys, with all that pent up desire and lust just waiting to be unleashed by the right man.

However, there was one thing my wife didn’t know about me, and that was, I WAS that man. I had taken women like this before, some I seduced and others I forced. Each time it was the best sex I ever had. The violation of these women got me more excited than any other type. Underneath all that conservative dress, those conservative bookish glasses was a woman of incredible pent up lust. And once she got over the shock of what was happening to her, I could tell she enjoyed it. Of course, she would never admit it and frankly I didn’t care. I took what I wanted and I was sure she got what she secretly desired, what she deserved.

Ms Stephanie and I were going to meet again after classes were over. I was going to give her a lesson plan and homework that she would never forget, and neither would I.

Ms Stephanie kept talking and I just kept staring at her body with rapt attention. If she only knew what I was thinking, planning, I wonder if she would get a little wet if she could read my mind. I know I was getting hard with anticipation.

The bell rang, it was time to go, but I would be back for a very special parent teacher conference. I wondered if my kids had any other hot teachers. This parent teacher night was already looking up. Three more classes to visit, three more teachers to meet, What were the odds there would be another? But even if Ms Stephanie was the only one, she would be enough to keep me occupied for hours, maybe days.

Part 2

The next two teachers were boring – one was a male, somewhat effeminate, most likely a gay history teacher. The kids must give his ass a fit I thought, but he seemed earnest, sensitive and caring. Sad I thought, these kids were going to tear him apart. Then there was the French teacher the kids had told me about. They called her “The Pear” because her body was shaped like a giant pear. She had a mole on the top of her nose with hairs growing out of it. Whoo! I am sure that the kids shaped her personality over the years too. She was a mean, no bullshit kind of teacher who was trying to play it nice for the parents, but who, I was sure, would enjoy roasting some kids on a slow turning spit..

OK, one more class to go and then I could get out of here, Maybe stop by before I left and thank Ms Stephanie for her enlightening talk ;-) As I walked in behind a fairly, large man, he moved away and the sun shown again! What were the odds? Two in one night! I was definitely becoming a bigger fan of parent- teacher night. So who was this? Ms Cindy? Hell she looked like Ms Stephanie’s sister . They even dressed alike. Ms Cindy also wore a black skirt but a little shorter and a white pullover sweater.

This one wore black shoes with higher heels and white drop earrings that swung as she talked animatedly with each parent who entered. She was about the same age as Ms Stephanie but Ms Cindy filled out her sweater much better, I am not a huge fan of large breasts but Ms Cindy had nice ones and I instantly fantasized about my cock sliding in between them. Her legs were not as lithe and formed as Ms Cindy’s but that ass. Oh yeah! I couldn’t help myself, from staring, as she turned to answer a question and I just stared at her ass, wondering if she ever experienced anal sex. I thought privately that she would experience it someday soon.

I smiled at my thought – “so many women, so many to rape.” I sat down once again on those shitty hard, short seats, and soon got lost in the fantasy of having both of these women imprisoned, chained in my private little dungeon, I could use one while the other heard her screams and moans of pleasure, or maybe put them in the same room so that the other could watch jealously at what was happening to her fellow prisoner, and wishing it was her turn soon. Ah, nice fantasy but way too complicated and risky. A guy can dream.

No, I would have to take them one at a time and compare who performed her lessons best. Lessons I bet they never imagined they would take in their wildest dreams. But then I was the one with the wild dreams. The big difference, I made my dreams come true. What good does it do to dream if you can’t make them happen? I would make these new dreams come true as well, just like I had in the past with that girl from the office, that waitress when I took that business trip, that Hertz car attendant that I took for a ride she wasn’t expecting.

The PA system came aloud with the school principal thanking us all for coming, and wishing us a good evening. The bell rang one last time and we filed out. I made it a point to thank Ms Cindy for her talk. I had no idea what she said but when I shook her hand, I felt that tingle of anticipation. I wonder if she felt it too. My wife pulled on my arm and we headed for the classroom door.

I thought I might just drop my wife off at home and quickly head back to the school to see if I could catch Ms Cindy or Ms Stephanie leaving for the night. At least I could follow one of them home to see where she lived. I needed an excuse. Maybe I would tell my wife I dropped my cell phone in the school, or needed to run to the store. I would think of something, She always believed me, trusted me, and besides even when I “worked late” I always returned with a smile on my face.

Part 3

As I pulled up in our driveway, I told my wife, “Oh no, I think I dropped my wallet back at the school. I need to run back there.” Of course she offered to go with me and help look but I refused and told her it was more important to put the kids to bed. I would be fine.

Fortunately, we only lived 10 minutes away from the school by car. I just might make it back in time to see at least one of the teachers to get in her car. I hurried and luckily I saw both of them standing in front of the school entrance, talking to a third teacher. I assumed they were congratulating each other on a successful night or complaining that the night sucked as much for the teachers as it did for the parents.

I drove by them and parked facing away so I could observe them in my rear view mirror. They waved goodbye to the other teacher and I watched as Ms Cindy and Ms Stephanie walked away together, heading toward my car. I quickly retrieved a map from my console and pretended to be looking at it as they walked by together.

They paid no attention to me as they walked by, so I discarded the map and watched them walk toward the teacher parking lot. I watched as their hips swayed when they walked almost in perfect unison. They were laughing and gesturing, totally unaware of my presence. My plan was to follow whoever left last but then I saw they made their way to one car. This would be perfect, I could follow the one car and find out where both lived. What’s more, they probably lived fairly close to one another to be riding together. This was going to be quicker and easier than I thought.

My cell rang, Shit! “Hello? No, not yet but I am still looking, I will call you if and when I find it and am heading home. Sure honey, get ready for bed, Wear something sexy and I will get home as soon as I can. OK, thanks” I hated when she checked up on me, but she always bought my stories.

They were pulling away, I started my car but kept the headlights off. I let them pull out onto the street. The taillights of their car were unusual so that would make it easier to follow them at a distance.

I pulled to the street, turned on my headlights and followed them at a discreet distance. They drove in the opposite direction from my home for about 15 minutes. That meant it would take 25 minutes to make it from my home to their location. After a couple turns down quiet residential streets, I saw their car turn into a driveway and the taillights light up as they stopped.

I pulled to the curb a block away, watched and waited. They obviously were still gabbing. I looked at my watch. Finally, after what seemed like 15 minutes but was more like 5, I saw Stephanie open the passenger door, get out and make her way to her front door. There were two other cars already in the driveway and the lights were on in the house. So Stephanie was married. Damn it, more complications but there was no time to think about this now as I saw Cindy back up her car into the street and pull away. Stephanie waved from the front stoop and I saw her door open and a man’s body framed in the doorway.

I watched Cindy go to the intersection and make a right. I waited until Stephanie went inside and took off after Cindy’s car, hoping I didn’t lose her. There she was, about two blocks ahead and making a left. I stepped on the accelerator doing 50 in a 25 MPH zone but thankfully the streets were empty. I made the left and saw nothing, SHIT! I lost her. I drove down the street, passed another intersection and kept going, Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw taillights in a driveway to my right. I slammed on the brakes, backed up quickly into the intersection and made a hard right, I pulled down just in time to see Cindy pulling a bag out of her trunk and slamming it closed. I drove past again, and pulled to the curb. I saw Cindy looking down the street toward my car. Damn did she recognize my car? She stared for a while and then turned and went into her house. This house was also lit and there was a bike laying in the driveway, Most likely married as well but with a kid or kids. Again more complexity.

I drove around the block to see if I could observe the house from the rear. I could only catch a glimpse of a raised deck through the trees that surrounded the lot. That would provide ideal cover if I came in that way.

I didn’t have much time or my phone would ring again, so I dialed home. “Found it! You won’t believe this but it was in the damn car the whole time, It fell down between the seat and the door. I only found it when I had given up searching the school and grounds – only to see it fall out on the ground when I opened the door again. I guess I was lucky. Listen, I am going to stop for gas but I should be home in about 25 minutes,” I paused. “What? …Oh really, that sounds hot, You bet I am horny. I don’t know what it is about tonight but I have been getting hornier as the night has worn on. I hope you are ready for some hot sex. I’ll be right home” Yes, I would fuck my wife good tonight and little would she know who I was thinking about as I took her more roughly then usual.

I retraced my route to Stephanie’s house lived and drove past slowly, again trying to gauge the privacy and closeness of neighbors. My window of opportunity for Stephanie would be open after school but before her husband got home. For Cindy, it would be more difficult because her child or children would most likely arrive home when she did.
I drove home lost in thought. Fortunately, my gas tank was full so I made it home in the timeframe I told predicted.

I ran up the stairs to a bedroom lit by candles. I quickly stripped and climbed into bed. My cock was already erect. I grabbed my wife’s nightie with both hands, right above her breasts and ripped the nightie apart, splitting in down the middle. My wife yelped and started to complain, but I pushed her legs apart with my knees and thrust inside her.

“I will buy you a new one. Now fuck me” She wrapped her legs around my back, crossing her ankles and I pounded her with an intensity that had been missing for months. She hung on for deal life as I pile-drived my cock into her pussy. She came twice before I did, which was rare.

Later, as we lay there, she asked me. “What was that all about?
I replied “You didn’t like it?,”
“No it was great but totally unexpected,” she whispered.
“Well never look a gift cock in the mouth” I joked…. “but speaking of mouthes, how about you use yours on me, I am still kind of horny”

As she slid down my body and in between my legs and I put my hand on the back of her head pushing her mouth onto me, I stared at the ceiling and smiled, fantasizing that I was forcing Cindy or Stephanie to suck me. I could feel my cock grow even harder in my wife’s mouth, She accerlerated her head bobbing, in response… just like I knew the other women would as well.

Part 4

My work van was parked just down the street from of Stephanie’s house. No one was home now, I saw her husband leave at 6:30 and saw Ms Stephanie leave one hour later. The beauty of working for a lawn service means that no one really notices when you walk around a house. I waited a half an hour to make sure no one had forgotten something and came back. I then pulled my van in front, opened the back door and got out my hose and tools. My van contained all the tools and chemicals I needed to do my job but I could easily convert it to my more sinister purpose if needed.

I pulled out the long hose off the reel and started to spray Stephanie’s lawn. If anyone came home or questioned, I could just say I must have gotten the wrong house or was providing a complimentary test application..

After sweeping the lawn with weed killer, I took out my backpack sprayer , a small bag of “tools” and worked my way around the back of the house, spraying as I went. I looked in the first floor basement window but could not see much. The house was built on a slight hill so the rear exit was ground level and sheltered by a raised deck. Bushes and trees gave privacy so it was easy to break the French door window and unlock the basement door. My prior job was working for a home security firm so I was sure there was no alarm system.

It was a typical basement – one half was finished with carpet, two recliner chairs, a sofa and a large screen TV. Most likely the stupid “man cave” that was all the rage. I then opened the door to the unfinished portion fully expecting to find a washer, dryer, etc. but “ Holy Shit!” I exclaimed aloud, and burst out laughing.

Sure there was the usual utility sink, washer and dryer along one wallm but lining the other side was a wall filled with some very interesting things. One item that totally stood out was the St Andrew’s cross, with leather restraints, two for the ankles and two for the wrists. There was a sort of padded, wooden saw horse with restraints as well. There were all sorts of BDSM gear mounted on the wall for easy access. – ball gags, riding crop, floggers, a hood, blindfold, vibrator, nipple clamps, butt plugs and, “what’s this? - a belt with a strap on? I laughed again, who was doing who? I smiled, was Ms Stephanie doing Mr Stephanie? Or was this a mutual degradation society? Then I saw my answer – a pair of female thigh high leather boots, and a rubber corset dress. So Ms Stephanie was really Mistress Stephanie after all. I guess she was very strict in class and at home, I joked to myself.

Well this was going to come in handy later this afternoon when Mistress Stephanie would meet Master Peter. I wondered if she would get off when the tables were turned or could she only orgasm when she dominated? Didn’t matter, I joked to myself, as long as I did.

I looked in my rape kit “tool” bag but it turned out I didn’t really need anything. It was all here within handy reach. Well at least I would use my ski mask I thought and maybe some duct tape to cover her eyes, but then I did have the hood and blindfolds within arms reach if needed, I thought and put a blindfold in my bag…So easy..And so very nice of this “normal,” middle class family, to provide me with all the tools of my trade.

I couldn’t wait for Stephanie to come home but first I had move my van. I would walk back with my back mounted sprayer, as if I forgot to spray that one spot of weeds.

It was now almost time for school to let out. I made my way back, hid the sprayer behind some bushes, opened the basement door, made my way up to Stephanie’s bedroom where I was sure she would change out of those uncomfortable school clothes. I would watch through the slatted doors of her husband’s matching clothes closet, and then I would take her. I had brought my ski mask, my mini stun gun, and my knife just in case. I didn’t want to fight, I just wanted to rape. The thought of sliding into Stephanie’s tight round ass….Oh Hell Yes!, I thought, this would be so totally worth it.

As I waited, I also thought about Cindy. What if Stephanie and Cindy came home together for coffee? I had never taken two women at once. Wasn’t sure if I could but I DID want to do Cindy sometime. Maybe I could force Stephanie to lure Cindy to her house where I would have Stephanie secured and just wait for Cindy to arrive. Maybe Stephanie would help me do her, I thought with a smile.

I wondered if Cindy knew about Stephanie’s little mini basement dungeon secret or her unsusual sexual proclivities. I wondered if this little piece of info would be a nice piece of blackmail that would keep Stephanie’s silence? After all. that kind of scandal could cause jobs to be lost and make them leave town. I was sure her husband wouldn’t want his little secret getting out. Oh the possibilities here were endless, and I felt my cock twinge a bit and harden at each new thought. This was the hard part. The waiting.

Part 5

I lay on her bed, their bed, to wait. Might as well get comfortable, I thought. Then I ran through in my mind what I would do once she got home. I didn’t have to wait long. I heard her car pull up in the driveway. I went to the window to watch her get out of the car, open the back car door to retrieve two bags. It was time to hide. I went to her husband’s closet and closed the slated door. I heard her close the front door, and drop her keys on a table. I retreated to the back of the closet when I heard her heels on the steps. She was coming.

I saw movement through the door as she entered the bath. I waited and heard the toilet flush, water running in the sink and then saw her come out and go into her closet and turn on the light, I moved closer to the door so I could get a better, but limited view through the slats.

She stepped out of her black 2 inch pumps, one at a time, She was wearing a blue jean skirt that was about 4 above her knee. She reached around and pulled down the zipper in the back, slide the skirt over her hips and dropped it to the floor. She wore a red and white print blouse which she unbuttoned and also dropped to the floor. She was wearing nude colored pantyhose which she slide off her hips, standing on one foot, then the other. My God, she wasn’t wearing panties. She unhooked the white bra from the front and pulled if off her shoulders. She reached up to each ear to pull off her white, silver drop earrings.

She stood their nude and looked into her full length mirror. I was looking at her from the rear so I saw those well formed legs and that magnificent ass so round and firm. I could also get a partial view of her front, from the mirror she faced. I glimpesd her small firm breasts, and a quick look at her neatly trimmed pubic mound. She was now looking in her closet at some bright colored active wear. I assumed she was going running. She reached into a drawer and pulled on some panties. Then I saw her reach for a top.

This would be my moment, when she started to pull the top over her head, I would make my move simultaneously. I had my hand on the door knob of the closet door. I had on my black ski mask and a knife in my other hand. My plan was to move quickly, overwhelm her, and take advantage of the awkward moment when her hands and head were in the process of pulling on her top.


I opened the door and rushed into her closet. She heard me and tried to turn around and pull her top off her head at the same time, but it was too late. I wrapped my arm around her neck from behind in a choke hold, and held the cold steel of my knife against her skin. “Stand still and listen” I hissed “and you won’t get hurt” She froze for a second and stupidly I loosened my grip a bit, only to feel her jam her elbow into my stomach and I felt the whoosh of air leave my lungs. She started to pull away and run. I gathered my wits and launched myself for her legs, falling to the floor but reaching out one hand to trip her. She fell and hit her head against the opposite closet wall. Her head actually bounced backward as she fell to the floor. I used this time to try to climb on top of her from behind but she kept struggling.

God damn it! , I thought, my anger building fast. All the prior women I raped just froze with fear, but this one was a fighter, athletic. She tried to crawl away and kick back at me at the same time. Her foot connected with my face, but I held onto one ankle. I got up on my knees and again launched forward to land on the top of the back of her legs, my weight keeping them in check for the moment.

She tried to twist and punch me with her fists, claw at me with her long nails. She raked my face through the ski mask. Enough of this bullshit. I reached into my back pocket for the stun gun. She struggled under me as I slide the lever, waited a second, moved the gun to her neck and depressed the button. The impact was instantaneous. She stiffened under me for a second and then collapsed. Finally, she was limp and lay on the floor naked except for her panties and one arm through her runners top.

It was time to secure this bitch. Sweat was running down my face under the ski mask. I pulled it off. This was definitely the hardest one yet. Maybe I was getting old. Maybe she would pay for being so much trouble. The problem was that I only had at most 2-3 hours before her husband came home. I went back into the closet and retrieved my bag. I tied her feet at the ankles tightly and then pulled her arms behind her back to secure them, tying her wrists together and running the rope down over her ass and fed it under the rope around her ankles. I then turned her over, pulled out the duct tape and tore off strip, placing it over her mouth and then her eyes, pushing down on the edges to make a seal.

I stood up, and then reached down, put my hands under her armpits and dragged her to the stairway. Very carefully I made my way backwards down the steps, dragging her limp body slowly down the steps, her ass and feet bumping down each step. The process was repeated on the basement steps.

I dragged her over to the saw horse contraption that stood in the center of the room. I lifted her at the waist and draped her body over the padded center wooden bar. I undid her wrists and moved her arms so they hung down each side of her head. I secured them quickly to the front legs of the sawhorse. She was beginning to come around and starting to move. I quickly untied one ankle and secured it to the opposite leg of the saw horse, first one , then the other.

Now she was fully awake and pulling against her restraints, making yelping sounds through the tape across her mouth. But it was too late. She was mine now. I studied her from behind, her legs spread wide, her ass high in the air, her taped face upside down and her breasts, sliding a bit towards her face. She still had her panties on. I stepped forward and with both hands ripped them off from behind. The thin material made a delicious ripping sound, I let it drop hanging between her legs. She was now fully exposed.

“You can’t escape I told her. I promise you that you are securely restrained.” She continued to struggle, clearly not liking the fact that she was at my mercy. She continued making noise, muffled screams and curses through the tape. I watched her expend her energy against her restraints. Good, I thought, let her tire herself out. I was tired of fighting. However, I did need to teach her a lesson and remind her who was in charge here. I walked over to the wall and lifted the paddle off the hook. I came back and stood behind her. I swung my hand up and then down on her bare ass. Her body jerked and she made a sound, almost a squeak. I wonder what she was thinking. Her mind must be spinning at having the tables reversed. I swung again and I could see the red color rising in her cheeks.. I probably took about 10-15 hard swats on her ass. I lost count. I could see it glowing red in the dim light. She was crying now, most likely more out of frustration than pain, I stopped.

I then moved forward and gently stroked her skin, sliding my hand lightly over her ass, down the back of her thighs, Fingers lightly exploring the inside of her thighs and then gently sliding under and between her legs, in between her vaginal her lips. I had given her pain, and now my aim was to soothe that pain and perhaps arouse her a bit.

As I gently caressed her ass and pussy, I said. “You do know that I am in charge now, and can do anything I want to you, don’t you? Nod your head if you understand.” No response and then she thought better. I saw her head raise up and lower. “ How does it feel to be on the receiving end? Huh? I bet you hate it don’t you? I bet you get yourself off inflicting the pain, being the mistress, Mistress Stephanie” I saw her stiffen at the mention of her name, the wheels turning in her head, trying to figure out how I knew her name, where she knew me from.

I went back to the wall and reached for the dildo/vibrator that was hanging there. I examined it, found the on switch, it buzzed in my hand. “Hear that? You know this sound don’t you?” I slowly slid the dildo between her legs, between her lips, against her clit, I let the vibrations do their work as I moved the dildo/vibe back and forth between her legs, up to her clit, down to her opening, up to her anus, each time threatening to push inside.

She lay perfectly still. After a while I did push inside her pussy a little and her body started to quiver, I withdrew and the quivering stopped. I resumed sliding back and forth and then pushed into her ass, not far but she instantly stiffened again. I laughed.

I walked around to face her, and grabbed her pony tail pulling her head up. “I am going to pull the tape off your mouth, not because I want to hear you talk, hear your pleas or even your curses. I am pulling the tape off your mouth for one thing and you know what that is. Don’t you?”

I moved her head up and down using her pony tail to mock her assent. “Just wanted to make sure you understood” Still holding her pony tail, I reached town and ripped the tape off her mouth. Her first words were “You motherfucker, I will….”, I jerked her head up and she stopped. “I told you I didn’t want to hear anything from you. If you speak another word, things will go very badly from here on out. Now SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Silence. I continued quietly now “Well you are right about one thing, I am a mother fucker and a daughter fucker and now a teacher fucker. Yes I know you are a teacher and I know you like discipline in your classroom and apparently here at home too. Well today, I am the teacher and you are the pupil. You are going to be my little sex slave for the next few hours and if you are a good little slave, I will let you go, and both you and I will keep our little secrets. I won’t tell the world that you tie your husband up and beat him or fuck him with your little toys and you won’t tell anyone that I did the same to you.

Still holding her head up by the pony tail, I said. “Right now you are going to suck my cock. You are going to get me nice and hard, and then I am going to fuck you from behind, I am going to fuck you hard and fuck you deep. I just can’t make up my mind which hole to violate first.”

I wish I could see her eyes but it was too risky, I wanted to see the fear, the understanding, the contempt, the hatred. I wanted to see all the emotions raging in her mind. I lowered her head, stood up and undid my belt to remove the pants of my uniform. I didn’t wear boxers or briefs, it was quicker this way. I moved back again to her face, pulled her head up and lifted my cock to her mouth with my other hand.

“Now get me hard and please don’t do anything stupid. I don’t want to hurt you but never doubt for a second that I will and I will hurt you bad.” I pushed my cock to her lips and felt them part, I pushed in and felt her tongue move against the underside of my cock. “That’s it baby, nice and slow, nice and easy, I started to move my hips slowly back and forth in her warm, wet mouth.

Part 6

I placed my hand on the back of her head as I moved in and out of her mouth. She had obviously sucked cock before but I wondered if she could actually take all of it down her throat. I pushed a little deeper and felt her head jerk back, I smiled and thought to myself, Ah, she has never taken a cock all the way to the hilt. I held her head and pushed a little deeper hitting the back of her throat. This time I could see her body tense, and her head jerk back more violently, I held her head firm despite her best efforts to pull back.

“What’s wrong ‘Mistress’? Never had to deep throat a cock before? Well let’s consider this your first lesson, a sort of ‘Deep Throating 101.’ The first thing you have to do is relax” I said as I held her head firmly and pushed in. “The next thing you have to learn is to breathe on the upstroke” I said as I pulled out and watched her gasp for air. I let her catch one breath and pushed in again more deeply, I felt my cock hit the back of her throat and then go further. Her body tensed in panic, What must have seemed like minutes for her, was actually only seconds before I pulled out completely. Again she sucked in air, and started to pant.

“Please (gasp) stop, please (gasp) don’t do this, I…I can’t do this. Just fuck me and be done. I won’t say anything, I won’t go to the Police.”

I don’t know what it is about these words “Please don’t do this” but they always have an electrifying effect on me, My cock actually hardens even more every time I have heard a woman say them. I guess I should feel compassion or pity but all those words do is fuel my lust. I laughed at her and rammed my cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat so that her mouth was now in contact with my body and she had taken my cock to the hilt. Again the eyes wide in panic, tears welling quickly, the straining against her bonds, the gagging muffled scream. I pulled out again but not quite all the way. I grabbed her hair on the back of her head lifting her head up, aligning my cock a better angle into her mouth and throat. I paused.

“Listen bitch, you ARE going to learn this lesson today. You ARE going to learn how to take my cock all the way down your throat even if you have to practice t for the next two hours. Now, take a breath, relax your body, your throat, you mind” and with that I pushed in smoothly and deeply. She gagged a little but started to get the hang of it, timing her breaths to my motion, concentrating hard to relax and take my cock whole.

Soon I started moving with a smooth rhythm, in and out of her mouth and throat. She was actually doing pretty well, she was learning. Her mouth and throat felt so good that I so wanted to cum down her throat. I was sure she had never swallowed cum and although I would never give a woman that choice, I did have other plans for Mistress Stephanie.

Now that my cock was good and hard, I planned to use it elsewhere and do other things that Stephanie had never imagined she would do.

I pulled out, my penis springing almost straight up after the action that Stephanie had so successfully performed. She looked relieved that I had stopped, but also perplexed and was that a trace of disappointed I saw flash across her face?

Maybe she was proud that she had conquered the fear and revulsion of taking a cock all the way to the hilt. I decided to reward her. “You did great Mistress. A little more practice and you could be the best little cock sucker and deep throater around. You really caught on quickly and with a little practice and polish, your skill could be among the very best”

I looked down at her and stroked her cheek. I actually believed there was a second of pride and gratitude that flashed in her eyes before she opened her mouth again to say
“You filthy pig. Just take what you want and leave me alone. I would rather die first than suck your cock again”

I look down at her laughed, “Don’t worry Mistress, I WILL absolutely take what I want, with or without your permission. You did suggest something earlier. If I recall, your exact words were ‘just fuck me and be done.’ Well I am going to grant that wish and I am going to fuck you now. However, I won’t be done.”

I decided to re-tape her mouth. I didn’t want her empty threats or have her screaming too loudly. Besides I could hear her moans and plaintive cries through the tape. And for what I had planned I was sure that would happen. I pressed the tape across her mouth and saw her eyes fill with hate and what seemed like some resignation.
She actually thought that I would fuck her and be done. She just wanted to get it over with. What a silly woman. My pleasure came from many things, and the mechanical part of thrusting my cock inside her, was only a very small part. It was true that I wanted to violate the physical places she never imagined would be violated but I also planned to violate her most scared part as well– her mind.


I walked around behind Stephanie. She had truly fantastic legs and that ass!!! Up in the air. So accessible, So ripe, So…Perfect. I couldn’t help but take my hand and slide it over each ass cheek, and down the back of her legs. I felt her shiver as I did. Her smooth warm skin felt good, arousing and I was already aroused. I walked over to the wall of toys and studied all of accessories mounted there, I picked up one that I thought would be perfect to use in conjunction with my cock.

I walked behind Stephanie and saw her tense at my approach. I would play this nice and slow, and let Stephanie think I would fuck her and leave it at that. I moved behind her and positioned my cock between the lips of her slit, I pushed in a bit and then thrust all the way in. I heard her yelp through the tape at the sudden penetration. I just held my cock there, deep inside her, not moving. She was a bit dry so I am sure it caused her some pain. She wouldn’t be dry for long, I thought. I could sense she was questioning what was going on and actually felt her try to move against me, but the restraints limited her movement.

I just held it there and reached for the toy, I leaned back still inside her and pushed the three bump anal plug slowly into her anus, one bump, (she tensed) then bump two (she raised up on her toes) and finally bump three (she was straining hard to relax.) Apparently Mistress Stephanie could dish it out but now her very own “plate” was full and it was hard for her to handle. This particular butt plug had a cord wired to a handle with a sliding button and an indicator which indicated “low to high.”

I slide the button to button the first level and felt her tense yet again but each time she tensed, it only caused her anus to clench tighter, so she did her best to relax. I moved to the second level and started to feel the vibrations myself. Stephanie was making little mewling sounds through the tape. I increased the vibrations two more levels and instantly saw Stephanie respond, bucking against the sawhorse mechanism, bucking against me. Ahhh.

I started to move my cock in and out very slowly. I increased the vibrations just short of the highest level. Now the sounds coming from Stephanie seemed to be more plaintive. I could see her frustration reaching its peak - at what was being done to her, at her inability to control the situation, and at what I also believed was sexual stimulation that, for the life of her, she was trying to deny. I continued to stroke her and I pushed the slide lever to the max, The vibrations were definitely coming through and stimulating my cock simultaneously. However, what felt even better was her wetness, the sheer heat being generated by her pussy. It felt like it was on fire, molten fire. I grabbed her hips and pumped her pussy without mercy, solely for my own pleasure. I could feel my climax starting to build. I had to watch myself, I didn’t want to cum just yet. I wanted this to last. I wanted to violate Stephanie in every way I could think of.

Stephanie was making noise each time I pushed deep inside her, a muffled “hmmffff, hmmmff, hmmmfff” each time I thrust in. I was about to lose it, between the vibrations, her burning white hot pussy and the sounds she was making. Oh God….

I had to stop. I pulled out, still rock hard.

I shut off the butt plug and slowly pulled it out of her ass one bump at a time. Her body visibly relaxed as all the stimulation ceased at once. She was definitely trying to catch her breath which she apparently held through her ordeal. She was sucking in and pushing out enough air through her nostrils that she made a whistling sound. I also heard a low “humf humf, humf” sound through her taped mouth. I am sure she was hoping I was done, that I had cum in her pussy.

Not yet darlin, I thought, not yet.


I walked back over to the “toy board” and looked over the array of various items.

Now I am not much of a breast man, but I did realize upon seeing the nipple clamps hanging there, that I had truly neglected Stephanie’s tits. I removed a pair of nipple clamps linked together by a shiny silver chain. I squatted down next to Stephanie, turning my head so that I could better align my face to her upside down face. I could see the tear tracks on her that ran across her forehead, a few strands of matted hair pasted there from her sweat, the rest of her hair hanging free. . Her eyes were closed and she was still, breathing hard, but then her eyes flashed open when she felt my presence, her glance wary, her eyes narrowing as she wondered what else I was about to do.

“Having fun? “ I asked jovially. “I know I am. God your pussy is great and I love when you clench, so tight. It almost made me cum”

I saw her eyes widen when she heard those words. She had though her tribulation to be over. I saw the realization in her eyes as they moved to the erect rod between my thighs. I followed her eyes and looked down.

“Nope, still hard, stay tuned, there is a lot more to come and er, cum. I just thought that your poor nipples must be lonely at not getting any attention. I felt bad about only paying attention to that magnificent ass of yours and that hot little pussy, so I stopped to give your tits some attention. They aren’t all that big but those nipples are indeed succulent.”

I held up the nipple clamps before her eyes so she could see them. She closed her eyes. I opened one clamp and positioned it over her one nipple, I closed it slowly. She held perfectly still. I then extended the chain and clamped the other, closing it with a little more pressure as I squeezed it shut onto her nipple with my thumb and index finger. She tensed and her face contorted a bit in pain.

“Yeah” I told her casually, “I don’t get the nipple clamps myself, but all the ladies seem to love it, and obviously in your case. here at home, some of the boys too.” I laughed.

I stood up again and retrieved the dildo/vibe I had used earlier, I clicked it on and inserted it into Stephanie’s pussy, sliding it in to the hilt. I could see her move in response, grinding a little bit into the padding on which she lay. I was not sure if she was trying to accommodate it or dislodge it, or in pain?

No, it wasn’t pain. Her pleasure was becoming readily apparent. I let it vibrate a bit inside her as I stood back and stroked my cock, to keep it nice and hard. Stephanie kept squirming on the sawhorse contraption to which she was strapped. I enjoyed seeing her discomfort and her sheer fight against any pleasure she was feeling. I smiled and advanced toward her. I aimed my cock at her anus and pushed in. She instantly tensed as she felt me enter her ass. I pushed in just a little. I had sensed when I used the vibrating butt plug that she was an anal virgin. I started to push in and out, a slowly each time so she could get used to it.

Again I felt the vibrations from her pussy coming through, Felt her hips moving against the pad, moving back against me. I pushed in deeper and she didn’t tense as much. She seemed more accepting of the invasion. Good, I thought and I pushed in deeper, holding her hips in both of my hands, I was moving rapidly now in and out of her ass. Her hips were moving as well in conjunction to my thrusts. I could hear Stephanie start to moan. She did her best to push against me and I did my best to penetrate her ass deeply. I could feel my own orgasm starting to build and I became lost in it.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I felt Stephanie move against me, Somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard her moans grow louder as she surrendered her mind to what her body was responding to. The frenzy of our bodies reached a peak and I felt myself pumping my cum into her ass. I felt her body jerk, shake, and convulse, her ass clench squeezing the last drops from me. I collapsed exhausted, laying across her now limp body, both of us panting, both of us spent.

I then heard a different sound from Stephanie, It was a long wail as she returned to the reality of her situation, I heard her sniffle and knew her tears were dripping rapidly onto the floor. Her body heaved with he sobs.

I knew what she was thinking. I knew it was a deep shame - Shame at her joining in, Shame that she enjoyed this final violation, Shame at her inability to do more than she had done, humiliating shame at the self realization that she was no longer in control. I almost felt sorry for her, I put my hand on her naked back and massaged it. She eventually gained control of herself and was silent.

It was in this silence that I heard the steps above and a male voice calling out “Steph? Steph, you home?

SHIT! GOD DAMN IT! FUCK! I completely lost my sense of time. I should have left an hour ago. Everything seemed to be happening at once. Her husband was home. Stephanie was starting to make sounds through her taped mouth trying her best to alert her husband as to where she was. I had to think quickly. Do I run? Do I overpower him? I had to gain control, calm down, Think. The next few minutes would be critical. I took a deep breath and reached for my bag.


I retrieved my stun gun and moved back in the shadows near the door. Stephanie was now making loud, shrill, plaintive sounds through her taped mouth, trying to get her husband’s attention to come and free her. I still admired her great ass, and athletic legs as she strained against her bonds, and must admit I felt that familiar stirring yet again.

I heard his footsteps on the stairs as he came down the steps quickly calling her name in a panic. “Stephanie, are you alright?” and then he came upon the scene. “Oh my God, what is going on? What in God’s name?”

Stephanie was trying her best to sound out, “Help me” but it sounded more like “Mmfff Eeee.” I saw him advance toward her. I moved behind him and put the stun gun to his neck. Stephanie saw me advance and her eyes went wide. She tried to warn him with a shrill “MMMFFFF” but I depressed the trigger and he stiffened and collapsed instantly.

I stood over him. I looked at Stephanie who was crying now, and whimpering, not sure what I would do next. I must admit a couple thoughts crossed my mind. Like, how hot it be, and how it would really get me to fuck Stephanie again while her husband watched. I only had to tie her husband to his usual Saint Andrew’s Cross and let him watch the action…. but No, it was time to leave. I had already over stayed the time I had allotted. The reason I had never been caught is I always had a good plan and stuck with it. If I got to greedy, things might backfire.

I saw her husband begin to stir and saw Stephanie’s eyes go wide again as I reached for my bag. I chuckled. “Don’t worry Stephanie, I am not a murderer, just a rapist, and you were one of the best I ever had. I am glad you enjoyed that last part. I know you usually get off being on the ‘giving end,’ so I am “truly touched” (I said mockingly) that you enjoyed my cock so much, but I have to leave for now.” I saw her eyes narrow at my last sentence. I paused for effect. “Yes Stephanie, for now, which means I could be back. Maybe I could do you while you do your husband? How about that?” (again mockingly) “I must admit, I am typically ‘one and done but your pussy was so nice and tight…we’ll see. If I were you, I would keep my mouth shut. Imagine if the story of your rape and your little basement perversion got out? I can see the headline now. ‘Perverted Teacher Has Tables Turned On Her.’ Or maybe ‘A Lesson She Won’t Soon Forget.’ Wow, I bet that would make national headlines. So I will give you this final warning…” I leaned down and said slowly emphasizing each word. “KEEP…YOUR… FUCKING.. MOUTH..SHUT”

Her husband was moaning now, doing his best to turn over and raise up. I looked at her and said, “Well, gotta go. Thanks for a great afternoon, I hope you enjoyed my lesson.”
And with that I walked out the door, retrieved my backpack and walked normally through the yards to my waiting van.

I drove home at normal speed not wanting anything to seem out of the ordinary. I pulled in my driveway and walked in the front door. My kids were watching TV and didn’t even notice my entrance but my wife did. She yelled from the kitchen

“You’re late! Did you have a rough day?”

“Yeah” I replied, “it really sucked! It was a pretty rough day.”

“ Aww poor guy. Well sit down, I made your favorite dish. A good man needs a good meal.”

“Why thanks Hon, that is really thoughtful of you.” I said smiling as I walked up behind her and kissed her on the back of the neck.

“Now, none of that” she giggled. “You just can’t seem to get enough”

“Well you are right about that, Hon. You are right about that.” as I smiled inwardly to myself.
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absolutely awesome!!! I love teacher stories!!
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Awesome. Would love to read more. +rep
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Default Soooooo damn good

excellent love this cheers MadGerald
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Well there is a parent night - teacher nightmare 2 and I am working on PN 3 right now with a female partner. Hang tight, more to cum
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anal, bdsm female domination, milf, teacher

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