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Default Carols Bad Day

First story hope you enjoy.

Carol was driving home from work, she was 45 minutes away, when one of her tires went flat. She had been meaning to get her tires changed when they started to get a little wear and tear, but with a full time job and 3 kids to look after, she hasn't found the time. Since her husband Tom died two years ago,

Carol has never found time to do anything except work and look after her kids, she hasn't been on a night out with friends, she cancelled her gym membership and hasn't been with another man since Tom died.
Carol pulled over to the side of the road and got out to see that her front right tire had gone flat.

"Perfect" said the 43 year old widow.

She got her phone and rang for someone to come pick her up and take her car to a garage to get her tires fixed. She then rang her mother and asked if she could pick her 2 youngest kids up from school and take them home and stay with them while she gets her tires fixed. She knew her eldest 21 year old Sarah was staying with boyfriend, so she didn't bother to ring her.

When the breakdown vehicle came to pick her up, the man who got out was middle aged and slightly over weight, he immediatly started checking out the attractive blonde when she got out her car. Carol was dressed in black trousers and a black short sleeved shirt that buttons all the way up. It was a hot day and the driver saw that Carol's top buttons of her shirt were undone and he could just see her clevage. He was brought back to reallity when carol approached him.

"Hi" said Carol as she extended her hand.

"Hello, what seems to be the problem" said the man as he shook Carol's hand.

"Oh, my front tire has gone flat, ive been meaning to get them replaced but i haven't had the time. Would you be able to take me to the nearest garage?"

"What's your name love?" he asked.

"Carol" she said with a quick reply.

" Ok Carol, im Steve. You go and get in the truck while i get your car loaded on the back. The nearest garage is back that way where ive just come from, so unfortunately its back the way you came also, it's just 20 minutes away" he said as he pointed down the road while getting a quick look at Carols clevage.

"Ok that will be fine thank you, i just wanna get it sorted and get home to my kids"

As Carol walked to the front of the truck, Steve couldn't help but stare at her sexy round ass. As they were driving to the garage Carol and Steve engaged in some small talk. Carol found steve to be very friendly, but at the same time she felt abit uncomfortable as she noticed his eyes looking down her chest from time to time. Due to some traffic problems the ride took 20 minutes longer to get to the garage. Carol had called for a taxi to pick her up at the garage, but when they finally got to the garage the taxi wasn't there.

"Thank you for the lift Steve" said Carol with a frendly smile as she climb out the truck.

"Your welcome Carol, take care" said steve as he sat there staring down at Carols clevage as she climb out his truck before driving off.

As carol entered the garage she noticed 4 men in overalls staring at her. 2 of the men looked to be middle aged. 1 was slightly over weight and the other was medium build. The other 2 were way younger, they looked to be early 20s. One of the older men whos name tag said Gary came round to the counter and asked Carol what the problem was. After Carol explained what happened, she could still see the other 3 men staring at ther from the other room. The good news for Carol was that they could replace her tires and it would be done quite cheap. The bad news was that thay didn't have the tires she needed and would have to wait at least 3 days.

Carols taxi had still not arrived, she went outside to call and see if the taxi had even set off. While on the phone Carol could see all 4 men staring at her and was starting to feel really uncomfortable. Carol had found out that the taxi was on its way, but due to a car accident the taxi was stuck in the traffic.

Carol decided that she would walk accross the park. She went back inside and gave her mobile and house number to Bryan the eldest of the 4. As she started to walk out she noticed the 2 younger men talking to each other while staring at her as she left.

"Man id love to get a piece of that ass" said Shawn.

"I bet it would feel great to wrap my cock with those big jugs of hers" replied Ross.

Shawn and Ross were best friends, they are both 22 and they have known each other for 12 years. Both Shawn and Ross had always had a thing for older women. They also had fantasies about raping older women. In there spare time they would go on the internet and read stories about women been raped and would watch rape videos and always wondered what it would be like to rape a woman. Today they would make their fantasy become reallty.

"Wanna follow her and have some fun?" asked Shawn with a smile on his face

"Are you serious?" said Ross with a suprised look on his face

"Hell yeah im serious, you heard what she said to Bryan. Her taxi is stuck in traffic cos of some accident, so now she has to walk home. Lets just follow her to see which way she goes, if she walks threw the streets we'll follow her to her home and go back in the middle of the night when her kids are in bed. If she walks threw the park, we'll just jump her when theres nobody in sight and drag her threw the trees so nobody sees us when walking past. what you say, you up for it?" asked Shawn.

"Ok im in. But what are we gonna do if she starts fighting and screaming?" said Ross.

Shawn walked over to a tool box and took out a rag and some tape.

"You've seen the movies on the internet we watch. We'll shove this rag in her mouth and tape it shut to stop the screaming and we'll tie her hands behind her back to stop her fighting" said Shawn as he put the rag and tape in his pocket.

"Sounds good to me lets get that bitch" said Ross now feeling confident and excited as the 2 of them got changed, signed out and set out to find their victim and make ther fantasies come true.

It was a 10 - 15 minute walk from the garage to the park so the guys decided to drive down to the park in order to catch up to Carol. They now knew her name and contact numbers after looking in the custumer service book at work. When they got to the car park they got out the car and grabbed a pair of binnoculars from out the glove compartment. Not too far away they noticed a blonde woman walking down one of the paths. She was wearing the same clothes and had the same build as Carol, it was confirmed that the women was indeed Carol when she stopped next to a bush to smell some flowers and they could see her face.

"You sure you wanna do this?" asked Ross knowing what Shawns answer was going to be.

"Hell yeah, lets do this" answered Shawn as he handed a ski mask to Ross. Both Shawn and Ross smiled as they put their ski masks on and started following Carol behind the trees and bushes so they wouldn't be seen.

Carol felt really uncomortable about walking through the park. It was in ths very park that her husband Tom was attacked and killed 2 years ago. Carol has since avoided coming to the park since. Carol's started to grow more uncomfortable when she started to hear noises like twigs snapping, cos it was starting to get dark, it was hard to see if someone was following her. As Carol continued walking down the path she heard something in the bushes. Carol started slowly walking backwards, her heart was almost beating from her chest, she was releived when a squirrel came out from behind the bushes.

"Oh thank god, its just a squirrel" said Carol as she calmed her self before continuing her walk down the path.

Shawn and Ross had taken the oppatunity to sneak past Carol behind the bushes, they were now positioned at the end of the bushes and a few yards from the trees which led to a little forrest area. The plan was to wait for Carol to walk past before grabbing her behind and draggng her through the trees where they would be out of site.

"Ok this it man, you ready for this" said Shawn as they saw Carol walking towards them.

"Lets do it" said Ross as Carol walked past the bushes.

As soon as Carol had past the bushes, the 2 guys sprinted towards her and before she could turn to see what was going on the boys were on her.

"AAAGGH(a hand covers her mouth)MMMPPFFFF"

Shawn had grabbed Carol by the waist and tightly held on as the frightened woman tried to break free.

"Grab her legs leats go" Shawn said to Ross.

Carol tried to prevent the other guy from grabbing her legs by kicking and dogding him.

Ross grew frustrated of carols fighting him off. He then got pissed when she kicked him in the face.

"Fucking bitch" shouted Ross, "This'll teach you" he said and punched Carol in the stomach.

Carol felt the wind been knocked of her and she lost control of her legs.

"Hey grab her fucking legs and lets move before someone sees us" said Shawn as he kept looking round the park to see if there was anybody in sight.

Carol felt the hand been removed from her mouth as she was picked by her legs and was taken behind the trees by the 2 masked attackers. She tried to
scream but after been punched in the stomach she was still trying to get her breath back.

"Your gonna pay for kicking me in the face bitch" said Ross as the 2 guys found a spot to have there fun.

As Carol was then layed on the floor she had just gotten her breath back.

"HHHEEEL(the rag shoved in her mouth)MMMMPPPPFFFF"

"Shut up bitch, no-one can hear you now" said Shawn as he shoved the hole rag into carols mouth. He then taped her mouth up so she couldn't spit the rag out. He then turned her over and taped her arms together.

Shawn and Ross then turned Carol on her back and looked down on the widowed mom of 3 and then looked at eachother before wispering in eachothers ears.

Carol looked up with tears in her eyes at the 2 mask men, she could see them wispering to eachother. She had never been this scared before. She was wondering what they were going to do to her.

"So what you want to fuck first?" asked Shawn.

"I wanna wrap those tits round my cock" said Ross with a hungry look in his eyes.

"Ok ill take her pussy, ill let have first crack at her ass since she kicked you in face" said Shawn

"Thanks man, that bitch has loosened a tooth, i can taste the blood in my mouth. after that kick. She'll pay for that" said Ross as both guys turned and looked down at carol.

Carol watched as the 2 masked men stood over on both sides of her. She knew they had decided what to do with her, but what?

She then knew her fate as both men dropped their trousers and underwear revealing their big cocks. This was her worse nightmare, she was now going to raped in the same park where her husband was killed

"NNNOOOOMMMPPFF NNNOOOOMMMFF" Carol tried to scream but it was muffled by the tape covering the rag in her mouth"

"Time to have some fun bitch. lets see those tits" said Ross as sat on top of Carol and ripped her shirt and then ripped the bra off her chest.

"Holy shit look at those tits, im gonna have some with those" said ross as he began to squeeze Carols tits and pinch her nipples. He then started slapping Carols tits, after about 10 slaps each Carols started to turn red.

Shawn stood and watched as his friend began to position his cock inbetween Carols tits. Threw his ski mask Ross had a big smile on his and was licking his blood covered lips as he wrapped Carols big tits around his big cock.

"Oh fuck, your tits feel great around my cock ooooowww yyyeeeaahhh" said Ross as he began to slowly thrust inbetween Carols big tits.

Carol tried to look away but the over man came over and held her head forcing her to look up at the masked man who was now fucking her tits with a faster pace.

"Ooooohhhh god yes, this is fucking awesome, aaww man im loving this" said Ross as his pace became more violent and he squeezed and dug his fingers into Carols tits.

"MMMMPPPPFFF NNNNOOMMMPPFFFF" Carol tried to scream and struggle to get free, but it was no use. Carol then felt something running down both her
tits, she thought the man on top of her had cum but when she looked up she could see that her tits were bleeding from the force of the man digging his nails into her tits.

"Oh god yes, oh god im gonna cum on your tits now bitch, aawww aaawww yeeeessss aawww yeeesssss" Ross then removed his cock and unleashed a huge load on Carols tits.

Carol with tears streaming down her face was forced by the man holding her head to look at the man on top of her as he came all over her tits. Carol then felt the other man remove his hands from the side her head and looked on as the man on top of her stood up and high fived his friend.

"Aw man that was awsesome, loved every second of it, her tits are amazing" said whispered Ross who was now feeling proud of himself.

"Glad you enjoyed yourself, now its my turn, go hold her down so she doesnt struggle" instructed Shawn to his frend.

Carol couldn't hear what the 2 men were saying to each other. She then looked up to see the man who fucked and came on her tits walk round and kneel behnd her. She felt his legs press against both sides of her head and then felt his hands press down on her shoulders. She then saw the the other man approach her.

"NNNNOOOOMMMPPPFFF" she again tried to scream as the man knelt down and remove her shoes before undoing the buttons to her work trousers.

"Its my turn now bitch" said Shawn as he lifted Carols legs up so they were resting on his shoulders. He then lifted Carol so her ass was off the ground and then began to slide her trousers off.

Carol with more tears streaming down her face looked on as her trousers were removed and thrown to the ground. She could only look on as her red thong was ripped right off and thrown on to the ground next to her trousers.

"Aw man check it out, this bitch shaves her pussy" Shawn points out to his friend.

Shawn positoned his cock without hesitation he violently thrusts into Carols dry and tight pussy.

"NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMPPPPPPPFFF NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOMMMPPPPFFFFF" Carol screamed uncontrolably through the rag and tape. She had not had sex since her husband died and was now been raped by this masked man while his friend who fucked and cum on her tits held her down.

"Awwww man her pussy is dry and so tight, bet she hasn't had sex for a long time" Shawn said to Ross as he started to pick up the pace.

Carol was still screaming through her rag and tape covered mouth, she tried to close her eyes but every time she did the other man would smack her tits.

"Open your eyes bitch and watch as my friend here fucks that tight pussy of yours" Ross said as he smacked both of Carols tits.

As the man started to fuck her pussy more harder and faster, Carol started to feel her body betray her and she started crying again.

"Holy shit man, this bitch is getting wet. I think she likes it. You like that huh, you like that bitch" taunted Shawn as he fucked Carols pussy violently with harder and faster thrusts.

"Im gonna make this bitch cum" said Shawn as he pulled out of Carols pussy.

Carol was scared, she didn't want to cum for these men. These were not men who were here to make love to her. No, these were 2 men who jumped from behind, carried her through the trees, bound and gagged her and were raping her. Now she could be forced to cum for these men.

Shawn put his face next to Carols pussy. He then stuck his tongue out and started to lick Carols pussy. Ross had removed his hands from Carols shoulders and start to squeeze her cum and blood covered tits and pinching, biting and sucking her nippiles that had become hard due to a light breeze.


"AAAAWWWW yeah thats it cum for me bitch" said Shawn as he licked the juices from Carols pussy. He then lifted carols legs up in the air and rested them on his shoulders, he then repositioned himself and again began to fuck Carols pussy.

As carol was getting her pussy fucked she felt the other man remove his knees from the side of her head, while he was still squeezing her tits, she listened as the man wispered in her ear.

"Im going to remove the tape and rag from your mouth, and then your going to suck my cock. If you bite or even try to bite me, ill punch your teeth down your throat. Understand". Carol who was now getting fucked harder by the other man nodded her head yes. The tape and rag were removed from her mouth.

"Please please stop, please stoMMMMPPPFFF" Carols pleas were cut off as the man shoved his semi hard dick in her mouth.

"Get sucking bitch, get it nice and hard" said Ross as he squeezed on Carols tits.

Carol knew that if she didn't do what this man said he would hit her, so she started to move her head up and down the mans cock. Carol had only sucked her husbands cock a few times so she didn't have much experienced.

"Yeah thats it, suck that cock get it nice and hard" Ross said as he started to feel his cock grow harder in Carols mouth, he wanted to get his cock hard ready to fuck Carols ass. Ross then started to move his hips back and forth and was now fucking Carols mouth.

"MMMMMMGGGRRRLLLLL MMMMMGGGGRRRLLL" Carol was now gagging on the big cock that was now fucking her deep throat, the man had pressed her down to hold it in place so she couldn't move her head to avoid gagging on the mans cock while the other man continued to fuck her pussy which had become less tighter than before.

"Hey, you nearly ready" asked Ross

"Yeah im ready" said Ross as he removed his cock from Carols mouth.

Carol only got a few seconds to catch her breath before the man who raped her mouth put the rag back in her mouth and taped it up again. She was exhausted and couldn't feel her arms underneath her as she lay there. She then heard her phone ring but she knew there was nothing she could do and when she saw one of the men pick her phone out of her bag and switch it off, she knew all hope was lost. For a few seconds Carol layed there thnking if she will get out of this alive and will she ever see her 3 kids again.

She then noticed the men walking towards her. One of the men layed down on his back next to her while holding his cock pointing up in the air. The other man grabbed her by the hair and picked her up on to her knees. She was dragged to her feet by her hair and moved to where the man laying down was, she knew what was coming, she was going to be forced to ride this mans cock but she didn't fight or struggle, she was too exhausted and she knew that even if she had the strength there was nothing she could do to prevent what was going to happen.

Shawn was laying on the ground with his cock ready to fuck Carols pussy again remembering his promse to Ross which was that he gets to fuck Carols ass first after Carol had kicked him in the face causing a tooth to come loose. Ross had Carol standing at Shawns feet, he then moved her forward so she was standing over him and his cock. With ease Ross then lowered Carol just enough for Shawn to line his cock with Carols pussy.

"Ok man, lower that bitch" Shawn instructed Ross. As Ross lowered Carols pussy onto Shawns cock, he then lowered Carol just enough to hold her up by her arms for Shawn to sit up and was now licking, sucking and biting on Carols tits, this caused them to bleed abit more and Carol could only give a small cry. Shawn then layed down and Ross lowered Carol so she was laying on top of Shawn who started bouncng his hips up and down fucking Carols pussy.

After a few minutes Carol started to notice the man stood behind her was groping her ass.

"AAAAWWW man this is gonna be sweat" said Ross as he parted Carols ass cheeks.

Carol now feeling the man sliding his cock inbetween her ass cheeks was now starting to struggle again. She has never had anal sex before, she was never into pain so she and her husband Tom never tried it. The man fucking her pussy underneath her had now wrapped his arms round her tightly and then trapped each of his legs ontop of her legs. Carol new there was no escape she was going to be fucked anally.

"NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMPPPPPFFFF NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPFFFFFF" Carol screamed in pain as loud as she could through the rag and tape as the man brutally thrusted his cock in to her virgin ass.

"AAAWWWW man, this bitch is so tight , i bet she's never had anal before" said Ross shouting over Carols screams as he continued to thrust his cock all the way into Carols ass.

"Keep your voice down, we don't want to draw attention" said Shawn as he held on to Carol.

"Sorry i got carried away. Man this bitches ass is amazing" said Ross as he slowly started to thrust his cock half way out before thrusting back in. The blood coming from Carols ass helped Ross to slide his cock in and out with more ease and was able to pick up the pace.

After a few minutes Ross was now fucking Carols ass with a vicious and brutal pace, he then stopped to lift Carol up slightly so Shawn could move his hips more to fuck her pussy. Both the young guys were now brutally raping Carols ass and pussy.

Carol had no idea how long the 2 men had been fucking fucking her ass and pussy, she had stopped screaming after a few minutes and also stopped struggling. She was defeated and broken.

"AAAAWWWWW man this bitch is amazing, im getting ready to cum" said Ross as he continued to fuck Carols ass.

"Don't cum just yet man, i wanna fuck and cum in her ass" said Shawn.

"No problem, i'll cum on her face and tits" Ross said as he pulled out of Carols ass. He then picked Carol up off Shawns and turned her to face him.

Carols body was completely limp as she was picked up. She could barely stand and had to be held up by the masked man who had just raped her once virgin ass. She was then lowered onto her knees and the other man had got up off his back and was now kneeling behind her. The man stood infront of her then kneeled down and removed the tape and rag from her mouth. Carol didn't scream she didn't even attempt to. Too exhausted to scream and her body was in so much pain she couldn't even struggle, she was broken and defeated as she was bent over as the man infront shoved his blood covered cock in her mouth and the man behind her thrust his cock with more ease thanks to the blood into her ass.

Ross was holding Carol up by her hair as he moved his cock in and out of her mouth at a fast pace. He was loving the sound of her gagging as he was fucking her throat whilst leaning down to grab and squeeze her tits. Shawn was also enjoying himself.

"AAAWWWW man, you were right this bitches ass is amazing, oh god yes" said Shawn as he smacked both Carols ass cheeks which after a while had both turned bright red.

Carol just took the brutal assault, she felt sick tasting her own blood on this mans cock, she just wanted them to finish and hopefully let her live so she could go home to her kids. She was just about to pass out when....


"Oh god quick hold this bitch up, pull her hair back so i can cum on her face" said Ross and just as he stood up infront of carol.

"AAAAWWWWWWW AAAAWWWWWW YYYYEESSSSSS, here swallow some of this bitch" said Ross as he unloaded a huge stream of cum all over Carols face and tits and then shot his remaining load into Carols mouth. As soon as he had finished cumming in her mouth Carol had passed out. Shawn then released his hold on her up let her fall to the ground. Shawn and Ross after giving each other a high five, got changed and then removed the tape from Carols wrist before standing over her to admire the sexy mature women they had just raped.

"Ok man, lets get out of here." said Shawn looking at Ross who was still looking down at Carol.

"Do you really think we should leave her here. Why not just drve her home and dump her on her door step" asked Ross

"Forget taking her home. We gotta get out of here, look its dark we can just across the park threw the bushes to the car without been seen" said Shawn as both guys took their ski masks off. Before leaving the 2 of them pissed all over carols naked body.

"Ok, lets go" said Ross and the 2 of them carefully walked off til they came to the end of the trees, once they looked both ways and saw nobody in sight, they made a run behind the bushes towards the car. Once in the car the two young men drove off home.


"Rex(whistles), Rex(whistles again)" shouts a woman as she commands her dog to come to her. She the hears her dog barking. It sounds lke it's coming

through some trees.

"Rex come here boy. where are you?" says the woman as she goes through the trees and is shocked by what she discovers when she finds her dog.

"OH MY GOD" screams the woman as she rushes over to wear Carol was lying.

Carol was still passed out after her ordeal. She had a mixture of dried blood and cum that had had leaked out her once virgin ass and there was also dry cum all over her face and tits and she smelt of urine.


Hope you liked this story. Would like to get some feedback and would also like to no if you would like me to do a follow up to this story which will involve Carol's daughter Sarah who was mentoned at the begining and possibly her 63 year old mother.
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I say go for it.
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Great story! Sure, please do follow it up
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A sequel would have tons of potential! Go for it!
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Yeah go for a sequal
Why not have these 2 (or someone else) rape her, break her & then find her husband's killer so that she can be raped by him?
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This story is good in its own right, and yet, is still full of so much potential. I would love to see the 21 year old daughter(Sara) get involved. Carol is forced to call her and set up a meeting. Then, Shawn's tall voluptuous bisexual girlfriend goes out to meet Sara. The girlfriend knocks out Sara, drags her into the garage. Shawn is doing Carol from behind, as she is forced to watch her virgin daughter pleasure this lesbonymphomaniac.
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busty, milf, widow

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