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Default Erotic Escapades of Elise: The Home Invasion Photo Shoot

Erotic Escapades of Elise: The Home Invasion Photo Shoot - Part One

Elise was once a nice shy girl, but that was a while ago. To help supplement their incomes, her and her new husband Keith, decided to embark on developing a website. Since Elise really loved the look and feel of sexy clothes, pantyhose, stockings, and high heels, that was the obvious choice. It wasn’t long before the website had a large following of men with a pantyhose and stocking fetish. She kept the site simple for several years, only allowing the pictures to show her mostly clothed with lots of exposed legs and midriff, but no nudity. Many times, she would get emails and regular mail (to a Post Office Box) from fans of the website, but occasionally she would also get stuff from the “weirdoes” as she called them. She once received a package in the mail from a fan in which he explained that he enjoyed many nights of masturbation using her pictures as fodder. The part that creeped her out the most was the fact that the fucker also included a plastic sandwich bag filled with his expressed seed. Therefore, despite the fun she and her husband had over the years, there were several pitfalls to the endeavor. Still, the constant flow of compliments from her fans fuelled her desire to continue, and over time, even step up her efforts, showing more skin and choosing sexier clothing.

Elise’s legs were her best asset, although one could not deny her face, breasts, and ass contributed to her fabulous looks. With lots of practice, Keith became a skilled photographer, adjusting the lighting just right to create the right mood for their chosen photo shoot. Later, Keith suggested they branch out into creating videos and it took several additional years on his part convincing her to agree, but soon she even began to enjoy the extra teasing it afforded her toward her fan base. She loved the attention and worked to make every photo or video session better than the one before. Her poses were creative and she especially enjoyed accentuating her shapely thighs in pantyhose, lifting the hem of her dress or skirt, exposing her ass, arching her back to thrust her ass toward the camera, or giving a hint of her trimmed bush by pulling the waistband of her hose down, while she lifted the front of a dress. She would pinch her nipples through her bra and seductively remove her top to expose her bra, showing ample cleavage. In a few of her braver photo sessions, she donned a sheer light blue dress, fully showing her breasts and darker areolas through the material. She often wore panties or thongs over her pantyhose, enabling their slow removal, exposing her ass and her crotch just under the gusset of the hose. In the videos, she always made the effort to slide her hands over her thighs, enticing the viewers to reach for their cocks. In one video, she talked about how she was excited to learn that her fans masturbated while viewing her photos and videos, encouraging them to continue, sliding her hands over her body with more fervor.

Because both Elise and Keith also had full-time jobs, their photo and video sessions had to be planned out and scheduled ahead of time. Elise worked as an administrative assistant to a mid-level executive in a large corporation in North Carolina, while Keith was self-employed as an independent information technology specialist. On rare occasions, his job required him to leave home at odd hours in response to another company’s internet crisis, once in the middle of one of their photo shoots, which they never completed. Keith was especially disappointed with it, since nearly all of their sessions led to some of the best sex he and Elise ever had. Sometimes on weekends, they would schedule time for multiple sessions back to back to take advantage of their time together. However, more than once, they did not make it to the third or even the second photo set because their wild sex between sets drained them of further ambition.

Now here they were, a full weekend to themselves, the promise of many photo and video sessions spread over the course of two days. It had been a long time in planning and anticipation. They needed these photo sets very soon, as they were due to post a new set the following Thursday and their folder of unpublished sets was empty. In addition, they had not posted a new video in over a month and the regular followers were beginning to protest. They had not yet decided which outfits Elise would wear, but she had several new ones to choose from and also having the skill to combine various garments into new combinations, they could most likely complete at least six sets and possibly two videos throughout the two days.

That Friday evening, Keith worked a few extra hours to ensure all his customers were satisfied and would not have difficulties over the weekend. Therefore, when he arrived at home, Elise was had already returned several hours before him, having time to change out of her corporate length skirt into a short leather one, re-fix her hair, and prepare some dinner for the two of them. As Keith opened the door that led from the attached garage, Elise set their dinner plates on the kitchen table.

“Nice timing Elise,” he told her as he set his workbag on the counter. “I’m starving. I didn’t have time for lunch again because that print shop’s server had another failure. I swear they have a poltergeist.”

“Well eat up hubby,” Elise said, snickering at his comment. “We can talk about the shoots once you’ve settled your stomach a bit.”

“Okay,” he said. “You talk, while I chew.”

Elise had purposely changed into Keith’s favorite skirt. She further stacked the deck by arranging their chairs close together at one corner of the table. This allowed Elise to tease him with her pantyhose covered legs while they ate. With Keith distracted, he ate slower than he normally would have for the degree of starvation he was currently experiencing. Elise soaked it all in. Although they didn’t plan to shoot any photos that evening, Elise wanted to take advantage of the time now and hopefully be better able to complete all of the sessions they planned without too many sexual interruptions the next day. Keith knew what she was up to and fully agreed with the silent plan she had begun.

“Okay, for tomorrow,” she started. “I think we should start with the baby doll. I’m going to wear the suntan hose and the black sling back pumps with it.”

With a mouthful of food, Keith only grunted in approval. He rarely criticized her selections, having learned she was not only extremely skilled at them, but also many of his ideas did not garner favor with her. However, he had been anticipating seeing her in that black negligee with rose-colored lace trim. He would have to fuck her silly when they finished with that photo set, he thought - so much for Elise’s plan of circumvention.

“Then,” she continued. “I want to try that outfit idea that Hoselvr suggested – you know, the glossy California suntan pantyhose with the shiny blue bikini that he sent me last month?”

“Umm, hmm,” Keith managed to mumble before taking another bite of food.

This type of photo set would be new to them, as they had never tried combining a two-piece swimsuit with pantyhose, although years before, a guest model on their website, Donna, had posted a photo set of that very scenario – most likely where Hoselvr got the idea as he was also a fan of Donna’s. Elise picked at her food and then took a small bite. She quickly chewed and swallowed, took a drink of her wine and then continued speaking.

“I still haven’t decided everything for the first video,” she told Keith. “I know we will be shooting Mel’s suggestion of the dressing and then undressing. I’m going to start with wearing the soft pink bra and panties, put on the coffee hose, then dress in the white blouse and this leather skirt as long as you don’t get something on it.”

She giggled, and then moved her hand to her left thigh, watching Keith’s eyes follow her movements. She seductively slid the hem of the skirt up her thigh another inch, exposing more leg. Keith paused with his fork suspended several inches from his mouth.

“Elise,” he said slowly. “I’m not going to finish eating if you start that next level of teasing already.”

She winked at him, but he did not notice, his eyes still fixed on her sexy thighs. She laughed then, pulling her skirt back down and lifting her hand away.

“Okay, Hubby,” she said in agreement. “Let’s both finish this while it’s still warm, then we can talk and play.”
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