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Default The RN

A nurse is abducted and raped.

Mark speeds down the freeway, the landscape rushing past his window in a blur. But that isn’t his concern right now, nor is the speedometer which is starting to push over eighty miles an hour. He rubs his eyes, pushing away the fatigue, trying to push away the feel of alcohol he has inhaled but at once wanting to let himself drift into it, the wind running fingers through his thin blonde hair. Yeah, he doesn’t want to think. Only drift.
He’s just come off a binge at the local Lucky Buck’s Bar and Grill and is fairly plastered. His eyes are red and his forehead burns. He slaps his palm on the wheel, gritting his teeth and pounding his skull against the head rest. “Why? Why had Annie dropped him? Just because she was a catholic and she’d found some pseudo rape videos he’d bought from Japan? Why should it matter? If Steve hadn’t...”
The blaring of the foghorns on an oncoming truck barreling towards him, lights ablaze, shocks him back into his senses. Grabbing the wheel desperately as the monster bears down on him, he rips it to the right, not noticing the curb in the road until it is too late. At too small an angle for maneuvering and going more then forty over what he should, he rips through the gate, the car flipping over as it hits a hole before slamming the side and tearing through. The world spins, metal ripping and glass shattering, and Mark’s world suddenly goes black.

His eyes snap open, breath catching. There is something clogging his nose and he feels his head very heavy like. He tries to rise, a sharp pain rising up his back. Gentle hands push him back down, the man, balding and with a white mustache stares at him from thick rimmed glasses, rubbing a red nose. “You’ve taken quite a bump to the head. You should take it easy. You’re lucky you got out as you did. Only a concussion and minor sprain. But we’ll have to keep you in I.C.U. for a few days. Make sure everything is on the level.”
“A couple of days,” says Mark, lifting his hand to his head. “Fu....” His head feels light and he falls back on the pillow, shutting his eyes momentarily.
“Now Mark,” says the doctor, leaning over the bed, “we’ll start you slow. But do you remember how you got into that accident? Or why?”
“Accident?...” He groans, rubbing his head. Trying to think. But all that comes is blackness.
“Anything? Anything at all?”
He shakes his head. “Fuck. No.....” He drops his arm, it feeling too heavy after the injuries he’s incurred.
The doctor taps his pen on a clipboard, nodding. “Sounds about right. You may have temporary amnesia. Some friends of yours called. They may be in later in the week, when you’re allowed visitors. For now... we’ll just make sure everything is in tip top shape.”
“My car....” says Mark, groaning.
“Your car?” the doctor chuckles. “My boy. You’re lucky to even be alive. Your vehicle on the other hand..” He shakes his head, tutting softly. “Didn’t make it. A complete loss.”
“Fuck,” groans Mark thinking on the payments he still owes on the vehicle. He has to remain hospitalized and he has no car? How can things get any worse?
“Doctor,” says a sweet voice. “I’ve finished with the other patients. I just need to attend to... Mr. Mark Hansen?”
“That’s correct,” says the doctor, motioning her over to him. “This here is Ako Fujisowa. She’s our new resident RN and will be taking care of you during the remainder of your stay.”
“Hello Mr. Hansen,” she says with a shy smile. “How are you feeling?”
He looks at her, an Asian woman with a nearly milky white complexion with breast so large they press against the fabric of her uniform. Soft jade eyes, rosy cheeks and black hair that shines with almost blue highlights. He smiles.
“I think I’m in heaven doc.”
“You will be if you pull another stunt like that,” says the doctor. “Now...”
The doctor says more things concerning Mark’s condition. But Mark pays it little heed instead focused on the nurse with the clip board snuggled tightly to her breast, a warm smile on her face. Perhaps things are starting to look up... finally.

The next day....

As the nurse, “Ako” is changing the bags for Mark’s urine and changing his I.V’s, Mark can’t help but glance over at her body. At her tight stomach and shapely hips being hugged by her garment, the skirt almost riding up so he can almost catch a glimpse of the white panty bottom beneath. Almost.
And her breasts, they are massive! Pressed against her nurse’s uniform as they are he can almost imagine the tits the woman carries. She hugs her chest as if noticing his eyes and he shuts his eyes, trying to look away. “Sorry,” he says. “It’s hard not to look at you.”
She turns away, heading back to work and Mark growls inwardly. He’s blown it. Already, with this new girl. Not even a single day and...
“W-why is it hard not to look at me?” says Ako timidly. “Am I doing something wrong?”
Mark smiles and tries to shake his head though that still takes some effort. “No,” he says. “Just... you look beautiful.”
Her eyes go wide and the clipboard she was about to mark information on slips from her fingers, clattering on the floor. She stares wide eyed, her mouth slightly agape, simply staring at him. “Uh... did I say something wrong?”
She blushes, her cheeks going a rosy red. “No. I... just.... no one has ever said something like that to me before.”
“Really?” he says. “You’re gorgeous! Any guy who can’t... see that... is a dumb ass!” It is still troublesome for him to speak, his speech feeling slurred and his head foggy and clogged up. But he tries to force himself through it anyways. “If I had a girl like you I’d never let you go.”
She smiles, bending down to pick up the clip board. It’s unfortunate she isn’t turned the other way so he can actually see those panties. Damn his luck.
“It’s just... when other guys have said anything... they just come off as total perves!”
He looks away, trying to act nonchalant. “Oh? Really?”
“Yes,” she says, her tone very strict now. “Like all they care about is having sex.” She is quiet for a moment. “I know I’m not the most beautiful woman and I don’t care. I don’t need that type of social life... I think.” She sounds unsure as she says this. “But... this is my first job, so I have to do a good job and make it count! I hope you understand?”
“Sure...” he says, feeling a bit deflated.
“But I hope we can still be friends!” she says cheerfully, her lips turning into a very sweet smile. He smiles half heartedly.
“Yeah... no probs.”
“Alright,” she says, bowing slightly. “I’ll be seeing you then.... Mr. Hansen.” She turns to the door, gripping the frame a moment, looking at him with very soft delicate eyes, then she’s gone.
Mark sighs, trying to calm himself, to keep his racing heart under control and get the boner he has to calm itself down as well. His “stiffy” is nearly poking out over the sheets despite his nearly handicapped position. He’s lucky Ako hadn’t noticed that. Ako.... If he can get in good with this girl...
“Don’t let her get to you,” says an intern coming in, checking the chart and looking over Mark’s vitals. “She’s that way with everyone. A cold hearted bitch.”
“What?” says Mark, not really believing what the man is saying. The girl may be a bit withdrawn he thinks, but a bitch? Not really. Then... a woman comes to his mind with long blonde hair and a sweet smile seeming similar to Ako.
The intern pushes his glasses up the ridge of his nose, glancing at Mark. “I see from your expression you might of had some experience with this sort of thing. My advise. Don’t get involved with Ako. You’ll just get burned.”
The man walks out of the room, an obvious chip on his shoulder. Mark grunts. The man is a stiff with a hard face. No wonder Ako didn’t want anything to do with him. But still...
He turns towards the pillow simply looking at it solemnly. The blonde in his memory, she seemed to have a similar attitude to Ako. And...
He feels a wet tear slide down his eye. He knows that with this woman it ended badly and that worries him.
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A few days later...
Mark holds Ako’s hand, running small circles over the soft skin on top. She smiles, giggling slightly. “That tickles” she says, her eyes very bright right now.
He smiles, and suddenly going serious, grips both her hands together tightly. What Douglas, the intern he’d seen the first day and Tori, another intern of the overweight complexion have been telling him has not sat well with him. Even less so with the memories trying to push themselves back into the forefront. A sweet girl with blonde hair, named “Annie” he thinks. Her hair used to shimmer in the sunlight, eyes a brilliant green. She had a warm smile too, just like Ako. And then they got into a fight, about what... he still can’t remember. His memory is still foggy about that as it is about the accident. But he doesn’t want to pass things up with Ako if there is a chance he can make a go with her.
“Ako,” he says. “I know you don’t know me very well, but...” He sucks in his breath and says, “I’d really like it if you’d consider going out on a date with me.”
“Yes,” she says, almost too quietly for him to hear.
“What?” he asks, trying to confirm what he heard.
“Yes,” she says. “I’ll go out with you.”
“Really? That’s great!” he says, a grin spreading across his lips. He feels elated, having such a beautiful young woman wish to go out with him.
She runs a hand through her hair, quiet and looking away. He feels his spirits dropping, hearing the words from the interns, “she’s a cold hearted bitch. Don’t fall for her. You’ll regret it.”
“I think it’s time I struck out and did something social. I’ll see you at 8 at my place.” She kisses him lightly on the upper lip and while he sits in shock of what has just happened, she is busily writing down something on his clipboard. He has mixed feelings and part of him sees “Annie,” at the board, quickly jotting down information, a smile on her pink lips.
Ako tears away the paper quickly, handing it to him. “There’s my address,” she says. “There’s a restaurant that might be nice... to go to... The Lucky Buffett. I’ll be waiting.”
With this she leaves the bed, walking off at a quick trot. Mark looks down at the sheet in his hand, rubbing his head. She feels like “Annie,” and why this worries him, he isn’t sure.
He hears a loud whistle only a few feet away, a tall black man walking in, hands stuck in his pockets as he glances over his shoulder. “Mmm- mmm!” he says. “That’s some fine looking ass you got walking down the hall. She your nurse? Lucky bastard! Always the white boy to get the fine chicks!”
“What are you talking about Chris,” says Mark, his mood slightly off, but raising a bit at seeing a friend.
“Probably about that fine ass of an Asian we saw down the hall!”
“Steve!” says Mark, looking at the grizzled old man, with a scruffy beard, his pot belly sticking out under his shirt, hanging over his pants. “What are you doing man?”
The man walks over, gripping Mark by the shoulders, taking him in a warm embrace. Pulling away he says, “Visiting your sorry ass! How ya been? We heard after what happened with Annie you got into a wreck.”
“Yeah,” says Mark, lowering his head. “I don’t remember everything about it, but I know we got into a fight and that’s why I got into the accident.”
“Women,” says James, popping up next to Steve. “Can’t live with em’ but can’t fuck without em’. Not unless you like jacking yourself off at night.”
“You should know man,” says Mark, looking at the hard man with an earing in his left ear, a tattoo of a dragon crawling up his neck on the right, head reflecting the light due to having the hair all shaved off. “You been doing that for that past month. How has that Vin Diesel look helped out? Still jacking off to pictures of Hillary Clinton?”
“Fuck you man!” he says, gripping Mark’s hand in a strong hand shake. “But seriously bro, I’d rather tap that hot Asian ass we saw walk by.”
“You and me both,” says Chris. “Mmmm-mm! I’d love to break open that fortune cookie!”
“Well,” says Mark, catching on. “If it’s that quiet girl with a set of 36 D breasts, sorry. But she’s called for.”
“By who?” says Chris, a light chirp to his voice.
“Me,” says Mark.
“Haha!” yells the black man, leaning over and slapping Mark on the back. “Not a week away from the stuck up hoe and already back in the saddle eh?”
“Yeah,” says Mark, his spirits elevating. “She’s sweet and kind, a little bit quiet but really a nice girl. We’re....”
“Like Annie?” says Steve darkly.
“What?” says Mark, his heart skipping a beat. He has a sinking feeling in his gut already, before Steve says another word.
“She’s just like that bitch, Annie. Good looking hoe who thinks she’s too good to be hanging out with the rest of us mooks, and what does she do when she finds out about your “little secret?” She throws you out! Tosses your stuff right out the window!”
“Come on man,” says Chris. “Don’t rain on his parade! Nothing says she’s like Annie.”
“No,” says Mark, shaking his head, now remembering the fight. Annie had walked in on him when he’d been watching one of his videos he’d brought from overseas during a vacation in Japan. Steve had always said the Japanese had a fetish for non consensual acts and liked to play them out on the screen despite having strong laws against the actual thing. And when Mark had found the videos he’d bought a few of them, out of curiosity. And a few had turned into ten, then twenty and then thirty... Soon he was ordering one a week or downloading them. And Annie had found out.
She hadn’t even let him explain. She’d started screaming, calling him a “fucking sicko” and a “degenerate pervert,” and to get out of her apartment. Then she’d started throwing things around, even going so far as to take his computer monitor and toss it through the window, shattering the glass and having it smash on the concrete below. He’d slapped her then, called her a money jugging bitch. Then she’d said “at least I’m not a whore. Not like what you want.”
He’d been quiet then, holding his breath for what seemed forever and stormed out. That’s when he’d hit the bar.
It wasn’t until yesterday that he’d learned she’d tossed everything out in the dumpsters. He’d been lucky the accident had happened on a Sunday and garbage pick up wasn’t until Friday. His friends had gone to look for him and finding out about his accident and what Annie had done, fished out his things, what wasn’t broken, out of the dumpsters, and salvaged it for his move to James’ cabin until he could find another apartment. Which is were Ako came in.
Ako is sweet, intelligent, quiet, reserved... and has already spoken about her detestation of perverts. What will she do if she finds out he’s a pervert as well? Storm out and fling things across the room like Annie did?
“Fuck!” he growls, running a hand through his thin hair. “She’s just like Annie. Fuck it all!”
“You don’t know that,” says Chris. “You’re jumping to conclusions. She...”
“Is just like Annie! I was seeing Annie while talking to her all the time. She’s the same damned thing! Fuck it all! Now what do I do?” He grips his hair in frustration, all his building feelings for Ako shattering all at once with his livid memories of Annie.
“Too bad man,” says James, shaking his head. “She’s really a fine piece of ass.”
“Yeah, no kidding,” says Chris, shrugging his shoulders. “Too bad to let it go. Man. I’d even go so far as to rape that cunt. She’s got such a fine pussy! I mean...”
“Then why don’t we?” says Steve quietly.
The others stop mid sentence, all staring at Steve with mouths agape, eyes bulging. “You fucking serious bro!?”
“Deadly. We’ve been watching it on these videos from Asia for god knows how long?! We might as well take some initiative and take something back. It’s not like these girls are putting it out for us anyways.”
“He’s got that right,” says James, glumly.
“No. No man. Rape? We could do high time for that,” says Chris.
“Not if we plan it right,” says Mark, thinking back on that fight. What if he’d taken Annie by the hair, slammed her against the wall and torn her worthless blouse off? If he’d gone farther and simply raped her, put his dick not only in her pussy but in her asshole and everywhere else? What then?
He’d never had the chance as Annie being a conservative catholic, hadn’t allowed him to have sex. Not until they were married she’d said, and that he’d dropped his trashy friends. He’d agreed to the marriage then, but not dropping his friends, of which she’d argued many a time. And where had it got him?
He’s glad he hadn’t listened to her, or he’d have no friends right now. Looking at them all he rubs the paper between his fingers and says, “Let’s do it. Let’s rape this cunt.”
“Alright my boy!” says Steve, fist pumping in the air. “Now you’re talking!”
“Hold on. Hold on,” says Chris. “You know we do high time if we get caught right?”
“So we don’t get caught,” says Mark. “Besides, didn’t you say you would even rape her? Only chance you’ll probably get to fuck some Asian fortune cookie.”
Chris rubs his chin, looks down and then holds up his hands. “Alright. Alright. Then how we gonna’ do this?”
“Hold on,” says Mark. “You in James?”
James is quiet. He pushes off from the wall, lifting his chin. “I woulda’ done it myself if you hadn’t said anything. Sorry Mark, but that bitch is too fine to pass up.” Lowering his head he smiles. “But glad I don’t have to do that. So what’s the plan?”
Mark laughs and motions the trio forward, whispering quietly.
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With plans underway Mark can picture Ako in his mind, bound, gagged and whipped, tears flooding down her face. But then the image changes into Annie and the fist residing in his pocket clenches, teeth gritting, grinding against one another. Annie.... If he ever...
“Hey Mark. Heading out already?”
He turns, looking to Douglas, the intern he’d seen on his first day along with Ako. “Yeah Doug. Getting out of this pop stand. You wanna’ come with?”
“Sorry, I still have a few more hours to serve prison duty for. Seven in fact.”
“Yeah. Yeah.” Mark rubs his chin, thinking on Douglas’ different conversations with him. “She’s a cold hearted bitch. I’d love to stuff that little cunt and put her in her place,” he remembers Douglas saying. “But no chance that’s gonna’ happen.” Well, maybe it will, thinks Mark.
“Hey guys,” he says, turning to the trio. “Head on ahead of me, I want to talk to Doug a moment here.”
“Mark?” says Steve in a warning tone.
He shoos him away. “Don’t worry. I’ll be with you.”
Steve shrugs his shoulders. “Idiot,” he growls. “Come on,” he says, grabbing the others by the shoulder. “Let’s go before he gets us all arrested.”
“Arrested?” says Douglas, tilting his glasses. “What does he mean by that?”
“Nothing. Nothing bro.” He looks Douglas over, looking at the thin man with a hawk like nose, thick rimmed glasses on his eyes, hair cut in a bowl cut. Real preppy type. But is he the “other” type too?
“Hey Doug,” he says. “How serious are you about wanting to get back at Ako for being a stuck up bitch?”
“I thought you were into her? Or you change your mind?” says Doug questioningly. He’s a cautious one, thinks Mark. I’ll give him that.
“Something like it.” He grips Doug’s shoulder, pulling him close. “So,” he says darkly. “How much you want to get Ako back?”
Doug looks at the hand on his shoulder then back at Mark’s face. “What you have in mind?” There is something in his eye that makes Mark smile. He takes Doug’s clipboard and writes down the address to James’ cabin. Tearing the sheet off and folding it, he hands it to Douglas.
“Be there after your shift. The fun will start then. Oh and bring Tory along too. I remember he had a bone to pick with our nurse as well.”
“Fun? What fun?” he says, an eyebrow cocking, ignroing Mark’s second statement.
“You’ll see,” says Mark, patting the man on the shoulder. “Just be there.”
He turns, walking away, feeling Doug’s eyes boring into his shoulders. He knows seeing the man’s reflection on an overhead mirror, he’ll be there. And he’ll probably enjoy the come up pence of Ako’s.


The men gather in the hardware store, picking up supplies. Chris is shaking his head, just looking around. “What the hell are you guys all grabbin’?” he says, grabbing the only things he thinks they’ll need, a roll of duct tape and some rope.
“You aren’t very creative Chris,” says James, snapping the pliers together, hearing them snap. “We should take this the long route if we’re going to do this at all. She’s going to be with us awhile man, so let’s make it worthwhile.”
“Whatever man,” says Chris, leaning back against the racks, a bored look on his eyes.
“Chris,” says Steve, looking over a set of needle tipped tweezers, “go ahead and find the bleach will ya? We’ll need some.”
“What?” says Chris. “What the hell for?”
Steve looks at the man darkly. “Just do it,” says James, nonchalantly. “It’s for cleaning her holes when she gets clogged.”
“Wha? What holes,” says Chris, confused, then his eyebrows cock. “Oh, I get ya. On my way.”
“Man’s slow as a rusted nail,” growls Steve.
“He’s new to this, like all of us. And not all blacks have raging hard ons even if they say they do.”
“Well,” says Steve, jerking up his pants, “guess that means more for we old timers.”
James chuckles, shaking his head. “Speak for yourself man. You’re the one hanging out with a bunch of twenty year olds.”
“Oh? You helping your father out with a project?” says a feminine voice with a quirky spark to it. The men turn to see a young woman, maybe of eighteen or nineteen, hands behind her back, bright smile against blue eyes, blonde hair tied back in a pony tail under a cap with a tight shirt that says “Nappa” on it.
“Yeah,” says Steve, snapping the tweezers together. “Just need to get in a hole deep,” he says, putting the tweezers close to the woman’s breast where her nipple might be located, “snap! And twist the bugger out!”
The girl jumps back as the tweezers clamp shut an inch away from her breast, her hand moving protectively over the organ. “Haha!” says James, “maybe she thinks there’s some hole in her you’d want to unclog!”
“Yeah, maybe!” says Steve, laughing raucously.
“Damned perverts,” growls the girl, stomping away towards the desk. Both Steve and James look towards the girl, looking at her swishing rear and bouncing ponytail.
“Well I’ll be,” says Steve, licking his lips. “I’m having a case of the munchies right now myself.”
“Yeah... I hear ya,” says James, nodding.
A bag is slammed into James’ chest, Mark glaring at him. “We’re here for getting stuff done for Annie, not some tart in a hardware store!”
“You mean the nurse right? You forget her name already?”
Mark is silent for a moment, a grim look on his face as he checks the woman at the front desk. “Earth to Mark?” says James, waving his hand in front of the man’s face.
Mark pushes the hand down. “I’m gonna’ need to head down to the flower shop and pick up some flowers.”
“What for?” says Steve, throwing his hands out wide. “What? You feeling sweet on the girl again?”
Mark slaps him on the back of the head. “No you old coot! But I need to keep pretenses up so she doesn’t get suspicious. She’ll pay em back later. Ten fold. Until then... keep your dicks in your pockets and your minds out of the gutter.”
“No worries there son,” says Steve, taking the bag of hooks from James, looking at the curved blades, a dark look crossing his eyes. “I’m gonna’ take the boys on another trip down to my place so we can pick up some “extra” necessities. Then we’ll head out to dear Ako’s place and get everything ready.”
“Just don’t be late,” says Mark.
“We won’t be.”
“Good,” says Mark, disappearing down the hall.
“He’s gonna’ do this with or without us, won’t he?” says James, a hint of worry crossing his voice.
“Yup,” says Steve, still glancing at the fish hooks. “But not without us he ain’t. Come on. Let’s get this shit bought.”
“Oh you two,” says the cashier, now looking at them sourly, her breasts poking forward as she crosses her arms. “You two ready?”
“Yep,” says Steve, slapping the bag of hooks down on the table with the tweezers as James calls Chris over.
“So what’s this shit for?” says the girl, scanning the items but not looking at any of them directly.
“We have a craggy old bitch with some holes that need unclogging. Gonna dig these hooks in to wrench out what we can and the bleach to clean it out.”
“And the tweezers?” says the girl.
“Just for pulling out some of those hard to grip places,” he says, making a face. “Got some sensitive spots that...” he snaps the tweezers again. “Need that special touch for em.”
“Yeah, whatever,” says the girl, glancing at all the paraphernalia, wondering why rope and duct tape would be involved if it’s just a pipe. But with the way both men are ogling her she’d rather simply get them out of the store as quick as possible. Unfortunately, not soon enough.
“Hey gal, you got any pipes you need unclogging? I’d be much obliged.” This from the large black man behind the first two.
Some people get scared, others get angry. Steve can see the emotions of both pass over the girl as her eyes go wide, mouth popping open for a moment, then her eyes narrow. “Fuck off! All of you fuck off before I call the cops on your asses.”
“Well yours would be the one I’d like to fuck.”
She stares, stumbling backwards against the shelves, making the others laugh. They slap Steve on the back as they turn, laughing and speaking crudely as the cashier screams loudly behind them, the doors shutting, cutting her noise down by half, but they can still hear her more then vocal comments echoing through the glass panes.
“And that,” says Steve, “is only part of how loud we’re gonna’ make the other one scream when we get her to the cabin.”
“Yeah,” says James, hands in pockets. “But she won’t be yelling about the cops, she’s going to be begging.”
Steve stares, watching as James turns his head, a smile crossing his lips, a dark look crossing his eyes. He turns away and nods, tilting his cap. Yes, they’d be in for the long hall today.


Mark knocks on the door, flowers in his hand and then turns and rings the doorbell. He looks to the side, seeing the van parked in the shadows, lights dimmed. Nondescript, old and rusty. Not something that should pop out on people’s minds after what will be happening tonight. Perfect.
Running his hand through his hair, he hears the door latch to the small apartment unlock, the bolts being withdrawn with a click. The door opens slowly and out steps the Asian girl, head bowed, a thin smile on her lips, dressed in a loose red dress with a deeply slung cow neck giving Mark a very good view of her cleavage, the dress having slits up to her hips so he has a gracious view of skin there. He smiles and shakes his head, thinking how similar this girl dresses to “Annie.”
Annie too would wear dresses that were revealing like this, then claim she was a proper dignified saint. “Is something wrong,” says Ako, looking up at him with worried eyes.
“No,” says Mark, stretching out his hand with the flowers in his grip. “These are for you.”
“Oh!” says Ako, her voice breaking for a moment. She takes them in quivering hands and presses them against her chest, taking a deep whiff of the flowers. Mark can’t help but stare at how the bouquet rubs against her breasts, her left tit seeming to poke against the fabric. “They’re lovely Mark,” she says.
“Wha?” he says looking up and then nods. “Yeah.” He tilts her chin, looking into her eyes. “But not as much as you.” He bends down, kissing her lips lightly, a fairly chaste kiss. He can see her eyes blinking rapidly, her cheeks flushing red and she bends down, hiding her face behind the flowers. “Th-thank you....” she says. “No one has...” She goes quiet, hiding behind her flowers.
“Alright Ako,” he says, “we should head out.”
She nods, her eyes completely on him, but clouded, as if seeing something else. He’ll show her something else in a few hours, but let her dream for a bit.
He grips her hand, taking her to his rented vehicle, walking quickly. He glances back towards the van, feeling the eyes of the others on him. “Mark!” says Ako, “there’s no need to rush. I’m not going anywhere.”
Mark turns towards her, running a hand down her cheek. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now...” he opens the door for her, motioning her towards it. “Shall we?”


“Bro’s slick” says Chris, next to Steve. He glances over at the red ford driving out from the driveway and stubs the cigarette he’d been smoking in the ashtray.
“Yeah, he is,” says Steve, glancing at the man. “Alright, you’re up. Go on and jimmy the lock. When you’re done, turn on the lights and we’ll come in after. And make yourself seem natural. Like you belong. Don’t want the neighbors getting suspicious or it’ll be your hide on fire. Got it?”
“Why I gotta’ risk my ass when it’s you two who are more into this tail then me?”
James taps him on the shoulder, smiling. “Cuz you’re the only one who’s been to jail for breaking and entering, so you know the goods, nigger!”
Chris turns, lips stuck out. “Fuck you man.” He takes the black knit hat and shoves it down on his ears. “And fuck it’s cold. My balls are already freezing.”
“Then get out and get em to work.”
“Fuck you old man,” says Chris, but he’s quick to open the door, stamping his feet on the floor. “Man that bitch must be a cold blooded whore. Not sure how she wasn’t freezing her titties off!”
“Just get to work!” says Steve, leaning out the passenger window.
Chris ignores, him, shutting his parka tight and moving quickly to the door, already pulling out his tool kit like it were a pair of keys and bending down towards the door. “He’ll be quick,” says James. “You’ll see. I’ve seen him jimmy a lock in under a minute.”
“Yeah... we’ll...”
And the door is opening, admitting the black man inside, the lights quickly flipping on in all the rooms.
“Well I’ll be a damned rotisseried cock roach,” says Steve, his mouth half agape. “How’d they catch him in the first time if he’s that quick?”
“He was too busy watching the neighbors fucking.”
“No, seriously.”
“I am serious. Cops caught him peeping on the neighbors but since nothing had been stolen the people had the charges dropped. Guy hadn’t even started looting, watching his pay per view.”
Steve shakes his head but walks out the door, slamming it shut behind him and walks nonchalantly up to the apartment, James coming behind him with bag in hand.
Chris is already at the tv with the screen on, flipped to a football game. “Broncos vs Lions,” says the man. “Nothing better.”
“Oh for crying out...”
“Hey,” says the black man. “I got us in. It’s your asses that do the lootin.’ I’m just here for the ride now.”
“Fucking cunt,” says Steve.
“Yeah, you know it,” says Chris.
“Ignore him,” says James, putting a hand on Steve’s shoulder. “He’ll get into it once that Asian is showing her ass to him.”
“Yeah whatever,” says Steve, turning his back to the black man and heading to the woman’s room. Immediately he throws the bag onto the bed, unzipping it and opening it wide, pulling out a bat and wire cutters. He jerks the closet door open and starts scanning through the clothes, brushing past several but grabbing the two nursing uniforms available and throwing them on the bed.
“What are you doing?” asks James.
“What’s it look like idiot? I’m looking for what’ll make her look good when we take her candy ass.”
“But isn’t the point to get her naked?”
“Yeah.... but you gonna’ keep her naked all week?” says Steve. “Let’s get some things together so we can really shame her.”
He pulls down a dress that looks like a night gown, almost sheer and feeling like satin. “Now this is interesting. It’ll do.”
Over his shoulder he hears James opening the drawers and glances over at him, seeing the man pull out one of the woman’s bras, pressing them against his nose and inhaling deeply. Steve turns away, chuckling and licks his upper lip. In a few hours that Asian cunt will be theirs for the plundering and there will be nothing she can do to stop it.
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He watches her silently, chewing quietly, the chicken crunching inside his mouth, sauce running down his throat. But his view is focused on the girl before him and not the chicken. She is busy eating her rice and vegetables, taking it delicately. She isn’t even aware how her cleavage is exposed, her round swell of breasts dipping forward giving him a clear view.
He imagines ripping them out, mashing them between his palms, squeezing and biting. The woman looks up at him and smiles. “Enjoying your meal Mark?” she says.
“Wha?” says Mark, snapping out of his days.
“You seem to really be enjoying it,” says Ako, patting her lips with the napkin. “You’re even licking your lips after each bite!” She giggles at this as if she truly finds it funny. Yeah, laugh it up bitch, thinks Mark. Soon you won’t be laughing about anything!
“Your check sir?” says a man in uniform, short cut mustache and trim patch of hair. He looks about fifty, lean and thin. Like a classic waiter and Mark laughs at the idea. The waiter grunts and Mark takes the checkbook, looking over the price and opens his wallet, taking out some bills.
“You’re paying with cash Mark?” says Ako with a bit of surprise.
“Yeah,” says Mark, pulling out a hundred dollar bill. “Keeps me from getting surprises.” In truth it’s because he doesn’t want to leave a paper trail behind. Nothing that can be followed up by the police when they come searching. Getting rid of the car will be priority after this.
“Sounds smart,” says Ako. “You can never be too careful.”
“I’ll say,” he says with a smile, imagining some ropes cutting into the woman’s cheeks, her eyes wide with fear. “Never too careful....”
He looks to the bathroom and says “Excuse me. Lady’s room.”
She nods, getting her purse and things ready. Mark turns away fro her, heading to the bathroom, taking a stall and sits down, pulling out his cell phone. He quickly dials, hearing the rings when Steve’s voice answers.
“Steve? You ready bro?”
“Wires are cut and television’s been smashed, drawers thrown about and any valuables stuffed in the bag along with stuff we really want. We’ll throw the jewelry in some river as we’re driving out. How’s your date going?”
“Pretty good, though my dick’s all ready to explode.”
“Good. Chris is bitching about us cancelling his football game early. So the earlier you get here the better.”
“The Lions vs the Broncos? Forgot that was today. Would’ve set this pick up for tomorrow if I’d realized what day it was.”
“Oh for crying out loud!” he hears Steve yell and clicks the phone. Mark smiles, a large grin splitting his face. He’s lying of course, but sometimes it’s fun to tease the old man. Now for “Annie.”
He exits the bathroom, smiling at Ako who waits patiently at the door. “Alright. Shall we leave then?”
She smiles, taking his arm into hers, pressing her body close to his, her breasts squeezing against his arm, head resting against his shoulder as she lets out a dreamy sigh. He stares, looking at her cleavage and hardening nipples, wanting nothing more to fuck her right then and there. But not yet. He smiles, taking a step forward. Everything in it’s proper course and due time....


The Ford pulls into the drive way and Mark holds his hands on the steering wheel. “Alright, here is our stop,” he says, drumming his fingers along the handle. His energy is high and he’s trying to avoid doing anything too early, in front of too many eyes with too many potential problems. Fortunately Ako hasn’t noticed his nervousness, he thinks.
“Thank you,” says Ako sweetly, leaning forward and kissing him on the mouth, lingering on his lower lip for a bit, her eyes wanting. He looks towards her, his hands wanting to go up and rip her dress down from her chest, but he resist the urge, just barely. He forces a grin on his face, trying to keep his eyes on her eyes, but always lingering on that swell of her chest so exposed by the angle of which she leans.
“It was a wonderful evening,” she says, unknowing of Mark’s true intent.
“Yeah,” he says.
“I’ll be seeing you tomorrow? Call me.” She makes the motion of a phone with her hand and he nods.
“Yeah.” She smiles, leaning forward and kisses him chastely on the cheek.
“Bye then,” and she walks out of the door, straightening her dress, unaware how Mark keeps his eyes on her hips, watching them intensely, her dress riding up her hips. How he wishes he could go over and bend the bitch over throwing her dress over those hips so he could look at her ass. He licks his upper lip and smiles, drumming his hands on the wheel, watching her. As the door to her house opens he opens his own door, stepping out as she unlocks the door and stops suddenly. She’s seen them and now it’s time to move in and make his move.

Ako looks towards Mark who waves at her from his car. She smiles quietly and waves back. She did enjoy the date, but... how he’d kept staring at her legs and almost always kept his eyes on her chest, it unsettled her. She shivers, rubbing her arms and hopes it’s simply the cold. She tries to push away any black thoughts she has about Mark. He’s a nice guy, she should give him a chance. Plus, she bends down, blushing inwardly. She was almost to the point of allowing him to have sex with her. Maybe she had too many drinks herself. She gives him one final glance before fishing for her keys.
As she looks in her purse for the keys she sees a movement along the window. She squints her eyes but sees nothing more. It’s probably one of the neighbor’s cats who got in through the back window or door. Nothing to worry about. She’ll just shoo it out when she gets inside.
She unlocks the door with a click, surprised there seemed to be no resistance. Like it was unlocked already? The door swings open easily and she steps inside, hearing a crunching under her heels, feeling something hard underneath. The substance looks like glass, shining against the outside lamps and there’s a box flipped over not two feet away from her. Worried, she turns on the light, seeing three men seated on her couch.
The oldest looks towards her, patting the two duffel bags he has, his eyes narrowed as he looks at her from under his baseball cap. “Good evening. Were wondering when you’d show up. Can’t start the party without the cake!”
She turns around quickly, hoping she can catch Mark before he drives off as the other two men are rising from the seat. Her shoulder slams into Mark and she has never been so happy to see him.
She bear hugs him, the tears already flowing from her face. “Mark!” she screams. “Help, these men are...”
He grabs her arm, pulling it hard. “Mark,” she screams as his hand tightens on her wrist, pulling it up over her head. “You’re hurting me!”
He pulls her close, a dark grin crossing his lips, a malice in his eye and for once, Ako feels an intense fear. “Mark?”
He kisses her roughly, his tongue invading hers. His hand is in her hair, yanking at it roughly and she winces, beating her free hand against him, trying to scream. But he is so powerful and he’s pressed her close against his body, her breasts rubbing uncomfortably against his chest. His once gentle kiss is invasive, demanding and brutal. He pulls away from her suddenly, and stares at her darkly as he holds her.
“These are my friends bitch,” he says, and his fist slams into her stomach with brutal force. “So behave!”
She doubles over, coughing, drool and spittle coming out her lips and running over her chin. She turns, looking for an escape away from this when the black man is before her, and then his fist slams against her face, her world going black as her head hits the carpeted floor.

“That’s what you get bitch, for disrespecting me!” says Chris, tugging at his jacket and closing it quickly. “Brrrr... chilly here.”
“Thought you weren’t interested in this,” says Steve, picking up the two duffel bags with the toys they’ve picked up.
“Just thought the hoe needed to learn some respect for a brother. That’s all,” says Chris.
“Whatever,” says Mark, looking down at the crumpled form of the woman at his feet, her dress riding up her shapely thighs. He holds back on simply jerking her dress up now and fucking her while she’s unconscious, with the door open he reminds himself. Where anyone can see. No. They need to get somewhere more... private. He smiles and shoves his hands into his pockets, feeling his member tenting in his pants. “Just get her into the van. I’ll follow. And no funny business until we get there.”
“No probs man,” says Chris. “We know her pussy is yours.” But Chris is staring at Ako’s crumpled body, tongue running over his lips and Mark points a finger.
“It’s cool. It’s cool,” says his friend, holding out his hands, palms open. “Just looking at our toy and loving the idea of dipping my black cock into her tight pussy. Think she’s had black meat before?”
“Cool it and get her in the van,” hisses Mark, his temper rising, more because of having had to hold back so long then at Chris’ comment.
“Yeah, whatever,” says the black man, his hands going under Ako’s pits as he picks the slumped woman up off the floor. “Yo James! Come help a brother out.”
“What,” says James, laughing. “Big black man need help from a white boy to carry a girl?”
“Shut up nigger and help me with this bitch. She’s heavier then she looks.”
Mark shakes his head, leaving the collection of Ako’s slumped body to the men. Steve walks by him, giving him a hard look, and nods. Mark takes one last glance of the men picking Ako up and heads back to the car, opening the door and looking to Ako’s seat, seeing the flowers still there. She’d forgotten the flowers. She’d fucking forgotten the flowers he bought her! He slams the door shut with a thud, watching as they load the girl’s limp form into the van, climbing in with her. The door shuts with an audible snap and Mark starts the engine, hearing it roar to life angrily.
The bitch will pay. She’ll seriously pay.


“Key on the counter,” says the man.
“No probs,” says Mark, his penis already tenting up against his pants. He knows Ako is in the van, maybe starting to stir, and dropping off the vehicle like this is really grating since he just wants to get in between Ako’s legs and bang the shit out of her pussy already. But he calms himself. Everything is better when you wait, so his mother used to say, and he’s waited more then twenty years now. A few more minutes won’t make much of a difference.
“The keys Mr. Zimmerman?” says the man flatly. His lips are puffing out and he looks frog eyed and bored.
“Oh, sorry,” says Mark, fishing out the keys and slapping them on the table. “Here you are.”
The man quietly takes the keys and begins typing rapidly on his keyboard. “Thank you. The bill will appear in your cycle within the next month Mr. Zimmerman. Thank you for using West Central.”
The tone is flat, emotionless. Mark has no doubt the man couldn’t care less wether he liked the use of the car or not. It’s simply a job. He grunts and nods. Best not to get this guy’s senses on alert. He walks out calmly, taking a walk down the block until he finds the van stationed, idling lazily behind the gas station, where they’d agreed to keep it.
“C’mon! C’mon!” says Chris, waving frantically. “We gotta’ go!”
“What?” says Mark, his eyes going wide. “Is she waking up?” He rushes to the van, sliding the door open quickly.
“No, you cum bucket,” snarls Steve. “Just Chris yammering away that he wants at the gook already. Sorry excuse for a man if I ever saw one. First he says no, he doesn’t want to get in trouble and now he wants to do her right here. Fucking git.”
Mark smiles. That’s Chris alright. Always ready to go after a gentle nudging.
He jumps into the vehicle, the machine rumbling to life as it starts down the dark streets. He looks towards Ako, smiling, running his hand slowly down her cheek. What a beautiful woman she is, he thinks. If only he didn’t have to force her to do this.... if only...
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Ako shivers. She moans, twisting in her sleep and wakes with a yell. “Noooo!” she screams, sitting up, her chest heaving. She grips her shirt, breathing hard, her heart thundering.
“Haha! Bitch is really something,” says a loud voice.
She shudders, eyes wide, turning to see a large black man grinning, white teeth bright against his dark skin. On screen behind him is a blur of movement that looks sexual, but Ako’s eyes are still having difficulty adjusting. “Wh-where am I?” she asks, looking around the wooden building. For that’s what it is, a building of wood. Logs to be precise.
She stands up, her feet bare and chilled and wiggles her toes, biting her lower lip, running a hand briefly through her short hair. The sounds in the back persists, of flesh beating on flesh and a woman pleading someone to stop. It sounds like a rape. Like her dream. And in her dream she’d been the woman. She shivers inwardly, rubbing her hands over the goose bumps forming on her flesh.
“Bitch looks cold,” says a man. She turns, looking to him, bald with a hard look to his eyes, hands stuffed into the pockets of his jeans.
“Well I know exactly what can warm her up,” says another man walking up from around the couch, gripping a beer in his hand, beer belly poking out over his pants. “Course, that’s after Mark finishes up with her.”
“Mark?” she says, her body shivering. She turns slowly, eyes wide.
“Over here Ako,” he says and her head turns quickly, locating him next to the wall. He’d been next to her the whole time and hadn’t said anything? This worries her more, the fear running into her stomach. “Mark,” she says. “What’s going on?”
Mark walks up to her and runs a hand slowly through her hair. “Ssshhhh...” he whispers. “Everything’s going to be alright. I’m here for you. Relax.”
There’s something wrong, she thinks. He wasn’t dressed like this when last she’d seen him. Like this in a dirty wife beater with an opened flannel shirt and rugged jeans, hair all messed and eyes so cold. No. He’d been someone else all together. “No...” she whispers. “Mark?”

Mark looks at his Asian doll, her arms curled around her stomach, running up and down her arms. The cleavage to her dress is showing, making her very enticing to look at. Her tits are pressing against the red fabric of her dress. Too bad she has that black bra on, what a shame to have her tits covered up like that....
And such nice cleavage too. He can see that nice tan flesh from the crop of her cow neck, the round melons pressing against the fabric just wishing to be released. Without a thought he runs his knuckles over her exposed cleavage lightly. Ako backs away suddenly, her hand pressing against her flesh. “Mark... no...”
He grabs her hair suddenly, jerking her head back hard. “No?” he says. “No?”
“Mark!” she screams. “You’re hurting me!”
“Yeah?” he says, and presses his mouth against hers, cramming his tongue into her orifice, forcing it between her teeth to probe at the walls of her mouth, so denied him previously. He doesn’t even notice as she claws at his chest, beating at it feebly.
He lets go of her and she tumbles backwards. “How was that Ako? Gentle enough?” he says mockingly.

Ako stares wide eyed, uncomprehending at the sudden change of character that has seemingly taken place over Mark. It scares her. She turns to run only to bump into the young skin head who’d been leaning against the far wall. He is quick to grip her wrist, holding her tight. “Let go of me!” she yells.
“Where are you going babe?” says the man. His hands are suddenly in her hair, mouth pressing against hers, invading it just as Mark’s had done. It is just as brutal and invasive. When he separates from her he spits on her face, lightly slapping her cheek.
Tears welling up, she suddenly turns and dashes to the door, slamming into it brutally, her shoulder burning with the impact. She scrabbles at the door handle, her hands slipping from it repeatedly. But even when she has it the thing only rattles. She tugs at it repeatedly, slamming her fist on the door. “Someone!” she screams. “Anyone! Help!”
She hears the men chuckle, like ravenous dogs and hears as their shoes tap on the wood lightly, heading in her direction. She beats on the wooden door which refuses to move a sliver, tugging violently at the handle, tears streaming down her cheeks. “Come on... come on...” she whispers.


Mark laughs. The stupid bitch hasn’t even realized there’s a latch a few inches above her keeping the door bolted shut. And all of them are circling her, loving how that tan little rear moves behind that dress. It’s long and covers her up, but that can be corrected soon enough. For now, they can have some fun. Looking at her long legs as they shiver and stamp at the floor, Mark grins, his tongue running over his upper lip. Why hadn’t he done this earlier with Annie, he thinks.
As if thoughts of her spur some initiative in the girl, Ako is suddenly at the latch, trying to unhook it, her fingers fumbling at it. But as the bolt is beginning to slide back James grips her wrist, slamming her against the door. “Hey bitch! What do you think you’re doing?”
Her jerks her forward only to slap her hard. The sound cracks loudly in the small room and she stumbles, half dazed into Mark. “Back again so soon,” says Mark teasingly, his hands running down her hips, stroking her buttocks, fingers digging in. “No Mark...” she says, her voice choked. “Please....”
Mark turns her around suddenly, roughly grabbing her arms, twisting them behind her, nails digging into her skin. “Ow! Mark! You’re hurting me!” she screams, thrashing about frantically.
“Hey guys,” says Mark, ignoring her pleas. “The slut is begging for it! You gonna’ make her wait?”
“Mark?” she whispers, her voice filled with shock and ... betrayal? Only now, he thinks, grinning. What a stupid slut to only realize it now that he’s turned on her.
“Ow!” she yells. “No! Stop!”
Mark looks over her shoulder, watching as James pinches her nipple, twisting it hard. Even under her dress this can hurt badly. “Yeah....” he says. “Whores like this are meant to be used rough.”
“Aaaooowww,” Ako yells, her head tilting back, the scream coming out like a prolonged whine.
James grips her throat tight, squeezing. “Shut up bitch,” he hisses. “We all know you like it.”
Mark can see Ako’s eyes rolling up her skull, her lips quivering as she tries to suck in mouthfuls of air. Her fight is draining and he is about to tell James to lay off when the sounds from the television set sound, the woman on screen screaming. James turns to regard the screen, his grip on Ako loosening. “No one shut that damned shit off?” he hisses. “Christ.”
“Who cares about that,” says Chris, slipping his hand under Ako’s dress to cup one of her sizable breast. “This is the real shit, bro,” he says. “What do I care about some fake model in god knows where when we’ve got the real deal here?” He leans forward, running his tongue along Ako’s cheek, a trail of saliva smearing her skin. She whimpers in response.
“No,” says Mark, smiling. “We should show Ako what type of men we really are. Maybe she’d like to see the movie with us? Wouldn’t you sweetie?” He says, leaning towards her and nibbling on the end of her ear.
“Nooo...” she moans. “I want to go home!”
He grips the back of her hair then, holding her by one hand as she shrieks. “Look at those titties fly!” says Chris chuckling. Mark is silent. He jerks her along, sitting her next to Steve, who watches the movie blandly. On screen, a thin Asian man is pulling at the woman’s hair, making her scream as he rapidly thrust his hips against hers, the wet slapping of his manhood loud in the screen.
Mark sits down, running his hand up and down Ako’s thigh. She has her hands against the seat cushions, claws dragging into the upholstery. “How do you like it,” he says. “What we’re going to do to you is on screen.”
“Mark?” she says. “Why? What did I do wrong?” She stares at him, her eyes quivering, wet with tears. Mark is silent for a moment.
“Mark,” she says, trying to persist. “You know this is wrong. You have to...”
His hand swings forward, catching her across the cheek with a jarring force, making her yell. He grips her hair, shaking her as he screams in her face. “Have to?! Have to?!”
He jerks her dress up over her hips, grabbing her groin roughly. “Have to?! For what?! For a stuck up bitch who will never put out?! I don’t have to do anything!”
He slaps her again, her head banging against the back head rest, open full tears now streaming forth. “Now shut up and let me enjoy the movie,” he says, his hand lingering on her thigh, running up and down it.
She continues to cry, her tears cascading down her cheeks. Mark is silent, his fingers simply gripping her hips harder. She whimpers, her lip trembling. “Don’t worry baby,” says Chris, leaning over Mark. “We’ll treat you good.”
“Yes,” says Steve, running a finger down her cheek, wiping away a tear. “Very good. Well... as long as you treat us good. And you want to treat us good... don’t you Ako dear?”
Mark looks at Steve’s face, the darkness in the man’s eyes sending a shiver that breaks even through his burning anger. He winces, jerking his hand away from Ako’s thigh. She notices this, glancing at him momentarily before Steve tilts her chin back to him. “Look at me you gook whore. Your attention is here, see?”
She is shivering but she doesn’t avert her eyes. The sounds on screen are loud, the man starting to groan as he comes on closing to his climax. “Weak shit,” says Chris, tossing his beer can at the screen.
“Hey,” says James, “that’s your copy. You chose that “weak shit.”
“Oh shut up!” says Chris.
“Mmmm!” they hear Ako scream and turn to see as Steve is pressing himself against her body, his mouth against hers, her chin titled up, mouth slobbering over her. His fat body is leaning over her and the men cheer as Ako beats on the seat, kicking out with her feet, stamping them noisily on the floor. Steve puts it no mind, his free hand wandering down her chest, gripping her breast and kneading it in his hard hand.
Mark watches transfixed as the man works on her, slowly straddling her and then pulls away as both hands come up around her throat and he throttles her, shaking her violently. “Think you can hold back, do you?! That we won’t beat your ass like a chink bitch?”
He releases her with one hand and slaps her twice, each blow resounding in the room, followed by her screams, her hair swinging wildly with the shaking of her head.
“Enough of this shit,” says Chris, shutting the tv off with the video that has become tedious and boring to all of them. He tosses the remote aside and grabs a handful of Ako’s hair. “I want some of the real thing.”
He jerks her across the couch and tosses her to the floor, slamming it with her knees. He puts his shoe against her hips and pushes her hard, her body hitting the floor with a splat. “That’s where you oughtta’ be bitch. Like a dog you are chink whore!”
She stares, the tears running down her eyes. Her dress is now disheveled, hanging down one arm, her cleavage clearly visible for all the men to see. It warms Mark up and he feels his prostate beginning to tent up in his pants. But not yet. They can continue the fun for a bit more...

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Ako hits the floor with a thud, her elbows ringing against the floor boards. Crying, she looks towards Mark for some hope, some shred of decency in the man. The thing she had started to fall in love with back when. But as she looks at him all she can see is a cold, hard spirit. It makes her shiver.
Tears running down her eyes she begins to stand up when the black man kicks her back down, her mouth thudding loudly on the floor. “Aaaghh!” she screams, the pain ringing in her jaw.
“Keep to the ground bitch!” says the man. “That’s all you Asian hoes are good for!” He kicks her in the groin making her yell loudly, doubling over, curling into a ball, one hand going towards her crotch instinctively, protectively.
But the man will have none of it, instead going towards her face and grabbing her hair, jerking her along the floor. “Mark!” she says pleadingly. “Mark!”
“Shut your fucking mouth bitch!” says the black man, gripping her hair and pulling her head back. As she shivers, fear taking her, he leans forward, pressing his lips harshly against hers, forcing his tongue between her lips. She tries to force him out, scratching at his chest and kicking at the floor. The crack against her face sends her sprawling. “Stop that!” says the man. “Woman needs to learn her place Mark!”
“That’s right boy,” says the older man, the fat one, walking towards her and placing his shoe against her crotch, the heel digging in. “She doesn’t know her place and it’s high time this gook learns it!”
“Aaaaahhh!” she shrieks, gripping his shoe. “Stop it! Stop!”
“Stupid bitch,” says the man, cracking her across the face himself, sending her backwards. Ako shivers, hugging her arms as the man barks at Mark. The men come, grabbing Ako roughly, two of the men pulling her legs wide while the third holds her torso, grabbing her by the breasts. She claws at the man’s hands, crying. “No! Stop! Stop!” she howls.
“No!” says the skin head, leaning towards her and licking the back of her ear. “Not gonna’ stop. Not till we all have our way with you!”
“Ahhhhh!” she screams. She doesn’t even notice when the old man is tugging at her dress until she hears the tear. Then she looks towards the man, seeing him holding a shred of her red dress. Tears well up in her eyes. That had been a gift from her grandmother. This dress....
How could Mark let this happen? She looks towards him with pleading eyes, mouthing why. He just stares back coldly.
Then the old man’s fingers are at her crotch and she struggles, bucking wildly. “No! Don’t touch me!” she screams. But it’s for not as the man grips her panties and she feels a sharp tug followed by a breath of air. She stops suddenly, simply staring wide eyed. “These important to you?” says the man, holding them in the air. “Well get used to not having them.”
He throws the shredded garment to the floor, stomping on it and grinding it on the floor. “P-please... don’t...” she swallows a wad of spit, fear stilling her.
“Oh, we’ll get to that,” says the old man smiling. “But not just yet. First,” he says while unbuckling his belt and folding it into a loop. “You need to learn your place.” He slaps the end against his open palm and Ako is shaking her head rapidly, the hair whipping about in her face. “No.no.no.no.no,” she keeps mouthing.
“Do it Steve,” says Mark, his voice sounding chipper. “Show the bitch what she gets for holding out.”
“Mark?” she says quietly, the shock of his words hitting her like a sledge hammer. Because of this she doesn’t notice the old man pull back and swing. Not until the sharp fire rushes up her hips suddenly, the sensitive organ hit with a brutal force. She arches her neck back and let’s out a horrifying scream, the pain so intense in her vagina. And then the second blow comes. Again she screams, bucking wildly. The men yelling at each other.
Again and again the blows come down, raining against her clit and cunt lips with brutal force. Ako shrieks with pain, her hips bouncing and thrusting forward involuntarily as each blow lands and then twisting violently in the brief seconds between trying to break free from the grasp of the men before another blow rends another scream from her. It continues like this for several minutes, the men yelling at one another as she fights to break free, the belt coming down like a fiery whip with each blow. And all she can think at this time as this torment continues, her body warming and sweat trickling down her armpits and face, her vaginal folds becoming inflamed and swollen, is how could Mark betray her? Why would he let such barbarism befall her?
Then she falls, her leg somehow freed from Mark as she kicks him in the shoulder. She lands with a smack but it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as her cunt lips. She tucks her legs, a hand going between her legs and jerking back as she touches the swollen flesh. It screams with an intense agony and she can barely touch it.
The old man jerks her by her scalp, pulling her head up, leaning his face close to hers. “And that’s how we teach whores like you their place,” he hisses. The tears run down her eyes and she moans softly.

“Get the bitch up,” says Steve, looking down at the violated Asian woman. Her hair is damp and wet, coming down over her face, chest heaving and sticking to the dress, but still clinging to the sickly fabric. “And get that god damned dress off of her! Bitch is here to fuck, not look pretty.”
“No! No!” says the girl, fighting against the men, swinging one way or another wildly. Steve slaps her across the face, the crack sounding loud in the room and then grips her throat, squeezing tightly. “Shut the fuck up!” he says, and slams his fist into her stomach, making her double over.
“Geez man,” says Chris with a grin. “You’re really letting the bitch have it. Have any wife issues we need to know about?”
“Shut up,” says Steve, watching as the girl is heaving, her breasts almost spilling out of the dress. “And get those damned clothes off her, boy.”
“Don’t have to tell me twice,” says Mark. He grips the side of one spaghetti strap and leans close to the girl. “This is for holding back on me,” he whispers. Steve can see her breathing get more shallow, her body stilling and then Mark is jerking, pulling the dress down and tearing it. The girl shrieks, trying to cover herself as he does.
“Hey,” says Chris, jerking her hand away and turning her at once. “Off means off bitch.” And the black man grips her bra strap and pulls, the fabric thin and pliant tearing. But not as easily as the dress. It stays on for the most part, halfway, as the one cup splits off, the strap snapping. Then James turns her around, spinning her about and slapping her. As she is going backwards he grips her dress and bra, pulling and using her fall to help tear away the clothing. It makes the girl fall awkwardly, her hands tangling in the material.
As she tries to get up James is on top of her, tearing the remaining strips of clothing away from her, his open hand coming down roughly on the girl’s back making her yelp. “That’s enough,” says Steve. “Get her up.”
James stops instantly and pulls the girl up, already holding her arms back, aware of what Steven wants before he says a word. “Good boy,” he says, slapping the belt on his hand.
“No,” says the girl, shaking her head. “Stop...” But her voice is quiet, not as insistent as before.
Steve walks up to her, putting his belt under her chin. “You’re learning but you haven’t learned quite enough,” he says.
He raises his arm and the girl is screaming before the belt comes down...

Mark watches the scene unfold before him, his hand slipping into his trousers stroking his manhood with slow surety as Steve unleashes a barrage of blows on the woman. Little Ako is howling loudly, her lovely breasts bouncing back and forth as the belt smacks them with a satisfying crack. Each blow accentuated by the girl’s piteous screams. He could never have thought that rape of such a beautiful woman could be so... liberating.
Each red welt crisscrossing across her delicate skin. First left and right, her breasts swinging in unison and then up and down as Steve decides to focus on one breasts at a time. Each sweat stained orb swinging wildly with each blow.
“Stop man,” says Mark, going towards Ako, snapping a can of beer open. “I think she’s had enough.”
“Mark?” she says pleadingly, her eyes red and tired. “These must hurt,” says Mark, tipping the can of beer over her breasts. “Aaahhhhiiieee!” she screams, thrusting her breasts out as the liquid alcohol hits the inflamed wounds. “Yeah, kinda’ too bad,” says Mark, taking a sip from his drink.
Ako is shaking, quivering, the men around her giggling like school girls, but he doesn’t care. All he has eyes for is Ako, shaking before him, her full orbs red and delicate, dripping sweat and inflamed. “Maybe you’re thirsty?” he says teasingly.
She turns her head away and he looks at the other men. “Man offers a woman a drink and she turns her back,” he says, his dick already tenting against his pants. “What kinda’ respect is that?” he says.
“None at all bro,” says Chris, nodding at him, a dark gleam in his eyes. Like Mark, this is Chris’ first time too.
“Yeah,” says Mark, and turns suddenly, slamming his fist into the girl’s stomach. “Uuuaaaggghhhh!” says Ako, bending over, eyes wide, breasts tilting out over th edge. “No respect,” he says, and punches her with brutal force a second time.
“Uuaaannnn!” she cries, her eyes bulging. “Mark...” she whispers. He plugs her nose, tilting her head up. “Now drink!”
With no choice but to open her mouth now that the air is cut away from her she takes a few swallows when Mark releases her nose and she turns spitting it out. He punches her a third time, the rest of the beer spilling from her lips. “Fucking bitch,” he says, slapping her spilling the final contents of the beer over her head. Now damp and dirty, he grips her scalp, pulling her head back. “You’re gonna’ pick up all that beer you tossed or else.”
He throws her against the floor, ripping her from James’ grip. She hits with a thud and he pushes her down with his foot. “Now drink whore. Don’t go spilling no man’s drink!”
And he kicks her in the groin to accentuate his point. Her back arches a loud yelp coming out from her parted lips. “Get going!” he yells, kicking her hip.
Sobbing, she leans down and begins to lap at the content of the floor. He walks around, loving the look of degradation on her, tears flowing down her eyes as she sweeps her tongue over the floor, drinking the contents up.
“Look it those tits man,” says Chris, licking his upper lip. “She oughtta’ be cleaning the beer off with them knockers so we can lick it off her titties.”
Mark grins. “Why not?”
“Ako,” he says commandingly. She looks up with doleful eyes and his grin splits wider, looking at her large breasts, the nipples just touching the floor. “Do what the man says. Take those huge tits you have and wipe them across the floor. If you don’t appreciate a man’s drink no reason for you to drink it but you’re still cleaning it off.”
“Mark...” she says pleadingly.
“Do it!” he yells.
She grips her breasts and presses them on the floor, stroking them against the ground, not really picking up any beer, but that’s fine for Mark, looking at her as she shames herself for him. “Yeah...” he says, loving how her breasts press against the floor. “That’s it. Keep going.”
She moans, sobbing piteously but continues to humiliate herself. Her breasts wiping against the floor, sweeping what liquid they can. “Alright,” he says motioning. “Get up.”
He looks at her, observing her as she still holds her breasts out to him, face turned away, eyes quivering. There’s still part of the dress on her hips, shreds hanging down it. Breasts all red and legs shaking. Yes, it’s too much now.
He grabs her and throws her to the ground, undoing his belt and pushing his pants down. “Fuck this! I’m going to fuck your pussy whore.”
“No!” she says, thrusting her hand out as if to protect herself from him. “Don’t! Mark! I’m a virgin!”
Mark stops for a moment, thinking. A girl this age... and still a virgin? He hadn’t thought about it and this makes him grin all the more. “Well,” he says, “that’s just too bad, isn’t it?”

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Love it. Can't wait for the next installment. Update soon! <3
“The worst ones always live.” Sansa Stark

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“No, please,” says Ako, trying to back away, her hips feeling terribly pained after the belting she received. “I’m saving myself for marriage!”
“Really?” says Mark, his eyes going cold. “Like I give a shit! Always marriage this and marriage that and never putting out!”
He is throwing his clothes off, hurtling them savagely across the room. Ako shivers, the tears running down her cheeks. What happened to him to make him this way? What went wrong? Why is he acting like such a monster now?
“Shut up!” he says, the slap across her face coming with such ferocity Ako yelps as much from surprise as from anything else. She hits the floor with a thud and pulls herself up on shaking arms, more from fear of what Mark might do then because she actually has the energy. But she feels the shoe collide with her side, making her scrunch up into a ball, not even giving her the air to scream properly and then his foot is between her shoulders, shoving her down across the floor. He kicks her legs apart, spreading them viciously with his boot. “I’m sick of all your posturing,” he growls. “Now I’m gonna’ take what I want without you getting in the way!”
“No!” she screams. “Wait! I’ll do anything! Just don’t rape me!” She is screaming, hollering words that she does not even hear clearly, but Mark does. Rather then force her, he leans over her and she stays waiting.
“Anything?” he says, quietly, a dark lilt to his voice.
Trembling, she turns slowly towards Mark. His face is dark, a very cold look to it. She turns away, lip quivering, when Mark’s hand suddenly grips a handful of her hair, jerking her back and towards him with a scream. “Shut up!” yells Mark, cracking her face with a loud slap. “Shut up!”
She is sobbing but tries to stifle the tears. “Better,” says Mark, jerking her hair back.
“Please...” says Ako, raising her hands up to his, trying to push them away from her hair, which burns savagely at the scalp.
“You see this?” he says, suddenly, his large and erect penis poking her in the eye. “You see it,” he says, rubbing it against her cheek and over her forehead. She tries to turn away from the vile thing, but it is always there, right in front of her. Its head pushing against her skin, the slimy precum leaking onto it. She shudders at the feel of it. “You feel this?” he says. “Answer me cunt!”
“Yes!” she says. “Please stop Mark! Stop!”
He pushes it against her face, nearly stabbing at her eye with it. “You...” he says darkly, you’re going to suck me off. You’re going to make me cum in your mouth or else I’ll fuck your pussy!”
“Mark...” she says, the tears welling in her eyes. “No.... don’t make me do this!”
“You said anything,” he says, jerking her head back, staring into her quivering eyes. “So get to work!”
She looks towards the long shaft through blurry eyes, its thick bulging head purple and grotesque like a snake’s head. She lifts a quivering hand to it, intending to stroke it and perhaps have him cum that way when he slaps her hand away.
“No you gook whore. I want you to put it between your lips and suck me off properly. Use your fucking tongue!”
Shivering she looks from his face which has gone so cold and dark, full of malice to his stiffening member. When did he get so hateful and dark or had she just never seen it? But still, if she doesn’t do this, he’ll hurt her worse. She opens her lips then, slowly taking the head of his member into her mouth and begins to push it in. Slowly, inch by filthy inch.

Mark smiled. He loved the feel of this. Of this beautiful woman with tears streaming down her eyes being forced to take his cock in. He loves how disgusted she looks, squinting her eyes, cheeks puffing up, even though she tries to hide it. But it’s not quite enough.
He grips the edge of her nose between two fingers, pinching it tight and cutting off her air supply. Ako’s eyes instantly open wide and she begins to resist, trying to pull back against him, her mouth suddenly squeezing on his cock as she tries to slide back off of him. He smiles and yells, “Yo, Chris! Help me out here!”
The man comes around as Mark struggles with the battling Ako who is now thrashing against him, having liberated herself, now screaming, “No! Mark! Don’t! You’re hurting me!”
“What’s up man?” says the black man, nonchalantly.
“Keep the bitch’s arms held behind her back. You can fuck her ass after I’m through.”
“Mark?!” she says, her eyes going wide. “I... but you promised!” she screams, the tears streaming down her eyes as Chris grips the woman’s arms, pulling them back tightly enough she yells out from the sudden pain in her sockets.
Mark kicks her in the stomach, hard. She doubles over, coughing, spittle and some bile escaping her parted lips as she bends over. Mark grips her hair, jerking her scalp up by the roots and spits on her face. “Yeah, I promised. Promised not to take your pussy if you do my cock right. So you still have a job to do bitch.”
He slaps her across the cheek with a loud crack, the sound echoing in the small room. “Doesn’t mean your ass is gonna’ be free. Now you still have a job to do if you want to keep that pussy intact for your damned hubby.”
“Bu...” He doesn’t even let her finish as he grips her nose tight, plugging it shut and shoves his member in as the girl struggles to breathe, her mouth opening wide to suck in air only to take in his manhood instead. She struggles, shaking her body, her large mammaries flopping back and forth in her struggle to breathe, but Mark ignores it. Instead keeping her and forcing her down his girth, grinning broadly as he does so. She thrashes, her eyes large and wide as she looks pleadingly into his own.
It gives him such a hard on. That pathetic look on her face. He puts his second hand behind her head and grips her hair hard, using both her nose and hair to help him thrust into her mouth brutally. Chris laughs. “Look it the bitch move!” says the man. “You sure know how to treat your hoes!”
“Oh you haven’t seen nothing yet, man,” says Mark, thrusting rapidly against Ako’s face. He can see her face gaining a pallor, her eyes beginning to roll up her head as she begins to lose it, her lips starting to slacken when he throws her off. Ako doubles over, coughing and spitting as she sucks in more air. That’s enough he thinks, and grips her nose once more, thrusting into her again.
Ako is always fighting against him, the drool as she battles coating his shaft and dribbling all over her large breasts down her stomach making her look extra slutty. Perfect, he thinks.
But with each impaling of her slender throat she struggles less, so Mark lets her go, letting her cough and suck in mouthfuls of air a bit longer each time before plugging her and then taking her up even longer against her shaft. After the third time of doing this Ako’s eyes finally roll up her head and her arms hang limply at her sides, all the fight now gone out of her.
Fucking whore, he thinks, considering perhaps actually choking her all the way as he holds her nose plugged. “Hey man,” says Chris, now sounding more worried, “you better let her go. I think the bitch has taken enough.”
“No she hasn’t,” says Mark, tossing her against the floor. She barely makes a sound, just a light gagging and spitting from reflex but her mind has lost temporary consciousness for the moment. “But go ahead. Take the bitch’s ass.”
“You sure?” says Chris, licking his lips as he looks down at the girl. Mark isn’t sure if Chris means about taking her in the ass or if she’s taken enough, and he’s not sure he gives a fuck.
“Whatever,” says Mark, his shaft starting to go limp again. “Just fuck the bitch and I’ll take her cunt when you’re done.”
“Whatever,” says Chris, unbuckling his pants and throwing them aside hastily. Mark smiles. So it was the fucking he was thinking of after all. “You’re the boss.”
Without much ado Chris is straddling the woman, turning her on her stomach so her breasts are pressed flat across the hard wooden floor, parted lips letting out a light trail of spittle. Not that Chris notices. He’s too busy, feeling her ass. His thick hands busily massage her large buttocks, the flesh molding in his palms and he even leans down running his tongue over her anus. Ako moans lightly and Mark laughs.
“No need to moisten her up,” says Mark. “Just stick your prick in and take a go at her!”
“Whatever man,” says Chris, working his finger into her anus, twisting and shoving it. Ako’s moan is so sweet Mark smiles feeling his cock already starting to pick up again. Chris wiggles his finger in Ako’s little hole, making the girl squirm subconsciously and pulls out. Her ass sucks down at his finger and it’s something of a struggle for Chris to pull it out in the end. When it finally comes out with a pop, Chris shakes his head, smiling. “Man, the bitch is tight bro! You sure I can take her first in here?”
“Go ahead bro,” says Mark, clapping his friend on the shoulder. “She’s all yours. Just leave her pussy to yours truly.”
“Sure thing bro,” says Chris, repositioning himself, placing the head of his penis at her hole. Mark walks over around the girl as Chris begins to forcibly press his manhood into her tight body and sits, knees bent, before Ako. Grinning wickedly, he stares at her tensing form. He wants to see the look in her eyes right when she wakes up and she finds this large black man pounding her back end, hurting her so badly. Yessss.... that should be a wonderful sight indeed.

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Chris can’t believe his luck. It had been some surprise initially Steve and James had come up with the idea back at the hospital to take this little Asian treat forcibly. He’d been dubious about the prospect to begin with. He was into light time stuff after all. Swiping a few things, selling em off, that sort of thing. Never something so serious as torture and from the looks of what Mark had him do just now... torture as well. But...
Ever since that day he’d actually been taken to jail for awhile because he’d been caught staring at the couple fucking at the neighbor’s he hadn’t been able to get the thoughts out of his head. The woman who’d been riding the stud back then.
The stud had been your basic average football athlete. Decent build, short cropped hair and a five o’clock shadow. And white. Of course. The woman on the other hand...
Nice double D’s, good thin waist and a good chunky ass for plugging himself into. Her sleek blonde hair shining even below the dull lighting in the bedroom he’d been watching. Those nice big breasts flopping up and down... up and down. It had been too much. He’d barely even heard the sirens wailing or even resisted when the cops busted down the door and knocked him to the floor. One had even caught a gander at what he’d been looking at and let out a curse of his own. Or words of admiration. Who was to say back then? It was all over so quick.
Him being tussled up, pushed into the back of the car, being told he’d pay for being caught here, except he wasn’t. Turns out the woman who was supposed to be out on the trip with her hubbie was the one next door, banging the good looking stud. She’d even paid him to keep his mouth shut after she dropped the charges. Turns out her hubbie was some big shot corporate mook off on some business affair while she’d been left at home. This had gone on for awhile and things being things she’d picked up the neighbor next door. Not that Chris had cared...
All that time he’d been looking at her massive tits pressed against her blouse, thinking how much he’d like to tear her shirt open and press his mouth against the tender flesh. And while the neighbor had taken the woman up her vag he’d always had a thing for anal. And with that large ass, so nice and succulent, he’d have loved to pound it. And pound it good for that.
But he hadn’t. He’d taken the money and left. Keeping his mouth shut. Why get involved? If she wanted to fuck around it was her business. Too bad it couldn’t be him she was fucking with.
Then there was this little Asian bitch when he’d gone to see Mark. Lucky shit head bastard, he’d thought, jealously, when he’d seen her. Mark always had the luck of finding fine women who would take an interest in him. Too bad he also had the luck of losing them before getting them into the sack too.
And this bitch was fine. Not quite as white as the one he’d seen going at it like a rabbit, but close enough. Nice slanted eyes and equally large double D’s. Hell, he’d wondered if they were even bigger then that, pressed as tight as they were in that nurse’s uniform. And when she’d turned away....
Mmm-mm! Fine piece of honey there! Nice supple round ass. Mark was a lucky asshole, that was for sure. He was starting to get tired of it, Chris was. Maybe he should hang with a new crowd, he’d started to think. He was tired of playing second fiddle to these white boys, even the fat old man who’d claimed to still be bucking young girls like a bronco. And then the old ass had said the words himself. Let’s rape the whore.
Immediately the warning lights had gone off in Chris’ head. Oh no, he didn’t want to be part of no rape, but the more they talked the more he was into it. And when he’d seen the little chink with those breasts nearly spilling out of that red dress, hell... A man has his limits and Chris had left those quite awhile ago. Plus if Mark was willing to share? Especially a fine piece of ass like this, hell, who was he to turn him down?
But even better is what Mark had said. He could have the girl’s hole to himself on the first go. Him. Not Mark himself, not the old man, not James the skinhead. But him. Old negro black boy himself. As he’d pushed into the chink’s little hole and then taken his finger out, so overjoyed with even being able to touch this whore, much less be the first to take her asshole, which according to Mark, no one had touched anything on her... well... Chris is feeling very lucky right now. Just to make sure he asked again, and with Mark giving him the go ahead, well, it’s time he finally cash in his chips and get it on! And he’s going to do just that.
With the bitch unconscious it makes it a bit easier to spread her nice meaty ass cheeks and press his manhood against her tight little sphincter. He really isn’t into torture, or having the girl pass out, but then, honestly, he didn’t feel to bad about it either. And as he pushes the head in, her tight, tight hole squeezing his dick and making him fight all the way, well... this is just such a heavenly feeling. It really is. “Thanks Mark!” he says with a grin, shoving his dick in with one final push, the bitch beneath him howling and waking up now.
Mark grins, a spreading of lips revealing very white teeth. “Don’t mention it bro,” the man whispers, staring at the Asian. “Don’t mention it.”

For Ako the waves of pain as she sleeps are horrible. It is a darkness mixed with agony. She feels something prodding her ass, going in and then being yanked out. As her hole shuts again she allows herself to fall back into the black pit, this being a better escape then coming to... wherever she was. Dreams seemed more peaceful.
Then something else is squirming, pushing into her body. Something large and thick. She wakens blurry eyed and screams when the body slams into her, the drill from the back plowing into her anus, spearing her sphincter.
The scream is loud and echoes in the small room, accompanied by the laughter of the other men. She sobs, tears streaming down her cheeks, feeling an intense weight crushing her, squeezing her body tightly. With it is the agony that is tearing at her anus. Oh god, she thinks, realizing what this could mean. What it probably means.
She starts squirming beneath the body on top of her, moving around like a fish on a hook, except this hook was probably a long phallus stuck in her ass! “OW!” she cries, “get it out! Get it out!”
“Mark!” she cries out, reaching feebily for any succor or support that may be given. “Maaaarrk!” She feels an intense burning on her scalp as it is jerked up, Mark’s twisted grin inches away from her.
“I’m right here, you bitch. What’s all the hollering about?”
She shivers, the weight still on top of her. So it isn’t Mark who is impaling her then? “Please...” she says. “Get him off.”
“No,” he says flatly, moving away a bit and sitting back against the wall, simply staring at her.
“Please..!” she begs.
There is a jerk on her scalp, two clumps of her hair pulling her head back as she looks on at the negro who holds her, pinned beneath him. “Sorry ho, but this is my ride and I’m gonna’ keep at it until I spit my cum in your nice little ass.” He squirms a bit on top of her and she feels him snaking inside of her. “Mm.... just so good, bitch.”
“P-pleeeassseee....” she begs, her cries quivering.
“No!” he says, slamming what was left of his dick into her sphincter, making Ako howl loudly. As if spurred on by the sounds of her pain, he holds the mats of hair in his hands and begins to pump fiercely into her body, his hips slapping against her buttocks, a constant sound filling the air as she tried to squirm beneath him, managing very little.
It is the pain, that constant she can feel as the man gripping her hair and pumping into her anus gives her. Constant, quick sharp jabs into her body. She can feel it warm and can feel the blood starting to seep around the newly violated opening, lubricating the man’s large shaft with her own blood. She weeps openly, the pain unbearable.
Then the man has his hand at her throat, pulling her head back further, his lips pressing against her own, thick tongue pushing its way into her mouth and searching, exploring her insides while he continued a steady, wicked rhythm against her anus. He continued like this for a little while before releasing her mouth, his hips still grinding against her. “You’re really a fine bitch. Glad I came in on this deal!”
“Please....” she whispers.
His hands begin to travel down her body, going over her shoulders and the large mounds of her breasts. “Don’t know why you bother begging, cunt. We’re just gonna’ keep fucking you no matter what you say.”
As his hands travel lower they grip her round orbs and squeeze eliciting a low moan from Ako. “I know you want this you ho,” he says. “All you classy bitches like to wave your tits around and have them all grabbed and squashed.”
“No...” she moans, her words falling on deaf ears as the black man continues to squeeze and mold her breasts while pumping into her viscerally.
“Mmm.... this I like,” she hears Mark say from his corner. He is stroking his penis, it becoming rather hard and stiff now. How can he become hard from watching her violation, she thinks. How depraved is he?
“You almost done there Chris?” he says in a half bored face. “I need to drill this bitch’s pussy.”
“What?!” she says, not even hearing the black man’s response over her own cry. “But you said...”
“I said only if you gave me a proper blow job, you stupid bitch,” says Mark, his voice hard and low. “And you didn’t. So I’m going to take your pussy after Chris is done with you.”
She stares wide eyed, not immediately registering when the black man’s seed burst inside her back, filling her with an intense warmth. She turns slowly, feeling degraded, violated. She can feel it, the thick globs of cum now seeping out of her anus. The man slips out of her with ease and walks over to her head, wiping his large purple head against her blue hair. “Uhn....” he groans. “That was too fucking good. We’re going to have to do this again, you gook.”
She stares, shivering, looking at the man as he walks off, grabbing his pants from the floor. She’s been violated. Violated by this large black giant who....
“Well now it’s my turn.”
She turns quickly, looking towards Mark who is coming towards her and she screams.

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Great update!
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