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Default Blackmailed Mother


A mother gets blackmailed into being a sex slave for her
son and his friends.


Well to be honest it has been at least ten years since I
talked with anyone directly involved with it all, and now
it has been more than forty years since it all happened.
Yet there are some defining moments in your life that you
never forget.

True, details become blurred with time and perhaps some
details that still exist may have come from second hand
accounts or perhaps even from an over active imagination;
the realities of the moments are still there. It all
started the summer of 1952 in Chicago.

For those of you who can relate to the time frame there
is no need to explain further the attitudes of sex and
such topics of the time. But for those who never knew the
'50's, let me briefly explain the attitudes that
prevailed. First sex was only done by married couples in
the private confines of their own beds.

Movies literally showed no sex to speak of, and
magazines, even "men's," showed no frontal nudity; even
nipples had to be covered or air brushed out-- unless you
count the National Geographic which showed some ugly
African women now and then. Sex education came from
stories told on the streets by the older boys or maybe
some "seedy" adult.

The news rarely wrote about sex crimes. Attitudes toward
rape heavily ran toward the feeling that the woman was
not the victim but really wanted it to happen, and was
somehow a tinted lady. Divorce was a sin: and men felt
all divorced women were sex hungry because they had it
regularly and now somehow needed it from any man that
they could get it from.

Needless to say this attitude scared the hell out of
other "good" women, who often took great pains to push
the divorced woman out of their circle. Women like my
mother. In general the country was still somewhat puritan
compared to the 1990's. Oh sure if you were an adult,
there were places to go, like burlesque shows, where the
women could strip only to a g-string. And there were
"smokers," "stag parties" where whores would perform. And
magazines that came wrapped in brown paper that "showed
it all."

Now, school had only been out for a couple of weeks and
we had already become bored with playing "Cowboys and
Indians," "Cops and Robbers," "Great white hunters," even
playing baseball. Our minds had suddenly begun to burn on
the topic of sex, fed in great part by the age we were at
and fueled by stories from the older boys in the
neighborhood. But it was my closest pale's, rohan's father
who set our minds on fire!

The man was a drunk and a con man who had minor brushes
with the law throughout his life. Most of his cons ended
in failure but this never stopped him, and now, unknowing
to us, he was working on his greatest con. The man fed us
with stories of every form of sex you could think of. We
hung on every word.

He even got us a "brown paper" magazine of bondage
drawings to gawk at: no depictions of pubic areas though.
It almost became a ritual after dinner to go over to the
old dilapidated two flat were rohan lived and sit on the
front steps to wait for his father to come out and talk
with us.

After several days of feeding us stories and pictures the
old fox had us obsessed with getting ourselves a grown
woman for our sex slave-- to do what we wanted to do with
her. rohan's father gave us a plan to capture, as it was, a
woman who we all knew and to then make her our sex slave.

Naturally he would help, assuring us we'd not get into
any trouble. Still as I picked up the newspaper and
brought it into the apartment, then laying it on the
kitchen table as always, I couldn't help but wonder why
the man was so willing to help us.

There was the usual cup of coffee on the kitchen table,
and with trembling hands I poured the powder I had been
given by Anshul into the coffee. rohan's father told Anshul
what to get from his father's drug store and what amount
I was to put into the drink.

I finished stirring the powder into the drink when I
heard her come to the table with her usual cheery good
morning. She asked me if I was all right-- I looked
awfully tired. In truth I was very tired: it had been a
hot muggy night, and having mixed feelings about what I
was to do kept me awake most of the night.

I didn't say anything as I watched her take the first
drink. Then for some reason I rambled off about the hot
night and my inability to sleep. As she took another
drink, I nervously rambled on. I don't know why I kept
talking, perhaps I wanted to make sure the drink worked,
or at least didn't kill her. The phone rang, and I knew
it was rohan asking her to stop over on her way to work to
help him-- he was sick and his parents were gone. I
quickly glanced at the clock-- it was exactly 7:00 a.m.
just as we planned it.

I studied her as she talked-- she was a modest woman
liked by everyone and for the first time I thought she
was just more than a bit pretty. She was on her way to
work and was dressed in a blue dress, nylons and blue
heels, with a small white hat and matching gloves at the
ready. In the 50's people still dressed up to go to work
or for most any outing, like church or going out to eat.
I stared at her as she put down the phone and let out a
big yawn.

She laughed and said that the coffee was to wake her up
not put her to sleep. With that she finished her coffee
and after placing the cup back on the table said she had
to stop at my friend's house and that she better be
going. After a big yawn and another laugh she told me I'd
better get going and finish delivering the papers.

I ran down the stairs with great excitement confident
that the drug was working just as we were told it would.
Then it hit me-- what if she past out on the sidewalk or
something. Now I feared that we'd all be caught, and
began to feel sick to my stomach as I came to the alley.
I wanted it to happen-- yet I didn't. I wanted her to
pass out on the sidewalk, then it would be all over-- no
one would suspect that I drugged her. I hid behind a
fence waiting for her to cross the alley to rohan's two

What was only five minutes seemed like an hour before I
saw her slowly crossing the alley, with unsure steps,
then turn up the walk to the side entrance to rohan's
street level flat. The sun was hot already and it was
still muggy as hell, and I was sweating bullets. But most
of the sweat came from the fact that my heart was
pounding so hard that I thought it was going to jump out
of my chest.

I planned it this way: I'd go in after she entered the
flat. Because if the drug didn't work, the other plan was
to attack her and capture her anyway. To me this was
nothing but a failure waiting to happen. I knew Abhi and
Tariq, was scared enough and too timid to do it; they'd
chicken out leaving rohan, Anshul and Rahul to try. Hell she
was as tall and probably weighed as much if not more than
as each of us, so I couldn't see her not being able to
fight the three off. Besides she was an adult.

As she opened the broken screen outer door, she swayed
noticeably before entering into the small and narrow
vestibule. I heard myself saying breathlessly in
excitement that it was going to work--- that is, was
working. Just then I saw her stumbling back out the
screen door. I held my breath in disappointment, only to
see rohan and Anshul quickly grab her by each arm and pull
her back inside. I looked around quickly to see if anyone
saw. But there was no one around to see.

I took off like a bat out of hell and raced for the flat.
I didn't care now if it was wrong or not, and I didn't
think of why rohan's father was so anxious to help us. Hell
I didn't even care if she were awake--- I'd help them
capture her.

I swung open the noisy broken screen door and entered the
vestibule--and stopped. The screen door banged shut
behind me and I stood staring into rohan's dark flat. The
damn place was always dark and depressing even in the
daytime. I stood there as my eyes adjusted. There were no
sounds. The usual smell of stale cigarette smoke, and
booze, mingled with the smell of mold -- but no sound.
Suddenly in my mind I wondered if this were nothing but a
practical joke being played on me. I felt my face redden
with anger, waiting for them all to start laughing at me.

My eyes were almost adjusted to the dim light and I
stepped slowly thru the inner door determined not to act
embarrassed if this all were nothing but a joke. As I
stood in the doorway, I looked down at the always opened
hide-a-bed. There she was laying face down totally past
out. rohan and the others stood around her like the dwarfs
looking down at snow white. rohan grinned at me and in a
low voice said she was out like a light. The others
excitedly whispered and giggled.

Finally Anshul began to shout; saying how she'd be out all
day just like rohan's father told us she would. So far
rohan's old man was right, and now I really didn't give a
damn if what we were going to do was right or wrong. Nor
did Tariq and Abhi who both protested the most, that this
was all wrong. We were all there because of our own
foolish egos and fear of being called cowards and not

Rahul had placed two of his father's cameras facing
toward the old ratty couch at the one end of the room. I
checked to make sure the shades on the two windows behind
the couch had been pulled down, then I looked up at the
ceiling where some nights earlier we, with rohan's fathers
help drilled three hooks, in a triangle, into the ceiling
just in front of the couch. Rahul held up a camera he had
around his neck and asked if we should get started. The
moment of truth was at hand!

rohan looked at me for my reaction. I just shrugged my
shoulders. With that he knelt on the bed and began to
unbutton the back of her dress. Anshul had picked up her
hat and had placed it on Tariq's head and went back
watching as rohan finished undoing the buttons, then taking
off her gloves, he told Tariq to put them on, saying he
would look more natural wearing them. Tariq gladly did

We all smiled board silly smiles as we watched her dress
open, exposing her white slip. rohan stood up and asked
Anshul to help stand her up. Anshul laughed and said she
almost gave him and rohan a heart attack when they tried to
pull her inside. He was right. She was a load. Both he
and rohan tried pulling her up off the bed to no avail. Abhi
and I had to help.

Finally, with rohan holding her up by one arm and Anshul the
other, Rahul flashed the first picture. Anshul was
groaning and pleading for me to be faster; he was about
to collapse. I handed the dress to Tariq, who after
taking off her hat and gloves, took it outside and hung
it up on a cloths' line as a signal for rohan's father that
all was going as planned.

I took Anshul's place and found her limp body to be
heavier than I thought it would have been. But with rohan's
help the two of us walked her over to the hooks. Abhi and
Rahul had hung the harness we had made to the front two
hooks and were attaching the harness to the rope hanging
from the hook in the back of the triangle.

It was rohan and his father's idea to take belts and make
harness; which turned out quite well. I took and slipped
the straps of her slip and bra down over her shoulder as
did rohan, then we each slipped one end of the respective
belt under each of her arm pits, we fastened them just as
we would have with our own pants. Anshul had fastened the
harness to the rope: As rohan and I held her, Anshul, Abhi,
Tariq and Rahul pulled her up and secured the rope to a
hook placed into the window ledge behind the couch.

We stepped back and admired our efforts. Here we had this
full-grown woman hanging inches off the floor clad only
in her slip. Her head slumped forward and her body tilted
forward with her arms limply hanging at her sides. As
Rahul snapped a picture, I couldn't wait any longer: I
stepped forward and dropped to my knees and started to
pull down her slip.

As I pulled it down I stared up into her lovely face with
her eyes partially open and wondered if she could see me.
For a moment the thought froze me. But when the slip
passed down to her waist leaving her two large breasts
covered only by a white bra, staring back at me-- I could
have cared less if she was awake or not. Damn they were
big mouths hung half open, tongues licked lips and eyes
were wide open with anticipation.

Rohan jumped past me saying to me how he told me she was
built bigger than the other mothers and teachers we had
talked about-- and much prettier. I didn't debate him
this time for he was right, she appeared to have a really
big set of tits. Rohan was almost panting as he grabbed the
back of her bra and began struggling with unfastening it.
He fumbled and fumed as he fought to get it open---
finally it opened.

Holding the bra closed Rohan stepped to one side of the
woman, and with a triumphant yell yanked the bra from
her. Out dropped two large mounds of flesh topped by two
large and dark aureoles. I let out a loud "Oh wow" as
they dropped inches from my face. Everyone cheered and
giggled uncontrollably grabbing at erections that
suddenly-- popped up. Rahul clicked off several pictures
from as many angles he could while the rest of us talked
about her tits and her nipples-- especially her nipples.

Finally, with Anshul's help, Rohan began to slowly peel down
her panties: As her panties slipped further down you
could have heard a pin drop. Then there was a sudden and
loud gasp from some of us as her pubic hair appeared. I
guess we all were somewhat amazed that there was hair
between her legs.

Anshul and Rohan came over and joined the rest of us
onlookers. With Rohan holding her bra and Anshul her
panties, we stared almost with reverence at the sight.
There she was hanging limply with her bare breasts
hanging down, her private area--not so private now; clad
only in her girdle and nylons. She was quite a beautiful
sight indeed.

Sure we all agreed we could not fuck her: that was part
of Rohan's father's plan because he knew some of us would
have a problem with that, since we all knew her. But then
again he said to go ahead and have fun. With that in
mind, Rohan again looked over at me, looking for my
reaction. Hell it was no problem. No problem; that is
until Abhi sighed out loud, and turning to me to tell me
how beautiful my mother was.

My mother hung there in all her glory for my friends to
see. To be what my friends hoped, would be our sex slave.
I don't know how long I stood there frozen with guilt as
I thought back to the night Rohan's father told us to get
one of our mothers. His logic was that no mother could
stop loving her son or let him or his friends get in
trouble. He went on to tell us to get pictures-- he'd get
them developed for us and no one else would see them.

Now I realized that he'd see them! Someone asked me if
there was something wrong with me. I shook my head no and
continued to stare at my mother and remembered how the
old fox told us that he and his wife would "convince" her
to cooperate with us, and let herself be our sex slave.
None of us thought to ask how or what he meant by;
"convince." Nor did I volunteer her-- we put our
mother's names in a hat.

I had almost backed out and was willing to be labeled a
"chicken" and lose their friendships when my mothers name
was drawn. Little did I know then that Rohan's father had
made sure it was my mother's name that was picked.
However a fight with my parents ended in my being told by
my mother that I couldn't go on the fishing trip with my
dad and brother, made me change my mind. Of course my
mother forgave me, but only after my brother and dad left
to go fishing for the next two weeks, and made me stay
with her instead. The rest as they say is history.

Rohan whispered into my ear about how much she was a mother
to him and that he loved her more than his own and still
would respect her. As he pleaded his case, I thought how
true it was: More mornings found him having breakfast
with us, my mother looked after him more than his own
parents-- that was why it was so easy to get her to drop
by on her way to work. Finally the sight of her became
too much for me and it was rather easy to agree with him.
Besides no one was going to fuck her.

I grinned at him and nodded my head. Rohan shouted a yes
and flew to my mother. He grabbed both breasts and began
to rub and squeeze them. He stepped behind her and held
her breasts in his hands. His fingers began to play with
her nipples. Her tits jiggled and bounced with his rough
groping of them. With that I couldn't take it any longer.
I grabbed one of her breasts and found it to be a most
wonderful feeling. Then I touched her nipple with the
tips of my fingers then like Rohan; I held it between my
two fingers.

Soon all my friends were rubbing and squeezing her
breasts, and playing with her nipples. Her nipples soon
became rock hard. There were six hands rubbing and
squeezing her soft flesh. Rohan surprised us all by parting
his lips and taking a nipple in his mouth and sucking it
hard. Abhi then grabbed hold of her other breast and did
the same. Everyone took there turn. Rohan then began
jiggling her tits to see how much he could make them
bounce. He then pulled and pinched both nipples.

Rohan and Anshul had stepped behind her limp body as my
fingers timidly touched her pubic hairs. I stared
intently at the hairs until Anshul shouted to Rahul to
come back with them and get a picture of this. I looked
around my mother and saw Anshul and Rohan on their knees.
Each held one of her ass checks apart so that the others
and Rahul's camera could see her asshole. Rohan started
playing with her asshole by rubbing it with his finger.
We all giggled. Rahul snapped a picture and we moved on.

Finally Rohan and I began to explore her pubic area. Our
fingers landed on a protrusion of flesh and as we rubbed
and stroked it we felt it thicken. Rohan knelt on his knees
along with Anshul and began to part her most private lips.
Anshul's hand pulled away in disgust as wetness started to
appear. With that I found myself down on my knees,
replacing Anshul.

Like Rohan, I took a lip and pulled it apart, even as the
slime began to cover my fingers. Rohan told Tariq and Abhi to
grab her legs and make like a wishbone with her. With the
two boys holding her legs up and wide apart, a moist pink
hole appeared. That's where you fuck; Rahul said eagerly
taking several pictures. Anshul stroked the hardened
protrusion of flesh and it seemed that with each stroke
the hole became wider and wetter.

First it was Rohan who stuck, one, then two, then three,
then four fingers into my mother's vagina, he giggled and
grinned as he finger fucked her. He slowly moved his
fingers in and out of her. Next came Anshul, who
complained about the gooey feeling, next was Abhi and then
Tariq who complained even more.

Rahul asked me to hold the cameras so that he could
finger her as well. I let him, but I couldn't do it to
her. I just stood there and watched as my friend's finger
fucked my mother.

After she was well explored and her ample white breasts
were covered with red blotches, from us sucking and
squeezing them and as her body dripped with sweat from
the heat-- as did ours-- we began to pose with her. Rohan
and I held her legs wide apart for a picture. I had no
problem with doing it; after all Rohan's father promised
that her face would be air brushed out if Rahul forgot

When we took her down and plopped her limp body down in
Rohan's mother's large over stuffed chair, we were so hot
and sweaty that it was necessary for Abhi and me to go
outside to cool off. Outside wasn't much better but at
least there was some fresh air. Abhi pointed to the cloths
line where my mother's dress, bra and panties fluttered
in the breeze. Abhi had a big smile on his face.

When we went back inside the others had, my mother
propped up in the chair with each leg hanging over one of
the arms and all of them had removed their cloths
standing next to her with their youthful erections. Abhi
and I broke out laughing: however we too were soon naked.
We then moved her to the bed where we all posed with her,
holding her breasts and fingering her vagina.

Rohan told me he had an idea he bent my mother over the end
of the couch so her ass was well exposed to him and he
began spanking her. Rahul snapped a few pictures. The
slaps were hard and could be heard outside. He looked at
me and said my mother deserved a spanking for not showing
us her lovely tits before, we all laughed. Her ass was
soon as red as her large mounds. My friends all told my
how much fun they were having playing with my mother.

It was almost noontime and it was time to dress her and
leave her on the bed for Rohan's parents to find. That was
part of the plan. Getting her back into her bra was
hysterical and I must admit that Rohan and I had a grand
time doing it.

We all left together and had barely gotten outside when
the old fox appeared. He smiled broadly asking if we had
fun. I stood back not saying anything and could only
listen as the others excitedly described my mother to
him. He listened and laughed then took all the film Rahul
had taken. Then very seriously he told us to tell
absolutely no one about what we had done. Not to worry;
he was sure that they could convince her not to be mad
and to let us use her as our sex slave. As he talked, his
three hundred pound wife had come up behind us and went
into their flat. Now I began to feel rather bad and full
of guilt. I felt worse when she came out and wagged her
finger at us telling us how naughty we were.

Suddenly Rohan's mother broke into a big fleshy smile
telling us, particularly me, that it was all right. She
went on to say that if it were her; she wouldn't care.
Then knowing exactly what we'd say, she asked us if we
wanted her instead of whom we had. It was rather awkward
as we all looked down trying not to puke at the thought.
She laughed and told us to run along and come back around
5:00 p.m. then go and meet Rohan's father at Anshul's
father's drug store.

Rohan's father and his wife walked inside after the kids
left and he went straight to the bed and smiled a
devilish smile when he thought of how he tricked those
kids. He's wanted her ever since she moved in next door,
now soon she will be.. It was about 30 minutes later when
she started to wake up to see Rohan's father standing over
her. "Good morning sweetie, sleep well?" He asked.

She asked what had happened and he told her how she was
drugged and posed naked with her son and all his friends
and how he had pictures he would show everyone. That she
would end up in a divorce and would be known through out
the town as a child molester and her son would be seen
the rest of his life as a pervert. She was in shock and
refused to believe him and demanded to see the pics. He
said he would show them to her later that day, and he
would never show them to anyone as long as she did what
he told her to.

We went off to Tariq's mother's little store behind their
house, just across the alley from Rohan's, to get some junk
to eat. While we were in there, I could see Rohan's father
coming out of their flat and hurry down the alley
carrying a bag with all of Rahul's film. We took what we
wanted and headed to a park to play some baseball with
some other friends; instead we sat beneath some tall
bushes talking about my motherhilpa and her big tits. How my mother
had hair between her legs. The feeling of my mother wet
vagina and how nice her ass was.

The idea of talking about my own mother and joking with
my closest friends didn't bother me, but when the talk of
her being our sex slave and what they would like to do
with my mother, did begin to bother me. Anshul said how he'd
like to have my mother jiggle her tits in his face. Then
Rohan said he'd like to watch a dog fuck her from behind.

The other kids all laughed at his comment and agreed it
would be funny to see. Rahul said how he would like to
tie her up and shove a dildo up that nice ass of hers.
More over I began to feel terrible about the fact that
Rohan's father was going to see my mother naked and the
things we did to her. Suddenly the whole thing seemed
very wrong.

When the time came to meet Rohan's father, we ran as fast
as we could and didn't stop until we came to Anshul's
father's drug store, which was well past where we lived.
We piled into the store and sat at a table near the
counter and waited and waited until Rohan's father
appeared: From the back of the store he came, along with
Anshul's father.

Anshul's father went to talk with a customer, but as he
did so he looked over at me and grinned then quickly
turned away from me and began talking to the customer.
Meanwhile Rohan's father sat down at the table pulling out
the pictures placing them on the table face down. He told
us to gather around him and keep an eye out for any
customers that may be coming toward us.

With a dramatic flip of his hand the first picture was
exposed to us; there she hung clad only in her slip. They
of course got worse from there, but true to his word her
face was air brushed out. Still as the others whispered
their excited feelings to his questions, I remained
passive wondering about the negatives and who developed
the film for him. I glanced over at Anshul's father who
tried to pretend he wasn't paying any attention to us,
and got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I jumped when Anshul asked me if I agreed that her nipples
felt like erasers; I nodded my head yes. For the next
fifteen minutes Rohan's father explained where we had our
hands and we all learned what a "clit" was and what it
meant to a woman. Finally he scooped the pictures up to
the disappointment of the others, saying that until she
Okayed it, he had better hold on to them.

That of course led me to ask if he had talked to her and
"convinced" her.

When he said not yet, but that he was going to talk with
her later that night, I really became sick and panicked.
I was told not to worry; just go home, it was just a
matter of my mother knowing exactly what we wanted.

I felt like a condemned man going to his execution as I
walked into the kitchen of our apartment. At first I
couldn't look at my mother who stood standing over the
stove preparing a supper for us. I managed to say hello,
and got no response. But as I went past her she softly
said that dinner would be about ten minutes and to go and
wash up.

As we ate there were very few words spoken, still I began
to feel she didn't know what really had gone on or
hopefully had forgiven me if she had already been shown
the pictures. She told me that I was not to go out, to
take my bath and go to bed: That she had to go out and
might be late but not to worry. As I cleaned off the
table and did the dishes, she went off and got herself
ready to go out. I figured she was going to talk with
Rohan's parents and had a feeling that everything was going
to be all right.

Even if she told them all to go to hell, I was certain
that I'd get nothing more than a stern lecture and maybe
some undesirable tasks to do for the summer. My mother
was a very gentle woman who rarely ever raised her voice
to us much less her hand. However; if she told my father-
-- I was dead meat: as was everyone else, including Rohan's
father. My father was a hard working guy that held down
two laborers jobs and was built like a bull and just as
strong and just as mean when he wanted to be.

When my mother came into the kitchen she was dressed
exactly as she was when we "captured" her in the morning.
I didn't say anything about it to her, even though it was
unusual for her to wear at night what she had worn that
day. She stopped-- turned and kissed me, then left.

Rohan's father seen my mother again later that day to show
her the pics. All she could do was cry and asked why he
was doing this to her. He said that he owed people a lot
of money and that if she earned some money for him she
could buy the pictures from him. He smiled and said she
could make it a happy ending. "But if you ever refuse to
do what I tell you to do, I'm gonna send these pictures
to everyone in this god forsaken town and you're gonna
have a lot of explaining to do won't ya? What do you
think your husband will think?"

She just lowered her head and sobbed. Then nodded. He
then held a stern look upon his face and looked straight
into her eyes and told her to undress. She paused a
moment and he held out the pics with a sad look upon her
face she undid the back of her dress and let it fall to
her feet. Then she removed her slip.

He just angrily looked at her and said keep going. She
reached behind her back and unclipped her bra with tears
running freely now. He grinned as her beautiful double D
breasts fell freely in front of him. He then sounding
pissed said panties too!!! She slid her hands inside them
and pushed them down. His eyes marveled at her full bush
and cunt.

He told her to put her hands at her sides, she did so
starring straight ahead her mind wandering. He walked up
to her and began squeezing her left breast, then squeezed
it harder, he then began rubbing her right nipple he
whispered in her ear, you have beautiful tits you know
that? She didn't answer.. He had a full hard on and
pushed her hard to the floor. He undid his jeans and
pulled out a 9 inch hard on. He yelled, "Suck it you big-
titted Bitch!"

She just lay there until he grabbed her by her hair and
forced his cock into her mouth. He grabbed her hair and
forced her to deep throat him. Pumping her faster and
harder with each thrust. Her tongue rolled back and forth
over his long member. He leaned his head back and softly
moaned enjoying the sensation. "I always knew you were a
slut," he said.

Soon he felt like he was about to explode so he made sure
he shot his full load down her throat. She was forced to
swallow or risk choking. She laid there gagging and
coughing while he spoke.

"Remember if you ever disrespect me or my family your
life and your son's life will be hell." His wife then
entered the room and looked at my mother then smiled and
said, "You're a very beautiful women." The huge women
then walked over to my mother and helped her up and
slowly started to move her hand toward my mother's tits
and then circled her nipple. She bent over and took one
in her mouth and made slurping sounds. My mother had a
look of disgust on her face.

The fat woman put her left hand on my mothers back
forcing as much of my mother tit in her mouth as
possible, then she ran her hand down her back between my
mothers ass cheeks and began to massage her asshole. Rohan
then walked in and smiled at the sight he asked his dad
if she was there sex slave now, Rohan's father looked at
him and said to ask her. He looked at my mother with a
fleshy smile and asked her and she quietly mumbled a yes.

My mother had mascara all over her cheeks from her
crying. Rohan smiled and walked over to her and told her to
bend over for him. She hesitated then with a look from
Rohans father she grimly did so. He stared at her luscious
ass. Rohan slowly reached out and gripped a cheek, then
slapped it hard, Rohan's father just laughed.

Rohan's mom began to undress as her flabby tits engulfed
her love handles, she spread her legs as she lay on the
floor in front of my mother and told her to get to work.
My mother slowly crawled over and began lapping up the
fat women's wet vagina Rohan's father soon became hard
again and told my mother to spread her legs. She did so
and he began to insert his throbbing cock head.

He grabbed her hips and slowly slid himself all the way
in her. Rohan just stood there with a smile on his face
watching the show. Rohan's mom began to moan as my mother
played with her clit and Rohan's father began thrusting
harder and harder. His balls were slapping against her at
an increasing speed. My mothers tongue lapped up Rohan's
mother's warm juices. She began to gag a bit as the heavy
woman thrust her pussy into her face.

My mother tits were bouncing back and forth so lovely.
Rohans father noticed and grabbed her tits hard then
grinned as he shot his load deep inside her. Rohan's mother
smiled and told my mother that she was good at eating
pussy. Rohan's father then smiled and said thank you to my mother. "Tomorrow night you're going out on a date with me got
it? Now get the fuck out."

I found myself in bed around 10 p.m. and my mother still
hadn't come home. I drifted off thinking about the day--
the fun and the laughter of it all. Soon I found myself
dreaming a recurring dream of my mother; after what had
happened, the dream took on a great deal of reality which
made it even more pleasant. I fell in a deep sleep
holding onto my erection and had no fears of what might
happen to me in the morning or when she came home.
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*** CHAPTER 2 ***

When I awoke, the sun was just beginning to shine, I
heard my mother in the bathroom and suddenly began to
wonder if I was going to get killed or what. I didn't
know when she got home or what kind of mood she was in
and I wasn't anxious to find out. I laid in my bed for
another hour while my mother began breakfast. Finally I
got up enough nerve to go face her.

My mother was standing over the kitchen sink washing some
dishes as I sat myself at the kitchen table. She half
turned and said good morning to me and told me what there
was for breakfast.

On the table was her cup of coffee as it was the day
before. But this day I had no drug to put into the cup:
my mother was still dressed in her silk pajamas, which
meant that she wasn't going to work today. When I asked
her about it, she reminded me that she only worked twice
a week in the summer.

Her answer was friendly and so were the next few moments
of small talk. I felt a real sense of relief; thinking
that she didn't know what happened, or she told everybody
to go to hell and wasn't going to ever bring it up-- that
was the kind of mother she was with us.

It was no surprise when Rohan knocked on the back door.
He'd be over with us for breakfast almost every morning
in the summer and as I said before, he was like another
son to my mother. But when he came in all cheery, my
mother coldly greeted him and left the room. Rohan sat down
at the table with me and started to say something, but
stopped when my mother came back in.

The three of us talked just as always. Still, there was a
feeling of tension. Again when my mother left the room
Rohan leaned forward and in an excited almost breathless
voice told m