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Talking Lust for a Lesbian

I met Kay two years ago when I started a PhD. She was in the year above me but, at 23, was actually about ten years younger than me. Whilst I had been back and forth between university and work, she has just carried on straight after her degree, doing her masters then a phd. She has brown hair, a Manchester accent and pale white skin. Her breasts were probably A-C, but that's how I like it. Like most students, she was always dressed quite casually. She wore jeans and I always loved it when she was a sleeveless, low-cut top. The great thing was that we got on really well. We could always have good discussions about whatever we were working on or some book or whatever. And, did I mention, I fancied the pants of her.

The only problem was that she was gay and in a relationship.

Now I am not one these guys who think that they can convert a lesbian just by having sex with one of them. I am not that arrogant. But I knew I had to fuck her and it was pretty obvious that I wasn't going to persuade her in the usual way. So I had to adopt drastic measures.

It was the summer. I emailed her to invite her to a last-minute party at my flat. She said she would love to come and asked me who else was coming. I gave her list of names of others who had confirmed. I knew she would be coming from out of town, so I told her that I had a spare bed she could use. She said she would come over around 7.

The only thing was that there was no party and no-one else was coming over. In fact, I hadn't even invited anyone else over.

So I spent most of Saturday tidying up the flat, buying alcohol and some food and just getting ready. As the hands on the clock moved closer to 7pm, I felt my stomach tighten.

At 7:15, the doorbell rang. I opened the door. Kay was standing there, wearing blue jeans and a red sleeveless top. Her hair was loose, instead of tied into a bun. She looked stunning.

"Come in," I said.

"Thank you," said Kay.

I offered her a drink and she asked for a glass of wine. I said that she was the first person here. We chatted about stuff. I pretended to keep check my phone for any messages from the other "guests". At various intervals, I feigned disappointment as I informed her that so-and-so had texted to say that something had some up or they were ill, etc. By 9pm it was pretty clear that she was going to be the only guest. I don't know if she was getting suspicious at that point but I told her that I was really glad she could make it.
"I guess it wouldn't be much of a party without me," she said jokingly.

"You're right, it wouldn't be much of party without you," I replied, smilingly.

By this time, we were both pretty pissed. Our speech was starting to slur, so I decided to put my plan into action, before either of us became incapable. I had a full pint of beet in front of me. I looked at her and asked, "Do you want another drink?"

She looked at her wine glass. It was almost drained. “Hmm, I seem to getting quite pissed but why not?”

“Another wine, or something different, a beer perhaps?”

She thought about it. "Why not? A beer would be nice.”

I took a deep breath. I picked up my pint of beer and suddenly threw it in her face, with beer going all over her face and top. She screamed.

“What the fuck are you doing?" she asked.

“Getting you wet.”

“Why would you do that?”

“So that you’d be forced to take your top off.”

She gave me funny look. “I don’t know you think I would take my top off in front of you. I'll just go dry myself and change." She started to get up. That’s when I got up as well, stood in front of her and pushed her back down.

“No, you can take off your top her and dry yourself on it.” I said.

“Don’t be silly.” She tried to get up again. I pushed her back down again.

“I’m not. My house, my rules, you do what I say."

She looked at me and for a moment she couldn't work out whether I was joking around. Then it dawned on her that I was serious.

“I think I better go, you are getting bit creepy.”

“You are not going anywhere.” I placed my hand on her shoulder and gripped it.


“Take your top off, Kay”.

She didn’t move. I gripped her shoulder harder. I said, “Take your top off.” She still didn’t move.

I knelt down next to Kay. I pushed her onto the floor and got on top of her. She started screaming. She tried to push me away but I grabbed her wrists with my hands and held them together . I turned her over so she was face down, screaming into the floor. I held her wrists behind her by her ass. I sat on them while I took off my belt. Then I tied her wrists together with my belt. She was still screaming. I turned her over so she was facing me. I took a lighter out of my pocket, lit it and held it front above her so she could see the flame. “Guess what I am going to do with this flame." She stopped screaming.

“I said guess…”

“I, I don’t know,” She replied.

“Well, since you refused to take your top off, I am going to have to resort to alternative methods." There was an immediate look of terror on her face as she realised what that meant.

“No, please, I'll take it off.”

“Too late.” I held her flame to the ends of her top and let it catch fire. She started screaming again as the fire consumed her blouse, revealing her skin. But of course the fire did also burn her chest as well and she started screaming in pain. Watching her suffer was making me so hot.
After the fire died down, I told her to take of the rest of her clothes - her bra, jeans and knickers. She complied, knowing what was the alternative. She was naked, holding her chest, shivering in the corner. I picked up her clothes and told her to go to the bedroom. I followed her to make sure she did as she was told. I told to lie on the bed and spread her legs.

“First things first, you don’t need these any more ." I burnt the rest of the clothes she had been wearing but now taken off. I then went into the hall and picked up her rucksack. "Let's see what's in here." I took out what appeared to be night clothes and burned it. I took out the rest of her clothes in the rucksack and burned. I then took out everything else - her purse, containing various cards and her driving licence, a book and so on and burnt it. As I burnt each item, I saw tears streaming down her face. Once I destroyed all of the possessions she had brought with her, I asked Kay, "So, you're a lesbian. When did you come out?"

Through he tears, she said, “I was 14”.

“And have you ever had any cock in you?”

She shook her head.

“Brilliant. You’re a penile virgin.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I am going to fuck you. I know that you’re not attracted to men but I don’t care. I am going to fuck you and cum in you.”

I took of my trousers and pants off and rammed my cock in her cunt. I just kept slamming and slamming and pretty soon I filled her cunt with my cum.
After I had fucked her, I untied her and let her go to bed. She slept with me and I held her. I smiled as I could her crying herself off to sleep.

The next morning, I woke her up, told her to have a shower and get dressed in some clothes I had bought for her the previous day. It was short, mid-thigh length skirt and a pink tight T-shirt that said "Daddy's Girl" on it. Completely unlike what she would normally wear. As we had breakfast, I told that she was my fiancee now. We were going to get married soon and live as husband and wife and she was going to have my children. Then, we went to church.
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Awesome. I love these incompatible orientation stories.

I'd love to see more from you, whether a similar story, or a continuation featuring to consumation of such a loving marriage, and the conception of the aforementioned children.
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Great story, i love the idea of forcing a lesbian, training her to be a sex slave, and please a man like a woman should.
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