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Post Marco's Friday Evening - Male Rape Story

Hey all! I'm glad to see that there are a couple of male rape stories being posted. I decided to post this one here which to be honest, I didn't write myself. A friend of mine wrote this story for me after knowing I was into rape... and I think it is worth sharing. I'll be posting it by parts so let me know how you like it. Do not hesitate to post any pics of how you imagine the characters. I hope it is not too violent! Cheers!


The Introduction

Marco was coming home from work on a Friday evening; it was summer and still light, a nice day to start the weekend. He looked at his reflection in the train window and smiled. His light-colored short-sleeve button-down shirt, khaki pants, and loafers made him look young and professional. He had no set plans for the evening or even the weekend. He left the train at his stop and started to walk the short distance to his apartment, almost across the street from the station. There were always people at the station whenever he arrived; he really never took notice of them, but today his eye caught two young men that seemed to be waiting for someone. They stood out because they were tall, blond, muscular, and could almost be twins. They moved in the direction of the stairs as if to intercept someone who got off the train. As he walked down the steps to the street, a man below yelled to him. Marco looked at the man; he was in his mid-thirties, about Marco's height, with dark long hair, clean shaved, dark-brown, almost black eyes, and defined features. He had a rough look, maybe foreign, from an East European country. He was wearing a white shit with long sleeves, unbuttoned and not tucked into his jeans, underneath he wore a black sleeveless shirt that clung to his muscular chest and stomach, the low neckline revealing a hairy chest, surprisingly dense smooth hair, not course and curly. His black jeans were also tight fitting, with a good size bulge in the front. He wore black boots, a bit pointy, not fashionable, but more biker. Marco didn’t recognize him, but wished he did.

‘Got any money’, he asked. Great, a pan-handler looking for beer money thought Marco. ‘No’ was Marco’s standard dry reply. ‘Look man, you got any money?’ he asked again, only with a more insistent voice, almost a demand. Marco got annoyed and a bit frightened as he moved closer. Marco was about to move away and tell him to get lost when he realized there were two other people behind him. They grabbed his arms and held him from moving. Whoever they were, they were strong, he could feel that in their hold. Marco looked around to see the two blond boys he noticed before. Both were wearing t-shirts, one white, the other gray. The one wearing the gray shirt had a short buzz cut, the other, in the white shirt, wore it longer, but trimmed neatly. Both wore blue jeans and sneakers. The shirts and jeans were loose fitting, but Marco could tell by their arms that underneath, there were lean, muscular bodies. When they grabbed him, he was startled, but when he saw who they were, he also surprisingly got a little ‘excited’.

‘You got any money’, asked the dark-haired man asked again, bringing Marco’s attention back to the situation. ‘Let me go, or I’ll scream’, Marco sheepishly shot back.

‘Wouldn’t want to hurt such a pretty boy’, the dark-haired man replied as he pulled a long knife from a pocket in his jeans, moved closer, and held the point to Marco’s stomach. ‘Your guts would spill on the sidewalk before anyone had a chance to call for help’, he said menacingly. Marco didn’t expect this. ‘Just take the money and leave me alone’, Marco replied, realizing now that his choices were limited. ‘My wallet is in my front pocket. Just take the money and let me go.’ ‘Hold him tight’, the man told the two boys and their grip on Marco increased as they pulled his arms slightly back. Obviously the dark-haired man was in charge. He felt the front of Marco’s pant to find out which pocket had his wallet, and seemed to purposely brush against Marco’s crotch when he did this. When he reached in his pocket to retrieve the wallet, Marco was sure he made an effort to feel the bulge in his under wear. The dark-hair man even seemed to smile as he did this.

He opened the wallet to get the cash, but then a look of anger crossed his face. ‘Only 20 Euros! What the fuck is this? This isn’t even enough for a few beers, let alone a good night out.’ Marco started to explain that he had no plans so hadn’t gone to the bank when the dark haired man told him to shut-up. ‘Since you ruined our night out, you will need to provide the entertainment for us.’ Marco thought that this meant they would take him to his bank and force him to withdraw as much as possible to ransom his freedom. ‘Let’s see where you live, you cheap, little mother-fuck.’ He checked Marco’s license, looked at the street address and smiled. ‘Don’t have to go far my boys’, he said, ‘the cheap little bastard lives across the street.’
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Default Some Foreplay

Some Foreplay

With the two blonds still holding Marco’s arms, they marched him across the street to his apartment building. Marco was beginning to get worried, hopefully they would just steal some stuff and be gone. He wasn’t sure what he should or could do at this point. He tried to get free, but the boys were strong and just pulled his arms farther behind is back. The got to his apartment door and the dark haired man open the locks and pushed the door open. As they passed through the foyer, the dark haired man tripped Marco and the boys threw him the floor. The apartment door closed.

‘Strip!’, the dark haired man commanded. ‘What, I don’t …’, Marco started. ‘Strip’, the dark-haired man said again in low threatening voice as he kicked Marco in the leg. Now he was frightened. They were alone in his apartment, even if he shouted, would anyone hear, or even take notice. ‘Just take what you want and leave ‘, Marco replied. ‘We are going to take what we want’, was the response. ‘Help him out boys’, the dark haired man told the blonds. Before Marco knew what was happening, the gray-shirted blond grabbed Marco’s legs and pull them up. The white-shirted blond boy then pulled off his loafers and socks. His legs were dropped and the gray-shirt blond kneeled over Marco’s waist and started to unbuckle his belt. Marco started to protest and kick. The blond boy then sat on Marco’s chest, knocking the air out of him and it felt like he would crack Marco’s ribs. He continued to undo Marco’s pants and the other blond pulled them off.

Both boys then pulled Marco’s arms over his head and held them to the floor. The dark-haired man then sat on Marco’s thighs and pull out his knife. Marco was panicked, but didn’t know what to do, this was happening so quickly and violently. The dark-haired man smiled at Marco as he put the knife point under Marco’s chin. Marco tried to stay calm, but he was trembling and sweating. The dark-haired put the serrated knife blade under the shirt button flap and pulled the knife down Marco’s body. The buttons were smoothly cut off, still leaving the shirt lying on his body. The dark-haired man then pulled the shirt open to reveal Marco’s smooth chest and torso. Sweat was glistening on Marco’s tanned body and his stomach undulated from his heavy breathing. The dark-haired man looked as if mesmerized and softly felt Marco’s stomach. ‘Nice, very nice, so pretty’, he said. He then took the knife and placed the point at the bottom of Marco’s underwear, were his balls pushed against the pouch of the underwear. ‘Please’, Marco was able to plead with tears of fear forming in his eyes.

‘You heard him boys, he wants me to continue’. Marco closed his eyes for he thought the dark-haired man has going to cut his ball sac open. The dark-haired man then took the knife and cut Marco's underwear from the leg opening to the waist on both side. He then pulled off the loose underwear, letting Marco’s cock fall to the side. Again the dark-haired man paused, this time to inspect Marco’s smooth balls and cock, and run his fingers through the patch of short pubic hair surrounding them. ‘Nice size cock and balls on this one’ he said as he cupped Marco’s balls, and held out his cock for the blonds to see.

Marco was angry, and embarrassed, by this abuse. He regained enough composer and shouted ‘You mother-fucked, get out, Help!, HELP!’ The dark-hared man quickly gave a punch to Marco’s stomach, which caught Marco off-guard and knocked the air out of him. He would have doubled over, expect they were holding him down.

‘Get something to gag this bitch’, the dark-haired man barked. One of the blonds went to the kitchen and can back with a dish towel. He also took from his pocket something that looked like it may have been a handkerchief at one time. It was balled-up, wrinkled, and strained. He tried to shove it into Marco’s mouth, but no way was Marco going to let him do that. The dark-haired man gave another punch to Marco’s stomach and he opened his mouth reflexively. The blond boy quickly pushed the rag into Marco’s mouth and tied the dish towel around Marco’s head to keep it in. As Marco recovered from the punch, his saliva began to moisten the gag and the taste almost made him gag. He didn’t even want to try to identify what the tastes were.

‘Get some more towels’, ordered the dark-haired man. The blond boy quickly retrieved another two towels from the kitchen. The dark-haired man rolled Marco onto his stomach, pulled off his shirt and sat on his back. He pulled Marco’s arms behind his back and tied them together. He turned around and used another towel to tie his ankles together. The dark-haired man stood-up and his three abductors now stood around a butt-naked and bound Marco. ‘Pretty little bitch, isn’t he’, one of the blonds said. ‘Sure is’, said the other, ‘such a smooth round ass.’ Marco was angry, frightened, and now completely embarrassed. Naked and helpless, they were talking about him as if he was just a piece of furniture, or photo in a porn magazine, not a real person.

‘See if he has anything to drink’, the dark-haired man ordered. The blond wearing the white t-shirt went to the kitchen and open the refrigerator. ‘Only two beers in here’, shouted back. ‘What a cheep pussy we have here’, the dark-haired man said and kicked Marco in the leg. ‘Here, take his twenty and get some beers, and get our weekend bag from the car. We’ll wait for you.’

‘Let’s put this lady-boy somewhere safe until your brother gets back’, the dark-haired man told the blond with the buzz cut. They rolled Marco over onto his back, the blond boy took his feet and the dark-haired man took his arms. They easily lifted him, carried him to the bathroom and dropped him in the tub. ‘He’ll be safe here’, the dark-haired man said as a smile crossed his face. ‘Need to take a leak while I’m here’, as he undid his pants and pulled them to his knees. Marco was able to see part of a muscular butt under the long shirt. It was also hairy, and like his chest, it was smooth and fine. Suddenly the dark-hair man shifted his position so that Marco was now looking at his cock, and uncut cock with the foreskin pulled back. A cock, that although flaccid, was long and firm. Marco was shocked as he started to piss on him, and both the blond and the dark-haired man laughed. Marco tried to get out of the way, but he was tied-up and the tub was getting slippery with piss. The dark-haired man sprayed his clear light-yellow urine all over Marco. Now Marco was really anger and struggled to get up or do something. All he did was slip and end up lying on the bottom of the tub face up.

‘My turn’, said the buzz-cut blond as he undid his jeans and pulled out a long cut cock with a big piss slot. His piss seemed to gush out, and it was a vile brew. His urine was dark-yellow, almost brown, and stunk like a beer hall bathroom. Marco was now on his back and the blond was able to cover him with his foul piss. It was all over him, from head to foot. ‘That’s rank stuff’ the dark-haired man said, as he held his nose and left the room. The blond continued to empty his bladder while laughing. ‘You may be pretty, but you sure do stink’, he said as he shook out the last drops. The blond put himself back in and pulled-up his pants. He shut the light off and closed the door, leaving Marco in the dark, soaking in piss. Marco thought that they would now just leave, but then he remembered that the dark-haired man said that they wouldn’t start until the other blond returned.

He tried to get in a more upright position, but kept slipping back. He decided save his strength and just lay in the piss. Marco could taste the piss as it soaked through the foul gag. He wanted to vomit. He didn’t know how much time had passed before he heard the front door slam. He could hear them talking and thought he also heard the TV. Sounded like a fun party.

Marco didn’t know how long it was before the door opened again and the light came on, blinding him. ‘Time to party’, he heard someone say. As his eyes adjusted, he saw that the two blond brothers had entered the room. They had changed their clothes, or more appropriately, removed their clothes. Both were naked except for leather jock straps. The outline of their cocks and balls could be seen through the thin leather of the pouch. Marco was mesmerized by the two boys. The blond boy with the buzz cut was completely smooth. It looked like he shaved or waxed. His lean muscular body was very pale; he looked like a marble statue of a Greek youth. His face was young-looking, clean-shaven, and his blue eyes caught the light, giving him an almost angelic look. His brother, with the slightly longer hair, had a sprinkling of fine blond hair over his chest, arms, legs, and butt; his back was hairless. His body hair was a bit wavy, and in the light, it almost gave him a glow. He also had an angelic looking face, but with dark green eyes. The brothers could almost be twins, both were exceptionally beautiful. This was such a contradiction to the way they previously manhandled Marco. Even so, the sight of the nearly naked brothers made Marco’s cock start to harden.

‘We need to clean you up before we start’, the smooth-bodied brother said. ‘Looks like he is getting ready to party’, the other brother said as he noticed Marco’s cock becoming erect. The smooth-bodied brother took the hand shower and turned on the water. The cold spray startled Marco and caused his erection to subside. The water seemed so cold, but was welcome as it washed away the rancid smell of old piss. The other brother took a wash cloth and rubbed Marco’s body, paying extra attention to his cock and balls. Marco thought about protesting, but he was beginning to accept his situation. The fact that two gorgeous young men where washing him down didn’t seems so bad. ‘Roll over’, instructed the “hairy” brother, and Marco did his best to comply. This left him in an awkward position with his face in the bottom of the tub. He tried to lift he head to keep it out of the water, but this tired him, so he just laid there in the water. The “hairy” brother washed his back and then put the cloth between his butt checks. ‘Want to make sure this is nice and clean’, be said with a bit of malice,’ Yes, nice and clean.’

‘Roll over’, he heard one of them say, and again Marco complied. Once on his back, he saw the two brothers looking down at his naked bound body, and his cock began to get hard. Marco was a little puzzled by this. He really didn’t think of himself as a “bottom”, but something about being naked and helpless in front of two hot guys was turning him on. He almost forgot about how he got into this position. They looked down at Marco and his hardening cock, and smiled. ‘I think we got a live one this time’, the “smooth” brother said as he reached down and gave Marco’s cock a quick stroke, which only made it get harder.

The brother looked around and took two bath towels. The “smooth” brother put the towel under Marco’s arms from behind, so his back was cradled in the towel. The other brother wrapped his towel around Marco’s knees. They then lifted Marco out of the tub and set him on the floor. It felt cold, but at least he was clean and out of the tub. Marco imagined that he looked like a fish scooped out of the water and dropped in the bottom of a boat. He was wet and helpless, flopping around would he only hurt himself, so he lay motionless. The brother took the towels, and kneeling on either side of Marco, proceeded to dry Marco. They seemed to particularly enjoy drying his cock and balls, and this made Marco erect. With Marco on his back, the “hairy” brother bent over Marco’s crotch and took Marco’s uncut penis into his mouth. Marco could feel his tongue push back is foreskin and rub his head. Marco moaned and thought that if this was what “party time” meant, it wasn’t going to be so bad. He let Marco’s cock out of his mouth with a slurping sound. ‘Tastes good’, he said, ’you should try it.’ The “smooth’ brother then bent over and started to take Marco’s cock into his mouth. As he did so, he grabbed Marco’s balls and pulled them down. This caused Marco’s cock to get harder and the young man sucked rapidly on Marco’s uncut manhood, bobbing his head up and down. Marco let out a low moan and arched his back, wanting his cock to go deeper, to feel his cock head hit the back of the brother’s throat. After a few sucks, he let Marco’s cock out of his mouth with a louder slurping sound. ‘You’re right, he does taste good’, as he smiled to his brother. Marco laid there in anticipation of having his cock sucked even more; he could really get into this. Naked, gagged, bound and helpless, with two hot young guys sucking on his cock; he was excited and beginning to precum, he could feel the warm liquid starting to ooze from his piss slit.
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Default A little visual...

Just thought I might share this hot picture which relates to the story. The model is Marco Blaze.
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Default The Main Event

The Main Event

Suddenly the dark-haired man came into the room. ‘What’s taking so long?’, he demanded. Like the brothers, the dark-haired man was wearing a leather jock strap, but the pouch was more rigid, like a codpiece. He was also wearing a leather chest harness. The harness accentuated his muscular chest. Marco almost immediately noticed that his entire body: chest, stomach, arms, legs, back and butt, even his feet, were covered in fine dark hair, almost like fur. Marco could make out the ripped and defined muscles underneath the hair, in combination with his dark eyes, gave him an animal-like appearance, a dangerous animal.

The brother scrambled to their feet. ‘Bring him in the other room’, the dark-haired animal man told the brother. The “hairy’ brother undid Marco’s ankles and both brothers lifted Marco upright. ‘So good to be standing’, thought Marco. They escorted Marco into the living room. Marco saw that the furniture had been rearranged. The center of the room was clear, except for a wooden chair, which faced the sofa. They marched Marco to a position behind the chair. Both brothers took some rope out a bag, positioned Marco’s feet near the back legs of the chair and then tied his ankles to the chair legs. The “smooth” brother took a longer piece of rope from the bag and tied it to Marco’s arms, leaving two long ends. He took the ends and put them over Marco’s shoulder. He pushed Marco forward and Marco bend over the back of the chair. This was a very uncomfortable position. Marco couldn’t support the front of his body because his hands were still behind his back, and the ropes pulled his arms up. The brother looped the ropes around a leg brace and pulled them tight. This caused Marco to lean over until his head was almost hitting the seat. The back of the chair dug into his hips.

Marco started to protest, but the gag prevented him from saying anything and he just yelled into the gag. He felt a sharp slap to his ass and the dark-haired man told him to settle down. Not sure what to do at this point, Marco stopped and waited. The dark-haired man came to the front of the chair. ‘I’m going to take out the gag, and I want you to be quiet. If you aren’t, I’ll cut off your ears, shove them in your mouth, and put the gag back, your choice.’ The dark-haired man removed Marco’s gag. Marco knew he wasn’t joking and kept quiet. ‘Good boy’, the dark-haired man said, ‘let’s start.’ Marco knew he was going to be sexually assaulted, just not sure how, or for how long. He set his mind on surviving, just surviving at this point. At least the foul rag was out of his mouth.

The dark-haired man stood in front of Marco and dropped the leather codpiece of his jock strap to reveal a large uncut cock and a hairy sack containing large balls, which hung low once release from their confinement. The cock was large and beginning to get hard. He put his cock near Marco’s mouth. ‘Suck on it!’, he commanded. At first Marco hesitated, his position was extremely uncomfortable and getting a cock into his mouth would require some contortions. The dark-haired man slapped Marco’s head,’ Suck on it you cock sucking faggot!’ Marco took the cock into his mouth and the dark-haired man shoved forward. Marco could feel the cock begin to grow in this mouth and extend toward his throat. His position made it difficult to breath and began to gag. ‘Suck it good’, the dark-haired man said in a low voice. Marco tried to reposition his head and was soon able to accommodate his engorged cock. The dark-haired man slowly pumped his cock in Marco’s mouth. His pubic hair brushed his nose and his scrotum bumped his chin. Marco also had a close-up view of his muscular stomach. He could catch quick glimpses of the dark-haired man’s navel, and somehow this fascinated Marco. Soon Marco was able to get the rhythm and surprisingly found that he was getting hard. Except for the awkward position and the occasional gagging, Marco might have enjoyed this. ‘Looks like we have an experienced cock-sucker, boys’, the dark-haired man said.

Marco thought that he was going to cum in his mouth, but after a few minutes, he pulled out. When his view was clear, he saw that the two blond brothers were reclining on the sofa, completely naked, stroking themselves. As he expected, the buzz-cut brother was completely shaved in his crotch area. A long cut cock and low hanging balls. The other brother had shaved cock and balls, but trimmed pubic hair. He cock was also long, but uncut, with low hanging balls like his brother. The scene was hot and ‘innocent’. Two great looking guys, relaxed on the sofa, stroking themselves, and watching Marco. He found himself hoping that they would let him suck on their cocks also. They saw Marco staring at them and smiled. They then moved towards each other; intertwined their bodies, cock and balls touching, and kissed. Marco felt his cock hit the back of the chair. He knew he was oozing precum. He wanted to be with them, feel their warm bodies, feel their hands and legs caressing his body.

A sudden sharp slap on his ass broke Marco’s fantasizing. ‘Attention here’, he heard the dark-haired man said from behind him. He felt something cold and slick being worked between his ass checks. Marco knew what was coming next. He felt the dark-haired mans cock being positioned near his ass hole. Marco waited, should he resist, or just except that he was helpless and going to be raped. Before he could decide, the dark-haired man thrust his cock into Marco. He instinctively tightened his sphincter; the dark-haired man shoved harder and Marco felt like his ass was being ripped open. Tears welled in Marco’s eyes. He could see that the brother were again watching Marco and stroking themselves. Marco felt like he was the main attraction for a show. He started to scream; the smooth blond brother got up and gave Marco a hard slap to the face. ‘Shut-up you little fuck’, he said sharply, and then slapped Marco again. Marco was shocked that this angelic looking boy, who was just in a sexual embrace that drove Marco wild with passion, could turn so brutal so quickly.

The smooth blond brother then took his hard cock and pushed it into his mouth. Marco gagged. ‘Now suck it you little faggot’, the blond said. ‘I said suck it!’, he repeated as he grabbed Marco’s head and pulled it into his crotch. Marco started to tongue the blonde’s cock. As he did, the blond brother started to slowly fuck Marco’s mouth. The pain in his ass was subsiding as the dark-haired man got into a rhythm of fucking Marco’s ass. Soon both the dark-haired man and the blond were in sync. ‘Got us a fucker machine here, this little pussy can do it coming and going’, laughed the dark-haired man. Marco cock was again getting hard.

The other blond walked behind his brother, embraced him, and started to kiss his neck. He reached down between his brother’s legs and tickled his brother’s balls. Marco noticed that the cock in his mouth got a little harder. Marco tried to watch the blonds. He noticed that the smooth blond was getting one of his nipples pinched by his brother. The other hand was no longer tickling his balls, but Marco was able to see that he had put it between his brothers butt checks, most likely massaging his prostrate. Marco imagined what this scene must look like; the muscular dark-haired man pumping his ass, one smooth blond brother fucking Marco’s mouth, with an equally beautifully brother playing with his brother’s body. Marco felt the precum drip from his own cock. Suddenly, Marco felt the cock in his mouth go rigid and hot salty cum blasted down Marco’s throat. The smooth blond boy arched his back and let out a primal grunt. His brother held him tight. Marco tried to swallow the cum, but his awkward position made it impossible, and he gagged. Most of it dripped out of his mouth. The blond boy pumped Marco’s mouth a few more times and another shot of cum was deposited into Marco’s mouth, only to drip out onto the chair seat. The smooth blond brother pulled his cock out of Marco’s mouth. Marco tried to suck the blonde’s cock back in, he wanted his cock back in his mouth, to please the young blond a little longer.

‘Tighten your sphincter you fucker’, the dark-haired man commanded as he slapped Marco’s ass hard. This brought Marco out of his fantasy and made him realize that he was not there by choice. They had abducted him, abused him, forced him to suck cock, and were now raping him. Suddenly Marco got angry and started to protest. ‘Tighten your sphincter you fucker’, the dark-haired man commanded again and slapped Marco’s ass harder. The hairy blond boy came up to Marco and slapped his face twice, very hard. Marco could taste blood in his mouth and saw a few red drops mix with the cum on the chair seat. ‘You disrespectful little bitch’, he said. ‘This is how you repay us for letting you party with us, you little fuck’, and he slapped Marco again.

Marco realized he had no choice; he wanted this to be over. He tightened his ass hole. ‘Good bitch’, the dark-haired man said. His thrusting became harder, more rapid, more violent. ‘God, that feels good, this bitch has a sweet ass’, he said and Marco felt his ass fill with cum. A few more hard thrust and he shot two more times into Marco. He could feel the warm liquid drip from his ass crack, down his leg. The dark-haired man pulled out of Marco and he felt more cum run down his legs. Blood and cum dripping from his mouth, and cum dripping from his ass; Marco hoped that this was over, that they had used and abused him enough for their amusement. The dark-haired man appeared in front of Marco. ‘Suck it’, he said, as he put his cock to Marco’s lips. ‘Are you crazy?’, he impulsively replied. ‘Suck it I said’, his voice growing angrier. This was too much for Marco; he had been abused and raped, now they wanted him to suck on a cock that had just been in his ass, he refused and clamped his mouth shut.

‘Help me out here boys, this little bitch doesn’t want to party anymore.’ The hairy blond search their ‘toy’ bag and put on leather gloves. He grabbed Marco’s head and pinched his nose close and put a gloved hand over his mouth. Marco couldn’t breath. When he finally gasped for air, the blond boy put his gloved fingers into Marco’s mouth and pulled his mouth open. He was strong, and Marco couldn’t close his mouth. ‘You have a choice’, the blond boy told him, ‘you can suck his cock with a broken jaw or not, doesn’t matter to me.’ Marco relented and the boy removed his hands from his mouth. The dark-haired man again put his cock to Marco’s lips, and Marco reluctantly took it into his mouth. The thought of sucking on a cock that had just been in his ass revolted him, be he told himself that he had no choice. The strange taste and smell of his cock mixed with the salty taste of cum. Marco wanted to gag again. ‘Suck it clean you faggot pussy-bitch’ the dark-haired man said. After a few minutes, he pulled his cock from Marco’s mouth. ‘Good work faggot’, he told Marco. He then took the old gag and towel from the floor and, before Marco knew what happened, shoved the soiled handkerchief back into his mouth and tied the towel around his head to keep it in. Marco didn’t care anymore and just wanted all of this to end.

After the dark-haired man regag Marco, the smooth blond boy that forced Marco’s mouth open, started to playfully wrestle with his brother. They fell to the floor, dicks hard and wagging. The dark-haired man grabbed the legs of the hairier brother and sat on his thighs. His brother grabbed his arms, pulled them over his head and kneeled on them. He was now pinned to the floor by the two other men. The dark-haired man took some lube from their bag and put some in his right hand. With his left, he grabbed the restrained boy’s cock and slid down the foreskin, exposing a pink head. The dark-haired man then began to rub the tender head, driving the young man ‘crazy’. He arched his back and squirmed, but his two partners kept him restrained. His brother then leaned over and gave him a deep kiss, their lips locked. The dark-haired man then started to stroke the cock. Slowly at first, then increasing the speed with each stroke. After a few dozen strokes, he shot a stream that arched over him and came down on his brother, who was still kissing him passionately.

Marco watched and imagined what it would feel like to be the brother being stroked. He realized that he was also hard, very hard, and horny. Seeing the blond boy being stroked and shoot made him ache to have his cock stroked. He knew that even with only one stroke, one touch, he would cum. He wanted to join them; just let him be free and join in, and all would be forgiven. But the dark-haired man and the blond brothers just ignored him. He tried to get their attention by trying to say something through the gag, maybe they would let him free.

‘Looks like out guest of honor is getting antsy,’ the dark-haired man said. ‘Let’s see what we have for him in the “gift” bag.’ He looked in the bag they had brought and pulled out a large black butt plug. Marco was stunned; it was at least twice the girth of the dark-haired man’s cock, probably more. At first he thought it was a joke. The dark-haired man walked behind Marco. Marco tried to protest, but he was tired and the bindings were secure. Marco felt his checks part as the plug was centered at his ass hole. The dark-haired man pushed, the plug started to enter Marco. Marco thought it would rip his ass hole open, it hurt a thousand time worse that when he was raped. Another push brought even greater pain. Marco was sweating and seeing stars. A third push and he screamed in to the gag. He felt the pug go all the way in and his sphincter clamp down on the tapered end. It felt like his ass was ripped open, tears were running down his checks. The dark-haired man gave Marco a sharp slap on the ass. ‘Don’t you say “Thank You”, you ungrateful bitch.’

The three of them went to the bathroom to clean themselves, leaving Marco in agony. They came back to the living room, still naked, except that the dark-haired man was still wearing the leather chest harness. They got beers from the refrigerator and turned on the TV. For the next few hours they watched TV, switching from sport to documentaries. Occasionally they would caressing each other, cuddle, or kiss. Their affection toward each other was such a stark contrast to the brutal way they had treated Marco. Marco was tired, sore, and extremely thirsty, he hadn’t had anything to drink for hours. Couldn’t they untie him from his awkward position on the chair and let him have something to drink, but he was afraid to have them take notice of him. He knew they would only abuse him when now he only wanted the slightest of kindness.
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Default The Final Round

The Final Round

The sky was getting light when he awoke. Tied naked bent over a chair, with a huge plug in his ass; he must have been exhausted to get any sleep. Marco’s muscles were screaming with pain; several muscle cramps had wracked his body during the night. He could feel the binding rubbing his skin raw, the back of the chair cutting into his waist. It would take several days to recover from this. He would report them to the police he mused. Then he realized he would have to give details of his ordeal, could he actually do that, to be so embarrassed as to describe what they did to him. Would be get a “boner” while telling his story?

He saw that the brothers had fallen asleep on the sofa. Still naked, they looked so innocent, and sexy, in their slumber. He noticed that they had ‘morning-wood’, and this surprisingly made him aroused also. He didn’t see the dark-haired man and hoped that he had left. Marco couldn’t fall back to sleep, he was in such discomfort. He had no idea of how much time had passed before he heard the shower running. A few minutes later, he heard someone behind him, and then felt a slap on his ass. ‘Good morning boys’, the dark-haired man said in a raspy voice. The brothers started to stir. ‘Let’s see what we have for breakfast’, he said and started to search the kitchen and refrigerator for food. Like the brothers he was still naked, except for the leather chest harness. ‘Guess toast, butter, jam, and coffee will have to do’, as he collected the items to prepare breakfast. Soon the brothers were up and began to help. The smell of toast and coffee gave Marco a reassuring feeling; all would be fine. Maybe they would let him eat and drink, he was so hungry and thirsty. But thy ignored him. Marco was still afraid to draw attention to himself (as if they could not notice a naked young man, tied over a chair, with a pug in his ass). They finished breakfast and sat round drinking coffee and talking.

‘Time to finish-up’, the dark-hair man announced. He went behind Marco,’ Hope you enjoyed the company’, he said. Marco hoped this meant that they would finally leave and this ordeal would be over. Marco felt him grab the butt plug and give a hard pull, Marco’s sphincter was violently stretched again, and the plug was pulled out. Marco almost screamed as this was done, but his ass hole felt so good after having the plug removed, he wasn’t sure if the tears in his eyes were from the pain or the relief. His ass still hurt, but felt so much better.

Marco waited for the gag to be removed and to be set free. Then he thought that maybe they would abuse him for another day, maybe two. He couldn’t survive that, his body was sore and his spirit broken. ‘The little bitch’s ass looks even prettier in the morning light’, he heard the dark-haired man say to the brothers. Marco gave up hope that his ordeal was over.

‘Let’s clean you a bit he said’, the dark-haired man said as he went to the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of beer and opened it. Marco had no idea what was going to happen. The dark-haired man put a thumb on the bottle opening and began to shake it. He moved behind Marco. Marco felt his check being pushed aside by a fist, and the thumb move to his ass hole. Suddenly, Marco felt his bowels fill with a cold liquid. The dark-haired man had forced the bottle opening into Marco and the beer shot into Marco’s bowels. The dark-haired man kept the bottle in Marco’s ass for a few minutes, and then removed the bottle. Marco could feel his inners churn; he also began to feel a little light headed as the beer was absorbed by his body. Without being conscious of it, the beer began to flow out of Marco’s ass. Slowly at first, then a stronger flow. The brothers brought towels from the bathroom and spread them on the floor to absorb the spill. Marco was now too tired, sore, and humiliated to care what was happening.

The dark-haired man came over to Marco and removed his gag. He put his cock to Marco’s lips. Without being told, Marco took the cock into his mouth. His mouth was dry and he tried to force some saliva. He worked the dark-haired man’s cock and felt it grow in his mouth. ‘Good little pussy’, the dark-haired man told Marco as he stroked his hair. This small sign of affection made Marco feel better, he wanted his approval. Marco tried harder to excite his new friend’s cock; soon he was slurping the fat rod. After a few minutes, the dark-haired man pulled away and put the rancid gag back into Marco’s mouth.

Marco saw that the brothers had again positioned themselves on the sofa on front of Marco and were stroking their cocks. Marco felt his cock start to get aroused. Marco knew the dark-haired man was gong to again rape him. His ass hole was so stretched and sore; he really couldn’t tighten it, and at this point, didn’t want to, it would only hurt more. He felt the dark-haired man’s cock slip past his ass checks to his sphincter, then felt a hard thrust and his cock was in Marco. He started to pump Marco’s ass slowly. “Nothing like a good fucking to get the day started’, the dark-haired man said, ’and this pretty faggot bitch does the tMarco.’ Marco saw the brothers watching and he got harder.

Soon the dark-haired man was thrusting deep and hard. Marco could feel the cock stroke his prostrate. Even in this condition, Marco became more aroused. The brothers began to stroke in rhythm with the dark-haired man’s pumping of Marco’s ass. The dark-haired man increased the pace of his thrusts and Marco felt his cock grow harder, if someone would just stroke him. Suddenly the dark-haired man grabbed Marco’s balls and pulled them toward the floor. Marco was startled, but this was the first attention his crotch had since the brothers ’tasted’ him on the bathroom floor. Watching the brothers, having his ass fucked, and now having his balls pulled; precum started to ooze from Marco’s hardening cock.

A sharp burning pain ripped through Marco from his balls. He almost passed out. He looked back through the chair back and saw blood gushing to the floor. He had no idea what had happened. Did his ass rip open from being plugged all night and now being fucked so hard? Marco struggled violently to free himself, but the dark-haired man held the chair and continued his assault on Marco’s ass. Marco started to feel more light-headed as the blood left his body, but Marco tried to struggle even harder. He heard the dark-haired man let out a loud long grunt and Marco felt hot cum shoot into his innards. Marco’s struggling was becoming less, as he grew weaker from the loose of blood. The dark-haired man kept pumping Marco’s ass, but more slowly, as if to savor the sensation. Marco knew he was loosing conciseness, his vision was blurring. He heard one of the brothers moan. He looked to see both shoot wads of cum, almost simultaneously. To Marco, it seemed to be in slow motion. He could follow cum as it arched from their swollen cocks to their stomachs. Marco’s sight grew darker, the two brothers ejaculating the last thing he saw before loosing conciseness.
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Nice Story and realy graphic - thanx to your Friends
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While not a fan of gay rape, I am open-minded enough to be aware that it can happen just as much as heterosexual rape. In that light I applaud your initiative to post a gay rape story on a site that quite frankly is dominated by male-female rape stories. It is a refreshing to see stories from the"other team." In my story "Redneck Nightmare" I have included a male rape element. I have not went into the graphic detail you have, but I allude to what is happening. It's a reality of life and regardless of whether a person wants to ackowledge it or not gay rape happens a lot more than people realize. In some cultures it is very prevalent! Thank you for this very original story.
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