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Mad Gerald
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Talking Women in uniform - stories

Hey I've always been keen on big strong girls in uniform being cornered, used, abused, forced to cum - looking at the number of views on the WPC thread earlier lots of you like them too so I thought I would post some more stories. If any of you have any like wise post them here! Thanks

Lt. Elizabeth Hall (Royal Navy) Pirate adventure.

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.

The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a policewoman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Part One.

Royal Naval Ship HMS Brilliant has been in the South China sea for the last few months carrying out anti piracy operations. The duties like those of the blockade around the Balkan states was becoming tedious.

Lieutenant Liz Hall was detailed to lead a four man team from the Brilliant
to the Tanker "Siam Xan Xai" it was early evening. The tanker had departed Singapore the day before and was bound for SongKhla, Thailand.

She hated duties like this. The Captain had an attitude about Women in the Navy, He always made sure the female members of the crew got more than they're fair share of shit duties. Liz knew this but was determined she would never complain, she just took it out on the crew.

Lt Liz hall was a big woman 5' 10" a chest of 46" blonde, wide smile, blue eyes, always smartly dressed, immaculate in fact.

It was the 08-June-1999 according to port officials the tanker was laden with 2100 tons of gas-oil and was a ripe target for local pirates. Lt Hall's orders were clear. Board the vessel. Establish a rapport with the ships captain, give guidance on Anti-piracy operations. Increase the profile of the Royal Navy. Rejoin the Brilliant.

The Non-Com detailed was a Chief petty Officer Pete Bradshaw. There was no love lost between him and her; He'd tried it on with her and other female members of the crew on many occasions. She'd even had him disciplined for drunkenly groping a WREN, something he lost shore leave over and three years seniority. If it wasn't for his language abilities he wouldn't be on her team.
Pete and the others were not too happy with being detailed to work for her.

The male crew called her the Ice Queen behind her back, all of them lusted after her though, literally buckets of semen had been discharged during off duty time over the thought of her big stiff tits bouncing about while she was shafted.
They travelled across in an high speed inflatable.

The weather was so humid and close, she wore her navy tropical whites, a flack jacket, her belt holding her pistol, holstered. The other three men wore similar, but with SA80 assault rifles. They approached the vessel from behind and gained permission to board her.

The ships crew were a mixture of Chinese and Indonesians, there were 16 in total, They were glad to see the Royal Navy, even happier to see Lt Liz Hall and her big breasts. The chief petty officer acted as interpreter. One of the Ratings caught all the operation on video, to help with de-briefing later.

He exchanged pleasantries with the crew, One of them asked if the Lt took it up the ass, he replied "Not yet but she will" they all laughed. She naively joined in.
She set about interviewing the captain and crew, advising them about their security. They didn't seem to have any, The company they worked for had just told them to avoid Pirates, or passively let them have anything they want.
As planned HMS Brilliant continued on to contact a further two vessels, and would return the next evening for the away team. As the evening wore on the weather took a turn for the worst, A Typhoon warning was in force, It looked like it would cross between HMS Brilliant and the Tanker.

The tanker captain decided to steer closer to the Malaysian islands for protection. Lt Hall tried to contact her vessel but found the weather was causing too much interference, she gave up. They were stuck here for the duration.
She sat in the wheel house drinking some coffee, She was so hot, her uniform was soaked with sweat. Under her arms, her back and breasts were dark with it.

She stood and took off her flak jacket, she could feel the eyes of the crew on her as she shrugged it off her shoulders and dropped it too the floor, Her bra and breasts were outlined beautifully her wet service blouse stuck firmly to her breasts. She did her best to ignore them and the chatter and laughter that carried on for minutes after. She sat back down and cradled her breasts to hide them from view. With the change in temperature her nipples were straining against the material, two large bumps, they tingled demanding attention. She swallowed some more coffee and tried to think of something else.

The evening wore on, at about midnight Lt Hall was slumbering in a chair. Suddenly all hell let loose, the crew were in an awful state of panic, running about shouting and yammering in distress. Lt Hall came out of the wheel house trying to find the Chief. She found him outside with the other two ratings.

"They're panicked Ma'am, keep shouting about Pirates!" he shouted above the
din. Lt Hall swallowed in fear, this couldn't be happening. "Try to find out what's happening Chief, the important thing is to stay calm, once they see our Naval uniforms they'll probably turn tail and run!"

He grinned "Do you believe in the tooth fairy as well Ma'am?" Shots rang out, there were screams. The Chief grabbed two of the Chinese crew and shouted at them trying to get information. He turned back to the Lieutenant.

"There's about a dozen of them Ma'am, heavily armed, came in on two high speed small craft, Their on the main deck and coming this way. They say they've killed several of the crew" She was appalled she grabbed for her pistol and checked it was loaded and took off the safety. "I'll get the men to put down some suppressing fire over the rail Ma'am, that should sort the bastards!"

"No Chief you must give a warning, get one of the men to show himself, clearly warn them the Royal Navy are here. They'll soon change there minds and clear off."
"I don't think that's a good idea Ma'am. They'll kill him"
"It's not a good idea Chief it's an order! Now do as your told!" he stared at her, more gunfire came from below closer this time.

"Right, Yes Ma'am! Jones come here!" He turned to the rating.
"Jones, get to the head of the stairs, give a clear warning that were here"
He scurried off. Moments later he cocked his weapon and turned into the open stair.
"Royal Navy stop or I fire!"

Bullets slammed into him he didn't stand a chance, he crashed into the bulkhead behind, dead. The other rating began to return fire through the opening. He screamed and fell back as automatic fire raked his twitching form. Through the opening Asian men with various automatic weapons poured.
The chief swung around and shot two before a boot kicked him square in the face and he slumped back, his rifle tumbled to the floor. Lt Hall fired twice into the throng before a rifle butt hit her in the face and screaming she slammed backwards onto the floor, unconscious.

The captain and the rest of the crew surrendered. The vessel was slowed to a stop the anchor dropped.
The Lieutenant and chief were dragged unconscious into the wheel house and down to the mess deck. They tied the crew up and sat them on the floor. The
Chief's hands were tied behind his back and he was left face down. Her limp form was thrown on the floor.
The pirate leader stood admiring his catch. He was a large Chinaman, broken teeth smiled out from his bearded face, He wore some torn chinos a T-shirt a belt with two holsters. The rest were all similarly dressed, a motley crew of maritime down and outs, all sporting leering grins as they crowded around her. The all chatted excitedly, their imaginations running riot at the possibilities the young officer presented. Tonight would be a good night.

Lt Hall lay were she had been dropped. Her mouth slack blood trickled from her nose. Her sweat soaked blouse still clinging to her breasts. At a word she was slung on her front, two pirates knelt beside her. One forced her elbows together, the other tied them tightly with cord. It bit into her strong arms, making the flesh bulge between the lines of cord. She was turned back over, painfully laid on her arms.

Lt. Hall stirred slowly coming back to consciousness. She started as her vision cleared and she was faced by a sea of grinning Asian faces. The nearest laughed and spoke in pigeon English.

"Yoo Wakee wakee to fun time, Royal Navee bitch!" He had a shiny gold tooth
where one of his incisors should have been.
She stared around in terror. She struggled as they dragged her up and backwards to the nearest mess table, they sat her on the edge of it. One knelt behind her holding her bound arms, Her black Navy trousered legs dangled over the edge. The Leader stood in front of her, he grabbed her face and twisted it to his. Behind him one of the pirates held her ratings camera, he focused it on her terrified face. The red record light glared at her. He grinned and spoke to her menacingly in Chinese. Gold tooth translated.

"Captain want know were Brit ship? You tell him!" She glanced about desperately seeking help.
"I don't know, I don't" He translated. The leader squeezed her sore face harder, and then spat in her face, he shouted at her.
"You not know were is own ship, You lie. Tell us!"
"I don't know the, the storm!" she pleaded.
He spoke meaningfully into her face.
"He say we will make you remember, you like that, us make you remember!"

The leader let go of her face and started to undo her blouse. She tried to pull away.
"DON'T! Stop it, I'm a Royal Navy Officer you'll . . . you'll be in a lot of trouble . . NO NO DON'T!"
He got tired of the buttons and wrenched the rest open, revealing her large
cotton bra encased tits, he laughed and squeezed them. shouting.
"He like those he say you big uddered cow, we all like you big tits!"

"Please leave me alone . . NO PLEASE! GET OFF! NOOOOOO!" she squirmed as he stretched the cups down off both fat jugs, he stroked them and forced her bra further down her chest. Her tits hung free, each time she complained and struggled they jiggled and bounced. He flicked her semi-erect teats making her wince and gasp. As they came up he gripped them between finger and thumb and pulled them.
"NO YOU MUSTN'T PLEASE, it hurts nooooooooooo!" he giggled and let go, then he spoke at length, the others laughed.
"He want more rope, he lash your tits up good, He fuck them yes!"
"We all fuck them, fuck your face yes!" she tried to pull away as more cord

The Leader wrapped it around her chest beneath them, he pulled it tight, tied it off, then more under her arms above them. He yanked it tight.
"OOOWWWW don't please don't!" he made a noose then taking her right teat he yanked her breast cruelly and forced it over it, he snatched it tight around it's base, squeezing her breast into a large fat taut globe. She started to cry.
"Stop please stop, I don't know, the. . the Chief knows, please your hurting!"
He made another noose and forced it over the other breast, he snatched that tight too. The cord bit into her breast flesh deep. Her big white tits were now two taut fat balloons, He lashed the noose ends together, pulling her tits hard against each other, then the loose ends he forced under the ropes top and bottom, he lashed the middle hard. Then both sides he bound together. All the time she pleaded and begged for him to stop. It was music to their ears, by the time her tits were two trapped, bulging white balloons, they all had straining stiff cocks. The leader spoke again.

"He say Chief has no big tits, we ask you yes"
"But I don't know, please NOOOOO OWWWW!!" The guy behind pushed her to the edge of the table, forcing her head forward. Her breasts hung together, her cleavage a deep inviting ravine. She looked up her blue eyes transfixed on the leaders groin as he undid his pants and pulled out a thick, hard circumcised cock, the shaft veiny and a dark olive yellow, the head, fat and purple, swollen with lust. Pre-cum strung from the tip, it was greasy and unwashed, he wanked it slowly savoring the moment.

"OH NO PLEASE! Please don't do this I don't know anything. Pleeeease!"
He grabbed her tits pulling them apart, he shoved his cock into he cleavage. She looked away grimacing as he forced her bound tits to his cock and began to shaft them. He squeezed her breasts to his meat, his fingers biting cruelly into her flesh. The guy behind her held her solidly by the upper arms as his leader raped her bound tits.

She shut her eye's not wanting to see the sea of grinning faces of the pirates and the captive crew as they watched her abuse with glee. Her torso shook and heaved as he fucked her tits. It seemed like ages but eventually he shouted something. She was dragged upright he gripped her blonde hair, shaking her head she opened her eye's just as he unloaded a huge gush of semen straight into her surprised face, She wasn't fast enough, closing her mouth and she grimaced with disgust as his sperm splashed into her closing mouth. The rest splattered across her face and she was held fast as spurt after spurt covered her eyes, cheeks and nose. She gasped for breath as he finished, trying to spit out the foul salty deposit.

The leader was well pleased with himself and she was held as he wiped the rest on her service blouse.
"OH GOD you disgusting creep! Get it off me!" she could feel it all sliding down her face, to drip onto her bound chest.

The man with the camera circled her getting her forced facial on tape.
"You get more bitch, much more!" gloated the English speaker.
Another pushed forward as the leader moved away. He had his cock out ready; it was simply the biggest cock she'd ever seen, not even imagined in her darkest fantasies. He had a knife in the other hand; he pressed it to her cheek. He spoke insistently to her.
"He say you suck cock, you suck now or he cut ear off!"
"Oh god no! I . . I can't please no" another grabbed her ear and pulled it out to be cut off.
"Please haven't you done enough, please don't make me do this, please" The knife went to her ear, she screamed and opened her mouth, her lips had the leaders semen stringing from them. He pulled back his foreskin and pushed his cock in.

Her eyes bulged and she fought not to retch as his evil smelling cock filled her mouth, he wanked it too her mouth. shouting.
"He say suck suck!" she closed her mouth around it and fighting to control her stomach she sucked and felt it swell. He pushed it forward she tried to push it back with her tongue but he was too strong. She struggled for breath as he rammed it to the back of her mouth, and deeper.
She tried to pull away but he gripped her hair and she gurgled as it sank into her throat entrance. They laughed as she struggled.

She gagged and choked but he kept on she felt it suddenly seem to snap past her muscles and surge into her throat. Her lips were taut around his girth as he set too, deep throating her. Her nostrils flared as she caught some much needed air. He began really beasting her face; she was struggling to breathe as his cock jerked in and out of her aching throat. She was nearly unconscious some minutes later when he grunted and unleashed a heavy hot gush of jizz straight down into her gullet.

Lt Hall jerked and groaned her legs kicking as she struggled to be off it. They held her fast as her throat rapidly filled with thick hot sperm. She gagged and coughed drowning, sperm flooded out of her nostrils in a thick flow. Then self preservation took over and she swallowed, more spunk thumped into her open esophagus. Her head swam as she felt her belly fill with heat from his heavy nuts.
He relaxed and let go of her head, she jerked it up off his wilting meat,
Semen flooded from her lips as she drew a desperate breathe before fainting dead away.

They dragged her limp form back over the table, They took her to the other end and pushed her bound arms cruelly under the table surface. Her shoulders were proud of the edge her head lolled backwards. One went beneath the table and tied her bound elbows to the central metal leg.

Her legs were grabbed and her trousers wrenched open and down. Her shoes dragged off, followed by her trousers, they cut her white briefs off revealing her hairy fat pussy. Her strong legs were gripped by her thighs and she was dragged bodily as far down the table as her arms would allow.
She spluttered and began to come too as her legs were forced up and apart and over her head. Two pirates held each calf while another tied rope around each black socked ankle. Then the rope was tied to the leg underneath. This left her bent in double her thick thighs framing her bound tits.

One gripped her hips and pulled her further down the table. She screamed and moaned. Her big white ass was pointing off the edge of the table, her hairy cunt straight up. She lifted her spunk coated face. Straining and struggling to be free.
"Wh . . What what's happening what phphutt" she spat sperm from her mouth
"Yoo tell us were British boat is?"
"Oh God I don't know, it could be anywhere, please what are you going to do?"
"Wee fuck yoo good, you like that yes" She pulled at the rope, desperate.
"NOOO please, don't I don't know were the fucking ship is!"

Two pirates were pawing her ass and pussy, exploring her white flesh, they squeezed and tested her wide buttocks. She cringed and squealed as they rubbed her cunt. They seemed to argue a lot then and some were sent away. The English speaker came to her head.

"We not like hairy cunt Navee, shave you yes" The pirates came back with
some foam and a razor. Water was splashed on her cunt from a cup,
"No don't, don't shave me, NOOO! Please, please" she begged as foam was sprayed on to her cunt. They started to rub it in, covering all of it, their fingers sliding and rubbing and easing the foam into every crease of her pussy.

Lt Hall's cunt was swelling and opening with the attention, her vulva betraying her mounting excitement. One held her thigh tops apart while the other began to shave the hair off, She threw her head back trying to ease the pain in her shoulders, not wanting to see. Hands grabbed her head, twisting it, the knife pressed to her cheek again. Another Pirate held his cock to her lips.
"NO I don't want to please, oh pleas . . .MMMPPHHH!" he pushed it in silencing her, She helplessly let him push it in and out, feeling the thick velvety head slide over her tongue and press to her throat, Her mind was on her cunt as she felt the razor shaving over and round her pubis. She was slapped the knife pressing harder, encouraging her, she sucked.
They giggled. More of his cock slid in, her lips stretched to a thin line around his girth as he forced it into her throat. Nearly all of her cunt was shaved now, all that was left was her cunt lips, Her lower belly was milk white beneath were her pubes had been, They pulled her lips taut to shave them, her ass and legs were shaking as they finished and then toweled her dry. Her now bald cunt looked very inviting. The one who had shaved her fingered her vulva open to reveal her inner lips. The others crowded around to watch. The camera zoomed in.

He roughly pulled her cunt open; she winced and strained unable to see what they were doing. He dragged her lips wide, revealing her cunt entrance. Her clitoral hood now on show, fat and wrinkled, Another rubbed and then dragged the hood up with his thumb, her pink hard nub was revealed, shiny and dry. They laughed and joked.

The cock in her mouth jerked and spewed more semen into her unwilling throat, she coughed and spluttered around it as he dragged it out and squirted the rest across her face. She panted her head lolling back, she blinked trying to clear the semen from her eyes. She jolted and squealed as she felt someone spit on her open twat.

"NO NO DON'T!" she pleaded as they began to prod and probe her cunt with rough fingers. She struggled to lift her head, to see what was happening, her legs flexing as she tried to move.

They watched her internal muscles twitch and spasm as they teased her cunt entrance, running finger tips over and around her lips. The leader came close and inspected her now shaved cunt. He spoke to the interpreter, grinning he swigged some beer from a bottle.
"Our Leader says you have tight cunt, too tight, Fist you he say, so big Asian cocks fit in yes!"
"What do you mean? What are you going to do?, leave me alone NOOOOO!" she stiffened as two fingers were forced into her cunt, they were twisted and pushed repeatedly, slowly opening her up.
"You tell, were is ship?"
"I don't know, I don't know, oh please, I don't know!"

The majority of the others dragged chairs over to watch as one pirate crouched at the end of the table fingering her. The camera man stood over his shoulder, Two others approached her terrified face, dragging they're cocks out, grinning and wanking them.

One grabbed her hair as she blubbed and tried to shy away. He knelt on the floor dragging her head back savagely. The other stood over her and pushed the head of his cock to her sobbing mouth, he shoved it in as she snorted for breath, his nuts slapping her forehead as he rammed his meat into her open gullet. He forced it into her sore bruised throat, unceasingly stabbing deep into her open mouth. He grunted and began raping her face. You could see her throat bulge and pulse as he fucked away.

Three fingers were now rammed into her cunt, her ass and legs twitching and flexing as he made them go in. He grinned and leant forward. He began lapping at her clit, wetly circling and flicking her fattening bud. He forced a forth finger in and eased them up to his knuckles in her gaping cunt. She groaned and shuddered as he started to fuck them in and out.

The guy on her face was really fucking her throat with a vengeance, his nuts slapping heavily on the bridge of her nose as her lips were stretched tight around his girth, he gripped her bound tits and used them for leverage as he pistoned her ruddy face. He rammed deep in her throat and stayed there she struggled and made muffled gagging noises, He gripped and pinched her teats pulling and stretching them, he cruelly twisted them, her nipples now two thick red studs as he milked them. Her throat clamped around his cock hard, he gasped and she jerked and whined as he dumped his load into her. She went grey struggling for air, he pulled back, releasing her teats. She sucked air in desperately swallowing his load, as she did, more spurted in making her choke and splutter. He pulled further out and squirted the last bolts straight into her face, clogging her nostrils and eyes.

"UUURRGHH (Cough, Cough) you dirty bastards (Cough) STOP IT! STOP IT!"
Semen flew from her mouth and nostrils as she cursed.
"OWWWWW! MY CUNT PLEASE, take it out please, your hurting meeee!"
He twisted his hand over and rammed it deep, forcing her cunt wider. Her internal muscles clenched at him.
"It won't go in, it won't, you'll kill me! PLEASE NOOOOOO!!"
"You say were ship is?"
"Please, (sob) I don't know, (sob) I don't. (sob) Please believe me"
He leant back calling to another he came over and gripped her vulva on either side, he wrenched and pulled it wider. She screamed and thrashed, h did it again, the other bent his thumb in and slowly forced it in too, She sobbed and wept begging them to stop. Her cunt walls slowly gave and with a pop his whole hand slid into her vagina.

"NOOOO NOOO STOP! STOP! MY CUNT ARGHHHHHHHH NOOOOOO ARGHH!!" her whole body went ridged as it went in.
"You tell us bitch, we take hand out, TELL US!"
"I DON'T KNOW, please, please, take it out, it's too big please"
She jerked and flinched as he moved his hand inside her.
"OH GOD! PLEASE!!" The fister grinned at her spooge covered features and began to ease his hand deeper, slowly flexing his fingers, He reached over with his other hand, he started to frig her clit. He rubbed it hard with his thumb. She winced and groaned.

"Don't touch me there, I, I don't like it, no, NO! ARRRGGHHH!!"
They all laughed, as he started to fist her, making her take his hand, forcing it deeper inside her aching cunt, her cunt lips closed around his wrist. She threw her head back in agony. The one who had held her hair was there he grabbed her ears and forced her head back down. He forced his cock into her unwilling mouth. She jerked and snorted helplessly as he forced her to take his meat into her slick throat. "MMMMPPPPHHHH!!" she groaned. Her cunt was becoming wetter and wetter, her clit now a hard erect button,

The fister stirred and punched her cunt, pressing and teasing her clit as she fought to clench her cunt to his hand, she was trying to stop him, but it was impossible. Slowly her belly was tightening, her cunt heating as shock after excruciating shock shot up through her belly from her sensitive clit. He laughed and shouted to the others. They gathered closer waiting to see her cum.
The guy in her throat pulled out, spraying semen over her throat and bound tits. She gasped and shuddered. Wincing and jerking with each deep cunt stretching thrust.

The fister rammed his mouth to her clit and clamped his lips over it. Sucking hard on it. He rammed his hand in and out as she slowly arched her back, her whole body trembling with tension, He rapidly fisted her, forcing her to climax.
He flicked and lapped at her clit, feeling her cunt tighten and clamp around his hand squeezing it harder and harder.

She screamed, her belly releasing, contractions unlike anything she'd experienced before thumped through her uterus, her cervix fluttering as hot
insistent juice flooded around his hand, and spurted out around his wrist.
The Pirates went crazy, amazed at the site of this young Navy officer being forced to cum in front of them, her body jolting and squirming as her clit was thumbed and teased until she did it again. She sobbed and pleaded helplessly as they made her do it again. Her bound tits gyrating and wobbling between her snatching legs.

He kept his hand in and stepped to on side, keeping her impaled on it as they crowded closer to watch. The interpreter gripped her hair and shook her face.
"You say where ship now!" she spat at him disgusted with herself.
"I don't know you bastards, I don't know!" He shouted to the leader who laughed and shouted back, at this all the others laughed. He turned back to her.
"We fuck you in ass, you remember when we fuck you in ass yes?"

She grimaced, disgusted, she could feel fingers easing her fat cheeks apart already. What could she do, she tried to clench her cheeks.
"No please, don't do this to me, please I beg you, please" he grinned at her, a moist finger tested her anus.
She couldn't stand it any longer, She'd always swore she would never do that, never! "OK, OK I'll tell you, I'll tell you!"
He grinned and shouted to the leader who came over, he appeared he swigged his beer and stood waiting.
"You tell!"
"In Indonesian waters, we were to meet them there."
He spoke to the leader, he grunted and had a go at him.
"Not good where, where or we all fuck ass!"
"Pulau mubur, Pulau mabur they were to meet us north of Pulau mabur"

He turned and told him he took a swig of beer and laughed then he announced something and turned away. The others all cheered. The interpreter turned back grinning,
"He say he not believe you we fuck ass anyway, hey we fuck you in ass you like bitch?"
"NO! NO! It's the truth, it's the truth, PLEASE NOOOOOOO!!"
She struggled helplessly as they renewed their interest in her ass, fingers pulling and teasing her cheeks apart, the fist in her cunt clenching and unclenching.
"I'll fuck you all , I will just don't fuck my bottom, please untie me and I'll fuck all of you, please I mean it!"

They ignored her pleas. Smearing her own thick wet discharge from her twat to her ass hole, arguing amongst themselves who would fuck her virgin ass first..
"I'll do what ever you want just don't bugger me please, please!"
The interpreter spoke to them they laughed, he turned to her,
"I just tell them you say, you want them all to butt fuck you hard, to make you bleed," she couldn't believe it.

"NOOO, NOOOO!!" she struggled with renewed vigor. The fister laughed and started to hand fuck her hard again setting her contractions off again, her belly cramping hard. She groaned, her ass forgotten.
"But I've told you, pleeeeeeaaaaase!" A finger pressed slowly into her dark stained ring, her sphincter reacted squeezing it tightly.

The Leader changed his mind when he saw how tight the Lieutenants ass was, his cock filled rapidly, he pushed the others out of the way, wanking his rejuvenated meat he grinned down at her pained face. He let spit dribble from his lower lip to stretch out and land in her ass crease, it ran down and over her puckered anus. He forced his finger tips into her cleft on either side of her anus and stretched it wide. She tried to clench it but he was far too strong. His cock stood out straight from his open trousers. He bobbed it against her spider.

The fister stirred his hand she grimaced and went ridged again.

His cock was pressing hard to her bottom hole, he laughed and gripped his meat strengthening it as he strove to feed it into her clenched ass hole.
Her cunt felt so full, her bottom aching as she tried to keep him out, she gritted her teeth determined. They're leader laughed and muttered. The translator smiled,
"He say you have strong ass, feel good" she sobbed in despair as he pushed harder.
"I need the toilet, I need to, to shit tell him, tell him!" she offered in desperation.
He passed it on. The leader chuckled and answered the others laughed.
"He say good, much tighter and hotter, you will wish you had Navee whore!"
"Oh no, oh don't do this please, please OWWW!"

Her anus began to give, The head of his cock bending as it sought entry. He grunted with effort, pressing harder, She kicked against the ropes trying to pull away. He slapped her big ass cheek, complaining, She jumped with the harsh slap her skin rouging immediately.
"He say open up, you open ass now" insisted the translator.
"Nooooo!" she managed determined to resist.

He pulled his cock away . he wetly licked his thumb and pushed it to her ass hole, turning and pressing, twisting and forcing it. Until it slowly gave. He slowly eased his thumb into her tight rectum, slowly, very slowly, her muscles fighting all the way. She shuddered and groaned not giving an inch.
"We open it up baby, we ass fuck you good yes!" he gloated.
"Piss off you bastard, get it out, fuck off you slant eyed cunt, ARGHHH NO!"
His thumb sank in to her ass up to the first knuckle he started to push the head of his fuck meat into the now slightly enlarged opening.

The camera man watched intently as the muscled ring started to unfurl, much to her distress. She was trying so hard not to let him in, forcing her ass closed against his awful intrusion. Soon both his thumb and cock head began to ease into her dark hole. She winced as her ring burned and ached as he forced it. He paused a moment before slowly drawing out his thumb. The head of his cock now held in the entrance to her fat ass the muscle of her forbidden place began to close around the mushroom shaped head of his tool as he eased it into her, forcing it deeper just a millimeter more, just beyond it's widest circumference until his long veiny shaft protruded from her tight twitching shroud of Sodom. He bent the head and let spit dribble from his mouth onto the space where his cock was entering her bottom

He started to ease his slimy cock into her bowels, slowly, fighting her muscles all the way. He gripped her magnificent womanly bottom with both hands, pulling her back on to him as she reflexively tried to escape her defilement.
More of his rod entered her clenching bowels. Still more.
"OH GOD YOUR KILLING ME!!" she yelled arching her back.
The fister continued to hand fuck her rubbing her clit. Still more cock slithered up her ass. Eventually he grunted in satisfaction his cock buried almost to the hilt in her ass. His large, hairy sac caressed the cheeks of her bottom.
He slowly eased his cockmeat back out of her, very slowly, The fister still rubbing her clit, savoring her moans of pain. When it's length was nearly unsheathed from her, he slid it back in, a little faster now. Now with every stroke out he paused to enjoy her sphincter squeezing and choking his helmet. Before he thrust it back in making her jolt and snatch at her bonds.

The fister started to flex and fuck her cunt as his leader picked up the pace, ramming her tightly clenching shit chute, hard deep thrusts which made her ass muscles spasm and grip his girth. He pinched and frigged her clit making her howl in pain as he began viciously butt fucking her. LT Hall couldn't believe the terrible stretching pain she was going through, and now how her ass burned and stung as his manhood thrust in and out of her bottom, while they teased and tortured her clit,. They were going to make her come again, she could feel it, she hated herself, but couldn't stop it. The shocks from her clit were awful pleasure.
She could hear herself grunting as he buggered her, her belly tightening getting hotter and hotter, and her cunt squeezing the fist inside her.

She screamed her body going wild as his fingers became a blur on her ridged clit, she felt as if she would split open, she was thrusting her own ass down on to his cock feeling it impossibly expand and sink higher into her rectum. Her belly exploded into a blinding rush of heavy contractions, her body heaving as her forced orgasm ripped through her. Her mouth stretched open in a wide silent scream of anguish, eyes rolling back in her head.
The fister laughed and yanked his fist from her cunt, Lt Hall howled in frustration.

Her pussy lips quivering with released tension the muscles snapping back reflexively, her cunt emptily squeezing nothingness, robbed of the aching fullness of his hand. There began a frenzied cycle of contractions which rapidly built to ejaculation, cunt juice jetted from between her swollen piss flaps on to the Pirate leaders belly as he heaved into her throbbing ass hole. He groaned in pleasure and she squealed in shock she felt the head of his cock rammed impossibly deeper it swelled making her rectum spasm and clench Then hot semen spurted into her bowels, searing throbbing heat, making her rectum flood with strangely exciting sensations.

Spurt after spurt deep into her virgin ass. Her legs kicked her whole body stiffening as her ass was pumped full, eventually with a sigh he pulled back his cock the head pulling free of her sucking rectum with a loud fart, it was coated in semen blood and shit, more semen dribbled from the end on to the floor. He stepped away.

Lt Hall's body stayed ridged, she sobbed with disbelief as her orgasm waned.
Two others argued who would be next, the winner a large Indonesian with a scared face crammed his cock to her gaping ass and brutally forced in. He rammed deeply into her knocking the breath from her. He began viciously reaming her poor ass, cursing and slapping her legs and tits making her cry as he raped her ass. He forced his coarse haired belly to her splayed cunt, rubbing her sensitive clit, making her writhe and sob as he forced more and more of his cock solidly up her butt, pulling her inner ass walls in with it's girth as he stabbed it deep and stayed there while he gripped her still erect teats and cruelly pulled them. She squirmed and frantically tried to pull away inadvertently fucking his meat with her tightly clenching rectum.

He began buggering her hard forcing her to take all his meat into her stretched full rectum. Thankfully he was too excited and moments later he suddenly came thumping her bowels full of more hot seed. He pulled out, leaving her anus gaping open, They're combined semen gushed out flooding her crack and running down her lower back. She squealed in shock and horror thinking that she had shit herself.

"OH NO, MY BOTTOM, MY BOTTOM, you bastards, bastards"
The cameraman caught it all flooding out on video, her face red with humiliation, her pleas as another readied himself and then shoved himself deep into her ass.
"NOOOO leave me alone, UNNNNNGGGGHHHH!" her hands and feet snatched at the ropes as he filled her ass.

The other Pirates crowded closer, one from either side grabbed a breast each and squeezing them up, they started to gnaw and suck at her thick teats. Another grabbed her hair and forced her head back, as her mouth gaped he shoved his cock in, she struggled as he forced it hard into her throat. She gagged and choked, snorting air through her flared nostrils. Hands gripped her thick thighs just below the back of her knees, she grunted as another thick hot cock was forced hard into the depths of her narrowing rectum. Her body bucked and jolted as she had her ass slam fucked.

From the floor the chief's eyes flicked open, he watched silently as his officer was gang raped, he suppressed a grin as her grunts and groans filled the room. His eye's settled on the Pirate with the camera. He had to get out of this alive, alive and with that tape, he desperately tried to form a plan.


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i love it....
pls more
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I thought no one would ask thanks aussie2603 here you go Part two and three Enjoy MG

Lt. Elizabeth Hall (Royal Navy) Pirate adventure.
Story By Mad Gerald
The contents of this story is of sexual nature and
does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.

All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to
anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.
The attached story may be shared with others and
freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet,
provided no money is charged to read this document,
or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment
and no part of this document, including the notices
and attached fiction are modified, and the original
author is given proper credit for their work.

Part Two

Lt Liz Hall is an officer off a Royal Navy Frigate HMS Brilliant.
Currently engaged in anti piracy operations in the south china sea.

Lt hall crossed to and boarded a Tanker “Siam Xan Xai” The tanker had departed Singapore the day before and was bound for SongKhla, Thailand. the tanker was laden with 2100 tons of gas-oil and was a ripe target for local pirates.

Lt Hall’s orders were clear. Board the vessel. Establish a rapport with the
ships captain, give guidance on Anti-piracy operations. Increase the profile of the Royal Navy. Rejoin the Brilliant.

The weather took a turn for the worst, A Typhoon warning was in force, It looked like it would cross between HMS Brilliant and the Tanker.
The tanker captain decided to steer closer to the Malaysian islands for protection. Lt Hall tried to contact her vessel but found the weather was causing too much interference, she gave up. They were stuck here for the duration.

During the night the Tanker was chased and boarded by Pirates.
In the ensuing fire fight the two rating that were with her were killed.
Her chief petty officer and herself knocked unconscious and captured.
Now the Pirates are enjoying they’re new found play thing to the full.

Her arms are bound painfully behind her, her service blouse open to the neck, her large breasts bound tightly with cord into too tight balloons. She’s on her back on a table on the mess deck, her wrists secured to the central metal leg of the table, The rest of her uniform has been stripped from her, her legs forced up over her head, her ankles tied with rope to the same leg. Her mouth, cunt and ass open to anything.
To continue . . .

The pirate throat fucking the poor lieutenant groaned and grunted, viciously cramming all of his thick tool into her unwilling throat, her neck throbbed and bulged as he emptied his seed into her sore forced throat. He pulled out the rest of his semen spurting across her neck, Her head lolled back unconscious, she spluttered a desperate breath and went limp. Her body shuddered and flinched as the pirate raping her ass heaved deep into her bowels and his cock spewed it’s seed too, flooding her rectum again, he pulled out satisfied. she laid there unmoving in a dead faint.

They talked excitedly and then hurried to untie her legs, then her arms from the table leg, Scar face lifted her up and held her to his chest. They undid her arms and then another produced some thick duct tape. They taped her arms to her sides, the tape sticking to her lower back and across her belly, pulling her skin s they yanked it tight.
One of the others dropped his shorts and sat on the edge of the table One grabbed a leg each and they lifted her up, her head on Scar faces shoulder her slack mouth ran sperm down his back. The one on the table gripped and spread her white butt cheeks, he guided his meat to her butt hole, He forced the head in and they lowered her on, he moved his hands to her hips and dragged her down on to it, forcing her rectum to take his full length. Then she was lowered back on to his chest.
Her legs were lowered to either side of his, he started to thrust up
into her tightly clenching ass, She groaned and began to come too,
she coughed and spluttered again, another pirate a big Indonesian
got between her thighs and wanked himself hard then he forced it
into her cunt, he grabbed her hips and began to stab up into her
pussy. she came too,
“WH . . God! what . . what are you? OH GOD MY BOTTOM! NO!!”
she coughed and spluttered again, her sore throat aching. she strained with her taped arms, they ran with pins and needles from her enforced bondage. Her legs closed around his legs, then she started to kick, trying to get off the length of cock buried deep in her cramping ass.
“OH PLEASE!! your, your hurting me, oh don’t NO!”
They laughed and fucked harder making her buck and squirm as they sandwich fucked her. The pirate up her ass brought his hands up and gripped her bound tits squeezing and milking them. Her cunt rapist leant forward and gripped her teats between finger and thumb and began to cruelly pull and twist them.
Her back arching. She couldn’t believe the full hard ache from her cunt and ass as they started to fuck up into her in unison. The others cheered them on as she tried to find the floor with her feet, desperate to ease up off the ass stretching meat impaling her.
Her nipples were throbbing and sending jolting shocks through each tit as he pulled them, the shocks making her belly start to tighten. Her bound breast flesh taut as he yanked on them. He was thrusting deep up into her cunt, his belly rubbing her sensitive clit, rubbing her still splayed lips, her hips were starting to fuck back, grinding her bottom down on to the thick hot meat filling it, inside she could feel they’re cocks slip and slide over each other squeezing the thin membrane dividing her rectum and virgina.
As the head of one cock slammed into her cervix, the other slid over the back of it, causing excruciating pleasure to shoot up into her belly, her cunt muscles clenching in time, exciting his cock further making it swell and force deeper. She threw her head back a groan of animal pleasure escaping her cum streaked lips as they sped up, slamming up and down into her smothering her body, her legs wrapped about his thighs as she started to hump back at them.
“YOU BASTARDS, BASTARDS, UHHH,UHH,UHH” she cried. suddenly the cock in her cunt seemed to thicken and grow. Painful short vicious thrusts making her gasp and wince, until with a hard hot jet, semen shot up into her cunt, the head of his cock jerking and throbbing against her clenched muscles.
“Noooooo tooo sooon no, NOOOOO!” she complained as he wrenched his cock out and spurted the rest over her taped belly.
“Put it back, put it in!” she pleaded groaning as the cock up her ass rammed hard up into her, making his come flood out of her open pussy.
Another stepped forward and thrust straight into her cunt, she kicked and flailed as new meat started to pound up into her.
She squealed as her legs went straight squeezing her new
assailant as the sensations in her cunt exploded and
she bore down on the meat up her ass as her belly
released hot juice in a fit of heavy contractions, she
writhed and yelped as she came, cunt juice flooded
out squirting out of the sides of her rapists cock as
she came and came causing the pirate in her cunt
to spew his load deep into her sucking twat.
He pulled out laughing as she pleaded for him to
stay, squeezing her thighs hard together.

They forced her legs open and held them wide,
as one began to frig her erect clit. She howled and
flinched as hot chills stabbed up through her still
spasming cunt, she fucked down on to the cock
up her ass, moaning in pleasure and aftermath,
almost delirious with pleasure. They laughed
and frigged her forcing her to grind and press
butt fucking herself to orgasm.

The Pirate up her ass heaved up, his shaft
stretching and forcing deeper into her twitching
rectum as she impaled herself hard down on to
it. His hands came down to her hips and he
pulled her harder to him.

With a spasm she stiffened and grunted her
belly tight as a drum as the fingers on her clit
became a blur, she strained with her legs as
her face contorted into a scream, as her world
exploded into thrashing bucking orgasm again.
Her ass squashing down taking his meat deep,
her rectum gripped his cock pulsing around it.

Cunt juice squirted from her pussy lips, as she
ejaculated again, spraying onto his legs and
the floor, The pirates laughed and jeered as she
writhed and struggled as her tormentors made her
keep going, pinching and teasing her hard nub.
forcing her exhausted body to unwillingly climax.

He came searing semen jetting into her bowels
making her jolt and jerk as he pumped more
and more into her flinching ass hole as she
sobbed and pleaded for them to stop.

“Please, please ooooh uhuh, no more please?”
When her orgasm abated and his deflated cock
slithered from her sore anus, they dragged her
up off him to her knees on the floor.

Gold tooth spoke with the leader and then
gripped her by the hair and blouse he leered
at her.

“We want to know where Brit ship patrol now,
you tell, yes”

“No I don’t know!” he shook her,
“Things they get worse for you yes, you tell”
She just stared at him defiantly fighting back tears
“You know we think you like us fuck you, you tell?”
“Please I don’t know!”
He sighed then he snatched a beer bottle off one
of the others, he pushed it to her face, She pulled
away in fear.

“You tell?” she stared at the floor. He barked
orders and threw her on her back on the floor.

They all burst out laughing and grabbed her legs
twisting and pulling them apart she swore and
struggled. They held her legs wide Gold tooth
between them, he rammed his fingers into her
slick cunt spreading it, she flinched and jerked.

They lifted her legs, Gold tooth pushed the
base of the beer bottle to her cunt and began
forcing it in, she struggled feverishly but they
held her,

“This persuade you, maybe you remember
when you tired of full pussy and want us take
it out eh?”

“NOO! take it out, it won’t fit please don’t NOO!
Your hurting MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

It slid in past her outer lips, they were tight
around it. He twisted and forced it deeper,
she screamed and jerked as it forced her
cunt walls to give, they ached and spasmed
around it’s girth, as he pushed it deeper.

She tried to relax to ease the pain as it
slid all the way in, she winced and sobbed
as her cunt lips squose the neck and he
let go. They let go of her legs she groaned
as her cunt spasmed inside an overwhelming
feeling of hot fullness flooding her cunt.

“Take it out you swine, you evil bastards,
take it out!” she demanded.

They responded by forcing her legs closed and
holding them while they duct taped around her
thighs above her knees. They let her go and
stepped away.

Immediately another kicked her over on her face
and knelt behind her. He knelt over her bound
thighs and forced his cock to her crease easing
into her ass.

“Oh god, please it won’t fit, NO! not with this in

He cruelly gripped the back of her service blouse
and began butt fucking her. The others grabbed
beers and stood about watching talking excitedly
as she stiffened sobbing as he slammed at her
ass making her weep as he cruelly sodomized her
he was at it for ages before she sobbed and
grimaced as more come thumped into her ass.

The leader barked orders, the last three
pirates hauled her over on her back and
knelt over her, she lay there cringing and
begging as they wanked off over her face
and tits, eventually spurting great globs of
spooge all over her sobbing face.

“OH NO, (sob) sphlut, phh, you dirty, sphutt,
(sob) bastards sphuut”

Gold tooth came over and smiled down at her
semen glazed features as she blinked and
shook her head trying to clear her eyes, nose
and mouth of their seed.

“You rest now, we drink, more fun later, yes?”
“No leave me alone, please leave me alone”
“You will tell all about royal ship navee bitch yes
you will get fed up of bottle in cunt, you will
plead for us to take it out and fuck you?”

he laughed and walked back to the others.

End of Part two.

Part Three.

Lt Hall lay there exhausted her cunt aching around the fullness of the bottle, she couldn’t move, semen ran from her mouth onto the floor, her big white battered bum cheeks two bruise marked globes. The deep crease between them slick with thick shit stained semen. She groaned and clenched them, her abused ass hole farted wetly and they’re seed ran out. It ran down to her splayed cunt lips around the neck of the thick beer bottle which was deep inside her cunt.
She repressed a sob, disbelief at her situation, shock at her abuse, and her reaction to it numbed her senses. Tears of humiliation welled in her eyes as she felt her pussy twinge at the recollection of her orgasms, never had she cum so much and so strongly.
Her legs strained against the thick duct tape wrapped above her knees, her muscles bulging around it, as she tried to open her legs, a strange thrill coursed through her as the tape resisted. Her arms strained against the tape, again her pussy twinged, a low moan escaped her. She had to keep quiet.
She didn’t know how long she had been left alone? 20-40 mins. Perhaps if she didn’t make a sound they’d forget about her. She twisted her head to look over at her captors, past the bound crew of the tanker, The Pirates were drinking and laughing, more empty bottles were smashed. Beneath her her bound tits ached solidly, her nipples stiff against the cold floor.
Then she heard them getting closer, suddenly she was surrounded with the feet of the pirates. they poked her sides with their feet, she cringed, they laughed and giggled, beer feeding their lust.
“No please leave me alone, please, don’t NOOOOO!!”
she wailed as hands grabbed her and dragged her up by her eppeletted shoulders her white service blouse open from the neck down flapping around. Her bound jutting breasts teased by her black tie as it swept over them, she tried to fight but she was helpless.
They forced her legs to fold and made her kneel on the floor, she spread her feet trying to stay upright, She jolted as the neck of the beer bottle touched the floor sending excruciating shocks up through her stretched aching cunt.
“AAARRRRGGGHHH! AHH AHHH!! no no it hurts”
The bastards laughed and one pushed her down by her shoulders.
Her cunt spasmed around the thick bottle making her jerk her ass up away from the floor, around her all four were leering at her each had a large erection which they wanked proudly. Behind them another stood focusing the video camera on her defenceless figure. All four were admiring her big bound tit’s. Both sat stiffly wobbling and bouncing as she moved.
“Please, please no more I, I’m begging you please!”
Gold tooth was in front of her, smiling. She swallowed and stared back her eyes full of hate and defiance.
“OK, you tell us where navee boat patrol’s yes?”
She shook her head dumbly ‘No’ his grin widened.
“You remember? no? I think you like it in the ass bitch, oh yeah you gonna get butt fucked now baby, oh yeah!”
One went behind her and slid to the floor, another gripped her hair, he pulled her up by it lifting her. the pirate behind pressed his thick hard cock to her slick crease and began to press in. Lt Hall stiffened as he forced into her ass.
“Not my bottom again please, I’m sore no, no, NO UUUHHHNNNN!!”
“Maybe you remember next time I ask yes?”
Gold tooth laughed and turned and walked away.
She couldn’t stop him, her fingers dug into her own thighs as the burning pain of her sphincter being forced made her grit her teeth, it snapped past her ring and slid in, she groaned in disgust and self loathing as she felt her cunt react squeezing the beer bottle, her cervix throbbed making her belly tighten. He gripped her hips and pulled her back to him. Her thighs on his.
“Slower! SLOWER!! it hurts, YOU BASTARD ARGHHHHHH!!”
The others were in front of her pawing and teasing her breasts
their fingers pulling, twisting and squeezing her firm mammaries
“No no please, don’t I, I, oohh no don’t pull them please”
They pinched and pulled her red thickening teats. Fascinated by her big western breasts, they squeezed them hard making her wince and try to pull away. The pirate raping her ass took hold of the back of her blonde hair and put his forearm around her throat, she was forced further up onto her knees as he began to steadily butt fuck her squelching ass.
Her nipples were two thick studs now, they pulled and stretched them talking avidly as her large globes wobbled heavily. Their fingers bruising her white flesh as they tested how hard her breasts were, They were milking her fat nipples now forcing them out into two aching hot buds. One flicked them making her sob and jolt in pain, shocks making her buck and struggle. The bottle in her cunt pressing and easing against her cervix and G spot, the cock ramming in and out of her well lubed rectum making her cunt throb and spasm clenching around it’s harsh girth.
The rubbing, pinching, squeezing fingers let go. One pushed his cock between her breasts and gripping both began to fuck them. Forcing her hard balloons to his shaft as he grinned down at her pained sperm coated face. Her mouth grimacing with each vicious thrust up her splayed ass.
She blinked away tears as her body betrayed her and began fucking back onto the cruel weapon impaling her ass. He rammed deeply up into her making her squeal and shudder as the head of his cock slid over the rim of the bottle’s base lodged firmly against her cervix causing her cunt to squeeze down slowly forcing the bottle out.
Lt Hall felt it slip and seized with hope that she could dislodge the awful thing she set too clenching her pelvic floor to expel it.
The pirate in her ass groaned and strained as her ass seemed to grip his cock like a vice, sliding down it’s length to rest against his tight ball sack, he began to ream her ass with deep hard thrusts. She gasped and pressed down desperate to be rid of the bottle inadvertently slamming the neck against the floor.
Lt Hall howled and levered her legs against the floor as the bottle slammed back into her over stretched cunt, Her captors laughed and held her there, the pirate on her back pumping into her ass rapidly as he felt her rectum clench and throb as her cunt spasmed around the bottles base. Her tit fucker held on for dear life as she struggled to get away, his fingers biting into her breasts as he used them to hold her to his cock.
she threw her head back spitting and gasping as her buttocks were
slam fucked, his cock forcing deep into her rectum, her bowels cramping
and burning with the assault. She forced her legs up with all her might and
managed to lift, she gritted her teeth and sobbing tried her best to expel the bottle, her belly straining as she worked her cunt muscles. Her ass clamped around her rapists tool and he grunted with exertion as he fought to keep her from shitting him out.
The pirate on her front was slamming her tit’s up and down on his cock. The two heavy mounds a blur as he forced them to his meat. Lt Hall groaned as she felt the bottle easing slowly out, her face was a fixed grimace as she concentrated all her effort on that one accomplishment.
She could feel it giving ground and the awful tension at the head of her cunt began to ease. The bastard on her back tightened his grip and tried to pull her back down. She grunted with effort as her legs shuddered with effort trying to keep her cunt off the floor.
Her whole body straining against his strength. The two pirates talked
rapidly to each other, then laughter. The one up her ass let her slowly
shit his meat out, until only the head of his tool was trapped in her
squeezing ring. Lt Hall gasped in relief thinking she was winning,
She felt the bottle’s girth ripple out of her aching twat, she was almost free of it. She squeezed her abdominal muscles hard she could feel it slide so that it sat in the entrance to her cunt. She was oblivious to the battering her tit’s were taking as she bore down trying to push it that bit further.
The pirate fucking her tits was near to climax he nodded to the other as he began to really pound her jugs, he felt his seed boiling in his sack.
The video man came closer videoing her face as suddenly the tit fucker went crazy and with a yell his cock sent a thick spurt of hot semen out from between her tit’s and up her throat. He let go of her tit’s and grabbed her hair. He yanked her head down and squirted more seed into her face.
Lt Halls attention swapped to that, she spluttered and tried to pull her head away.
The pirate up her ass thrust his hands under her armpits and then
around behind her neck, he locked his fingers there. He gripped her
and rammed her down with all his might. His strength forcing her down,
the bottle contacted the floor,
She opened her mouth to scream as the bottle was thrust viciously back up into her relaxing cunt. More spunk shot into her open mouth. She tried to jerk her head away as her anal rapist shoved his whole cock straight back up her rectum in one cruel thrust. Lt Hall’s back arced as she howled in surprise and protest. Her cunt was throbbing around the bottles girth. She tried to kick her legs to ease of the awful fullness filling her ass and cunt but he held her fast.
The pirate was heaving up into her now determined to cum, his face set, she sobbed and whimpered as he rammed his meat into her with short, hard, deep strokes. Another Pirate gripped her tit’s and thrust up between them holding each hard mammary in a tight twisting grip as he began to fuck them.
His fingers pinched and held her nipples. pulling and teasing her thick sore teats. Shocks like cold chills lanced through each breast with each hard pull.
Lt hall suddenly felt her belly and legs go taut, all she could do was try to keep the bottle neck off the floor as his cock head seemed to swell and ram deeper. Her cunt walls clenched to the bottle, thrills making her belly tighten further.
She realized they were going to make her cum again, she shuddered, self loathing at her own weakness flooded her mind as she pushed her ass down the last centimetre of his cock and felt his rough pubic hairs tickle her stretched sensitive ring.
Lt Hall went wild humping rabidly back on to the pirates cock as her belly released, strong heavy contractions throbbed through her cunt as the pirate up her ass grunted with pleasure and squeezing her to him unleashed a thick bolt of hot insistent seed right into her clenching bowels.
She went stiff her face fixed in a silent scream of pleasure and pain as he
pumped jet after jet of spooge deep into her guts. Her cunt squeezed and squeezed the bottle in a spiral of increasing mind shattering contractions her body jerking and jolting as she had her first multi-orgasm.
She went limp as her tit rapist came between her trapped breasts. Her ass rapist slid out, laughing as he shuffled away, another got behind her and they held her leant forward as he pressed his eager manhood into her sloppy asshole.
“YOU BASTARDS, bastards” she moaned as he slid into her and began butt fucking her rapidly. In moments he came too. and then stayed in her as another two began pawing and teasing her breasts. He held her by her hair as they rubbed the crowns of their cocks over her teats, wanking them to them, pressing the tips to hers.
The pirate on her back yanked her head back and as her mouth opened in shock he quickly forced his thumbs into the sides of her gasping maw. before she could react the two had their cocks in her face ramming them into her open mouth, she tried to close it but his thumbs were stopping her, then both heads were in stuffing her mouth, stretching it open.
She groaned and gagged with the taste as they rapidly wanked themselves off into her open mouth, her eyes bulging as her jaw was forced wide then in unison both cocks squirted thick gouts of hot semen into her mouth and throat. She choked and tried to pull away. They came and came, filling her throat with a hot wad of heavy warm semen, She reluctantly swallowed and drew a gasping breath, they pulled their cocks away leaving her trying to spit the rest out.
Lt Hall gasped with relief as her ass was vacated, She was left knelt on the floor. For a moment she thought they would finish there but minutes later they hauled her up to her feet. Her legs were weak and wobbled but she had to stand or fall face first on the floor, she stood, she felt fresh semen ooze from her ass and dribble down the back of her inner thighs.
Gold tooth stood before her grinning, she stared at him defiantly.
“You remember where Brit ship patrol now navee whore?”
She shook her head ‘no’
“you be sorry, you tell, you tell an save you’re big white ass
He got real close and forced his fingers into her crutch she winced as he found her clit and rubbed it squeezing it between the bottle and his digits. A tremendous jolt of excruciating pleasure shot up through her cunt, making her cringe.
The Pirate leader appeared with a bottle of rum, he spoke gruffly to Gold tooth and shoved it in his hand.
He shouted in Chinese the others laughed, then he was back in her face, another came forward and gripped her face, forcing her mouth open. Gold tooth forced the bottle to her mouth and poured rum down her throat.
She coughed and swallowed as it filled her mouth burning her sore chaffed throat, he kept it there she swallowed and swallowed eventually he snatched it away.
Lt Hall gasped for air her belly heating with the rum. Her head spinning.
“You fucking bastards, that won’t get you anywhere!”
“No but boss want to see you piss, he like you to piss”
“Good grief you disgusting bastards” she swallowed realizing how full her bladder was, and how it was aching now with the bottle pressing against it.
“You tell us patrol route!”
“Please I, I don’t know they change it, all the time they change it!”
“You lie whore! maybe I put bottle in ass too?”
“No not that, please not that, you’ll kill me”
“You piss for us, you piss yourself then navee bitch!”
“NO! no I won’t!”
“Oh you will, boss want to see you piss with bottle in
pussy yes”
“No, no you can’t make me do that NOOO!”
He ignored her pleas, he produced a knife and another gripped her neck from behind while he guided his cock into her cleft and shoved deep into her rectum. Then he held her by the hips while Gold tooth slit the duct tape between her legs at the front, he used his knee to force her legs open, Lt Hall groaned in relief as gravity began to drag the bottle out of her aching cunt.
Two others gabbed her knees and held them open. Gold tooth studied her features as it slid out, when it was half way he gripped the neck and fucked it in and out. Lt Hall went up on tip toe shuddering. Her face betraying the awful pain and pleasure he was bringing.
Her bladder was so full the rum extenuating her need to piss, he was pressing the bottle up squeezing it. The Pirate leader knelt close waiting a big grin on his face.
“NOOOOO don’t please it’s awful you perverts! please I don’t want to, please AHH AHH UHHHH!”
“Piss bitch, piss now!”
“I won’t, I WON’T!!”
He forced the bottle deep and began stroking her belly teasing her bladder, her body was trembling as he stroked down to her pubis, her lips splayed around the bottle neck.
She didn’t want to piss, she must not, not for them,
but she couldn’t stop it, she felt she would burst,
Piss spurted out from her urethra coursing down the
bottle neck in an urgent squirt, then a flow pouring
on the floor, Gold tooth let his boss watch then he
started to frig her making her cringe and squirm
as she pissed, The bastard up her ass pumping in
hard as she pressed back. They’re laughter ringing in her ears as she went crimson with humiliation.
Then he suddenly drew the bottle out. Lt Hall let out an animal groan of despair and anguish as her cunt sprang closed, Her cunt muscles spasming and contracting as the cock in her ass sank deeper.
Gold tooth moved away laughing as the rest of her pee ran in rivulets down her thighs.
Another big Indonesian pirate was before her, in his
hand was another impressive cock. he dipped it to
her quivering cunt lips and wiped it up and down
then in. She let out a howl of shock as the two
thrust up into her in unison, impaling her on their
stiff tools.

They set too fucking her hard, her legs kicking
and dancing with each thrust.

Gold tooth and the boss watched drinking the
rest of the rum, waiting their turn.

“You think she will tell us?” the boss asked.
“No, but then who gives a fuck!” Gold tooth replied.
They both burst out laughing.

End Of Part Three.

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Great story MG, let the PARTY continue!!
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Excelent story, what other tortures can you come up with?
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Smile British Army Captain's Language barrier ordeal.

A short story I wrote an age ago - in Macedonia actually after watching this Female army officer shouting the odds at these local policemen - how different it would have been if all her men weren't there with their weapons to deter them from what was so obviously going through their minds as she hollered and gesticulated - as her breasts bobbed about under her tight T shirt.

Army Captain's Language barrier ordeal.

Story by Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Macedonia 1997.

I am a translator with the UNHCR in Macedonia. I've done all sorts of jobs here since things got crazy this was one thing that stopped me being made to fight difficult when you are male and in your twenties. Two days ago I was called to one of the nearby refugee camps to help an army captain who was having some problem with the Macedonian police.
When I got there I had problems finding him as the camps are a mess of makeshift tents, trailers, boxes, you've all seen the pictures on TV it's a mess.

Anyhow after about an hour I managed to get there. Imagine my surprise when the Captain was a woman of about 5`10", a brunette with strong features. She wore British army combats, her sleeves rolled up to reveal her strong tanned arms. She was a big girl. Her dark brown hair cropped into a bob, as I approached from behind I admired her hour glass proportions. Looking at her I thought 'God it was ages since I'd had a fuck'.

She was gesturing and arguing loudly with a Macedonian police man there were another four stood about. There were no other British troops about.
I went over and she turned to me.
"AHH there you are at last, you took your time" she looked mightily pissed off, I smiled
"It's difficult you know the score, these places are a maze, how can I help?" my smile wasn't returned.

"Captain Jill Sheldon 4th armoured. I came here to visit a family who I befriended when one of our doctors treated their daughter here two days ago. I can't find them, and then these bastards turn up and start roughing up the other refugees here" I looked about at the policemen, they looked pretty unkempt and nasty to me, not the sort to upset when you’re a westerner alone.

"I think we should leave, come back with some help yeah?" she shook her head, pulling her face.
"No you translate for me, you tell them this is unacceptable yeah?"
"I think we should just leave" she looked even angrier.
"Listen! YOU! talk to them for me, just translate that's your job yeah! you
tell them what I say then we can leave OK!"
"Ok, whenever you’re ready" I admitted defeat.

She grabbed the policeman's arm that she had been speaking to and span him around to face her.
"Tell him who I am!" she ordered. I obeyed. In the local language.
"This is Captain Sheldon British army, she wants to speak with you sir"
I translated.
"So! tell her to fuck off back to Britain, stupid bitch" he stated

I looked at the Captain she hadn't understood a word.
"He says he wants you to leave" I told her. She looked furious.
"Tell him I'm not leaving; tell him I want his name and the names of his fellow officers!"
I told him, he looked at the others and then back at her, a grin crossed his thick features again.

"Tell Captain Sheldon she is to shut up and fuck off or we show her how to fuck off yes!" the others laughed.
"He still insists that you leave Captain" I told her. She stared at me.
"Right tell him I'm not leaving until he either leaves or gives me his and his men's names!" I couldn't believe how stubborn she was. I translated it for her. The policeman smiled and sighed,

"The Captain doesn't understand our language at all no?" I shook my head, his hand went to his pistol and rested there. Behind him the others already had their hands on their own Kalashnikovs. I was unarmed; the Captain only had a pistol in her holster, probably unloaded. I Swallowed.

"We are bandits with stolen uniforms, here to steal from these people, yes? You trick her to go into alley between tents behind us, so we can rape her fat ass or we kill you and the Captain now. Yes?" my mouth went dry with fear, I glanced at the policemen behind him they all had trainers on.

My mind raced.

"What did he say man!" she insisted. I was frozen, I knew they meant what they said, I had no choice. The Bandit interrupted
"We kill you both, and fuck her while she is still warm anyway, yes?" his face was like stone.
"He says his commander is through there. He is the one you must speak to" my voice faltered as I lied.

"You see, tell them whose boss and you get somewhere, come on!" she turned and walked toward the alley, the policeman grinned "You follow, behave and you both live yes" I nodded dumbly.

He and two others followed her as she strode toward the alley; two more pushed me forward from behind. Captain Sheldon got into the alley almost to the end before she realized it didn't go anywhere. It was full of rubbish and filth, old clothes and cardboard. She stopped and began to turn around her hands on her wide hips.

"This doesn't go anywhere!" she complained.
The Policemen were now between her and me, Two rushed forward to grab her arms. barrelling into her, she cried out in surprise and was thrown forward, crashing into the rubbish and filth, She was a powerful woman and she heaved up and succeeded in twisting over partially on her left side as they landed, the guy on that side punched her in the side of the face.

She grunted as it smashed into her face, her nose gushed blood, her head jerking backwards. At the same time she brought a knee up and rammed it into his abdomen, he gasped and doubled up, he managed to keep hold of her arm though. The one behind her twisted her arm right up her back, making her arch her back in pain.

The other recovered quickly from the blow to the abdomen and punched her again viciously in the face. She reeled back with the blow; the other grabbed her short hair with his free hand and wrenched her head back.

She was mid scream when the one she had kicked punched her again, his fist smashing into her jaw her head slammed back she tried to kick out he rabbit punched her again. Her mouth and nose now a bloody mess. She visibly slumped her legs which were kicking relaxed. She was knocked out for a moment.
They threw back on her front and with practised ease one gripped and dragged her elbows back hard. The other quickly bound them together tightly with thick tape.

They dragged her over onto her back; one wrenched her combat scarf from around her neck and rammed it into her slack mouth.

They held me against the wall of the tents a pistol to my face. The two busied themselves undoing her belt and trousers, they were wrenched down her legs to her combat booted ankles, each grabbed a knee and dragged her muscular but limp legs wide. One of them got between her knees and dragged her combat jacket up out of the way.

She wore white briefs covering her hairy pussy mound. He hooked his finger into the gusset and wrenched them to one side. I could see her cunt, covered in thick brown pubes, her thick lips closed. He yanked his trousers open and freed his cock.

As soon as it was free he pushed it to her pussy. Then he heaved his cock into her dry cunt. He pushed down on top of her and thrust viciously into her forcing it in. He laughed “Big soldier girl!” he spat on her face

Time and time again he heaved until eventually it was home. She groaned and stirred as he started to fuck her. He swore and cursed her as he fucked her, moaning that her cunt was too tight, the others jeered him on. His butt was pounding in and out now occasionally her legs jerked as he rammed deep, He dragged his arms up and gripped her shoulders.

Levering himself up, He started to really fuck her then. Now he had lifted up I could see her face her nose was still bleeding as was her lip, her head bounced and lolled about as he fucked her, her eyes closed. He laughed “Wake up your missing your rape you piece of shit!” He sped up and then heaved into her deep and with a loud grunt came in her. She groaned and gave a feeble kick with her trapped legs.

He pulled out and climbed out from between her open legs. Semen strung from his cock head to her open cunt lips. He grinned
"She has not been fucked for a good while, that was good, her cunt is like a fist!" they all laughed.

The other got between her thighs and with his cock standing rigidly out from the front of him, reached down and wrenched open the front of her combat jacket, she had a olive green T-shirt on underneath. He pulled a knife from his belt and slit it, and then he tore it open to the neck.

The Captain had quite hefty tits clad in a plain white under wired bra. He gripped it at its narrowest point between her tits and tried to stretch it up off them, either it was too tight or her tits too big and stiff, but it wouldn't come off so he cut it in the middle.

He threw the two halves over her arms and watched as they settled.
Two fat white mounds, crowned with wide coral aureole and semi-erect teats. He licked his lips and began stroking and fondling them. He pulled each nipple hard and flicked them with his finger tips.

The Captain came too and began staring about wildly. She tried to lift her legs but he was knelt on her combats which were still between her ankles. She started to shout into the gag, all that was heard though was muffled complaints.

She tried to pull and free her arms to no effect. Although she put on a good display of agitated tit wobbling for her assailant. He grinned down at her and then rammed his fingers into her cunt making her wince and grunt. ”Good you are awake you missed my friend raping you he came quickly he says you have a tight cunt for a fat bitch!” she looked at him in bewilderment not understanding a word he said. He withdrew them and showed her the semen stringing between his fingers, she screamed obscenities’ into her gag struggling as he laughed and wiped and smeared his friends semen all over her face. Her eyes went wide; you could see realization that she'd already been raped sweep across her face just before he bent his cock down and thrust up into her still gaping cunt.

She winced and kicked as he forced into her. She was wrenching at her arms and trying to dig her feet in to push off it as he forced her to take it.

Then when it was in he gripped her tits in both hands and began milking them to his face. Sucking and biting her pink nipples as he fucked her as she struggled and jolted trying to get him off her. He fucked her with deep hard thrusts never retreating very far out of her.

She turned her face away; saw me her pained eyes fixed on mine. Then she screwed them up tight and began struggling again as he fucked her.
He let go of her tits and gripped her hair instead and held her head down while he licked and kissed the side of her red face.

He rammed her harder and harder and then with her legs kicking and dancing a bizarre dance he shot his load deep into her. He stayed on top of her letting her feel every deep hot throb as his seed emptied into her violated cunt.

The leader that had been talking to me stepped forward "Hurry get off her,
You hold her shoulders! You get her legs, twist them over and hold them.
I'm going to fuck her up her fat pompous British asshole." One grabbed her shoulders and forced them down. The other that had just raped her forced her ankles together and twisted them over bending them, so her ass was facing the leader.

She strained to be free. "Leave her alone don't do that to her! that's
enough!" I burst out, One of my guards hit me across the face with the pistol.
"Shut up pig!" I was ignored by the others.

I watched helplessly as they fought her legs over and held them. Her backside was ample, two big stiff cheeks that shuddered as they forced her legs up and bent them her hairy cunt came into view, semen oozed from it, and down the back of her thigh. The leader knelt down in front of it and patted her flinching flank.

"Tell her I'm going to fuck her big fat ass to teach her some manners. Tell her this what happens to stuck up bitches that stick there noses in where it's not wanted, yes?!"

I swallowed unable to find the words. "Tell her!" I repeated the message.

Captain Sheldon went wild desperate to be free. They managed to hold on to her and after another five minutes struggle and two more punches she was held back as she was. Her ass presented to their leader.

He forced fingers into her deep cleft and dragged it open, her buttocks flexing and straining as she fought to keep him out. Eventually he was looking down at her asshole, it looked tight probably virginal. He eased two fingers into her cunt and scooped out some semen which he daubed into her cleft.

She winced and strained to kick as he began to finger it into her clenched anus. He slowly forced his finger in and began to fuck it in and out. She groaned and jerked as he did. She tried to shift her hips away but they held her fast. She snorted and gasped as he forced it in past the first then the second knuckle.

They laughed at her distress and he twisted and pressed it deeper making her squeal and jolt.

"Leave her alone, please haven't you done enough?" I pleaded. I got another pistol whipping that forced me to my knees. They held me there forcing me to watch as he pulled his finger slowly out.

Their leader wanked his cock squeezing it up hard and then he bent it down to her hardly lubed ass. They held her hard and fast as he pushed the tip to her ring, She was shaking her head and shouting muffled entreaties into the gag.

The one holding her legs gripped her right cheek and forced it up, this stretched her ring wide open. He pushed the crown of his cock to the spider of hard muscle and holding his cock hard in his hand began to force it in; the head was about three times around as her ring seemed to be. She let out awful deep moans of pain and grief as it pushed and pushed drawing her inner buttock walls in with it. Her head was thrown back, her face red, nostrils flared, and tears welling in her eyes as it went in with excruciating slowness.

He grunted with exertion, 'It must be hurting his cock' I thought as he pressed and pressed. She began to sob and then wail as he kept it up and then suddenly he gasped and she groaned and went rigid as it snapped pas her ring and entered her rectum. He forced it deeper making her lift her legs and grunt as she felt it force into her.

She snorted and strained trying to get off the thing but he kept on relentlessly until a good four inches of his thick meat was lodged in her ass.
He let go of his cock and gripped her hip and began fucking into her butt deeper. She squirmed and flexed in their grip but the held on as he began to get her reluctant ass to take more and more of his meat.

Now he was all the way in and you could see her whole body flinch with every deep thrust. He grunted and strained as he raped her poor ass, pulling her on to it with her hip as he watched her grimacing face contort with each cruel stab.

"Not so full of your British pomposity now bitch, not with some cock up your tight shitter eh?!" she groaned and shuddered as he butt fucked her with increasingly hard strokes. I could see from where I was his meat going in and out, it's shaft covered in her shit which seeped around it's girth.

He rammed up her deep his balls smashing against her ass cheek over and over he let go of her hip and grabbed her bouncing tits and began to pull and squeeze them so that she struggled more; wriggling and squirming on his pounding cock.

He started to heave into her like a bull at a gate lifting her ass off the floor with each gut wrenching thrust she howled and sobbed into the gag suddenly going rigid again as he gave a strangled cry and she felt his hot searing seed spurt into her bowels with hard insistent rhythm.

He pulled back and yanked his cock from her spasming orifice spraying the rest of his load over her big butt cheeks.
"YESS that was good!" he shouted in triumph as his orgasm abated.
He looked up at his man holding her shoulders "Hold him, so they can have some" he pointed to me, he got up and took over guarding me.

Captain Sheldon lay back exhausted as they released her legs. The two who had been guarding me were well fired up and grabbed the poor Captain by the epaulettes of her shoulders and hauled her up on to her shaking knees.

The one in front slid his legs between hers over her combat's that were still around her shins and the one behind forced her forward on to him. After some struggling to get her to comply, the one underneath had his cock buried deep in her slick cunt and was fucking up into her.

The other one climbed on her back and force fed his cock up her still open ass. She squealed and bucked as they sandwich fucked her. The one underneath wrapping his arms around her to hold her still while the one on her back beasted her quaking ass.

He held onto her shoulders for leverage as he butt fucked her without mercy, hard and fast making her wail and kick. He called out
"HAVE IT, HAVE IT WHORE!" as he shot his load into her sore ass.
He pulled off while the other piston fucked up into her and came too.
She groaned and lay still on top of him.

They hauled her off and threw her on her knees, head on the floor her face to one side ass toward me, her arms looked so uncomfortable tied together like that. I suddenly jerked as my guard grabbed my erection through my trousers.

"Hey he wants a piece of her ass too!" he leered.
"No no i don't I just . . just" he shoved me forward behind her.
The leader levelled his pistol at me. "Fuck her in the ass, come on UN man fuck her in the butt!"

"No please don't make me do this?" I pleaded.
"Fuck her ass or die UN man!" he growled.
I knelt down behind her and freed my cock from my trousers, her big white ass was open in front of me, her asshole still oozing shit stained spunk.
"I'm sorry" I whispered as I pushed it to her open ring.

"No talking! butt fuck her!" She groaned and flinched as I pressed in, I shuffled forward and sank more in it was so hot and tight. I laid my hands on her wide hips and started to fuck deeper into her, I laid my chest on her back and instinct took over and in minutes I was fucking her butt as hard and deep as any of them had.

She pressed back and groaned. I forced my hand around her front between her thighs and began frigging her neglected clit, she shuddered and reacted, I took my time enjoying the hot clenching of her butt as I strummed her clit, surprised at her reaction.

Suddenly she jerked and pushed upright letting out a high pitched repetitive squeal. Her ass slamming back down onto my meat, hot wetness gushed over and through my fingers as I realized she had come. At that I lost my load deep in her sucking pressing ass.

I glanced over my shoulder expecting some comment from our captors but there was none I pulled my meat from her ass and looked about. We were alone, the bastards had fled. I untied the Captains arms and pulled the gag from her mouth, "They've gone, you'll be all right, I'll get help" She winced as she moved.

"Not on you're life I'm getting out of here before they come back with some friends" she gasped. I helped her drag her clothes on and we fled. I took her to a 'Medicines sans frontiers' tent and once sure she was looked after. I fled too.
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Talking Jungle Treatment (F/ Gang Unif. NC Lac.) By Mad Gerald.

You might have read this before if not enjoy! another story I wrote after shit I witnessed I changed the name but I wrote the description of Jackie down on my notepad as I was looking at her in the back of a Herc (C130) sending a woman that looks like that into a war zone - now that is food for thought - Like I said Enjoy MG

Story by Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2000.

Jungle Treatment (F/ Gang Unif. NC Lac.) By Mad Gerald.

This is a witness report filed by Sergeant Michael Sands of the Irish
Rangers. It is compiled concerning the events in Sierra Leone in
September 2000 when he and other UK personnel were held captive
in the village of Masuri in central Sierra Leone.

This concern the treatment during captivity of Captain Jackie Ward,
Jackie is a Territorial Army medical officer with the British Army in
Sierra Leone, a blonde statuesque nurse of 24 years, she is
very polite, kind and gentle, Jackie was a big girl, she was 6 ft
in height, and naturally muscular. She was also quite shy. With
a beautiful face and huge blue eyes, she was definitely pretty with
a wide pouting lipped mouth. It was her truly enormous bust line
that got her noticed. She had got pregnant off another doctor
back home in Lincoln and sadly lost it.

It left her depressed with heavy milk laden tits. Then she was ordered
to Sierra Leone in support of the UN peace effort there. She was relieved
as it meant getting away from it all. A change as good as a rest.

She traveled to Freetown first, the capitol of Sierra Leone. From there
she went on with a detachment of Irish Rangers to Masuri.

There she found an orphanage run by beleaguered locals. The war had
caused lots of Orphans. Especially babies. She had long been teased
over the freakish size of her breasts. ...And now she was wet nursing!
Jackie found herself able to assist as a nurse and wet nurse to the
babies on the ramshackle wards. Her breasts reacted quickly and within
days she was producing gallons of milk which she used to good effect
feeding up as many hungry mouths as there were.

The Hospital and Orphanage are a collection of colonial buildings set
in a valley on the edge of a river tributary, it is between the road from
Freetown and some Mangrove swamp land. The main building is
the hospital, which has a compound to the front. This is surrounded
by an open school house to the right, the Orphanage to the left.

Two store huts face it off set to the right. The compound is
approximately 40x40 meters, with a large light supported on a
thick metal flag pole about 15 Meters from the front of the
store huts, one of which houses the generator for the hospital
and compound. Across the road is dense jungle.

We had three Landrover's. There was Captain Ward, myself
and another seven rangers and two male medics. I set up a
2 hour guard roster with a point of entry guard at the
entrance to the compound. The climate was tropically
hot, really humid and close.

Then in the middle of the night RFU Rebels attacked and
killed the two rangers on point. They quickly overran the
compound and took us prisoner as we leapt from our beds.
They ransacked the hospital, The surviving Rangers and
staff were herded into a hut.

One of the medics quickly told me he had last seen Captain
Ward in the hospital ward she was grabbed from behind,
unaware at first who grabbed her and was roughly pulled
around, her face slammed into the concrete wall. Strong,
powerful black arms had rammed her into the wall twice
to daze her. She had been spun around just in time to
catch a dark blur as a hand came up across her face.

Only Captain Ward was singled out it was obvious why.
I managed to get to a hole in the lower wall of the hut we
were locked in. Outside Three Rebel guards stood. I
looked out between their legs on the compound. It was
the early hours of the morning.

The compound was lit by the strong electrical light on the
metal pole, it lit it harshly. That and fires that had started
during the looting. I could hear some of the female staff
screaming and sobbing as they were raped in the school

The place was quietening down when I heard a
huge uproar, as a hoard of RFU troops, including 2
officers, dragged someone, a blonde woman, into
the compound. It was obvious that they were all very
excited about this woman. In fact, it took the Rebel
Leader himself to break up the chaos. As he pulled
them away and regained order I realized it was
Captain Ward.

You could see that the soldiers regarded her as
their most exciting trophy. The horde crowded in
on Jackie, Salivating over her impossible figure,
impatient to rape her.

The Rebel Leader stood in front of her grinning.
he was an imposing figure, dressed in army style
boots, camouflage trousers and a black Nike vest.
He wore a pistol in a holster and a large combat
knife strapped to his thigh. He had a riding crop
in his hand which he used to pose with. His hair
was cropped short. His face creased with a livid
scar from below his left eye across his lips to his

Captain Ward was shaking, dressed in her combats.
Boots, trousers, green army t shirt stretched tight over
her huge chest. She looked dishevelled. Her hair still
partly tied up in a bun at the back. a livid bruise stood
out on her cheek.

"Hey bitch take the uniform off! take it off now whore!"

He had a thick south african tainted accent. She
stared at him defiantly,

"I will not I am a British Officer and should be treated
in accordance with the . . "

"SHUT UP YOU WHITE SHIT!!" he screamed at her.

She swallowed the rest of her words and looked
fearfully at him.


She began to pull her t shirt out of her combat trousers... I was almost
deafened by the troopers uproar, they watched as she struggled the
shirt over her head, revealing her straining white cotton bra which cupped
both heavy jugs tightly. Both huge mammaries bulged out over the top.

She went to undo her trousers, her face crimson with humiliation.

"No Bitch get those tits out first, tits first you hear!"

She reached behind her and undid the clasps. As Jackie's ridiculous
breasts spilled out from her nursing bra. The troops went crazy
chanting and whooping. Two soldiers grabbed Jackie, and wrenched
her arms behind her back, making her stiff globes wobble and shake
stiffly. They held her as two others cut her trousers off. she struggled
and screamed "NO!" as they tore her white pants off.

She stood silently now naked but for her boots and dog tags,
Her tall body tanned on her face, arms and in a 'v' down into
her cleavage. Her tits were two massive weighty globes of
hard flesh, her aureole two large coral disc's mounted by her
semi erect pinkish nipples. The rest of her seemed
startlingly white. Her strong legs fattening as the went up
to her chubby dimpled arse cheeks. As they held her arms
behind her back. Her big eyes darted helplessly over to
the hut were I looked out as if she could see me; she
looked at me with nothing other than a face of sheer terror.

Rebel Leader approached Jackie. Now exposed and vulnerable, her giant
milk laden breasts hung down to her groin! With a shaking voice, Jackie
attempted to reason with him,

"Look sir, Hello, my name is Captain Jackie Ward, I work in the hospital
here. I'm a medical Officer, I can help your men, treat them, treat your
wounded, I'll be no use to you once you've, you've . . . (She faltered)
Please, PLEASE let me go! Please!"

"Once we've played with your big udders cow?"

"Don't call me that, I'm a British Army Officer, I demand to be treated
correctly as a Prisoner of War!"

Rebel Officer stood over her, but did not answer her. Instead he
sneered and began comparing her to a cow.

"Well, you don't look like a fucking soldier to me. You
look like a big fat titted cow. Does your British Army
feed it's Officers grass?";

" They should hang a bell around your neck cow! Where is
your bell? a cow with such big udders should wear a bell?
so they can find you at milking time"; the others jeered and

She looked at him with horrified disgust. shaking her head.

"Do you feed the army kitchens with milk each morning for your tea?";

"Now look I . . ." she stammered

"Or are you too busy playing with your udders in bed?";

"Don't be so disgusting!"

"Would you like us to tug on your udders? My men are hungry
would you like to feed them?";

"No I would not!"

"I bet your big fat teats are sensitive huh? when was the last time
you had them sucked, or bitten?".

There was much more like this for a while, each comment being
received with gleeful cheers. It was typical of Jackie that she actually
tried, obstinately, to answer his wicked questions.

Then the Rebel Leader's face took on a more evil look, and the background
laughter eased a little.

"Can you guess what we are going to do with you?" he said menacingly.

Jackie gasped shaking her head, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Can you imagine what we are going to do to those breasts?!!"

Uproar from the surrounding ranks. He prodded each heavy boob
with the riding crop. Jackie was breaking down; tears were
flooding, and after a series of little squeals, she began pleading to him.

"Oh no please don't hurt me, please don't, please; I beg you!"

SLAP!! He hit her once only, then leaned down to her tearful face and
boomed out.

"Hold her hands out!".

Jackie's arms were forced forward, wrists together, the muscles
on her arms stood out. The rope that hung from the metal pole
which supported the light was dragged over and was quickly
lashed around her wrists, in an instant her arms were whipped
up above her head as the troops yanked the rope down on the
other side of the pole.

Her tits bounced and slammed together, the stiff heavy flesh
white and glistening with sweat in the humid jungle heat.

"P-please, oh god... Why? Why are you doing this to me?
Please l . . . let me go."

She was now on her tip toes her army boots lifting from the floor.
her legs kicked and shook as nearly the whole of her weight
went on her wrists. The rope was tied off.

"OH GOD what are you going to do please! PLEASE DON'T!!"

Their leader was given some red cord, 'para cord' from our
stores. He grinned at her concerned terrified face. Then he
slapped her big globes back and too, she trembled and
tried to pull away. He wrapped the cord around the base
of her left breast. He dragged it tight pinching her flesh
as the cord tightened, forcing the breast up into a huge
taut balloon.

"NOOOOOOOO Please, no please don't" she begged.

He twisted it round and round then he passed it around
her back and lashed it tightly around the base of the other.
He yanked it viciously making Jackie scream and kick.
The troops laughed and jeered. them all stood around
drinking and laughing. He tied the rest of the cord around
her waist and went to squeezing each turgid breast.

"Stop it please . . don't! please stop it!"

Jackie sobbed and gasped as he drew his fingers
down each swollen milk laden jug. Her aureole were
now full dark thick circles, her nipples two half erect
thickening studs.

"You're hurting me please don't!"

Each breast was pulled in at it's root making both
into two very fat elongated rugby ball shaped orbs
crowned by her dark bloated goose fleshed teats.
He flicked and pulled her nipples slowly enjoying
the way she squirmed and writhed as he teased
them into harder and harder nubs.

He grinned at her studying her anguished face.
She looked on horrified biting her lip as he
wrapped more of it around the mid portion
of one dragging it tighter and tighter until
she began pleading and sobbing as fore
milk began to seep from her distended
nipple. Then he did the same around the
next bulged area of tense flesh.

"What are you going to do? please no!"

He chuckled and grinned at her as he drew
it tighter and tighter as she stamped and
squealed in pain. grinning he tied it off. Then he
repeated the process with the other. I could see
Captain Wards breasts clearly under the light.
Two bloated swollen slabs of tit flesh, jutting out of
her heaving chest begging to be sucked.

He patted and pawed each weighty globe, admiring
the thick veins which were struggling to support her
deep dark aureole and bloated teats.

I could see the colostrum leak from her breasts
saw the increasing distension of her teats, he
lightly touched each fat stud. She wanted to feed,
desperately, an awful intense need. You could see
it in her face, betraying her. Letting slip that she
was desperate for let down, eager.

"Are they sore Brit whore? are they tender?"

"Yes yes they are!" she spat.

"They are very full, do you want to be suckled
like a big Moo cow?"

He squeezed them hard. She shuddered and almost
feinted from the rush as milk dribbled from each stiff
nipple. He squeezed them cruelly trying to crush her
breasts his thick black fingers digging deep into
her hard white flesh.

"Yes YES! they are, please don't it hurts, HURTS!!"
she complained.

He pulled them harder making her almost lose her footing.
Both heavy jugs stretching cruelly as he grinned into her
pained face. Her nipples were two thick elongated corks

"Moo for us cow, Moo to get your calves to you, like the
big uddered heifer you are!"


He twisted and tugged them, squeezing her tits up
almost to his face. She looked so expectantly as
his mouth neared them and then pulled away.

"Moo for us!" the ranks giggled as she squirmed.

"Moo for us!"

He insisted his fingers pulling and shaking
each bloated hard jug. She swallowed hard, tears
rolling down her face.

"MOO!" she said her face flushing bright red.

He laughed and the others chanted.

"Moo cow, moo cow, moo cow"

"Louder Cow!"

He pulled and twisted her mammaries cruelly
She sobbed and then shouted.

"Moo, MOOO! MOOOO!!"

His fingers squeezing and pulling in turn as he started
to milk her like a heifer.

"That's a good cow, good cow!"

Thick streams of white liquid began welling up from her
nipples, spilling down to run over his fingers to drip from
the undersides of her monumental mounds to run in rivulets
down her muscled belly.

"Moo, MOOO! MOOOO!!" she wailed.

He began to swipe his mouth over each teat in turn, dragging
each teat back and too as he teased her bound jugs. Kneading
them with terrible pressure, dragging the flesh toward his mouth.

"MOO . . OH God, GOD!! . . Suck! Suck them please
you bastard, suck!"

Jackie's breasts erupted, at least a half dozen needle thin
streams of hot milk sprayed out from each thick nipple,
arcing out and splashing across the grinning rebel Leaders
face and chest. bursting between his fingers.

"Moo you fat cow MOO!!" he urged her.

"MOO . . OH God, MOO, MOO!"

He grinned a look of explicit glee in his eyes as he began
making hard milking motions on both swollen heavy streaming
breasts. I could see her whole body flexing and snatching her
hips thrusting out of control as her cunt demanded attention.


His fingers digging deep into the hard flesh of each,
squeezing, twisting, pulling, seeming gallons shot forth.
She struggled and squirmed as he pulled her breasts
making them squirt and squirt as she let out anguished
moan after moan.

"MOOOO . Oh God please please it hurts . hurts so good!"

The torrent continued unabated. She was groaning and
shuddering completely transported by the ecstatic
feelings of sudden release, as she squirted and

"Mooooooo! MOOOOOO!"

While she was in the throes of let down some of the
Rebel troops brought out two poles which they
positioned and then drove into the floor of the
compound on either side of her.

The Rebel Leader let go of her breasts and his men
grabbed her legs and forced them up and wide.

"No don't stop, NOOOOOO!"

She fought madly, her strong legs straining and twisting
in frantic desperation as they tied her knees to each
pole. and her ankles. Subsequently forcing her to be
suspended, sat in the air, legs spread wide, her wide
chubby arse vulnerable. Her blonde haired cunt helplessly

Captain Ward was looking at their Leader with defiance
staring at his grinning visage. You could tell, the way
this filthy animal was looking at her made her feel so
vulnerable... so DIRTY. The fact she was naked,
vulnerable, I'm sure that's what made her shudder.

"You are now going to have your big fat tits milked and
tortured, then you will be raped, both front and back,
if you struggle and fail to please any of my men they
will be cut off!!"

"No please you can't mean that! please I'll fuck you
I'll be good I . . I can suck you off . please .Sir?"

He smiled and nodded, laughing as his troops surged
toward their prize. They seized her bosoms fiercely,
causing a loud squeal from Jackie, and soon came
the first spurts of her breast milk. They viciously milked
both huge glands with their hands, while more Rebel
soldiers attacked her cunt and ass.

Her body jolted and she screamed as rebels knelt behind
her and yanked her big bum cheeks wide open, fingers
seeking and finding her tightly clenched butt hole. Dragging
her cheeks cruelly apart as they wormed thick fingers into
her squirming ass, pushing into her anus. Forcing one then
two fingers in.

"No not my bottom! Please don't! NO MY BUM!!

Milk was now splashing everywhere. Jackie was now
sobbing and screaming freely, as yet more assailants
closed in on her: a mass of frantic hands mauling her
lush breast flesh.

Her bosoms were milked, punched, stretched and
chewed. She was forced to helplessly watch as they
fought to breast feed from her. Her assailants gnawing,
biting, pulling and sucking her fat nubs. Making her
beg and plead, as they made their faces wet with
her gushing milk.

Her heavy bound chest dangled before them vulnerably.
She squealed and howled shaking and jolting her body
quite violently as her asshole was invaded by more
eager digits, thus making those breasts swing about wildly,
inevitably resulting in great slapping wet collisions.

"STOP THEM! no not my bottom, please" she wailed.

Over Jackie's whimpers, the RFU Rebels laughed
uncontrollably. In this position, her vulnerable jugs,
ass and cunt were not safe for long. I watched as
one hauled out an impressive thick long black cock
and began to force feed it up her swerving ass.


As she was sodomized, her hands clenched and
unclenched wildly in the air as the cramps tore up
her insides.

ME!!!!!! HELPMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

She lunged forward screaming as it went in, bending
with her tight reluctance as he viciously made it go in.
Her strong legs straining and twisting against the
bonds that held them to the rigid poles, muscles
standing out as she fought to stop them invading
her butt. She threw her head back her white teeth
gritted as she snorted through the pain as her ring
gave and gave, his fat black snake rippling into her
quaking ass. You could see from their movements
they were forcing fingers up into her cunt. Ramming
them up into her.

There was a soldier raping her big ass, two more biting
and sucking on her bosoms and another roughly fisting
her cunt!!

"OH GOD you dirty black bastards, bastards!"

Soon her muscular frame was being repeatedly
sodomized. One after another big black niggers
shafting her helpless fat ass. The air full of her
squeals, screams, constant begging, with a
background of hard brutal squelching as her
ass was speared time after time.

"Ooooh UHHH my god not so deep please!"

I could see her ass crack was smeared with
her shit. Thick black fingers dragging and pulling
those big white cheeks wide, her anus open, semen
coating the inner walls of her buttocks. It dribbled
out of her. Another pressed the thick pink slab like
head of his cock to it, and forced it in, semen and
shit oozed out of the sides as he grunted with effort
pressing it up into her bowels with his fingers.

"OH please it's too big, TOO BIG!!"

Milk coursed from her tits as they gave up feeding
from her and one stood before her and forced into
her cunt. slapping and mauling her tits as he
pounded up into her helpless form. Another
forced into her ass and she wailed and shrieked
as they packed her full of cock, slamming in
unison up into her snatching sweat drenched

Her high pitched screams grated on my ears at first,
she was very high pitched, but they blended well now
with the more primal lower tones as more and more
of her was opened up and violated.

That was when they made her cum, I could see
by her movements and the way she began to
urgently force back against their viciously
brutal thrusts, getting faster and faster, she
began to curse them as if in a chant

"Bastards! Bastards! Bastards! Bastards!"

Her arms twisting and hands gripping the rope
as her sobbing chant became a shriek of animal
lust as her body stiffened and jolted going rigid
between them as she climaxed, straightening
her bound legs as both rapists simultaneously
jetted their loads up her.

The rebel behind her wrenched his cock out
of her ass, more semen spurting up across
her flexing bum cheeks as shit and cum fell
out of her gaping arse hole. She wailed as
the other pulled out leaving both holes open
dripping semen.

In moments two more were filling her holes
double fucking her with brutal efficiency. I lost
count of how many of the bastards raped her
cunt and ass. Eventually she was hanging
there limply groaning as rebel after rebel
emptied his seed in her.

As the raping frenzy was dying down, there was
a slight hiatus, during which time, Some of them
lowered her arms. One of them grabbed her
shoulders and dragged them forward. I could
hear little sobs and squeaks from Jackie, as
they chatted in there native tongue as if what
they were doing was an everyday occurrence.

He held her bent forward. Another lashed more
rope around one knee, over her back to her
other, he pressed it under the joint and drew
it tight before tying it off. Now she was leant
forward helplessly her cunt and ass open from
the back. Her pendulous breasts hanging
like two great bloated melons, her head hung
down. she groaned as they finished tying it off.

The Leader grabbed her hair and dragged her
head back, he held it while they tied more para
cord to her hair, this held her head back tightly.
He let go of her hair and went behind her.

He felt her reddened buttocks squeezing and
testing them. then he pushed his cock into her
ass too. He took his time slowly forcing his
snake up up her well lubed shit chute. He had
managed to force the head of his cock in her
rear, and he was grunting, trying to ram all of
it the rest of the way in. Slowly it disappeared,
inch by inch inside Jackie's ass. She screamed
and gurgled the entire time it passed through
her asshole, painfully stretching her abused
sphincter until the Leader's forearm thick ten
inch cock was completely buried inside her

Jackie was moaning and grunting in hysterical
panic from being so savagely stuffed up the ass
by this massively thick piece of cock meat. He
forced the last inch or so in and with her gasping
in pain he began to ram deeply into her bowels,
grunting as he sped up.

"Oh shit you bastards" she hissed, panting.

He had hold of her shoulders slamming into
her splayed asshole, viciously reaming her
squelching shitter. he forced deep so his
pubes were against her white quivering
cheeks. then he stayed there rotating his
hips grinning, enjoying the tight heat of her
narrowing guts. He pulled all the way out,
jamming his cock back into her clutching
ass, watching the way it rippled as it
disappeared into her tortured hole.

Jackie was thrusting her hips back to meet every
ass flattening blow from his muscular loins, her
eyes wide, she began to let out a heavy moan.
She sped up slamming back at him, her breasts
banging back and to beneath her as she went
rigid squealing as she came again. Their laughter
stinging her ears as she shuddered to a halt.

"Oh yes, do you like having your ass raped
Captain? My men enjoy your ass bitch, and
so do I, there is nothing like butt fucking some
high and mighty white whore, is there guys?"

They all cheered him on. Jackie lifted her head

"Please I'm sore, it hurts . . please?"

"Oh dear we don't want to spoil our new
fuck toys ass now do we, shall I give her
ass a rest boys?"

They all grinned and agreed.

He pulled his cock out and walked around
to the front of her, his cock was a thick hard
pole of dark meat rearing up at the end,
smeared with her shit and the semen of
all his men.

"I'll tell you what Moo cow you suck our cocks
clean and we'll leave your ass alone, what
you say bitch?"

She looked at him in total disgust and shook
her head, clamping her mouth shut tight.

"Look see, you've got shit and cum all over it
the least you can do is clean it!"

He pushed it to her face showing her the mess it
was in. Her big blue eyes widened it horror and
disgust. she shied away from it, terrified.

"Open your mouth Captain! clean my cock cow!"

She shook her head pulling it away, her mouth a
thin line.

"Looks like we need my persuader, where's my
persuader boys?"

One of them raced over to some packs and
brought back a thick length of rubber hose,
the kind that you have between radiators and
engines. Jackie looked fearfully at him while
he hefted it.

"P-pleaseeeee...I can't" She started to beg, through
trembling lips. She tried to look through her tear
filled eyes at the big man stood before her to
see if he had any mercy for her, but all she
saw was his huge, twelve inch, black cock
aimed at her face.

"You ask to suck my cock cow, ask to clean it!"

"Please I'll be sick, I can't, No!!"

"Perhaps this will change your mind bitch!"

Without warning he began kicking at her
sensitive pendulous hanging tits. again and
again his boot smacked into both weighty
targets. Jackie screamed and shrieked as
he kicked her swollen jugs. Milk sprayed out
with each impact.

He stopped and swung at both bouncing tits
with the hose. The noise it made as it hit her
tits was almost as loud as the scream she
emitted. He laughed in sadistic glee as her
jugs were belted back and too.

Jackie thrashed in her bonds screaming in
agony as he vigorously whipped her giant tits.
Both heavy mammaries started to redden
with the marks he was leaving.

Whapp! WHAPP!! went down on her tender
engorged bags, both volumous balloons
smashing into each other, swinging to and
fro under the blows. He rested panting and
laughing as she shuddered and flexed her
arms sobbing painfully, her tits were welted
grotesquely across both globes

"Ready to suck cock now cow?!"


He lashed her left tit with the hose using a
Vicious sideways swing, then backhanded
her heavy right breast.


Her tits swayed wildly on her torso while she
screamed and twisted, her head wrenching
on her hair as she grimaced in and howled in
pain. Her arms twisting and pulling frantically at
her bonds, as her large jugs were batted around
obscenely. I'm not sure which she hated more,
the pain or the humiliation.

YOUR KILLING ME!" she screamed.

He laughed and beat her tits one way and then
the other with the heavy hose. For about 15
minutes he continued the torture of her tits,
while she screamed and twisted.

Eventually he stopped, she hung there gasping
and wincing in agony. her tits were red raw, and
dripping milk from each swollen bruised teat.

"You're going to suck me, cunt."

She started to gag as he offered the slab like head
of his meat to her face. He grinned down at her, he
held it before her quivering spit flecked lips, The look
of revulsion on her face was delicious.

"Stick your tongue out, that's it, now lick it cunt! LICK

She shut her tear soaked eyes and with her face
betraying her utter humiliation she pushed her tongue
out and lapped at the thick head that had only just
come out of her arse.

"That's it, open wide, there"

He forced it up her tongue and into her mouth, filling it
and forcing her to widen her jaw as she was forced to
start sucking his shit smeared cock.

"That's it bitch... Don't gag, suck like a good cow?"

Jackie was soon drooling out of both corners of her
packed mouth as he forced himself in making her lips
open wider to take in his big tool. He shoved his tool
in her mouth. He made sure she knew that he was
going to make her deep throat him.

"You're going to feel every inch of my cock you whore."

He was brutal to her. Squatting in front of her upturned
face, he jerked his hips, impaling her throat with his fat
ten inch cock. Jackie struggled, but there was nothing
she could do. she was callously throat fucked by his full
ten inches ball deep all the way. Jackie tried to pull
away from the big, powerful black man but all she could
do was hang there submissively and suck cock until he
was satisfied and let her have his cum.

Jackie looked so ashamed as she was made to suck
his filthy cock.

He grabbed her ears like handles and jerked his hips
forward, making her gag and choke, wanting to hurt her,
wanting to make her pay for interfering in his war. Again
and again he rammed his turgid cock against her throat,
her body brutally pinioned between the two poles, until
she gagged violently and he pushed hard into her face.
Seeing his cock slide down her pulsing throat, his hips
slamming into her face, a feeling of power overwhelmed
him as he took this British Officer whore before him.

I could see his cock was completely buried in her throat,
his balls resting under her chin his troops gathered round
watching as she began to struggle and go blue. He gasped
laughing as he must have felt her throat spasm around
his tool.

My cock was straining hard in my pants as I watched
his cock start to stab in and out of her throat, fucking
her face brutally, violently. He looked down at her head
as he slammed his hips into her face again, his cock
throbbing in her throat as he fucked her face. You could
see a a grin of lust and hate twisting his lips as he
looked down at her, bucking and gagging around his

He pulled out momentarily and lunged, driving into her
throat again. He fucked her head like that for ten
minutes or so. Making Jackie choke on his thick veiny
black rod. Eventually he couldn't restrain himself.

"Swallow you bitch swallow!! Ahhhhhhhhh!"

He didn't pull out of her. He left his throbbing, ejaculating
cock buried deep inside Jackie's throat while he emptied
himself into her belly. You could see her gagging and
choking as his hot sperm spurted deep down inside
her. You could see he was loving it. The feel of shooting
his jizz deep in her throat.

He jerked several times as he continued to come; glob
after glob of thick, slimy sperm gushed out of his cock.
The first couple of spurts filled her throat so he pulled
back an inch or so, then rammed forward, Her cheeks
blew out then sucked in as he shoved all that sperm down
in one, almost solid mass straight down her throat.

He came for a long time, and had to "plunge" cum
down her throat three more times.

"That's it, whore. Take my cum down your throat,
ahhh!...ahhh!....yes...yes...swallow it, cunt."

When he finished he extracted his cock leaving Jackie
gasping to breathe and coughing up white sticky sperm,
gooey jism surging out of her nostril's as she tried spitting
it out of her mouth. He laughed at her as she choked,

"what's the matter whore, too rough?"

"UHHH . . UHHH you . . you filthy UGHHH!!"

Another stood in front of her head, pulling it up by the hair
he then forced his entire cock into her mouth with a grunt.
She gags but does not fight him.

"Yeah, whore!" He growls. "Choke on me!"

Her face flushes dark red and she makes a gagging sounds
as his cock shuts off her trachea blocking the air supply into her

"Bitch...fuckin' bitch."

He pounds her face holding her head still as he uses her face
like a cunt, slam fucking her throat, he's at it for ages. Then
he gasps, going on tip toe. He steps back, pulling out of her
as a stream of thick white cum laced drool spills down her chin.

"Oh fuck, yeah, I'm cumming on this whore's face!"

He shouted as jet after jet of semen flew from his spasming
cock, The others all laughed and cheered as gouts of cum
splattered wetly on her cheeks and lips, covering her eyelids,
draping themselves in her hair and down her forehead. Cum
flew into her gaping mouth as she gulped in air.

End of Part One.
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Talking Jungle Treatment Part Two (F/ Gang Unif. NC Lac.) By Mad Gerald.

Part two

Story by Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2000.

Jungle Treatment (F/ Gang Unif. NC Lac.) By Mad Gerald.

One of the rebels got behind her and shoved his cock into
her cunt he started fucking her fast and hard. Another pushed
his ass soiled cock to her mouth and he shoved it straight in
her nose was mashed straight into his pubes as they spit
roasted her. Gurgling and squirming, She was trying to jerk
her hips away from the thrusts, desperate to lessen the pain
of the brutal fucking. But it was useless.

The cocks were just too large and the fucking too violent.

All of them were rough with her. Wanting to degrade and hurt her
as much possible, they kept forcing their large cocks full up her
stretched aching cunt or entirely down her throat.

Grabbing the back of her head with their hands and jamming her down
on their cocks until her lips touched the base. Leaving their pricks
lodged in her throat, they cheered as she gagged and choked with
the effort. As each man ejaculated down her throat or in her face,
they cursed her, and swore at her in their own thick dialect.

Roughly grabbing her by the back of her head another began to violently
fuck her face. I could hear the slapping noise of her forehead hitting his
belly and her grunts each time his cock fucked down her throat.

"Suck it you Brit slut! Take it all you whore!"

He fucked it with quick deep stabs. She was gagging and choking, her
nose was mashed tightly against his belly when he finally came. Cum
bubbled from the corners of her mouth and shot from her nose. Thick
strands of it dangled from her lips and chin. The guy kept fucking her
face and seemed as though he'd never stop. Sperm dribbled down
her neck. When he pulled his dick out of her mouth, she fought for air
and coughed up more cum that was lodged deep in her throat.

"No more please please!" She begged hoarsely.

The leader went to her head and dragged her face up, her features were
glazed with sperm, she blinked glaring at his grinning face.

"Ok Bitch, We'll stop, you tell me how many British troops are between
here and Freetown?"

"I . . I don't know, honestly I don't!"

He grinned at her and chuckled. "Joseph?"

"Yeah boss?" said one of his men.

"Do you think the men will enjoy dis bitch havin'a
jog round the compound?"

"Sure boss, sounds fine!"

They quickly untied her legs, arms and hair. They
dragged her to her feet. Joseph and two others tied her
elbows tightly together behind her. Then they forced
her up on her feet.

She stood there her tied back blonde head bowed
her shoulders dragged back, arms cruelly lashed
together. Her breasts stood out impressively two
tightly constrained fat Zeppelins of taut fat flesh.
Her teats two thick ruddy nubs poking out of her
dark coral aureole. They pushed and manhandled
her. As she was shoved her massive jugs shook
and bobbed stiffly, her nipples leaking milk.

Each drop of milk dribbled out and ran down the
pressured expanse of the front of her turgid globe
to sit under the fat shelf and drip from the thin para
cord which bit deeply into her pale breast. The drips
landed on her high leg boots. Her dog tags dangled
between her heavy tits, gangling as she moved.

They all gathered around her, squeezing her tits
and butt, slapping and pinching. Jackie looked
around her in terror as she saw some of them
produce bayonets and machetes.

"Please leave me alone!"

"Run Moo Cow, run or we cut your udders off!"

"Run where? please"

Strong fingers grabbed her fat tits pulling them out
a long glinting Bayonets perilously close, a sea of
malicious grinning faces.

"RUN COW!!" they shoved her and pushed.

Jackie stumbled her breasts bobbing free of their
grasping fingers. She turned desperately glancing
about. Her heavy bound tits bouncing hard against
her ribcage. She began to run as they laughed and
gave chase. They laughed and jeered as she fled.

"Stab her tits! STAB THEM!!"

Jackie wailed in fear and ran toward the entrance to
the compound. Her strong legs quickly picking up
pace. Some of the rebels headed her off grabbing
at her. She wailed and stepped past their outstretched
arms. Now they were surging after her.

Her big tits were bouncing and slapping hard
together as she swerved to avoid two more of
them, a knife slashed alarmingly close. She
side stepped again screaming as a machete
slapped the side of her left jug.

They caught up with her, crowding round as she
waddled as fast as she could, her colossal swinging
bound bosoms were pricked and slapped by bayonet,
and machete, milk dribbling from her nipples.

The rebel leader looked on grinning as she was
subjected to this public humiliation in the compound,
she was encouraged by slaps, shoves and bayonet
to "run" naked around the compound for their
entertainment until exhausted she was pushed in
front of their leader.

"Jump up and down Moo cow, JUMP!!"

Fearfully she complied as they forced her to jump
up and down her big boobs slamming up and down
while she wept and sobbed. Her body was dripping
sweat and she was panting heavily. The rebels
laughed and joked. Each time she slowed they
threatened her with their knives and fearfully she
resumed jumping up and down shaking her bouncing
tits for their entertainment.

The Leader barked orders and she was grabbed
and held. Some of them dragged a table out of the
school house and she was forced backwards over
it. Her arms trapped helplessly under her. Her arse
on the edge of the table. Men grabbed her legs and
fought them open. They held her ankles to the legs
on either side, while they were lashed there.

"I'll ask you again cow! you tell me how many British
troops are between here and Freetown?"

"I . . I told you I don't know, honestly I don't!"

Some of his men were toying with her tits, pulling
and tugging on her stiff nipples, the huge globes
were weeping blood in places from small cuts from
her run. Another man held her backwards by the

He grinned at her and chuckled. "Joseph?"

"Yes boss!"

"See if you can get your hand in her cunt!"

"My pleasure!"

"No please, don't!!" she squealed.

Please, you can't. It'll never fit."

"Oh, It'll fit. Eventually."

"It won't! You'll hurt me."

He knelt in front of her and started to force his fingers into her blonde
snatch. She jolted and swerved her hips trying to avoid his pushing
fingers. Meanwhile the others were sucking and chewing her
swollen teats. A man on either side, their mouths clamped on
suckling her helpless mammaries.

"PLEASE YOUR HURTING!!" she pleaded

He rammed them into her opening, pulling at the tight muscles that
guarded her entrance. His strong digits pushed into her warm
flesh and penetrated up to the third knuckle. His fingers slid in
and out rhythmically, he forced the fingers of his other hand in
and around his knuckles, pulling at her inner lips. Stretching
and dragging them wider.

"God no, NO! don't bite them NO! ARGHHHHH!!"

Jackie's building physical excitement provided copious amounts
of pussy juice, and Joseph soon had all four of his fingers jammed into
her hot box. He began to pay attention to her clit in order to make
her jolt and kick.

He slid his thumb in alongside them and slowly forced his whole
hand in, until it was wedged into the sticky folds of her cunt. All
his fingers wedged just above the second knuckle. Captain Ward
began to groan and grunt no longer able to restrain herself He
spread and pushed his fingers alternately, until the breadth
of his third knuckle was surrounded by the stretched muscles of her

"Oh GOD! I'll tear please it's awful!!"

"How many troops bitch?"

"I don't know please!"

He churned his fingers around for a bit, and began shoving.
Soon, most of his fingers up to the knuckle were buried in
Jackie's stretched cunt. He made a fist, and Jackie let out
a scream that was deafening. With total lust in his eyes the
rebel leader looked on, as Joseph began to shove his
fist in. With a few brutal jabs, and a long slow hard push,
and with Jackie arching her back in agony she began to
let out a low animal sob he got it in up to the wrist.

The men on her tits were sucking and pumping her jugs
to there hungry faces. Jackie's cunt lips were stretched
to the limit, wrapped around his wrist. Pulling almost all
the way out, he punched up into her hard again.

Her cunt lips gripped around his wrist, you could see it
sticking out of her pussy, her pink lips stretched like a
tight seal around the dark flesh of his arm. She was
wailing as he moved his fingers around inside her
hot, wet tunnel.

The compound rang with Jackie's moans, her entreaties
to stop, to end her torment. Her sweet cries of pain and
pleasure as his hand forced its way excruciatingly slowly
deeper and deeper inside her.

She was rigid her mouth wide in a silent howl as he pushed
inwards. Pain and fear abruptly breaking though the haze of
Jackie's shock and disbelief as her cunt throbbed in pleasure.
She started to struggle when he pulled his hand back out
again, easing the juices from her pussy to lubricate his wrist
even more. She squirmed and jolted as he pushed back in,
in earnest, twisting his fingers and thumb in her tight entrance.

Her eyes are huge with shock, her voice a rising wail. Poor Jackie
was in excruciating agony and pleasure her cunt stretched to
capacity. Her tits being fought over, fingers pulling and grabbing.
Her cunt straining around his thick wrist. Pulses of pure pleasure
throbbing up through her uterus as her cunt is forced to give.

She groaned thinking now it was in it was all over, her punishment
complete. Then their leader was over her grinning.

"How many British troops Captain?"

"NUHHGHHHHHH I don't know nnnnnnggghhhh!!"

He nodded to Joseph who grinned. He gave a little tug on his
hand I watched her big blue eyes widen.

"You feel how tightly he's held inside you? The widest part of
his hand and all his fingers have to come out through your tight
little hole again. Just think, Captain. If he holds his fingers apart
and pulls out, very, very slowly, an inch at a time - what might
that do to you?"

"Please I don't know, I don't, GOD MY CUNT!! PLEASE!"

They all laughed as he started to fist her, ramming and twisting
his hand inside her body. The men on her tits let go of her nipples
allowing milk to spray out in a fine spray. They viciously squeezed
the body of each fat breast, kneading and forcing spray after
spray out. Jackie was wailing and writhing in pain and pleasure.

Then Joseph began to lap at her clit, his thick tongue manipulating
and flicking it cruelly as she went rigid groaning. She began straining
and trying to kick as he began to stir his fist inside her.

Slowly, he clenched and unclenched his hand, rotating it back and
forth slowly. He began to suck her now enlarged clit into his mouth.
The air was full of the pungent aroma of her cunt secretions. I watched
her lovely face express total abandonment to their control, as he
started a light, rapid stroking of her clit.

Jackie's body started to heave and push back her face contorting in
pure excruciating anguish and delight. You could see they were
going to make her cum. They knew she would orgasm.

"How many Captain?" he insisted.

"I don . . . don't know!"

He nodded to Joseph who slowly pulled his hand out of her cunt.
Jackie went rigid. The muscles straining in her legs as his spread
hand began to emerge from her. It continued to stretch her wide. He
was pulling with all his might, her ass lifting up toward his face as he
pulled inch by inch her pink cunt flesh clinging to his hand , which were
liberally coated in her slick juices.

He pulled out until you could see his knuckles and then he
pushing it back in with all his strength, she bucked and thrust her
hips back and too throwing her head back howling in agony. He
rammed his mouth down on her clit and sucked hard.


After a long, low scream of pleasure, she began to climax. Thrashing
and heaving pounding her cunt on to his arm. Her vagina opened
completely, a series of pulsing contractions wracking her body.
The oral and facial expressions she made as she orgasmed
excited me so much. Then suddenly a deep scream began
somewhere within her, hissing out at first and rising in volume
as it escaped her. Her body began trembling violently as she
came and came.

He pulled his hand out in one heave and stood up.

"Give it to her in the ass again!" they chanted

"Hurt the bitch."

He pulled his cock out and forced it to her still slick asshole.
Her head was grabbed and wrenched back over the side
of the table, her scream was choked off as a massive
black cock was thrust into her shocked face and into
her mouth.

She tried to cry out to them around the cock pistoning in
and out of her mouth,

"Phease, phease sllhop."

"Don't please...Ahhhhhhhhhh!...Nooooooo!"

She screamed around the cock at the top of her lungs
as Joseph's cock forced her asshole open.

I watched in pleasure as he made her take his meat
up her ass, yet another cock forcing open her anus,
her wrecked sphincter beginning to slide open as he
forced his cock inexorably up into her struggling ass.

She struggled vainly as she felt his prick press into her
ass, his cock popping past her anal ring, a tired moan
escaped her as they raped the shit out of her again.

"That's it, gag her!!"

"Choke on my filthy animal cock!"

"Suck me, bitch. Suck my nigger cock!"

Joseph thumbed her still protruding clit as she
writhed under the vicious thrusts down her throat.
He fucked her ass watching as her body arched
cumming again as he butt fucked her. Others
went to her tits grabbing at them forcing them up
to their greedy mouths as they began to suckle
her cruelly.

Joseph pulled his cock from her ass and spurted
his seed all over her gaping twat and belly. He was
quickly replaced by another who mounted her
shoving his meat into her cunt. The man fucking her
throat stabbed it hard and then came. He pulled out.

Another forced into her coughing mouth gripping her
under the chin as he pushed and pushed until the
whole of his cock was embedded in her mouth. Then
he started to fuck her face slowly, enjoying her gagging
around his girth.

The rebel on top of her brutally fucked her twat, holding
her by the hips as he pounded into her. She stiffened
again, snorting around the cock in her throat as she
came and came.

It was about an hour or so before they stopped. She
was unconscious. Her head hanging back off the table
edge. One forced his flaccid cock into her slack mouth
pushing it in with his fingers. Then he pissed in her
mouth. The others laughed as it burst out of her lips
around his shaft. The rest of them joined him.
Pissing all over her bruised and battered body.

They dragged her over to the hut we
were in and shoved a sack over her head before
dragging her inside and throwing her on her face
on the floor.

They grabbed me and dragged me out. Thank fuck they
were all hetro, they beat the shit out of me, asked me
some questions, I just acted dumb. Eventually they
dumped me back in the hut.

when I got up to my knees, I realized the others had
been taking turns butt fucking the unconscious captain
in her well lubed ass. They stopped looking sheepishly
at me.

"Don't stop on my account" I insisted.

The two medics held her on her side, one fucked her butt
while the other shafted her leaking tits, twisting her fat
mammaries tight to his cock as he battered up into
them. Then they swapped places.

After awhile I got a turn, her shitter was real slack
but tighter deeper in so I mounted her and gave her
a good rooting while I tugged on those big mammaries
from behind. She gasped as I added my seed to the soup
up her ass.

Four hours later the Para's arrived and liberated us.
The rebels cleared off. The last I saw of Captain Ward
was her being loaded unconscious into a Puma helicopter
by her fellow medics.

The End.
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Talking US Army Recruit Medical Exam Story By Mad Gerald

Now this is based on a story told to me by an ex US military babe it happened in the early 90's :

US Army Recruit Medical Exam

Story By Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2000.

Part One of ?

Private Atkinson had been in the army for just weeks. Her time at Aberdeen proving ground was far different than anyone had said. She was having a bad time at the moment.

Atkinson was 5’ 6" quite big and stocky. She had a chest of 38DD. Short cropped auburn hair, glasses, quietly kept herself to herself. She was very fit having been brought up on her uncle’s farm near Dayton Ohio. She had no problem with the training as she was very strong anyhow. All she'd known was the farm and local school, her knowledge of the ways of the world was very limited.

She was fine until about four days ago, she had been late for muster and so she was detailed to clean the billet as punishment. When she was alone cleaning and scrubbing the floor near the showers. Her drill sergeant Frank had come over and was watching her.

He was a big black guy about 6'2" well muscled, he looked mean all the time, Atkinson didn't like blacks, especially ones that told her what to do.
"Are you trying to clean that floor or bring it pleasure Private?" She looked up at him with a pained 'fuck off you annoying twat' grimace.
"To clean it sergeant!" She carried on.
"I don't care for your attitude young lady. STAND UP!" she jumped up
"Only my mother is allowed to look at me that way Private!" he shouted into her face. "ARE YOU MY MOTHER PRIVATE!!"
"No Sergeant!" she retorted.
"In that case Private you must still be my recruit, and if you’re my recruit you must owe me, say, twelve star jumps. GET TOO IT!!"

She began the star jumps, he stood in front of her and counted, and all through he leered at her heavy tits slamming up and down. They were real solid and heavy with it. By seven her shirt was soaked in sweat. It clung to her bra outlining it. Panting she came to the end.

"Right get back too it Private, make some effort this time!" he turned and walked off. She watched him go she listened she could hear him on the phone, then went to her locker, she cursed him. She took off her shirt, her bra was hurting her and wet through. She took it off. Her heavy tits swung free, big and pink with exertion. They glistened with sweat; she toweled herself dry with the wet shirt. Her nipples came up hard with the attention. Then she pulled a clean shirt on and went back to cleaning.

She'd been cleaning for another ten minutes when he returned with two other drill instructors another black guy and a short white guy. She worked harder trying to impress they were fascinated by her big tits bouncing to and fro as she scrubbed. He smiled realizing she had taken her bra off leaving the big heavy fuckers to bounce all the more; he walked around behind her and watched her big ass (tight in her BDU's) as it went back and too.
"Have you changed your shirt Private?" she stopped and looked up at him
"Yes sergeant, it was wet and I thought . . ." she trailed off.
“Stand up!” she leapt to her feet, he came really close looking into her face almost touching her stiff tits with his starched shirt front. She glanced past him seeing the others stifle grins she didn’t notice the Digi-camera capturing it all.

"Who told you to change your dress Private?"
"No one Sergeant" He smiled at her.
"Twenty star jumps, GET TOO IT!!" she obeyed resentfully. He watched closely as her fresh shirt became dark with sweat; it clung to her freely bouncing breasts as she labored past 8 then 12. She struggled to leap the last four. Her teats were stiff with the friction, pressing hard to the material of her shirt. It was so obvious that they were staring at them. They pressed to the tight material two fat points. Her face glowed crimson with humiliation and embarrassment.
She finished and stood to attention. Something his cock had already done. He stood in front of her and admired her wet chest. “Your shirt has come adrift from your trousers Private address it!” she hurriedly tucked it in pulling it even tighter across her tits.
He went over to the bucket of water she was using and dipped a finger in it he tutted.
“You can’t clean a floor with cold water ain’t that right Al?” He picked up the bucket “That’s a fact!” the white drill instructor barked. Her Sgt poured the cold water all over the floor in front of her; he grinned,
“Not good enough Private now get down and give me 20 pushups!”
She jumped down and pressed her hands to the floor now lying in 2 inches of cold water she started to do the pus ups. Her breasts were soaked, already goose bumping her nipples were aching as they stood around and watched her struggle up and down.

“Straighten those arms, push up and lock!” she did her breasts outlined beautifully the material stuck to them. They sat on their haunches admiring them “Now this Private is going to make a fine soldier don’t you think?” her teats were rigid hard against the material her face crimson her arms quivering with the strain. “Now down slowly!” she did as she was told until the tips of both teats touched the freezing water “STOP!” she held herself there straining as they chuckled “Now that’s damn fine” the white guy leaned close to her ear “They aching girly? you feel that cold making them titties throb? Well you need them babies warming up you just come and see me yeah” he grinned and moved away. “Carry on!” she struggled to get to pushing up and down again each time her teats hit the water chills coursed through them. She got to 14 and was struggling to force her arms straight her nipples were like two pulsing aching nubs sapping her strength “C’mon get them outa that water Private!” “Now you ain’t tryin!” She forced her arms out and down again out and down crimson with humiliation as they watched her. Eventually she got to twenty. “Stop stand up!” she stood to attention her shirt slick to her aching breasts “Now that was pretty poor but I can think of two reasons to keep you in the army Private” they all chuckled.

"Get back to cleaning Private!" she complied meekly. For another ten minutes they stayed there watching her scrubbing with the brush her tits slamming back and too.
"You thirsty Private?" she stopped and knelt up, her T-shirt slick with sweat and cold water stuck to her big tits.
"Yes sergeant I am sergeant!" she fired off. He grinned at her.
"Good, carry on Private!" she swallowed, pissed at his attitude.
"Yes sergeant!" she carried on, they carried on watching her. After another ten minutes he asked her the same again.
"Yes I am Sergeant!" she replied gasping. He smiled.
"OK you earned it Private, come with me I've some Gatorade in the office"
"Yes sergeant thank you sergeant!" she got up and followed them. In the office her drill sergeant pointed to a jug on his desk. It was half full of green gator. She poured herself a glass and downed it in one.
"Happy now Private? have some more if you want" he sat at his desk smiling at her. She helped herself to another full glass she felt refreshed.
"Thank you sergeant" He sent her back to work. She went back to work, she continued scrubbing and then after about ten minutes she felt faint, she couldn't keep awake. She staggered to her bed.

Her drill sergeant watched from the hinges of his office door as she scrubbed and then faltered. She rested and tried again her eyes looking whoozy then she gave up and with her legs almost buckling weaves down the billet and collapsed on her bed.

He turned and grinned to the other two “Paaaarrrrrteeeee!” he chuckled. They left it ten more minutes before he went over locked the doors. They approached her on her bed. He couldn't remember how many times he'd done this. He looked her up and down. She was impressive. He leant over her and slapped her face repeatedly.

There was no response. He grabbed her legs and hauled her ass onto the floor. He propped her back against the side of the bed. He reached down and pulled her T-shirt up over her sweaty tits. He fondled and squeezed them then pulled and wobbled them as they hung free two big fat hard slabs.
“Now ain’t they pretty huh” the others grinned

Her breasts unlike the rest of her weren't tanned but a lovely alabaster white. Two large round stiff globes that sat heavy on her ribs. Her aureoles were wide dark pink circles centered by semi-erect teats. He undid his BDU's and pulled his cock out. Then retrieved his digi-cam from the shelf where it had sat recording the proceedings and took some stills. He put the camera on the bed and pulled her shoulders straight, her head lolled back; mouth open. He sat astride her hips and squeezing up her tits in both hands slid his cock into her sweaty cleavage. He reached over picked the camera up and took some more shots he put it down. He rolled the firm flesh against his shaft, pulling on them.

"You're a regular fuckin' heifer now ain't you bitch!". He gripped her teats between finger and thumb, pulling them to each other behind his cock. He spat into her cleavage and then began to fuck her tits hard, viciously squeezing her hard full breasts too his cock. His fingers biting in marking her skin as he pumped up between them for ages. Eventually he nearly came and stopped.

He pulled off releasing them, and then he toyed with her nipples rubbing his cock over them. "Nearly, nearly made me cum bitch, now let’s have a look at that big ass o' yours honey, see if my cock fits" He got off her and the others helped haul her up onto her bunk. He threw her on her face and dragged her back over the edge so her knees rested on the floor.
With practiced ease he reached around and undid her BDU's and wrenched them down off her ass. She had issue briefs on which he dragged down revealing her wide white butt. He patted her cheeks and then took some more photos. He parted her buttocks and stretched them open to reveal her amber cleft. Her virgin anus nestling at the depths; He wet a finger and tested it pressing it in.

"Ohh yeah tight as can be baby, I'm gonna have me some o' that"
He couldn't wait any longer. He spat on his fingers wetting the head of his cock, then he forced into her tight resistant star. He managed to slowly force it in and rested glorying in the hot vice like grip of her twitching sphincter. He grabbed her hips and eased into her rectum.

Then he slowly sodomized her enjoying every moment. The billet resounded to the sounds of his grunts of pleasure and her ass squelching and farting as his hips slapped loudly against her broad stiff cheeks. He gripped her shoulders for leverage as he reamed her butt. Then he hauled her torso up. He slung his forearm around her throat and held her upright to his chest. He rammed deeply into her ass and stayed there stirring her guts with his meat. With the other hand he cruelly pulled and stretched her nipples, pinching the aureole between finger and thumb so he could make them big and fat as he raped her ass; her limp head lolling and jerking with each hard thrust. He lost control after about twenty minutes and lay on her broad back slamming up into her unconscious form. Viciously ramming deep into her and emptying his hot seed deep into her bowels. He rested then. After a few minutes laid on her back he got up and slid his cock out. It was streaked in shit, blood and semen.
The other two had waited their turn and Al hurriedly got behind her and sank his meat up her still gaping butt hole he got his hands under her to squeeze and pinch her fat tits as he raped her ass heaving his skinny white cock deep up into her groaning as he came too soon. He clambered off for the last instructor KJ.

He gripped her buttocks hard in his hands and wrenched them apart and spat in her open shitter “This is where you get big brother cock up your fat white ass honey!” he fisted his impressive meat and placed the thick head against her slick asshole he held her by the hips and dragged her butt back on to it in a slow even way he grinned watching it as it slithered in the root far thicker stretched her ring into a straining thin line. He held it there feeling the heat of her rectum bathe his meat then he started to sodomise her slowly climbing on top of her he smiled and spat on her face “Oh yeah Mom and dad will be real proud!” Al laughed as KJ started to really fuck her ass slamming into her unconscious form hard his hips battering her fleshy butt cheeks red. Frank stood at the end of the bed and videoing her slack face as she was ass raped. KJ trapped her legs between his and thrust up into her hard getting faster and faster; heaving into her he gasped and came pumping more hot seed into her already sodden ass. KJ pulled out. They took some pictures of her still gaping ass hole their semen dribbling from it. Then they redressed her and lay her on her bunk as they had found her.

She woke with a start in the evening and didn't remember how she had got there. She'd come too laid on top of her bunk. Her ass really hurt, her tits and shoulders too. She was desperate for the toilet. When she went white goo and blood came out as well as her shit. She was horrified. Perhaps she had something dreadful wrong with her. She told no one. Over the next two days, it slowly got better, but it held her back, running and forced marches were the worst.

More? Enjoy MG
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Any chance to see more?
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working on it now thanks I worry i post and nobody says owt so i think no ones bothered
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Talking US Army Recruit Medical Exam Story By Mad Gerald Part 2

Her drill Sergeant demanded to know what was up.

"Atkinson what is wrong with you for god’s sake get here NOW!".
She told him “It’s difficult Sergeant, I well hurt somewhere".
"Where is somewhere you useless piece of dumb ass!”
She went brilliant red “My ass Sarge, my ass hurts!". He grinned and sent her to the medical department.
She waited for an appointment for over two hours. Then she was marched into one of the surgeries. Private Atkinson stood at attention, Waiting. Eventually the med officer looked up and asked her what was the matter. She stammered out her voice failing as she tried to say what the matter was.
"You are familiar with the penalty system in operation for recruits at this post Private?"
"Well in that case I'm Penalizing you two demerits for failing to speak clearly to an Officer, do you understand?"
"I have a problem with my Backside Sir"
"What kind of problem Private"
"It's difficult to say Sir, It's painful and when it started I had blood and a white substance which came out Sir"
"Have you had anal sex Private?"
"Anal sex Sir?"
"AHH do you know what that is Private Atkinson?"
"No sir"
"Right, did you get drunk and wake up in this state Private?"
"No sir, I felt unwell went to sleep on my bunk and awoke later in the day like that Sir"
"Oh dear, you are naive aren't you Private, OK, wait here a moment I'll be back in awhile" He got up and left.
He came back after 10 minutes and sat back down,
"The Armies doing a study here, do you mind if we video this examination for teaching purposes Private?"
Private Atkinson swallowed "no Sir I suppose I don't"
"Good, that's damn fine" he leaned forward with a remote and then sat back"
Private Atkinson looked the med officer in the eyes and, in a small voice, asked "What do you want me to do next Sir".
"Right Private Atkinson pull down your BDU's and lean on and over the side of the examination table, That's it, right over." With a quick motion,
Private Atkinson did as she was told.
The med officer readied his instruments and placed his left hand on the small of her back and began to slowly lower her tight, white panties with the fingers of his right hand. He took her panties down very slowly, and with purpose. Slowly, the lovely buttocks came into view. The med officer inspected Private Atkinson's ass with his eyes. He had always thought the butt of a girl was his most favorite part of her anatomy. Private Atkinson had a beautiful, healthy strong looking body. Even though Private Atkinson was only eighteen, she had a well developed body of a woman.
"Private lean all the way over and spread your legs-spread them far apart." She complied.
"Reach back and spread your cheeks so I can examine your anal area more closely." Private Atkinson was slow to respond to this order and the med officer muttered, "Two more demerits." Private Atkinson was mortified and reached back and spread her cheeks wide and moved her legs far apart.
The sight of the virgin anus and pussy were almost too much to bear. She had an almost hairless anus which just begged to be inspected.
"Further, move your legs wider Private!" She struggled to spread them further.
"I'm going to put lubricant on your anus to make the examination easier. I'm going to take a localized temperature reading OK, and then I need to manually inspect you with my fingers first to make sure that nothing will block the thermometer."
He dabbed some lubricant on her hole and on his right index finger. Private
Atkinson had never felt anything like this before. It was total domination of her body. She could not hide anything from her doctor. The med officer slid his finger in past her anal sphincter, then farther in until it was in all the way. Private Atkinson rose up on her tiptoes in her boots and then winced and shuddered. He had found the rectal problems which bothered her when she went to the bathroom.
He slowly withdrew his finger, and with her cheeks still spread, smoothly inserted the clear glass Pym rectal thermometer. "Let your cheeks close around it, that's it." she released her fingers. He held his right palm over her large stiff buttocks so it would not slip out. He asked her "Why did you flinch when my finger was inserted Private?” "It seems sore inside sir" She confessed.
"Good that's a very important detail; I'll investigate this problem in more depth later in the examination." After five minutes the glass tube was removed. The med officer looked at it and noticed that it showed a slight elevation in temperature. "Your temperatures up Private, please remind me to re-take your temperature halfway through the exam to make sure OK".
The med officer took a washcloth and cleaned her anus of the K-Y. He rubbed slowly, giving himself a chance to study her pussy. It was nice and plump covered in a matt of auburn hair. He slowly raised her panties. He told her to jump up onto the examination table and sit so he could begin the second part of the exam. He examined her head, eyes, mouth and neck. He felt her breasts through the service tee shirt. Private Atkinson thought this strange
"Remove your shirt Private." She did so hesitantly, slowly pulling up the shirt, exposing her rounded heavy breasts. She tossed the shirt onto the floor next to the table. He started to squeeze her tits.
He took his time pulling and fingering the taut flesh, he weighed them, then tweaked and teased each nipple. Her left nipple had harsh blue / purple bruising above and below it from her Drill Sergeant. Private Atkinson jumped when he squeezed her left one. He wanted to know why.
She told him the truth, how her drill sergeants made her run everywhere with no bra which gave her sore tits, and of all the star jumps she seemed to get. He gripped it in both hands and squeezed it again harder. She winced and bit her lip.
"That's another ten demerits. More will be given in the future if you
Insist in holding back any other information from me, I need to know everything."
Private Atkinson quietly explained to the doctor
"I'm having a hard time going to the bathroom sir, I feel like I need to go, I strain and strain but nothing happens."
The doctor explained "What is happening is that you're having a muscle spasm in your rectum and you're in need of some muscle expansion in that area, it’s probably due to the intensive training you're undergoing". The med officer continued "This will hurt initially, but it needs to be done otherwise your career in the army will be over."
Private Atkinson accepted this. She was ordered to stand on the exam table facing him. He hooked his fingers inside the elastic waistband of her panties and pulled them all the way down. "Right then Private in order for me to properly examine your anal and rectal muscles, I will have to insert my fingers without any lubricant to test the muscle strength OK". She made a horrified face. He ordered her to squat down on the table. The Med officer put his dry hand on her butt and spread the cheeks. He placed his middle finger on her small, dry opening. "Now I want you to press down on my fingers and continue to bear down. Bear down and push, as if she you are going to the bathroom."
Private Atkinson was inducing her own agony for the first time, and she was embarrassed that she could hardly hide the fact that she was getting excited! She slowly pushed her big butt down and little by little, the doctor's finger was inserted. He felt and felt, he just couldn't tell. He told her to raise up a bit and pulled his finger out. He then stretched out both his index and middle fingers and put them to her asshole. He ordered her to bear down on them, just like before. It was almost too much to bear,
Two large male fingers invading her most prized hidden treasures. Private Atkinson winced and pushed, and pushed harder and started to lean over. He was just beginning to feel something in the rectum, but he didn't know what. He began to spread his fingers to dilate her anus so he could feel better, meanwhile watching her facial reactions closely all the time.
She began to whimper, so he had her lift up again and he withdrew his fingers. He allowed her to rise and told her to lie back down on the table.
One day soon she would beg him insert three or four dry fingers into her hole.

He told her "I'm sure I can cure your problem if you will consent to anal-oscupy, which means a long tube with a light on the end inserted into your rectum." She agreed and he told her that a fellow officer was a rectal specialist. They both would do it today. Private Atkinson was aghast! Now, two men would examine her and dilate her anus and insert various instruments into her rectum. He moved over and spoke on the phone.
Moments later another officer came in, a Major. The med officer continued the exam by pressing on her lower abdomen. When he pressed hard, she farted. Private Atkinson went bright red with embarrassment, but they did not seem to mind. The Major told her he had a certain cure for her gas problems. But that meant she would have to become his long term patient. It meant rectal tubes of large caliber and enemas, many kinds of enemas.
Private Atkinson nodded, never a thought of saying no to any of this. The med officer got a paper cup and said "Squat on the table Private I need a specimen to examine." She knelt and he offered the cup up between her legs
"C'mon then pee into the cup," he held the cup up to her pee hole. She was embarrassed, "Sir can I not pee in private."
"Four more demerits," he said. "Also, for as long as you are with me, you will tell me every time you have to pee and either one of us will escort you to the bathroom."
Soon after he began tapping lightly with his index finger on her exposed pee hole, a small stream of urine came down and hit the cup. He got a
Kleenex and started to wipe her off, a man had never wiped her hole before.
He got another cup "Right then we need a stool sample from you now." She was appalled "I just can't sir, I can't".
"Now now private it's all part of the exam you have to do it. You'll stay here until you do shit in the cup!" She strained and struggled and eventually red with exertion and humiliation she had shit in the cup. She looked away while he wiped her off.

Then he spread her cheeks while The Major placed his large right index finger on her tiny anus. He started to insert it dry. Private Atkinson began to cry and beg, but the finger eventually went in to the hilt. “Private try to push it out," She complied. Then after several tries,
“Right Private now try to pull it back in. This will build your rectal and sphincter muscles," he told her. After a long, protracted time, The Major drew his finger out, wiggling it back and forth as he did so.
His finger was quickly replaced with a larger size rectal thermometer with a much larger pear shaped tip. The Major's right hand went across her ass cheeks, holding the thermometer in place between his index and middle fingers. Every once in awhile he would twist it around to see if he could see if there was any change in her temperature.
A few minutes later, he pulled it out, and saw that it still showed a slight fever. She would need the cooling treatments. Private Atkinson got up and was ready to pull up her panties. She stood there between them with her BDU's down around her ankles and her panties just above her knees.

The med officer told The Major of his medical findings and also of the twenty demerits earned.
Then before she could say a word they took her to the exam room. Upon their entry into the exam room, Private Atkinson was instructed to lie face down on the exam table. The med officer placed his hands between her thighs and spread her legs apart, opening her to his intended treatment. Private
Atkinson could hear water running in the adjacent bathroom and could detect a faint smell of soap or detergent.
She knew what was coming and couldn't help but clench her anus in a figurative attempt to protect herself from this newest violation of her most private parts. As the major came back into the room, she turned and saw nothing else in the room but the big red bulging bag with the pink hose and large black nozzle he was carrying. Her eyes followed his every move as he hung the bag on the IV stand next to her. She felt something going on at her ankles and realized that the med officer was strapping ankle cuffs on her, and was securing them to the table somehow.
Her wrists were next, and before she knew it, her arms were extended out in front of her and splayed, fastened to either side of the head of the table in front of her.
"Please...Doctor...do you have to tie me down for this?" she pleaded.
"Yes, Private Atkinson, we do. You're going to have a large cleansing enema before we can perform a more detailed rectal examination, and we can't have you squirming or resisting in any way," said the Major.
The Med officer was spreading her buttocks apart with his fingers now, inspecting her little brown target to be sure it was clear to receive the nozzle. Placing a dab of KY on his index finger, he touched its coolness to the centre of her hole and waited for her first clenching reflex to subside before he pushed the tip of his finger past her first, then second anal sphincters. As she relaxed, he slid his finger all the way up...deep inside her rectum, and proceeded to lubricate her lower canal thoroughly.
Private Atkinson had her head buried on the table the best she could, trying to escape this continuing humiliation. Her large breasts were squashed against the crinkly white paper covering the leather cushion of the table, and her nipples were hardening from the added sensation of a cute man's finger in her bare ass.
After what seemed like an hour, The Med officer's finger was withdrawn. She felt his hands spread her buttocks wide as the Major finished greasing up the black mushroom-tipped nozzle and inserted it into her backside. In, in, in the nozzle went until it was buried to its five-inch hilt.
"I'm going to begin the flow now, Private Atkinson. Just hold still and tell me if you feel any discomfort," said The Major. She heard a click and began to feel warmth spreading through her lower bowels, then up a bit further. The pressure built slowly, and she thought this wasn't as bad as she had anticipated. After a few minutes, though, her lower abdomen had become swollen and the cramps started. "Please stop...it hurts," she whimpered, rocking her hips from side to side. The med officer quickly and out of her view squeezed the bag sharply.

She yelped and cringed "ahhhh-uhhh oh god oh please!". With her eyes squeezed tightly shut she didn't see they're pleasure at her discomfort, they quickly hid their hardly contained grins as her eyes fluttered open. The Major stopped the flow and The Med officer reached under her and massaged her tummy until she indicated the cramps had subsided.
"You've taken only a little over a quart, Private Atkinson," The Major announced. "You have another quart to go. Now hold still and take it like a big girl, and don't be so silly!" She heard the awful click again, and more pressure began. It built slowly until she was just about to cry out again.
Then she heard the click again. "There, that's the whole bag. You did quite well for your first time, Private Atkinson," The Med officer said to her.
"We're going to have you hold it for a few minutes to give it time to work inside you." She felt the nozzle being slipped out of her rectum, only to be quickly replaced by something soft and tapered, but larger around. "I put a butt plug in your ass to help you hold the enema. When we let you up to release, I'll take it out for you over the toilet," The Med officer explained.

Private Atkinson lay on the table in her enforced position and held her enema. It was quite a struggle, but she did the best she could. She began moaning and trying to kick her feet against the table after about five minutes, whereupon The Doctors began unfastening her from the exam table.
"OK, off to the toilet with you," The Med officer said as they hustled her on wobbly legs to the bathroom. The Med officer had her squat over the toilet while he reached between her legs and worked the butt plug loose, then told her to sit on the toilet and expel. Immediately there was a rush of water, and an accompanying sigh of relief from Private Atkinson.
Only after she began to feel better did she realize that she had never gone to the toilet in front of anyone else, much less a man, since she was a toddler. Even though The Major and The Med officer had left her alone to finish after her first forceful expulsion, she felt her face growing hot with the embarrassment of what they had seen her do.
After about fifteen minutes on the toilet, she got up and cleaned herself thoroughly with the washcloth provided for her. Satisfied that she was once again presentable, she slowly walked back into the exam room. She was actually getting used to being naked in front of the two fully clothed older men.
"OK, young lady, hop up on the table. We have to do a quick gynecological examination before we do some more extensive rectal inspections," The Med officer announced. Private Atkinson, who had been standing there with one arm covering her large breasts and one trying to cover her young pussy, hesitantly plopped herself up on the cold exam table.
She noticed that there was new, clean crinkly white paper beneath her. The Major began adjusting some metal arms at the foot of the table that had shiny, smooth curved tops. As soon as they were fixed so they were vertically perpendicular to the table,
The Med officer put his hand on Private Atkinson's shoulder and told her to lie on her back. She obeyed, quickly stretching herself out full-length with her head on the little white cushion.

The Major, who was standing at her feet, motioned her toward him, saying, "Slide your butt down toward me, Private Atkinson. That's it, right to the end of the table. Now let's get your legs up into these stirrups, OK?" Private Atkinson did as she was told.
She quickly realized that The Major was now strapping her legs into the stirrups so she couldn't move them. The Med officer had taken her wrists, which still had the cuffs attached, and was tying each one to the corner of the exam table above her head. She found herself stretched out with her arms extended over her head and her bottom pushed out at the end of the table, legs splayed wide.
Both doctors now began to don the latex exam gloves. First pulling them on tight, they snapped them at the cuffs and the proceeded to flex their fingers to get the translucent coverings to fit tightly.
The Med officer sat on a stool right between her legs, which put his eyes on a level with her crotch. He slowly parted her pussy lips to get a good look at this eighteen-year-olds genitals, and noticed that she was pretty moist.
He smiled, wondering if he would ever bring her to the point where she would be begging him to do this to her. The Major, meanwhile, watched what the Med officer was doing, but glanced up occasionally to observe Private Atkinson's hardening nipples. When The Med officer was done with the external exam, he was ready to perform his manual examination of her pussy.
"I'm going to insert my fingers into your vagina now, Private Atkinson. It seems you're wet enough so I won't need any KY," he smirked. "Have you gotten this wet with any boys yet?" She was embarrassed by her wetness, and his questioning just added to it. She knew that to hesitate would bring more punishment, so she immediately replied, "Only once, Sir." She turned her face to the side to escape their gaze.
The Major dutifully reached over and parted her lips as The Med officer inserted first one, then two of his fingers into her female opening. The light hairs guarding her privates did not present any obstacle to the insertion, and in one smooth motion the Med officer was inside all the way.
She could feel him moving his fingers around, with his thumb brushing her clit. She began to feel some familiar sensations when he did that, and despite herself, tried to bring her hips up to meet his fingers. When he had withdrawn his fingers, she saw The Major hand him a shiny instrument that looked like pliers, only with long wide jaws at right angles.
"This is a speculum. It's used to dilate you so I can see clearly up inside you," the Med officer explained. "But it's a small one, so I won't open it very wide and destroy your hymen. After all, we want to make sure you still remain a virgin." As he spoke, he opened and closed the petals of the speculum to illustrate. The Major dutifully squirted a liberal glob of KY onto the speculum and spread it all over.
The Med officer aimed the instrument dead centre at her pussy opening while The Major once again spread her outer lips apart. The cold metal touching her inner lips made Private Atkinson flinch, but the instrument was inserted without a hitch and turned handle down before being squeezed and locked open. "Ooooh," she breathed as the widening pressure increased.
Private Atkinson felt SO exposed now, and it was made even worse that two older men were looking into her body...a place where no one had ever looked before. As the speculum was being adjusted, The Major shook down a large rectal thermometer. He handed it to The Med officer, who deftly slipped it into Private Atkinson's rectum without waiting for her anus to unclench.
Private Atkinson wriggled on the table at the feel of the cold glass tube being inserted. She felt their fingers prodding and probing, occasionally sliding over her clitoris, and one time sliding back the little hood of skin covering the little pink bud. She was experiencing feelings now that she had never experienced before. Kind of like butterflies in her tummy, but multiplied by a factor of 100! After probing and stretching her for awhile,
The Major and The Med officer discussed their findings. "We don't see any problem in front here, Private Atkinson. We didn't think we would, but we had to be sure. We're going to have to check your bottom now and zero in on your rectal problems," The Major explained. First the thermometer was removed (with The Major reporting a finding of 99.6F, or normal), then the speculum slid out, letting her pussy lips plop back into their normal shape.
The Major had been lubricating his gloved middle finger, and had taken over the Med officer's position between Private Atkinson's legs. "While I have you in this position, I'm going to perform a preliminary rectal exam. Then we'll turn you over for a more complete examination," said The Major in a low voice. 'Oh, no!,' thought Private Atkinson. 'Not this! Anything but this!' She was truly mortified! The Major's left hand spread her large cheeks apart, just below where the speculum had just been.
The touch of the cold KY on her brown rosebud caused her to tense for a second, and as soon as she relaxed, The Major had the tip of his finger pushed into her. He let it remain there motionless for a few seconds to let her get used to it, then he gradually slid it all the way up until his knuckles pressed against the flesh of her bare bottom cheeks. He looked up at her face, and noticed that her eyes were closed, her head was back, and she was biting her lower lip. He could also see that she had her toes curled downward. He liked that reaction, and he spent a few minutes twisting his finger around, pulling it out and pushing it in, as he savored the tightness on his finger. Reluctantly, he withdrew his finger and peeled off his glove.
"I think I felt something inside there, young lady. We're definitely going to have to take a closer look," he told Private Atkinson. "Let's get these straps off you and get you turned over." Private Atkinson didn't know what to think now. She was already thoroughly humiliated, and knew worse was yet to come. But she wanted to avoid another punishment session at all costs.
Private Atkinson obediently turned over onto her tummy and waited for further instructions.
"Get up on your knees and put your head down on the table. You can rest your head on your arms if you're more comfortable," The Major said. "Come on back down towards the end of the table here...that's it." Once she was in position, The Major helped her spread her knees apart, leaving her pussy pouting out toward him and her anus clearly visible between the two quivering cheeks.

The Med officer placed a wide black leather strap over her arms and buckled her wrist cuffs to it. Another strap was placed over her lower legs, and another was attached to ankle cuffs to hold her feet in place at either side of the table. The Med officer went around checking each strap for tightness, made a few adjustments, then nodded to The Major that their patient was firmly secured.
"The straps will help hold you in place for me," The Major explained. "But I need you to keep your butt high in the air, and hold still." Private Atkinson arched her back a little and pushed her buns out as far as she comfortably could while lowering her chest so her nipples were just barely touching the clean white paper below her.

The Major was obviously going to be in charge of her rectal exam, as a follow-up to the one The Med officer conducted when she first entered the med centre. He began smearing KY all over the index and middle fingers of his right hand, then put his left hand on her lower back.
"I'm going to insert my fingers into your bottom hole, Private Atkinson. I want you to remain still and tell me if anything hurts," he instructed. She felt the cold glob touch her brown puckered hole and reflexively clenched her sphincter shut.
Once she relaxed, The Major inserted his middle finger slowly into her orifice, twisting it to and fro as he pushed it inside. After feeling around with no complaints from Private Atkinson, he withdrew his finger, and then reinserted both his index and middle fingers.
This brought a groan from Private Atkinson as her anus was being stretched wider than before.
"Any pain, Private Atkinson?" The Major inquired, as The Med officer held her buttocks apart. "N...no, Sir. It just feels very full, that's all," she replied in a muffled voice, her face still buried self-consciously in her arms.
The Major felt around inside, flexing his fingers. His left hand had gone to her lower abdomen and slipped between her legs, and his fingers were now cradling her clit. He decided to test her reactions under these circumstances, so he rubbed her clit back and forth with his slippery fingers until she began wiggling her hips and pushing back against his fingers.
He and The Med officer exchanged knowing glances; but her first real orgasm would have to wait until the end. "I have to check your muscle tone, Private Atkinson. I want you to bear down on my fingers like you're going to the bathroom, OK? Try to push my fingers out," The Major told her. As The Med officer watched, Private Atkinson clenched her anus around The Major's fingers, trying to push them out. The Major made her repeat the exercise several times before he issued a new command. "All right. Now I want you to try to suck my fingers inside you."

This was a new feeling for Private Atkinson, and she clenched and tightened her anus until she got the feeling of trying to pull his fingers inside. After several attempts at this, she was told to relax, as The Major withdrew his fingers. They both could see her pussy was positively dripping now. "Your muscle tone seems to be normal," he said with a sigh as he wiped the KY from his fingers with an alcohol soaked gauze dressing.
"We're just going to look up inside you to see if there's anything visible that could be causing your problems." The Med officer handed The Major a pre lubricated rectal speculum, which resembled a set of reverse pliers; in other words, they spread apart as you squeezed the handles. The jaws were the same shape as the vaginal speculum, only smaller.
The Major aimed for the centre of her pink target and slowly pushed the speculum inside. When it was seated, he slowly squeezed the handles until her anus was wide open and adjusted the set screw to hold her open.
He aimed the beam of a small penlight into her rectum and looked around. To help him see the lower rectal walls better, he inserted a dental inspection mirror, which tickled Private Atkinson when it brushed the sides of her outer anal sphincter. Every time the mirror or its shiny metal handle touched her anal opening, she flinched and sighed.
The mirror was soon replaced by a long stem cotton swab, with which he poked and prodded her insides. As a parting experiment, he played the tip of the swab around her exposed anal opening. This brought a moan from Private Atkinson, apparently creating sensations she never knew existed before.

The Med officer and The Major smiled. The swab was left inside as the speculum was withdrawn, leaving the little wooden stick poking out of her little hole. The Major knew she probably couldn't feel the thin swab inside. Once she seemed to relax, The Major took the swab and twirled it with his fingers as he swiftly extracted it from her rectum. This brought an immediate twitch and a sigh from the captive teenage soldier.
"There's one more test we have to give you before we let you rest, Private Atkinson," The Med officer said. "We know your treatment here in our little clinic has aroused you. You can't hide it from your doctors. We feel it's our duty to show a young, inexperienced girl like you what a real orgasm is like. It will not only teach you a few things, but may make your bowel problems less severe."
Private Atkinson stiffened at the mention of the word "orgasm." 'Good girls don't do this,' she thought. 'What if anyone found out? Could I get pregnant from this? How could I do this in front of men?' A jumble of thought shot rapidly through her mind. Before she knew it, she said "Go ahead I'd like that, just do it, yeah" suddenly feeling brave. " do what you want, don't listen to me" She felt hands on her lower groin area again.
Then it happened. The fingers pulled out, and were immediately replaced by something hot and wet, the swollen head of his cock. GOD, she though, feeling a twinge of fear. 'That thermometer feels bigger than I remember it.' And then he pushed forward, denting the anal ring inward.
"Is that the same thermometer sir? it feels bigger" she tried to peer around to see. He pressed in harder 'It wouldn't fit; it couldn't!' "It won't go in sir, sir! It’s too big, it hurts, please!"
He pressed forward again; she tensed, preventing him from making any headway. "I'm sorry sir, I guess it won't fit again after all. use the other thermometer again sir" She said, laughing nervously. Hoping he would stop. His hands gripped, spreading her buns even further.
"It's not a thermometer bitch it's my cock!" Then he pushed again, parting the ring with the tip of his cock. Realization hit her like a hammer blow.
"NO!" she screamed, remembering with panic that she had ordered him to ignore all such protests. Just then the big head shot forward, expanding the rectal mouth beyond reason. The protective ring snapped closed behind the coronal rim and onto his thick shaft.
"I am stopped." The Major said, "but not for long." Then he began to press onward.
"OH GODDDD! TAKE IT OUT! Pleasssssseeeee?"

"Scream all you want, Private Atkinson." He whispered into her ear, relaxing onto her back. "But We've got what you said to me about not stopping no matter what on video tape. "Do what you want, don't listen to me" isn't that what you said, so that's what we aim to do yeah! That's right, we're making a porno tape all of our own . So don't even THINK about crying 'rape' after we're done. I have evidence of your unconditional consent."
They both laughed. With that, he thrust forward viscously, burying his huge erection in the tight, rubbery confines of her bowels. "Oh GOD." She wailed as humiliation began to merge with the pain. "Oh yeah bitch I'm gonna cum right up your tight fucking ass! So many times!" A feeling of total helplessness washed over her like a tidal wave as his rod sunk to the hilt, his balls slapping luridly against the splayed open gash of her hairy vaginal cleft.
"UUUUNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!!! ….PLEASE, you have to stop. I can't do this. I can't. If you take it out, we can do anything else you want. ANYTHING!" "OK whore recruit, say, Please take it out of my ass major sir"
"Ohhh yessssss, Please take it out of my ass major Sir!"
"Louder bitch, louder!"
"No that just didn't sound right Private, say please take it out of my fat ass Major Sir"
"Oh please, please" she whimpered.
"Say it!" he barked.
"PLEASE TAKE IT OUT OF MY FAT ASS MAJOR SIR!" She heaved on the wrist restraints trying to ease the awful full pressure.
"NO" they both had a fit of giggles. she groaned in pain and humiliation.
The Major already had what he wanted most in the world: His thick cock raping its way into a tight, unwilling ass. And so he began to screw in and out of the narrow passage, bringing further cries of distress to her trembling lips.
Her muscles collapsed, and Private Atkinson went limp as he began to brutally lunge into her soft buns, sheathing his throbbing bone again and again. Hot tears of agony and despair streamed down her face as she pushed her torso up with her hands in a feeble attempt to pull away; Straining against the straps. He took advantage of the arch of her back to slide his hands from her buttocks and up her sides, scooping up the full womanly mounds of her breasts. He mauled them roughly, adding to her pain. Finally, she lowered herself down onto the table, flattening her tits into his palms so he could not abuse them as freely.
Now that his hands were trapped beneath her, she was also able to clench her buttocks together, slowing his cock thrusts. This was OK with him. He liked the feel of her boobs in his hands. And he really liked the feel of her naked ass cheeks squeezing tightly on cock shaft like a pair of huge, fleshy lips. His monstrous cock pistoning deeply between the humid cheeks, pumping relentlessly faster and faster into the very core of her soul.
"UH…Uh…Uh." Private Atkinson panted, hyperventilating, her eyes bulging as the impaling tool began to swell. It bloated out so hugely she thought her intestinal walls would give out. She was going to come apart at the seams, her very person hood torn from her in the intensity of the inhuman penetration. The Major gasped, tightening his grip on her lush breasts. Suddenly, amazingly, inexplicably, the feeling was back! The feeling she had felt when he first fingered her ass. The feeling she felt when she masturbated with her own finger back there. The feeling she had right before she was about to…
"I'm COMING! Cumming up your ASS, TAKE IT YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!!!" Announced her rapist, as he skewered his enormous cock to the hilt with one final, buttock-flattening lunge. She felt the hot come bathe the brutalized walls of her rectum, falling just short of the ecstasy that had been almost within her grasp. Another tear, this one a tear of frustration, rolled down her cheek. She knew now, knew again for certain that she could get to the fireworks via this route.
She glanced over her shoulder as he got off her and slid his tool out. Her ass farted disgustingly as he pulled out. Private Atkinson sobbed as she watched the other officer wank himself ready to mount her. His cock was far bigger than the others. The shaking, trembling Private moaned lowly as The Med officer pulled her ass cheeks apart, whining and groaning in anxiety and fear. She gave a short cry as she felt his cock head pressing against her anus, then gritted her teeth and gasped in pain as he put more and more pressure against her sphincter. His cock head slowly forced her asshole open and sank down into her. She groaned and moaned and mewled in pain as his log sank deeper and deeper into her rectum. Her ass stung and ached as his giant cock slid further inside.
"OOOOhhhhhh . . .PPlease no ohhhhh aahhhhh . . .Nooooooooooooo!" she cried.
"Yeahhhh," he sighed. "Nice recruit ass meat." He gripped her hips and thrust hard, drawing a cry of pain from the tormented girl as his cock drove deep. He drew back then thrust again, burying his cock in her tight anal tube. With hardly any hesitation, with no time to let her ass become accustomed to his girth, he began to pump, tearing his cock up and down inside her. At least the others cum made it easier. Soon he was pounding his cock with savage force and speed, sodomizing the weeping, shaking Private with no regard to her pain. His cock skewered her with terrible violence, ripping in and out of her tight, aching tunnel. His cock head pumped like a piston in and out of her anus as his hips rocked the girl again and again.
It caught her by surprise -- her orgasm. She could not fight it. It came in waves, like shock waves from an explosion. And as she came, The Med officer fucked even harder, reaming out the inside of her ass, plunging his long, thick cock deep into her asshole. She bucked against him and cried and screamed. As she came, she felt jets of wet juice splash down her trembling thighs --All nerve endings were supersensitive from her recent orgasm and his cock was really bigger than she could take. But he stretched her as he went.
She screamed several times and each time, she heard the approving grunts and even that, added to the depth of her orgasm. Then he came, dropping thick, white loads of jism down her asshole, sighing in pleasure as he felt the sperm shooting into her trembling, spasming guts. The pain was awful. But again, her body seemed to be out of her control. She shuddered in relief as he slid his tool out of her aching asshole. She felt semen ooze out and run down her pouting cunt lips. Her cunt ached for attention. She knew she'd do anything to be touched there again.
She couldn't look at them through humiliation her face glowing red as they released her and let her stand up at the end of the examination table. They turned her around and pressed her back on to the table again. The Med officer had taken her wrists; he guided them back into the cuffs and was tying each one to the corner of the exam table above her head.
She found herself stretched out again with her arms extended over her head and her bottom pushed out at the end of the table. Her legs were splayed wide by the Major and lifted back up into the stirrups. She lay there shaking with excitement and fear as he did the straps up tight on her slick thighs. Eventually they stood before her, the video lens behind them staring at her blackly.
"Since you seemed to like your examination so much, here's what we're going to do," The Med Officer began. "The Major is going to insert this 14-inch colon tube into your bottom. While he's manipulating that, I'm going to take this dildo and insert it into your vagina. Don't worry; although it's shaped like a boy's penis, its small enough so you'll remain a virgin. When it's inside you, I'm going to turn it on so it vibrates your insides."

Private Atkinson was shocked and mortified at what she was being asked to endure. She knew if she resisted or even protested, the consequences would be more demerits, more demerits meant being back coursed, which meant longer here in their clutches. She'd be in worse shape than she was in now.
She also had the conflicting feeling that she was going to enjoy this...even want it. So she just lay there in position as The Med Officer inserted the vibrating cock and turned it on.
A flood of sensations began to course through her entire genital region. Then she felt the familiar cold feeling as the 3/8-inch diameter colon tube was inserted into her rectum and began its journey up past the first flexure and up the descending colon. The Med Officer was now rubbing her clit back and forth between his fingers, and her smooth ass cheeks were dancing from side to side as much as the restraints would allow. The Major was pushing, pulling and twisting on the colon tube as The Med Officer manipulated the vibrator inside her once secret female parts.
Soon Private Atkinson's hips began bucking forward with increasing intensity, and the two doctors renewed their efforts. With the simultaneous stimulation of all three of her sensitive regions, it wasn't long before her body began jerking and convulsing.
Suddenly they pulled away, the vibrator yanked from her cunt entrance, the tube from her ass the fingers from her clit. "NOOOOOO No please don't stop please please oooohhhh please!" she begged struggling in her bonds. "Oh dear would you like it back inside you?" they teased.
"Yes . . yes please sir please!" the Major reinserted the colon tube.
She bucked and kicked as he forced it up into her wet rectum, he twisted and flexed it sadistically. "AAAHHH NOOOOO AH AH OOOOHHHH!" she groaned as it sank all the way in. Behind him the Med Officer had moved the video camera to get some close up shots of her.
She thrashed and strained on the table as the Major made her take all the tube up her aching ass, now there was only a few inches of it sticking out. The major grinned down at her sweating frame. she squirmed excited on the table beneath him. "Would you like my fingers back inside you Private?"

She nodded avidly, he patted her pussy and then rubbed the heel of his hand against her pubis. She stiffened a guttural moan bursting from her lips as he pressed against her over sensitive clit.
"I asked you a question Private!" he insisted he ran his fingers down either side of her swollen vulva. Her legs twitched and snatched at the restraints.
"Yes. . . yes I would, uh please yes please sir!" She was trembling. The Major pushed his fingers to either side of her pussy and drew it's moist folds apart. He slid two fingers up and down her quivering pussy lips.
"Would you like one finger or two Private?" she writhed and tried to press her pussy to his teasing digits.
"One or two?" he gripped the exposed colonic tube and twitched it. She jerked and arched her back. "Two! TWO!!" she cried. He pressed two fingers together and slowly eased them between her pouting lips, he twisted and probed with them until they were in the entrance to her cunt, Private Atkinson tried to kick her body jolting and squirming.
He turned his fingers over until his hand was palm upwards, Her vulva and inner lips were pouting and soaking with her juices, he inspected her cunt, her clitoral hood was drawn back exposing her stiff bud. He extended his tongue and slowly circled it. The effect was electric, she moaned and thrashed trying to press her cunt to it.
"Please please ooooooohhhh please!" he dipped his head and locked his lips over her clit, sucking hard, his fingers pressed up inside teasing the never before teased soft pad of her 'G' spot. With his other hand he flexed the colonic tube. "OH GOD, GOD, AH AH AHHH!" she cried her ass lifting and her whole body going ridged.

He flicked his tongue over her clit making her whole frame twitch and shudder. He felt it withdraw as she suddenly let out a scream of pleasure. Her belly released like she'd never believed possible, a surge of hot contractions that made her writhe stiffly, he snatched his fingers from her cunt. Private Atkinson ejaculated, hot cunt juice squirting from her gaping twat over and over. The Major got out of the way so the Med Officer could catch each squirt on tape.

She groaned as it subsided to an awful excruciating ache. The Med officer stepped forward and reinserted the vibrator into the mouth of her soaking cunt. She cried out with pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm overcame her again. She bucked forward, then back to force the colon tube and vibrator farther inside her, then she slid forward again to get the sensations nearer her openings. Cunt juice sprayed out around the vibrator, gush after gush.

She thrashed and bucked, her belly contracting over and over as she squirted more love juice across the table her legs dancing helplessly as she came and came.

Finally, drenched with perspiration, she relaxed, still breathing hard as a result of her exertion. "My, my, Private Atkinson; It seems as if your first orgasm was a hardly a whole one! Now you know what the other girls have been talking about when they discuss orgasms. And you now should realize why women want to experience those feelings over and over again," the Med Officer said as he stroked the hair away from her eyes. Private Atkinson lay silently, ashamed of her nakedness, of her having Her ass raped by her doctors and an orgasm in front of them.

She felt completely spent as the waves of pleasure subsided. The colon tube and the dildo were removed, her pussy and anal areas cleaned off, and her restraints unfastened. Her wrist and ankle cuffs were removed, and she was allowed to sit upright, "I think that's enough for one session, Private Atkinson," The Med Officer said facing her. "It seems like your problems are more digestive than anything else. A treatment regime of proper diet and special enemas should bring you back to normal. You will report here for a few days so we can continue your treatment."

As she sat naked on the table facing the two men, she was so tired that she wouldn't think of questioning them on their decision. "Yes, Sir, I understand," she said in a small voice. "Good. Uniform on! Then get to your barracks and get some sleep. Tomorrow will probably be another long day for you," The Major said with a smile.

Enjoy MG.

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Talking A matter of time By Mad Gerald

A matter of time By Mad Gerald
Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a policewoman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Off the shore of the new Islamic state 04:16.

Just over the horizon off a deserted beach lies a British amphibious landing craft. The waves lazily slapping the sides, all is quiet in the pre dawn light. On board are two Royal Navy sailors and their Officer Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy, 5'10" a brunette with 38D tits and a strong well shaped body the two ratings shared a cigarette and watched her leaning against the front of the control deck peering out toward the shore with binoculars. She's wearing desert combats and life jacket, Her combat trousers tight around her wide well rounded ass. She is watching the coastline with NVG's she is waiting to snatch an SBS claw back from a mission but so far none of the expected comms contact has happened. Just as she decides the window is closed and she's leaving there is a signal from the distant shore. She sighs in relief and checks the coded flashes against her orders satisfied she orders the pilot to guide the landing craft in to the beach.

The craft powers into the sand and the ramp drops. Dark figures swarm toward the boat across the beach. Emma realises to late there is too many figures. One of her ratings shouts in alarm and begins firing as rounds start to strike the bulkhead around her. She shouts at the pilot to withdraw but his head is gone, she turns horrified to see the other rating riddled with rounds she stuffs the order card down the front of her combat trousers into her briefs as she heaves her pistol out and shoots one, two, three, of the swarming figures, She tries to back toward the controls.

A rifle butt hits the side of her head men leap over the bulkhead she spins with the blow struggling to bring her weapon to bare as a boot slams into her guts. She screams falling forward as four or five enemy soldiers swarm over her grabbing her arms wrenching them behind her, she yelps feeling her arms cruelly yanked backwards her shoulders almost dislocating as her elbows then her wrists are bound tightly almost instantly with zip ties. She is dragged roughly to her feet and thrown face first over the bulkhead to the floor of the craft.

More hands grab her and drag her to the ramp and hurl her toward more waiting figures. She screams and struggles in shock as more hands grab her and drag her up the sand to a waiting truck, she is dragged to a halt her shoulders dragged back and a foul smelling hood is shoved over her face, it stinks. Some form of collar is dragged tight around her neck trapping her in the hood she struggles to breathe in total darkness as they pick her up and throw her into the back of the vehicle.

After a short bumpy ride it stops she is hauled out and dragged across flags and through a door by two strong men holding her up by her bound arms. Sue struggles and kicks but she is forced into the brightly lit room. The room is in a Security blockhouse off it are other doors leading down some steps. She is hauled down them through another door into a large cell. In the middle of the room a large desk and a sort of upright bench, the corners have harsh lights mounted on stands and a video camera on a tripod stands by the desk. Three men stripped to the waist are already in the room; one busies himself with the video camera and then prepares another hand held 35mm camera with flash. The tallest motions to the bench silently and she is dragged to it and her hips are slammed into the front, quickly her booted feet are forced into two manacles and held fast on either side of the base. She is panting in fear in the hood as she tries to pull her feet away but she is held forward against the waist high wood. A thick leather strap is fastened across the backs of her desert combat clad thighs and dragged tight.


"Wh…what are you doing? I am an Officer in her majesties Navy You're hurting me… STOP IT ARGHHH!!" her hooded face is slapped hard shocking her to silence.


She is sure that is a camera? A voice penetrates the darkness of the hood

"Why are you here?"

"My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"Why are you here?"

"My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"


There was a grunt from outside the hood and then she felt fingers tugging the buttons undone on her Combat jacket, it is wrenched open and back off her shoulders revealing her desert drab vest bulging with her 38D breasts, hands roughly feel them testing their weight and firmness.

"Don't touch me! I am a prisoner war and demand UGHHHH!"


A fist slams into her hooded head dazing her.

She feels the vest dragged out of her trousers and wrenched up over her head covering the hood. Rough hands squeeze and manhandle her breasts through her white sports bra before she feels it stretched out and cut. She shudders as her breasts pop free and she feels their eyes on them feasting on both heavy jugs. They are a soft pink white, both full round globes capped with light coral aureole and darker toned dimpled nipples. Her flesh is covered in goose bumps.


"Why are you here?"

"My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

Fingers lightly touch her breasts tracing the outline of both before pawing and patting them, stroking both concentrating on her nipples as they react and come up stiff and her aureole become thicker and wrinkled.


"Please don't do that to me!"

"Why are you here?"

"My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"


She stiffens as fingers pluck and tease her teats dragging them out and pulling them hard before releasing them and brushing them rapidly with their fingers.

"Why are you here?"

"OHH! My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"


"You have very beautiful breasts Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H can you imagine what could happen to them, what my men would do with their teeth to such delicious full white breasts?"

"M… My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"How they will fight to suckle and bite your thick nipples, gripping them and pumping them to their faces, bruising and twisting them sore with their eagerness to abuse your two helplessly trapped breasts?"

Emma stood silently her breathing was a pant now of rising fear and anguish. She heard them moving about, the clunk and scrape of things unimaginable. She strained with her legs finding them helpless she tried to free her arms feeling the zip ties drag tighter around both her wrists and her elbows. She jumped as a wooden pole was shoved up under her arms across the middle of her back and secured there forcing her forward at the waist. A hand gripped the front of her hood and another wooden pole was pressed under her chin, forcing her head up and back, making her bend she heard a metal click as it was secured she could hardly breathe through the hood as it was, but now with the pole under her chin pressed to her windpipe it was almost impossible. Now with her thighs secured to the upright bench, her jaw resting on this thick pole and her back pressed forward by the other pole she was utterly helpless, the whole method forcing her chest out so that her breasts stuck out fat and stiff from her ribs. She was sweating now, goose bumps coming up in fear as fingers toyed with her jutting tits then bounced and jiggled them.


"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

She stayed silent feeling tears well up in her eyes inside the hood.

"Do you have you're men suck your big tits Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

She gritted her teeth determined not to react.

"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"


The hands bounced and then slapped her breasts experimentally, she felt them slap together and winced, as they were playfully slapped up, down, left and right. Then they were gripped and tugged out and released so they sprung back to her chest.


"Why did you let your men die Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

She gritted her teeth and tried not to listen as her nipples were rubbed and tugged between finger and thumb.

"Did you let those men play with you're big fat tits Lieutenant-Commander Blake or were they worthless? Below you? Hardly worth thinking about?"

She shook her head feeling emotion rising in her throat as two sets of hands pawed and fondled her breasts.


"I bet they thought of you Lieutenant-Commander Blake, I bet they thought of you're big fat tits all the time, about sucking them and fucking them and coming on them. About gripping them while they stuffed your cunt full huh Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

She tried to shut it out to think of something else, anything else other than all those eyes that would always track to her tits, to her ass.

"Why did you let your worthless men die Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"Was it worth it? Why you are here?"


She stifled a rising sob as they suddenly slapped her breasts harder making her wince and snatch at her bonds as one harsh stinging blow after another rained down on both pushed out boobs making them bounce and slam up and down.


The officer in charge of the interrogation was Ushu the defence garrison Commander a hero of the Islamic revolution, 6' 4" heavily muscled with a strong featured dark face split by a thick black moustache and topped by a shaved head, he had four days to get all he could out of this whore before he had to hand her on, four days that he had planned in his head years hence in the hope of ever capturing a western whore soldier. He grinned as he formed the next question. Watching her breasts bounce and wobble as they were struck by his faithful aid Hassaf.

Hassaf was a stocky 5' 6" tribesman, his face gnarled and leather like belying his age, his grin was made up of only three teeth at the top and four at the bottom, a livid scar ran from just under his nose to under his left ear. His bare black haired chest was sheened with sweat and his hard muscled arms could deliver much harder blows than they were delivering now. On the wall in the office Hassaf would cut out and pin up pictures of western female soldiers and pilots that he found in magazines to fantasise about, he never believed he would ever get his hands on a woman like Blake.

The other man was Nizer an East German ex-Stasi agent who had fled to avoid jail at the end of the regimes rule and the fall of the wall. He amused Ushu with his interesting techniques to get the most from an interrogation and his extreme perversity and violent nature. He was pale and bald with wide staring ice blue eyes and a thin frame, which belied the size of his cock that was truly out of proportion to his physique. He was the man with the camera he liked to photograph his subjects for his collection and it added to the whole humiliation of the captive and their feeling of helplessness.


At a signal from Ushu Hassaf stopped slapping her breasts, they were streaked with red finger marks her teats now rigid, both breasts juddered to a halt. Leaving them rising and falling rapidly with her breathing.


"What was it that led you let your worthless men die Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Emma blinked back tears and shook her head in the hood.

Ushu signalled to Nizer who put down the camera and picked up a sheet of thick black neoprene. It had two vertical slits in it close together and straps and buckles at both sides. Him and Hassaf busied themselves grabbing a breast each and roughly stuffed them through the slits in the neoprene and dragged it up hard to her chest then they stretched it around her body and buckled it tightly. Now her breasts were trapped in the thick elastic material, which forced them up and together into two jutting American football shapes crowned with her rigid teats. They left her panting fearfully.

"There that's better now we can really enjoy them!" Ushu stated.

"Why did you let your worthless men die Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Again she shook her head in defiance.

Ushu grinned he loved the arrogant self assured ones more than any others, he nodded to Hassaf who began tugging and pulling her nipples again. Twisting and pulling them stretching them out and pumping each thick nub like a child with a toy.

"Your mission Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Emma gritted her teeth determined not to cry out as her nipples were wrenched and tugged.

Hassaf released her nipples and cupped each heavy tit in his hands gripping and pulling them, squeezing them together hard as his cock strained against his pants.

"Who were you waiting for Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"M… My name is…is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Hassaf had her breasts squeezed up hard his thumbs swiping each nipple back and too, as Nizer photographed them.

"What was their mission Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"Are you married slut!"

Hassaf released her breasts and slapped them hard his big hand swiping viciously across both nipples slamming her tits to the left then he back handed them to the right.

"How many men have you slept with Lieutenant-Commander Blake!?"

"I am a prisoner of war and should be…arghhh!"

Hassaf slapped her tits hard back and too watching as they bounced and quivered to a halt. He pinched her left teat hard twisting and pulling it out so that her breast stretched out behind it.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

He gripped the other and dragged that out too, stretching the both of them out to their full extent. Nizer selected a thin birch from the quiver at the side of the bench and swished it about before bringing it down expertly just shy of Hassaf's gripping fingers. Emma snatched in shock suddenly throwing her head back and releasing a surprised yelp through her teeth as pain like lightning shot through each of her breasts leaving them burning and tingling. Before she had time to brace another struck them and another and another criss-crossing her stretched out tits with streaks of fiery agony.

"Why did you let your worthless men die Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"


"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

Time and time again the birch came down just on her aureole sending brutal shocks thumping through her breasts. She felt as if it was cutting her breasts open, slitting her flesh she writhed and jolted in agony with each practised blow.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"


"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"


Suddenly Hassaf let her nipples go and her breasts sprang back against the neoprene both were marked with thin red to purple lines her nipples thick and rouged.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"EMM…EMM…EMMA… Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"Nizer let five of the men in!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" she managed through the hood as she heard the door heard excited Arab voices and then she was surrounded by bodies, hands plucking, squeezing and pawing her trapped breasts.


Pinching and tweaking her teats then they were fighting over them like mad men hands grabbing and pulling, mouths biting, tongues eagerly lapping at her teats, sucking them slurping and gnawing at them as she howled in pain and anguish inside the hood. Fingers biting into each heavy breast bruising and pinching, as her interrogators watched.


As soon as it began it was over she heard them barked at and leave her breasts throbbed and ached.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

She stood there silently stifling her sobs suddenly she felt something cold on her teat, cold and wet being smeared on, then on the other, worked into her nipples greasing them thick nimble fingers wanking her nipples like small cocks into long thick studs.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Suddenly she felt something snap closed on her right nipple. Pain shot through her tit lancing up through her as it then happened to the other nipple she let out a sob as realisation hit her then electricity belted through her bruised jugs making her dance and jerk. It stopped.


"Oh GOD you fuckers…You Fuckers!"

Again it screamed through her senses, white fire making her see colours and her teeth chatter as she splattered the inside of the hood with saliva.

"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"


Ushu laughed watching her big tits shake and bounce, her nipples almost crushed flat by the cruel crocodile clips Hassaf had snapped onto them.
The electricity stopped she gasped and groaned inside the hood.

"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

She made a little noise and waited for more electricity.

"Are you wet Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy?"

"Is your cunt wet? Hassaf check for me will you"

Emma felt rough hands wrench open the front of her combat trousers from behind and then drag them down to the thick belt around her thighs. She felt cooler air on her white brief clad arse then the waistband was gripped and they were torn down revealing her big white bottom cheeks. She cringed as she felt their eyes on her butt. Ushu snatched up the order card grinned and shoved it in his pocket,she squirmed as his fingers delved between her trapped thighs pushing her gusset away from her cunt, she braced herself in shame and self hate as his fingers slid against her slick cunt hairs discovering her sopping twat. He pulled his fingers out holding them up she heard them chuckle.

"My…my Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake you have a very wet cunt don't you. Do you like our little games because there's much more fun in store my officer slut. Put her filthy cunt away!"

Hassaf gripped her briefs and wrenched them back up her arse, dragging them right up into her arse cleavage and cunt so that the gusset was dragged up into her wet cunt making her pump her hips and sob.

"Now Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

He threw the switch and Emma spasmed and shrieked as the current lanced through her tits making her whole body fit and strain until it snapped off leaving her nipples throbbing and her muscles aching with effort.

"Now you were just about to tell us why you are here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake?"

"Please I…I…don't know anything…Please!"

"Oh but you must know your orders now mustn't you? You are doing very well Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake we are enjoying this but now it is time for us to take a break while my aid takes a piss"

Emma sighed in relief until she felt the hood being yanked up and round, she felt it tugged up hard and felt something against her back then felt some knees on her shoulders, she began to panic wondering what was happening now?


Hassaf put the steps near the POW's back and climbed up them, he grabbed the hood yanking the top toward him and placed his knees on the captured sailors shoulders, he tugged free the ties on the hole on the top of the hood, he yanked out his semi-erect cock and pushed it into the hole. With a grin he began to piss into the hood.


Ushu watched her body as she reacted to the piss, her shoulders bucked trying to dislodge her assailant as she spluttered and gagged inside the hood her wired up tits bouncing and shaking from side to side as she writhed in disgust.


Emma felt the heat on her head first as it hit her hair and soaked it but then as the piss started to stream down her face and neck she went wild spluttering and gagging as the stinking piss smothered her face going in her mouth as she fought for breath. What was worse was it was filling up the hood faster than it was draining terrified she begged him to stop.


"No splut Noph you filthy pigs stop please stophhhlut!!"

Hassaf finished pissing into the hood and climbed down he grinned evilly watching the piss soaked up by her clothing and streaming down her body.

Ushu asked again she sobbed and spluttered within the hood.

Nizer put the camera down and stood in front of her wired tits and hauled out his cock and began pissing on her bound tits inside the hood she found her voice shrieking and shaking her tits in horror as she felt the hot stream of piss hammer on her stinging tender tits. When he had finished they threw the switch laughing as her whole body jolted and jerked her shrieks juddering and stammering with the current. They shut it off watching her slump. Ushu nodded to Hassaf and he gripped the wires and yanked them off her tits making her scream in agony as his hands went to her soaked breasts, He swiped away the piss and grabbed some thick duct tape off the desk he ripped a strip off and holding her breasts together with one hand he plastered it over her nipples hard and then dragged the two sides out and stuck them to the neoprene. Then he pulled out his cock wanking the length and stuffed it up between her crushed together boobs.

Emma realised what was happening as the thick hot cock bludgeoned its way into her cleavage, forcing her flesh to give as it was rammed in and then began to fuck her helplessly bound breasts.

"Please your hurting…PLEASE…AHHH…AHHH…NOOOO!!" she begged

He fucked them in a frenzy holding the body of each and really beasting her trapped tits enjoying her fruitless pleadings as he slam fucked her sore tits up and down until with a gasp he gripped them cruelly and pumped them as she wailed in pain and he spurted jizz in a thick stream up into her hooded face, it pumped out like a geyser huge blobs landing on her striped breasts and sinking into her tight cleavage making her already stinging tits scream out in agony.


"Now Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

"You know why I'm here!!"
"Enlighten us?"

"I…I..I can't Please I can't"

Hassaf began rubbing his semen into her striped tits easing it into every stinging weal. She shuddered and groaned.

"We are waiting, why are you here?"

"OH GOD Name rank and Number that's all you will get name rank and number!"

"I am not convinced Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander, Whip her tits some more!"


Nizal grinned with excitement as he brought the birch down on her semen coated tits, he sped up literally beating the fuck out of her helpless tits as she wailed and shrieked in the hood for him to stop. His arm a blur as he expertly whipped her held fast jugs until at a signal from Ushu he stopped gripped the duct tape and ripped it off her breasts so they sprang free her nipples almost being torn off by the adhesive. Emma screamed her lungs out eventually ending in a hoarse sobbing within the hood.

Ushu smiled and nodded to Nizer who retrieved the crocodile clips and grabbed one heavy breast after another and clipped them on to her still distended teats.

"Now again why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake?"

"No! no more please no more I won't talk you bastards I won't!!"

Nizal stood behind her and dropped his trousers and began to manhandle his 14 inch, fat girthed cock, peeling back the foreskin and spitting on the head of it as it reared up so that he could wank it slowly, he pulled out a thick strange looking condom and rolled it onto his manhood. Satisfied he stroked it and handled his nuts before gripping the back of Emma's briefs and wrenching them up into her ass and cunt hard over and over until they tore off.

He threw them on the floor and tested her ass cheeks with his hands, squeezing and spreading them before placing his thick cock against her ass crack. He stepped back and grabbed the conductive gel and squeezed a blob out onto his fingertip.

He thrust it up into her ass making her yelp and flinch in shocked horror as his finger rammed deeply up into her never before pierced shitter. He withdrew his finger and sniffed it then put on some thick rubber gloves. He tried to spread her ass again, she groaned and desperately clenched it shut her big round butt cheeks hard and tense as he pushed and pressed at them trying to get his digits into her squeezed shut crack to lever them. She wailed and fought harder to keep him out, his fingers clawing at her straining flesh, her muscles quivering as she struggled to resist his insistent fingers as they pried and teased the tips into her clamped buttocks, worrying his fingers between her rigid globes into her deep butt cleavage.

She ground her thighs together trying to keep them out working her ass hard, her hips gyrating slowly as she began to lose the fight.
"Arghhh leave my bottom alone, please don,t, stop it! STOP IT!!"

His fingers slowly wormed their way in and began to drag her straining cheeks apart she jumped as he slid his digits deeper almost touching her ass hole as he fought to lever them wider. He over came her effort and to her horror stretched them apart and shoved the thick head of his rubber-sheathed cock into her deep crease so it sat against her amber stained puckered ring.

"Tell us your mission, who were you waiting for! What are your orders!!"

"Oh God I can't tell you! Please what is he going to do to me? Don't do this to me! Stop it, STOP!! I can only tell you my Nam…ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

Ushu shocked her hard across her semen coated tits making her jolt and dance as Nizer held her hips tight He began to press against her virgin anus, loving the way it bucked and pressed back as she writhed and gyrated. Her body slowly forced itself back onto his meat, her butt hole painfully spreading and spasming around the tip of the thick blunt head as the electricity jerked her back onto it.

Nizer grinned in pleasure his glaring face taking on a look of pleasurable effort as he slowly dragged her hips back force-feeding his cock head into her spasming anus. Nothing ever had felt this good, she flinched and her hips tried to lift away as her ring was spread wider and wider. Suddenly it gave with a excruciating pop and the whole head of his cock snapped into her virgin rectum her ring clasping tightly the back of his bloated crown. The power cut and Emma slumped like a puppet and then jerked upright again with a agonising moan as she came to her senses and tried to stand on tiptoe to get off the awful thing up her ass.

"Is that good Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake? Better than telling us your orders?"

"OH CHRIST! UHGNNNNN! Take it out, please take it out!!"

Nizer was in ecstasy never had he felt a ass so tight and reluctant, now he was in her ring was almost strangling the head of his meat and her rectum was almost chewing his cockhead as she fought to shit him out.

"Oh Please take it out you filthy rapist bastards please it…it's so big too big
oh Christ please! please take it out!"

"Did you hear that she wants it taking out, and it's hardly in at all, Oh well, take it out!"

Nizer grimaced and then did as he was bid slowly dragging his meat from her aching ring. He left it at the entrance as it slowly closed against the tip. He felt her clench her ass tightly to stop him entering her again. He looked down seeing her big white bum cheeks press closed tightly around the crown of his cock. It made him want to press in all the more but he resisted waiting instead for the next shock to let her do it herself.

"Is that better Lieutenant-Commander Blake are you going to tell us who you were waiting? For what was their target? Their strength?"


He shocked her again her body arching trying to bend the poles as she flexed and spasmed. Nizer stayed still letting her slowly press her ass back onto his meat, feeling again her ring spread wider and wider. Before snapping around his meat to suck and chew it as he grinned and brutally forced it deeper into her quivering butt, His face lit with a terrible glee as he tried to split her, wanted to hurt her. He began to grind it into her ass feeling her hips flex, hearing her scream change in pitch as the pain in her ass over shadowed the electricity. She was almost fitting now as Ushu switched it off.

Nizer,s cock was embedded about an inch up her ass; he stirred it slowly making her groan in disgust and pain.
"Oh…OH Fuck! Hell! Shit it hurts! GOD IT HURTS!! Take it out, I'll tell you. I'll tell you anything just take it out!"

Nizer grinned at Ushu over her shoulder and pulled her hips down and back his rubber glove clad hands biting deep into her fleshy hips as he pressed it deeper making her grunt and jolt and then try to pull away.


"Ha you need the toilet? You will tell us anything?"

"Yes…yes anything just please make him stop! Stop hurting my bottom!"

"Where did you go to school?"

"Wh…What! I thought you wanted UHHHHGGH!!"

Nizer pressed and stirred his cock making her hips flex in agony.

"We ask the questions we only want you to answer the questions we ask you"

"UGHHH AH Oooooh fuck what I…I went to Bristol University"

"Good, Now what do you masturbate about slut?"

"You sick bastards You…ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

She jolted and danced shrieking into the hood as Ushu threw the switch again her
Breasts shuddering as the current slammed through them. Nizer eased her hips
Back feeling his cock slithered deeper.

End of part one.

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Talking A matter of time By Mad Gerald

A matter of time By Mad Gerald

Part Two

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.

The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a policewoman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Emma screamed to a halt her teeth still chattering her breasts on fire as the shocks dissipated. The pressure up her arse was excruciating. It was a nagging aching burning pain her guts spasmed and griped her bowels grumbling. She needed to shit needed to shit now.

"Oh please I…I need the bathroom I do, it hurts please, PLEASE!! I'll have an accident"

"Ha! You will have an accident? When do you masturbate"

"Every day a couple of times!"

"About your men? About your men fucking your filthy hairy cunt, and your mouth making you drink their seed?"

"Oh God my bottom please yes! YES!! If you will stop this!!"

Ushu clicked on the setting and threw the switch, Emma's tits bounced as the power hit them making her body arc harder than before the wooden poles rattling as she flexed against them. Her ass jolted and bucked eating more of Nizer's length. He was in ecstasy her rectum was so narrow and tight his dick felt as if it was being crushed. She wailed and thrashed, gripping her hips hard he powered another inch and a half into her butt, her hips bucked making him press harder, then harder again but only another inch would go in. Her breasts were almost stood out rigid as the power coursed through them.

Ushu switched off enjoying the way she snatched at her bonds as she realised how deep Nizer's cock was up her backside. Her head lolled in the hood almost unconscious.

"What do you masturbate about Emma?"

"Please don't! don't! Arghhhh…all sorts of things…being made to strip in front of the men…being made to give them head…letting them fuck me!"

Ushu grinned, he tugged the wires out hard dragging her tits out, her swollen nipples extending painfully, he manhandled her breasts squeezing and tugging them further through the neoprene. She shuddered and Nizer stirred his cock in her butt making her wince and sob.

"Why will you not tell us your mission Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"You know why!"


"You're the enemy!"

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

She stood in silence panting waiting for the electricity, it didn't come.

"Do you get made to give your men head Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"Nooooooooooooooooo!! Please my bottom make him take it out!!"

"No. It is hardly very deep inside your bottom Lieutenant-Commander Blake his penis is fourteen inches long and only 2 and a half inches of it is inside you. You have a long way to go Lieutenant-Commander Blake. Don't you agree?"

"Please you will kill me please I can't take that in my arse you bastards I've never done it before…Sob!!"

"But you have fantasised about it haven't you Lieutenant-Commander Blake, fantasised about your men holding you down and making you take it in your ass, one after another using you, making you take it, making you come with their cocks pumping in and out of your filthy hole?"

"No you perverts it's not true!"
"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Ushu threw the switch she screamed stiffening and arching as Nizer gripped her hips tightly and his muscles straining he began to force more of his meat into her spasming ass. He only got it a little way her rectum so narrow it was like forcing his cock to a wall. Her hips jerked and she wailed through gritted teeth at the pain.

The power went off panting Emma threw her hips forward as much as she could trying to drag her ass of his meat.

Ushu picked up a syringe and drew up a drug.

"We all want to rape your big round white arse Lieutenant-Commander Blake, we don't want you to answer our questions about your mission because I have a lot of men, a lot of men and I have promised them all a turn on your sorry ass bitch, they all want to rape your mouth and ass and use you as their whore. So I am going to inject you now in your ass so that my man can feed all his cock up into you and then we can question you some more"

"NO…don't do this to me!…No I will tell you NO! NOOOOOO!!"

She felt his hands dragging her ass cheek to the side felt the needle against her flesh then sink in to the inner wall of her buttock, felt the pressure, cold pressure, she tried to clench her ass closed again but it was really difficult, she felt it relaxing, felt the hot hard blunt pressure up her ass increase, felt it easing deeper.


She heard them laughing "Eventually!" he gloated the switch was thrown.

Her tits jolted and jiggled her body arching and thrashing as Nizer began to stab it up into her slowly relaxing ass, she wailed and spluttered as he drew back and then pounded it into her battering his way deeper and deeper into her helpless ass hole. In minutes it was almost six inches in, he swapped one of his gloved hands to strengthen his cock by supporting it's length to stop it bending as he made it go in.

The power went off Emma sobbed and gasped trying to pull away from his cock it was filling her now, she felt as if it had opened the whole of her ass up it was splitting her open, Strangely the feeling of it pushing around inside her guts made her cunt hotter and hotter she felt every vein in his meat as it slithered in, it seemed way up inside her, each time it shifted she felt each bump and ridge it felt like a mammoth never ending shit and her cunt tightened with each thrust of it, she felt ashamed and disgusted of how excited she was now, how close she felt to orgasm.

The bastard raping her ass was making her feel so very full her arse hole felt so stretched open now she must be bleeding, she groaned in horror as she felt it slide deeper and it hit something inside her she felt her cunt contract, it seemed to stab at the back of her cervix to make her cunt react, she felt her hips press back, betraying her as she suddenly felt her womb and cunt contract hard she sobbed gasping as she felt him ram her ass hard and then she was coming. It was a heavy thump inside her like nothing she had ever experienced before; deep up inside her she felt her guts react sucking and tugging on her rapists cock.



Ushu laughed watching as the western woman stiffened and hump obviously orgasming, he gripped her tits and pulled them thumbing her swollen teats as she wailed and bucked.


"Yes you whore come with a real mans cock inside you cum!…CUM!!"



He released her tits and as her orgasm waned he threw the switch enjoying the way she went from orgasmic pleasure to contorted pain as Nizer ground and forced against her twitching ass.


He watched her writhe and jolt then switched it off again.

"OHHHH…I need a shit I do PLEASE!!…PLEASE!!"

Ushu nodded to Nizer who dragged her butt cheeks wide and slowly withdrew his meat from her sucking ass. She gasped and groaned feeling her guts gripe and cramp as cool air rushed up into her just vacated rectum.



Emma wailed pitifully as shit poured out of her ass, down the back of her thighs and all over her combats to splatter on the floor. She moved her hips helplessly trying to contain herself but with her ass drugged it was hopeless and another load dumped out. She was mortified sobbing and wailing as she shit herself.

Ushu motioned to Hassaf who uncoiled a water hose from the wall walked over and hosed her ass down.

"You are one stinking whore Lieutenant-Commander Blake, have you finished shitting yourself?"

"God oh GOD!!…I don't know…what have you done to me it's awful!!" she wailed.

Smiling Ushu threw the switch again watching her scream and oscillate. More shit spewed from her ass and piss soaked the front of the torture bench as her bladder emptied.
Hassaf washed her down again as the power was cut leaving her shuddering and spluttering.

"My… my… Lieutenant-Commander Blake now you have pissed yourself like a child whatever next? It's a good job my men are not fussy, luckily they will still fuck you even though you stink of shit and piss, what a stroke of luck huh Lieutenant-Commander?"

"NERGGHHH…Go fuck yourself…ARGHHH!!"

Her big white ass was covered in wet goose bumps as Nizer gripped and spread her butt before forcing his big rubber sheathed cock back up inside her helpless ass.


Ushu watched as Nizer forcefully buggered the captive Lieutenant-Commander ramming his meat brutally up her. He gripped her cheeks and his rubber encased fingers bit into the inner walls of her buttocks and dragged them back onto his length. Cruelly stretching and forcing her ring so that his meat could slide deeper into her so she jolted and jerked impaled on his mammoth tool. Emma wailed and shrieked into the hood as the sadistic bastard wrenched her butt back on to his meat. Satisfied with it's depth he transferred his hands to her shoulders and drew him self deeper making her cry and beg like a wounded banshee as he began to butt fuck the hell out of her. The cell resounded to the slapping of his hips on her spread cheeks and her wails of anguish as his meat squelched and swished in and out of her still shit slick crease.

"How many men will rape your fat arse Lieutenant-Commander Blake before you tell us your mission?"


Ushu nodded to Nizer who deftly lifted his hips away as he threw the switch. Emma screamed and thrashed impaled on his meat butt fucking herself back and forth like a bronco her tits bouncing stiffly as Nizer enjoyed the ride his cock throbbing and jerking in pre climax up her tightly clenching sheath. Ushu cut the power. With a grunt from Emma Nizer started to really beast her ass slam fucking her helpless butt trying to kill her with his cock as she jolted and squirmed. His rubber-clad hands went around to her tits gripping and pumping them as he banged the fuck out of her. His fingers pressing and kneading her poor burning teats as he bit the back of her neck rutting like the crazed animal he is. Emma whined and bucked trying to throw her hips forward to ease the incredible pressure up inside her guts.

Nizer suddenly tore the crocodile clips from her teats and wrenched his meat from her ass, he dragged off the gloves then the condom grabbed her ass again and mounted her bare back shoving his full length right up her gaping shit-box. His hands gripped the hood on her head as he really grudge fucked the poor POW's ass, slam spreading her cheeks with his groin as he rammed full length up her and released a huge wad of semen right up into her intestines.

Ushu and Hassaf laughed at her screeching sobs as Nizer came in the stupid whores ass. Ushu grabbed the top of the hood wrenching it from Nizer's grip and yanked her head forward and down bending her at the waist. Hassaf grabbed her head and Ushu dragged the hood around located the tube in it and forced it around to the front. As she struggled and screamed he located her mouth and forced the tube in, stuffing it into her mouth with his fingers while she gagged and tried to bite. Hassaf held her head in a vice like grip as Ushu hauled out his thick semi erect cock and shoved it through the tube into her mouth.

Ushu sighed in relief as he released a heavy gout of piss down her throat enjoying her struggles and splutters as Nizer finished in her ass and pulled out with a disgusting squelch.

End of part Two.

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Talking A matter of time By Mad Gerald

Part Three.

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.

The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a policewoman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Part Three.

Emma gagged up some of the piss and gasped in disgust as her head was held, try as she might she couldn't get the sack tube from her mouth. Behind her Nizer hurriedly thrust a stoppered plastic funnel under her ass pressing the rim into the backs of her thighs as his load and more of her pounded shit slopped out. Emma wailed as she felt her ass shit again.

Ushu let Hassaf hold her head as he readied a thick hard wood neck stock about 2 foot square, as Hassaf held her sobbing head he clamped it around her neck and locked it shut.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"Oh god you filthy fuckers, my ass oh god!"

Hassaf gripped the stock around her head twisting it and yanking her further forward as Ushu and Nizer quickly unclamped the manacles around her boots leaving the strap around her thighs. Emma wailed and struggled as Hassaf twisted the stock as Ushu and Nizer manhandled her around until she was turned around. Ushu reached out and slid out a chunk of the plinth and snapped it into place. They lifted her bodily until she was face up Hassaf struggled her neck stock onto the top of the bench plinth she had been strapped to.

The stock slid into a wide groove in the top and Hassaf slid two heavy bolts in to secure it. Now Lieutenant-Commander Blake was totally disoriented within the stinking sack she began to realise she was facing the ceiling. They released her legs and her body fell toward the floor her upper back coming to rest on the slid out chunk of the plinth. She grunted in pain and shock her back arched painfully her toes just on the floor.

Ushu took a wide bladed knife and began to slice her desert combats off her lower legs. He tore the rest of them off leaving her desert boots her now bare well-muscled legs straining to ease the pain. Hassaf with practiced ease dragged out two wooden blocks and positioned them on either side of her feet in grooves to locate them and keep them from sliding.

"What are you doing? Please don't you bastards!!"

Ushu sliced through the strap holding her thighs together and he and Nizer lifted her now kicking legs up and let her booted toes rest on the wooden blocks.

Now her legs were wide open giving them a wonderful view of her long strong legs up to her dark bushed pussy. Her whole body was straining beautifully every muscle standing out as she fought to ease the pain of being arched so with all her weight on her neck. Nizer and Ushu licked their lips appreciatively. They grinned at each other and Ushu nodded to Hassaf who wheeled over a surgical trolley to the plinth her head rested on

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"Please I can't tell you anything…what are you going to do? What have you done"?

They remained silent, Nizer prepared implements on the trolley as Ushu slid two blocks of wood up from the sides of the top of the plinth. The blocks were on metal adjustment brackets, he put them almost up to but not touching her sack covered features as they turned and desperately tried to make sense of what was going on.

Hassaf was tearing off a long strip of duct tape off a wide roll. He put the roll down on the trolley and folded one end of the tape over to make a tag, he held it in one hand while he walked around the blocks and stood between her legs. Her cunt by design was at groin level he began to stoke her cunt bush appreciatively smiling as she cringed and tried to drag her thighs together but couldn't because of the precarious grip she had on the blocks. His fingers drew her lips apart and rubbed at her pubis making her hips pump and squirm.

Ushu gripped the cord on the base of the sack and undid it dragging the hood from her piss sheened face. She blinked and screwed her eyes up in shock as he thumbed the clamps pushing the blocks to her temples trapping her head in one position. Tears ran from her eyes as she pleaded to know what they were doing. Silently Ushu gripped her chin forcing it down trying to open her mouth resolutely she clamped her jaws shut sobbing as Nizer gripped her nose stopping her breath until with a sob she tried to grab a breath and Ushu's thick fingers dragged her jaw down long enough for Nizer to slip two dental spreading prongs into the sides of her mouth. Her eyes went wide in horror as he levered them open wrenching her mouth wide he latched them.

Emma was terrified she tried to bite down but the prongs were far to strong she tried to move her head but it was fast. She tried to discern what was happening her eyes darting from one black grinning face to the white mans leering features a cold shudder went through her.

"WHAPHHHH OOO DOHHHPHHH!" she managed he tongue lolling in her open mouth as she tried to speak.

"You had the chance to tell us your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake now we will enjoy ourselves and then we will ask you again you stubborn bitch!"


"To late whore, unfortunately my men will not touch your filthy cunt covered in all that hair so we will have to get rid of it"


"Oh don't worry we are not going shave your bush bitch, my friend here has far better more enjoyable methods that is enjoyable for us not of course so much for you" he laughed nodding past the stock where Emma's vision was obscured.

Hassaf began pressing the sticky duct tape over her pubes plastering it over all of her pubis so that only the tag was sticking out.

"Fast or slow"? Nizer asked grinning.

"Slow I think" Ushu answered.

Hassaf gripped the tape and began to rip it off slowly lifting it up hard until all her pubes were taut dragging the skin up and then increasing the pressure until her hairs began to snap from the skin.

Emma began to wince and then lift her cunt as much as she could before jumping in shock as the first hairs were torn out, then she began to sob and plead as more were torn free, then shriek as a whole swathe of pubes were ripped out, she screamed and jolted as he tore it free ripping a lot of her pubes out. Her cunt was still far from hairless though so as she babbled entreaties he put the pubic hair covered tape to one side to add to his collection and prepared another piece of tape. In moments he was plastering it to her cunt again moulding it to her vulva.

"Fast this time I think" Ushu ordered.

Gripping the tag Hassaf ripped the tape off wrenching most of her hairs from her cunt lips so they dragged out and snapped back. Emma's scream was deafening. One of her legs came up to kick she struggled flailing with it before regaining her footing on the block. Again Hassaf plastered more duct tape to her now much deforested twat. Tears were streaming down Emma's pain wracked features now as Nizer leant over her he traced his finger around her spread mouth, dipping it in messing with her tongue, she tried to blink away the tears he had something in his hand, a tube? She screamed in agony as the tape was torn off her cunt again making her ass buck and her legs pump as she tried to stay on the blocks.

Nizer started to lipstick her lips, carefully painting her mouth with some bright pink lipstick he had taken from another victim. Emma sobbed trying to plead with him trying not to look at his cruelly mocking eyes, she felt more tape being applied to her cunt. She tried to brace herself as she felt his fingers press and mould it again to her vulva and pubis before slowly beginning to tear it off with excruciating slowness.


"My friend likes your mouth Lieutenant-Commander Blake, he likes your mouth almost as much as your hot tight shit filled ass, he has collected all the shitty come that you let fall out after he went to great lengths to stuff it into your bowels"

Nizer was stroking her face now, his features very close to hers she sobbed as he grinned at her and then dragged up some spit.

"He is very displeased that you let it all out, he some much wanted you to keep it"

Emma went cross-eyed staring at the spittle that Nizer pushed out to hang from his lower lip over her gaping helpless mouth.

"NOPHHH…PHLEEESHHHE!!" she howled as the tape was torn off.

Nizer let the spit drop into her mouth, he dragged up more and spat on her face, it landed beside her nose and slowly slid down her cheek.

He showed her the stoppered funnel, filled almost a third full of shit stained semen, she strained trying to turn her face away her features filled with horror and disgust. She could feel tape being applied to her ass crack and cunt. Helplessly she watched as he suspended the funnel over her open mouth.

"What were your orders one last time Lieutenant-Commander Blake"

She looked at him pleadingly and went to speak but Nizer pulled the stopper free and his semen began to glob thickly into her mouth. Emma spluttered and choked her tongue trying to force the mess out of her mouth. Nizer chuckled, sliding the drops that she managed to force out back into her maw with his finger. Hassaf ripped the tape from her cunt and ass ripping the pubic hairs she had left free. Emma screamed in agony choking down the mess in her mouth, gasping and spluttering as Ushu barked orders and she heard the door opening and lots of booted feet as the guards hurried in.

She was still coughing and choking it down as lots of hands began to grab, paw and fondle her all over hands gripped and kneaded her bound tits, fingers roughly forced into her sore sex spreading her cunt lips

Her breasts still trapped in the thick elastic neoprene, which forced them up and together into two jutting zeppelin shapes crowned with her thickened and bruised rigid teats were slapped back and too before mouths bit and suckled them as hash fingers dug in pulling them like udders.

Emma tried to fight them off her legs coming up one at a time to try and kick them away as fingers dragged her cunt lips wide, others were stuffed into her still aching ass hole. Ushu and Nizer watched as Hassaf got two men to hold her kicking legs up and wide as he knelt between them and forced his fingers into her cunt from either side dragging her twat open, his thick fingers dragging her vulva painfully open so he could stuff his long wet tongue inside, making her jolt and hump as he slid his thick probing tongue deep into her slick cunt tube.

Emma looked up into the faces of two big Nubians who grinned expectantly as they undid their uniform trousers and manhandled thick long cocks into the open they began to slap the heavy dongs over her face wanking them as they did talking and laughing as they swiped them over her open mouth, leaving trails of pre cum over her face.

Hassaf had his tongue deep inside Lieutenant-Commander Blake's cunt thrusting it in and out and then sliding it up over her clit hood to stab and swirl around it as her hips squirmed, He stuffed three of his fingers roughly into her ass twisting and stabbing them in as he thrust his tongue back into her cunt fluttering it in and out.

One of the others grabbed his head and pulled him away forcing his hips between her legs and roughly swiping his thick hard meat across her cunt lips before stuffing it into her so that she wailed and lifted her butt in shock. The others released her legs allowing her to kick and strain trying to force him away as he gripped her hips and began pumping into her cunt really hard. Other men were sucking and biting her helpless tits. One of the men stood over her face grunted and pumped his cock fast into her gaping mouth and a thick hot spurt of jizz squirted into her defenceless orifice while the other beat her face with his meat slapping her hard as he got closer and closer to orgasm.

The man raping her slammed up into her cunt his hands going from her hips to grip her big squeezed up tits, pulling them like fuck as he pumped his load deep into her belly. He dragged his cock out another stepped forward and shoved his meat into her still gaping cunt thrusting into her hard making her take every inch into her wincing form.

Emma's face was a picture of horror as the second man let loose a huge wad of sperm across her face the thick blobs splattering her chin, he squeezed his cock up forcing the rest of his load to drain in a thick stream into her mouth, her lolling tongue swamped in it as she fought to eject it gagging as she inadvertently swallowed the first globs. Three others eagerly stood around her trapped face pumping their cocks their eyes concentrating on her painted pink-lipped mouth and her wide fear filled eyes as she watched them fist their thick cocks into her face. The three of them began to slap their dicks down on her face swiping the heads around her lips, rubbing them all over her face so it was slick with pre cum, strings of it stretching from her skin to their swollen members.

Two guards were forcing as much of her breasts into their mouths as they could and sucking on them cruelly making her buck as the second of her rapists force fed her cunt a heavy wad of cum. He withdrew laughing and Hassaf stood in his place looking down at her just raped cunt her cunt lips splayed open sperm dribbling out to clump at her ass and then drip. He yanked out his cock it was nine inches but was almost five in girth his fingers would hardly reach around it.

The thick heavy head of it slid out of his gnarled foreskin as he drew up some spit and spat on the end of it before slapping her thighs wide so he could cram the blunt head into her gaping cunt, it was too wide, that had never stopped him before, he forced his digits into her lips and cruelly dragged them wider, the head of his dick filled the opening and he brutally forced it in. His hips strained as Emma wailed and tried to lift her hips her body jerking as he slowly pressed it in making her cunt walls accept his pole. She was trying to squirm away and he grabbed her hips and powered up into her grunting with effort and then laughing as he felt her muscles give and the terrible width snapped into the mouth of her aching twat.

The men stood over her face came in unison spurting great gouts of seed over her gaping face, thick ropes of it strung across her cheeks and into her mouth, her eyelids were coated her eyelashes thick with blobs of semen which she tried to blink away, She winced and yelped as she felt something large hot and blunt being forced into her pussy. She cried out in agony as her cunt felt as if it were splitting, three loads of jizz splattered down on her face and neck soaking her hair clumping on her cheeks, she tried to breathe through her nose but one of them caught it and held it fast as she gurgled and spluttered and then swallowed a large quantity of their seed, still he held on and she swallowed again spluttering and gasping a breathe as they laughed and one wanked the last of his jizz into her maw.

Hassaf was ramming it deeper pounding it in hard until he had sufficient inside to begin fucking the poor Lieutenant-Commander he bent over her looping his arms around her hips and under her ass lifting her pelvis to him as he rutted into her, beneath her his finger sought and found her ass sliding into it stabbing up as he gloated and forced them in twisting and pressing them in making her squirm delightfully on his tightly held cock.

Four guards were fighting over her tits biting and sucking them, then releasing them and slapping them too and fro as Hassaf pounded her helpless cunt, harder and harder he fucked as if he was trying to kill her, her hips were reacting, Ushu noticed and grabbed a thick leather strap from the floor, he barked at the guards on her tits and they backed off leaving her bound breasts bouncing and shuddering with every massive thrust into her powerless body.

"Are you going to cum bitch? Are you? You are I can see, Cum Lieutenant-Commander Blake Cum like the western whore you are!"

He nodded to Hassaf who lifted his head rutting hard and shallow into her stuffed full cunt his fingers still stabbing and stretching her flinching anus. Ushu lifted the strap and brought it down viciously 'CRACK' across her bouncing tits the massive crack noise was almost drowned out by her gurgling scream of torment. He brought it around and slammed it down across both juddering peaks again, she heaved and bucked screaming through all the jism clogging her throat. Again it slapped across them 'CRACK' over her throbbing teats squashing them cruelly against the neoprene her legs pressed and then came up clamping around Hassaf's ass.

He pumped like a madman driving the whole of his thick manhood deep into her splayed cunt, making her hump with him as the strap came down again forcing a bloodcurdling scream from her as Three more guards began wanking over her face slapping them to her features and shoving the heads into her gaping mouth as she wailed and thrashed helpless as Hassaf drove her toward orgasm, forcing her cunt to grip him tighter and tighter 'CRACK' as his thick blunt headed cock seemed to snag inside her hard to her cervix, 'CRACK' Her belly tightened and tightened until it released with a huge cresting wave of contractions as she came wailing horribly as they laughed and goaded Hassaf on to greater heights as he slammed into her bucking cunt 'CRACK'

Two of the men over her face rammed the heads of their cocks into her mouth together and pushed them in and out of her face, she wailed around their meat as Hassaf wrenched his cock from her cunt gripped and spread her ass lifting it and expertly thrust his meat into her slippy butt hole forcing it as deep as he could in one thrust, her legs went out in total shock as she felt as if her ass had split, quickly others grabbed them lifting her thighs so he could pound his meat deep into her drugged ass hole making her take it right inside so that it was trapped in her rectum like a huge bloated moving turd as he screamed at her and brutally rammed up into her straining ass. Hassaf groaned in delight as he surged into her empting his heavy balls into her narrowing hot ass making her legs strain against her captors as the most awful hot pressure forced up into her searing intestines, Emma's mind screamed as she felt as if a hose was spurting up into her bowels, Ushu dropped the strap and hooked his fingers into her squelching twat frigging her clit hard; dragging her cunt up as Hassaf beasted her ass.

"CUM YOU WHORE CUM!! That's it! With a big Arab cock in your slut ass, you love it, love it slut! THAT'S IT CUM!!" Ushu screamed at her as her ass began to jackhammer again, she wailed through another forced climax as she felt Hassaf's meat seem to swell and throb within her ass, suddenly his hot searing seed was spurting up into her bowels, Emma yelped and jolted feeling his cum thump up into her with an incredible pressure her guts cramping and griping as more and more gushed into her so that she fought to be off it until with a sigh Hassaf dragged his sodden meat out and laughed as she wailed feeling all the cool air rush into her sodomised ass as she lifted her hips and groaned in horror as a huge fart resounded from her just stuffed bum.

Another fought his way between her thighs and as the others held her legs tight he rammed himself into her shitter, out, into her cunt, out, up her shitter, out, into her cunt where he shot his load. He was dragged aside by another eager guard who shoved his meat deep into her ass and laughed and spat on her as he butt fucked her viciously, full of hate and malice as he slapped and punched her tits. The two men stuffing her face pulled out and shot two streams of wet juice all over her face allowing the third to cum into her open mouth leaving her gasping face a cum sodden mess. Nizer watched amused, another six guards to go. He chose a big round ribbed dildo and attached it to a large rod ready for when they had finished for him to have some more fun.

End of Part Three.

Enjoy MG
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Wow! A previously unread chapter of Lt. Elisabeth Hall's Pirate Adventures!

I can't even begin to say how much I've appreciated your writing through the years. Your stories are simply the best, and I hope there are many more to look forward to in years to come.

Is Chapter 30 the latest we heard from poor G I Jane, by the way? I miss her terribly...
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andersbac Thank you nice of you to say - there were 34 parts to GI Jane when i get time i might even finish the story who knows Regards MG
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If at all possible I would love to have all parts after #30!
As long as a story is unfinished there's still suspense and hope for a continuation, so an ending should be carefully considered (and possibly leave room for continued abuse, at least in the mind of the reader?).
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I have a nice new theme album for people to enjoy - have a nice time MG
PS There ain't no politics it's just fantasy yeah OK!


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Default Albums open again for all to see

Enjoy please tell me which ones you like, and why cheers
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