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Default Maliki Kilele (Nightfall in the Congo)

Very sexually stimulating, with a great shock and awe style of writing that I love.
A great story by a truly talented writer, I’m only sorry that a five star ratting is as high of a ratting as I can give it, this story is a must read for sure. Jwham

Maliki Kilele (Nightfall in the Congo)
Comments invited

The night sky was one of those clear sky's when every star in the heavens could be seen. The deep black background dotted by glimmering silver stars could have been a night to remember on a beach in the south of France, or a midnight interlude on a private island in the Caribbean, with the warm tropical breeze washing over my naked body.

If I closed my eyes the constant rhythm of the drums and the undecipherable chatter of the people might have indicated my presence at the latest version of Club 54.

Had I not been exactly where I was, the mood that the sweet liquid that had flowed over my lips just moments ago could have put the topper on a very sensuous evening, much like the effect of a warm brandy.

But alas I wasn't in the south of France, nor was I lucky enough to be in the Caribbean or at Club 54, I was, in point of fact, stripped naked and lashed to what could only be described as some sort of sacrificial alter in the mountains of the African Congo. I was tied to this alter with my arms secured with a thick hemp rope and stretched over my head and fastened to the alter. My ankles were bound together and likewise connected to the alter. There were six very large black men dressed only in loin clothes, standing rigid, three on each side of me. These men appeared to be warriors, although they were not the ones who had attacked my party earlier today. These men all wore similar necklaces of bone and beads and small pieces of ivory around their necks, and their faces were all painted in shades of red and purple and white. I could also see on their huge arms and muscular chest, a distinct pattern of scars, that were apparently made with some sort of cutting instrument.

We had just crossed a small mountain stream when the first spear found it's way deep in the back of one of our two guides. His screams and the panicked yelling from the other guide were in his native tongue and gave us no clue as to what was happening. The second guide, Koki, dashed off into the brush leaving us to fight for ourselves, as ten face painted, screaming warriors surrounded my party. Arthur, the man who had conjured up this scientific expedition, tried to
draw his sidearm but was quickly beaten down before he could draw it from his holster. Harold, our financier, hollered for everyone to remain calm and held his hands over his head. The leader of the attack must have sensed that Harold would speak for the group and moved quickly in front of him.

" My good man," Harold started with a somewhat nervous smile, "I'll have you know that we mean you no harm, we are here simply to study your animals."

I don't think it ever occurred to Harold that the native warrior didn't understand a word that he was saying. It did however, occur to the warrior that although he didn't understand the words, he could tell by Harold's tone, that he was being talked down to. The warrior took a step back, and with lightening speed, drew his machete, and whacked off Harold's head.

I gasped and wanted to scream in horror but no sound came from my throat. Blood spurted three feet into the air as Harold's still erect body pumped out his life's blood in less than ten seconds before crumpling to the ground. The warrior kicked the head off the trail and walked over to James, a fellow biologist. He stared at James for what seemed forever. The warrior , with his two huge fingers, tapped roughly on Jame's chest. James shuffled his feet to keep from falling and immediately pissed himself.

One of the other warriors saw the urine running down his leg and began to laugh out loud. The others quickly caught on , and soon the lot of them were roaring. Just then two more warriors came trotting out of the brush with our second guide between them. They brought him directly over to the lead warrior who looked at him very sternly and said something in his native tongue.

The guide stepped back and took off his shirt. Again another order from the warrior. Our guide unbuckles his shorts and drops them to the ground. He is naked. The warrior takes a spear from another warrior and motions for the guide to run off. I assume he is going to give him the chance to escape but our guide shakes his head adamantly. The leader yells at him again and again motions for him to try and escape. The guide again refuses to run.

The leader yells something at a warrior next to me who immediately grabs me by the arm and runs me up to the front. The lead warrior took me by my shoulders and stood me face to face with the guide. I tried to look away but he grabbed my hair and turned my face to my guide. He said something to the guide that made his face cringe and he shook his head no. The warrior repeated himself and laid the tip of his spear against his chest.

The guide looked at me apologetically. "Mem sab, he forces me to tell you that if you give me mouth sex he will spare my life." My fear turned instantly to anger. I turned and faced the warrior. "You son of a bitch, let this man go! He has done nothing to you, and I'm not about to suck his dick."

He didn't understand me either but he got the gist of what I said. He motioned for another warrior to come over. He stood behind the guide and raised his spear. The leader looked at the guide and then at me and screamed, "Kumuua" (Kill Him)

"No! stop" I yelled as I threw up my hands. "I'll.......I'll do it."

The warrior smiled as I got down on my knees.

"Kizuri" (It's good) he said as I took my guides cock in my hand. They tied his hands behind his back and I started by licking the bottom of his big cock. He wasn't getting hard so I took his balls in my other hand and began to run my lips up and down his flaccid manhood to the cheers and cat calls of the warriors. After five minuets he was still not hard and the leader was getting impatient. He pulled me to my feet and from behind me, he tore open my blouse and ripped off my brazier. The warm breeze hardened my nipples immediately and the warriors began to murmur very frightening sounds.

I guess some things are universal because my guide was now rock hard. I dropped to my knees to finish what I had to do. I slid my lips over his cock and began to stroke him slowly. He was very hard now and fully erect. I would never get him all the way in my mouth, he must be at least nine inches long, so I picked up my speed sucking the first six inches of his cock. After ten minuets he still had not cum and I could tell by the way his hips had began to pump that he wanted to get everything down my throat.

I pulled off of him and began to flick my tongue around his super sensitive pink head. I went to work on it with my tongue and within thirty seconds I could feel him harden to the max and he began to cum. I closed my eyes and plunged my face as far onto his cock as I could. I took the first wave deep in my throat and just as I pulled back something quickly passed in front of my face and Koki screamed. My mind was in panic, something warm and wet was splashing into my face and eyes but his cock was still deep in my throat.

When I opened my eyes Koki's cock had been severed and it was blood spurting into my face. I pulled his cock from my mouth as he took off running into the brush. The spear hit him directly between the shoulder blades and he collapsed to the ground.

I looked up from my position on the ground still holding Koki's warm cock. "You son of a bitch."

The leader picked me up by my arm and looked at me for the first time with the slightest of expression on his stoic face. "Zuri watembezi.....Ha ha zuri watembezi."( Ha ha good whore)

It took us almost two hours to get to their village. James walked quietly in front of me while Matt and Arthur followed close behind. The warriors pace was fast, almost frantic and Arthur, being the senior of the group was having quite a time keeping pace. But each time the warriors would holler at him I would drop back and try and encourage him to keep going.

There was a great deal of excitement when we finally reached the village. Young native boys ran out to meet us as the girls and women lined both sides of the path. Teen age boys who had been fighting and wrestling when we approached suddenly stopped and gave us their full attention. Three warriors split off from our group taking Arthur, Matt and James with them. The other three guided me towards a grass hutch about fifty yards to the other side of the village.

At the entrance stood two young men with spears, wearing only short reed type skirts. They were barechested and had no necklaces like the warriors who had captured us.Nor did they have all the chest and facial scars of the older men. They dipped their spears and lowered their eyes as we passed through the entrance and into the hutch. The leader walked me to the rear of the hutch and summoned over an older heavy set woman. "Safisha na tayarisha ake, mimi tutu baadaye jamii ake" (Clean her up, I'll be back to fuck her soon.)

He and his two men quickly turned and left the hutch. I had no idea what he had just said but there was evil at the root of it..........I knew that.

The old women carried over a bowl of water and place it on a small wooden stand. She dipped a small cloth in the water and rubbed it across my face removing the dried blood from Koki. The water smelled sweet and she was very gentle. She wiped my neck and opened my torn blouse carefully cleaning my chest and shoulders. She removed what was left of my blouse and bade me to sit on the mat that covered most of the hutch floor as she untied and removed my boots and socks. She opened my belt and unzipped my shorts, then motioned me to lift my butt and she slipped my shorts and panties off and down my legs in one fell swoop.

She motioned for me to hand her the water bowl which I did and she began to wash my feet. She was meticulous washing between my toes and the bottoms of my feet , then slowly working her way up my calves and thighs. "Wewe una a hidaya mwili.....wanaume tuta furahia wewe." (You have a beautiful body, the men will enjoy you.)

She continued washing and did an extra good job on my pussy. After thoroughly cleaning me she walked over to a second stand and came back with a half coconut filled with some sort of cream. After kneeling between my legs she started rubbing this cream over my mound. It was hot at first but than began to feel soothing....almost tingly. I gasped when she pulled a knife from her bag but she quickly looked at me reassuringly. Usiwe na wasiwasi." (You need not worry.)

She deftly laid the blade on my mound and began to expertly shave my pubic hair. "I'm beginning to understand what this is all about" I said to her not really expecting her to understand what I was saying. She looked up at me and smiled the way a mother smiles at her daughter before her wedding night.

She helped me up and we walked over to her stand where she poured me a drink of something in a half coconut shell. I took a drink and quickly realized there was some kind of alcohol in it. She looked at me and smiled. "Nywa mwali....nywa." (Drink girl, drink)

I finished what she gave me and she poured me another which I drank down just as fast. She was pouring a third when the leader came through the door of the hutch.

He looked at the old woman. "Ondoka sisi." (Leave us.) The old women bowed and quickly left the hutch.

His eyes rapidly surveyed my nude form. He drew an enormous breath. " Wewe una na mwili za a Malkia." (You have the body of a queen.)

He untied his loin cloth and let it drop to the floor. His cock hardened as he approached. It was the least spectacular thing about his massive, muscular body. He must have been six foot eight or nine. His thighs were each as big around as my waist. His waist was small compared to the width of his shoulders and he was the darkest, most beautiful degree of ebony I had ever seen......and he was about to rape me.

I tried to push myself backwards on my hands and fanny, but he towered over me with just one stride. He took my head in his huge hands holding me just inches from his cock. He rubbed my cheeks as his eyes captured mine. I wanted to scream...to fight back, but I had watched this giant ruthlessly slaughter two human beings today, and I didn't want to be his third. He pulled my face closer and touched my lips with his cockhead. He started to push and pull me back and forth rubbing his manhood along my cheek. "Kamata malaya" (Take it whore)

I slipped my lips over his little black snake. He pulled back and drove himself all the way in my mouth. I was able to take it all and he began to push and pull my head back and forth. He started to make primal sounds........sounds that reminded me of sounds that I had heard tigers making as they were devouring they prey. He frightened me as his intensity grew and his passion began to reach its peak.

Just as he was about to explode there was a commotion outside the hutch and three warriors with spears hurried in. The leader quickly pulled his cock from my mouth and his jisum shot all over my face and chest. All three of the warriors had their spears pointed directly at the leader. He made no attempt to fight them. He picked up his loin cloth, wrapped it around himself and calmly let the three men escort him from the hutch.

I laid still for the longest time. Catching my breath and wondering what that was all about. What had he done wrong? He appeared to be the main warrior ever since this thing began. Maybe, I thought, he was being punished for killing Harold and Koki. I was very frightened.

I dozed off and when I awoke my kindly old woman had returned and had already cleaned me up . "Hao tutu ja kwa wewe karibuni, Sisi budi tayari wewe." (They will come for you soon, you must be prepared.)

There was an urgency in her voice and although I didn't understand what she was saying, I knew that something was about to happen. She carefully dusted my entire body we some sort of white powder. It smelled a lot like amber, very subtle and yet poignant. As she powdered my calves and ankles she gently pushed my feet into a pointed toe position. As I relaxed and let me feet retake their natural position she gently pointed my toes again and smiled at me."Iko zuri cama huyu." (He likes this)

She had just helped me on with a beautiful full length, white leopard skin robe, when a woman walked into the hutch. As soon as she moved from the shadow of the door I could see that she was a white woman, probably in her early fifties and very beautiful. My shock was not lost on her as she smiled broadly and held out her hands. "I....I...didn't realize there were others here." I said.

"The warrior who raped you has been put to death. He has shamed not only you, but also himself and his tribe. In our tribe it is the law that one must never take, by force, that which the Gods have not given to you. They will come for you soon, are you prepared?"

"Who will come for me? Prepared for what?" I asked her harshly.

"Are you not a biologist? Have you not heard of the legend of Maliki kilele? Is that not what you made your expedition into our Congo for?"

"I know of nothing of the sort. My colleagues and I came here strictly to study the animal life. I know of no such legend."

The stately women smiled. "Then you are truly the gift provided to Maliki kilele by the Gods"

"What are they going to do to me, do you know?"

"I do"

"Tell me......please"

"I can not, but I can tell you this. Everything that happens tonight will be for your benefit. Sacrifices will be made, lives will be lost, you will see things that will tempt you to believe that your God has forsaken you. But if you understand that everything that happens is for and about you, and accept it all as our way of life.........then you will live to see many, many pleasurable dawns, as I have."

"You.....you have been through this?"

"Twenty years ago, when I was your age. I must go now, they will come for you soon."

"Wait.....is there any advice....any help you can give me?"

"Keep those beautiful toes pointed dear, it has a special meaning to him." she said as she hurried out the door.

It was just a matter of minuets before six warriors entered the hutch. My heart was in my throat as they carefully picked me up and carried me from the hutch. Just outside they put me in a chair covered in palm leaves and mounted on large bamboo poles. There were a large number of natives encircling the hutch and watching everything the warriors did silently. There were old and young men, children of every age and women of every sort. It was almost as if they were there to insure that everything was done correctly even though they had no part in it.

One of the warriors stepped forward and with a thick hemp rope, tied my ankles together and then lashed them to the bottom rail on the chair. My hands were left free. It is ironic I thought, that even though when one is about to be taken into hell, the things you notice. My leopard skin robe had no closure in front to keep it closed, so when I sat in this chair it parted and my legs were exposed almost to the tops of my thighs. This warrior could not take his eyes away from my thighs while he tied his knots. And try as I might, I couldn't figure out how, knowing the predicament I was in, it still turned me on.

The natives that surrounded us began to chant and soon came a slow methodical drum beat as the six warriors, three on each side, picked me up and hoisted my chair to their shoulders, and began their parade to the edge of the village on a very high hill, overlooking a huge valley where hundreds more villagers awaited our arrival.

On the way we passed many villagers lining both sides of our path. Most were very quiet and lowered their eyes as we passed, but there was one little old man, very black and very wrinkled, who weaved his way back and forth through the crowds of people constantly trying to keep up with us and carrying a burlap sack. As we arrived at the bottom of the hill there was a small clearing. My bearers paused long enough for the little man to open his sack and dump out the head of the warrior who had taken me by force. He laughed a hideous little laugh as the head rolled three or four feet before coming to rest with the dead eyes open wide and staring upward into the starry night.

I gasped at the unexpected sight of a human head, and knowing that I was somehow responsible for it's present condition, didn't make things any better. The old man disappeared back into the crowd and my bearers resumed their march up the hill. The drums seemed to grow louder as we reached the summit. As frightened as I was I couldn't help thinking how beautiful the night was. There was a central area on the crest of the hill that was ringed with bright burning torches. Inside the ring and centered, was what appeared to be an stone alter of some kind, and three wooden poles that were ten feet tall and spaced about five feet apart. I remembered the words of the white woman who had visited me after the rape, that implied that I would be alright if I only accepted everything that happened tonight as their way of life and a benefit to me......I had to depend on those words........it's all that I had.

The drum beat intensified and the chatter from the onlooking natives grew louder. My chair was lofted up onto a stand of sorts so that I was the highest thing on the hill. The feelings and the visuals were surreal. Fifty yards in front of me the natives parted and six warriors escorted my three remaining partners through the crowd. They all had been stripped naked and their hands tied behind their backs. Each one was positioned in front of a pole. James was lashed to the pole in front of me and to my left. Arthur's arms were stretched tightly over his head and tied to the pole to the right. Matts arms were retied behind the pole directly in my line of sight.

"Lives will be lost" I remember her saying. Is this what she meant? Will they kill my partners?
The drums grew louder and faster, the crowd started to chant something in unison. Suddenly three young women stepping very quickly to the beat of the drums appeared from out of the crowd, and positioned themselves in front of the men tied to the poles. The women all turned to face me. They were gorgeous beyond words. There deep brown skin glowed in the light from the torches. They were nude from the waist up with only a very short skin hanging from their hips to cover their most essential part. Each had white carnation like flowers in their hair and ankle braclets made from the same shade of flower.

The drums had suddenly stopped and the chant from the crowd quickly followed. A very young man came into the circle carefully carrying a ladle and climbed a ladder up to my chair.

"Unanywa" (drink) He said flatly as he put the ladle to my lips. I didn't know the word but I knew what he meant. I put my lips to the edge of the ladle as he tilted it. It was sweet and not at all unpleasent. I drank it as fast as he tilted the ladle until it was gone. He muttered something and climbed back down the ladder. He refilled the ladle and repeated the same command to Matt. Matt also drank it down quickly.

The drums restarted suddenly. But these were not the same drums as before. These were a higher pitch and a much more frantic beat. The three young women began to dance seductivly in front of the three captive men. Their movements were meant to intice. I couldn't imagine what the three of them must be thinking. James, god love him, immediatly pissed himself again. Arthur seemed resigned but very tense. And Matt.....well Matt was fully erect. It was then that it struck me that they had only given their elixir to Matt and not the other two.

The dancing stopped and the woman who danced for Matt disappeared into the crowd. Arthur's and Jame's dancers slowly, and with reverence approached them both and gently kissed their lips and faded into the crowd.

A sudden flurry of drums and cheers of "Anaishi...anaishi...anaishi..." (She Lives) the crowd chants become louder and louder as one man emerges from the crowd, fully regaled in feathers and bones and carrying a walking stick that appeared to be pure ivory. The chant from the crowd changed when he appeared tp "Daktari...daktari...daktari..." (Doctor)

He walked to the center near the alter where he raised the ivory stick over his head with both arms. The entire native crowd fell immediatly silent.

"Hao fa kwa kata ake funga. Hao fa kwa kata ake funga"( They die to cut her bonds.)

The crowd roared their approval as the drums resumed with full speed and volumne. The Daktari faded into the night and eight natives rushed in carrying bundles of dried sticks. They piled them in a circle around Jame's feet. My god, I thought to myself in terror, they are going to burn him alive. I started to cry out......I wanted to stand and shout "No" but her words kept coming back to me. "For your benefit, for your benefit."

They covered his body with a whitish cream, that I would shortly find out was some kind of accelerent.

James began to scream even before they lit the fire. The Daktari's voice boomed from within the crowd, "Yeye anadai vyo yeye aliishi, katika hofu." (He dies as he lived..in fear.)

His screams were horrific. I turned my eyes away at first but his pleas for help and mercy beckoned me to afford him the respect of at least witnessing his horrible death. He turned bright red as he begged god to kill him quickly. His skin seemed to melt and fall from his body as conciousness would not bid him farewell. The last call from his voice was "Mommy" and he was no more. He body continued to burn for ten minuets as Arthur pulled at his own bindings in his desperat attempt to cheat his almost certain fate.

The Daktari reappears and glides effortlessly to Arthurs side. The crowd, once again falls deathly silent.

With his face no more than one foot from Arthurs and a vial smile, he boldly asks,"Tutu wewe omba kwa enu maisha?" (Will you beg for your life?)

Arthur had spent years in and around these parts and knew enough to understand that he had just been asked to beg for his life. Knowing it made no difference how he answered, he was still going to die, he looked at me and smiled.

He looked the Daktari directly in the eye and screamed, "Nendi kwa shetani wewe chafu shenzi." (Go to the devil you savage.)

There was a collective gasp from the crowd. I didn't know whether they were shocked because he knew their language or because he called the Daktari a savage. It didn't really matter.

The Daktari raises his rod again and declares, "Yeye anadai kama a bwana kama yeye waliishi" (He dies like he lived..as a man.)

No more than his words have settled on the crowd, a warrior appears seemingly out of nowhere, and with no fanfare and little hesitation, neatly severs Arthur's head, and he is dead before it hits the ground.

My head is swirling. What I've seen is enough to drive me mad and yet my mood is calm. I know everything that has happened but it doesn't seem to affect me. It is almost like I'm watching it happen on a movie screen. The boy climbs the ladder again and offers me more of the elixir. I drink it willingly and he clamers down the ladder and takes an equal portion to Matt.

They come for Matt now. Six of them, warriors all. Big muscular warriors, all stern of face and stoic of attitude. They release him from the pole and he tries to break free. They quickly subdue him and lift him over their heads carrying him to the alter. He tries to wiggle free from them to no avail. They are too many and too strong. His wrist are strapped together and drawn tightly over his head and fixed to the head of the alter. Each of his ankles are tied to the foot of the alter spreading his legs slightly and rendering him completely inmobile. It occurs to me now for the first time since I've known Matt, what a fine specimen of a man he is, and it makes me smile.

I smile even though I'm fully aware that he is about to lose everything he has ever had.....and everything he will ever have.......it is a very sad thought.

The three dancers return and help him drink another portion of the elixir even though he is flat on his back on the alter. He is anxious to drink and some is spilled on his face and neck. One of the young women is more than anxious to clean it up by using her mouth to lick it from his face and neck. As she finishes she kisses him gently on the lips. Matt responds by kissing her. The drums beat slowly as they continue, her hands now caressing his muscular chest as her soft, warm lips lead him into the falsest of securities. The other women are massaging his calves and thighs. Slowly working their capable hands upwards towards his manhood. They smile at each other as their hands meet and they take Matt gently in their hands. Tumaini (Hope) and Penda (Love)continue to pleasure Matt while Kifo (Death) makes love to his mouth with an energy that seems boundless.

The scene is very erotic and I find myself with a lustful desire to be involved. The boy climbs the ladder and I drink again. Penda begins to stroke Matts cock while Tumainis hands are holding his enormous balls. She leans down and presses her beautiful lips against them. Matt moans loudly and Penda slides her lips over the head of his cock. Matt is fully erect and rock hard as Penda and Tumaini both pleasure him. Their delicate mouths take turns sliding up and down the length of his steel shaft. Penda sucks one of Matts balls into her mouth while Tumaini has Matts seven inch cock all the way in her throat. Kifo waves the other two off. She moves to the middle of the alter. Two warriors lift her easily and she straddles Matt. She takes his cock in both her hands and slowly strokes him. She whispers to him with words he doesn't understand but he knows exactly what she means.

Kifo lifts her leg while Penda guides Matts cock into her sweet, wet pussy. Kifo lowers herself ever so slowly onto Matts rock hard shaft. I watch closely as her eyes close and she moans. The crowd is silent as they watch this erotic event. Kifo lifts herself even slower and cries out in ecstacy as she lets gravity reward her. She sways her hips, first to the left and then right. She reverses and repeats again and again. She leans forward, placing both her hands on Matts chest as she lifts her ass and drops it again and again. She digs her nails into his chest and drags them down to his belly in her ecstacy leaving eight trails of blood. The elixir has left Matt with no fear and numb senses as to what is actually taking place. Like me, he sees it all but it does not affect his mind except as an observer.

Kifo passion is building. Her hips are pounding Matt again and again. Matt is lost in ecstacy as Kifo reaches behind her back and Tumaini slides a knife into her hand. Kifo smiles as she leans forward supporting herself with her left arm on Matts shoulder. Matt sees the knife but does not react to my surprise. Kifo starts just below his sternum, her hips never missing a stroke. She cuts along his bottom rib to where it ends, just deep enough to get through the skin and muscle and tissue layers. From the end of his rib she slices downward towards his groin. Her blade is razor sharp as she turns it and makes the identical cut on the opposite side. Her eyes meet Matts as she completes her incision. She smiles as her pussy tightens around his swelling cock. Penda reaches in and peels away his flesh as Kifo continues to impale herself time and again on Matts enormously bloodgorged cock. Tumaini has tied a leather string around the base of matts cock to keep the blood from leaving.

Kifo moans in horrifying ecstacy. The drums beat louder and faster. The crowd is chanting "Moyo....moyo....moyo...." Kifo slides her hand between Matts organs and under his rib cage. Matts eyes are glazed over as Kifo's hand snakes into his body. Kifo's hips are pumping and swirling as her hand reaches it's destination. Matt gasped as her hand delicately slides under his heart. Her hips slow their pace as she feels Matts heart beat in her hand. Her eyes close as she feels her orgasm begin. Matts cock throbs for the last time as he explodes, spewing his final sperm into Kifo's raging pussy. Kifo screams at the height of her orgasm as she rips Matts still beating heart from his climaxing body.

I watch in horror as Matt's body go's into a series of
convulsions that seem to go on and on until finally giving in to death. Kifo rubs Matt's heart over her breast and belly smearing his precious blood across her bronzed body as if it was a life giving elixar.

Kifo hands the heart off to the Daktari who lifts it high in the air. "Kumbe a moyo." (Behold the heart)

The villagers cheer wildly and begin to dance and sing. They celebrate as if they had discovered the meaning of life. I was numb with terror. The back of my mind said they would come for me next but the show....the spectacle......the extravaganza, was overpowering. How could this be happening in 2009? Was it possible? Was this a nightmare?

My answer came soon enough as the six warriors that carried me from the village returned and lifted my chair from it's resting place and set it down. They untied my ankles and two of them pulled me to me feet. My knees were so weak I could hardly walk as they guided me to the foot of the alter.

The young boy rushed up and handed me a half coconut filled with more elixar. My hands were shaking so badly one of the warriors had to steady them so I could get the drink to my mouth. The drums suddenly stopped and the crowd became absolutly silent. The elixar was taking effect quickly and I soon had full control of myself. I looked the warrior in the eye,"Thank you."

I felt stronger, more self assured. I felt that this was my moment, to live or to die, but to face my moment with courage and resolve.

There was dead silence save for the occasional crackle from one of the many fires that burned. Two warriors approached and stood next to me, one on either side.

The voice of the Daktari broke the silence. "Kodi ake kuwa elekezwa kwa sisi." (Let us see her.)

The warriors removed my robe and immediatly fell to their knees and turned their heads away. The warm Congo night enveloped my body with a sensation I had never known. In the midst of all this horror I felt warmer and more secure than any time in my life. Two young women, both bare breasted, rushed up to me, each one taking a hold of my wrist and holding my arms out to my sides. They turned me first to the left and all the natives dropped to their knees, then to the right where the action was repeated, and finally back to the front.

The Daktari's voice rang out. "Kumbe - mwali kwa Maliki"
(Behold the bride of Maliki)

Six warriors lifted me a placed me gently on the alter. My wrist were tied together and stretched over my head and secured to the alter. My ankles were tied individually and lashed to the sides of the alter. The drums beat louder and faster as the six warriors, almost as if on cue laid their hands on my body.

They were rough hands, strong hands, hands that had seen work and war, calloused and hard and now laid against my tenderest of flesh. They caressed me gently, thoughtfully, almost as if they were afraid to damage me. The two closest my face rubbed my shoulders and my neck. Needing, prodding, they touched places that seemed to respond on their own to the touch. One of the middle warriors put the heel of his hand just above my mound and pushed down until I felt like he was inside of me. The other ran his fingers along my rib cage and across my belly.

The drums were softer now and slower as two men started on my feet. They worked simaltaniously pushing and prodding. Their hands were masterful moving from my feet to my ankles, stroking my calves with long sweeping strokes and moving together to my thighs. My head was swimming now with four hands caressing my breast. One had me in his hand while the other circled my nipple with his finger. Touching and gently sqeazing. There were fingers on my mound lightly caressing and exploring, threatening to but never getting all the way there.

The drums suddenly stopped and then there were lips. Warm, soft, thick lips, tasting, licking mouthing every part of my quivering body. My labido acted on it's own. My body reacted like an instrument being played by a virtuoso. My nipples hardened, my skin chilled one moment and heated the next, my hips began to beg for attention as I moaned into the dead silence of the Congolese night. None entered me or even touched my womanhood, but they kept me clamering at orgasm's door for what seemed an eternity. My ecstacy was unparralled.
Then suddenly the six of them stopped , again as on cue. A murmer spread throughout the crowd and one drum began a
single methodic slow beat. Bang- - -Bang- - -Bang- - -

One of the warriors untied my wrist....another my ankles. The young boy again rushed up and lifting my head, put more elixar to my lips. A wooden pillow was placed under my head to raise it so that I could now see a hundred feet in front of the alter. The singular drum continued to keep the agonizingly slow pace as the crowds murmer got softer and eventually disappeared completely.

That is when I first saw him. In the distance, dimly lit by the back light of the torches. A giant of a man, he seemed bigger than life. Whether it was the elixar or the surrealism of the entire night I couldn't be sure. As he closed the distance between us slowly the low chant from the crowd began. "Maliki Kilele.....Maliki Kilele.....Maliki Kilele...... low rythmic and respectful was their tone as the huge warrior King made his way to the alter.

He was a magnificent sight. A full six foot five inches tall, wearing a white leopard skin robe. His head dress was the head of a leopard, mouth spread open as if ready to devour his prey. Teeth and bones hung from the sides and around his neck was an array of bones and ivory pieces, strung together and seperated with black opals and blue saffires.You could hear it rattle as he closed in on his alter and his prey.

Our eyes met as he pulled within feet of the alter. Without words or motion two young, barebreasted young beauties approached him and pulled his robe from his shoulders, folding it reverently and quickly hurrying away. Four of my bearers picked me off the alter and stood me at the foot of the alter.

He was even more impressive without the robe. Huge rounded shoulders, tranistioning into enormous biceps and massive forearms. His chest was covered with a sort of vest made from many, many bones, fastened together with leather strips. More bones around his wrist and what appeared to be a large tooth imbedded in each forearm. He wore a leopard skin around his waist that hung halfway to his knees.

He said nothing. His eyes never left mine as the two young women hurried back and took their place at his side. The chant changed now to "Dogo Maliki"...."Dogo Maliki"...

On cue the two beauties knelt in front of him as the chant grew in volumne. The two women glanced briefly at each other and both reached for his loin cloth. With deft fingers and a measured cautiousness they began to untie the leather belt that held the loin cloth on the Kings narrow hips.

He looked at me expressionless. My eyes fixed on his. I could see the movement from the girls below his waist, but I could not leave his gaze. There was a gasp from the crowd as his leopard skin was removed, yet still my sole focus was the eyes of the King. His eyes began to move, first surveying my face and hair. Almost as if he could feel with them, they followed the lines of my jaw, the outline of my lips and the long auburn lengths of my hair. They drifted down over my shoulders and around my neck, stopping ever so slightly, as if to concentrate on a particular feature.

I swalloded hard as his piercing gaze shifted to my breast. He carefully observed every aspect of my breast. His eyes followed around each one.He turned his head first to one side and then the other as if to give himself a better angle with which to enjoy them. "Ukamilifu." (perfect) he whispered loud enough for only me and his two girls to hear.

I found myself to be fearfully aroused. I didn't want to be, I had seen what these people were capable of.....and yet there was something drawing me to this insanity.

I could stand it no longer. While the Kings eyes were feasting on me I shifted my focus to what the girls had uncovered. My eyes slid slowly over his muscled chest and his rippled, flat stomach. I was stunned by what I saw between his thighs.

It wasn't just the size.....yes it was very large, very large indeed. One of the girls, seeing the expression of shock on my face smiled as she took him in both hands, one supporting his shaft and the other his cockhead. She lifted it as if to offer me a better look. He wasn't fully hard but yet he was at least fifteen inches in length and two full inches thick. The sight of it literally took my breath away. There was the fear of course. I was fully aware of his intention to rape me with that monster of a cock. But there was more.....much more. The girl began to stroke him. Why would this native king be circumsized? And what were the markings on his cockhead? There were two circles, looking almost like a pair of eyes. And a jagged line, like a parallel running "z" centered underneath those circles.

My eyes went back to his, hunting, searching for some indication that he may have been from somewhere other than the African Congo. I could see the desire building behind those black African eyes. I could sense his agression and feel the primal beast. He stepped closer towards me and my legs began to shake. The two girls began to kiss and nibble at the sides of his enormous manhood. I couldn't help wondering if it were possible for his cock to stand erect without the assistence of the girls, given it's extrordinary weight.

Penda and Tumaini reappeared carrying carafs filled with warm, steaming oil. The young girls scurried away as Penda began to pour the oil over the Kings hardening shaft. My face and ears were begining to warm. My fear was becoming my reality. "This is all for your benifit." I kept repeating the woman's words to myself much like whistling in the dark when you are scared.

Tumaini began to stroke the Kings oil covered dick. His expression never changed as her very capable hands slid slowly down to the head and then just as slowly , back to the base. He gaze seemed fixed on the stars of the Congolese night as Penda added her two hands. The drums grew louder once again. Two of the warriors lifted me back onto the alter. They laid me back with my head again resting on the wooden pillow. My ass was at the edge of the alter as the warriors stretched my arms over my head and held them there. Two more warriors each took a leg and lifted them into the air, slowly spreading them so they were nearly vertical and spread to the maximum.
I could see the King becoming nearly erect from between my legs as the two warriors who held my legs rubbed the inside of my thighs. Penda poured oil into her hand and rubbed it over my mound. The feel of her delicate fingers covering my labia with that warm, aromatic oil forced me to think about how aroused I had become, and when she slid two fingers inside me to lubricate my opening to accept his huge manhood, I heard myself moan.

That's when it happened. As I moaned I voluntarily drew back my knees and pointed my toes. The Kings eyes widened, and his cock became fully erect and standing straight out completely on its own.

What happened next was almost beyond description.

The head of his cock was changing. The King stepped forward so that his head was laid on top of my mound. What I thought were circles were opening. The drums grew louder and faster.
My heart was racing. Could this be? Was I hallucinating? The eyelids were fully rolled back exposing two blood red menacing little eyeballs. The jagged line beneath them suddenly opened.
My god ......it was a mouth.

It must be the elixar, I had to be hallucinating. But how could it be? I could feel the warriors holding my wrist and legs.....I could hear the drums and feel the warm air of the night on my body,no this was real...all too real. Its mouth opened the size of a humans exposing a set of wolf like teeth and a tongue darting in and out like that of a snake, but more in the shape of a humans.

It's tongue came slowly slithering out. Sliding across my belly and reaching all the way to my breast. My god.....its tongue was once again as long as the Kings entire cock. It moved back and forth, left to right, then right to left, the whole time the tip of it's tongue vibrating like the wings of a mockingbird.

Tumaini continued to stroke his massive cock as the tongue began to coil and strike like a snake blindly into the air. I couldn't help but see the wanton expression on both her and Penda's face. I could see they were very aroused and somehow that eased some of my fear. The tongue struck blindly again and again until finally connecting with my nipple. I screamed at the initial sting to my nipple. It continued to strike but now it had my nipple zeroed in and was hitting it every time. The two warriors continued to caress and squeaze the insides of my thighs, so close.....oh so very close but never touching.

Each time the tongue would strike, it would slowly draw itself into a coil before shooting out and stinging my now, rock hard nipple time after time. I don't know whether it was the hot wet tongue on my belly or the pleasently painful stinging of my nipples, but something , in spite of the surrealness of it all, was making me extreamly hot.

Suddenly the tongue disappeared back into the Kings cock. The crowd let out a collective scream and the drums grew even louder. The huge mouth opened and immediatly clamped down on my mound. I cried out, more in fear than pain as the cocks mouth started sucking at my opening. The warriors holding my wrist began to squeaze my breast and tug at my nipples. Tumaini's strokes got faster and faster.

Oh god......as he sucked at my pussy the tongue slipped inside of me. I moaned deeply at the feeling of that warm wet mouth knawing at my womanhood as it's snake like tongue began to slowly cycle deeper and deeper into my now, needy body.

I was begining to lose myself in the erotica of the moment. Forgetting completely of what had gone before and the danger I might be in. I focused on the glassy eyed stare of the King as the tongue of his serpent titilated everything inside of me.

"Oh god" I screamed as his cockhead passed my clitoris. The warriors released my legs as I struggled. I pointed my toes and put my feet against the Kings shoulders. He finally showed some expression on his face as he turned his head first right and then left eyeing my feet and calves very closely.
"Zuri" (good) he whispered as he pushed more of his massive meat into my dripping wet pussy.

He started pumping me very slowly and deliberatly as the tongue went wild inside of me. I could feel it's lips nibbleing and sucking at the walls of my canal as the tip of it's tongue vibrated against my gspot giving me one mini orgasm after another. The Kings speed increased to match the drum beat and the chanting crowd. The sweat poured from my body as my hips bounced from the alter, trying to get more and more of him inside of me. God help me I wanted it all.........

He was like a machine. Staring, pumping, driveing. Our eyes locked, he knew I was ready. Scared to death, I nodded my head yes. He reached down and took my hips in his enormous, muscular hands.

When he impaled me completely the pain was excruciating. My yells could be heard, I'm sure, throughout the Congo. He hit me again and again until I thought I was being split in two. How many more strokes like this could I withstand? Then suddenly he withdrew all but his cockhead, hesitated for what seemed forever, and began to slowly, gently, push his entire cock into me. I waited for the pain again but it never came. He cycled once, twice, three times and all I could feel was the ecstacy of his magnificent manhood filling every part of my trembling body. The crowd swooned as if they knew this was coming. As if they had all been here before.......

He fucked me like this for at least an hour, giving me one massive climax after another. He finally picked me up from the alter, with me still fully impaled. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his muscled neck. Everything he did was a new arousal for me. It seemed like my supply of orgasms was endless. We were face to face and he smiled for the first time. I had been smileing, I'm sure, for the last hour. He placed his mouth over mine and sucked the air from my lungs. I pulled my head back from him and he laughed out loud at me because I was scared. When I realized he was playing with me I slapped his shoulder lightly and shouted "Stop that"

The crowd gasped collectively and waited for his reaction. He looked at me and lifted me so that I was at the top of his still giant erection. Then he smiled again and slowly let gravity pleasure me. He raised his eyebrows and asked, " Ni huo bora bora?" (is that better?)

I smiled as he began to walk through the crowd. The people cheered and touched me as we passed by each of them. Every couple of steps he would lift me, the crowd would cheer, and he let me slide down his rock hard shaft. "Everything that happens is for you and about you, and you must accept them as our way of life." Those were the words that the woman had given me, and the words that I had repeated over and over again to myself for the last ten hours.

We arrived at what must be the Kings hutch. It is large and oppulent compared to where I had been kept earlier. He turns and accepts the cheers of the crowd one last time.

Once inside he lays me gently on a bed of straw mats. I feel a tremendous emptiness as he withdraws from me and dismisses his guards. He returns to me with elixar for both of us. My thirst is great so I drink it down quickly. He starts at my lips and drags his huge fingers over my chin, my neck and my breast. He caresses me gently letting his hand come to rest just above my mound.

"Tuta wewe kuwa angu malkia?" (Will you be my queen?")

"............Ndiyo......lakini tu kwa moja mwaka, basi wewe budi faida mimi kwa angu makazi.." (Yes..but just for one year, and then you must return me to my home.)

" Tulipatana." We agree.

He mounted me again and we made love for another two hours. When he finally did come my body was not able to contain his juice and he pulled out and showered me completely. I was absolutely covered from head to toe. He called in two of his most trusted warriors and ordered them to take me to the stream and give me a bath.

This is going to be a very good year...............

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Very sexually stimulating, however, with a great shock and awe style of writing that I love.
A great story by a truly talented writer, I’m only sorry that a five star ratting is as high of a ratting as I can give it, this story is a must read for sure.
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+ Rep and 5 Stars

IMHO your best story, rockie.

A very thoroughly drawn and sensual portrait. The plot, character and action are outstanding. I was able to visualize everything so clearly due to your descriptive prose...

Oh, and hot too...
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Thank you jwham, I really enjoyed writing this one. It's nice to hear that you enjoyed it too.

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This is a very captivating story, I agree with everything jwham and Flash4Fantasy said, you are a very, very good writer. Very well written.
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Thank you Neon, you flatter me Rockie
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Thanks Flesh, you are gone but not forgotten Rockie
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huangdong90 I have no idea what you are talking about. Rockie
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when i saw the tag about "shock and awe" writing i was confused, then I read it... and now I understand, great story!!!

i long for a return to old fashioned romance...
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Thank You NYbarbarian

Sorry I didn't thank you sooner.

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thank you Robert
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One great story!
Some of my other stories you may enjoy.

The Rape Of Detective Rockford Be careful who you chase; you may just catch them!

The Stalking And Rape Of Celina One of my best.

The Taking Of The Virgin Bride Interesting mechanics.

Eyes The come uppance of a beautiful and powerful woman.

Phyllis Then And Now Some stories are from fantasy, some from memory.
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Worth another read
Some of my other stories you may enjoy.

The Rape Of Detective Rockford Be careful who you chase; you may just catch them!

The Stalking And Rape Of Celina One of my best.

The Taking Of The Virgin Bride Interesting mechanics.

Eyes The come uppance of a beautiful and powerful woman.

Phyllis Then And Now Some stories are from fantasy, some from memory.
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human sacrifice, rape, the whole magilla

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