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Default My Mothers Secret

Authors note: This story takes place over two generations and is laced with mystery, arrogance, violent sex and incest. The final twist will horrify some and excite others. For your erotic pleasure, I submit:

My Mothers Secret

It was twenty three years ago that this horrid mess began. At the Hyatt in downtown Chicago near the lake. A cool September evening, dressed in the bright light of an almost full moon, and the unforgiving wind off the lake.

He loved the smell of the breeze coming off the water, and all the different stories it carried. The story of the diesel fuel and the massive ships it propelled across the lake that carried the steel. And the pungent story of the walleye fishermen. The smell of the burning beach fires that lit the night sky. And then there was the smell that always intrigued him the most. The scent of beautiful women, with that perfumed hair, piled high on top of their heads, and their expensive black cocktail dresses. There were always plenty of them at the Hyatt on the Lake. They were traveling secretaries, and want-to-be CEOs. Competent women who knew being smarter than the rest just wasn't enough, that looking good was the other half of the battle. There were housewives who after raising their kids, and now in their late thirties or early forties had decided to start a career, by stumbling blindly into the business world. A world that still looked at a beautiful woman as an easier way to get their product in front of buying committees that were usually manned by men. And of course there were the Pros. The gorgeous and expensive call girls who made the circuit of only the best hotels in Chicago. And they were all here for the start of the winter convention season.

He was thirty two years old and in his prime, not only as the top salesman in the country, working for a corporation that employed almost seven thousand salespeople, but also as a particularly eligible young bachelor. He would take the stage this week and be awarded the National Salesman of the Year. All the regional managers would worship at his feet and quietly imply when they got him alone that "If you were in my part of the country, we would show you how well we treat a salesman like you", with a wink and a nod.

He came into Chi town early on Sunday from Atlanta to get the lay of the land prior to the national sales convention starting on Monday morning. He sat at a table in the outside bar where he had a clear view of the lake and the rear of the hotel. As usual for a Sunday night, there was quite a bit of activity in the lobby as guest from all over the country checked in for their business meetings. There was something fascinating to him about watching scores of people hurry here and there. He could tell the people who had been at this life for a long time quite easily from the rookies. There was a certain acceptance about them regarding the long lines to check in and the lost reservations. They knew that if they were patient with the desk clerk a solution would be found, and they acted accordingly. Where the newbies were almost always indignant and insulting, thinking that they were much more important than they actually were.

He smiled as he heard a young man who had just been hired by his company in advertising, berate the "lack of customer service" being provided. "I've never had to wait so long to check into a hotel." Fact of the matter was that Jack knew the young man had just graduated college and had never been out of Atlanta.

Jack decided to have one more De Sarona before turning in and motioned to his cocktail waitress. He watched her carefully as she hurried to the bar to fetch his drink. She was a very pleasant looking young girl, probably early twenties, slightly built but everything seemingly in the right proportion. He watched intently as she walked towards him. She wore one of those black, silk wrap around type dresses with a slit up the side that teased you with a glimpse of thigh with each step she took.

She served his drink and Jack laid a fifty dollar bill on her tray.

"Tell me Sonja", Jack had read her name on her nametag, "What does a beautiful young woman like yourself do on a Sunday night after she gets off of work?" he said with his best smile.

Sonja returning the smile, said almost apologetically, "Well tonight I have to study the Hyatt employee's manual, they say we may have a test about it this week, you know, the part about not being allowed to date customers." She gave him a wink and headed back to the bar.

The truth was that Jack very rarely got turned down. He was clean cut, good looking and in very good shape. He ran three miles almost every morning and obviously had a great gift of gab. He had had more than his share of women over the years, in many different ways, but he never seemed to be satisfied. Many thought of him as a womanizer, but those really didn't know the half of it.

Sonja returned with his change and laid it on the table. "It's been my pleasure to serve you tonight sir, hopefully I'll have the pleasure again." Once again she smiled and said goodnight.

Jack left a twenty and picked up the rest of his change. As he stood to leave he noticed that Sonja had left a book of matches on the table with his change. Funny, he thought, he hadn't asked for matches, maybe she left them for all the guest. He put them in his pocket and headed for the elevator.

On the way past the desk Jack noticed a striking young woman talking to the CEO of the company. She had long auburn hair to the middle of her back, an hourglass figure and a great set of legs. He intentionally walked close enough for the CEO to notice him and call him over for an introduction.

"Good to see you Jack," he said as he grabbed Jacks hand to shake.

"Hi Barney" Jack replied "When did you get in?"

"Actually got in last night Jack, had to make sure the crew had everything set up and ready to go for the meeting, say hi to Brenda Alexander Jack, she is our newest sales associate in the western region. She's fresh out of college with a marketing degree Jack, she's got a lot of savvy and a lot more ambition. We'll probably have her travel to Atlanta at some point to train with you, we think she is just what we need in the LA market."

Brenda was obviously embarrassed by all the praise Barney was laying on her as she offered her hand to Jack. "Nice to meet you Jack, Barney has told me a lot about you already. I'm really looking forward to working with you. I just hope I'll be able to live up to everyone's expectations."

Jack took her hand in his and looked directly in her eyes. His mind was racing. Jesus, she was absolutely gorgeous. Her face was perfect. Pure white skin, classic high cheekbones and full red lips. Her beautiful auburn hair framed her stunning face perfectly.

Jack rolled his free hand over their handshake pulling her slightly towards him. "I'm quite sure you'll do just find Ms. Alexander." he said with a deadpan tone. Jack released her hand but continued to hold her gaze with his eyes.

"Jack, we were just about to have a drink will you join us for a nightcap?" Barney asked.

Still mesmerized by Brenda's beauty Jack managed to spit out his polite refusal by saying that he had some finishing touches to put on his acceptance speech that he would have to give Tuesday evening. They all said goodnight and Jack watched Brenda walk away. He couldn't remember ever seeing a more desirable woman. Her form fitting pin stripe business suit accentuated her shapely hips and chest, and her walk was that of a runway model. He had to have her.

The lobby was still bustling with late arrivers and Jack found a dimly lit corner where he could wait without being too noticeable. He was nervous. He knew he was about to risk everything again, only this time he was very high profile. In the past when he cut one like Brenda away from the herd he was young and relatively low profile. He didn't have nearly as much to lose. This time he was on top, and as he thought to himself, when you're on top, you have a lot further to fall.

He calmed himself with the thought that he really didn't have a choice in the matter. Of all the women who came to him willingly, there was never one that satisfied his enormous lust. No matter how they tried or what fantasy they played out, it never took him to that place........that dark, erotic place where he arrived when he took them against their will.

"Against her will." He rolled the phrase over and over in his mind as he visualized her face, twisting and contorted. Struggling to save herself. Fighting with all her strength against his unyielding power. No, he thought, this couldn't be stopped, certainly not by him, he simply wasn't capable.

Brenda emerged from the bistro first followed by Barney who headed off to the news stand. Jack waited for her to get to the elevators before he made his way behind her from his shadowy retreat. Brenda pressed the up button completely unaware that Jack was behind her. Jack controlled his breathing as he waited what seemed like an eternity for the elevator to arrive. He was close enough to fill his nostrils with her scent......and it was overpowering.

The doors opened and two middle aged men, both quite liquored up, immediately zeroed in on Brenda.

"Hey baby how about we get a drink in the bar over there?"

"No thank you." Brenda replied politely but in no uncertain terms.

"Aww come on honey, a little drink won't hurt you." chimed in the second drunk as he took a step towards her and started to reach out to take her arm.

Jack's left arm shot around Brenda's shoulder snatching the drunks fingers and forcing him to his knees. "The lady said no friend, are you having trouble with no?"

Jack took Brenda by the arm guiding her towards the elevator while the drunk on his knees told anyone who was listening how he "didn't mean no harm, he was just trying to be friendly."

The doors closed and the elevator started up. "Thank you Jack" Brenda said "But I think I could have handled that myself without the violence."

"We'll see" Jack thought to himself as he leaned forward and pressed the button for floor number seventeen. He ignored Brenda's statement.

Brenda wondered to herself how he knew she was on seventeen but was afraid to ask him after he had just ignored her thank you. The last thing she wanted to do was offend the most important salesman in the company. Everyone she had talked to or interviewed with during her hiring process spoke of Jack like he was some kind of a god. "Pick Jack's brain when you get the chance Brenda" she had heard that more than once since she hired on. "He can teach you more in a day or two than you can learn in five years."

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. Jack stepped into the opening and motioned for Brenda to exit. Brenda nodded and stepped past Jack, "Thank you" and turned right to go to her room.

Jack walked behind her by six or eight feet. Brenda felt his presence and assumed he was heading to his room. She reached into her handbag for the key card as she arrived at her door. She nervously swiped the card pushing the handle too soon and the door wouldn't unlock. She tried it again with the same result. Her nervousness intensified as Jack stopped. Once again she tried swiping the card, but was now so nervous and frustrated she wasn't about to get the door open. "Damn, I hate these things."

Jack reached in front of her and took the card from her hand. She looked at him over her shoulder as he slipped the card through the slot and pushed the door handle. He handed her the card and pushed the door open for her to enter. Brenda stepped into the room and turned to thank him for helping her. When she turned around she was face to face with Jack. He put his hand against her chest and shoved her backwards, slamming the door behind him. "What are you doing Jack? Brenda cried out.

Jack didn't answer her, but turned towards the door and turned the deadbolt and hooked the security latch.

"Jack.....I said what are you doing?" Brenda shouted in a panicked voice.

Jack stared at her intensely as he removed his suit coat and laid it across the chair. He slid his fingers under the knot in his tie loosening it enough to take it off over his head. "Jack stop it.......I demand you leave this room immediately......or....or...I'll call security."

Jack stared at her, silently, deeply as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

The reality struck her as he finished with his shirt and laid it across the chair. He's going to rape me..........this monster is going to try and rape me!

Brenda bolted for the door only to have Jack take a handful of her long auburn hair as she went by and jerk her backwards causing her to fall to the floor at his feet. Brenda looked up as Jack reached down and took her by the lapels, lifting her to her feet and shoving her backwards on the bed. Brenda rolled off the bed and grabbed the phone.

As she tried to push the "O" for the operator Jack calmly ripped the cord from the wall and tossed the phone onto the second bed. Jack kicked off his shoes. pulled off his socks and unbuckled his trousers as Brenda sat helplessly on the bed.

"Jack you can't possibly believe you will get away with this.......you can't do this.......Jack....please."

Jacks trousers dropped to the floor, he was naked. Brenda was in full panic. Her entire body trembled as Jack jerked her off the bed and slammed her body against his rock hard chest. She felt his hardened manhood against her thigh as he controlled her with a handful of her hair.

"You don't have to do this Jack." Brenda pleaded. "You'll lose everything you have Jack........why Jack.....why are you doing this?"

Jack looked at her, raping her with his eyes and his mind, savoring each and every scream and moan that was to come.

"Sometimes you find something in life Brenda that is worth losing everything over........you are that something Brenda."

Brenda stared at him in shock as he ripped her suit jacket open. Pulling it down over her shoulders he took her silk blouse in his hands and tore it violently open shooting the buttons across the room, banging against the walls and windows. In her struggle she sunk her finger nails into his chest as he tore at her blouse. He pushed her onto the bed face down and tore the rest of her blouse and jacket off.

When he turned her over she mustered all her strength and punched him square on the jaw. Jack straddled her and took her delicate white neck in his left hand. Brenda squirmed beneath him as he slipped her straps off her shoulder. "Jack stop please.......don't do this Jack stop it before it goes too far."

With that Jack ripped her bra from her. Brenda screamed loudly and Jack slapped her face. "Don't scream like that again whore.......or I'll give you a whole new definition of pain." The tears began to flow from Brenda's eyes.

Jack gazed at her chest. Slowly he lowered his head. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and began to savage her breast. His mouth was everywhere. Licking, nibbling, biting and kissing. Brenda's fear grew as Jack began to growl like an wild animal devouring his prey. He pressed her breast with his palm, squeezing her nipples, forcing as much of her breast into his mouth as he could. Jack was wild with pleasure. Brenda cried out loud as Jack moved from her breast up to her neck and then her lips.

"That's the most perfect set of tits I've ever seen Brenda, they're beautiful."

Brenda's crying was stopped by her shock. How could this monster say these things to her while he was raping her. He gathered her wrist in one hand and stretched them out over her head and began to kiss her soft wet lips. She turned and twisted at first, trying to avoid his mouth but then he whispered in her ear. "If you don't give me your beautiful mouth Brenda, I'll take that gorgeous ass instead.

Brenda acquiesced and he raped her mouth with his lips and tongue for twenty minuets. His tongue probed her mouth like a serpent, darting in and out, dancing with her tongue. Brenda felt ashamed. She found herself cooperating more than she wanted to. It is difficult to be this intimate with someone and not feel any kind of arousal, she rationalized as Jack demonstrated his mastery. His free hand moved from her neck down her chest and slipped under the waistband of her skirt. "Jack....don't please......."

She gasped as Jack ripped her skirt from her leaving her completely nude save for her black silk panties. He continued to kiss her as his fingers found their way under the silk. Jack moved his fingers gently as he watched Brenda's eyes. "Jack...please......."

He saw the hope still there in her gorgeous green eyes that she may be able to change his mind. He slid her panties down inch by inch over her hips, first one side and then the other. With each and every move he made sure to let his fingers gently sweep her pubic hair. Only when he had her panties completely down and around her thighs did the lightening fast snatch come that made her totally naked.

Jack's breathing began to deepen as he pushed his knee between Brenda's thighs. Try as she might to prevent it Jack pushed his other knee in and tried to pry those gorgeous white thighs apart. Brenda no longer screamed and bargained with Jack. All of her strength and effort went to keeping her legs together and preventing Jack from consummating her rape. She managed to pull her hands free from his grasp as she twisted her torso and legs. Jack slammed her back down just as her nails again dug into his belly. He backhanded her harshly snapping her head to the side and taking hold of her throat. He pulled her face up to his as his thumb pressed on her delicate throat.

"Open your legs whore."

Brenda groaned trying to get a breath. Jack pressed harder. "Open your legs NOW."

She had no choice. She thought Jack would kill her if she didn't comply. Slowly she spread her beautiful long legs. Jack released her throat and once again took both her wrist in one hand and stretched them tightly over her head as he mounted her. He began to kiss her soft, quivering lips again. Brenda felt his manhood laid on her belly. He was big she thought, bigger than she had ever experienced, and that scared her even more. Jack reached down between them and placed his cockhead on her opening. "Jack don't do this.........please. I'm begging you Jack....Jack I’m. I’m not protected Jack."

Jack ignored her, figuring it was just a ploy to get him to stop. He took a handful of her hair and turned her face directly towards his. "If you close your eyes while I'm fucking you I'll give you the beating of your young pampered life." Brenda was terrified. She had seen his anger already and she believed him. "I......I won't. I promise...just don't hurt me Jack...just don't hit me anymore."

Jack pushed his cockhead past her labia. Brenda gasped at the width. She had felt his length as he laid on top of her but had no idea he was so thick. She felt like he would split her in two. Jack withdrew and pushed in a couple of more inches. "Oh god Jack stop...please your too big......you're going to hurt me."

"Don't worry whore, as wet as you are, you'll soon be screaming for more." Jack said as he withdrew and gave her another couple of inches.

Jack began to cycle in and out very slowly, watching Brenda's eyes and using only half of his dick. "You like that don't you whore?" he whispered. He smiled as Brenda offered no reply. "It's all right Brenda, you can say it, it's just you and me, it will never leave this room." He moved slightly to his left as he pushed back into her dragging his cock along her clit. Brenda moaned and closed her eyes momentarily. "You liked that didn't you?" He smiled.

"Stop Jack.........stop now and we can forget this ever happened. Jack please stop it before it goes any further."

Jack didn't stop, he wasn't about to stop. He picked up his pace driving deeper into Brenda's hot, wet pussy. She fought the arousal she was beginning to feel with all her might. It was so difficult. She was forced to watch him, she was afraid to close her eyes. She watched as his muscular body towered over her. She became mesmerized by the rhythmic arching of his back and the slow deliberate drive of his hips. The sweat from his body ran from him like so many tiny erotic rivers, flowing onto her and pooling in her neck and her belly.

Brenda felt like she was losing control of her body. The urge to let herself go grew stronger with each masterful stroke from Jack. "You want it all don't you beautiful?"

Jack said with all the evil he could conjure. "No ...no damn you no." Brenda cried out in frustration. But she did. She did want it all and they both knew it.

Brenda turned her face to the side, but Jack used his free hand to turn it back. He drove his steel all the way to her bottom. "Oh god nooooo..........." Jack withdrew and slammed her again. "ahgggggggg oh god Jack"

Brenda felt his cock slam her cervix. He withdrew and slammed her again and again. His cock was growing inside her, filling her completely when her body simply took over. She felt her hips bucking up off the bed to meet his drives. She shook her head no, while she watched her own pointed toes straight up in the air as Jack drove himself deep in her belly. Jack turned her wrist loose as he balanced himself on his fist while he slammed her white hot pussy over and over. She pleaded for Jack to stop and hoped that he wouldn't. Jack was hitting her like a pile driver. Brenda didn't think a man could move his hips that fast. He drove her to the edge of the bed, she grabbed the sheets to stop from going over, and Jack kept banging.

Jack picked her up and slammed her back onto the bed. She spread her gorgeous legs and Jack drove right back into her, never missing a stroke. Brenda felt his cock begin to pulse inside her as he held her tight in his arms. "Jack no." she screamed "Jack pull out please.......please Jack don't come in me Jack please no............"

Jack exploded deep in Brenda's belly as she screamed in horror. "No Jack oh god no" Brenda reached between them grabbing his still ejaculating cock in an effort to get it out of her. Jack grabbed her wrist and pinned them at her side while he finished dumping his huge load in her. Brenda laid there stunned staring at the ceiling, with nine inches of rock hard meat still deep inside her.

"Jack, let me go douche so I don't get pregnant."

"You're not going anywhere whore,... till I'm finished with you." Jack pulled out of her and flipped her over face down on the bed. He quickly pulled her to her knees and mounted her, sliding his huge cock into her dripping wet pussy. He pounded her relentlessly right from the start. Brenda was shocked to feel his cock still as hard as it was before he came. Brenda screamed as he slapped her ass, first one side then the other. His intensity was shocking. He was like a man driven.

Brenda felt his balls slapping against her ass just as he reached around her thigh and began to massage her clit. After a few seconds Brenda began to heat up again as Jacks speed once again began to quicken. His cock was so thick that each time he withdrew he would drag it across her gspot. She started moaning as he gave her another quick slap on her beautiful round ass. His rhythm was amazing. He would drive his enormous cock all the way to her cervix. Then as he withdrew he trapped her clit between his fingers and dragged his dick across her gspot. She had forgotten all about control. He owned her and they both knew it.

Brenda could not stop the urge. She felt the heat begin to build in her belly and get closer and closer with each stroke. Jack turned her over and quickly slid between her thighs. He started pumping her ferousiously. When the realization that she was going to climax hit her she screamed no, no, no again while throwing her head back and forth to try and stop it. Jack grabbed her hair and began to kiss her. "I want you to cum, you magnificent whore."

Whether it was those words or the feel of his throbbing cock deep inside her wasn't clear to her, but from that point on her orgasm was unstoppable. She exploded in erotic ecstasy wrapping her legs around Jack in a death grip, trying to get all of him inside her. She sunk her nails into his chest and bit his shoulder in the midst of her passion. Her orgasm seemed to last forever. She heard herself screaming and yelling Jacks name, and begging him not to stop. And then everything went black.

It was 11:45 pm when Jack unlocked her door and pushed her in. It was nearly 6:00 am when Brenda passed out. Jack showered and dressed and woke Brenda at 6:30.

"You need to get up and get dressed Ms. Alexander, Barney doesn't take lightly to salespeople who are late for their first national sales meeting." Brenda shook the cobwebs from her head, looked at Jack and the whole awful night came rushing in.

Jack leaned down and kissed her forehead, "You are one magnificent young woman Brenda, best of luck to you, and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your career." And out the door he went.

Was he serious? Did he think he could beat me and rape me, hold me hostage for six hours taking from me everything I have, my self confidence, my self respect and then act as if we had a business lunch? The arrogant bastard.

She showered quickly and put on her make up and did her hair, all while making a mental list of things to do. She needed to go the hotel pharmacy and get a morning after pill first thing. She had to get to the meeting room by 8:00am and as soon as the meeting broke for lunch, contact the police. This bastard was not going to get away with this.

The first thing to go wrong was the pill that the hotel pharmacy was out of. Not to worry said the pharmacist, his deliveries usually arrived by noon so he would have one for her by early afternoon. He assured her that as long as she got it within the first 24 hours she would be fine. She arrived at the main convention room just as the lights were being dimmed for the opening ceremony.

As usual with these kind of events the introductions and the self congratulatory speeches seemed to go on forever. When they broke for lunch Brenda headed straight for the pharmacy where the overly pleasant pharmacist insisted that he was sure the delivery should have been here by now and that he was equally sure it would arrive any moment. Her frustration grew. She knew that when she notified the police there would be interviews and even though she had already collected enough evidence to convict him ten times, they would insist on a trip to the hospital. It wouldn't take long for the rumors to start making their way through the seven thousand employees at the convention and before long she would become the main event. This wasn't going to end well for her.

Barney was an older man who had been very forthright and honest with Brenda from the very first interview. She decided to reach out to him for guidance. He was going in to the pharmacy as she was leaving and she ask if she could have a private moment with him. Barney saw the stress in her face and told her of course, just let him get some Pepto, "The water in this city is atrocious", and we can chat at one of those little private areas in the lobby.

Brenda was nearly in tears as she finished relating the events from the night before. She was brutally honest about what happened including her eventual arousal, "But Barney, I fought him and the urge as long as I could."

Barney took out his cell and made a call. "I want you to get to a pharmacy in the next five minuets and get me a prescription filled for the morning after pill. Use my name and my Doc in LA if you need to, but I want that pill in my hand within the hour, understood?

He looked at Brenda and smiled," that was Roger, he's been with me for twenty five years. He'll have your pill within the hour and the CIA wouldn't be able to make him tell them who it was for." He smiled again and patted her hand before he got deadly serious.

"I'm extremely angry right now and will reserve my final thoughts for a later time when I've been able to sort all this out in a calmer way, but you came to me for advice and that is what I will try and give you. Not in the manner of telling you what you should do, but by laying out your options clearly in front of you so that you will have sufficient information to be able to make your decision."

"First let me assure of one thing. If you decide to go to the authorities, I will march with you, shoulder to shoulder into the police station. No one will push you around, and no one will try and blame you, I'll see to that. Here's the reality check. Jack built the eastern half of this company. There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of people who owe their high priced life style to him. He is the most respected and loved employee in this company and If you take him down, they will, as misguided as it would be, hate you like the plague. They will blame you and nothing you will do or say will change their mind. You will have a very difficult time growing your career with this company. That's not fair and it's not right, but that is the way it would be. You'll have the satisfaction of standing on principal and seeing Jack go to jail for what he took from you."

"Your other option is to do nothing more than you have already done. And that amounts to telling me. I will handle Jack. And believe me when I tell you......I will handle him. Your career will advance as far as you wish, unaffected by this tragic event, Jack will never bother you again, and you will always have me in your corner. Don't decide now. You've gone on record with me, sleep on it tonight, maybe tomorrow night and then let me know. Then we will do whatever you decide. I'm writing my wife's cell number for you if you need to talk to someone with a female perspective. I'll let her know you may be calling her. I've got to get back to the meeting now, but we can talk again later if you feel the need. And Brenda, I'm very sorry this happened to you."

"Thank you Barney, you've been very helpful. I'll let you know what I decide to do."

Twenty minuets into the opening afternoon speeches an older man in a suit and tie found her table and quietly slipped a folded piece of paper into her hand. She thanked him as he apologized for the interruption. When she was sure no one was looking she removed the pill that was taped to the inside of the paper and slipped it in her mouth.

Jack also received a note during the afternoon session telling him to meet Barney in his

room as soon as the session was over.

Barney was a decorated combat veteran who had seen a lot of action in Korea and South Vietnam. He was known to be a no nonsense, straight forward sort that could get things done. The kind of man you could depend on for straight talk.

When Jack walked in the CEOs suite Barney's anger heated up all over again. Barney was pacing back and forth and didn't answer Jack when he asked if he was happy with the first days activities. Barney finally walked over to a long conference style table and casually picked up a small, possibly a little league model, baseball bat. he continued to pace as he spoke.

"Jack, she's got a pill bottle filled with your cum, she's got pictures on her cell phone of the black and blue insides of her thighs, more cell phone pictures of the bite marks on her breast and the back of her neck, and a security tape of you shoving her into her room and following her in. She is trying to decide whether to call the police now or wait until the national sales meeting is over so the company does not have to share in the limelight."

"Barney, things got a little out of hand.....but surely she's not accusing me of rape is she?"

"Jack, if you try going that route with me I promise you Jack I will break your legs. Now sit down at the table and shut the fuck up."

"Barney I admit the sex was rough but she can't prove I raped her."

Barney reached in his pocket. "Jack did you happen to see this lying on the nightstand in Brenda's room last night?

"Sure Barney sure I saw it."

"Do you know what it is Jack?" Barney screamed .

"Some kind of a compact or something isn't it?" Jack replied slightly confused.

"No Jack it's not a compact Jack. It's a digital recorder that Brenda uses to practice her sales pitch Jack, she records her pitch and then plays it back to see where she can improve. It's pretty simple to operate Jack, one button to play, and one more button to record. What part of the rough sex would you like to hear Jack? The part where you threaten to kill her? Or maybe the part where she is begging you to stop, or screaming at you to stop before this "Goes too far" It's all here Jack five hours of what you call rough sex and the jury will call rape."

Jack hung his head. Not in shame but in disgust that he had been caught.

"There are two pieces of paper on the table there Jack. The first one is a resignation letter. The second is a binding agreement that Roger and I will witness, whereby you agree to write her a check each and every month, which by the way will flow through this office, for $2500.00. You will sign one of them before you leave this room."

"So she's blackmailing me not to go to the police?" Jack said with his typical snide attitude.

Barney moved quickly next to Jack's chair. With one lightening move he tilted the chair back until it fell over dumping Jack on the floor. Barney put the end of the ball bat on Jack's throat. "I'm the one blackmailing you Jack, now make up your mind which paper you want to sign and get the fuck out of my sight."

Jack signed the binding agreement.

Brenda decided not to prosecute Jack.

Barney told Brenda about the binding agreement.

Brenda told Barney he didn't have to do that.

The pill did not work.

The pill did not work.

The fucking pill did not work.

Alicia was born.

Jack sent the checks.

Brenda climbed the corporate ladder.

Barney and his wife became the grandparent figures in the baby's life. Brenda's folks had both been killed by a drunk driver when she was just a child herself. Alicia had a very happy childhood with many social activities, a loving mother, and Barney and Madge doting over her constantly. Brenda had always avoided the "Who was my daddy" question, other than to say he left when you were very young.

Brenda had Barney stop the checks from Jack after Alicia graduated from college. Brenda had long ago moved out of the sales part of the company and was now senior VP of communications, and earning in the 300k range.

Alicia was a very gregarious young woman. Full of enthusiasm and ambition. She was the mirrored image of her mother. Barney used to say they were both poured from the same mold...and then they broke the mold. Alicia hired on with a major international paper concern as a traveling auditor which kept her on the road most of the time, so when she was back in town her and Brenda always made a point of spending as much time together as they could. One Sunday morning, in the early fall, they sat at an sidewalk cafe drinking coffee and enjoying each others company.

"Is it strange to you at all mother, that I have this deep desire to know my father?" Alicia asked out of the clear blue sky.

Brenda, slightly taken aback, responded more honestly than she would have if the question had not taken her by surprise. "Knowing your father is the absolute last thing you want to do honey."

"Was he that bad mother?"

"He never stuck around to see you did he?" Brenda was clearly uncomfortable with this conversation.

Alicia had never seen this reaction from her mother before and it peaked her interest.

"Did you love him mother?" Alicia found the courage to ask.

"Don't you wish fall lasted all year round honey?" was Brenda's avoidance.

"You did.....you did love him didn't you mother?"

"Stop Alicia ....stop it please. I don't want to talk about it."

"I'm sorry mother, it's just that I have no story. There's just a blank space where my other parent should be, there's no good or no bad, there's just .....nothing. I can handle it if you tell me you had a one night stand and never really knew the guy, or if you loved him and he didn't feel the same way, or even if you had an affair with a married man. I'm a big girl, I can understand how any of the things could happen.............

"Your father.........your father..........was my rapist." She whispered as the tears started to flow freely down her cheeks.

At first Alicia stared wide eyed in shock, then as the words sunk in and she saw the anguish in her mothers face she left her chair and took her mother in her arms.

They cried together there for the longest time, impervious to the stares and comments from the other patrons. The next three hours were consumed by Brenda's telling of the story. From start to finish leaving nothing out, except of course her rapists identity. And Alicia did not press her for it. She told how Barney had stepped in to help her and how he and his wife were so important in Alicia’s upbringing. The conversation went on, they both were in tears a few more times that afternoon, and then Brenda asked Alicia if they could never talk about this again.

"Of course mother, of course."

Alicia flew out that night to Cincinnati. The more the drone of the jet engines continued, the more and more angry Alicia became. This monster had taken so much from her mother. Alicia was certain that the experience was the reason she never married. As far as Alicia knew she had never even dated another man. This monster had ruined her life. He had taken everything from her mother.

Over the next few months Alicia became more and more disturbed and angry. Who was this man? Was he still alive? Before long it consumed her every waking thought and her rage was still growing......not subsiding as her mother told her it would.

Alicia was doing a major sales tax audit when she got the call from Madge. Barney had been at a regional sales meeting in Atlanta when he had a massive heart attack. Madge and Brenda were boarding a flight from L.A., but were afraid they wouldn't get there in time. Alicia dropped everything, chartered a private jet and was in Atlanta three hours later.

Barney was breathing on his own, but his color was terrible and the doctor had told Alicia they didn't expect him to last the night. He managed a smile as Alicia took his hand and kissed his forehead. He struggled to speak, "What are you doing in Atlanta baby?"

Alicia smiled as best she could. "Oh I guess I heard you were throwing another party and I didn't want to miss it."

They chatted about this and that for a few minuets and then Barney started breathing harder and struggling to speak. "Now listen baby, I don't have much time left and I want you to know how much you and your mother have meant to me, and what you have done for me. When my Bobby was killed in the accident I couldn't have faced the world each day without you and your mother and Madge. You all gave me a reason to live, you saved my life." Barney coughed and struggled to get the words out.

Alicia rubbed his hand as she held back the tears. "I only wish I could have done more for your mother."

Alicia, with a coldness of purpose she didn't know she was capable of, said, "You did fine gramps, you took wonderful care of both of us and we will always love you for it. But there is one more thing you can do for me gramps. There is something I need to know, something that only you can tell me.

Barney slipped his hand from under Alicia’s and clamped down on top of it. His eyes opened wide as he stared deep into Alicia’s eyes. He loved this little girl so much. How could he die denying her this last thing. "Jack Dushane"

Barney closed his eyes watching Alicia smile, hearing her "thank you gramps" for the last time, and feeling her lips on his forehead was the last sensation he had on this earth.

Alicia knew the name Dushane.

The name was one bantered around at all the company gatherings as long as she could remember.

Her mothers password gave her access to Jack's file.

On the surface it appeared as if Jack had settled down.

One wife, two sons in high school. Big honcho in the Knights of Columbus, and community leader.

A well respected man about town.

And still the top salesman of Barney's beloved company.

Barney had been gone now for two months. The national sales meeting was set for Atlanta this year and Alicia had arranged her schedule so that she would be there all week. Her plan was in place, she had worked all the details out meticulously. Alicia arrived on Saturday night and checked into her room. She would spend some time in the lobby and the bistros to get the feel of them before everyone began arriving Sunday night. The picture she had of Jack from his personnel file was twenty some years old, but she was sure she would be able to recognize him just the same.

Jack arrived Sunday afternoon. Alicia was reading a book in the lobby when she heard the name repeated by the desk clerk. Hearing the name was like a bolt of lightening. She had wondered about his name, what should have been her name all her life, and now to hear the name out loud for the first time seemed surreal. She quickly slid her book under her arm and repositioned herself as to get a better look at Jack Duchane. He was a rather distinguished looking man, she guessed him to be about fifty five or so. He seemed to be in good shape for a man his age with one of those permanent, painted on, politician smiles. "He'll lose that smile when I'm through with him" she murmured to herself.

He finished quickly at the desk and turned to walk to the elevator. His eyes met Alicia’s and she froze with fear. Jack looked her over just as he did every woman he laid his eyes on. From her feet, slowly up her legs, pausing at her breast, and finally her face. Alicia felt as if she had already been molested.

"Good afternoon" said Jack as he moved past her towards the elevator. Alicia couldn't speak. She knew she should respond, but her jaws refused to cooperate. Jack waited for the elevator, and got on when it arrived, while Alicia pried her feet loose from the floor. Jack had been the only one on the elevator and it went straight to seventeen........

Alicia calmed herself and after giving Jack enough time to get in his room, took the elevator back to seventeen, where her room was. How could she go through with her plan she thought, the way she had frozen with fear was childlike. What she had to do tonight would be more difficult than anything she had ever done in her life. Her plan was well made, she thought, and she needed to remember what she was avenging. She was sure she could do it, she knew she must. It was the only way this bastard could be made to pay for what he had done to her mother.

Jack ordered room service, took a short nap and a shower, then headed down to the bar where he would traditionally hold court with large numbers of young aspiring salespeople who would all beg him for his secrets and praise his years of achievement. Tonight was no different. Two tables were pushed together and a dozen want to best gathered around for the gospel according to Jack. One thing Jack liked about these gatherings was that he never had to buy a drink.

Alicia began to ready herself for the task at hand. First she laid out what she would wear this evening. A tight black skirt, slit gently to mid thigh. A beautiful white silk, long sleeve blouse with a ruffled front that was nearly see through. White lace panties and bra and real nylons with a lacy white garter belt. And of course.....six inch spiked heels. She showered next, fixed her beautiful, long auburn hair and was ready to dress.

She needed to build her courage, it was so important that she not fail. She thought about a movie she once saw about bullfighting, where the matadors dressing was a very practiced and deliberate procedure. She played that music in her head while she dressed. She saw the matador in her minds eyes as she slipped her panties over her hips and put on her bra. She hummed the matadors tune as she slid the nylon stockings over her feet and legs attaching them to the lace garter. And finally as the music grew louder in her head, the skirt, the blouse, the shoes.

She gave the room one last check to make sure all was ready and then put the tiny remote for her digital recorder in a slit pocket in her skirt. She was ready.

When she walked into the bar, every head turned in her direction. Alicia was used to this, she was a devastatingly beautiful young woman and the spitting image of her mother twenty years ago, and she made a fabulous entrance. She made sure to make eye contact with Jack before she walked to the far end of the bar and seated herself.

She ordered a whisky sour and waited. She nursed her drink, taking almost an hour to finish it. She ordered a second but when she tried to pay for it the waitress told her it was from the table at the far end of the bar. She glanced over and saw Jack looking her way.

Gradually Jacks inquisitors peeled off and went to get sleep for the coming meetings, and Jack was left sitting alone. After two drinks Alicia was feeling very confident. She had had just enough to temper the fear but she was still in full control.

Jack was about to make his move. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a roll of money and peeled off a tip which he laid on the table before picking up his drink and walking to Alicia’s table. "Hello again." he smiled as he approached.

"I couldn't help noticing you send two or three young man away this evening and I was wondering if it was because you were looking for a more mature, shall we say, conversation."

Alicia couldn't help but smile at the set up line." You have no idea how right you are, have a seat daddy."

Jack smiled and pulled out a chair. "You are a breathtaking young woman, but I'm sure you hear that quite often."

"A girl can never hear that often enough, daddy" she laughed and took another sip from her drink.

Alicia crossed her legs and inadvertently rubbed Jacks leg.

"I'm Jack, by the way." as he acknowledged the rub with his eyes.

"I'm Alicia Jack........"

She stared deeply into Jack's eyes for what seemed like Jack an eternity.

"I'm your daughter"

Jack smiled as if he had just been told a joke. "I'm sorry Alicia, you are mistaken, I don't have a daughter."

"Look at me Jack, look at me like you have been doing all night since I walked into this bar. Do I look familiar to you Jack?" Alicia was heating up. "Don't you dare tell me you don't even remember what my mother looked like on that night twenty three years ago when you raped her and I was conceived."

Jack's jaw dropped. This was the child he had fathered so many years ago. This was the girl that he had paid out almost a million dollars to raise over the last twenty three years. Jack looked around the bar to see if anyone was within earshot of them.

"Yes....yes of course I remember her, please try to hold your voice down Alicia. I'm....I'm sorry I didn't recognize you, it's just that I've never been allowed to see you, or even a picture of you."

"I'm not here to cause you trouble Jack, or make a scene, but it does seem to me that a girl should meet her father sometime in her life, regardless of the circumstances that made him her father."

For one of the rare occasions in his life Jack sat speechless as Alicia went on.

"Do you have any idea the devastation you caused to my mother Jack? She never recovered . She never had a relationship with a man, she lived her entire life for me and for this company. You stole everything from her you monster. And all you did to make it right was to write a check each month. Why Jack why? I want to know why Jack and I'm not leaving here without an answer."

Jack raised his head, and faced his accuser. "Passion, Alicia, uncontrolled passion.

You see, your mother was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on. She was perfect, much like you are today. I had to have her. I heard once that rape is the ultimate height of passion, and I believe it. I know that isn't right Alicia, and it doesn't excuse what I've done, but at this point of my life there is no time or need for falsifications. You asked why and this is my answer."

Alicia looked at him for the longest time, rolling the words he had just woven over and over in her mind.

"I'm an accountant daddy, to me things are black or white. I don't have the ability to paint word pictures like my famous father, to make things seem better than they really are, or not as bad as they seem to be. So I will simply say to you plainly that I see a man without the slightest bit of remorse for what he has done. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Alicia."

Alicia walked up to the bar to pay her check. Jack followed her. "Here let me get that Alicia."

Alicia looked at him in disgust. "Yea go ahead daddy, that will make everything right."
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Default My Mothers Secret part II

Alicia was waiting for the elevator when Jack finished paying. The doors opened and Jack said "Should I wait for the next car?"

"No of course not"

They both boarded the elevator and Jack pushed seventeen. "What floor Ali...I'm sorry do they call you Ali?"

"I'm on seventeen daddy, and yes they do."

It was a long quiet ride to seventeen. Alicia went out first while Jack held the door. She proceeded him down the hall. He watched intently as his daughters hips swayed gently as she made her way to her room. Alicia swiped her card key backwards to give Jack sufficient time to catch up. She had to make this happen. Her mind was racing. What if he didn't make a move? She had to get him into her room. Jack was approaching and she swiped the card again, this time dropping it to the floor.

"I hate these cards, they never work right. Jack was right there. He leaned down and picked up the card. "Let me try Ali." He swiped the card and opened the door. He handed the card to Alicia, and pushed the door open for her.

Alicia’s heart was racing. She stepped into the room and turned to close the door. Jack pushed her into the room and slammed the door. Alicia slid her fingers in her pocket and activated the digital recorder.

"What are you doing daddy?" Alicia screamed.

Jack didn't speak. Instead he moved slow towards Alicia as he removed his coat and tie. Alicia tried to run past him but Jack cut her off and pushed her to the bed.

"You can't do this daddy.....you're my father for gods sake."

Jack shed his shirt and swung one leg over Alicia as she lay on the bed.

"Why are you doing this? Haven't you caused us enough pain and misery already?"

Jack reached down and grabbed her blouse. "I'll tell you why I'm doing it you beautiful little whore, because you want me to. That's why you came here isn't it? "

"No daddy, I told you why I came here. Now let me go."

Jack ripped her blouse open and Alicia screamed "Rape....he's raping me......"

Jack backhanded her hard snapping her head to the side and then quickly clamped his hand over her mouth and snatched her bra off, exposing her gorgeous chest. Alicia started to speak and Jack slapped her again, breaking the skin on her lip.

"Now you listen to me, you delicious little cunt, if you scream like that again I'll make this the worst night of you pathetic life. Do you understand me Ali?"

Alicia was terrified, even though she had set this up and it was unfolding just as she had wanted, she underestimated his evilness, and she did not know how much she could take. She nodded yes to Jack's question and he began to ravage her.

His wet, sloppy mouth almost made her puke as he sucked at her nipples. He licked and kissed her breast endlessly for the longest time, tugging on her nipples with his tongue, biting her breast and moving from her neck to her belly with his teeth and tongue like an animal. The sweat began to pour from his forehead as he tore at Alicia’s skirt.

"Daddy don't....please stop don't go any further.....please."

Jack looked at her as he ripped through her waistband and tore her skirt from her body leaving her naked save for her panties and nylons. "You are a stunning little whore Ali. and I'm going to give you everything I gave your mother and more."

Jack began to tear at her panties with his teeth. She pushed at his head trying to get him to stop as she cried out no over and over again. Before long she was completely nude and Jacks face was buried in her hot, sweet young pussy. He forced her thighs apart as he drug his tongue slowly over her labia. Alicia shuddered at the feeling that brought. She screamed, "No daddy, please stop, I don't want this.....please."

Jack ignored her as her filled his hands with her firm ass. He worked his tongue methodically over every wrinkle and cranny of her sweet, wet pussy. When he sucked her clit into his mouth she moaned and Jack knew he had her. Jack worked feverously to keep her going once he heard the moan. Her screams turned to faint whispers of "No more daddy.........please daddy no more."

When Alicia was nearing her involuntary orgasm Jack mounted her. The stark reality of being face to face with her father as he was about to violate her, shocked her out of arousal and back to terror. "Jack.....no stop it daddy you're raping me,........your raping me." she screamed at the top of her voice. Jack slapped her three times in quick succession and then clamped his hand over her mouth and jammed the entire length of his nine inch cock all the way to her bottom. Alicia screamed into Jack's hand as he withdrew and drove his hot meat deep in her belly again. He began to pump her with a slow steady motion as she thought to herself how she would not let this monster make her cum.

Jack's hand slid off her mouth and he took a handful of her hair and forced her to face him. "While I'm fucking you, my beautiful young whore, you will keep your eyes wide open and focused on me, just like your mother did. And if you do not.........then I will give you a beating the likes of which you can't imagine.

The words terrified Alicia because she knew him well enough now to understand that he meant it, but she knew also that he had said it loud enough for her digital recorder to capture every single word. It seemed to go on forever. His slow steady drive into her, and his rhythmic withdrawal from her trembling body made it almost impossible for her to fight her natural arousal. How could this happen she thought? How could her fathers violation of her cause her arousal. She hadn't prepared herself for this eventuality.

Alicia began to respond involuntarily again as Jack began his finishing drive. "No damn you" she screamed one more time as his speed multiplied with the ferocity of his thrust.

"You love it, you little whore.....just like your slut of a mother did.....don't you?....don't you whore?"

Alicia had to bite her lip not to respond as she felt Jack swell inside her and explode. His steaming spunk caused her to gasp as it filled every bit of her hot, sweet pussy. She was on the verge of orgasm herself when Jack pulled out. He sprung off the bed laughing, and headed for the bathroom. Alicia lay panting on the bed. Damn him she thought to herself as the sound of his stream filled the silent room. The sweat rolled from her face and arms as the ache from her unfinished womanhood screamed for completion.

She quietly leaned over and switched off the recorder that was laying under her scarf on the nightstand.

Her hand slid between her cum soaked thighs as she began to finish what Jack had started, just then she heard the shower start from the bathroom. She grabbed her travel alarm and bounced it off the bathroom wall in anger. Jack walked out to see what had happened.

"Is that all you got daddy?" she screamed sarcastically.

"Oh You want more huh? You are just like your mother, aren't you Ali?"

"The least you could do is finish what you started daddy." again with the sarcastic.

Jack was instantly hard as he mounted her again. Alicia spit at him and he slapped her twice before plunging his cock deep into her belly. "Ohhh yea daddy, that's what I want.Give it all to me you fucking monster." She purred as she wrapped her legs around her fathers waist and bucked up off the bed. She pulled him deep inside her as she moaned and growled for more and more until he brought her to her to her first enormous orgasm.

Jack, still hard and with renewed energy, flipped her over and mounted her again. "That's it daddy, you know what I want, give me what you didn't give mommy you bastard. Give it to me good daddy."

Jack pushed his head into her rosebud. Alicia screamed in pain as he drove his steel deep into her bowels. He plunged himself into her again and again as he reached around her thigh and rubbed her clit. Alicia reached between her thighs and guided his hand as he slammed her over and over with his huge cock. Jack slapped her ass each time he withdrew. Every stroke drew another ecstatic moan from Ali's lips until she exploded again just as Jack' cock swelled and dumped his final load into his climaxing daughter.

He stayed in her for a full ten minuets this time with his groin resting hard against her throbbing ass. Her breathing finally subsided and she turned her head and asked him simply, "You do understand that what you've done to me, and what you've done to mother was terribly, horribly wrong.....don’t you?"

Jack got up from the bed and after dressing silently, said coldly, "You didn't seem to think it was so wrong when you were screaming for more." and with that he walked from the room.

Alicia picked up her cell phone and pushed 911.

"911 What is your emergency."

"I'm in room 1749 at the Hyatt and I was just raped." she whispered.

"Is your attacker still there?" came the operators reply.

"No sir, he....he just left." she stuttered now almost in tears.

"Do you know your attacker miss?"

"It.....it was my father." now in an uncontrolled sob.

"I have a police unit and ambulance on the way miss, stay on the phone with me."

The police took Jack out in handcuffs in front of the entire Eastern region sales staff.

Alicia called her mother from the hospital that night.

"Jack Duchane was just arrested for false imprisonment, rape and sodomy."

"Oh my god.......who did he rape?"

"His own daughter........." was Ali's only reply.

Alicia took the stand and told the story.

The prosecutor played the digital recorder.

The jury was out eighteen minuets.
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VERY! VERY! Well written.
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Really enjoyed it, keep it up.
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Default Awesome

Your story was so beautiful and tragic.
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superdeathbeam Level 1 (100+)superdeathbeam Level 1 (100+)

Damn. The second part got me really good.
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I sure look forward to more of your stories. Great job.
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Thank you Jwham. I appreciate your kind words

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Thank you FAZ56710 I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It is one of my favorites.

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Thank you faz very much. It's nice to know when someone appreciates your work.

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I loved your story, the final twist at the end was great, very well written.
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Thank you Karen I appreciate your kind words Rockie
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Default Hi all

I'm Carol....49 years old....and from Vestal, New York!
Looking forward to reading the forums and getting to know some new friends

Look forward to 'meeting' you all, Carol from Payday Loans!
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Rockie is back!!!

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Thank you sdb I'm really glad you liked it!
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Thank you Justmetoo, Very glad you liked my story

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Great story! I really enjoyed it.
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A very well written story, but I didnt get the ending too well in terms of the title.

The story is titled "my mothers secret"

I dont get how the end reveals her mothers secret unless it means that she enjoyed it just like her mother did.

and why did she bounce the alarm clock on the wall and ask for more. lol

a little bit to twisty for me somebody kindly explain. thanx
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Hello Ultimate,

Her mothers secret was that Jack was Alisha's father and Alisha's mother had kept that and the fact the she was the product of a rape secret.

She enjoyed the rape and when he had satisfied himself he left her unfinished and went to shower. That pissed her off, the reason for the thrown alarm clock, and she turned off the recorder and challenged him to satisfy her.

Which he did.

Hope this clears it up for you Rockie
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Thank you Carol and welcome
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