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Default Desperately searching for an old story.

I am searching for a story entitled The Rape and Brutalization of Diana. This was an incomplete story by RFriverrat. It was first archived on Rapedesires then viciousboard, both which are now defunct. I sincerely hope someone has it as the computer I had it on was damaged irreparably. Thank you.

I've asked for help on other sites, but this story has disappeared. I had the whole thing on my other computer but never anticipated losing it in a fire.This site does have a shortened version with a different title, but it isn't even half of the final version.

I doubt that anyone can help me, but I needed to try to find it as it was my favorite story of all time. Thank you for your time.
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Is this the one you're looking for?

I have the tittle and author different from yours, but the victim's name is Diana:

The Rape And Brutalization Of A Young High School Catholic Cheerleader - by pj084527

Part 1

Robert W. Harrison III sat in the corner at the local Starbucks enjoying an afternoon latte. At 45, he was still athletic and well toned. In his expensive designer suit, he looked exactly like you'd expect a powerful attorney to look. He gave off an aura of confidence and power, which was exactly what you'd expect from a Georgetown educated lawyer. And it was just that kind of persona that brought clients through his door, in droves. It was that confident, powerful demeanor that made him one of the most feared attorney's in New England.

But that was before! Before he went from the penthouse to the gutter. Before he had been disbarred. Before he had been convicted of raping a young law school intern, who had been assigned to his firm. Before he had served five years in a sex offender treatment program in Upstate New York.

Once he had tasted the forbidden fruit that the law intern represented, he suddenly realized that there was nothing quite as satisfying as taking what he wanted from a woman. Particularly the young, confident little bitches, who tended to think that all men like him were old and unattractive, all the while flirting with them and acting like they were interested in them.

After having his way with the young intern, his appetite for younger women became insatiable. While she screamed and cried as he took her dignity from her, he suddenly became aware that taking what he wanted from those snotty young cunts, was a much more stimulating release of is sexual desire than anything he had ever experienced in his life. After committing the rape, Harrison knew that no other kind of sex would ever satisfy him again!

When he entered the treatment center, he knew they would try diligently to cure him of his impulses to rape young women. He did not intend to let them succeed. The thrill he got from it was far too exciting. During his time there, he had willingly complied with every demand they made of him. He attended his therapy sessions religiously and breezed through his evaluations like a man who was clearly focused on rehabilitation. He was by all accounts a model patient. In fact, so well had he progressed that the director had declared him to be "highly unlikely to re-offend".

After his release from the treatment facility, he was assigned to a very "butch looking" female probation officer. Her name was Debby and she was fat, all business and did absolutely nothing for him in terms of attraction. Therefore it was it easy to maintain his focus on his post-treatment rehab plan, when he met with her. Eventually, having done everything expected of him (and more) he was released from direct supervision and was finally free to re-locate to a different area of the country, if he chose to.

Once he was released from probation, he immediately took advantage of that opportunity. He wanted to go where nobody knew his name, or his face. In his new town, in spite of the distance from the Northeast, Harrison still looked every bit the part of a high class attorney, who would easily blend in at any respected firm on the East Coast. It was a natural role and the only one he was comfortable in. Besides, it worked well during his 'shopping trips'.

In spite of outward appearances, Harrison's image was just a facade. In truth, Harrison was now just like so many of the scumbags his firm had defended over the years. He was now, just one of thousands of sex offenders who roamed the streets of any major city you could name. However, in spite of how far he had fallen from his past life, Harrison considered himself nothing like other sex offenders. He was better than them. He was clearly far out of their league and he knew it. One would probably go so far as to say that he had "standards", if it's possible to say that about a sex offender.

Unlike the local perverts who targeted anything with a vagina, Harrison chose his victims much like one chose a fine luxury automobile. And now, more than a thousand miles from the ever watchful eyes of psychiatrists and probation officers Harrison would be free to shop, which was why he was in this particular Starbucks, on this particular day.

Just after 3:00 PM, the nearby high school dismissed classes. Unlike in his high school days, modern teens tended to congregate at the coffee shop. Usually to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi and to chug down high octane energy drinks. The students from this particular high school seemed to have an unusually high number or attractive and mature looking young women. For that reason, this Starbucks had become his new favorite 'hang out'.

On this particular afternoon a group of ten senior girls, and a handful of young male jocks, made their grand entrance. The males seemed to look like every other high school jock that Harrison had ever seen. Nothing exceptional about any of them and most of them appeared to be drooling just from being in the presence of these young ladies. The girls (if you wanted to call them that) were much more like women than when Harrison was in school. Their young bodies were fully mature, which served to make one forget they were only 18 or 19 years old. As Harrison watched them, it was easy to understand how a fully grown man could be sexually attracted to a young woman who had only been driving a car for less than five years.

As he watched the group gather to place their orders, his attention was suddenly caught by one in particular. This one was clearly unlike the others. She wore a high school letter-jacket, with a graduation year patch of 2010, "a senior" he noted. On the other shoulder she wore a cheerleading patch. In addition to the patch, the jacket was adorned with ribbons and medals boasting of her exceptional prowess as a cheerleader.

While some would argue that cheerleading didn't qualify as an athletic event, it was hard to argue that the young women who participated in cheerleading didn't treat it as seriously as would any top athlete. And it was also hard to argue that most cheerleaders had sweet young bodies with incredible stamina. It was clear from the accomplishments displayed on her letter-jacket that they were testament to the hard work she had put in to be, not just a cheerleader, but the best cheerleader! In consideration of those observations, he decided that this young woman was worth watching more closely.

As Harrison watched her, he noticed an air of confidence, almost bordering on superiority. She seemed more mature and dignified, in many ways, than the rest of the young women in her group. She seemed friendly and pleasant, but in spite of that he couldn't help but get the impression that she was a bit of snob.

Physically she was extremely attractive. She had long, silky, brown hair and beautiful brown eyes that seemed to emit a look of intelligence and a firm grasp of things that many of her friends could only hope to ever understand.

In addition to her natural beauty, she seemed to know exactly where she was going in her life and would let nobody stand in her way. She was clearly light years ahead of most young women her age, which made her stand out even more.

She also possessed a body that made her look several years older than her chattering classmates. This combined with her obvious maturity and confident air, immediately got Harrison's attention. As he felt an unmistakable bulge growing under his pants, Harrison quickly decided that this one was worthy of the same treatment the young legal intern had received. The difference now was that he'd take his time with this one, and this time he wouldn't get caught.

Harrison pretended to concentrate on his newspaper. As he did, he alternately glanced up to observe the sweet young object of his desires. As the group of students finished ordering they gathered around two tables, less than 15 feet from where Harrison was sitting and collected enough chairs for all of them to sit.

As they arranged the chairs, he got a closer look at her. As he watched her eyes, they seemed happy and full of spirit. He smiled as he envisioned how he would knock the spirit out of them. She appeared to be about 5'5" and her flowing brown hair went halfway down her back and shined like the sun under the bright florescent lights.

Her face seemed to have a permanent smile etched into it that showed off her perfectly straight, shiny white teeth. As he looked closer, he noticed how her blue jeans hugged her young, firm, tight ass like a snug fitting glove. Looking at the front of her letter-jacket, he noticed her name stitched across the upper left. Her name was Diana. Looking more closely, he noticed through the front of her open letter jacket, her orange pullover shirt. The shirt was simple cotton and nothing particularly flashy. However, it was form fitting and beautifully accentuated the outline of her bra and her firm and perky young tits that seemed to be almost calling to Harrison.

As she selected her chair and sat down, Harrison watched her as she sat down to the right of a fairly plain looking girl. As she lowered her sweet little ass into her chair, he watched as one of the jocks suddenly rushed around the table and shoved his way past another male and into the seat immediately to her right. Clearly he liked this girl and wanted to sit next to her. Harrison was curious to watch the interaction between the two.

As they spoke of graduation (only two weeks away) and what the future held for each of them, Harrison feigned disinterest and returned his attention to his Wall Street Journal. Pretending not to notice the group, nor to appear interested in their animated teen conversation, Harrison smiled as he said her name over and over in his brain. "Diana, Diana", he whispered in his head with a sinister voice, "Come here, Diana! It's time to play!" As her name repeated over and over, an image suddenly came into his mind. The image played out acts of sexual depravity that he doubted the young cheerleader could imagine in her wildest dreams. As the images continued to taunt him, the bulge in his pants grew larger. Adjusting himself, discreetly under the table, he suddenly imagined all the things he would do to her. Pausing, he considered how he could carry off his plan.

As the group of students shared their post-high school plans with each other, Diana told of her dream to study in China. She said that she had applied at Georgetown University, in hopes of getting into their Asian studies program. Georgetown had a well-respected study abroad program that partnered with Fudan University in Beijing. Diana told anybody who would listen that she was hoping to get into Georgetown and use a study abroad experience in China as a stepping stone to a career in politics.

Her discussion about Georgetown got Harrison's attention and he couldn't believe his luck! As a Georgetown graduate, Harrison was extremely familiar with the school's application process. Armed with that knowledge, he suddenly knew exactly what bait to use. Now, all he had to do was hope that Diana was as awestruck by Georgetown as she seemed, and just naive enough to let him reel her in.

Returning to his paper, he smiled as he realized how very fruitful his "˜shopping trip' to Starbucks had been. He had selected his merchandise; now all he had to do was put his selection in his "cart" and take it home!
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Part 2

Having decided on the ploy he would use with Diana, he reached into his pocket and removed one of his old business cards from his firm. It was the same card he had used with thousands of clients over the years, but this one had been printed with a fake name.

Holding it in his hand, cradling it gently, he watched Diana and the jock sitting next to her. Their interaction was interesting. As Diana flirted with him, Harrison could see that the young jock was desperate to get into her pants. He was loving the attention Diana was giving him. But as the exchange between them continued, it was obvious however (at least to Harrison) that she was simply being a tease and had no interest in anything he may have had in mind. However, the young jock was too horny to even notice that he was simply being set up for a fall.

Watching intently, Harrison shook his head and thought to himself how much he was going to enjoy giving her everything she deserved. Finally, tiring of his ongoing attempts to get her to leave with him, Diana looked him in the eye and said, "Sorry Brian, I'm not interested." "Ouch!" thought Harrison. "She built him up, then she shot him down and left him bleeding. I'm going to really enjoy raping that little bitch", he thought to himself.

Deciding that it was time to get down to business, Harrison got up from his spot and approached the table. Walking up to Diana, he interrupted her conversation and said "Excuse me young lady!" Looking up at him, Diana looked puzzled. Continuing, he said "I'm sorry to bother you but I happened to overhear you say that you had applied at Georgetown University."
Then, showing her his business card he said "I'm an attorney on the East Coast and I also happen to be a member of the Georgetown Alumni Association". Instantly, Diana's expression changed to one of genuine interest and she seemed to focus very intently on what he was saying.

"I'm curious," Harrison continued "if you aware how much a reference from an alum can give you a significant advantage in gaining admission." Staring at him with extreme interest at what he was saying, Diana finally responded "Yes sir, I had heard that. But I don't really know any alumni." Smiling at her, Harrison held out his hand and said "Well young lady, you do now!" Reaching out to shake her hand, he introduced himself, "My name is Michael C. Johnson, and I'd be happy to try to help you gain admission to this fall's freshmen class. If you're serious about going to Georgetown that is."

Suddenly, Diana's face broke into a huge smile and she could barely contain her excitement. "Oh yes!" she answered, "Absolutely, sir! Getting into Georgetown would be like a dream come true!" Suddenly, Harrison responded. "Not so fast, um"¦Diana is it?" She quickly replied with an eager nod. "I didn't tell you that you had been accepted. I'm just offering you a chance to improve your odds by, possibly, providing you with a letter of recommendation."

"I always am eager to do anything I can to help young people, such as yourself get into GU. It's a wonderful university and I can see how much you seem to want to go there. It would be a privilege for me to help you realize your dream, and if I can do that for you I'd consider it an honor. But first," he continued "I'd really need to know more about your plans for school (and beyond) and why you want to go to Georgetown."

Diana appeared to be almost dazed by what he had told her. She couldn't believe her luck, running into this man. Smiling, Harrison thought to himself "I've got her interested in the "˜bait', now lets see if I can get her to swallow it."

Continuing, he said "If you could come to my office after school on Friday, I'd be happy to interview you and see if you are really Georgetown material. If I like what I see from you, I'll write you a letter of reference. I don't mean to brag", he continued "but a letter of reference from me would carry some weight with the admissions review panel. What do you think?"Diana practically leaped out of her chair as she answered "YES! OH YES! Thank you so much!" she squealed.

Smiling, he held up his hand and said, "Not so fast, Diana. You don't even know me. You'd better talk to your parents first. Then, after you've done that, have them call me and we can discuss things. Then, if they are comfortable with the situation, we can schedule a meeting on Friday."

Handing her his business card, he pointed out the number for his cell (a pre-paid phone with a bogus name associated with it; therefore untraceable) and told her to have her parents call him, that evening. Diana grabbed hold of the card like it was a winning powerball ticket and stuffed it securely in her purse.

Turning towards the door now, Harrison smiled and said "I look forward to speaking to your parents." "Thank you so much, Mr. Johnson" responded Diana with glee. "I can't wait for Friday!" she said. Holding back a sinister laugh, Harrison looked away from her and said "Neither can I!" Then, he turned, walked to the door and exited.
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Part 3

Harrison pulled his Mercedes into the underground garage at his leased condo. His opulent wealth was just one more thing (in his mind) that made him different than all the other slime ball sex offenders out there. In spite of his long fall from his ivory tower, Harrison had maintained ample financial resources.

As the founding partner of his former firm, with a majority stake in it's ownership, he received a seven-figure salary during most of his years as a practicing attorney. Thanks to a shrewd investment consultant, he had succeeded in sheltering a significant portion of his annual earnings into various, high return, investment portfolios that performed well, even during economic downturns.

Thanks also to a substantial corporate and personal liability insurance policy (also recommended to him by his investment advisor) he was able to shield the bulk of his personal fortune from seizure in the event of a civil suit filed against him, or his firm. In spite of the outrageous annual premiums, the policy turned out to be the best investment he had ever made. He appreciated just how valuable it was after it paid out a multi-million dollar (out of court) settlement on the civil suit filed against him by the law intern he had raped.

Thanks to the excellent financial planning advise he received, he had amassed a vast network of financial resources that would certainly outlive him. It was these resources that would enable him to continue his charade and allow him to get into a position where he could get his hands on Diana, or any other young bitch he lusted after.

After dinner, he sat down in his La-Z-Boy to read a book. Suddenly his cell phone rang. Picking it up from the table next to his chair, he glanced at the call screen and noticed it was a local number that he did not recognize. Placing the phone to his ear, he connected the call. "Hello?", he said.

The caller on the other end was a male. Judging from the sound of his voice, he guessed him to be about his age. "Hello", said the voice on the other end. "Is this Michael Johnson?" Harrison responded, without hesitation, "Yes! Can I help you?"

The caller identified himself as Diana's father and told him he had a few questions about the conversation he had with his daughter, earlier in the day. Harrison, immediately shifted gears and moved easily into the persona he had used on Diana, at Starbucks. "Certainly, sir!" he responded. "I understand that you'd have questions. That was why I encouraged Diana to have you call me. I'm so glad you did."

After confirming that what he and Diana had discussed was true, he asked Harrison several very direct and very pointed questions. It was clear that her father was, more than just a little suspicious of Harrison's intentions and did not trust him. "Why do you want to interview Diana? There is nothing in the Georgetown application packet that mentions anything about a pre-admission interview being required. And furthermore", he continued "you don't even know my daughter. Why would you offer to provide a letter of reference for a young woman you've never even met before?"

Harrison could see that he needed to formulate his response, very carefully. Barely hesitating, he said "I truly appreciate your concern, sir. And you are absolutely correct! There is no requirement for an interview or an alumni reference as a condition of admission. However," he continued, "due to Georgetown's highly competitive admission standards, and the limited number of spots available in each freshmen class, the admissions committee always looks for something that sets each applicant apart from the competition when they make an admission decision. In my experience, a reference from an alum (especially one who is heavily involved in the alumni association) he lied, "is given a great amount of weight by the admissions committee. A reference from me, would certainly help to set Diana's application apart from many of the others."

Pausing to consider his next comment, Harrison continued "I don't blame you for having concerns about me speaking to your daughter. And I admit that it seems highly suspicious that I would make an offer like this to a young woman I have never met before. However, as a member of the alumni association, I am committed to see that Georgetown continues to maintain the highest standards and admits students who are as committed to the principles of the university as I am".

"Frankly sir, when I overheard your daughter talking to her friends at Starbucks, I saw the gleam in her eye when she talked about Georgetown and could see how much it would mean to her to go there. That is precisely the kind of devotion that makes Georgetown the fine institution that it is. And that is just the type of attitude we look for in our incoming students.

Harrison almost laughed as he realized how thick he was spreading it, but he knew he had to keep it up if he was going to get past her father's defenses. So, he continued. "As I listened to your daughter this afternoon, I saw something in her that made me feel as though it would be a loss to Georgetown if she were not admitted. So, as unusual as my offer seems, I felt compelled to approach her and discuss it. I guess it was just my, sensitive side coming through" , he said with a chuckle.

He contemplated his next remark with great care. Because he knew it could backfire on him and destroy any chance he might have to get Diana alone. But he felt he needed to offer something to show a sign of trust. "Sir, if you're at all concerned about my intentions with your daughter, you're welcome to accompany her to the interview, In fact", he continued, "I'd encourage it. Or, if you prefer, I'd be happy to meet you, your wife and Diana at any restaurant you choose, if that would make you more comfortable."

Harrison paused to let her father consider what he had proposed. When he responded, her father appeared to have changed his tone and let his guard down, somewhat. Laughing sarcastically, he said "I appreciate your offer Mr Johnson. But somehow, I doubt an independent young woman like Diana really wants "mommy and daddy" tagging along on her college interview. We'd never hear the end of it."

It appeared to Harrison that he had won her father over, but he wasn't yet convinced. Suddenly, her father asked a question and Harrison knew he was being tested. "Where is your office located downtown, Mr. Johnson?" There it was! He was trying to trap him.

Since he had called him, he obviously had the business card that he had given Diana. The business card showed a New York City address, so he was betting that Harrison would slip up and give a local address. "Good try," thought Harrison, "but not good enough!"

Without missing a beat, Harrison responded, "Sir? My office is in New York. I'm only in town on business. I don't have a local office." His response clearly caught her father off guard and knocked down his last defense barrier.

Harrison then told him about his fictitious friend, who was an attorney at Klienendorst, Henderson and Mears, and had an office downtown. The firms website had provided him with just enough information to make his story believable. "My friend has already told me I can use a vacant office if I need a place to work, any time I'm in town. So I thought I could interview Diana there." Harrison added that there was ample parking across the street, in a patrolled parking ramp and that the firm would validate. "Or," he said "if you prefer, there is a short term parking area in front of the building, available after 5:00. You could drop Diana off there and wait for her, if you wish." He had cast out the bait. Now he just needed to wait and see if anything bit.

Suddenly her father said, "Sorry about the inquisition, Mr Johnson! I hope you understand." Harrison smiled, he had won him over. "No reason to apologize! A man with a beautiful young daughter needs to be careful. You're only doing what any responsible father would do." Apparently, that was the final blow against his protective wall. Because seconds later, Diana picked up the phone.

As she confirmed the location of the office and got directions, Harrison was mesmerized by her pleasant and melodic voice. As he listened to her questions, he momentarily drifted off, thinking about the sound of her angelic voice, screaming in agony as he fucked her brains out.

Quickly refocusing on the phone call, he reviewed the details of the Friday appointment with her. He scheduled it for 5:00. He then told her that her parents were welcome to accompany her, if they wanted to. He was fairly confident she would decline his offer, at least he hoped she would, but he felt he needed to make the offer to try to convince her father, one last time, that he had no ill intent.

Just as he'd hoped, her response gave credibility to her independent attitude, when she giggled and made it clear (in no uncertain terms) that she did not need, or want, her parents to come with her. Harrison smiled at her obvious attempt, to show she was a mature woman who didn't need her parents interference.

As he thought of her he felt a bulge in his pants as he envisioned how on Friday night, he intended to knock that independent spirit out of her. By the time the night was over, he'd have her pleading for mercy and begging for her "mommy and daddy to save her!
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Part 4

At 4:30 on Friday afternoon, Harrison pulled his Mercedes into the parking ramp, across the street from the Horn Towers Corporate Center. Stepping from his car, he adjusted his tie and suit jacket. Then he reached inside and removed his leather briefcase. Pressing the button on his fob he locked the doors and activated the alarm system, He walked to the elevator and descended to the street level.

Traffic was heavy, typical for a Friday evening rush hour. The traffic light was out of order, meaning he was at the mercy of the motorists. He waited several minutes before a group of drivers stooped to allow him to cross the street. Having made his way, safely to the front entrance, he pushed through the revolving door and walked into the elegant lobby.

The lobby was richly appointed and clearly the tenants were willing to pay what Harrison imagined were "outrageous lease rates" to be in such a prestigious office building. He felt truly in his element here and started looking around the lobby, in case Diana had been early.

Near the elevators, he saw a security post that was staffed by a very large and intimidating looking security officer. Harrison apparently spent too much time looking around the lobby, because he drew the attention of the security officer. Suddenly, the guard called out "Can I help you with something, sir?"

Not wanting to draw anymore attention to himself, he walked immediately over to the guard's station and said "I'm Michael Johnson. I'm an attorney with Kleinendorst, Henderson and Mears, up on the 17th floor. I'm supposed to meet a client here in the lobby at 5:00 and I was just looking to see if she's here yet." Relaxing, the guard smiled and said "No problem, Mr. Johnson. Sorry about that. I'm fairly new here and I don't know most of the people who work in the building, yet." Holding his hand out towards him, Harrison shook his hand and said "Pleased to know you and thanks for being so conscientious in your duties. I appreciate it."

Suddenly the phone rang on the guard's desk. No longer concerned about Harrison's presence in the lobby, he answered the call and turned his attention back to more pressing matters. Meanwhile, Harrison found a strategic location near the entrance, in a comfortable leather sofa, from which to watch for Diana and to prepare for their appointment. Opening his briefcase, he took a few seconds to examine the contents. After re-assuring himself that everything was there, he glanced down at his Rolex. It was 4:45.

From his vantage point on the sofa, he scanned the street through the large lobby windows. At 4:50 a mini-van, with a dark haired female passenger pulled to the curb and stopped. "Damn!" thought Harrison "she ended up getting a ride after all!" As he watched the passenger exit from the vehicle, he relaxed when he realized it wasn't Diana.

At 4:52, an SUV pulled into the spot vacated by the mini-van a few minutes before. Harrison watched as another female passenger exited. Again, it was not Diana. He was relieved because he had based his entire plan on his belief that she would come alone.

At 4:55, Harrison's attention was suddenly drawn across the street to a lone female, exiting on foot from the parking ramp. As she stepped to the curb, he could see her long brown hair. It was Diana!

As she waited for a break in traffic, he saw her place the orange parking ramp ticket into her purse. He smiled as he realized that possession of the parking ticket meant she had driven the car into the ramp, and since there was no one else within sight she had come alone! Smiling he thought, "She took the bait, now all I have to do is set the hook and reel her in!"

As a break in traffic finally materialized, Diana stepped from the curb and quickly made her way across the street, to the sidewalk in front of the building. At precisely 5:00, she stepped through the revolving door and into the lobby. As she walked in she did not see Harrison, because she was too busy reveling in the ornate furnishings and splendid decor of the lobby. As she looked around, still oblivious to Harrison's presence, he was busy giving Diana the once over.

Her clothing selection for the meeting with Harrison showed that she took it seriously and appreciated the important impact it could have on her future. She had chosen an outfit that was surprisingly conservative for an 18 (almost 19} year old high school cheerleader, yet completely appropriate for a meeting of this type.

On top she wore an expensive, white silk blouse with pearl buttons down the front. It was contoured to hug her upper torso and it accentuated the shape of her bust line. Harrison noticed that feature immediately! At the top of the blouse, (between the top button and her neckline) there was a gap that allowed the swell of the tops of her breasts and her cleavage to be, ever so slightly, visible.

Below she wore a pair of cuffed, navy blue dress slacks. They were neatly pressed with crisp pleats and were tailored to fit perfectly around her hips and tight little rump. On her feet, she wore a pair of shiny black, patent leather pumps with (what Harrison estimated to be about) 4-inch heels. The heels were much higher than would have been practical for business wear (or walking around a college campus) but they were very attractive and certainly not inappropriate and just about what you'd expect from a young woman who was more concerned about fashion than practicality. Harrison approved nonetheless.

Physically, Diana could pass for a young woman, a few years older. But her reaction to the splendor and elegance of the lobby (surrounded by the bustling crowd of business professionals, rushing past to begin their weekends) made her look less like a woman and more like a soon to be high school graduate, who seemed out of her element. That was fine with Harrison. Keeping her out of her comfort zone, would take away some of her confidence and make her a bit more vulnerable. "That" he thought, "Is exactly how I want her."

Getting up from the sofa, Harrison walked across the lobby and greeted her, with an outstretched hand. "Hello Diana! I'm very happy to see you!" Turning towards him, she accepted his handshake and returned a somewhat weak handshake and said "Hi, Mr. Johnson." Harrison observed that very few young women, especially of Diana's age, appreciated the positive first impression that a firm handshake could give. He smirked inwardly, as he thought how he planned to give her ample opportunities to strengthen her grip, later in the evening. Harrison was almost giddy, at the realization that he was so close to having his way with Diana's sweet young body.

However, he needed one last measure of reassurance that his best laid plans would not suddenly go horribly wrong. Glancing out towards the street, as if he was expecting someone, he looked at Diana and asked, "Aren't your parents joining us?" Without a moment's hesitation, she responded in an almost snotty tone, "No! Were they supposed to?" Ignoring her somewhat biting tone, he said "Certainly not. In fact these interviews tend to go much better when the parents aren't present. Parents always seem to interfere and distract from the original focus of the interview. I imagine you know all about that", he said with a smile. Rolling her eyes in acknowledgement (showing she was still not as mature as she wanted everyone to think she was), she replied "Boy, do I ever!"

Still smiling Harrison continued, "Frankly, I'm a little surprised that your father didn't come with you. It seemed like he wasn't comfortable with you coming to meet with me, alone. I sort of expected", he said "that he'd insist on coming with you at the last minute. I didn't really get the feeling that he trusted me being alone with you."

Sighing, dropping her head, and shaking it in embarrassment, Diana said "You noticed, huh? Oh," she continued, "that was soooooooo embarrassing! I wanted to punch him!" she continued. "I swear, it's like he thought you were some kind of pervert who was going to rape me or something." Smiling discreetly, Harrison had to give her dad credit for being a keen judge of character. "Besides", Diana said "he couldn't have come anyway. He and my mom are out of town this weekend."

Suddenly Harrison's ears perked up. Trying not to look too obvious, he asked "So you're alone this weekend, huh?" Failing to pick up on how interesting Harrison found that little tidbit, Diana rambled on "Yeah! Of course, I wasn't supposed to tell you that. God," she continued, "my dad doesn't trust anybody. I'm surprised he didn't hire a babysitter to stay with me, or something.

Suddenly, Diana stopped in mid-sentence. As Harrison watched her, her face flushed slightly and she looked genuinely embarrassed, as if she realized she had done something wrong. Suddenly, she blurted out "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Johnson. You must think I'm so immature, complaining and going on and on about my parents like that. I'm so embarrassed!"

Smiling at her, he said "That's okay Diana. Sometimes parents can be very frustrating. Especially for a young woman like you who wants so badly to show that she is a woman, and not a child. I know exactly how you feel. It's no problem." Diana smiled softly and looked relieved that he was so understanding.

Reaching out and gently touching her shoulder, he nodded towards the lobby sofa and said "shall we get down to business?" As they sat down on the sofa, Harrison ran through a set of preliminary questions that sounded as tough they were part of a legitimate college-admissions survey. Then he opened his briefcase and removed a manilla folder, took out a sheet of paper with several general information questions and handed her a pen.

As she filed out the questionnaire, he removed a small notebook computer from his briefcase. It was already powered up and as she finished the form, he logged onto the internet. Then, surfing to the FaceBook log-in screen he looked and Diana. "That form you filled out is just some preliminary demographic and contact data that will enable me to track your progress in the admissions process. I like to do that for the students I give referrals to.

After handing the sheet back to him, she said "I have a question. Why do you and the university want the address for my Face Book page? I thought that was a wierd thing to ask for. "Harrison noted the suspicious nature of the question.

Patiently he took the time to explain the realities (good and bad) of social networking sites and how he and the university use them to review candidates for admission. "We want to make sure that our candidates meet the high standards we expect. Sometimes Face Book pages reveal a lot of unflattering things about a candidate", he said.

Diana nodded understanding, and said "Gee, I've never thought of that!" He then handed her the notebook computer and said, "I've sent a friendship request to your Face Book address. It will be the easiest way for me to communicate with you during the process. I'll also paste info about Georgetown to your wall, to keep you up to date with what's happening on campus during the summer. It'll also help me to learn things about you that I can't find out during an interview. That will help me write a better letter of reference for you. Are you okay with me contacting you through Face Book?" "Sure" said Diana as she effortlessly logged into her Face Book account and accepted his friendship request. After logging off, Harrison took the computer back, powered it off and put it back into his briefcase.

Closing the briefcase, Harrison looked at Diana and said "Okay, we've finished all the preliminary information for my applicant tracking file. Now its time for me to find out more about you, and why you want to go to Georgetown." Looking at his watch, he said "I see its 5:45. I don't know about you, but I'm getting kind of hungry. Would you be uncomfortable if we did the interview over dinner, like two mature adults? Or would you prefer that we stayed here in the lobby?"

Pondering his offer of dinner, Diana said "My parents told me that if you asked me to go to dinner, I was supposed to say "No!"" In spite of her parent's instructions, Harrison could tell that she secretly wanted to defy her parents and go to dinner. So he decided to help make her decision easier.

"I understand you parent's concerns." Pausing briefly, he continued "Here's an idea. How "˜bout if we each drive separately? You can follow me to the restaurant in your car. Then, you can leave anytime you want. How could your parents possibly object to that?" Smiling, Diana responded "You're right, let's eat!"

As they stood up to leave, Diana suddenly remembered she needed to get her parking receipt validated. Harrison said, "Sorry. It's after 5:30. There isn't anybody upstairs to do that for you." Quickly removing a twenty dollar bill from his wallet, he handed it to her and said "Here, this should cover it." Smiling ear to ear, Diana took the $20.00 and said "Thank you, so much, Mr. Johnson!"

As they crossed the street together, Harrison smiled at how perfectly his plan was coming together. In fact, it was going even better then he had hoped. The unexpected revelation that her parents were out of town meant that he had the whole weekend to do anything he wanted to do to her, and not just the few hours he had originally planned on.

Also, the fact that she had so freely shared her irritation about how much her dad distrusted him, showed that she was completely naΓ―ve as to his real intentions for her. That meant she considered him harmless and had no reason to be on guard with him. As he looked ahead to what he had planned for her, he smirked as he thought, "A few hours from now, she'll wish she had listened to her parents!"
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Part 5

Harrison pulled out of the parking ramp and merged into the evening traffic. Two blocks away, he pulled to the curb and waited in the open parking lane for Diana. Approximately five minutes later, he saw her pull out of the ramp in her dad's Lexus.

As she pulled in behind him, he put his Mercedes into gear and merged back into traffic, with Diana following close behind him. As he drove the 10 blocks to Altobellis' Italian Bistro (Diana said she "loved Italian food") he realized how perfect a plan it had turned out to be, to have Diana follow in her car.

With the parking ramp entrance and exit points monitored with 24 hour security cameras, any video that was reviewed (should that ever occur) would show them walking in together, but leaving in separate vehicles, from separate floors, over five minutes apart. It would be impossible to conclude that they were together again at any point after they walked into the ramp. "No wonder I was such damn good defense attorney" he said.

15 minutes later, the valets had parked their cars and they were seated at their table, in an out of the way corner of the restaurant. As Diana looked at the menu, he suddenly noticed something he had not noticed before. Around her neck she wore a delicate, yet expensive, gold necklace with a gold crucifix hanging from it. The crucifix hung down to just above her cleavage, which made him want to look at it all the more. As he admired the crucifix, he suddenly realized "She's Catholic!" As that thought settled in his mind he felt that oh so familiar bulge form under his pants. "Could I be so lucky" he thought "as to have her be a virgin? Oh God, I could only hope! But I guess I'll know soon enough!"

A moment later, the waiter arrived and brought Harrison's thoughts back to the present. As he took their meal orders, Diana also ordered a "cherry" Coke. Harrison laughed to himself, at the irony of her ordering something cherry. He was looking forward to the "cherry" he hoped he would be getting later. "In fact" he thought, as his bulge continued to grow, "I bet I'll get two cherries!"

After the waiter left, Harrison asked her a series of questions about her future plans and why she wanted to attend Georgetown. She answered them with such enthusiasm and sincerity (making it obvious how badly she wanted to go to Georgetown) that Harrison almost felt sorry for perpetrating this cruel charade on her. But his sympathy for her quickly disappeared as he suddenly pictured her screaming in agony as he forced her to take his cock in all of her tight little holes.

As she finished her cherry Coke, and the waiter quickly brought her another, Diana excused herself to go to the restroom. As she walked away, Harrison watched the swing of her tight ass and noticed the faint outline of panty lines under her tailored dress slacks. "HMMM!" he thought "No slutty thongs for her, I see!"

As Diana disappeared into the restroom Harrison removed, from his pocket, a small medicine bottle that he had transferred from his briefcase in the parking ramp. Looking around to make sure he was not observed, he quickly poured a pre-measured amount of white powder into Diana's beverage. He then stirred the powdered Rohypnol until it dissolved, leaving no trace that it was ever there. A few minutes later, Diana returned to her seat and took a sip of her cherry Coke.

Over dinner, Harrison continued the charade with Diana. Suddenly taking a fairly serious tone, Harrison said "One of the major reasons that freshmen fail in their first year of college is because of difficulty in their personal relationships. Since I want you to succeed, I want to ask you: How does your boyfriend feels about you going to Georgetown? Will you have trouble focusing on school with him being so far away?"

Diana, who was now starting to show some minor effects from the "˜Roofie' said, "Oh, that's no problem. I don't have a boyfriend." Surprised, Harrison said "What about that young man in the letter jacket, I saw you with at Starbucks? He certainly looked like he was attracted to you."
Thinking back to that afternoon, Diana suddenly laughed, and with a tone of annoyance in her voice said "Oh, him? He's not my boyfriend, but he wishes he was. He's more like a pet," she said with a childish laugh. The Rohypnol was starting to kick in now and Diana was clearly losing some of her composure. "It won't be long now" thought Harrison.

Continuing, Diana said, "His name is Brian and he's a football player who thinks he's pretty special. He thinks I like him because I flirt with him so he follows me around like a puppy. Its fun for me to tease him, into thinking I'm interested, but I'm too focused on college to be bothered with him."
Diana had clearly lost her focus as to why she was there with Harrison. The roofies were kicking into high gear now and she had transformed from a seemingly mature young woman who was focused on her future, to a spiteful little tease who seemed to like tempting boys and then declaring herself off limits. Harrison smiled as he thought "This little bitch deserves everything she's going to get!"

As Diana finished her cherry Coke, leaving her food mostly untouched, she suddenly seemed to have trouble focusing her eyes. She appeared somewhat disoriented, and had now completely forgotten why she was there with Harrison. Harrison, however, still knew exactly why she was there. And he decided it was time for Diana to learn the real reason she was meeting with him.
Harrison immediately called for the waiter and asked for the check. Leaving cash and a sizeable tip on the table, Harrison then assisted Diana to her feet and held her up as she stumbled through the restaurant.

Once outside, Harrison called for a valet. He then handed him the key's to Diana's father's Lexus and three crisp $100.00 bills. Along with those he handed him a note with Diana's address on it and said "Please take this Lexus to this address. Then leave the keys under the floor mat and lock it" Then, handing him a fourth $100.00 bill he said, "Here's cab fare for your trip home." Grabbing the money and stuffing it in his pocket, the valet smiled and said "Right away, sir!"
As he watched the valet disappear with Diana's dad's car, he held her up while he waited for his own car to be delivered. One it arrived, he gave another $100.00 bill to the second valet and quickly deposited Diana in the back seat of his Mercedes.

As he pulled out of the lot, he looked at his watch. It was almost 9:00. Looking into the back seat, he watched Diana thrashing, trying to clear her head from the unexplained sensations she was feeling. Smiling with sinister delight, Harrison turned north and drove towards the place he had seleced for tonight's main event.

A place that, after tonight, he would forever remember as the location where a sweet, Catholic cheerleader got to visit Hell!
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Part 6

When choosing where to bring Diana for his depraved intentions, the Vagabond Motel fit the bill perfectly. It was exactly the kind of place that came to mind when people thought of a trashy motel. In fact, the Vagabond may have been the original "No Tell" Motel.

The Vagabond had a history of catering to prostitutes and their Johns and rooms were typically rented by the hour, rather than by the night. Nobody who stayed at the Vagabond cared about what was going on in the next room, no matter how much noise there was. That was why there had been at least three murders there in the last five years that went undiscovered, until the housekeepers went in to clean the next day. In spite of its reputation though, the rooms were clean and private and that was all Harrison cared about.

Pulling his Mercedes up to the office, he rushed inside and spoke with the manager. He asked for, and received, the room that was furthest away from all the others. Not an unusual request for most Vagabond guests.

Like most guests, Harrison paid with cash and told the manager "I may want the room for two nights and I won't need housekeeping services." The manager shrugged, "Whatever you want, sir. You're the customer."

Harrison then handed the manager three $100.00 bills and said will this help to insure our privacy, for the duration of our stay?" The manager took the bills and stuffed them in his pocket. Smiling at Harrison, he handed him his room key and said "Sir, consider this Las Vegas. What happens at the Vagabond stays at the Vagabond." Smiling, Harrison thanked the man and hurried back to his car.

The Vagabond was set up like a typical commuter motel. It was a long, single-story building with doors from each room opening to the outside. This allowed guests to drive right up to their rooms. At 9:30 Harrison pulled his Mercedes up to the door, outside the room, at the end of the building, furthest from the office.

As he put the car into "˜park' Diana moaned in the back seat and said "Mr. Johnson, I don't feel very good." Ignoring her momentarily, Harrison stepped out of the Mercedes. As he exited the vehicle, he grabbed his briefcase off the front seat, as it contained a few items he intended to use later.

Then closing the door, he removed the room key from his pocket, unlocked the door and went inside. The room was about like he expected and it was sparsely furnished. Against the wall was a queen-sized bed with a brass headboard. Next to the bed was a cheap looking night table with an ugly lamp standing on it and a phone, which Harrison would have bet $100 didn't work. In the corner was a large, overstuffed, upholstered chair next to a TV, sitting on a rickety stand. There was also a bathroom with a shower, but not much else.

Though light years away from being luxurious, the room was very clean, it even smelled clean. Which Harrison found surprising, considering the nature of the clientele. But most important to Harrison"¦it was private!

Quickly Harrison placed his briefcase on the chair and opened it. He removed a few items from inside closed it again. Looking around the room, he smiled. He was ready! Back outside the room, Harrison returned to the Mercedes and opened the rear passenger door. Sitting down inside next to Diana, who was still lying on the seat, he watched her.

As he did, he thought back to all the he had learned at the sex offender treatment center. In particular, he recalled how he learned about the proper way to use Rohypnol to achieve certain desired results. As he watched Diana, he realized that the dosage he had given was perfect.

Her coordination was severely impaired and she was having trouble focusing her eyes on what she was looking at. She was disoriented and had no idea where she was or how she got there. The effects usually start within 30 minutes and peak at around two hours. They tend to last from 8-12 hours. Since it had been close to two hours since she had drunk the Roofie-laced Coke. That meant she was about as bad as she was going to get. That meant she'd be conscious and somewhat aware of what was happening to her, but very easy to control. That was important to Harrison because he definitely wanted her conscious. He wanted her to feel, see and hear everything he was going to do to her. And he wanted her to be able to plead, beg and cry. But mostly, he wanted her to scream!

Helping Diana to sit up, Harrison sat next to her as she slumped against his shoulder for support. "Diana," he said, acting concerned. "Are you okay?" She was silent for a moment. "I'm not sure. I feel dizzy and really tired. Continuing to act as though he was concerned about her, he said "It could be food poisoning. Do you think you are going to throw up?" pausing before she answered, Diana said "No! But I think I need to get up and get some fresh air."

Helping her out of the car, Harrison said "That's a good idea. Some fresh air might help." As Diana stood up, on wobbly legs, she was clearly unsteady on her feet. While he watched her, Harrison closed the door and locked the car. Looking around, clearly having no idea where she was, Diana took a few steps, then suddenly stumbled on her four-inch heels and landed in Harrison's arms.

Looking up at him with a somewhat dazed look, Diana said "I think I need to lie down." Lifting her up like a limp ragdoll, Harrison said "I agree', as he carried her towards the room. Once inside, he deposited her onto her back, on the bed. He was none to gentle about it either.

Then as she lay there looking up at him, he quickly grabbed one of the items he had taken from his briefcase, a high resolution digital camera. Then, walking up to the bed, he stood over her and took several pictures of Diana. Then, he set the camera down on the night stand, next to another item he had taken from the briefcase.
As he stood looking down at Diana, he saw her staring up at him with a quizzical look on her face. "Where are we?" she asked. "And why did you just take pictures of me?" Suddenly, without warning his demeanor transformed from the pleasant, caring and concerned Michael Johnson, to a cruel and harsh man with lust in his eyes. Answering her questions, he sneered at her and said, "Where we are doesn't matter. As for why I took those pictures, I decided I wanted to have some photos of what you looked like when you were sweet and innocent and before you became"¦ a fucking little slut!"

In a flash, Harrison dropped onto the bed and was suddenly kneeling over Diana with his knees pressing into the mattress next to each shoulder. Then, dropping all his weight down onto her upper body, he pinned her to the bed. Suddenly, her eyes flew open and she tried to scream. But Harrison, who outweighed her by at least 125 pounds, had his weight against her diaphragm making screaming impossible.

As the look of terror spread across Diana's face, Harrison reached for camera on the night stand. As she struggled under him, gasping for breath, he took several facial shots that showed her terrified expressions. Then, setting the camera on the bed, he reached down and unzipped his pants. Extracting his penis, he waved it over Diana's face. "Do you like to suck cock, you little slut?" he taunted. "You do, don't you?" Shrieking to the extent she was able, Diana cried out "NO! NO! GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!

Then, grabbing hold of her long, silky, brown hair Harrison twisted a handful of it in his fist until she shrieked in pain. Then, rubbing his cock against her face he demanded "Open your mouth and suck my cock, you sweet little bitch!" With tears forming in her eyes and her lower lip starting to tremble, Diana shook her head from side-to-side and gasped, "NO! NO! Please, no!

Grabbing a second fistful of her hair, Harrison twisted violently until it felt like he was going to pull it out by the roots. The pain was excruciating to Diana, who had low threshold for pain anyway, and she sobbing and wailing with deep, guttural sobs that made it hard to catch her breath.
Looking into her eyes with a cold stare, Harrison demanded "Open your mouth, bitch!" Diana continued to cry and sob through tightly clenched teeth, but would not open her mouth. Harrison suddenly began to scream at her "OPEN YOUR MOUTH, YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCH! OPEN IT, OR I'LL RIP EVERY HAIR OUT OF YOUR HEAD!"

Suddenly, desperate for air, Diana gasped in a small breath. It was enough! As Harrison shifted his hips forward, his cock slid into Diana's virgin mouth. Once inside her mouth, he stopped and held it there, momentarily. Still holding onto her hair, he stared in to her eyes and said "That's better! Now," he continued. "Suck it nice and lick it! Treat it like it's the best tasting thing that has every been inside your mouth." Pausing, again, Harrison said, "Oh, one more thing. If you bite it or put so much as a tooth on it, I'm going knock every tooth out your beautiful mouth. NOW SUCK IT!" he screamed.
Closing her eyes tightly, tears ran down her cheeks. Her head was foggy and she didn't know what was wrong with her. She didn't know where she was and she was terrified and didn't know what to do. She wanted her mom and dad, so badly but they couldn't help her even if they were home, because nobody knew where she was. So she did the only thing she could think of that would keep her from being beaten or killed. She opened her mouth wider and allowed Harrison to push his cock into her throat!

Grabbing hold of both sides of her head, Harrison groaned and slammed his cock forward, until it was halfway down Diana's throat. As it slid past her tonsils, she gagged violently and nearly vomited. Her airway was blocked and she could barely breathe, yet Harrison continued to push his cock further and further into her throat. Suddenly, he began to rock his hips back and forth, allowing his shaft to slide up and down in her throat, with each inward thrust making her gag again.
With his balls resting on her chin and saliva running out the corners of her mouth, Harrison said "Lick it, slut! Lick my cock until I cum!" Having no choice but to comply, Diana wrapped her tongue around his cock and licked it like she was slurping on a popsicle. She had never done this before and she didn't know what she was doing so she prayed that she was doing what he wanted.

While Diana's tongue coated his cock with her saliva, Harrison picked up the camera again and clicked off several tight shots of Diana with Harrison's cock in her mouth and her tongue working furiously along his spit soaked shaft.

Finally, nearing orgasm, Harrison grabbed two handfuls of her hair said "Swallow it, you little cum guzzler! I'm gonna cum in your fuckin' mouth! Swallow every, single drop! Do you hear me?" Diana didn't answer. She just sobbed and gagged and drooled.

Holding her head firmly, he forced his cock to the back of her throat, pressed his balls against her lips and shot his sperm all the way down her esophagus. As she felt his seed discharge into her throat, her beautiful brown eyes flew open in shock and she started to cough and wretch. She was desperate to spit it out and get it out of her. The idea of his sperm in her stomach made her want to cry. As she tried, futilely to spit out his cock and his disgusting sperm, he held her head harder and yelled at her "SWALLOW IT, YOU FUCKIN' LITTLE WHORE! EAT IT ALL!"

As the last glob of his cum slid down her throat, he withdrew from her mouth and suddenly, Diana felt her airway clear and felt air flow into her lungs. Gasping desperately for air, like she had just had the wind knocked out of her, she groaned and streams of tears poured down her cheeks. As she sobbed like a baby, Harrison pulled his cock away from her face.

Suddenly a glob of semen dripped from it and landed on her blouse, just below her top button.
Looking at it, Harrison smirked and said "I'm sorry Diana. I spilled on your blouse. We certainly can't have you wearing a dirty blouse for a college interview, can we?"
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Part 7

As Harrison climbed off Diana and she felt his weight lifted off her torso, she took another deep breath and was suddenly able to breathe normally at last. As she lay on the bed whimpering, she curled up into a fetal position and closed her eyes. She was afraid to look at him and she needed to rest.

The brutal session of forced oral sex had left her physically and emotionally drained. Her head was still spinning (and would be for a few more hours) from the Rohypnol, her coordination seemed to be off and she was still having trouble focusing her eyes.
In addition, her throat was aching from the pounding it had taken from Harrison's cock, her jaw hurt and the thought of his sperm sitting in her stomach made her feel physically ill. Her wrenching sobs and hysterical screaming had left her drained and she felt a desperate need to sleep. Suddenly, she dosed off.

As Harrison watched her sleep, he smiled as he wondered how much her sweet young body could take. He was far from done with her and she was already showing the effects. At this rate, she'd be a complete wreck by the time he decided to take her home. "So be it!" he thought.
Getting off the bed, Harrison stood up and looked down at Diana as she slept. He intended to let her sleep for a little while, but not very long. He wanted to keep her off balance and depriving her of sleep would help wit that. Stepping away from the bed, he went into the bathroom to empty his bladder. He should have done it earlier, he thought. Because he came damn close to pissing in Diana's mouth while she was sucking his cock.

Finishing up in the bathroom, he picked up his camera and his computer. Then, he sat down on the bed and booted up the laptop. Once it was up, he connected the cable from the camera and uploaded his pictures to his document file. Once the upload was complete, he logged off and disconnected the camera and set it back on the night stand.
Then, reaching for the duct tape he had set next to the camera, he tore off several long strips and turned his attention back to Diana. As she continued to sleep, he rolled her onto her back and pulled her arms up over her head. He then took several strips of the tape and used them to secure her right wrist to one of the spindles on the brass headboard. Then, he moved to the other side of the bed and did the same thing with her left wrist. Checking his work, he was confident that Diana would not be able to break the tape restraints.

Putting the tape back on the night stand, he picked up the camera once again and clicked several more pictures of Diana while she was tied to the bed. Then, putting the camera back he kneeled astride her prone body once again. Having shifted himself further down this time, his weight was focused on her hips rather than her abdomen.
As his weight gradually pressed down on her, Diana continued to sleep. As he watched her chest rise and fall with each breath, Harrison reached out and gently rubbed her breasts through her blouse and bra. She didn't respond and just continued to sleep.
Suddenly, Harrison reached out and slapped her across the face and yelled, "Nap times over, Diana! We haven't finished the interview yet." As his hand smacked across her cheek, Diana awoke with a shriek and a start to see Harrison kneeling over her again.
She suddenly (for the first time) found the will to fight, to the extent that the Rohypnol would permit that is, and tried to hit him. However, when she tried to swing her hand, she discovered she was unable to because it had been secured to the headboard. Then, trying the other hand she made the same horrible discovery.

Tilting her head back she tried to focus her eyes, to see why she couldn't move her hands. As she did, Harrison suddenly reached out and slipped two fingers from each hand in the opening between the buttons of her blouse. Then, without warning, he pulled on the front of her blouse and, in one violent tug, tore it open from neck to waist, sending the pearl buttons scattering across the bed and onto the floor. With her blouse gaping open, Harrison smiled and look down at the slinky white, satin and lace bra that just barely covered her young breasts.

Looking down at them, he noticed the outline of her nipples, pushing upward against the fabric, almost begging him to set them free. "My, my!" he smirked. You have sweet little tits there Diana. As an incoming college freshman, I need to know: Do you want me to suck them?" Diana shook her head violently and screamed "No! No! Please leave me alone!"
Laughing, Harrison slipped a finger into her cleavage, between the two sexy bra cups, and pulled upward. As the straps dug into her shoulders, Diana cried out "No! No! Don't do that!" but after one more tug, the clasp tor loose and the bra tore free and was hanging like a torn flag in Harrison's hand.

Tossing her bra onto the floor, Harrison reached out and began massaging her breasts, pushing them flat against her chest and kneading them like small fist sized balls of dough. As he pawed at Diana's young tits, the tears began to flow once again. "Please stop, Mr. Johnson. Pleeeeeesse!" she wailed.
Continuing her tit massage, Harrison smiled and continued enjoying the feel of the soft skin of Diana's breasts against his rough hands. As he rubbed her sweet tits, he watched the expression of torment on her face and smiled sadistically as she continued to whimper and cry.

Then, taking a nipple in his fingers, he rolled it between his thumb and index finger. As he did, it grew hard and swollen like a ball bearing. Harrison knew the reaction was not because of sexual arousal but out of nervousness and fear. But he planned to use her response as just one more way to play with her already confused head.
"Diana, you like this don't you?" Immediately, she shrieked back at him, "No! No! Stop it!" As Harrison continued to play with her chest, he said "I think your lying! Your sweet little nipples are hard, that means you love what I'm doing to you!"

Diana, apparently not believing what Harrison was saying shifted her eyes to her chest and watched Harrison rubbing her breasts. As she watched, she saw her engorged nipple in Harrison's fingers and suddenly screamed in an attempt to convince herself that he was lying. "No!" she screamed "No! I hate it! I hate it!" Then, as she struggled under him, she closed her eyes and the tears flowed harder.

Smirking at her, Harrison taunted her and laughed "That's too bad! Maybe you'll like this better!" Then, leaning forward he took her breast in his mouth and began to chew on her nipple. As he grated his teeth on it and bit down on her sensitive bud, she screamed in pain "OW! OW! Oh stop! Please stop that!"

Moving his mouth between both breasts Harrison continued to alternately bite one nipple then the other, pulling and tugging with his teeth (stopping just before the point where he drew blood). As he continued his oral assault on her nipples, Diana was crying out in pain and thrashing under him. All the while, despite her disgust for what he was doing, her nipples grew harder under the constant oral stimulation. "OW! OW! OW!" cried Diana, between gasps. "You're hurting me! You're hurting me!"

With his face buried in her chest, he could smell her perfume and the scented body wash she had used earlier that evening. He smiled as he envisioned her dressing after her shower and applying the sweet smelling fragrances to her young body. He knew that she hadn't put it on for him, but ironically he was getting far more enjoyment from the fragrances than she was.

As her voice grew hoarse from her constant shrieks, Diana whimpered quietly that her throat hurt. A few seconds later, her shrieks subsided in volume. Harrison cared little about her pain, only about her humiliation. But he decided that a short (very short) break might be in order for Diana. Lifting his mouth from her swollen, sore and saliva soaked nipple, Harrison asked "Do you want me to stop?" Immediately, Diana nodded her head rapidly and whispered "Yes! Oh yes! Please! Please stop!"

Suddenly, Harrison lifted his mouth from her breast and climbed off of her without saying a word. As he stood next to the bed, Diana let out a deep sigh of relief and whispered "Thank you!" Harrison then looked down at her and said,"You said you're hurt. Do you want some water?" Diana suddenly opened her eyes and looked at him with a surprised look. Then, whispering she answered "Oh yes please!"

Harrison turned and went into the bathroom. He was in long enough for the tap water to get sufficiently cold. Then, filling a glass, he brought it out to her and held it for her so she could drink it without getting up. She drank all of it, and looked at him with a pathetic look of appreciation.

After she finished the water, he stepped away from the bed and said "You probably want to rest for awhile." Before he'd finished the sentence, her eyes were closed and within another minute, she was asleep. As he watched her body relax, he hoped he hadn't put too much Rohypnol in the glass of water.
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Part 8

Harrison let Diana sleep on the bed for about a half an hour while he took some more pictures and uploaded them to his computer. He figured another 30 minutes would be enough time to let the second dose of Rohypnol kick in.

After finishing with the photo files, he put the camera back on the night stand (within easy reach) and walked to the bed, standing next to it while he watched Diana continue to sleep. Her chest gently rose and fell with each breath and the saliva that had coated her tits, half an hour earlier had long since dried. Her gold crucifix lay against her chest just above her breasts and as he looked it he smiled sadistically. As he listened to her breathing, she emitted an occasional whimper and appeared to be resting quite comfortably.

Looking at his watch, he saw it was after 11:00 PM. It had been six hours since they met at the Horn Towers lobby and an hour and a half since he had carried her into the room. She was physically and mentally exhausted from what she had been subjected to, so far. Yet she hadn't been subjected to anywhere near everything he had planned for her. And while he had all night with Diana (and longer if he wanted) and didn't need to be in a hurry, there was one thing he wanted to make sure he had accomplished before midnight.

Moving around to the end of the bed, Harrison reached out for the small cold clasp that secured the thin black patent leather belt around the waist of her dress slacks. Once the belt was opened he quickly moved his fingers to the button of her slacks and nimbly opened it. Then, working the zipper down, he grabbed her slacks by the waist band and quickly yanked them down her firm, athletic thighs.

As Diana continued to sleep in her drug induced slumber, completely oblivious to what Harrison had just done, Harrison quickly grabbed the camera again and clicked some more pictures of Diana lying on her back with her blouse torn open, her bra missing and her dress slacks down around her knees.

Putting the camera down, he took off her high heels and set them on the bed, to allow him to get her pants all the way off. Dropping her slacks onto the floor, next to her ripped bra, he then looked down at her wearing only her torn blouse and panties and felt a stirring in his groin beyond anything he had experience since he had first laid eyes on her.

Her panties were a pair of white, satin and lace, French cut, bikinis that matched her bra. Deciding this pose was also worth a picture or two, he picked up the camera and clicked off several more. Then, reaching out to touch her he rubbed her mound through the satiny material that covered her crotch. As he rubbed her, she momentarily stirred but didn't open her eyes.

As he touched her, he felt his erection straining against the zipper of his pants, causing him some discomfort. Eager to explore the part of her young body which he most hungered for, Harrison began to undress. Taking off his jacket, tie and shirt he folded them neatly and set them on top of his briefcase, in the chair. Then he quickly removed the rest of his clothing and placed them neatly on top of the others items.

The way he removed his clothing was just one other thing that (in his mind) set Harrison apart from the rest of the sex offenders in the world. It showed was still closer to the world of the high powered East Coast attorney than to the sociopathic sex offender. Except, of course, for that one nasty little personality flaw that gave him the uncontrollable desire to stalk and rape young women.

Now, standing naked at the foot of the bed (his erection protruding outward like tree limb) he set the camera down and picked up Diana's black high heels. Holding them in his hand he looked at her small feet and decided to put them back on. He felt that wearing the four-inch pumps, she was being violated would give her a slutty, porn star look that ran completely counter to her pure, virgin, innocence.

Replacing the heels back on her feet, Harrison pushed her legs apart and clicked off a few more pictures. Then, he slipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties and tore them off in one, vicious tug! Tossing them onto the bed, he stared at Diana's sweet cunt and smiled a look of insatiable lust.

Her tight pink slit, was partially concealed by a "˜bikini trimmed' muff of dark brown fur. "Obviously" Harrison thought "she spends a lot of time at the beach. Certainly don't want those "˜nasty boys' seeing more of her off-limits little body then necessary would we?" Quickly moving his face to her crotch, he opened his mouth and ran his tongue across her mound and licked her opening. He got no response from her.

Sitting up, he reached out and slapped her hard across the face, striking her right cheek with a forehand and catching her left cheek with a returning backhand. "Wake up, Diana!" he said. Slapping her again with the same sequence of blows, her eyes flew open with a start, revealing dilated pupils, showing that she was fully feeling the effects of the Rohypnol.
Staring at him, but not speaking, Harrison reached out and rubbed his fingers roughly against her mound. Suddenly she responded with a loud shriek of protest, "No! Noooooooo! Don't touch me!" Harrison noticed her response to his touch was somewhat delayed, confirming that the "˜roofies' were affecting her motor skills and her reflexes, just as he had intended.

Then, leaning forward, he put his mouth to her crotch and hungrily licked her. As his tongue slurped along the length of her slit, a place he was hoping no male's tongue (or any other body part) had ever touched on her Diana screamed "NO! STOP! STOP!" Stopping momentarily and lifting his mouth, Harrison looked up from between her thighs and asked "What's the matter? Don't you like it?" Diana yelled "No! Nooooooooo!" Smiling, he lowered his face and resumed his oral exploration of her crotch.

As his tongue slapped against her cunt opening, soaking her muff fur with his saliva, Diana thrashed and lurched under him, banging her crotch against his face and screaming "Stop! Stop!" Continuing to eat her, Harrison held his elbows out to the side, using them to pin her thighs against the mattress. As her screams of protests continued, Harrison felt his erection begin to throb. His desire to take her innocence from her had become too powerful to ignore any longer.

Lifting his head, he got up onto his knees and stared into her eyes. Then, reaching towards her, he took hold of the crucifix hanging round her neck and held it between his fingers. Looking at it, he smiled at her and asked "You're Catholic aren't you, Diana" As she slowly shifted her eyes towards him, trying to focus on his face

After a long pause, Diana finally answered his question, but the look on her face showed that she clearly couldn't understand why he felt compelled to ask it and responded, with hesitation, "Y-Yes!" Smiling, Harrison said "That's good! " Then, positioning the engorged, lubricated, head of his dick inches away from her slit, he looked at her with the same smile and asked "Are you a virgin, Diana?" The look on her face was blank, but somehow Harrison knew she had comprehended the question and simply chose not to answer. Staring at him in silence, Harrison continued to watch her and was waiting for an answer. He suspected he knew the truth, but he wanted to hear it from her lips to reassure him of what he had only previously dared to hope.

Silently, shifted her eyes away, as if she was afraid to look at him, Harrison asked her again "Are you a virgin?" Again, she lay there silently. The Rohypnol had certainly slowed her faculties, delaying her responses to his questions, but Harrison could tell that she just didn't want to answer. Grabbing her hair, he stared into her dazed eyes and asked a third time "Are you a virgin?" Slowly, haltingly, she whispered her answer "Y-Y-Yes!
An evil grin suddenly spread across Harrison's face as he heard her response. Then, without warning he grabbed her hips with his large hands, held her down against the mattress, pushed forward with his hips and said "Not anymore!"
Slowly, as his cock entered her, Diana screamed for him to stop. As the head of his cock pushed only a short way into her slit he suddenly did just that. Looking down at her crotch soaked with his saliva, he smiled as he evaluated the large circumference of his cock and the size of his meat compared to the tightness of her virgin tunnel.

He was fairly certain that his shaft was significantly larger than that of any of the high school or college males who might otherwise have ended up taking her virginity. He imagined that they would have been slow and gentle as they awkwardly slipped their shafts into her for the first time. Quickly, he that imaginary image vanished.

He laughed when he considered how it could have been for Diana's first time, compared to how it would be. She would not lose her virginity to an awkward, clumsy teen, who would be as guilt ridden by it as she would have been. She would lose it to him, and she would lose it, now!
Placing his hands along the inside of Diana's firm, athletic, cheerleader, thighs he pushed them forcefully apart. Then shifting forward he grunted and pushed until on the third thrust, her pelvis shifted and her tight slit spread open, allowing him to enter.

As her tight slit opened, and then closed around his cock Harrison rammed his hips forward and groaned as his cock tore through her hymen. As her membrane tore and blood flowed down his shaft, Harrison pushed deeper, until he had slammed into her cervix causing her sweet young body to convulse and shake.

It was just before midnight when she lost her virginity. She had not lost it in a memorable encounter between two lovesick, teens. She had lost it in one violent thrust of pulsing cock, from a sadistic rapist. As he pounded her violently, Harrison smiled as he thought of the young jock she had shot sown at Starbucks. Harrison knew that he was doing to her what every male who had been a victim of her "teasing" secretly wanted to do her. This was for every male she had ever met while she was in high school.

As Diana lurched under him she screamed in agony, and shrieked at the top of her lungs as her precious virginity became just a memory. Then, as blood dripped from between her legs, collecting on top of the bedspread, Diana's screams turned to sobs. Then, as her eyes closed and she threw her head from side-to-side, she whimpered "Daddy! Daddy! Help me!"
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Part 9

As Harrison drilled Diana, his blood streaked cock slid in and out of her like a piston and her tight little twat, clutched his shaft like a death grip. In spite of the loss of her virginity, her tight cunt had a long ways to go before it was loosened enough to handle a man's cock without bleeding or causing her discomfort. By the end of the weekend, he planned to have that problem solved for her.

As the bedsprings creaked under the violent bouncing of the two bodies, Diana emitted deep, guttural groans of pain each time his thrusting cock impacted her cervix. As Harrison rotated his hips on each downward stroke, auguring his cock deeper with each thrust, Diana's back pressed into the soft mattress, as if he was trying to drive her body all the way through the bed.

As her tight fuck tunnel continued to grasp tightly onto his cock, Diana's cunt opening made a sucking sound with each upstroke. So tightly was this small framed high school senior's cunt holding him inside her that her hips literally lifted upward at the top of each stroke and the wind was nearly knocked out of her with each down stroke.

As the violent rape continued, Harrison watched her sweet young tits jiggle and shake in rhythm to the convulsions of her body. Her big brown eyes were open wide, her pupils were fully dilated and they were staring blankly (almost unseeing) at the ceiling. As her legs flailed in the air, her feet kicked wildly, causing her high heels (which now made her look slutty) to click against each other.
Suddenly, nearing orgasm, Harrison groaned and pulled Diana's hair, lifting her head up off the bed and pulling her face towards him. Smiling into her eyes, he slowed his thrusts and said, "Get ready, you little whore! I'm gonna give you a gift."

Suddenly, Harrison grunted and collapsed onto her with all his weight. As his balls slammed into her mound and his cock head nearly pierced her cervix, Harrison's cock exploded its contents into the depths of Diana's cunt. "Do you feel that, Diana? It's my sperm! And it's flowing into your womb!"

Harrison (who'd had a vasectomy years ago) couldn't possibly get her pregnant, but Diana didn't know that. Therefore, the fear that he could, combined with her guilt over the loss of her virginity and the Catholic Church's prohibitions against abortion would add to the power and control he was exerting over her.

As she felt his semen pump inside her, Diana pleaded with him to pull out. As the quantity of semen increased, filling her tunnel, she threw her head back and shrieked a loud, agonizing scream that was even too loud for Vagabond Motel standards. Quickly grabbing her torn panties, he stuffed them into her mouth until she gagged, muffling her shrieks to a level that would call less attention to their room.

As he continued rocking up and down on top of her, his thrusts slowed but his cum continued to flow inside her. The thrill of taking the little tease's virginity, through such brute force, provided him with powerfully increased sexual stimulation and he felt like he was pumping a gallon of cum into her battered young pussy.

With tears, once again, flowing down her cheeks and saliva pouring out of the corners of her mouth (around her spit soaked panties), Diana lay under him gasping hard to catch her breath. The intensity of the rape had been hard on her. Her tight young body, in spite of her athleticism, had never gone through anything like this and she was bathed in sweat. Her face was wet and small streams of perspiration ran down her breasts and collected in her cleavage. As she squirmed beneath him, Harrison could feel her slippery, sweat drenched tits pressing against his chest.

As her crying subsided and her breathing grew quieter and less labored, Harrison could tell she was barely conscious. Then, raising himself up and reached for the camera. He then quickly clicked off several pictures of his cock fully inserted into her tight, battered cunt. Then setting the camera down, he withdrew from her.

As his cock slid out of Diana, her tight slit made a noticeable sucking sound as it released its tight hold on his dick. As he slid completely free of her, a river of semen and blood began to flow out of her. As the red streaked cream gushed out between her thighs, it collected on the mattress with the puddle of blood from when he initially slammed through her hymen.

As his cock continued to drip cum, he placed it above her and allowed the thick globs of cream to fall onto her stomach and dribbled them through her dark muff. Then, as he rubbed the sticky cream through her pubic hair, matting it together like glue, he picked up the camera again and took more pictures for his photo file collection.

Then, climbing off of her, Harrison watched as Diana's body suddenly began to lurch and thrash on the bed, in a series of violent, convulsing spasms. As her back arched, her eyes rolled back into her head and her shapely young legs began to flop as she slipped into a seizure. As Harrison watched, he was unconcerned.

He knew from listening to untold hours of court testimony from medical experts, that it is not unheard of for violent traumatic incidents (particularly in teens and young adults) to overload stress receptors and induce violent seizures. The seizures are usually short in duration and rarely cause any serious harm to the victim.

As Diana's seizure subsided, he smiled as he wondered how much stress she could handle. "She might have several more seizures before the weekend is over", he smirked. As her body stopped convulsing Diana, exhausted and impaired, fell asleep almost immediately. Putting his underwear on Harrison picked up the camera and sat on the bed to upload the newest photos on to his computer. It was 12:30. After finishing with the photo files, he decided that he could also use a short nap.

Harrison awoke and looked at his watch. It was 2:00 AM.

He arose from the bed feeling invigorated and re-charged, not form the mere 90 minutes rest he had, but from the emotional stimulation he had experienced during his romp with Diana. "It was amazing", he thought "how thoroughly satisfying the rape of a young woman could be."
Diana was still sleeping, though Harrison concluded (from her periodic twitches and moans) that it was not a restful sleep, like his was. As he watched her, he contemplated taking a shower. But the sudden re-awakening of his erection convinced him that a shower could wait. His "˜little friend' between his legs (who was quickly turning into his "˜BIG' friend) apparently had other plans.

Turning his attention back to Diana, he moved to the end of the bed and grabbed her by her ankles. Then, twisting her, he rolled her over onto her stomach. As she lay face down on the bed, Harrison got his first real opportunity to observe her tight, firm little ass. It was even sweeter than he had imagined it to be, when he first noticed it through her snug fitting dress slacks.

Watching her in silence, Harrison realized that for the first time that night, the hotel room was quiet. In fact, it was quiet enough to hear the proverbial pin drop. Suddenly, the silence was broken by the faint buzzing sound that usually accompanied a cell phone set to the vibrate mode. Looking to his right, he could tell the sound was coming from Diana's purse. Picking it up from the floor, he removed the cell phone and glanced at the call screen. It showed 15 missed calls and an equal number of voicemails.

Looking at her missed call log, he saw that all the calls came from the same number. It was also the same number from which his cell phone was called earlier in the week. It was her parents calling! Based on the number of calls they had placed to her since 6:00, it was obvious that they had expected her to call them after she finished her meeting with him. When she didn't call them, they obviously decided to call her. Then, when they couldn't reach her they apparently got concerned and started calling repeatedly. He would have loved to see the look on her father's face, if he knew how Diana was spending her time after the meeting. The thought brought a sadistic grin to his face.

Putting the phone back into her purse, he turned his attention back to Diana. Then, kneeling down on the bed, he pushed her legs apart, and raised his hand in the air. Striking a hard slap to her bare ass, he raised his hand and slapped her again. As her right ass cheek turned bright red from the blow he yelled "Wake up, Diana! Its time to play again!" Responding to the slap, Diana woke up with a shriek as the sound of his hand slapping against her bare skin, combined with the pain of the impact, brought her instantly out of her slumber.

As she opened her eyes, she found herself staring into the mattress, which confused her momentarily. The few seconds of confusion was all Harrison needed, as he quickly forced her up onto her knees. Then, with her face on the bed and her hips positioned approximately 18 inches above the mattress, Harrison shifted himself into position behind her until the head of his cock was at the perfect trajectory. Then, grabbing a firm hold of her hips he shifted his pelvis forward, until his cock slid into her tight twat!

As Harrison began to fuck Diana doggie-style, she screamed into the mattress and tried to kick back at him. But she was too precariously balanced and her thighs were spread to far apart to pick up her knee, without collapsing on the bed. As he pushed his cock further and further into her she struggled, unsuccessfully, to resist him and cried out with desperate pleas, begging him to stop. Harrison responded by pushing even further into her brutalized young cunt.
As he buried himself balls deep inside her he slammed into the back of her cunt, causing Diana to emit another agonizing scream. Then, having again achieved full penetration he began to pump his hips, sliding his shaft in and out of her still incredibly tight fuck tunnel. As he began to rhythmically bump and grind into her cunt, he verbally taunted her "Take it, you little bitch! Take it like a dog. Just the way a bitch should!"

As he increased the intensity of his inward strokes, the upward thrust of his hips forced his cock head against her cervix. The impact was sufficient to lift her hips upward, causing her knees to rise up off the mattress with each push. As his cock pushed her upward and gravity forced her downward, the resulting reaction forced his cock to such depths that it seemed as though he was going to pierce through her pelvic bone.

In between her gasps of pain, she shrieked "STOP! OH GOD, STOP! PLEASE! PLEEEEEEEASE STOP!" But Harrison had no intention of stopping; he was enjoying her agony too much. But even more, he was enjoying how incredibly tightly her twat clutched at his pumping cock shaft.
Suddenly, he slowed the speed and velocity of his thrusts. This reduced Diana's pain, but certainly not her agony. As the rhythm of his thrusts grew slower, but more deliberate her screaming subsided, somewhat. Continuing to hold her hips firmly, Harrison rotated his hips and almost corkscrewed himself into her.

As he drilled her deeper, he reach forward and grabbed a handful of her hair. Pulling it violently towards him, he snapped her neck back until she was looking almost straight up at the ceiling. Then, twisting her hair until she shrieked again in pain, Harrison snarled at her and said "You know you deserve this, you little tease. Don't you? " Gritting her teeth, in response to the pain of him yanking on her hair, all she could do was shake her head side-to-side and send a cascade of tears down her cheeks. "You like being treated like a bitch, don't you?" Her response was the same.

"LIAR!", he yelled. "You're a cheap little slut who wants to be my pet aren't you? You like this, don't you?" As her tears flowed faster, she continued to shake her had and whimpered "No! No-o-o-o-o-o!" Suddenly, getting rough with her again, Harrison slammed his shaft to the hilt and waited for her to scream.

Then, as her wailing shriek subsided he said "Tell me you want to be my pet! Just like you want the boys at your school to be your pet!" Diana thrashed under him, groaning in agony but refusing to answer. "Tell me!" he demanded. "Tell me or I'll rip all your hair out. TELL ME!" he yelled. Hesitantly, Diana (between sobs) gasped, "I w-w-want to be your pet! I want to be your b-b-bitch!" she cried. Just as the words left her mouth Harrison groaned and rocked back and forth within her. As her body bounced under him, and her sweet tits shook and swayed like two dangling pears, Harrison suddenly groaned as a cascading stream of cum blasted into her. As he discharged into her, adding to her humilation, he smiled and said "Good dog! Good dog!"

Then, as Diana collapse under him, he landed on top of her with his cock still pumping into her brutalized cunt.
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Part 10

Withdrawing from Diana, Harrison got to his knees and looked down at her. As Diana lay on her stomach a river of cum ran out from under her, forming a sticky puddle between her legs on the bedspread. Pressing her face into the mattress she laid there sobbing, almost uncontrollably, while struggling to catch her breath.

As he looked down, Harrison smiled at her and then made a surprising discovery that made him smile even more. His cock was jutting out from his crotch, still fully erect, and capable of continuing its assault on Diana's hot young body. In all his previous sexual encounters through the years (forced or otherwise) he had always recharged quickly, but he had never maintained an erection after an orgasm that would allow him to continue without interruption. Raping Diana had unquestionably been the greatest sexual conquest of his life (even better than the young law intern he had brutalized) and the emotional thrill clearly had an unexpected, positive, impact on his sexual stamina.

Staring down at her athletic young body, still spasmed with pitiful sobs, Harrison looked at her, firm, tight ass cheeks. As he stared at her rump, he smiled as he realized that he was probably the only male (other than her father-when she was a baby) who had ever had the pleasure of seeing it except through a pair of tight fitting pants. He was sure that more than a few of the jocks at her school had enjoyed walking down the hallway, behind her, as they checked out her backside while trying to conceal the obvious erections that it triggered. As that thought brought a smile to his face, an ever larger smile followed as he realized that he suddenly had the chance to take Diana's virginity yet again.

Slowly rising from the bed, Harrison went to his briefcase and quietly removed another item that he had brought with him. Cupping it in his hand, he then grabbed the camera and returned to the bed. Gently kneeling down where he had been, only a few seconds before, he opened the tube of KY Jelly and coated his cock with a liberal amount.

With his sheen of the lubricant, glistening along the length of his shaft, Harrison shifted his weight and positioned himself inches away from Diana's tight, virgin ass. Then, with his dick poised near the tight crevice in the cheeks of her backside, Harrison clicked off several quick pictures for his photos files.

Then without warning, he leaned forward and lay down on top of Diana, pinning her to the bed under his weight and pressed his crotch against her ass. As she began to struggle under his weight, he reached down to his crotch and manipulated the head of his greased dick along the crack of her ass. Then, once in position, he worked it in between her snug cheeks until it was barely touching the tight, almost microscopic sized, tightly puckered opening to her virginal rectum.

Then giving a slow, deliberate thrust, he forced it inch by inch, into her vise tight asshole. As the head of his dick slid partially into her rectum, Diana suddenly gasped and held her breath. The, pushing further still, the puckered little opening of her virgin sphincter opened further, allowing more of his cock to slide inside her. As he pushed, further, Diana began to squirm violently under him. Suddenly, with her wrists still secured to the headboard, she clawed desperately at the brass spindles, clutching at them and trying to pull herself toward the headboard, and out from underneath him.

Although she was able to slide her body further up the bed, Harrison managed to stay with her, and continued to work his cock into her until he was finally, fully inserted into her no longer virgin asshole. Once inside her, he held his cock within her, allowing her violated asshole to close tightly around his shaft. Holding it momentarily, in the depths of her rectum, he grimaced slightly as her tight sphincter clutched so tightly around his shaft that it felt as though she was cutting of the circulation to his cock.

Then, having fully inserted himself into her, he withdrew slightly. Then, thrusting forward again he met resistance as Diana, trying to keep him out of her, clenched her cheeks tightly together, and clutched tightly to the brass head board. Her attempt to obstruct him from re-entering her ass served only to make Harrison work harder and, ultimately, caused Diana more pain. Throwing his weight forward, he held tightly to her hips and forced his cock deeper, pushing further into her tightly clenched butt, until he had fully penetrated her, again.

As he neared maximum penetration, he rammed his cock forcefully into her until she screamed. As the scream left her lungs, he pushed harder, forcing her to scream again, this time louder than the first. As Diana's asshole stretched wider, to accommodate the massive diameter of his shaft, a small tear occurred in the tissue around her opening. As the blood began to flow, and Harrison began to thrust more rapidly, Diana squirmed in under him and grasped the headboard spindles in a death grip, and then she suddenly bit into the mattress, clenching her teeth until she almost tore through the bed linens and screamed like she was being murdered. Fortunately, the fact that her mouth was pressed into the thick mattress served to muffle any sounds that might otherwise have been heard outside the room.

As Harrison continued to work his cock into her now bloody asshole, her rectum stretched wider, allowing his cock to slide more easily as he pumped her tight, athletic rump. Still clutching at the headboard, Diana continued to squirm violently beneath him, pressing her body into the mattress as if she were trying to push herself all the way through it order to escape from the pounding ass fucking he was giving her.

As her rectum's grip on his cock grew less snug, his shaft slid more easily inside her and Diana's screaming grew quieter, indicating the pain was less intense. As her screams subsided to groans, then agonizing moans and finally deep gasps for breath, Harrison (who was nearing orgasm again) reached out and grabbed hold of her long brown hair, again. Yanking violently on her hair, he snapped her neck back and held her head in position until she was looking towards the ceiling, As tears continued to flow from her big brown eyes, Harrison smiled as he watched a river of drool and saliva pour from her mouth, around her spit soaked panties that were still stuffed in her mouth.

Watching her eyes, as they stared blankly at the ceiling, Harrison taunted her and said "You must be the biggest slut in your school, Diana! Only a real whore would enjoy getting fucked up the ass. You like having my dick in your ass, don't you, slut?" Diana tried to shake her head (side-to-side) to indicate "No", but before she had the chance, Harrison started yanking on her hair, making her move her head up and down, as if she was nodding "Yes". "I knew it" he laughed.

As Harrison's cock throbbed inside her rectum, ready to explode, Harrison asked "Since you're such a slut, I bet you want my cum inside your sweet ass, don't you?" Again, before she could gesture "No", Harrison pulled her hair and again forced her to move up and down in a nodding motion.

Slowing his strokes, Harrison suddenly grabbed another handful of her hair and held on like he was gripping the reins of a horse. Then, with Diana's head tipped back, almost to the point of it touching her back, Harrison watched her eyes roll back into her head as he exploded into her brutalized rectum.

As his load blasted deep inside her, almost to her bowels, Harrison withdrew from her blood and lubricant soaked asshole with a loud smacking sound. Then, letting go of her hair, he watched her head snap forward as she shrieked in agony. Then, Diana buried her face into the mattress, let out a deep groan and passed out.

As Harrison climbed off Diana he thought back over the course of the evening and the hours since they had met in the Horn Towers lobby for the "˜alleged' college pre-admission interview. In that time, much had changed in Diana's sheltered world. At 5:00 PM, she was a smiling, confident, high school senior who was two weeks from graduation and thinking only about college and moving into an exciting new chapter in her life.

Over the last 10 hours, the next chapter of her life had been re-written. Her spirit had been crushed like an eggshell. The brightness in her eyes had vanished and been replaced by a dim look of confusion and fear. Her confident smile had been replaced by a pathetic look of pain and anguish. And her precious virginity (that she wore like a badge of honor and flaunted like a cruel "˜no trespassing sign' at the young men she teased-dashing their sexual desires like a bucket of cold water) had been viciously taken from her. By 3:00 AM, she no longer had an opening in her body that had not been filled with cock. Harrison smiled as he thought about that and the things he still planned to do to her.

Looking at his watch, he realized that there was no hurry to release Diana from her torment. Her parents were not due back until Sunday and they were in a place where the things he was doing to her were not likely to attract attention. "The party has barely started" Harrison thought to himself.

Getting up from the bed, he decided he was ready for a break. Leaving Diana's limp and battered body lying there, he went into the bathroom and took a shower. He was surprised that a place like the Vagabond had such a nice supply of personal hygiene items. Laughing to himself, he doubted they spent much to keep the rooms stocked since few guests were there long enough to bathe.

After finishing his shower, Harrison dressed back into his suit pants and shirt, skipping the tie and jacket. Then putting his shoes and socks back on, he hung up the towel and returned to the room to check on Diana. She hadn't moved since he had left her. Picking up the camera, he shot a few more pictures of her as she lay on her stomach. Zooming in to get a good view of the blood and semen running out of her ass, he clicked off a few more pictures then set the camera on the night stand.

As he watched her, he sat down on the bed next to her and stroked her hair. It was no longer smooth and silky like it was when he first carried her into the room. It was now wet with sweat from the physical exertion her body had been subjected to and was a mass of snarls and tangles. Rolling her over onto her back, he looked at the streaks of mascara that ran down her cheeks from her intense sobbing and the rivers of dried saliva on her chin. Her panties hung half out of her mouth, like a huge white satin tongue and there was dried semen on her neck and under her nose. She looked like a slut who had just crawled out of a dark alley. That was quite a change from how she looked at 5:00PM.

Again picking up the camera, he took more pictures and then set it back down on the bed. Then reaching up to the headboard, he began removing the duct tape from Diana's wrists, releasing her from her bondage. Once her wrists were untied, he slapped her across the face to wake her from her fitful sleep.

As she opened her eyes, looking at him with her blank stare, still under the effects of the rohypnol, he reached out and pulled the spit drenched panties from her mouth. Still unaware that her wrists had been untied and with her mouth finally clear of the obstruction, she took in a deep breath through her mouth and gasped. Then, whispering in a hoarse voice she pleaded with him "P-p-p-please let me go!"

Harrison smiled at her and said "You look like a dirty little slut, Diana. I think you need a shower to clean yourself up. Would you like to take a shower?" Suddenly an expression, something close to relief, came across her face." Diana sighed in response and whispered "Oh yes! Y-y-y-yes! Please! Please!"

Harrison stepped away from the bed and pointed out to her that her wrists had been untied. Then, holding his arm out to the side, he made a sweeping motion towards the bathroom and stood there, waiting for her to make a move towards the bathroom. Gingerly rising from the bed, Diana stood up (still wearing the high heels) and walked on wobbly legs towards the bathroom. As Harrison watched her firm young body walk past him, Diana made a feeble attempt to cover her most intimate parts with her hands and staggered into the bathroom. Quickly closing the door behind her, Harrison heard her lock it and smiled. He had discovered earlier that the lock didn't work, but he felt no need to let Diana know that"¦yet!

As he heard the shower come on, he stood outside the door and listened to Diana moan as the warm water ran over her brutalized body. Then, stepping away from the door, he picked up his laptop and sat down on the bed.

While the computer booted up, Harrison picked up the camera from the bed and connected the cable from the camera to the laptop's USB port. He then proceeded to download the remainder of the pictures to his photo files. Once all the photos had transferred to the computer, he logged onto the internet. Once he was online, he surfed to the Facebook login screen. Once he was logged in, he went to Diana's wall and started checking out who had been visiting and what they had posted there.

In reviewing her wall, he saw a message she had posted at 3:30 on Friday in which she told her friends about her interview for Georgetown, that was scheduled for that afternoon. As he read the last sentence "I'm nervous because I think the interview will be very in depth", Harrison smiled as he thought how prophetic her comment had turned out to be.

Leaving the computer logged on, he minimized the screen and walked back over to the bathroom door. The water was still running and it sounded like Diana was crying. Smiling he decided it was time for him to throw her off balance, again.

Moving to the bed, he picked up her slacks and torn blouse along with her bra and spit soaked panties. Then grabbing her purse off the floor, he removed her cell phone and stuck it in his pants pocket. Then taking her clothes and purse, he barged through the bathroom door and set then in a pile on the toilet seat. He then walked over to the shower, and yanked open the curtain. Diana screamed and tried to cover herself up with her hands again. The idea that she didn't want him to see her naked, after what he had already done to her, seemed humorous to him.

As the soap ran off her body, he said "I brought your clothes in and your purse. When you're done I want you get dressed and to put on your make up. I want you to look just as nice as you did when I met you at the Horn Towers. And don't take too long!" Then he turned around and headed towards the bathroom door. Suddenly stopping, he said "Oh and one more thing! I have your cell phone so you won't be able to call anybody. If you're "really good" I'll let you call your parents later. Now hurry up!"

Shutting the door, Harrison sat down on the bed and listened. The water continued to run for about five more minutes. Then Harrison heard Diana turn off the shower and he stood up. Checking his watch, he saw it was after 4:00 AM. Quietly, he moved to the door and stepped outside into the night air. Shutting the door behind him, he waited by his car and looked around the parking lot.

Suddenly, Harrison saw what he was looking for and started preparations for the next phase of what he had planned for Diana.
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Part 11

Opening the door, Harrison walked back into the room and found the bathroom door still closed. Standing outside, he could hear the sound of a blow dryer. Going to the door, he pushed it open and called in to the bathroom. Hurry up and finish dressing, Diana, I have a surprise for you. Then he shut the door.

After about 10 more minutes, the bathroom door opened and Diana stepped back into the room. Her long brown hair had been brushed and no longer looker sweaty and stringy but had returned to its earlier silky smooth shine. She had dressed and was once again wearing her expensive, tailored dress slacks. Her blouse, though missing several buttons, still had enough left to allow her to fasten it across the front so she could conceal her bra and cleavage.

She had secured the lower portion with two safety pins that Harrison assumed she had in her purse and tucked it into the waistband of her slacks. Her make up had been applied perfectly and if you didn't look too closely at the disheveled blouse, she looked very much like she had when they met in the Horn Towers lobby, almost 12 hours ago.

Still unsteady from the rohypnol, she continued to have trouble balancing on her four inch heels, but managed to walk to the bed without falling. Sitting down on the mattress, she looked at Harrison with that blank stare that had become so familiar over the past several hours. As he stared into her eyes, with a lustful grin, Diana quickly shifted her gaze towards the floor. He had clearly broken her spirit and she no longer had the confidence or sense of worth that would permit her to look him in the eye.

As she stared at the floor, with her hands tucked between her knees, Harrison grabbed his computer and walked over to the bed. As he sat down next to her, Diana quickly slid to her left, to create distance between them. Looking at her, Harrison pretended to be offended and asked, "What's the matter Diana? Don't you like me anymore?" Immediately she moved even further away and shrieked "No! No! I hate you!"

Smirking at her Harrison said "That's not a very nice way to talk to the first man who you ever let fuck you!" Almost crying, but controlling herself somewhat, Diana shrieked back "I didn't LET you do that to me! You raped me!" As her words rang out, Diana suddenly paused and began to whimper (like she had suddenly just realized it for the first time) "Oh God! You raped me! You RAPED me!"

Moving closer to her, Harrison woke up his computer and held it up in front of her so she could see the screen and her Facebook wall. "I was looking at your Facebook page while you were in the shower", Harrison said. Diana stared at the screen, expressionless. "Looks like you have lots of friends who have visited and shared pictures" Harrison continued. Diana continued to stare at the screen, looking blankly at the familiar images of her "˜friends'. As Harrison watched her facial expression, he could see that she seemed puzzled about how he had been able to access her page. Clearly, the rohypnol had doped her up to the point that she didn't remember that she had approved his friendship request, during their initial conversation in the Horn Towers lobby.

Looking back at the screen, Harrison smiled with a sick grin and said "I have some pictures I think I'd like to post on your wall, to share with all your friends." He then clicked on the "˜minimized' photo file and opened it. Within seconds, the thumbnails of the collection of photos spread out across the screen. Watching the reaction on Diana's face, Harrison said. "I'm going to post some of these on your wall. I think your friends would be interested in seeing how you spent your weekend. Which ones do you like best?"

In response Diana's eyes flew open in a look of complete humiliation. Seconds later her look changed to fear as she scrunched herself down, cowering, like a small dog, afraid of getting hit. Whimpering, on the verge of tears again, Diana pleaded with him "No! No! Please don't post those pictures! Please! Please don't!"

Staring, aghast, at the pictures Diana stammered, "My d-d-d-dad has lots of money! I"˜ll get him to pay you for the pictures. He'll give you a lot of money! Please don't let anybody see them!" Money was certainly nothing that Harrison needed, but he decided to play along for a few minutes. "How much money do you think he'll pay?" Diana whispered back "I-I-I don't know! A-a-a lot! Having no idea how much something like she was proposing would be worth, she just threw out a number, hoping it would be enough. "Maybe t-t-ten thousand dollars!"

Laughing, Harrison said "Ten thousand dollars? You think your "˜daddy' would pay ten thousand dollars to keep people from finding out that his little girl is a fucking slut?" Diana responded "Y-y-yes! I know he would." Thinking that Harrison might actually agree to what she was offering, Diana quickly added "Maybe more! Maybe a lot more!"

Putting his finger to his chin, acting as though he was deep in thought and genuinely considering her proposal, he responded "HMMMMMMMMM! That IS a lot of money." Continuing, Harrison asked "If your dad would pay ten thousand dollars to keep pictures like these off your Facebook wall," Harrison asked "How much do you think he'd pay for pictures of you getting fucked by my "˜friend'"¦ Tyrone?"

Suddenly, right on cue, a large African-American male rose from the chair where he had been sitting (unobserved) in the corner. Seeing Diana, for the first time, he stared at her like a crazed animal. Smiling at her, he said to Harrison "Whoa! She's even hotter than you said she was. Can't wait to plant me a black baby inside her!"

As Tyrone, stood in front of her, his 6'5" frame towered over her like a giant. Continuing to smile at her, he suddenly reached out and grabbed Diana by her wrist. Lifting her to her feet, he pulled her towards him and said "C'mon you little, white bitch! We're gonna party!"
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Part 12

While out in the parking lot, Harrison had observed a hulking black male leaving one of the rooms, just a few doors down from the one he and Diana were in. Ordinarily, Harrison would not have been inclined to share his "treasure" with anybody. However, he had already had the ultimate pleasure of taking her precious virginity, twice actually (if he included when he fucked her ass). So he decided that he would actually enjoy watching somebody else play with her for awhile.

With that thought in mind, he watched the man walking across the lot and he suddenly decided that this big, black bull would be a perfect "˜playmate' for Diana. After approaching him from the shadows, Harrison introduced himself as a "porn producer" and told him he had an offer for him that he "couldn't refuse". Harrison didn't need to say much to get Tyrone's attention. The words "rough sex" and "young, white, pussy" were all he needed to hear. Now, fifteen minutes later, Harrison sat in the chair, watching from the corner, as Tyrone got ready for his "˜play date' with Diana.

Once Tyrone had Diana on her feet, he clasped his right hand around her throat. Then, lifting her partially off her feet he slammed her against the wall. As her back hit the wall with a thud, the force of the impact knocked the air out of her lungs. With Diana struggling and squirming against the wall, he pressed the phalange of his hand (the area between his thumb and index finger) against her windpipe. Then, as his huge black fingers partially encircled her neck, he looked into her terrified, bulging eyes with a menacing stare and said "You are a fine looking piece of tender, white meat." Stroking the massive bulge in his crotch, through his sweat pants, Tyrone continued "I'll bet you like dark meat, don't you?"

Diana tried to scream, "No!" But the pressure he was applying to her throat gave her just barely enough air to keep from losing consciousness so she wasn't able to talk. She was only able to shake her head, side-to-side. Watching her reply to his question, Tyrone's facial expression grew more menacing as he pretended to be enraged. "You little slut! Did you tell me, no?" he yelled. "Are you a racist? Do you hate black men?" Diana, terrified that she had made him genuinely angry braced herself, as if she expected him to strike her. When the blow did not come, she shook her head rapidly and repeatedly, to indicate to him that she did not hate black men.

Smiling, sadistically, Tyrone asked "So you LIKE black men?" Diana's eyes were now rolling in her sockets and she was clearly struggling to maintain adequate air flow into her lungs. Diana, had no opinion one way or the other about black men, but apparently was just coherent enough to know that she needed to answer him. Quickly, she nodded her head, "yes!" Still smiling, Tyrone asked again, to confirm her answer. "You do? You like black men?" Again, Diana nodded her head, more emphatically this time. Tyrone's facial expression softened somewhat, and he said "that good! I'd hate to play with someone who didn't like me."

Suddenly, Tyrone changed the subject and said "It almost breakfast time. Are you hungry?" Diana seemed confused by the sudden change in his demeanor and the nature of his question and quickly answered with a nod of her head. Still smiling, Tyrone said. "Good! Since you're hungry and you like black men, I've got a special treat for you."

Then, he unexpectedly released his grip from her throat. Suddenly, he grabbed her shoulder and forced her down towards the floor and used his other hand to yank down the front of his sweats. Then, with his massive black pole, protruding out towards the wall, he ordered "On your knees, bitch!"

As Diana was forced to her knees, she found herself staring at Tyrone's huge, black, uncircumcised cock, only inches from her face. Once she was on her knees, Tyrone grabbed a handful of her hair and twisted it, clockwise. As she shrieked in pain, he stared down into her eyes and said "Since you like black men, and you're hungry, I bet you'll love eating my black meat! Now, open up, little mama and eat your breakfast!"
Diana shrieked "NO! NOOOOOOOOO!" Then, with her hands free for the first time, she suddenly tried to push him away. In spite of her young firm, athletic frame, she was simply no match for a monster the size of Tyrone. Twisting her hair harder, Diana shrieked again. Then tilting her head to the side, he curled his fingers into a huge fist and placed it by her mouth, saying "Open your mouth you little white slut, or I'll pound your pretty face until its nothing but pulp!"

Tyrone had no intention of hurting her, he didn't need to, but she didn't know that. She was terrified of him and that was enough. He had created such a level of fear in her that she would do whatever he told her, without him needing to lay a hand on her, beyond a few tugs on her hair. "Open your mouth, whore! Your breakfast is getting cold!" Slowly Diana opened her mouth. As she kneeled in front of him, holding her mouth open, bracing herself for what she was sure would happen next, Tyrone said "Lick it! Put your tongue on it and lick it like a Popsicle. Show me how much you like black meat!" Tugging her hair again, just to encourage her, Diana slowly stuck out her tongue. As her tongue touched it, she quickly pulled it away and squinted her nose. Apparently, she didn't like the musty smell of his sweaty crotch.

"Lick it, slut! Lick it or you'll get to eat my fist!" Reluctantly, she put her tongue back on his cock. Then, slowly, she ran her tongue along its length. As she did, Tyrone continued to order her to lick it in just the right way. As Diana's tongue coated it with her saliva, Tyrone's shaft grew stiffer and thicker (which seemed impossible). Then, continuing to twist her hair, and moving his fist by her face again (just as a reminder), Tyrone demanded "Tell me how much you like black cock. Tell me that you want to eat it!" Diana remained silent, but continued to lick his cock. Rubbing the knuckles of his fist lightly against her chin, allowing her to appreciate the size of his fist compared to her jaw, Tyrone yelled "Do it! Do what I tell you, you little white bitch!"

"Do you like my black cock?" Slowly, but not sincerely, Diana whispered "Y-y-yes!" Tyrone yelled back "Yes, what?" Still whispering, Diana replied "Yes! Yes! I like your b-b-black cock!" Enjoying the emotional torment he was inflicting on her, he said "Louder! LOUDER!" Reluctantly, Diana complied. "I like it! I like your black c-c-cock!" Smiling a victorious grin, Tyrone said "It tastes good, doesn't it" You want to eat it, don't you?"

As she continued to slobber his cock with her spit, Diana was continually reminded by Tyrone of the presence of his fist against her chin. "Does it taste good, whore?" Tyrone asked again. Pausing, briefly, Diana quietly answered "Yes! Y-y-yes! Your cock tastes so good! I want to eat it! F-F-Feed me your cock!"

Holding her head firmly with both hands now, Tyrone taunted her and said "Didn't your momma teach you no manners, bitch! Say please!" As tears started pouring down her cheeks again, Diana began to whimper. Quietly, she whispered "Please feed me your cock!" Laughing Tyrone said "I can't hear you with that little girl, voice! Say it louder so I know what you want, bitch"

Finally, Diana followed his instructions and cried out "Please feed me y-y-y-your cock! I want to eat your b-b-black cock!" Holding her head firmly, Tyrone yelled, "That better!" Then thrusting forward, he pushed his cock deep into Diana's mouth in one mighty thrust. As the huge diameter of his organ stretched her mouth open, bulging her cheeks, it rammed past her tonsils and into her throat.

Immediately Diana started to gag and choke! As his balls slammed against her chin. her eyes rolled back into her head and she began to hyperventilate. As she choked and struggled to catch her breath, Tyrone suddenly, with no warning, exploded into her throat and sent his sperm cascading down into her belly.

As he withdrew from her mouth she began to wretch and was close to vomiting. Suddenly he covered her mouth with his hand and said "Don't you throw up, bitch! I want you to eat all of your breakfast!" As Tyrone continued to hold her mouth shut forcing her to swallow, she gagged some of his sperm back up into her mouth. Then as Tyrone forced her to gulp it back down, Diana gagged several more times. Then she suddenly gasped, collapsed into a heap on the floor and passed out.

Lifting Diana off the floor, Tyrone carried her across the room. As her body hung limp in his arms, she slowly regained consciousness and let out a quiet moan. As he dropped her on the bed, the impact jarred her fully conscious and her eyes opened with a start.

Standing over her, Tyrone smiled and quickly stripped out of his sweats. As his cock, still wet with her saliva, hung down from between his legs he stroked himself until it slowly began to stiffen again. Lying on her back, Diana stared up at him with a blurry-eyed stare. Her eyes seemed to be focusing on his cock, which (due to her lack of sexual experience) was not terribly surprising. Until that night, it was unlikely that she had seen very many cocks and Tyrone's large black package (especially being uncircumcised) had to look far different than what she had seen in health class textbooks. The look on her face made that quite clear.

Still stroking himself, Tyrone moved closer to Diana and interrupted her attempt to sit up by shoving her down onto her back. Still staring up at him, her look of fear seemed to grow more intense. Suddenly, she raised her left foot and tried to kick him. Neither Harrison nor Tyrone expected it, but Tyrone was lightening fast and easily blocked it, causing her foot to sail well wide of her intended target.

As her foot (still brandishing her four-inch heel) shot past his thigh, Tyrone reached out with his huge hand and grabbed a firm hold of her ankle. Then, holding her foot firmly in his right hand, he pinned her ankle against his hip and laughed at her as she tried to pull her left foot away from him, while simultaneously trying to kick him with her right and screaming at him to let her go.

Harrison watched from the corner as Diana, (who seemed to have suddenly regained some of her spunk) tried to fight against Tyrone. Harrison smiled as he realized how unfair a fight it was and how futile her attempts to resist seemed. As she continued to kick at him with her right foot, Tyrone continued to hold a firm grasp on her left, as he bobbed and weaved, (like a heavyweight boxer, intentionally toying with a far weaker opponent) and taunted her as she flailed her foot at him.

As Diana continued to try to fight him off, it quickly became obvious that the fight wouldn't last long. Even on her best day, Diana (in spite of her youth, athletic body and her normally confident spirit) would be no match for Tyrone. But on this night (between the lingering effects of the rohypnol, her lack of sleep and the physical exhaustion the earlier rape had caused) this particular battle was a mismatch of epic proportions.

While Tyrone maintained almost effortless control of her left leg, Diana continued to blindly flail her right one in his direction, missing him every time, and pleading (in her hoarse voice) "Let me go! Please let me go!" As the one-sided battle continued, Tyrone mocked her and said "Look at the little white bitch, trying to fight off "˜ol Tyrone! Ooh!" he said, smiling and feigning fear "I'm scared. Don't hurt me!"

As she continued to kick at him, the ferocity of her kicks grew less and less. As her the kicks quickly began to grow more infrequent, and she was starting to breath hard, it was obvious that she was getting tired. Harrison could tell from his vantage point that she didn't have much fight left. Tyrone noticed too and said "You should save your strength! Tyrone likes his bitches to have a little fight in them."

Suddenly, Diana groaned and threw one last feeble kick toward his groin. Like the others, it missed its mark by a mile, causing her foot to drop over the edge of the mattress. As her leg dropped down onto the mattress, the lower half hung limp over the side of the bed and Tyrone moved in.

Letting go of her left foot, he quickly reached towards he waist of her dress slacks and opened her belt. Yanking the thin patent leather belt, out of the belt loops he deposited it on the bed and proceeded to focus his attention on her slacks. With minimal effort on his part and no resistance from Diana, he opened the front of her expensive pants and yanked them down to her ankles.

Looking at her panties, still wet with saliva from when Harrison had made her use them as a gag, Tyrone assumed they were wet for other reasons and commented "Looks like the little whore is already wet and ready for Tyrone's licorice stick! I was gonna chow down on your tight little white twat. But," Tyrone continued "it looks like you're ready for business, bitch."

Looking over his shoulder at Harrison he smiled and said, "Mr. Producer, you better get that camera ready. We're gonna do this scene in one take!" As Diana lay on the bed, too exhausted to fight anymore, there was little she could do to keep him from doing whatever he intended to do to her. Suddenly, moving his fingers to the lacey waistband of her wet panties, he slipped his fingers inside and ripped them from her body. Tossing what was left of the satin panties onto the floor he looked at her small dark muff and smiled. Then, with her slacks around her ankles, draped down onto the floor, he positioned himself between her thighs and ripped open the three remaining buttons on her blouse. As the buttons flew off and the safety pins that held the bottom together tore away from the fabric, they ripped holes in the expensive silk.

With her blouse draped open on the bed, her bra served as the last remaining piece of clothing that was capable of protecting any of her remaining dignity. The straps that Harrison had torn earlier in the evening had been tied in knots to secure the straps to her shoulders. Slipping his fingers into her cleavage, he tugged on it and tore it off her with minimal effort.

Smiling at her, Tyrone rubbed the head of his massive cock through her dark fur patch and pressed it against her opening. As she felt his cock touch her, she shifted her gaze down between her legs and stared at his massive tool. As she looked at it her look of fear had changed to one of complete terror, she began to whimper and the tears again began to flow. Then, closing her eyes, she quietly pleaded for her dad to come and save her then, clutching her crucifix, she prayed to God to not let him hurt her.

In the middle of her prayer, Tyrone pushed forward until the 'helmet' of his 'dark soldier' was just touching her opening. As he rubbed it against her tight slit, Diana immediately shrieked "No! Please don't!" Then, reluctantly she said, I-I-I'll suck it some more". Smiling at her, with a big toothy grin, "That sounds good, but, since you like eating black dick so much, I bet you like getting fucked by it, even more' don't you?" Then, pushing only about an inch into her tight little slit, he slowly parted the opening of her cunt with the head of his cock and held it there.

Diana immediately shrieked. "No! No! Stop! Please........stop!" But he just pushed further, stopping every inch or so, to allow her tightness to close around his shaft. As her young pussy clamped onto his cock, he pushed again and again, stopping each time and pausing for several seconds. Finally, once he had fully penetrated her, he pushed against her battered cervix and held his cock against it as she grimaced, in anticipation of the pain she expected him to inflict on her, she pleaded with him in a pathetic whimper "Don't hurt me! Please, don't hurt me!"

"What's the matter, bitch? You don't like it rough?" Diana closed her eyes and sniffed back tears as she shook her head, side-to-side, indicating a definite "No!" Taunting her more, as Harrison continued to man the video camera; he said "All Tyrone's little honeys love it when Tyrone shows them who's the boss! They love getting slammed by Tyrone's 'magic wand', especially them white whores!"

Still holding his cock fully inside her, he said "You'll like this better than any of those skinny-decked white boys that want to get into your sweet pussy!" As her tight little opening (still sore from the abuse she had taken from Harrison) stretched to accommodate his massive dick, her pelvic muscles strained as her fuck tunnel held him like a vise inside her. "Beg for my dick, bitch!" he said. "Tell me how much you love getting fucked by black cock!" Diana groaned and screamed "No! No!"

Pushing harder against her cervix, Diana gasped and cried out "Stop! Oh please stop! It hurts! It hurts!" Pressing his hands against her shoulders, pinning her to the mattress, Tyrone said "You want this don't you bitch?" Diana closed her eyes and shrieked "No!" Suddenly shaking her and bouncing her head against the mattress, Tyrone yelled "Don't lie bitch! You want my black cock fucking you and you know it. Now beg, whore!" Again, Diana refused and yelled "No!"

Suddenly, without warning, Tyrone withdrew his dick slightly and slammed it into her cervix, yelling "Take it, bitch! Take my fucking cock!" Screaming, Diana wailed, "STOP! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!" Stopping immediately, Tyrone grinned a big toothy grin and asked "Don't like it rough, huh bitch? Okay," he continued "Beg for my dick and I'll go easy on you. Otherwise, I'll ram it all the way through the back of your sweet white cunt!"

As Tyrone moved to her breasts, pawing at them with huge, dark hands, he pushed his cock into her once again and said "Beg for my black dick, bitch!" Again, withdrawing slightly, Tyrone prepared to slam it back into her depths a third time and continued "Beg for it, or you'll get hurt!"

No longer able to endure the pain of Tyrone's cock ramming into her cervix Diana, apparently fearing she would be ripped in two if she didn't submit, began to sob hysterically. Finally, after what seemed like hours, but what was only about a minute, Diana's crying subsided and she quietly closed her eyes. Then, whimpering and tensing her body for what she knew was about to happen, she stammered, "F-f-f-fuck me! F-fuck me!"

"Shit!" Tyrone mocked. "I can't hear ya' bitch! What did you say?" Slowly repeating herself, a little louder, she said "Fuck me! I want you to f-f-fuck me!" Clearly it pained Diana to say the words, and she could barely keep from crying as she said them, but somehow she struggled through.

"That's better, bitch!" Tyrone said. Then, as he slowly began to pump his cock up an down inside her, he grabbed a handful of her silky hair and said "Say it again and don't stop till I tell you too, you fuckin' white whore!" Having lost all ability to resist Tyrone's demands Diana, reluctantly, complied. As her firm young body bounced up and down under the rhythmic thrusts of Tyrone's pounding hips, and tears streamed down her face, her agonizing moans of "Fuck me! Fuck me!" filled the room. As she shrieked, over and over, Harrison captured it all on the digital video camera.

Slowly and deliberately Tyrone pumped his cock, up and down, inside Diana's tight hole. With each downward thrust he rotated his hips in a circular motion, causing his shaft to penetrate her in a way that resembled a large auger, drilling down into the soft earth. As his rotating movements stretched her opening, Diana groaned in obvious discomfort.

Suddenly the muscles along the wall of her vagina went into a trauma induced spasm, causing her already tight twat to clamp down on Tyrone's cock. As the spasms closed of off her tunnel, Tyrone suddenly found penetration to become progressively more difficult. "Shit, bitch!" he groaned. "Your little cunt doesn't want to let go of my dick! It must really like having black cock inside it!"

To counter the, suddenly increased, tightness of Diana's cunt and to counter the effects of the muscle spasms within her, Tyrone pushed harder, which caused Diana more discomfort. As she groaned in pain, Tyrone collapsed on top of her and used his weight to force the head of his cock past the tightly contracted walls of her sweet, young pussy. As the involuntary spasms continued to rage deep inside her pussy, Tyrone grunted and groaned on top of her as each muscle contraction required him to push, with each stroke, to overcome her cunt's attempt to close itself off to him.

As Diana lurched violently beneath him, his weight driving her body down into the mattress, she emitted agonizing groans from deep in her lungs and pleaded desperately for him to "stop!" As his pounding dick continued to move in and out of the center of her small, furry muff (disappearing and reappearing, like it was playing peek-a-boo) Tyrone, still holding a handful of her hair, twisted it hard until she shrieked. Then he asked, "You love getting fucked by black cock don't you, whore!" Diana cried out in response "No! No! Please stop!" As he yanked her hair harder, almost to the point of ripping the handful from her scalp, Diana screamed louder, "STOP! STOOOOOOOOP!"

Meanwhile, Harrison continued to enjoy his fictitious role as "˜porn producer' and continued to record the activities on the video camera. As he worked to record every graphic detail of Diana's rape, his attention was suddenly directed to the vibration of Diana's cell phone that was still concealed in his pants pocket.

Pressing the pause button on the camera, he lowered it in his left hand and removed the cell phone from his pocket, with his right. Looking down at the call screen, he immediately recognized the number as the same one that had been calling her phone and leaving voicemails, most of the night. It was her parents! As the phone continued to vibrate in his hand, Harrison saw it was after 6:00 AM and he considered allowing the phone to send her parents to voicemail, yet again. However, as he watched the "˜game' that Tyrone was playing with Diana and listened to what he was saying to her he could tell that it was quickly entering a new phase; a phase that he wanted desperately to share with Diana's mom and dad. In light of that, he decided to answer it.

Quickly raising the video camera, he reactivated the "˜record' mode. Then, as he resumed recording the action on the bed, he quickly flipped open the cell phone with his other hand, before it stopped ringing, and connected the call. Holding the phone to his ear, Harrison heard the familiar voice of Diana's father and listened in silence as he said "Hello?" Getting no answer, her father again said "Hello? Hello Diana, can you hear me?"

Walking to the bed, Harrison smiled an evil grin as he surreptitiously laid the phone on the mattress, about three feet away from where Diana was being fucked. Then leaving the call connected he stepped away from the bed and turned his attention back to the video camera. Neither Tyrone nor Diana had noticed Harrison approach the bed as they were far too busy with other activities, and were unaware of the presence of the connected cell phone, only a few feet away.

As Tyrone continued to pull Diana's hair, inflicting more pain on her, he repeated his previous question, more forcefully this time but with a quieter and more intense tone "I said"¦you love my black cock, don't you...bitch?" Slowly, Diana groaned "Y-y-yes I love it!" Not satisfied with her answer, Tyrone asked for clarification "What do you love? Tell me what you love, white bitch!" Pausing to catch her breath, Diana cried out, I love your c-c-cock! I love your b-b-b-big black cock!" Smiling, Tyrone kept pounding into her and between grunts demanded, "Say it again, bitch! Say it louder!"

Reluctantly, Diana stammered as she told him what he demanded to hear "I love black cock! I love it s-s-s-so much! I love getting f-f-fucked by your big, black cock!" Letting go of her hair, Tyrone let her head drop back down onto the mattress as he said "That's a good little bitch! Never met me a white whore yet who didn't love Tyrone's meat!"

Then, as he neared orgasm he unexpectedly withdrew from inside her. As her cunt released its hold on him with a sound that resembled a suction cup, Diana let out a gasp of relief. Then, positioning his cock over her stomach, he closed his right hand around it and stroked himself until his hot seed spewed out. As his thick stream blasted out the end of his cock, Tyrone carefully aimed his load and directed it onto her stomach and across her sweet tits. Continuing to pump his shaft, he used his other hand to rub his cum all over her stomach and covered her breasts with it like creamy white glaze. After coating virtually every inch of her torso with his 'man milk', he stepped away from the bed and left her lying there, whimpering.

Pausing the camera, Harrison moved back towards the bed and quickly reached for Diana's cell phone. Checking the call screen, Harrison couldn't believe it. The call was still connected! Which meant her parents had heard everything that had transpired since Harrison answerd the phone. He was tempted to listen to hear the reaction from her parents on the other end. But instead, he simply flipped the phone shut, disconnected the call and stuffed the phone back in his pocket, with a sadistic smile.

The next parts will be coming soon.... At the mean time, please leave some comments here to tell me what you think about the story and the photos of that girl that Diana was based on.
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