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I love your 3rd Gulf War series. Please continue. Maybe use Diana again.
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I love all your stories. How about a new setting - e.g. it'd be great to have a story set in the Vietnam war. Squad of GIs who capture young asian cunts then gang rape, beat and torture them.
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Regards re- written part 31, more coming - enjoy!
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Mad Gerald
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Default Nursing Sister Harris.

Sarah Harris was a nursing sister at Elmhouse, where my mother in law was a patient, she seemed nice to us but my mother in law complained she was nasty to her. I set up a soft toy with a camera in it sending images straight to my phone, I had caught her red handed shouting and swearing at her and slapping her. She would be struck off for this, I grinned.
On of the images on it was her looking at the camera and realising. I arranged a meeting with her in her office two days later.
She was sullen,
“So I have video of you and sound of you being abusive to a patient, then physical assault on that patient that will get you struck off if not imprisoned? Yeah?”
“ So your really in the shit Sister Harris, aren’t you, huh?”
“So you lose your job, no great deal, another bully out of the system yeah?”
“It’s not like that, I need the job, my daughter’s in university, I have to pay for the house . .”
“So really in the shit then?”
“What are you going to do?”
“Well you don’t look that bad, big tits, pretty, you convince me not to report you, I might even forget it ever happened”
She looked at me, looked at the floor.
“I could report it, send them the video, make sure you’re struck off, you won’t work again”
“Please, please don’t!”
“I won’t then as long as you do as I say”
“so I keep my job if I do as you say?”
“That’s about it”
“I haven’t a choice have I?”
“Not really now let me see your pussy whore”
“Here, you do want to keep you’re job?”
Sister Harris looked away then slid the chair back and undid her black work trousers, she pulled them down to mid thigh, she was wearing, white briefs, they were tight, really cupping her pubic mound, shaped to her cunt, she looked away and stretched them down, her mound was covered in a trimmed dark brown thatch, I moved so my phone camera video caught it.
“Finger it cunt!” she stared at me then did her long digits spread her lips expertly, drawing her lips aside to show her vulva and clit hood, she rubbed it slowly.
“Good, put it away, now be at this room 26 in this premier Inn at 7 tomorrow night, dressed as you are now”
“I’m supposed to be on shift”
“say your Ill, lie, your good at that!”

I left, the next evening I was at the inn waiting for her, she turned up, knocked on the door I let her in. She was in her uniform, dark blue tunic with white piping on the sleeves, press studs holding it closed, black trousers, socks and black shoes. She looked crestfallen. She took off her coat.
She was in her mid forties black hair pulled back severely, she had about 36DD chest, she looked at me nervously,
“what do you want?” I smiled at her,
“You do as you’re told, when you are told, you understand Sister Harris”
“I suppose, yes ok”
“Its, yes sir!”
“yes sir”
“Turn around!”
“Yes sir”
I pulled her bare arms together and tie wrapped her wrists together then her elbows, she just stood there, I pulled her round,
“kneel down bitch!” she went to her knees, I undid my pants and got my cock out,
“Open your mouth cunt!”
she looked at me, “I don’t like being called that”,
“It’s not funny when you are being bullied is it? Being pushed around like those poor old people? Now you’re a fucking slut, a piece of cunt, you understand, a worthless cum dump, you understand Nursey?”
she looked at me, “I don’t like being called that either”,
”Nursey, I’m m a Nursing Sister!”
“Unlucky Nursey Cunt! Get used to it cunt!, Now open your mouth wide cunt!” she glowered at me, then opened her mouth, I spat on her face, and slapped her hard, she looked horrified, I stared into her face, close making her uncomfortable.
“yes sir” I spat on her face again,
“Open your fucking mouth wide slut!” She did, I traced the tip of my cock around her lips and over her nose,
“look at me!” she looked at me pure hatred in her eyes, I grinned at her and then pushed my cock into her open mouth, sliding it in, she sucked it, I pushed it further in, she started to suck and Bob her head, I gripped the top of her head, and started to fuck her face, she took it. I pulled it out and swiped it around and slapped her face with my cock, then pushed it back in, I fucked her head hard. Forcing it to the back of her throat, feeling her throat constrict around it just before she choked, and gagged, her throat sucked and pulled at the head of my cock when she gagged, I pulled out and slapped her face hard stunning her,
“Open your fucking mouth!” she did, wide, I sank my cock in again and let her suck at it, I fucked her face slowly, my hand on top of her head, I drew it out and drew it over and around her lips, she wanted to suck it more you could tell.
I pulled away and dragged her up to her feet, I took out a roll of duct tape.
“Stay still!”
I wrapped black tape over her mouth so she could breath through her nose, she looked at me wide eyed as I smoothed it to her face.
I dragged her to her feet and forced her back on the bed, on her face, I dragged off her shoes and socks then her trousers, she had strong shapely legs, she was wearing tight white briefs, over a big stiff chunky arse.
She started to struggle as I taped her thighs together above the knees. Making muffled cries into the tape. I set the camera rolling and forced her on her front on to two pillows. I lifted the flap on the back of her dark blue uniform jacket to admire her wide ass,
I slapped her big arse hard, it shook stiffly, I slapped it over and over then dragged her pants down off her arse, they were really tight and rolled down to just off her big bum cheeks, now she started to complain clenching her ass cheeks together, shouting into the tape, I slapped her stiff cheeks some more making them red and hand marked.
I forced my right index finger up her arse with a little lube on it. She kicked and struggled I held her down, forcing my index finger up her tight anus. I pulled my finger out. I grabbed her hips and dragged her to the right position, her uniform jacket was now covering her big ass, I lifted the flap up and gripped and spread her big cheeks and forced my cock in against her arse hole, I gripped my cock to strengthen it and forced it in hard, fuck she was tight, she brayed into the tape heaving her ass, trying to pull away. I crammed the head of my cock to her crinkly butt hole, she struggled like fuck but I got it in against her tight little hole, I pressed hard feeling it slowly spread open, the head of my meat was in her ring, it was hot and tight, gripping it, she was snorting and trying to pull away, so I grabbed her uniformed hips and forced it up into her shitter.
“Thats a good Nursey, that’s it, take it you fucking cunt, take it! Up your fat arse you cunt!”
I felt her ring slide over the back of my glans, fuck it was so hot and tight, it snapped over the head and gripped the shaft of my cock. I gripped the back of her pony tail and shook her head and forced myself on top of her, laid on her bound arms, pressing my cock deeper into her shit hole, fuck I could have cum there and then, it was so hot and tight, my cock jerked in her she yelped and I sank it in deeper. Her tight ring rippling down the length of my cock, the heat in her shitter making my cock rear up inside her rectum, she groaned and clenched her butt cheeks hard around my meat.
“There, right up your fat arse! You Fuckin cunt! Fuckin take it!” I yanked her head back hard, so her face was in the video.
“Sister Sarah Harris, takin it up her tight shit hole, like a good cunt! Getting what she fucking deserves, a fuckin ass reaming, stupid fucking cunt” Then I started to really press it deeper up into her shitter, she snorted and her hips snatched, I eased back and forced it deeper, keeping a steady pressure so it inched deeper, I drew back and pressed it hard up into her bum hole, forcing it deeper again, she shuddered and whimpered and pressed her ass back at me, I started to slowly bugger the stupid bitch. Shallow forced little thrusts at first, making it open up, increasing the pressure, feeling it inch into her hot tight rectum, I drew back so her ring gripped the head of my cock and forced it back in hard, she made a sobbing gasp, so I did it again enjoying hurting the cunt, I started to fuck her tight hole, forcing it deeper and deeper.
Then I reached around and ripped the tape off her mouth.
“Thats a good piece of shit Sister Harris, takin it up your fat nursey arse, is that nice, big cock forced up your tight little shit hole?”
“No please, oh Christ! go slow please, your hurting my bottom please!”
I trapped her legs between mine as I forced it in as deep as I could, and then slid in and out, pressing it deeper and deeper as she gasped and groaned under me until it was full up her shit chute,
“Please not so deep, please go slower its hurting me, arghhh! No! Oh god please!” I started to really bugger her then, stirring it and then forced it deep into her shitter, her ass squeezing my meat hard as I forced it in and out.
“You have got a nice tight shit hole Sister Harris, nice and fucking tight, shall I make it go deeper?” she moaned and shook her head 'no'. I grinned and forced it deep. Feeling her shit chute spasm and grip my cock, almost sucking on it as she groaned and tried to lift away, my hips against her splayed ass, I stirred it up her shitter enjoying the way she moaned and gasped.
I dragged her upright with my cock still up her arse, I held her pony tail, and dragged the poppers on her uniform tunic open, and dragged her left bra cup off her tit, it bobbed free, fat and stiff. I stroked and pulled it, then slapped it, Up and down hard, as I eased in and out of her butt, her breast was goose bumped and her teat hard and upright, I butt fucked her like that for a few minutes, then I forced her on her face and started to really fuck her big arse, I fucked up it hard, slamming into her big stiff bum cheeks, I did it harder and harder until the bitch made a grunting sound, I drew my cock almost all the way out and slammed it back up her shitter hard so she grunted, then I kept on like that making her grunt and gasp as I rammed it right up her shitter.
“That nice up your big fat arse you cunt?”
she groaned, “Noo!”
“Fuck your shitters hot and tight Sister Harris, shall I force it deeper?” she groaned and shook her head no,
“Please don’t, please!” I forced it deeper, she jolted and tried to throw her hips forward, but I just fucked it harder, I dragged her head back hard with her pony tail, breathing in her ear
“a nice tight shit hole! you fucking fat arsed bitch, too much time sitting on your fat arse Nurse! Ignoring old people in need, this is what it’s good for, slam fucking! now you start fucking back, fuck back! That’s a good nursey, there that’s it, fucking move that fat butt, because the sooner I cum up your fat arse the sooner you can get out of here”. I slid my cock out until just the head was trapped in her ring,
“oooh that’s good, nice tight arsehole nursey!” I held her still and eased it in and out of her tight anus
“Good girl, good Nursey! that’s so nice and tight, do you like that up your fat nursey bum hole? Or do you want me to fuck your shitter and cum?”
she groaned “fuck my shitter”
“That’s better, say please, like a good girl?”
“Oh god, fuck my shitter please!”
“do you want me to cum too?”
“yes yes fuck my shitter and cum please just get it over with!”
“ask nicely!”
she gasped “please fuck my shitter and cum, please”
“ Ah ah ah . . Fuck my Nursey shitter and cum, please”
she gasped “please fuck my . .Nursey shitter and cum, please”
“ that’s a good nursey, have you got a quid?”
“ a . . a quid?”
“ yes in payment for fucking your shitter and cumming in your dirty bum hole?”
“oh god you bastard”
“a quid” she struggled to get her hand to her uniform jacket pocket but did it in the end and gave me a pound, “here!”
“thank you now what was it you wanted?”
“You sick fucker . . Please fuck me in my shitter and cum”
“there that was easy wasn’t it” she looks away shame faced as I bend my cock to her stiff bum cleavage,
“Seriously though you have got a big stiff ass it looks really nice and tight, to perverts like me, we love big arsed nurses, I wanked a lot about your big fat ass before, you know I worked out how easy it would be to blackmail you into letting me fuck your arse” I ease it to her shit hole. She pulls her face grimacing as I force it up into her ass hard and keep it there.
“Now that’s a good Nursey, now start fucking, that’s it good girl. Fuck my cock with your big fat nurse ass, that’s it ease back on it, good girl!”
Sister Harris groaned and eased her hips back and too, her face grimacing as it filled her rectum, her tight bum hole sliding down the length of my cock, I let her fuck me for awhile, her legs squirming, then I started to press deeper each time she fucked back, she moaned “noooo” but I carried on, her shitter was slowly opening up nicely.
I pulled out of her, and dragged her up so she was knelt up, then forced her torso forward so her big bum was over the edge of the bed, I stood on the floor and eased the head of my cock into her gaping bum hole, again, it was a bit shitty, but it lubed me easing in and out of her tight ring, fuck she hated that but I made her take it, holding her down my hands on her uniformed back as she bitches and moans. The flap at the back of her tunic against the back of her big bum cheeks.
I gripped her big bum cheeks and dragged them wide open so I could get the whole of my cock up her shitter.
“No don’t, no deeper please, please!”
“Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch!” I fucked her shitty arse, dragging her back on it so she jolted and snorted in pain, I pressed deeply up into her rectum and stayed there stirring it, enjoying the hot tightness of her spasming rectum around my cock.
I grabbed her pony tail again and dragged her up and wrapped my arm around her throat, gripping her other shoulder, I started to really batter her arse, slam fucking her shitter as she made choking snorting noises. I fucked her hard like that for ten minutes. Each time my cock was full up her shitter she grunted and her rectum clenched my cock hard, squeezing it and sucking on it as I stayed in pressing it as deep as I could until she moaned and clenched her arse, she tried to shit me out.
Fuck that felt good, her arse muscles working my cock, trying to force it out.
“That’s a naughty nurse trying to shit my cock out!” I forced it back in, slowly, she fought to keep it out, but I made her take it, then once it was in I fucked her arse hard.
I pulled out, leaving her ass gaping open, she shuddered and moaned as cool air filled her open hole, I went into my coat pocket and pulled out a thick rubber dildo, I pulled her briefs to one side and shoved and twisted it I forced it up into her cunt, letting her briefs go to trap it up her cunt. Then I forced my cock back into her shitter, fuck it was tighter now and thrummed with the vibes from the dildo, it slowly slid in, I set to butt fucking her again, the fucking whore was pressing back, my cock was almost nuts deep in her arse, and she grunted and moaned as I forced it deep.
“That’s a good bitch!” I forced it as deep as I could up her arse and stayed there stirring it, she shuddered then started to hump back on it, I gripped her hips and heaved up into her, fucking her shitter hard she moaned and pressed back stopping suddenly leaving me shafting her squelching ass, then the bitch came, pressing back and gasping, trembling and shuddering all over. Her big bum cheeks clamping down on the shaft of my cock, I fucked up into her hard and then came in her pulsing shit hole, thumping my thick jizz up her shitter, my cock jerking and spasming inside her hot rectum, I fucked some more, my jizz bubbling and farting out of the sides and then pulled out of her shitter, it was gaping wide open, semen tumbled out, her briefs were soaking she must have squirted when she came, I took pictures with another phone then dragged her backwards off the bed and to her knees, I forced my shitty cock to her lips, she let me fuck her face slurping and sucking on it hungrily panting around it, I gripped her pony tail and fucked her head hard.
Now my cock was up again, I pulled her to her feet, and forced my cock back up her shitter, holding her by the shoulders as I bum fucked her “Oh god you bastard!” she gasped as I forced it up her again.
“Your hurting my bottom, fuck argghhhh!”
“Good! Fucking take it you cunt!”
I pulled out and forced her forward, I pulled the dildo out of her cunt and forced my cock into her soaking cunt, out back up her shitter, out in her cunt, fuck her hard, out back up her shitter, fuck her viciously slamming her ass, over and over, then I pulled out and threw her on her back, dragged her over the edge of the bed and force fucked her face, choke fucking the cunt, while I slapped her cunt. I eventually yanked her off the bed and forced her on her face and holding her arms forced her legs open and roughly fucked her bum for her while she whimpered and moaned, before cumming in her shitter hard, she lay there groaning as my cock spat it’s last. I grinned then pissed up her arse while she wailed and tried to get out from under me. Fuck that was funny, all the piss squirted out when I pulled my cock out.
She lay there sobbing on the floor, then I made her clean herself up and go. With a cheery “ see you next week!”

Enjoy MG
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270,000 views so thank you all! And I still haven't been invited to see in the movie section!
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