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Default Colleen's Debt

Jacob Klein remembered the look of despair on Colleen Flynn's face when he explained how much it would cost to defend her husband in court.

“I'm not running a charity here, Mrs. Flynn. If you want me to represent your husband, my rate is one-hundred-seventy-five dollars an hour, and you'll need to provide a $7,000 retainer up front.”

Her husband Mike was looking at seven years in prison on a variety if charges – DUI, destroying public property, possession of an unlicensed firearm, and resisting arrest. Her job at Target paid barely enough to keep a roof over her and her kids heads. At that time, Colleen could only muster three-thousand bucks from the sale of her car and the meager sum she had in her savings account.

Klein wasn't the type of guy who went around cutting people breaks, but he took pity on her. Probably because he had a soft spot for Irish girls and Colleen was a fine example with her big blue eyes, freckled face, and mane of curly red hair. Granted,she was slightly overweight, but those few extra pounds were distributed nicely in the waist and chest.

Fortuitously, Klein's longtime legal assistant and receptionist was leaving. Although Colleen had little experience, Klein offered her the position. She was a quick learner and had a good rapport with his clients. Not only did it pay quite a bit more than her shitty retail job, but she could kick twenty-five percent of her pay to pay down the massive legal bill she owed.

As for her husband, things had also worked out pretty well. Klein had several of the charges dismissed and copped a plea. Mike Flynn would only have to serve eighteen months in the county jail, rather than seven years in a State prison. Of course, Colleen was grateful, she showed up for work every weekday in a chipper mood, eager to do whatever was asked of her.

Klein enjoyed having her around the office. Aside from being a good employee, she was also a nice piece of eye candy. Klein would often fantasize about her – sometimes he'd have to lock his office door so he could jerk off. The fact that he was having problems in the bedroom with his wife, Rachel only fueled his obsession with Colleen. The woman had absolutely no desire to experiment sexually. To Jacob's dismay, his wife was only interested in fucking missionary style with all the lights off. And even then, the frigid bitch acted like she was doing him a favor.

Late one afternoon in the office, business and desire would collide. Klein discovered Colleen had penciled in the wrong date on his calendar for an upcoming deposition. The error incensed Klein and he called Colleen into his office.

“Is everything alright Mr. Klein?”

“No Colleen – everything is NOT alright! I just found out the Morales deposition is tomorrow. You have it on the calendar for next week. This means I have to stay late tonight and prepare. Also if I would have missed this appointment, it could adversely affect the case and also leave us open to a legal malpractice suit.”

Colleen flinched as he slammed his fist down on the desk.

Her face was ashen. She knew she had screwed up. “I'm sorry Mr. Klein – I made a mistake and I'll do my best to make it up to you.”

Klein shook his head in disgust. “Tell me Colleen, when you were a little girl, did your parents punish you when you did something stupid?”

“Yes sir, they did.”

“And how did they punish you?”

A genuinely sorry Colleen looked as if she was about to cry. “They would spank me.”

Klein felt a rush of heat to his groin. His dick would be doing the thinking for him now.

“I think that's a fitting punishment for you!” Klein shot up from his desk and grabbed a hardcover legal book from the shelf behind him. With the book in hand, he walked around the desk and stood over the seated Colleen.

“Stand up and bend over,” he asked sternly.

“Please Mr. Klein – I'm sorry!”

“Get up!” He grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her out of the chair. He then shoved her forward until she was bent over the desk.

“Lift up your skirt!”

Meekly, Colleen reached around and lifted her skirt to expose a pair of pink, satin undies.

“Now take down your panties!”

With trembling hands, Colleen tugged down her panties to mid thigh.

Klein almost came in his pants at the sight of the creamy, white moons of Colleen's lovely bare ass.

“Time to take your medicine!” Klein reared back and brought the book forward with force. A loud THWACK could be heard as the book made contact with flesh.

“OOOH OW!” Colleen cried.

'Are you gonna make any more dumb mistakes, you stupid little bitch?” Klein whacked her again.


“No sir – I'm so sorry!”

“Your thug husband would rot in prison if it weren't for me and you and your goddamn kids would be in the poor house!”


Colleen cried and whined after each blow.

Klein dropped the book, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Colleen, still bent over the desk, sobbed audibly. Klein jacked off furiously – his eyes fixed on Colleen's reddened ass. It didn't take long before thick streams of hot, sticky cum decorated her red raw butt cheeks. Colleen winced as each spurt of jizz landed.

Once he was spent, Klein tucked his cock back into his pants and pulled Colleen's panties up over her cum drenched ass.

“You may go now, Mrs Flynn – try not to make any more careless mistakes.”

She didn't make eye contact as she pulled her skirt back down and hurried out of the office. For the remainder of the afternoon, she worked quietly at her desk. When he left for the evening, she chirped “Good night, Mr. Klein,” as if nothing unusual had ever happened.

In the days that followed, Colleen was her old self – working hard and behaving professionally. Klein was impressed with how well she compartmentalized the spanking incident. He knew, she would never go to the police. It would be her word against his and the cops and prosecutors would be more likely to believe him than the wife of a convicted felon. He also suspected that there was probably some sexual abuse in her past and that deep down she felt as if she probably deserved what she got.

Klein did a lot snooping in the police records and learned that Colleen had indeed been gang-raped in high school. A bunch of jocks had plied her with booze and pulled a train on her when she passed out. She had gone to the police but the case was thrown out for lack of evidence.

In the weeks that followed, Klein let their working relationship get back to normal. However, he had always intended to abuse her again. The opportunity presented itself late one afternoon. Colleen was standing at the Xerox machine making copies. Klein crept up on her and grabbed her breasts from behind.

Colleen gasped and her body went rigid as Klein squeezed her tits.

“Oh baby – you got some nice jugs on you,” he whispered.

“Mr. Klein – please, I'm very busy.”

“Don't worry, you can take care of that later. I've got something more important for you to do right now. Meet me in my office in five minutes.” Klein slapped her ass as he walked away.

Five minutes later, as he was sitting behind his desk, he heard her gently rap on the door.

“Come in.”

Colleen was clearly nervous as she entered. “You wanted to see me, Mr. Klein?”

“Yes, Lock the door behind you, please.”

She did as she was asked and approached his desk.

“Take off your dress,” he demanded.

“Please sir, I'd rather not,” she whined.

“I don't care what you'd rather do – I'm the boss here and I'm ordering you to take it off!”

Colleen reached around back and pulled down the zipper. She then slipped her arms through and let the garment fall to the ground.

“So nice,” Klein commented as he ogled the cleavage. Her large bouncy tits looked barely contained by the sheer white bra.

“No take off the bra!”

She started to cry as she removed the bra and tossed it on the floor. Colleen folded her arms over her breasts in a weak attempt to hide them.

“So Colleen, how are your cock-sucking skills?”

“Please sir, don't make me do that.” The tears were flowing heavier.

“Quit the virtuous woman act! I'll bet you were blowing kids for Hershey bars since grade school! Now get your ass over here and drop to your knees!”

Klein wheeled his desk chair out to give her some room to operate. “Get under the desk slut!”

Colleen awkwardly maneuvered her way into the space underneath the desk.

“Okay slut – get down to business,” Klein said as his cock sprung forth from his fly.”

With tears streaming down her cheeks, she opened her mouth and tentatively took his throbbing cock into her mouth.

“Ah – that's it you little whore – work it!” Klein said as her head slowly bobbed up and down. He grabbed a handful of her ginger curls and forced her down hard. She coughed and hacked as he buried the full shaft of his cock down her throat.

She struggled to breath as Klein stood up, grabbed her head with both hands, and started thrusting violently.

“What's the matter slut – hasn't that thug husband of yours ever face-fucked you”

When the cum started shooting, Klein withdrew and shot a generous load all over her face. “This is what you deserve, slut! This is what you were born to do!”

Colleen loudly sobbed as gobs of jizz dripped down her face.

“I'm done with you for today, whore! Pardon me while I clean myself off!” Klein rubbed his dripping cock in her hair until it was dry.

Colleen yelped as Klein grabbed her by the hair, pulled her out from under the desk, and tossed her on the floor. She landed hard and hit her head on the hardwood floor.
“Now get your clothes on and get back to work, bitch!”

Colleen snatched her bra and dress off the floor and hastily put them on.

“And clean your face,” he yelled as she exited the office. “We can't have any prospective clients walk in and see the receptionist with cum all over her face!”

For the next few days, Colleen seemed to be in another world. She wasn't her usual, chipper self. Also, her work was not up to snuff. Klein realized that he may have gone too far. Having few options, he realized he'd have to let her go. However, that would be somewhat tricky under the current circumstances. When he came up with a solution, he called her into his office.

“You wanted to see me, Mr. Klein.”

“Yes, Colleen, please have a seat.” Once she was seated, Klein continued. “I”m afraid I'm going to have to let you go – the quality of your work has been declining, and I think it's time to for me to find someone else.”

Colleen was stunned. Despite all the sexual and verbal abuse, she needed this job. She still owed Klein over two grand, and she had no clue where she would find a job that paid as well.

“I know this might come as a surprise, but I don't want you to worry. I'm prepared to forgive the remainder of the money you owe. You'll also leave with a one month severance package. And I am willing to write you a very strong recommendation, if you decide pursue other opportunities in the legal career field.”

He felt he was being more than fair. It was a bribe, but it was a generous bribe.

“Okay, Mr. Klein, If you won't be needing me any more, I'll be heading home for the day.” Her expression was blank.

Klein was annoyed. He felt the least that the bitch could do was say thank you.

“Hold on a minute, Colleen.”

She turned around and faced him just as she was about to open the office door. “What is it, sir?”

“I was just thinking...”Klein said as he got up from his desk and walked toward her. I never did get to fuck you!”

Colleen's eyes widened. In a panic, she lunged for the door, but Klein grabbed her and pulled her back. “NO!” she cried as Klein shoved her to the floor.

“Get away from me!” She kicked at him as he reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties.

Klein fell on top of her and pinned her arms to the floor.

“Get off me, you filthy Jew bastard!”

A powerfully aroused Klein, grabbed her by the hair and banged her head against the hardwood floor. Some of the fight had gone out of her but she continued struggling beneath him as forced his cock into her pussy.

“NOOOOO!” She screamed as Klein started pumping.

“Your pussy is a bit too loose, you shanty-Irish slut! You're all stretched out from having all those goddamn kids!”

Klein picked her up and bent her over his desk. “I think I need to find a tighter hole,” he sneered as he smacked her bare ass. He reached for the hand lotion dispenser inches from Colleen's head and squeezed a healthy dollop into his palm.

“You ever been fucked in the ass before, slut?” He asked as he lubed up his cock. Colleen squealed as he rubbed the remaining lotion into her asshole with his fingers. “I plan on blazing a trail up there for others to follow!”

Her body went rigid as he rammed his cock deep up her asshole. “This is more like it – this hole is nice and tight – much better than that stretched-out pussy of yours.”


Klein whipped off his tie and stuffed it in her mouth. “Just shut up and take it, bitch!”

Colleen moaned like a wounded animal and her body twitched and spasmed with every thrust. Klein had never fucked a woman in the ass before, and he was enjoying the thrill. He felt like a king as he pounded away into that snug little hole. He couldn't help but add to her misery by slapping the back of her head.

“OH YEAH – TAKE IT ALL, YOU DUMB LITTLE CUNT!” Klein roared as he erupted inside Colleen's asshole. He pushed himself further up her as he came, making sure she took every last drop of his spunk.

Colleen loudly sobbed as Klein withdrew from her. Her asshole was fucked raw, and even after his dick was no longer up her, she was still in great pain.

“Alright Mrs. Flynn, that will be all for the day,” he joked as he wiped off his cock with her skirt.

“Damn – is there anything more fun than fucking a redheaded Irish girl in the ass?” Klein pulled up his pants and flopped on the couch.

Colleen recovered slowly. She pushed off from the desk and straightened out her clothes. Once she had pulled herself together, she walked haltingly to the door. She would make eye contact with Klein.

“I bet you're fat ass is still smarting from that pounding it took?”

Colleen didn't say a word, she continued shuffling toward the exit.

Klein couldn't help but take one last shot. “I'll mail you your severance check – and I wasn't lying about that recommendation – that applies to both legal work and taking it up the ass. Good night,Colleen!”
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Very enjoyable please write some more cheers MG
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This could happen.
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rape anal oral

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