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Default Looking for a story from Rapedesires!

Hello! Rapedesires was a fantastic website much like this one. However several years ago, their servers bit the dust and the website never came back online, all of the magnificent rape stories were lost.

I came here to see if anyone might have a copy of my absolute favorite rape fantasy which was originally posted in Rapedesires. It's called The Trade. The girl's name was Yvonne and she is raped by her uncle.

The story is really well-written and I was sad to see it disappear along with that website. Does anyone have a copy of that story? It would be much much appreciated!
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Default Some help

All I could find was the username of the poster was "BindandGagHer" and the thread description was "An eighteen-yr-old is sold to her uncle by her parents and discovers the depths of his depravities for her. (Winner of the September 2011 Story of the Month award!)"

Someone with that handle on another site might be the same guy. Or not. Depending on how interested you are, you might try to contact him/her at another site. Not sure if that helps.

I gave this one a shot. Unfortunately, the wayback machine does a bad job with forum sites. No way to search for individual post names, no way to search archived files for content, and I think the software changes the URL of a thread from time to time, so even finding a link to the thread in one archived version of the forum doesn't help unless that link happens to be a saved one, even if the thread is in the wayback under a different url.
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I really wish I'd save some of the stories on that site, it was a great loss since that content is lost forever and the authors are gone.
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*smiles* I remember rapedesires, and the story (if it's what I'm think of) but unfortunately I don't have a copy. Sorry.
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Here is the story:

The Trade - by BindandGagHer

"Look. We've been over it. You want me to take over your mortgage, that's the price. It's not like I'm going to kill her; or hurt her; I love Eve, and I will take care of her. She will be happy. Just tell yourselves that and it will all be easier." Karl's sister and brother-in-law glared at him in silence across the table. Yvonne, their oldest child, a tall, slender 18-year-old who had just finished high school, was watching TV in the other room. He knew they had already made their choice; the fact that the girl was here was proof of that. But he also knew they had to at least try to talk him out of it.

He was not going to budge. They had bought their huge house at the height of the housing bubble, needing the room for their seven kids, and then the bubble burst, and they ended up with a half-million-dollar mortgage on a $200K house. They couldn't refinance, and they were having trouble making the payments since Karen had been laid off from her last job. In spite of promises from the Administration, unemployment had gone up and up, and they were about to lose their house. Karl was their last chance. That he would have asked such a price was unthinkable to them. That they would have agreed (for the sake of their other children) was inevitable to him.

Karl made it rich with some risky investments that paid off, and then investing that money even more riskily. It was just dumb luck that he hadn't lost as much as others had when the economy collapsed, and he immediately re-invested, against the warnings of his broker. He knew we had hit dead bottom, and he was right. He had nearly doubled his already impressive portfolio, and with his subsequent diversement, he was in no risk of losing it now.

So he could afford their mortgage, along with his private mansion on five acres. But he lived here alone, not even a butler. He enjoyed his privacy, and he actually liked keeping the place clean. It gave him something to do two days of the week that actually felt like honest work. He let a grounds crew take care of the huge lawn, but he had large natural gardens added to reduce their work, and their bill. There was no reason for any of them to come within sight of the windows the way he'd had the place landscaped.

There were tears in his sister's eyes as she and her husband snuck out the door, leaving their innocent angel in this horrible man's hands, a sacrifice for the sake of their other children, and their well being. Karen's husband returned a minute later with Yvonne's bags, packed without her knowledge. He did not look Karl in the eyes, but took one last glance inside before holding out his hand. Karl handed over the signed mortgage papers. Their house was now his, monetarily, but he would let them live there. As long as Yvonne made him happy.

Karl closed the door quietly, and locked it behind them. He smiled as he heard "Thor" playing on the TV in the family room. A few minutes later, he heard their car start up, and even then it was another minute or two before they pulled away and left their girl behind and began the long, 500-mile drive home.

He walked into the family room lightly, not intentionally trying to scare her, but simply because it was how he walked. He was constantly being told by folks he'd inadvertently scared that he "needed a bell on him." He realized as he stood behind her that she hadn't heard him, and while he had scared many people without trying, he thrilled to scare people, and he was good at it.

Karl stood there, looking down at his niece, his love, his pet. Her long, blonde hair was thick and full, pulled back into a wide ponytail, but with a healthy set of bangs over her forehead. He'd seen her when she came in earlier, and was pleased by how overly made up she was. It never failed to amaze him how parents let their kids dress up like whores, and his sweet little niece was no exception. Her pouty lips were perfectly covered in sparkly pink lipgloss, while her eyeliner was gorgeously dark. Her pink-purple eyeshadow was subtle, and it worked with her smooth, pale complexion, as did her perfect use of blush. Her hair was straight, too, and he imagined how soft it would feel when he ran his fingers through it.

The movie had reached a suspenseful scene, an ambush about to happen on screen, the music building up the suspense. Perfect, he thought. As the guard on the screen was killed, he seized her sides from behind and let out a horribly animal growl right next to her ear. Her flowery perfume was intoxicating!! She froze, her hands flailing pointlessly in front of her, and her shrill, little-girl scream echoed through the otherwise-empty house. She looked over her shoulder, and smacked him on the chest, "Uncle Karl!! That was mean!!"

He laughed and hopped over the sofa, to land next to her, and gave her a one-armed hug, which she resisted, pouting, not realizing how much cuter she was when she did so. "Aw, I'm sorry, Evey… I just couldn't help it. Please forgive me?" She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, and punched him again in the chest. A small smile turned up her pink lips. He slipped his arm around her shoulders and put his other around her front, and he hugged her to him. "That's my princess." She hugged him back, and said, "It was still mean." Her hair fell in a thick, soft sheaf over his arm, and it felt magically silky. He smiled, releasing her reluctantly, letting his finger trail lovingly through her hair as he did. "I know, honey. I am sorry." She smiled again, and went back to watching the movie.

He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. She was wearing a cute little white sleeveless top that had frills at the shoulders and ended at her midriff, showing off the little bellybutton rhinestone she'd glued in with that special adhesive that would come off in the shower. Pink, of course! The top clung jealously to her amazing breasts that jutted out so perkily from her chest, ready to poke out his eyes. Her shorts were tiny little things, fuzzy pink cotton, hardly covering anything down there, leaving so much leg exposed! And those long, lovely legs descended to slender little ankles in cute, pink ankle socks and sneakers with little puffballs at the tongue. And the sneakers had high heels.

Karl felt his desire building, so he rose from the couch, and kissed the top of her head, which made her look up at him and smile. With that, he left her to watch the movie. She was so oblivious, she didn't even realize her parents had left. Of course, she never would have expected them to leave her behind, so she could hardly be blamed. She didn't know why they had driven all this way on a Saturday morning (it was early afternoon now), nor why they had brought only her and none of her brothers or sisters, but it made her feel special, which was a rare thing when you are one of seven children.

He went back into the foyer, and picked up her bags, two large suitcases, and a good half dozen of those "tote bags" filled with her books, stuffed dolls, and pictures of her family she would never see again. He recognized one of the teddy bears as the one he always saw her sleeping with when he would visit her family. He loved sneaking into her room, watching the little teen sleep. She had been too young then for him to do anything with, but even at 16, he could see the beautiful young woman she was becoming. He was ecstatic that she was 18 now.

In two trips, he had taken her things up to the room he had set up for her. It was a lovely room, with a four-post bed, a large closet, and a cage just large enough for his new pet. Eventually, he would allow her to sleep in his bed with him, but that day would be a long way off. He looked over at the fuck machine he'd placed out of the way. Its cold metal gleamed in the CFL bulb's light. He had a small box of special dildos and lube ready for his little angel, too.

He was looking forward to taking her virginity, but he wanted her broken and obedient first. He wanted their first time to be with her begging him to fuck her. And then she would be his.

He took the pictures and contemplated throwing them away. That was her old life; this was her new one. But then it occurred to him that they would be very useful in controlling her; a reminder of those for whom she was making this sacrifice. And in time, he would make her throw them away. He saw one pic of her boyfriend, and took that one out. After going through her things, and making sure there were no phones, weapons, or anything else she should not have, he took the boyfriend photo into his room.

He took one of his photo albums out of the closet, and found a handsome portrait of himself that would fit the frame nicely. After a little switch, his smiling face looked out from the distinctive heart-shaped frame while the young boy's smiling face lie crumpled in his trash can.

In her room, Karl set up everything as nicely as he could, but he did not bother with most of her clothing. Her sexier underwear was kept, along with her cheerleader uniform and what had to be a Halloween costume, which he could only describe as "slutty witch." He kept the most revealing clothing, but the rest of her clothes went into trash bags. Her shoes all passed muster, as she had good taste and seemed to prefer the heels that pushed her ass up so sweetly.

After he'd hung the uniforms in the closet alongside the other uniforms he'd already procured for her, he put the rest of her clothes in the dresser and set the stuffed animals on the bed, with her favorite teddy bear front and center. The pictures were hung on the wall, placed on top of the dresser, and the one of him was placed on her nightstand where she'd be able to see it from either the bed or the cage.

He threw away all her posters, as they all had cute guys on them, and decided she did not need her award ribbons or trophies from her cheerleading squad any more, either. When he was done, he thought her room looked perfect, and he came back downstairs, placing the bags of trash carefully near the garage door.

Quietly, Karl returned to the living room, and saw she was sitting further down in the sofa, and he crept quietly up. The star of the movie was prancing around on screen without a shirt on, and she had her hand in her lap, playing with herself through her shorts! Dirty little slut, isn't she? he thought with a grin. He watched her, unseen. She wasn't really getting into the masturbation, probably remembering how easily her uncle had snuck up on her before, but she was definitely enjoying the scene.

With a clearing of his throat, he entered the room, and she sat up, blushing furiously. "Good movie?" he asked her, arching an eyebrow. She didn't look him in the eye, embarassed over having been caught. God! How humiliating! she thought to herself. He looked at the shirtless guy, and made an approving "Hmm." He sat down again next to her, closer than he really should have, and said, "Don't stop on my account, angel."

Yvonne looked at him, with revulsion on her face. This was her uncle! He was older than her dad!! She said, "That's not funny, Uncle Karl," and got up to leave. He admired her perfectly sculpted ass, the shorts riding up her buttcrack leaving nothing to the imagination. When he grabbed her arm and pulled her back down, and said, "I wasn't joking," he felt his erection build immediately. Yvonne looked at him, fearfully, then called out, "DADDY!!" Karl just looked at the young girl, still holding her arm, silently. She tried to pull away from him, "STOP IT! You're HURTING me! DAAAADDYYYYY!!!!"

Karl remained silent, looking serious, and he reached over her, grabbing her other wrist, and pulled it toward her lap. "Whatareyoudoing??? STOP IT! Let me go!!! NO! DAADDDYYY!!!!" She couldn't figure how her parents weren't coming to her rescue! Had they gone to the store for something?? He began to press her hand against her crotch, rubbing her hand against it as she fought him. "Stop it, Uncle Karl! I'll tell on you! I mean it! I'll tell if you don't stop! NO!"

He kept her one arm pinned to her side, his grip tight enough to hurt her, while he continued to rub her hand up and down against her pussy, rubbing it through her shorts. "I said to continue, Evey. Now do as you're told!" She was angry now, kicking ineffectually at him, "Stop it, you creep!! STOP IT! Daddy will get you for this! DAAAAADDDYYYYYYY!!!" She shrieked this last one, and he was pretty sure her voice would be hoarse tomorrow. But for now, her voice was pure and musical, and he loved the sound of it.

No matter how much he made her rub herself, he knew she wasn't going to come. That wasn't the point. He was establishing who is in control here. And despite her struggling and fighting, she had not yet tried to bite him. She was still a good little girl, and she would only get better. For now, though, he wanted to hear her scream more, so as the movie continued on the screen across the room and the early afternoon sun streamed into the house, he stood and pulled her to her feet. She saw his pants sticking out from his erection and screamed, "NOOOO!" and pulled away, to no avail. Karl spun the girl around to face the sofa, and he forced her back down onto it, lying on her stomach.

Quickly, he climbed on top of her as she began screaming, "NO! Get off me!! Get off meeeee!!! DADDY!! DADDDYYY!!! PLEASE, DADDY, SAVE ME!!!" He brought both of her arms above her head, and gripped her slender wrists tightly in one large hand, holding them there. Then his free hand began to range down, along her trim, lithe body, and she began to buck, spasm, and squeal with uncontrolled, unwanted laughter. Interspersed with the laughter were "No!"s, "Stop!"s, and "Please!"s. She also let out some delightful screams, especially when she felt his erection pressing firmly against her ass through both his pants and her shorts. Her wriggling was turning him on, as was the feel of her skin under his fingertips as he tortured the teen under him.

Yvonne was at the verge of going insane from this. Her uncle, Uncle Karl, the man she had always looked up to, who she had told about her first crush, he was now forcing himself on her, making her do dirty things and then pinning her down and tickling her, and she was pretty sure that if her parents didn't get back soon, he might even… She couldn't let herself think that thought, and she kept kicking her legs, trying to pull her hands free, and trying to roll him off of her. But nothing worked.

He kept her pinned like this, and he felt her ass against his dick, which just made him even harder. Her squirming was getting lesser, and he was getting bored with this, which he knew meant he might take her prematurely if he continued. So, without warning, he stopped tickling her, and pulled her to her feet. As he wrapped his arms around the struggling, fighting girl, she continued to shriek and cry out for her daddy.

His arms pinned hers to her sides, and she tried to kick at him, but he lifted her off the ground, and pulled her to his chest, his hard cock pressing against her butt, the crack still outlined in the shorts. She squirmed, struggled, kicked, screamed "PLEASE Uncle Karl!! NOOO!! STOP IT! STOP IT! LEMME GO!!! DADDDYYYY!!!"

Her screams continued as he carried the struggling girl to the stairs and when they got there, she let out a primal, "NO!" realizing that there was nothing up there but beds, and she found a new strength, throwing her head back into his face, stunning him as her skull hit his chin like a right cross. It hurt like heck for Yvonne, but she felt his arms relax just enough for her to slide her slender form through them.

Yvonne made a charge for the front door just opposite the stairs. She reached the door, and turned the handle to wrench the door open and bolt outside, down the driveway, and run for the road a few miles away. She was in perfect shape, and she could outrun her uncle, she knew that. As soon as she reached the road, she could keep running until a car came along (maybe her parents!) and she could flag it down for help. Then her uncle would pay for what he had done to her.

But the handle wouldn't turn. She panicked, and tried again. It still wouldn't budge. She tried to push the little button on the handle, but that did nothing. She tried pulling it up, pushing it in, pulling it out. Nothing worked!

Karl shook his head. She had surprised him with that head butt; he would not let her catch him off guard like that again, he vowed. He knew she had run for the door, and he smiled. When it was locked, no one could open it but him. No fingerprint scan or anything as fancy as that; it just required a certain sequence to be followed, and if you didn't know it, it could take you a month to guess it correctly, and that required you to even know what parts to move. He heard her struggling, and sounding more desperate with each failure.

With deliberation, he moved straight to the young girl and grabbed her by her fluffy ponytail, wrapping his hand in it, and yanking her back into his arms. He spun her around, and delivered a brutal punch to her stomach, knocking the wind and the fight out of her. Her beautiful blue eyes teared up, and she looked up piteously at her uncle, a man she loved. His face was sorrowful, as though he hadn't wanted to do that to her. "Now see what you made me do, Evey?" He sighed dramatically as he lifted the young girl over his shoulder. She was still trying to breathe, suddenly afraid that he had crushed her diaphragm and she would suffocate.

As he carried her limp form up the stairs, he continued, "If you behave and do as you're told, you will be rewarded. If you disobey, or try to fight me, or try to escape, like you just did, you will be punished." They had reached the top of the stairs, and he walked her toward a bedroom. She feebly tried to grab the door jamb in a last-ditch attempt to save herself. Her mouth formed the words, "Daddy, please save me!" but her lungs could not make the sounds, and the little girl slipped helplessly past the doorway and into the bedroom with her uncle.

The door closed quietly behind them.

Karl carried the sweet teen over to the bed, as she continued to try to catch her breath. He could tell she was still breathing, so he wasn't too concerned. She'd recover on her own soon enough. While she was still docile, though, he acted. The cage door was already open, and he unslung her from his shoulder and began to push her, head-first into the small metal prison. She stuck her hands out with more force than he would have thought possible, and a raspy "no" came out of her mouth. It was as close to a scream as she could get right now.

He lifted her, and slapped her hard across the face, leaving a red handprint on her soft cheek. Yvonne's head rocked from the blow, and she was stunned by it. No one had ever, ever struck her before, and the shock of the blow, along with the violence of it, took away her capacity for fight. He growled at her, "You disobey me, you get punished. That's twice now. I guess I'm just going to have to punish you twice."

Yvonne was confused. Where were her parents? How could her uncle be this cruel to her? What was he going to do with her? She felt herself being lifted up again, and carried over to the bed, where he sat on the edge of the mattress and placed her over his lap, her butt sticking up. The position wasn't helping her breathing any, and her face was starting to burn on the side where he'd slapped her so hard. She could taste a little blood on the inside of that cheek. How much more punishment could I get? she thought, not knowing the depths of her uncle's depravity.

With the sexy girl over his lap, he took one finger and hooked it into her waistband, right where the crack of her ass started at the base of her spine, and he tugged the cute shorts down, taking her lacy white panties down with them, exposing her perfect little ass cheeks. She reached back to try to pull them back up, and he smacked her hands away, painfully. Close to tears, she begged him, "P- please, Uncle… Don't. You can't; I'm just a little girl!" Her voice was still hardly more than a whisper.

He smiled and said, "And you're my little girl, Evey," as his hand came down sharply on her tender bottom. She squeaked with surprise at the pain, and he let it set in for a second before he spanked the other cheek, and she began to squirm to get away. He looped a free arm around her waist to hold her in place, and said, "One warning, Evey. Hold still and take your punishment." Again he spanked her, loving the sound of the slap on her skin, the way her sweet derriere was turning red, and her cries were lovely. She kept begging him to stop, trying to put her hands in the way of his punishing palm connecting with her already hurting ass cheeks. This was the wrong thing for her to do.

Without a word, he stood up, hoisting her up by the arms, and holding her almost off the floor he lifted her so high. Her breath came back to her, and she pleaded, "No, Uncle Karl! Please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I won't do it again! PLEASE!" He said not a word as he crossed over to the neat stack of toys in the corner. She didn't know what half of them were for, but the rope he picked up had but one purpose she could think of.

She attempted to pull her hands free, but with her feet off the floor, she had no leverage, and he carried her back to the bed, throwing her roughly down on the mattress. She immediately started trying to crawl away, and to pull her shorts back up, but he was on her instantly, pushing her down onto the mattress, and pinning her there with his large form.

She was a tiny thing underneath him and she had no way to get free. She kept trying to turn over so she could fight him, but he was controlling her fully, and she was reminded of his tickling of her on the sofa, with his nasty penis pressing against her shorts, and she realized they weren't there now. As if reading her mind, he reached behind him, and grabbed her shorts, pulling them completely off her legs. "NOOO!!! PLEASE, Uncle Karl! I'm only a little girl! You're my uncle! You can't DO this!!" He ignored her, now taking her tiny hands and pushing them toward the headboard, with its intricate woodwork and little columns and openings giving him plenty of places from which to tie up his charge.

As she saw her hands being pulled toward the pillows, she saw her stuffed animals and she was frightened and confused simultaneously. How did he get my toys? Her thoughts were interrupted when he began to tie her expertly to the headboard, pushing her plushies out of the way. She continued to plead and beg him to stop, but within a very few short minutes her hands were bound at the wrists and tied to the headboard. He remained silent the whole time.

He then lifted off her, and began tying her legs to the posts at the foot of the bed, low down. She still kicked her legs, trying to keep this from happening, and all he did was note in his mind the disobedience, and held her tightly, tying her down with consummate skill.

Finally, she was bound at the ankles and with her hands above her head, naked from the waist down, except for her ankle socks and high-heeled sneakers with the puffballs. He thought she was the cutest thing he'd ever seen, and his loin was enflamed with his lust for her. He longed to take her now, but he wanted this done right. He would have to teach her a lesson.

While she still kept telling him how he couldn't do this, and explaining her youth, and begging him not to, he walked silently back to the corner with the toys, and selected a long, studded, black leather paddle, and he turned back to her, a very serious look on his face, and he patted his hand with the evil-looking tool. Yvonne's face went pale, and her eyes grew. She shook her head, silently as her uncle approached her, and he finally broke his silence of the past few minutes.

"Evey, I love you, princess. And I don't want to hurt you. But you are being very, very disobedient." She tried to say something back to him, and he swatted her ass with the paddle, a quick little stinging blow to get her attention. "Shut up. You have had your chance to talk; now you will listen, or I swear, you won't be able to sit for a month!" and he swatted her again with the last word. She whimpered, but held her tongue.

"I ask very little, Evey. Do as I say, and you will live a very happy life here, free from pain or responsibility. You will be treated well. But when you fight me, or try to escape, or do not do as you are told, I am forced to punish you, to drive in the point that you are here to do as you are told.

"You struck me; you tried to get out the front door; you tried to keep me from bringing you in here; you fought against going into your cage;" She felt a new sense of terror when he referred to it as "her" cage, but he continued, "You resisted your rightful punishment that was just going to be a simple spanking. I even gave you a warning." His voice was growing with menace now. "And again you disobeyed me." Another swat of the paddle. It hurt so much she squealed through her clenched lips. "So now, you have brought this on yourself, Evey. And I warn you; the more you scream, the longer this will go on. If you keep quiet, this will be over before you know it."

He knew she would not be able to keep her screams inside, but that wasn't the point. She would think that it was in her power to bring this to a quicker end, by obeying him. And that was the objective here. SWAT! The studs raised tiny welts across her delicate, pink skin. He held a second, as a sound of a tea kettle boiling escaped from his young niece. Then again, SWAT! Yvonne buried her face in the mattress, in the vain hopes that her cries of pain would be stifled. SWAT! SWAT! Each time, he would adjust the position, so the welts raised from the previous blow would be struck with the new one. And each time, he waited a few seconds to allow the pain to sink in.

He half expected her to break down and start begging him to stop again, but she was doing her level best to obey him now, keeping the noise down, and crying out into the soft mattress beneath her. She was praying that if she did as he said, he wouldn't rape her. All she had to do was hold out until her parents came back, and then he would be in the worst trouble of his life!
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Rest of the story:

He paddled her like this for one full minute, hitting her exactly ten times. To her, it had felt like an hour with a hundred blows. Her buttocks felt like they were on fire, and when he put his hand lovingly onto her ass, cupping her cheeks softly, she winced, partly from the pain, partly from his touch.

"Have you learned your lesson, now, Evey?" Sobbing, she nodded silently. "You will behave yourself now?" Again, she nodded. "If you do not, this punishment will seem like love taps." She buried her face again in the mattress, and nodded. With that, he untied her legs, and she submissively left them where he placed them. Then he untied her wrists from the bed, but left them bound in front of her, and he led her to the cage by the rope.

Her pussy was exposed to him, now, and he couldn't help but look. It was such a perfect little sex organ, lovely labia, slightly deeper pink than the surrounding skin, and a nicely trimmed blonde "landing strip" above it. He would enjoy taking her later on.

She was led like an animal to the cage, and when he said "Get in," she looked at him piteously, but on seeing the cruel paddle still in his hand, she silently got on all fours and went in. He stopped her when she was completely inside, kneeling on the soft vinyl pad that was in there for minimal comfort. The cage was only just big enough for her to fit into, her back almost touching the top while she was on her hands and knees, but when she tried to lay down, he tapped her with the paddle, and she rose again, trembling uncontrollably. He looped the rope through the front of the cage and tied it so her hands were in front of her, unable to support her. Then he got more rope and cable-wraps, and began to secure the girl to the cage from all sides, immobilizing her completely, and making it so she could not move an inch.

Her ponytail was the last piece. He drew it out the top of the cage, and tied a rope to it, running the rope to the back of the cage. Then he walked back to the toys, and chose an anal hook, with a small bead. He also brought out one of the bottles of ID Glide, a nice water-based lube he favored. He put a small amount on the ball at the end of the hook, and then kneeled down behind her. He didn't say a word, but simply pressed the ball against her anus. The cage almost jumped as she tried to move away from this intrusion. She said, "Uncle, please!" He banged the cage with the paddle, hard, making a loud metal clanging, and she cowed, frightened. "Keep your mouth shut, or its going in there next. If you don't want it to hurt, push like you're taking a shit."

Yvonne's tears were flowing freely now, pooling on the pad beneath her, as she silently did as she was told. The cold metal pushed into her, and it hurt, but once it was in, the pain subsided. She could now feel the metal J bar sticking through her sphincter, and she wondered what he intended to do. Then her hair went taut at the same time the bar pulled against her butt. He had tied the hook to her hair!

She was now held in such a position that she could not move, could not bow her head, and could not get free. Karl then laboriously moved the fuck machine into position behind her, and clamped it to the cage by the attachments he had welded on. Carefully, he positioned it to direct it at his little niece's sweet little cunny. Then he selected a two-inch dildo, just enough to poke at her, but not enough to really give her what she would be wanting soon enough.

He placed the lube in a bracket atop the cage, and opened it. A long drop began to form at the tiny opening. He put a good amount of the lube on the small dildo, and then mounted it on the steel rod extending from the mechanism. He adjusted the fuck machine, and moved it to where it started to touch her slit.

At this she couldn't keep quiet any more, and she gasped, "Please, Uncle Karl! I-- I'm still a virgin!!!" He looked at her body, so curvaceous and sensual, so lust-worthy. He couldn't imagine how she could possibly have gotten through high school without one of those snots (like the one crumpled in his trash can) sticking it in her. But he took a finger and pushed it gently into her pussy as she squealed. About two or three inches in, he encountered her hymen. Well what do you know about that? Jackpot!!!

He slowly withdrew his finger, and set the machine to begin pumping into her, just far enough to arouse her, but not enough to give her any release. The lube was dripping down onto the rubber just as it entered her pussy, and he stood there, watching the machine toying with his niece. When he was convinced it was doing its job, and that the lube was keeping it from hurting her, he went to the door. She could barely turn her head to see him as he turned back to say, "I was going to play with you in here, you know. Just cuddle you and pet you. Kiss you. Love you. But you had to fight. Remember I said I was going to have to punish you twice? This is twice. See you in a couple hours." And with that, he left her trapped in the cage being nearly violated and brought into a state of arousal from which she would have no release.

Yvonne kneeled in place. Everything hurt. Her jaw where he had hit her, her hair where it was tied to her ass, her ass (both from the hook and from the spankings), and she knew her legs and back would be hurting from being in this position soon enough.

The perverted thing was poking her in her peehole, and she struggled to move to keep it from probing her, but nothing she did helped. Uncle Karl had done too good a job lashing her thighs into place, along with her body, lower legs, and even her feet! She felt it push into her and slowly back out, touching nothing but her vagina. She had played with herself like that before, but always moved up to her clit. That wasn't happening now, and she was afraid of how frustrated she would get if this didn't stop soon. Did Uncle Karl mean it when he said 'a couple hours'??

Alone in the room with only the rhythmic thrumming of the fuck machine to keep her company, she reflected on what had happened, how it had happened. He had her things. He had attacked her sexually. Her parents were not here to stop him. He was acting as if he had all the time in the world. He wasn't rushing things like she would have thought with her parents due back… at… any-- He had her things. How could he, if her parents hadn't given them to him? If they hadn't given... her to him??

Once the thought entered her mind, she could not think of anything else. And nothing else made sense to her. How else could he have her stuffed toys? The pictures on the walls she'd seen only briefly, but long enough to recognize? And why else would he be so calm about abusing her, as if he knew he wasn't going to be caught? She felt the raw, coppery taste of fear in her mouth as a gaping pit opened in her belly.

The dildo continued to push into her, only enough to tease her, and not enough to promise her any relief. After all, she was a young woman, and sexually mature, if not yet sexually active. Her body was responding the way it should to this kind of touch, no matter how much she struggled to fight it.

How long has Uncle Karl felt like this about me? Every hug over the last five years was now suspect in her mind. The summer he had stayed over when she was only 15; had he been thinking of her like this then? What about when her family had visited him the next year? Was he watching her 16-year-old form? Playing with himself thinking of her? Had he snuck into her bedroom while she slept and touched her? She had no way of knowing, and the longer the machine went, the more her mind went down that road, wondering at the depths of his depravity.

Her mind went to her parents. How could they have left her with him?? Even if they didn't know he would do this, shouldn't it have been obvious? Leaving an 18-year-old girl all alone in an isolated house like this with a 42-year-old single man who was living by himself?? She loved her mom and dad, but she was starting to feel angry with them. How could they?? I'm a virgin! They know that!! What about Bryan?? What about my friends? What about my trip to Europe this summer??? Oh, God, is he going to keep me forever?? What about college?

Her mind was racing now, going through shock, anger, denial, bargaining, and back again, over and over. She would not accept the reality of the situation: that she was now her uncle's property and would become his willing sex slave before long. That she would forever belong to him, and satisfy his every desire. Her mind would not go down that road, and so she kept bouncing between "He can't do this" and "How could they" and "When will he let me go" over and over.

Her tears began pouring down her face, making small pools on the mat beneath her. Beneath her, the lube continued to drip onto the toy, and her own juices were now joining it, and starting to drip down to make their own puddle beneath her.

Downstairs, Karl returned to the living room to find the main character of the movie beating up a lot of guys. He decided to restart the movie from the beginning. He liked the movie, and it would help him keep his mind off his niece upstairs. The mere thought of her strapped into the cage and subjected to-- No. Focus. The movie began, and he allowed himself to get lost in it.

Nearly two hours later (he had even watched through the credits to get the "Avengers" teaser at the end), he turned off the system and walked slowly back to the stairs. He could hear the low hum of the machine through the floor. And... was that? YES! He heard Yvonne screaming upstairs. It was incoherent screaming, in concert with the pulsing of the machine.

He crept up the stairs, and quietly opened the door. She was shaking, but immobile, and he could see the machine was still on target, nearly violating her, but not quite. She was about ready, Karl figured. He stepped in, making his presense known, and the girl cried out, "Uncle!! Please!! I'm sorry!! Make it stop! Please! Stop! Uncle! Please!" Each word punctuated another thrust of the machine.

He walked around behind her to look at her sex. Her labia were red and swollen; her clit was engorged. She was as aroused as a woman could be, and the machine continued to tease her. He saw her pussy dripping, and he closed the bottle of lube, letting the machine continue its probing as the teen cried out and pleaded more. He put the bottle in the box and walked back toward her. "Have you learned your lesson now, Evey?" "YES!" she screamed, "Please! I'm sorry!" Karl looked at her, "You will do as I say?" Again she screamed yes, and again she pleaded. "Tell me how horny you are."

She paused and the only sound in the room was the machine. "I asked you a question, Evey; you said you would do as I said; that includes answering my questions." His voice picked up that menacing tone as he said this, and she licked her lips, unsure of what to say. "I-- I'm horny, uncle" she whimpered, and new tears fell from her lovely blue eyes. His voice retained its menace, "Perhaps you didn't hear me; I didn't ask if you were horny; I asked how horny you were. Perhaps you need another hour or two with the machine to teach you how to answer a simple question??" Yvonne's eyes went wide with terror, "NO!! No, Uncle, please!"

She knew what she would have to say to end this torture, and she hated herself for the words she spoke next, "I'm very horny! Very horny, uncle!! Please make it stop! I'm so fucking horny!" With that, he switched off the machine, and he withdrew it from her. Her gasps were wonderful, and he moved quickly to get the machine out of the way and then cut her loose from the cage. The anal hook was removed gently from her ass, as he told her to push again to aid in its exit, and he released her hair, too.

He pulled the exhausted, crying teen from the cage, and pulled her up to him, holding her in his arms, and running his fingers through her long, blonde hair. He loved the feel of her against him, and she was so exhausted that she didn't even recoil from the bulge in his pants.

He walked her gently over to the bed and laid her down on it, re-tying her hands above her head to the headboard. He then left her there for a second as he went back to the toys, and selected the Hitachi massage wand. He plugged the long cord in, and brought it over to her in the bed, sitting down next to her, and turning it on.

The strange humming made her raise her head, and she saw the long shaft with the large, rounded knob. A small squeal escaped her lips, and Uncle Karl looked down at her, and said, "Shhh... A good girl is a quiet girl. And you want to be a good girl, don't you, Evey?" Yvonne looked at him, helplessly, knowing she had to lie there and let him, or he might put her back in the machine. And as she lay there, her asscheeks still stinging, he brought the head of the giant wand over to her pussy, and she clenched her eyes for the inevitable.

Yvonne felt the head press gently against her labia and hood simultaneously, the vibrations bringing about a new feeling that stacked on top of the sexual frustration her body had endured for the past two hours, and she began to feel a tingling deep within her. It was a feeling she normally loved, when her own hand brought it, or Bryan's tongue. She was the same as anyone else; orgasms were pleasurable, and to be sought. But not like this! Not forced on her!

Karl kept his face impassive. This was his chance to get her under his control. He pressed the head gently to her pussy, her sweet, teenage, virgin pussy. Her reactions led him, first to press it firmly, then to lightly draw it up and down her slit, enjoying her gasp each time it came close to her clitoris. He saw it actually swell as he played with her! He moved it around the sensitive flesh, refusing to apply it to her actual clit, and moved it over her labia again, pressing it firmly again. Her breathing was giving him cues as to where she was, orgasmically speaking.

The vibrations were maddening to the girl, bound helplessly on the bed. She looked around, hoping to see something, anything that could help her. But all she could see was her stuffed toys, Mr. Boo closest. Seeing the stuffed bear, her favorite toy since she was five, made her start crying at the juxtaposition of worlds; childhood and sexuality clashed in her mind, and she had to look away from the little glass eyes and stiched smile that had comforted her so often through her childhood. Looking the other way, she saw Bryan's picture on the nightstand. Except... Oh, no... No… Instead of the young man she had been dating since Sophomore year whose face had so long smiled at her from the hearts frame, there was now the man who was... raping her. So, she simply closed her eyes, and tried to retreat into her mind. But she could not escape.

The sensations were overwhelming the 18-year-old, bringing her toward an orgasm she would give anything not to have. She tried flexing her muscles down there, to stave off the climax, but the effort was more than she could sustain, as tired as she was, and it just felt so damn good--NO! I can't enjoy this!! But her body would not listen, and the longer it went on, the more she found herself desiring release. Over and over, she would feel herself succumbing to the sensations, and then she would remind herself how she couldn't let it happen. But the time between surrender and fight kept getting longer and longer. And she couldn't hold out forever, she knew.

"P- pl- eease..." she whispered, and Karl put a finger on her lips, firmly. "Sh. You are not to speak until I tell you to. Don't make me tell you again," he said, gently, but he turned his head pointedly at the cage, looking past her feet. Her eyes followed his gaze, and she quailed, resuming her silence. He took this opportunity to stand and walked over to the box again, rummaging through it before pulling out something small and box-like. She couldn't quite make it out, and he made no great show of it, simply sitting back where he was, setting it down where she couldn't see it, and resumed the wanding.

As excited as her body was for the attention, her mind was terrified of what he intended for her. She had been saving herself for marriage! Bryan had understood that, and they had been planning their wedding for after college. They both knew it was just a dream; they weren't going to the same colleges, and would probably not stay together with the long distance, but it was a nice dream. And now that dream was being shattered.

For Karl's part, it was equal portions patience, self control, and lust. He desired this young woman lying here so vulnerable, so tempting. No one would stop him; no one would save her; she could be his now. But that was not how he wanted his first time with her to be, and so he kept his id under control and applied his focus to trying to bring her desire to his level, and beyond.

He kept at her, switching the level of vibration higher and lower to keep her on edge, and rubbing her pussy, gliding it over, occasionally bringing it up to her breasts, vibrating her nipples through her top, making the erect bits begin to show through the white top. Finally, after about 10 minutes of working her, he noticed that as he circled her clit, her hips shifted, as if to follow the wand, trying to bring it in contact with her clit. He smiled. Oh, no, Evey. You don't get to; not until you ask me properly.

He drew the wand slowly away from her magic button, and as a smal moan came from her, she caught herself and brought herself back onto the bed, whereupon he resumed his assault on her body and mind. Without saying a word, he was establishing his control over his niece, sexually and mentally. She was unwilling to openly fight him now. But it wouldn't last, he knew. She was too independent to have lost all her fight from just one session in the cage and one spanking. He would enjoy breaking her. By the time he was done with her, she wouldn't even think about fighting him. She would want nothing more than to please her uncle; to be loved by him.

For now, she was again sliding herself toward the wand again, her eyes closed, and she was licking her lips. He would still not let her get the release she was so close to, though, and again drew the wand away as she again moaned.

Over and over, he teased her like this, and her resistance was dwindling. It seemed that every time she caught herself and seemed to feel shame, she would see the approving look on his face and it was breaking her down. It was taking over 15 more minutes of this, but she was getting so sexually frustrated, especially after the torture of the last two hours, she had now been subjected to stimulation for over 150 minutes.

A longer moan came from her now, and it turned petulant when he drew the wand away again. Now. "What was that?" he taunted her. She bit her lip, unwilling to speak, so he resumed his molestation of her, but still would not press it where she needed it; would not leave it where she could enjoy it. He was teasing her, keeping her amped, but no more. "I can't help you if you don't tell me what you want," he said, in a sing-song fashion.

She would not speak, but she was now beyond shame and kept trying to follow the wand with her thighs, her hips, trying to push herself into the large vibrating head to have that wonderful feeling. But her uncle was being cruel, and not letting her! And now he was demanding that she tell him what she wanted! She refused to say, still trying to move herself to get what she now needed.

Then he turned the wand off. She cried out, but then he moved his head to her crotch, and his tongue began to do its own form of magic on her. She exclaimed, "Noo!" but her protest quickly became another moan as her uncle's lips and tongue provided her with what she had been longing for. And it felt so, so wonderful! He was really good at it, too, she realized with horror. And as she felt the orgasm building within her, as the warmth began to build inside her loins, to spread out, he stopped.

A frustrated sound came from the young girl, and he raised his head to look at her. Her eyes were pleading with him. "Tell me you want me to fuck you," he said. She laid her head back down, looking back at the headboard, steadfastly refusing to give him this. But it felt so good--another gasp escaped her as his mouth again attacked her sex, and the orgasm began to build again.

He felt her pushing herself toward his mouth, and he admired the brazen nature of his girl, but he was still in control, and again he stopped, and demanded, "Tell me you want me to fuck you." Now a small squeal escaped her mouth, and he said, "I can keep this up alllll day, princess." He put his head back again, five more times bringing her impossibly close and then stopping to make his demand. The sensation was driving her mad. Finally, as he went down on her one more time, she screamed, "I WANT YOU!!!!"

He sat up. Looked at her, as tears again streamed down her face. "To what?" She couldn't look at him as the three little words fell from her perfectly pouty lips, almost in a whisper. "T- to fuck m- me..." Karl smiled. "Say it again, Evey. I want to believe you." She swallowed, hating him for making her beg like this, and still refused to look at him, but she repeated, "I want you to fuck me..." He loved the sound of the words, and commanded her more firmly, "Again!" "I want you to fuck me, Uncle Karl!!"

Karl soothingly said, "Well, that's my good girl, then," and he used his free hand to unbuckle his belt, and unfasten his pants. She now looked at him, and saw he had the box in his hand. It was a video camera!! Oh, God, no!! His erection popped free of his pants, and he kicked them off, kicking his shoes off in the process. The camera was a very expensive one, and even had its own tripod built-in, so he extended the legs, and aimed the lens at the bed to capture the whole event in HD.

He mounted the pretty teen, and she turned her head away, as if trying to will him away. The ropes held her hands above her head, and she couldn't stop it now. She wasn't even sure she wanted to, any more.

The camera recorded everything as he climbed up on top of her, settling between her legs. There was a wide wet spot under her taint on the mattress, and he slid her slightly up so he wouldn't have his balls in it when he took her. Her breasts were still covered by her top, and he lifted the shirt to reveal her 36D tits still restrained by a silk, lacy bra. He rudely shoved it above her boobs and they exploded out from their prisons, nipples standing at attention. His erection was massive now, and was pressing against her labia, sliding between her pussy lips length-wise now. He leaned down over her, and his cock slid down, to where its knob was now nuzzling her hood.

She lay passively underneath him, and he said, "Look at me, Evey. You asked for this, so look at me." She was afraid of him, and obeyed, turning her tear-streaked face to him, eyes red and swollen from crying, but still lovely. "Now tell me one more time. What do you want me to do?" Her pussy was on fire, and could feel his massive member standing so close to her, ready to fill her and give her what she needed. She closed her eyes, tears burning them, and sobbed, "I w-w-want you t-t-to f-fuck m-m-m-mee-ee-e..."

His lips locked onto hers, and he pushed his dick into her virgin hole, slowly, going in only a couple inches, the first man to ever go this far with her. She gasped at the intrusion as his lips hungrily devoured hers. His tongue began to push into her mouth as his penis probed into her hymen; he pulled back a bit, and slid in again, lubing his prick with her juices to ease her first time.

After a few strokes, her body was ready to orgasm again, and he pushed in with one smooth, firm stroke, and the pain of her maidenhead tearing made her scream into his mouth. With her mouth now open, his tongue plunged in, and violated her there while his cock pushed all the way into her, feeling her tight pussy walls clutching his cock so softly, like red velvet. He penetrated to his hilt, and held it there for a second, her virginal blood now trickling from the torn tissue.

He knew this had hurt her, but it was inevitable. Her natural lube along with the blood would ease his passage, and it would not hurt her for long. He slid it back a few inches, then pushed back in, eliciting another sharp intake from her. Her own tongue was now wrestling with his, in a vain attempt to eject the slimy thing from her mouth, but it was no use. He was stronger than her in every way, and all she was managing to do was exciting him.

Yvonne had not expected the first time to hurt so much, and thought maybe it was because Uncle Karl was so very big. He was big, too; at least 8 inches long, and thick! She squirmed to make room for his massive phallus, but he had been sweet and slow, so he wasn't tearing her up more than he had to when he first thrust in. Now he was pistoning in and out, and her body had been begging for this for too long. She was his now, and the climax she had wanted so badly was now close. His tongue was invading her mouth, and it disgusted her, but the feelings in her pussy were overriding everything else now.

He glided in and out of her, and her breathing was becoming quite rhythmic. A small, high-pitched "mm" started to accompany each thrust as her body became accustomed to the large member filling her so completely. Her vaginal muscles were practically strangling his trouser snake as he thrust in, and he knew he wouldn't be able to last long with her like this, but he knew he only had to last as long as it took for her to orgasm.

He continued to kiss her lips, darting his tongue in and out of her mouth, his arms wrapping completely around her young body, with her hands tied above her. Her long ponytail was beneath her, and his arms were feeling the soft strands as he rocked her with each push. Now the "mm" was becoming more of an "UHH!" And he broke the kiss to lift his chest off her, and make his cock go in at a different angle now. She was so tight, and so beautiful, he wasn't going to last long, he knew.

Her tits were bouncing back and forth now with his pounding of her love canal, and the sight of that, along with her beautiful face, and her open cries of enjoyment brought him straight to a climax that perfectly coincided with her own. The teen screamed, "OHHHH, MY GODDDD!!!!!!" as her hands grabbed onto the rope and pulled on it hard, her entire body spasming, and her pussy clenched impossibly tight on his cock as he spewed his load into her virgin womb. He continued to pump her again and again, and small aftershocks rocked through her, over and over as she milked him dry, every drop going inside her.

Finally, he collapsed onto her. He supported his upper body with his elbows, and he kissed her lips now, without tongue; delicate, pecking kisses, as he whispered, "There's my good girl, such a very good girl."

Yvonne felt the release her body had been demanding and it had been a stronger orgasm than she had ever felt before. In fact, she was now wondering if she had ever actually felt an orgasm before this one... And she hated Uncle Karl for doing this to her. Her first time should have been lovely and magical; not incestuous and forcible. And as he stroked her hair and called her a good girl, two realizations came to her: this was now her life; and he may have gotten her pregnant. Both made her cry again.
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I remember that story, belated thanks for reposting it Majorkjm.
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