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Default Only The Beginning

Old ASSTR story that I was looking for, thanks to MRocker for finding me the link.

Only The Beginning - Intro

by Caesar, copyright 1999

Detective James Broody reviewed the notes, from the first officers on
the scene, with distaste. He had hoped never to have to again deal
with this type of crime after leaving the big city. Rare was any
violent crime committed in this town, his role as the sole detective
was one of minor crimes mostly of the 'white collar' variety.

It was nine in the morning, the sun was shining and if not for this
call James would now be having a great day. After he finished
questioning the last officer and waiting for the paramedics to give
him the nod, he entered the master bedroom of the moderate sized

Penny was sitting up with her head upon her eldest daughters shoulder
while her son and husband stood above her. The paramedics had
bandaged her wrists and ankles where the rope had bitten into her
skin, and were waiting to take her to the hospital for a detailed

James took a deep breath, and announced himself, "Excuse me Penny? My
name is James Broody. I need to ask a few questions?" He squatted
down before her so his eyes would be at an equal height to her own.
He also had enough experience to know not to reach out and touch a
woman whom had just been violated.

Penny lifted her head, whipped at the steady stream of tears rolling
down her cheeks and nodded affirmatively. The daughter looked
threateningly at the officer.

"I'm sorry that I need to do this right now..."

"Thats okay, I know the procedure."

The woman looked right into his eyes and James saw a strange calmness
within her. He nodded though he had no idea how she knew 'the
procedure'. "Thank you Penny. Just a few questions okay?"

Something within the detective was stirring, something was not right
here. Penny wasn't acting exactly as other rape victims he had
investigated years before, in the city.

"I was blindfolded and never saw anything."

He nodded and turned a page in his notebook to start taking notes when
the daughter spoke up, "The sick fucking bastard!" Now anger is an
expected emotion, thought the detective.

James took a glance up at the husband and saw that he looked
exhausted, humbled and just a little humiliated. Another strange
reaction, though not overly so.

The son looked concerned and a little angry. All normal there,
thought the detective.

"You were alone in the house?"

The husband, Charles, answered, "Linda", the daughter, "and I were in
the city interviewing with the University overnight and Glen was at a
friends." James nodded and made a notation.

"We have only been here for three fucking weeks... !" Again the
daughters outburst. James made another note.

Penny squeezed her daughters hand and chastised her, "Honey." Linda
started to sob and placed her head upon her mothers chest.

James always hated investigating rapes.

Between sobs Linda blurted out, "When is it going to end mom?"

James froze. "When is what going to end?" He looked at each family
member in turn but no one spoke. Finally he centred his gaze at the
mother, "Penny?"

She started to cry horribly and hid her face in her daughters hair.

James turned again to the son who remained silent, staring sadly at
his mother and sister. The husband was the first to answer, after a
firm look from the police officer. "This isn't the first time."

James felt his guts tighten.

The son volunteered, "We moved because...".

"... because there have been other attacks." Charles completed his
sons statement.

That stunned James and he starred with astonishment at the family. A
stalking serial rapist here, in this tiny city, a town really, where
there was barely one violent crime a year! A rapist that had followed
the family..., "Where did you live before?"

Again Charles answered, "Which time?"

He was serious. "You have moved multiple times?"

Glen nodded and Charles continued, "Four times in the last three
years. The police have never caught who ever is doing this."

"How many times...?" James couldn't ask, to think that this family
had been terrorized by a serial rapist for the last couple of years
seemed incredible.

Glen answered, "Both mom and Linda have been attacked more times than
we want to count."

"Linda also?"

Charles nodded affirmatively. Glen added, "They have also been
attacked both at the same time." The two sobbing ladies became louder
with their grief.

It was too incredible to be true, thought the experienced detective.
The civilized man within him was disgusted. It was barbaric,
disgusting and very scary that such a thing could happen.

Chapter I

Penny soaked for nearly an hour in the huge jet tub, the steam from
the hot water clouding the very air within the large bathroom. It had
been a week since the rape and four since they had moved to this
supposedly quiet town.

The rope burns were healing nicely, as they always did, but the
memories were firmly embedded within the middle-aged woman's psychic.

It had all been like a bad dream that keeps repeating; the animated
policemen with their standard questions, the incredible look upon
their faces when they learn the full extend of what Penny and her
family had to endure, the medical samples and probing by the doctors
and nurses, the crying and humiliation of it all.

The strange thing about the whole thing was that it Penny was now a
veteran rape victim. She understood the emotions and violations of
her body and mind, even to the point of anticipating them. How many
times, the detective wanted to ask, dozens? Hundreds? Maybe a
thousand or more? Between Penny and Linda, it had to be at least a
few hundred times that they had been attacked, mostly, within their
own home.

Penny closed her eyes and remembered; the sudden consciousness and
awareness that someone had bound and blinded her, the slow methodical
tearing and ripping of her bed garments and underclothes, the minute
detail that the rapist enjoyed examining her every inch, the gentle
touches between her legs, the mouth upon her nipples, the fingers
within her rectum and vagina, the cock moving again and again within

Penny popped open her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to still the
pounding of her chest. It was not always the same; sometimes the
rapist enjoyed hurting her other times he was soft and gentle,
passionate even. There was the one common denominator though, the
rapist loved to insert himself within her body. It did not seem to
matter if it was her mouth, ass hole or cunt. And the seed he left,
three times the last time, seemed to humiliate her with its potency.

She could still taste the strong salty sperm upon her tongue, where he
had ejaculated that last time. The bitter taste and knowledge that it
had just been withdrawn from her own anus a constant. His manhood
pounding again and again with his soft hairy stomach hitting her nose,
the smooth head of his cock hitting the back of her throat.

Penny again popped open her eyes and realized her hand was between her
legs, and withdrew it rapidly. The most humiliating thing to the
forty two year old, was that she loved it. God help her, she prayed,
but she hopped Charles never realized the truth, how she craved that
next attack.

Chapter II

Charles sat down at the supper table and smiled at his wife then
remarked, "Save me some mashed potatoes Glen!" He received a smile as
the sixteen year old teenager passed the greatly reduced pile of
potatoes to his father.

Nothing was said, what could be voiced that had not already been said?
Charles asked Linda if she had decided upon a University but she only
shrugged. It was only her father that was pushing the advanced
education. There was still three more Universities to research before
accepting, if she did.

Penny was normally somber after an attack but not nearly as distraught
as she had been years before, after the first few attacks. Now, the
family tried to return to normalcy as soon as possible.

"Are we going to move again?" It was Linda, the one that Charles was
most concerned about. Each time one of them was attacked, she
withdrew further into herself. Only his wife was able to 'connect'
with their daughter.

Charles looked to his wife. Penny sat down and reached over to grab a
dinner roll, "From what I've seen of it, this is a very nice town.
Our neighbours are especially nice."

Linda just looked up in astonishment, "What about that bastard?" They
all knew which one she was referring too.

Only Penny could answer such a question, "Why move again, it seems no
place is safe?" She only shrugged and reached for a dolupe of butter
for her roll. His wife had been against the move in the first place,
only agreeing when she discovered the perks in moving into a much
nicer home and quieter town.

There was logic in what his wife said, even though Charles hatted to
admit it.

The court case had decided in their favour, and his family received a
sizeable amount from the city, two moves ago. Essentially, since the
city could not protect them, as was their mandate, they were open to
liable from Charles' lawyers. It essentially allowed them to buy this
very expensive house in a town where there was very little industry or
opportunities if Charles had to keep working. If they had to move
again, they could easily afford it.

Linda stood up and shouted, "Don't you care! Doesn't anyone fucking
care anymore!" The eighteen year old ran out of the kitchen and
towards the stairs up to her room.

Glen asked, "Should we save her some chicken?"

Penny nodded, "I'll make up a dinner for her."

Charles asked, "Does anyone want to go to the movie tonight?"

Chapter III

"Honey?" Penny had knocked three times without a response before she
opened the door gently and looked in. "Can I come in darling?" She
did anyways, closing the door behind her.

Penny sat down upon her daughters bed and reached out to stroke the
long blonde hair, like her fathers, gently. Linda had her face in her
pillow and never looked up.

Time moved forwards as the mother soothed her daughter simply with her
presence. No one else alive could understand what Penny had endured,
other than her very own daughter. In fact, much to Penny's
humiliation, Linda knew of her mothers sadistic enjoyment of the rapes
she experienced. Though she had never spoken of it, not even to her
mother. She had to know, as they were infrequently forced to endure a
rape together, having to perform upon each other for the rapist.
Penny inevitably enjoyed these encounters and her body could not lie.
Nor the sound of her screams of passion and her pleading for more be
forgotten so easily.

"Why mom?"

It had been nearly a half hour that the two of them had sat there in
silence before Linda had spoken up.

"Why what honey?" Penny spoke softly to her only daughter, feeling
only sadness for her.

"Why us?"

That is a question that they had all asked themselves many many times.
To no conclusion obviously. Penny didn't bother answering.

Linda sat up and fell into her mothers chest, wrapping her arms about
her neck in a fierce hug. "I don't know if I could endure another,

Penny sighed and continued to stroke her eldest child's hair. "You
must darling." A couple of years before she would have added, "Until
they catch him", but no longer held to that illusion.

"I'm not like you...!" Linda sobbed loudly and then silently cried
against her mom.

This was the closest she had even come to mentioning her mothers
perverse enjoyment of the rapes. Then Linda whispered, almost to
herself, "I wish I was."

There had been an army of doctors and shrinks that the two ladies had
attended too, but none had helped the young woman with her fear and
disgust. How could they, were they expecting to be raped at any time?
Where they forced to endure a man within them again and again, with no
hope of it stopping. When a cock shoved within their ass holes,
mouths and cunts so many times that they knew every millimetres of
that enlarged manhood? Could they close their eyes and still taste
the man's seed upon their tongues? Of course they could not, only
Penny and Linda could know. Without ever knowing what that intruder's
face looked like, though Penny had often fantasied to herself what he
must look like.

Penny sighed and had nothing to say, silence was often the right
remedy to her daughters 'fits'.

Linda asked, after her tears had slowed, "How do you do it mother?"

She was afraid to ask, "What dear?" Her mouth was dry and her
question had come out more as a croak.

Linda lifted her head and looked into her mothers eyes, "How do
you... endure?"

How could she answer that question, thought the middle-aged woman?
That she looked forwards to that first second when she realized her
rapist was again upon her. She certainly did not want to verbalize
her pleasure of the perverse actions she had to submit.

Linda continued, "I saw you last weekend, I could smell you", Penny
felt her face flush knowing that her daughter was referring to her
sexual scent, the one that she vented when her sex was excited. It
was the smell of her pleasure, of raw sex. And her own daughter was
so intimate with it that she knew what even her own father probably
did not. "I knew that look in your eyes." Penny was not sure which
look her daughter was referring too, but did not want to find out.

"Listen darling, you can't worry about things we have no control
over." Like that pounding hard cock thought Penny feeling a wave of
desire run through her.

Chapter IV

Linda had found her mother bound to the four corners of the bed and
tape over her eyes. Penny had been asleep for hours, the dried sperm
caked to her breasts and face, and had worn a soft smile of the
sexually pleased.

For several minutes the eighteen year old had stood there staring at
her naked mothers body. Pale of skin with generous breasts and soft
round hips, she was a voluptuous sexy woman. Her mom looked her age
but in a sexy woman-next-door look that Linda never inherited.

Linda had gained her fathers attributes; skin that tanned nicely and
stayed tanned forever, a firm body and thick full hair. She had been
proud of her boyish frame and athletic body, at least till it became a
bane when the rapes began.

The teenager wished, with all her heart, to enjoy the rapes as much as
her mother obviously did. She often dreamed about one of the first
attacks when she realized her mom was enjoying herself. The sounds of
her mother panting, the wet sloppy sounds of a man within the sex of a
very excited wet woman, the begging her mother did, and finally the
scream of release as the orgasm overwhelmed her own mom. She
constantly noticed evidence that her mom enjoyed herself.

If her mother enjoyed being dominated and controlled by that unknown
man who came to them, Linda secretly believed she may enjoy the same
but with her mother as the dominant. Even the sound of her mom's
heavy breathing was enough to bring faint memories of forced
encounters their rapist had made them endure.

If she could only come to enjoy that cock within her, to enjoy being
bound helpless and blind, to enjoy the uncertainty of it all - then
she knew she would not be so distraught. If only it wasn't that man,
the unknown owner of that cock that she was forced to be invaded with.

"Do you think ill of me?" Her mother whispered.

Linda wondered for several minutes what her mom meant, then she

"Do you think I'm a slut?" Her mom looked shamed, embarrassed.

Linda answered completely truthfully, "No mom, I envy you."

Her mom held her firmly and the two of them shared a cry.

Chapter V

God no! Shouted Linda, in her minds eye.

She could not see and could feel the cotton over each eye, secured
with a strip of surgical tape. She knew the familiar feeling. Her
hands were bound above her and together.

She was awake, it had to be still dark. Where were her family? Her

The rapist was already between her thighs, the familiar blunt head of
his cock fumbling with her folds. Finally she felt the intrusion as
it forced itself within her cunt. She screamed into her own panties
as the man moved in and out of her again and again.

He had lubricated himself enough to gain entrance but not enough to
still the initial pain to the scared young woman.

Please finish and go! Please leave me alone, thought Linda again and

But the man didn't. He pulled himself out of her, grabbed at her
bound wrists and roughly dragged her off her own single bed onto the
carpeted floor. Slowly, and quietly, the rapist dragged her down the
stairs to the main level, through to the kitchen and then down the
hardwood steps to the basement. Even though Linda could not see, she
knew where he was taking her within her own house.

There was never any real fight left in the teenage girl. Perhaps
years before she had fought, but had been punished mercilessly each
time. Now, the only thing she did to hinder the attacker was to go
lifeless, not to help him in his rape of her body.

So he lifted the teenager, with effort, up onto the pool table and
dropped her onto her back. She lay scared and listening as she heard
her clothes tearing and knew he was again cutting her garments from
her body.

He didn't always get her clothes off her without cutting, and Linda
stayed very still wishing this rape to hurry up and be over. The
chilly air licked her skin as her nightgown lay about her in tatters.
A thumb and finger squeezed the left nipple until Linda screamed into
her soiled panty muzzle. Then the hand moved to the other breast and

She felt a hard thin blunt object push past her outer labia and into
her. Far into her. Roughly hands forced her arms down and she held
what she guessed was a pool cue. With motions, he instructed her to
move the object within her own body.

She did. Linda always did what she was told by the rapist. She may
hate every second but she knew the terror and pain of rebellion.

The familiar sound of a camera as it took pictures. It was the one
thing the rapist seemed to enjoy doing, taking pictures of her or her
mother during or after an attack. She had not mentioned that fact to
anyone before, humiliated with the knowledge that a huge number of
photos contained her raped and abused image. Her mother had never
mentioned it before either, but Linda never knew why not. So, at
least to Linda's knowledge, only the rapist and his two victims knew
of the existence of pictures.

She was dragged further up the table till her head hung over the edge,
and like a good little victim she did as she was told and continued to
plunge the pool cue in and out of her sex. A cock was pressed against
her lips and Linda opened her mouth to engulfed it.

Oh god, make this all end. Please!

Linda felt the large familiar cock pressed down her throat again and
again even as the cue continued to pump in and out of her. She wanted
it all to stop, to be left alone.

What she wanted, she told herself, was for this man this rapist to go
and force fuck her mother and just leave her alone. Baring that, she
wanted to enjoy it, as she knew her mother would.

More pictures were taken and then a long silence except for the grunts
of her attacker and the slapping of skin upon skin. Linda knew he was
close, felt the sudden enlargement of his penis head.

The rapist withdrew and groaned as a small rainfall of sperm splashed
down upon Linda's face. All the while she continued to pump the cue
within her cunt.

More photos.

Roughly the cue was withdrawn from her hands and body and thrown in a
corner. She was forced over onto her stomach, hands above her head,
and feet apart. Linda prayed she was not to receive punishment,
wondering if she had done anything wrong.

The cool wet feeling lubricant dropped from behind and above down upon
the crevice of her ass. It was her tight young ass he wanted, she
realized with a small amount of relief.

Just as the finger lubricated her anus, the digit slipping further and
further within her, was when the rapist froze. Then he walked
suddenly away from her and then she heard nothing for several minutes
until a noise from above.

"Hello?" It was Glen her brother. Oh god, please save me Glen!
"Anyone there?"

More movement and the sounds of the kitchen fridge opening and closing
a couple of times.

Please come down to the basement Glen, she pleaded to herself.

Sounds retreating up the stairs to the upper level and then nothing.
He had not come down the stairs.

The rapist soon returned and two fingers were pressed into her rectum.
There would be no escape from her torture. Perhaps there never will.

Chapter V

James Broody knew the address when dispatch sent him the call. He
thought it too incredible to speculate until he arrived and the
uniformed officer gave his verbal report.

It was nearly lunch and it was another beautiful day, at least for
some. The officer lead the detective into the large home, through the
corridor and down a long flight of stairs. Passing a wide variety of
police and forensics the whole way.

He stood next to the photographer as he took pictures of the
crime-scene. The uniform next to him said, "The daughter was done

James felt a flush of anger, "Violated!"

The young officer nodded apologetically, "Sorry, 'violated'." He
retreated quickly.

The room was a large, still un organized room except for the the pool
table, and with little visible evidence to the crime that had been
committed here hours ago. There was stains upon the dark green fabric
of the table and James nodded to the forensic doctor, "DNA?"

"We'll try Broody."

A ripped nightgown, or part of one, was discarded upon the floor. A
pool cue was laying a foot away from the nightgown, the uniform had
already given a play-by-play about what happened. One large handful
of cotton, with a strip of tape on one side, was laying upon the pool

Other than the horror the family must be going through, and whom no
one could empathize with as no one has probably gone through such a
personal hell, this had the makings of turning into a huge red herring
for the department. The initial incident had been quietly taken care
off, favours were requested from the local newspaper to keep it quiet,
at least till the perpetrator was apprehended. Yet, every civil
servant that touched this case would now know it wasn't a one time

It would be impossible to keep this quiet in their small town.

He turned and made to go up the stairs to question Linda.

Chapter VI

Penny sat upon her daughters bed and they silently held hands,
listening to the commotion downstairs as well as thinking their own
thoughts. Linda was silent, unemotional and uncaring. She had turned
herself off from the horror of her evening.

It had taken hours for the rapist to torment her body, used it for his
pleasure and leave her bound and gagged with his spend over her face
and breasts. Her mother had found her, minutes later her father had
come home and he demanded they again call the police.

Penny didn't want too, but Linda agreed when her father argued that it
as the only way to catch the man doing this.

After telling three gray uniformed policemen their story, Penny had
demanded to be alone with her daughter. The two of them had sat down
and held each other in silence.

It must have been a complete hour before a word was spoken, gently and
in almost a whisper Linda asked her mom, "I want to know how you do it

Penny swallowed heavily, her mouth suddenly dry, "Know what dear?"
She didn't want to ask but felt she had too.

Linda pulled her moms hands to her own lap and grasped them in a harsh
grip. "Teach me to like it?"

Penny turned her head to stare into her daughters eyes, gaging what
she had just heard. "Oh darling...!"

"Please mom, if I don't, I think I may go crazy." The teen pleaded
with her eyes and the two shared a long deep look.

Finally, "I'm not sure if its something that can be taught." A part
of her wanted her daughter to enjoy being raped, being used. Another
part of her was horrified just at this conversation.

The first tear from the young woman slid down her cheeks. "Please!"

The knock a the door came at a perfect moment for the uncomfortable
mother, "Yes?"

On the other side of the door Charles called out, "Detective Broody is
here dear, can he come in?"

Penny silently asked her daughter and the girl gave a nod.

Chapter VII

The detective entered after the summons and closed the door gently
behind him.

Linda wore only an oversized tee-shirt while the mother was in a loose
skirt and light shirt. They looked like siblings, contrary to their
physical differences.

James took in the lack of emotion on Linda's part and saw the clenched
hands knowing that these two ladies experienced a horror none of them
could ever imagine.

"I'm sorry you had to see me again in this way."

Linda nodded and Penny said, "Its okay detective, your just doing your

The forty four year-old man went over the notes from the uniformed
officers. "You found your daughter in the basement right Penny?"

"Yes, correct."

"And Linda, you never saw a thing?" She nodded no. "Hear anything?"
He knew she had been blindfolded, it was just thorough to ask.

Linda nodded, "I heard Glen come downstairs and head for the kitchen."

"What time, approximately, was that?"

A shrug, "Just after midnight I guess. I prayed he would come
downstairs and save me."

James looked up from his notebook and smiled sadly, unconvincingly.
"So the man was still there when your brother came downstairs?" She

He turned to the mother, "Your daughter, when you found her, wasn't

"No she wasn't." Interesting thought the detective.

"Linda, why didn't you run upstairs for help when he", James quickly
scanned his notes, "left a couple of hours before dawn?"

The teenager looked down at her feet for a lengthy minute until Penny
answered the question for her, "Because she was told not too."

James thought he understood, though it was surprising that these
ladies were so well conditioned.

He pulled a plastic evidence bag, closed and sealed, from a pocket.
"Are these yours Linda?" She nodded affirmatively. James wanted to
ask if she always wore such skimpy lingerie to bed but didn't know

Penny saw the black lace thong and understood the detectives caution,
"She has to wear them."

James thought the mother looked partially embarrassed, though he know
not why. "The rapist told her too?" Again a nod from Linda.

"Did he tell you that he was going to come here last night Linda?"

The teenager looked up into the detectives eyes, for the first time,
and spat, "Good god no!" It was obvious the idea disgusted her.

Penny intervened, "He tells us to do things and if we don't do

"... he hurts us." Finished Linda.

"He tells you to wear these", he held the bag up high for a brief
moment, "during bedtime?"

Linda answered, finally thought the detective, "He told me to wear
them at all times."

James swallowed and pretended to write into his notebook to still his
emotions in this case. He finally looked up and asked, "Did he tell
you to do anything Penny?"

She nodded and the silence afterwards was so awkward that she quickly
blurted out, "I'm not to wear panties."

"Ever." Offered Linda.

"Is that all he ordered you two to do outside an assault?"

"No." Answered both, nearly in unison.

Though he should ask, and he wanted too, James never asked the next
obvious question. Instead he went on to several other questions he

Chapter VIII

James sat in his wide old easy chair and watched his wife shuffle
about the family room, as she tidied up.

They had been married for nearly twenty two years and he wondered how
his family would cope if someone was serially raping Laura his wife.
She was a tiny and thin woman with nearly no breasts but a wide
generous mouth that nearly always wore a smile.

James and Laura had spent the first two years together making love at
every chance they got. The product of that time was their first
child, a big strong boy. Though they were hard pressed to find time
for the constant love-making as in their earlier years, they always
found time during a week to meet as man and wife. Five years later,
their second son was born.

Till now, James had never thought about what would happen if his
family had a disaster such as the one befallen Penny and Charles. He
could not bear the thought of another man touching his wife, forcing
her to his will. Yet, the thought was now in his mind. The face of
Penny as she told him that the rapist ordered her not to ever wear
panties was embarrassed and humiliated beyond a point that could be
conceivable for his wife Laura.

How did they survive, as a family, he thought?

Then James remembered that pool cue and the story the police office
had related, how it was used upon Linda. With his wife's small
bottom, he wondered what it would look like sticking out of her ass.

The image and thought startled the middle-aged man and he shook his
head. The image didn't disappear, the sight of his wife crying with a
gag over her mouth and tape over her eyes, tied down upon the pool
table where Linda had been raped never left him. Some unknown man's
hands holding the long hard wood firmly as he pushed it back and forth
within his wife's clenching ass hole. Or perhaps she is forced to do
it herself, move the long hard object back and forth inside her own

James was shocked to discover his penis was hard at the thoughts that
came to him unheeded. He covered his lap with his magazine and
watched his wife and thought about the case he was working upon.

Chapter IX

Charles held the woman's head steady in both his hands as his cock
plowed in and out of her mouth. She moaned loudly while her tongue
massaged the underside of his prick, and her hands fondled his
swinging balls.

"I'm gonna come!" She moaned in response, wanting him to hurry. Knew
that as soon as he was finished, he would stop pawing at her for at
least a couple more hours.

The cock jerked and Julia tasted the familiar tang of Charles seed
upon her tongue. Again he jerked and another small splat landed upon
her tongue. At least he never came in great quantities, thought the
twenty eight year old, anxious for the episode to be over with.

Charles let go of the head with the long red hair and fell back onto
her couch, gasping for breath.

Julia smiled and licked her lips, "Oh baby, I always love the taste of
your come!"

He smiled tired and content. "I know you do Julia. Your such a

Inwardly Julia cringed, she hated to be called a "slut", true or not.
Yet she wore a wide smile and starred at Charles limp little noodle,
"When is that beast going to be ready to properly fuck me?"

He gasped in exaggerated surprise, "God Julia, give me an hour will
yea!" At least double that she thought with a small smirk.

"Okay lover, one hour and then I want to feel that hard cock inside my

"I promise you that my darling." He reached and grasped her naked
shoulders in his meaty hands and brought her to him. His kiss lasted
only a few seconds but Julia closed her eyes and sighed, as if content
while hoping he would soon fall asleep.

A thumb and forefinger pinched her left nipple roughly, "If your going
to make me wait lover, then don't you go and get me all hot for you!"
She pulled from his fumbling hand, thankfully.

Playfully the voluptuous woman jumped to her feet and giggled as she
ran from the room. Charles watched with a smile at each of her body's
expressive movements.

Where Penny, his wife, was of pale skin, Julia had a light tan. Her
Mediterranean heritage evidently. While his wife was wise and
silently polite, Julia was brash loud and a pure slut. She did
everything he asked. Other than that, the two ladies shared nearly
the same voluptuous big breasted bodies, though they were twelve years
difference in age.

Julia returned carrying two beers and handed one to her man, sipping
her own generously. She sat before him her free hand grasping his
tiny saliva covered penis and stroked it absentmindedly.

"Did you hear the news last night?" Charles never even lifted his
head from the couch to answer, but opened his eyes and waited. "About
that rape over in your neighbourhood somewheres? Fuck, what is this
world coming too!"

Charles lifted his head and took a gulp of his beer. "Your right, its
a sick world."

"Poor girl. Too bad they wouldn't say the name of the family, I
wonder who it is. They even say the mother had been raped just a few
weeks ago." She turned to look up at her man, "Did you see any police
on your street yesterday?"

Charles shrugged then placed the neck of his beer bottle near his
mistresses face, "If your horny baby maybe this could help?"

Julia balked inwardly but smiled up at Charles. "If I did that lover
I'd barely feel you later on." She meant the neck of the bottle was
wider than his hard average sized cock.

He smiled maliciously and shrugged, "I'd still like you to fuck this

Since their relationship started, barely a month now, she has had not
needed anything. Charles provided anything and everything she
desired, all that he asked was that she was available for him to fuck
at any time. She even quit her job at the restaurant, enjoying the
life of a kept woman much better. Julia knew times like this was when
she had to earn a living.

Julia placed her own beer on the side table and reached for his.
"Don't spill any." He commanded. She squatted up over the bottle,
now seated upon the carpet, and lowered herself down. The lubricant
she had applied to herself hours before, minutes before Charles was
due to arrive, helped.

"Oh god!"

"Feel good slut?"

She had both her hands holding her wild red hair while still trying to
lower herself down. The bottle became thicker the further down she
went but the twenty eight year old found a surprising pleasure in the
fullness the beer provided. "Hum... ya honey it feels wonderful!"

"Lower slut."

At moments like that she didn't mind Charles calling her a slut, she
was and always has been. Ever since puberty when her step father came
to her nightly, she knew how to please a man, to get what she wanted
from them.

Julia felt the upper edges of the coarse shag carpet tickle her
trimmed outer pussy lips and stopped her descent. "Oh god!" She
threw her head back and groaned loudly, a noise that Charles had never
heard from her during their sex-play. Yet he never even noticed, so
engrossed in the blatantly sexual episode being played out before him.
He absentmindedly stroked his soft cock while watching his mistress
debase herself.

"Now fuck it slut... and don't spill a drop I wanna finish my beer
when your done with it!" Charles wore a commanding sneer but Julia
was so lost in the new feeling between her legs that she never even

Reaching behind, her arm pressed between the cheeks of her generous
ass, she held the lower edge of the beer bottle and slowly lifted
herself off it. It felt like a part of her was leaving her body,
through her now empty gaping pussy. Julia didn't waste a second after
she felt the neck of the bottle slip past her inner labia and shot
downwards again filling that most intimate of places. "Oh fuck!"

Julia felt one of her rare orgasms fast approaching and ignored the
man grunting with pleasure a meter away from her.

Chapter X

Penny stood before the mirror, retouching her makeup with slow
precision. Though she knew she looked wonderful, for her age. She
also knew a conservative amount of makeup could make her look years

The white stockings always made her feel sexy and she playfully
crossed her legs yet again, enjoying the sound and feeling that it
always produced. It was moments like this that she most enjoyed,
pampering herself to the point of feeling like a desirable woman. A
feeling she rarely ever felt in her marriage to Charles, she knew.

Tonight he was over at his latest mistresses, Julia she remembered him
calling her. Some waitress that amused her husband to the point that
he didn't nag her for his husbandly duties.

It had been nearly three years since she had last had sex with her
husband, she never thought of it as making love. Or at least, she may
have thought of it then but now she knew better. The unnamed man who
came to her infrequently knew how to fuck her, hard and fast. She
loved it. Yet at a rare time, he also knew how to make love - taking
hours with her, enjoying every inch of her body. At times she knew
that her rapist was even making sure that she enjoyed it, that she
cried out with pleasure. It was times like that that Penny knew she
loved the unknown man and would do anything for him.

She suddenly thought of her daughter Linda and felt a deep sadness,
wishing her daughter would find just half as much pleasure with their
unnamed lover as Penny did.

Not for the first time that evening Penny wondered if her unnamed
lover would come. She licked her lips wondering if he would like how
she looked and knew he would. The time was perfect, she knew, her son
was on a second date with a girl from school and her husband was with
his mistress. Linda was supposed to be home but wasn't, though she
often disappeared after a rape.

The middle aged woman smiled as she pinched one thick nipple to
hardness. She wanted him to bite her there, it had been so long since
the man left teeth marks about her nipples. Penny shivered with
delight at the thought.

Again her daughter slipped into her erotic thoughts, and she wondered
if there was anything to make the young woman enjoy the visitations.

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Chapter XI

The man entered, knowing the layout of the home perfectly, and
silently ascended the stairs. The only light in the house was in the
master bedroom, with the hallway door wide open. He stood in the
doorway and stared about him, the brightness harsh on his eyes.

Candles had been lit throughout the room and the bed had been turned
down. It was a scene of expected romance, of a sexual liaison. The
man smiled.

Penny stood facing the wall next to the bed, her hands flat against
the wall and her feet spread wide apart. She was wearing white
nylons, stopping at mid thigh, and nothing else. She looked edible,
thought the horny man. Her shapely curvaceous body was perfect for a
sexual romp, her round soft ass and wide hips, generous breasts that
hung down and out, pale skin. Already the man could feel the heat in
his groin.

"Thank god!" Penny had whispered none too quietly. "I thought you
would not come." She never turned her face from the wall, she knew
the limitations of their relationship.

Upon the bedside table lay several items, things Penny thought her
rapist would enjoy. The man strode over and took one of Charles ties
and gently wrapped it twice about Penny's head, tying it behind her.
She was now blind.

He looked at the other things she had readied for him; several sexual
toys, a thick leather belt and surprisingly several tiny wooden
clothing pins. A nasty smile came to him while Penny was already
breathing heavy.

Roughly he grabbed at one shoulder and twisted her about and pushed
back, she stood with her back against the wall. Blind but anxious.

Penny had asked for her desire by presenting him with the tools to do
the deeds. It was always his prerogative to use them or not, and this
evening he was in the right mood. Hell, she looked as if she was
already in heat - her body was shivering with need.

He slipped one hand between her soft thighs and felt the slickness
there; she responded positively by trying to push against him. She
only said one thing, "Please?"

The man picked up the two foot leather riding crop from the bedside
table and swung it through the air. The whistle that it caused made
Penny gasp and her generous chest was rising and falling quickly. The
patch of leather at the tip of the crop touched Penny's cheek and she
mewed with pleasure, loving the touch.

The man watched, always amazed at the woman's submissiveness, as he
slipped the leather patch slowly down her body. It went past her
neck, to her left breast, navel, groin and down the inside of her
thighs to her knees.

"More?" She whispered. He did, the crop rapidly swung and the
leather patch slapped into the upper inside of her thighs, just above
the stocking, with a loud smack. Penny gasped loudly and nearly
dropped from her wobbly knees.

Again the crop trailed along the edge of her skin, like a whisper of
his dominance. Then it again swished through the air and slapped on
the inside of the other thigh, just above the lace of the white
stocking. Penny barely stayed upright after that.

Suddenly her mouth was assaulted with his, and she groaned when his
tongue speared against her own. Tentatively she reached out, always
nervous to do anything but submit, and pulled him in to press her body
against his own.

He stood back and grasped one of her hands in her own, guiding it to
the buttons of his shirt. It was enough communication for her to know
what was desired of her and she knelt before him, slowly and lovingly
removed his clothing. While she did this, the crop continued to trail
about her body, her back and buttocks were slapped several times.

The man looked down at the mature woman kneeling before his altar and
with only a slight movement with his hips, which pushed his hard
circumcised penis against her lips, told her what he wanted. Penny
moved her face forward slightly and took him within her mouth, making
love to the most beautiful cock she had ever known. While the man
rained moderate slaps upon her pale skin with the crop, each producing
a groan of pleasure from the busy woman.

The man began to pump himself within the hungry mouth, the slaps of
the crop becoming harder which left bright red welts upon the lovely
skin. They would heal, he knew. They always did.

It didn't take long, the first time rarely did, and the hard pulsating
penis pulled from her mouth as Penny held he face up with mouth open
hungry from his spend. It rained upon her like thick blasts of mud,
sticking to her lovely skin exquisitely. She loved it.

All that was left was the man's heavy breathing, looking down at the
familiar face with the tie blinding her and the pearl coloured pools
of come. A few strides, he retrieved his camera and took half a dozen
photos as Penny patiently knelt waiting for the next command.

It came as two sets of fingers pinching each of her nipples harshly
and lifting her by her large breasts. It hurt, he knew by her
reaction, but he also knew she loved it. Dragging her by her thick
pink hard nipples, he turned her about and dropped her over the edge
of the bed, having to let go of her. She finally breathed when the
piercing pain subsided to a dull throb and she anxiously awaited the
next command. Another second of that, Penny would have orgasmed.

The wooden clothing pins were next, one upon each breast and she
hissed as they were attached. The man then moved about the bed and
tied her hands over her head. He then slipped a vibrator into her
prepared anus and another into her vagina.

The rapist then turned them on and began to take pictures. Penny went

Chapter XII

"Come again soon my love?" The man was slowly getting dressed, tired
from his three orgasms and the hours of pleasure with this sexy mature
woman. Of course he never answered, he never did. "Please master?"

A grunt of approval was all she got. It was enough, she giggled and
again licked at her fingers, the hand that had rubbed his spend into
her breasts a short while before. Her body had red welts from the
erotic abuse she had undergone but in some strange way it suited her,
showed how slutty a submissive she truly was.

Suddenly Penny became serious and was facing where she thought her
rapist stood, her eyes still bound of course. "Master? May I ask a
favour? Its Linda."

He stopped and starred at her in surprise, one thing Penny never did
was voice a request.

"She hasn't learned to enjoy you like I have." He smiled and
continued to dress. "I know... I know that I could not ask you to
stop visiting her...?" Penny sat up upon her bed, kneeling towards
her unnamed lover, her knees spread showing her well used hairless
sex. "Next time... well, may I request to be with her to prepare her
for you?"

The man again stopped, surprised at the request. Of course the mother
and daughter had been raped at the same time, often forced to
incestuous acts. Yet it had never been something that was solicited,
or suggested.

The man knew the mother and wife before him greatly enjoyed his
visits, anticipated them perhaps more than him. It was a kink that
pleased him actually. Yet she now wanted to be with her daughter, as
she said, to prepare Linda for him. He was not sure if that was true,
of if she only wanted to again taste the teenage pussy of her own
daughter. It had been many moons since the two of them had pleasured
him at the same time.

"Master, may I suggest this Friday night? Charles will be with Julia
and I'll ask Glen to go on another date, it will just be me and Linda.
She will be ready for you, I promise you master." Penny then lowered
her head before her, touching her forehead to the mattress and the
sound of a sob could be heard.

The man, now clothed, stood for some time at the foot of the bed
staring down at his rape victim. It as an interesting suggestion that
Penny had voiced, though dangerous for his schedule to be known ahead
of time. It touched the dangerous demented side of him that forced
him to first bind up the screaming Penny and rape her one night a
couple years before.

The rapist grunted affirmatively.

Chapter XIII

James Broody watched Charles enter into the apartment of a Julia
Howser. A woman who had been a trouble maker when she was in her
teens, unwed mother whom gave her child up for adoption, high school
dropout, ran away from home many times, caught shop lifting more than
once and even an accusation by her that two police officers raped her,
no charges laid. She was a waitress infrequently, and was listed as
currently unemployed.

The detective had watched Charles enter into the woman's home for the
third time this week. The last time he had caught a glimpse of an
attractive voluptuous woman whom faintly looked like a younger version
of Penny. The kiss she gave him was proof enough that they were more
than just friends.

James now knew how Charles was taking this wife and daughters rapes;
he was spending time poking some low-class town slut.

Then the middle-aged man thought about Penny and wondered if she even
allowed her husband to enter into her bed any longer. How could she,
he thought, after years of terror? That must be it, Charles had to
resort to some common slut rather than spending intimate time with his

Hell, James thought, Penny probably never let anything between her
legs any more!

Chapter XIV

The carrot went in and out roughly as Penny wiggled about upon her bed
in heat. She held it in one hand and tried to push it all the way
inside her, the end of it hurting exquisitely. She remembered the
grunt of her rapist as he agreed to join Penny and her daughter just
the next day, it was a fantasy come true for the middle-aged woman.
She knew when and where the man was going to appear.

Penny groaned out loudly, not caring if her daughter, whom was
downstairs, heard her or not. Hell, she hoped the girl did. It may
show her how a woman enjoys just the simple anticipation of her lovers
lust. The girl had to learn to enjoy every touch and request from a
strong man like their rapist.

Even while the one hand jabbed the thick long carrot back and forth
within her cunt, her other hand slipped down between her thighs and
went low down to her buttocks. Penny slipped a finger into the
vaginally slick ass hole with barely a grunt. Her lover greatly
enjoyed using her ass hole so the submissive housewife had learned to
nearly orgasm from any attention back there.

Two fingers slipped into her greased up anal channel, moving in time
to the plunging carrot. The bed post was hitting the wall with each
thrust of her hips and jerk of her legs up above in the air.

The woman imagined what she would wear tomorrow, and knew that her
master enjoyed various lingerie upon her. She wanted it to be special
though. In her mind she imagined herself in a push up cupless bra,
garter belt and stockings. Nothing else of course. She would have to
go shopping tomorrow, something special. Her rapist had long ago
ordered her not to cover her sex mound with anything; that included
pants, panties and even pubic hair. Since his decree, Penny had found
pure pleasure in the constant freeness of her hairless sex always
available and open to the air. It was why she only wore dresses.

Linda would be there she remembered with a flutter of her heart and
the master would be watching as Penny seduced the young woman, her own

As much as Penny would have liked she couldn't tell her daughter about
the scheduled meeting; she may do something stupid like call the
police. Why didn't Linda just learn to enjoy it? That there was
nothing else in life like a strong man taking a woman he desired?

Though she wouldn't tell Linda anything, she had to ensure the girl
was properly prepared for the event. It wouldn't do for her to ruin
such a fine circumstance.

A bath maybe, or take her to the spa, perhaps a massage.

Penny felt her sex contract, clenching the carrot and the fingers
simultaneously. A massage. She would give her daughter a nice gentle
but seductive massage. Letting the teenager know how much her mother
loved and respected her while also showing her how enjoyable a touch
from a loved one could be. That was it, touching her daughter with

Penny's hands moved faster between her legs.

To prepare her eldest child for their rapist seemed to be the height
of sexual optimism. She wanted to hold down her daughter while the
man pumped his cock again and again into her thin youthful body.
Penny wanted to lick the seed from her daughters mouth and even lower
down to the other two holes. Penny wanted to hold her daughters face
in between her own legs and force the girl to lick her while her
master also pumped into her own mouth.

Many erotic and incestuous images began to flood her mind and her own
pleasure was fast approaching. Her body clenching and preparing for
that final seconds summit till the pleasure exploded out from her sex.

When it came, when Penny orgasmed, the woman screamed out with
pleasure at the top of her lungs. Penny wanted her daughter to hear a
woman's pleasure and know that she too could feel that way.

Chapter XV

James entered the date, time and details as Linda came flying out of
their home, slamming the door behind her. Evidently the eighteen
year-old was angry about something. A fight between mother and
daughter the detective thought? They had been the only two that had
been in the house, Glen was at school.

Not wanting to leave Penny alone in the house he also wanted to get a
feel of each family members day. To understand their home just a
little bit more. Yesterday he had watched Charles and discovered his
relationship to Julia. Today he wanted to follow Linda. Tomorrow
Glen. And Saturday he wanted to follow Penny.

The detective felt the key to this whole rape mystery lay with the
mother and wife. He wasn't sure, and there was only one piece of
evidence that proved this - that she was raped at least twice as often
as the younger prettier Linda.

James Broody followed the walking girl to a ravine, several blocks
from their home and had to get out of his car to follow her down
through the forested path. The girl knew her way, so this must not
have been the first time she had been to this ravine, and was heading
to that huge old beaver lodge a kilometre away. James used to bring
his boys to this ravine years ago.

Just as predicted the girl went up to the abandoned beaver lodge and
half-crawled into the small opening to the wide open expanse within.
James sat down at the top of a large hill and silently watched the
lodge, knowing the girl was within.

Chapter XVI

Linda was a very pretty eighteen year-old, her mother Penny attractive
but still forty two years old. What attracted the rapist to attack
the mother more often than the daughter?

This is what was keeping James Broody up that very evening, till two
in the morning.

Logic and experience told him it should be the other way around, the
firm bodied long blonde teenager with the tanned skin should be
getting attacked much more often. Penny, with her large pendulous
breasts, wide sexy hips and pale skin was very different in look than
her daughter, whom took after her father in the looks department.

There had to be a reason, the police detective knew.

Was the rapist a boob man? Did he not care about age, or the tint of
the skin but only in the size of a woman's breasts? Or did the man
like soft voluptuous women? Maybe he just liked older women, thought
the frustrated cop.

James spun around, not for the first time that evening, as if to roll
away from his thoughts. He was suddenly facing the back of his
sleeping wife's head.

Laura, for instance he thought, was attractive in a mature sort of
way. James reached out and gently stroked her tiny head, knowing his
wife was a very sound sleeper. She was a tiny woman but had the
bubbly outgoing personality that was one of the main reasons James
loved her so much.

He pulled the quilt down from her waist to approximately her knees.

James never understood breast-men. With a woman like Laura in the
room, why would anyone even notice the size of a woman's brassier, he
wondered not for the first time? Softly James slid the satin
nightgown up his wife's smooth skin till her bottom was revealed in
the gray light.

She had a tiny bottom, but round and still very firm. It looked
wonderful bent over, walking or just standing still. James never
tired of looking at it.

During the last attack Linda had undergone a brutal anal intrusion, a
pool cue had been repeatedly inserted into her vagina and again,
later, in her ass hole. The teenager definitely had a wonderful ass,
different than his wife's of course, but still wonderful. Without
asking, the detective had known anal intercourse was not unusual with
the unknown man's attacks.

James had never fucked his wife's ass hole before.

Oh, he had definitely had the desire - how could he be an ass-man and
not desire it? Laura, especially as tiny as she was, fervently denied
him this pleasure. Though she never hindered his tongue from that
area, he though was a sigh.

Then there was Penny's generous round ass. He could imagine, perhaps
a little too easily, bound over the edge of a bed with a man's cock in
her rectum. The smack of her pale skin, the sounds of skin upon skin,
even of Penny's sighs.

Her sighs? The thought startled at his own imagination!

Why would Penny sigh if she was getting her ass hole raped? The
answer came to the detective immediately, because she enjoyed it.

Is that why the man came to Penny more often than her daughter?
Because she liked it?

How in the hell could a woman enjoy being raped? Especially over and
over, for years?

It made a sick sort of sense to the police officer, like a beaten dog
continually returning to its abusive master with tail wagging.

James cock throbbed insistently and he returned to the gaze of his
wife's ass. Would Laura learn to like getting ass fucked if she had
no choice in the matter?

Chapter XVII

Penny was livid, Linda had not come home for supper and the light meal
and fine wine, only for the two of them, had gone cold and warm,
respectively. As well, Penny's feet and calves were tired from
walking the carpets in her heels while waiting. And to top all that,
her mood was not the one she wanted to be in.

It had been perfect, so well planned. Glen had readily accepted his
mothers suggestion to go on another date that evening, even to using
his mothers car. Charles had previously made plans, Julia most
probably. Penny and Linda were to be alone.

Her lover and master could arrive at any time and Penny had not
prepared her daughter as she had promised him. It was a disaster,
thought the middle-aged woman dramatically. The one chance she had to
show her daughter how beautiful their lovers unknown appearances could
be. To also show her master that she could be trusted, that she loved
him enough to help seduce her own daughter for him.

The rear door opened and closed, nearly silently, but Penny had heard

In horror, she wondered if it was her master. Not yet, Penny screamed
in her mind!

Linda came around the corner, looking as miserable as she often was.

Penny's happiness that it wasn't her lover turned to harsh anger.

The eighteen year-old looked up surprised to see her mother dressed so
fine and looking very angry. Well, she was angry herself, "What?"

Her harsh response wasn't what her mother needed to hear just at that

Penny came forwards and grabbed a handful of the thick long blonde
hair. "You ungrateful bitch!" She yanked it back and with the
strange angle of the teenagers back and the startling action, forced
her onto her knees.

Fear suddenly replaced anger in Linda's eyes as she looked up into the
face of her mother, a face she had not seen before. A hand came
around and slapped the teenager on the cheek, it hurt her pride more
than the sting. Her mother had never hit her before.

"I told you to get your ass home for dinner! You fucking little
bitch!" Penny began to pull the scared teen behind her by her long
hair, while Linda scrambled in a half-crawl trying to keep up.

They ended upstairs in the master bedrooms private bathroom.
Somewheres on the route to the room, Penny had found and now held one
of her husbands leather belts. She pushed her daughter over into the
centre of the large private bathroom.

"Now listen to me Linda, I'm not going to take any of your shit
tonight, I want you to do everything I tell you." Linda just looked
upon her mom wide-eyed with fear. "Get naked slut!" The belt whipped
through the air and just missed the teenagers shoulder, though it was
enough to reinforce her mothers demand.

Scrambling, Linda pulled off her clothing until she sat naked on the
cold hard tiles. She wrapped both her arms about her small flat chest
pitifully, but her mother never even noticed the vulnerability that
her daughter revealed in that helpless look in her eye.

"Now run a bath and clean yourself young lady!" This time the belt
whipped around and hit Linda right on the right nipple. It caused a
harsh scream of pain to escape before the teenager scrambled to

Penny stood glaring at her only daughter, determined to teach the
young woman to enjoy their shared master. Even if she had to do
things that the young girl may not like, she would learn to enjoy them
thought Penny determined.

Linda climbed into the bath when it was half-full and adjusted the
water temperature. While she did this, she didn't notice that her
mother had kicked off her heels, slipped out of her dress and
unattached the push-up bra she had worn. Linda did notice when her
mom roughly pushed on her shoulder, with the belt still in hand, so
the girl would move up the tub a few feet.

Penny climbed behind her daughter, adjusting her legs so they
straddled Linda. The young woman just sat watching the water slowly
fill the tub with both her hands still covering her breasts.

The mother sat back and grunted, "I want you clean young lady." Linda
animately reached for a bar of soap and started to clean herself. She
started on her feet and moved up, doing as she was ordered, and not
missing a spot. Penny watched satisfied that her daughter was getting
herself ready for their master.

It took only a minute before the girl was completely lathered up.
Linda also reached forwards and shut off the tap, the water near the
rim of the tub.

Penny sat watching her daughters back, the familiar hunger from the
last two days again returning. "Turn around, face me." It was
awkward but Linda did it but couldn't look her mom in the eye.

The forty something year old suddenly realized this was how Linda
reacted when her rapist commanded her to do something, the teenager
would shut down. It startled the mother. She felt a piece of the
power that her lover felt when he controlled either of them. Penny
also realized, if she was to get Linda out of her shell and to enjoy
the attacks, she would have to do some very drastic measures.

Mom made a loop with the belt and slipped it over her daughters head,
tightening it about the slim throat. She had effectively made a

"Now wash me." With the bar of soap still in her hand Linda turned to
one side and began at her mothers feet. Penny watched everything with
desirous eyes.

When her daughter reached mid-thigh, she turned and did the other leg
till that one was also clean. Then she moved up to her mothers waist.

With a jerk of the leash, "You missed a spot young lady!" Linda stole
a quick incredible glance at her mom before reaching down into the
water. Her hand starting to tremble as it slipped between the soft

Penny felt the strong slim hands rub the soap into her soft thighs,
moving upwards. It was taking to long so the forty two year-old
pushed up her hips bringing her crotch to her daughters hands. "You
better wash me very well there Linda." Mechanically, the hand rubbed
more soap into the hairless mound. "Slower bitch."

Linda again stole a glance at her mother, noticing the intense look
and hungry eyes, it scared her even more. She did as commanded
though, she slowed down her hands and concentrated more on rubbing the
top of the cleft. She knew what her mother wanted. Something side of
her was drowning out the fear, the hatred and the loathing, and a
powerful erotic wave flooded through her.

"Hum... thats in darling... put a finger inside...!" The soap, now
forgotten, floated upon the water and bounced against the generous
white breasts of the elder woman. Linda had a finger moving in and
out of the hole and two fingers of the other hand rotating the
clitoris - her mother loved it.

Linda loved it.

Many minutes later, with the waves from the water tumbling over the
edge of the tub from Penny's wiggling pumping hips, she let out a
scream of pleasure. When finally she again opened her eyes her
daughter was sitting silently between her knees staring at the top of
the water directly above the place where Penny's sex was submerged.

Between gasps Penny asked, "Why can't you just enjoy it Linda? Come
here and kiss mommy." She yanked the leash till the thin youthful
face was before hers. Both ladies puckered and their lips met. It
was chaste, and Penny growled just before opening her mouth wide,
pressing it against her daughters and forcing her tongue into Linda's

Now they kissed for a long minute, Linda could no longer contain her
pleasure at the taste of her mother's mouth, while their tongues
intertwined and lips sliding about. Penny pushed her daughter away
and gasped, "Thats better darling. Get out of the tub and lets dry
off." She was almost sounding joyful.

Both ladies stood naked while Linda dried off both bodies, her mother
first. When she was finished, her mom wrapped her arms about the
girls tiny waist and pulled her thin firm body against hers, "Oh
darling, I want this evening to be perfect." A soft passionate, if
only one sided, kiss. "I'm sorry I got mad at you earlier, I was
worried you would be late."

Linda finally spoke, more of a squeak actually, "Late?"

"For our master silly!" She turned about, her daughters hand in hers
and pulled her from the bathroom.

Chapter XVIII

James saw Penny open the heavy inner door and look out into the night,
a concerned look upon her face, then duck back into the house. What
startled him most was the outfit she was wearing, heels, stockings,
garter belt and a chemise - all purple. She wore nothing else, and in
fact James had saw that the forty year old mother of two even had a
hairless crotch.

It definitely did not fit with the normal reactions of a rape victim.
Perhaps his thoughts from last night were right, and she enjoyed her

It amazed the middle-aged police officer. And he could not help but
imagine his own wife looking out the door for an unknown man to come
and abuse her sexually.

James Broody began to get out of his car when Glen walked up the
sidewalk casually, he ducked back in and doubted he was seen.

He had followed the sixteen year-old for most of the day and even to a
date with a pretty young thing. The boy had driven off with his
mothers mini van for the date, supper at one of the nicer restaurants
in town. James had left the boy with his date at the restaurant.

Where was the mini van? Did the boy get into an accident? And why
had his date ended so early?

These where some of the questions in his mind when he watched Glen
walk around to the back of the house, out of his line of sight.

Chapter XIX

The attacker finished tying Penny's eyes with a silk cloth, also
purple to match her outfit. She was kneeling in the living room and
waiting for him.

"Linda is in my bedroom master." His fingers roughly pinched at her
nipple causing it to tighten up. "I have been naughty darling and had
Linda finger me to orgasm earlier, I must be punished my love." The
man merely grunted and twisted her nipple even harder until she could
not stifle the cry from her lips.

A hand roughly pushed the top of her head down and a foot kicked her
in the ass, as he walked towards the stairs to her room. Penny
followed, crawling dutifully, her pussy practically drooling in

The attacker checked the tie blinding the teenage girl, then moved to
untie the girls wrists and ankles where she had been bound earlier by
her own mother.

He yanked Linda up into a kneeling position by pulling on her upper
arm and then kicked Penny till she climbed up next to her own
daughter. She was panting already, he thought amused.

The rapist then backed up and sank down into the hair that Penny had
set at the edge of the bed, just for her master to sit to watch.

Penny reached out blindly and found Linda, she pulled her daughter
towards her and both lips came in contact yet again.

Chapter XX

James had watched amazed as Penny had crawled behind her son towards
the hallway to her room. She had been blindfolded but otherwise free.


It had been all these times, these years... it had been Penny's son!

To his own mother, his sister! Again and again, forcing them, hurting
their bodies, always returning for more.

James Broody realized he had stood there in a daze for several long
minutes, the sheer depravity of the situation startling him.

It had not been Penny's willingness for the rapist to join her, as he
had concluded, but of the warped mind of her own son that had resulted
in so many visits to the older woman rather than the younger.

He entered the same way Glen did, through the unlocked glass door in
the dining room. It was well oiled, as Glen must have this house
prepared for his entry, computed the experienced officer.

A crime was being committed. Or was there? He doubted Penny would
ever press charges, regardless that it was her son or not. But he
knew that it was rape where Linda was concerned, that made it a crime.

A serial rapist, her son and the others brother.

Closing the glass door behind him, he heard a faint sound from
upstairs. The sighs of a woman, or two. Penny obviously, but could
Linda be up there also?

James drew his service revolver and slowly mounted the stairs.

The sight in the large master bedroom startled him, his morality
crumbling at the image of Linda and her mom face to face on their
sides, pressing their pussies together. Both ladies were blindfolded,
and only Penny wore lingerie.

Penny even had a hand upon Linda's firm ass, reaching between the
cheeks to finger the tiny pink anus. Linda spent most of her time
sucking on her mothers tongue, her own free hand generously fondling
the large white globe of her mothers breast. It was a heated show and
to the experienced man, it appeared Penny was the aggressor while her
daughter certainly did not seem to mind.

Turning his head, James saw Glen seated in a arm chair, naked, smiling
and with his hard cock in hand.

So engrossed in the incestuous lesbian episode going on a few feet
away, Glen never even notice the detective move silently up next to

When he did, it was in the form of a pistol at his temple. Glen lost
all colour in his normally pale face and his penis already started to
droop. James put a finger to his lips to indicate silence but the
teenager was so startled he hadn't even thought to make a sound.

They were at a crossroads, with a pistol to the young rapists head and
caught in the act. Glen would go to jail for life, and knew it,
regardless if he was a youthful offender.

The grunts of Penny and the high pitched whine of Linda caused James
Broody to again turn his head to watch the sexy sight upon the bed.

The crossroads wasn't just in the future change of Glen's life but for
him, Detective Broody, father of two and loving husband.

The mother and daughter act was reaching a climax and it was evident
both ladies were fast approaching their summit. The men turned to
watch as Penny screamed out and Linda squealed in pleasure.

"Oh my love, my darling Linda", panted Penny, holding and kissing her
daughters face tenderly, "you came my daughter. You did it."

Linda didn't say anything but attempted to catch her breath, though
one hand moved down to grasp her moms fleshy round ass. The teenager
never voiced the true reason for her pleasure, that it was her mothers
initial dominant explosion that had forced deep desires to surface.

"She did it master!" Gasped Penny, facing approximately where her son
Glen was seated. "Linda had an orgasm."

James looked down, his morality clashing with his desire. The mother
had given her own daughter an orgasm by grinding her hairless pussy
into the younger one. It was deviant and as erotic a sight he could
ever have imagined.

Glen looked up past the pistol and into James's eyes.

"Darling", Penny was again talking to her daughter, "are you ready for
our masters cock yet?"

Linda shrugged, her face red as if embarrassed. As long as her mother
was here with her, it didn't matter if she had to spread her legs for
her rapist.

Penny giggled like a little girl and rolled off the bed, pulling her
daughter towards the edge. With a lot of physical commands, the
mother was able to get her daughter knelt at the very edge of the bed.
A few inches from where the two men were located.

Linda sighed and placed her face down upon her arms, flat on the bed,
her thin sexy boyish ass high in the air, her hard little nipples
rubbing against the bedspread.

Penny stood behind her daughter, "Master, may I continue with her?"

Glen looked to the police office then grunted affirmatively.

The middle-aged voluptuous mother of two spread her own daughters ass
cheeks apart before bending down to press her face between the fleshy

James watched amazed as Penny swirled her tongue about the tiny pink
anus, slowly working it in with patient experience. It was evident
that Penny knew her way around rimming an ass. Again and again she
swirled about the hard ring, getting the teenager to relax as her ass
hole was loosened.

Then James Broody saw his wife's thin round ass pressed up in the air
and not Linda's. He heard his wife, rather than Linda, sigh with
embarrassed pleasure. Though he heard her whisper, "I never thought I
would enjoy it... I want too so bad mommy, I want to enjoy it!"

Penny came up for air, "I know darling. Just relax, you will enjoy
everything my love."

"I love you mommy... I have always loved you!"

Penny didn't bother lifting her head this time, but instead lowered
her face a few inches and pressed a hardened tongue directly into the
hot sticky crevice of the teenagers cunt. Linda bit into her own arm
to quell the sounds of her pleasure, it wasn't enough and she mewed
loudly about the room.

What was it that caused Linda to enjoy her rape, thought the older
man? Was it the lesbian incest forced upon her by her own brother?
He doubted that it was the case, but he felt a need to know - how to
get a woman to enjoy being raped?

A small dildo appeared in Penny's hand, from beneath the mattress of
the bed, and she replaced her tongue with the slick hard plastic cock.

James shifted slightly and lowered his pistol, his years of experience
gone when Penny again pushed her tongue an inch or more into the
relaxed rectum. His wife Laura should feel the pleasure that Linda
was now enjoying, to be so responsive to any sexual stimuli that it
did not matter if it was forced upon her or not. And that tight ass
of hers...!

Glen was looking at the bulge in the standing mans trousers and the
two shared a look. The teenager reached out to unzip him, James
didn't even try to stop him.

Soon his hard cock was thrusting out of his slacks, and Glen started
to lean in, his mouth open. The pistol stopped him as it was pressed
into the open mouth and James nodded a firm negative. Glen understood
and reached over towards his mother.

Penny felt her masters hand roughly pull her arm towards him and she
fell to her knees mewing with pleasure at being summoned. "Anything
my master!"

A cock was pressed against her lips and she engulfed it, surprised
when it was obviously a different man as the organ was half as much
bigger as her unknown masters. Her cry of surprise was muffled by the
mouthful of cock, a cock she could only get half ways into her mouth.

In all the years of her visits, of her submission to the one she
thought she truly loved, he had not shared her with anyone but her own
daughter. Now this man was here, someone else. Someone else with a
thicker longer cock.

Another set of hands fumbled with her breasts, from behind her, it had
to be her master she realized! His cock, his familiar comfortably
normal sized cock slipped into her super heated cunt effortlessly.
For the first time in her life, Penny was with two men... and she
loved it.

James Broody stood looking between the sight of his cock moving in and
out of the experienced mouth to the sight of the teenage cock moving
in and out of the flowered open wet cunt between this same woman's
thighs. Only a few feet away Linda was moving the dildo in and out of
her sex, the sound of her own enjoyment barely a whisper to the sound
of her own mothers.

It was only a moment or two before Glen tensed up and began to jerk
his pelvis in a comical and bawdy way. James felt Penny scream into
his cock and knew her son was again flooding her depths with his
incestuous seed.

Glen pulled out his much smaller cock, dripping with his own and his
mothers spend and then collapsed back into his chair. He sat silently
and watched the police office pump in and out of his mothers mouth, a
mouth he had known so intimately over the last couple of years.

Roughly, enjoying his act as the dominant rapist aggressor, he threw
Penny away. His cock slipped out of her mouth and she fell back out
of the way, on her side.

James moved swiftly forwards and jerked out the small dildo and then
quickly aimed his cock towards the crevice of the pretty teenager.
She grunted as it filled her like nothing had ever filled her before.

The erotic haze that she was in didn't allow her to even register that
this was a cock that didn't belong to the man whom had been inside her
previously. Only that she had not felt so full, or so wonderful as
this moment. All because of her mother, Linda thought.

The police officer held onto a thin hip with his free hand and began
to pound into the tight vagina. The tightest that he has felt in many
years. He had eyes only for the winking tiny pink muscle just above
his plunging cock - her ass hole.

He knew what he was going to do before he did it. James had known
that it was Linda's mother's action of preparing this teenage spincter
with her tongue that had pushed him over the edge of morality and
justice. As it winked at him, calling him towards that fateful
joining that he wanted so much with his wife, it opened and closed
with the movement of his thick cock within her hot wet sex, beckoning

Linda was grunting now, her orgasm fast approaching, though James
never even noticed. Just as she was about to explode yet again with
violent passionate waves, the thick cock exited from her body. The
teenager actually began to cry and beg mindlessly, she needed this
cock and the orgasm that it could give her.

So far gone was she that she never even felt the head of that blunt
instrument press against her round hard anal hole. Only when the head
was half-ways in did it register that she was to be buggered.

James watched his cock enter an ass hole for the first time, after the
wide head had entered the remainder of his shaft had slid in
relatively easily. And just before the rim of his penis head had
entered, Linda had screamed out at first in pain and then in rapt
pleasure. The cock was by far the largest object to ever enter her
body, let alone her rectum, and she found desirous energy from the
mingled pain and pleasure.

Just as the police detective was about to pump his cock, now seated
fully within the teenage bowels, he felt hands about his waist and he
remembered the other two in the room.

Spinning his head around he saw that Glen was still seated upon his
chair, now sporting a new hard-on which he held in both hands. It was
Penny that expertly unbuckled his belt from the rear and began to push
down his trousers. The forty two year-old leaned in as the two men
watched, and slid her tongue into her new rapists anus.

It was the most erotic and amazing moment of the middle-aged mans
life. It cultivated his action to move from defender of the masses to
the rapist of the few, his passion justified it.

Penny knew not whom had accompanied her master this visit, and it had
originally bothered her that he had, but the taste of that large cock
was enough to convince her. The fact that she loved it was evidence
that she was truly a slut in her own mind, which had originally
bothered her, but the memory of her lips stretching about that thick
pole was evidence to her that she was indeed a slut. She was a slut
and she had come to terms with her by falling in love with yet a new
cock, a new master, and yes, a new rapist. She would prove it, Penny
would prove her devotion and submission by giving this new unknown man
the pleasure he deserved.

Before James could began to truly enjoy this dual pleasure, he saw
Glen get up from his chair and move behind his mother. The teenager
slipped down and began to tongue his mothers ass hole even as the
middle-aged woman tongued his. It was enough to spurn him on.

James Broody began to roughly fuck the bum hole before him as his own
was rimmed expertly.

The round muscle clenched and was stretched impossibly each time he
moved with her body, but by the sounds and spasms the teenager was
undergoing James doubted not that she enjoyed it. He also guessed the
young woman was on the threshold of a monumental orgasm.

When she screamed and jerked for the third time since his intrusion he
pushed her forwards, disengaging himself from her body. Roughly he
grabbed at the mane of hair behind him and pulled her before him and
through Penny upon her daughter.

Without feeling, other than his own erotic high, James rammed his
member forwards raping the saliva covered ass hole of the middle aged

Penny began to scream out in pleasure of her own, panting and begging
for more, asking for the pain, pleading for her new masters pleasure.
Wanting for that monster cock to rape her, again and again.

Glen, left out of this tryst, moved about the bed and grabbed his
sisters and mothers heads in either hand and aimed his hard cock

Linda was exhausted but was able to slip her tongue out to lick the
underside of the familiar cock. Penny, with the rising energy levels
from her buggered bum hole, sucked on this familiar average-sized cock
with a hunger rarely felt by her son.

James watching all this, threw his gun upon the floor forgotten and
grabbed the soft wide hips roughly so as to slam again and again
within the warm tight ass hole. His actions were flattening the
voluptuous body against the thin body beneath it, but other than a
grunt Linda never complained. Penny was too busy to complain, as her
mouth was filled with her son's cock.

Glen's sense of depraved eroticism knew the policeman was fast
approaching his own orgasm, finally, and knew Mr. Broody would flood
his mothers familiar bowels. His sick sense of pleasure pushed his
own orgasm along and he felt his penis start to jerk. Grabbing at the
two ladies faces, he forced them away from his cock as it began to
spurt. The seed shot out and coated Linda's and Penny's faces, mostly
upon his sister.

That was it, watching the husky sixteen year-old come all over his
sister's and mother's faces was too much, he pushed in one more time
before allowing his own orgasm to overtake him. It felt like the load
of the century, as he flooded Penny's sexy ass hole with his seed.

It was over.

The moral police officer was no more. Glen looked tentatively towards
the older man even as his sister and mother licked each others faces
clean of ejaculate.

Chapter XXI

James Broody silently walked towards his own bedroom even as he
disrobed, his clothing falling behind upon the floor. His house was
silent and only the tiny light in his bedroom was lit. He was logged
as being on duty and was not expected home till morning.

The door was closed and he silently opened it, the last of his
clothes, his boxers, hit the floor at his feet.

The scene that was revealed to him was according to plan. Glen was
standing between his wife Laura's naked thighs pushing his cock in and
out of her cunt. Laura was grunting with each slam of the two bodies
and it was obvious that the forty year-old's sex was wet with
excitement, much to her chagrin her husband guested, since it was
echoing obscene noises each time the boy ploughed into her cunt.

Yet that wasn't all, James youngest son, the fifteen year-old book
worm and mamma's boy was kneeling by his Laura's head. Both his hands
were bound behind his back, her eyes covered like his mothers and he
was naked. In fact, his tiny hard cock was inside his mothers sexy
wide mouth. Laura had to know whose cock she was sucking on, as the
boy kept crying out, "I'm sorry momma!" Though he never lost a beat
as his hips moved forwards pushing that four inch beast into the tiny
mouth that belonged to his mom.

It was all according to plan and James cock was throbbing for that
first taste of his wife's virgin ass hole.

Glen wasn't startled at all when he turned his head to find Laura's
husband, the police detective standing naked in the doorway with a
hard on. In fact the teenager smiled and pulled his dripping five
inch cock from the Mrs. Broody's love grotto and made a polite gesture
for her husband to take his place.

James moved forwards, happy to comply.

The two rapists had planned this thoroughly, James taking the dominant
role but giving an ear to the experienced younger man. The police
office had enjoyed viewing the thousands of pictures Glen had taken of
his mother and sister, some very extreme. The teenager had also told
him how he sometimes used a tape recorder in another room to make
sounds for his victims to think their son or brother had been close
by. Glen had hours of tales to tell, James listened and learned.

His wife grunted with surprise at the new thick cock inside her and
James noticed with satisfaction that she was as wet as she had ever
gotten with him. The bitch was enjoying it, he thought with pleasure
that all his plans were working out. Contrary to the tears soaking
her blindfold, he knew with demented pleasure.

After only a few strokes he pulled out and pushed his wife's thin
shapely legs back, her knees almost to her chest. Laura began to
plead about the tiny cock in her mouth when she felt the blunt head of
her husbands cock against her ass hole, "God no! No please! I beg of
you!" Of course she never even known who it was, only that a second
rapist was about to enter her body by the tightest virgin orifice.

It never even registered. Firmly, roughly, James pushed himself down
into the bowels of his wife's ass hole. Amused that her screams were
muffled when her son drove his cock further and harder into his
mothers mouth, lost in the new sensations of a warm wet mouth upon his
organ. Even if it was his own mother's mouth.

Glen moved up and knelt on the other side of her head and began to
jerk his own cock, once in a while stopping to slap the head of his
dick against her pretty mature face.

The two rapists shared a look of pleasure and satisfaction and knew
this was only the beginning.
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