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I got the following story in two parts from a person who is not (yet?) willing to publicly share her fantasies by herself. It is in two parts, as I understand such is her desire for this to be presented. She will be entering this thread, and possibly will answer to you — Or I might be answering in her name.

Here goes part 1:

early evening. she's walking back home after she leaves a friend. they both spend together some hours in a park with other girls too.
two guys in the street ask her to take some photos for them because they both have something to celebrate. both guys look at each other smiling and she thinks that maybe they are gay. she accepts. then they ask her about a certain beautiful place in the park where she comes from. she doesn't want to spend too long because soon it will be dinner time, also that park is very nice in the day with many families and children and even a little theme park but in the evening it becomes a places where many many prostitutes, pimps and customers meet. even prostitutes and customers from neighbor towns go there. in any case there's one or two hours of daylight, she can show the place to those guys because she has been there many times.
most people are leaving the park, all parents and kids do. the place they look for is under big trees and also there are some shorter trees and plants. its size is like an apartment. in summer temperature is lower under their shadows. she asks them to take their pics soon because it's not the right place to be when night comes.
not far from that place she can see cars with parents and kids leaving and cars with men alone arriving. suddenly she sees a van and several girls leave the van, she notices that they are three prostitutes. this is the first time she sees that scene. prostitutes go behind some trees and stay there, not far from the path where the van is leaving the park.
again she asks the guys to have their pics taken quickly because it could be dangerous in minutes, not in hours. now she fears to leave the park alone so she decides that she better leaves with the guys, not alone. but the guys now want to get some pics of her.
she accepts obviously.
while they take pics and she asks them to leave quickly a car comes and parks very near. a man descends and goes to the group smiling and stays watching at them. she feels something weird in the scene. the man and the two guys laugh but it's sort of non sense, there is no reason for that laugh.
the man starts to tell her that she looks like model, he remarks her beautiful legs and so on. then he makes her questions such as she looks like a model, about her life in general and about her sexual life. now she feels scared, she asks the two guys to leave with her but they say that they want to know the answers too.
more vans come with prostitutes and more cars with lone men come. it's daylight but under those trees it's of early night. she's really nervous and she decides to leave, alone if necesary. she tells that to the group but the man says they're not going to allow her leaving yet. they all men seem to be amused. that talk seems too long and very disgusting for her.
she asks how long they want to stay and the man answers until she pleases him as he expects. then she tries to leave but the two guys grab her and then the man goes to his car and brings some ropes. the man tells her to undress and she refuses still grabbed by the two guys.
then they all tie her up to a tree facing the tree while she sees that other men approach from their left side and she asks them for help.
she thinks that maybe some of those men might come for helping her. while the men come slowly, she strives for releasing hersef while the guys and the man starts to undress her up to a point when the man says it's enough and he simply takes her outfits off breaking them.
once naked he tells her to spread her legs wide but she does exctly the opposite, she tries to cross them. she can't see but probably he takes a whip from his car because she can hear the doors and his steps and then she feels being whipped. the man tells her that he will not stop until she spreads her legs.
finally she does. she knows he will fuck her and so he does. but not only into her vagina, also her ass. once he cums he tells the guys to whip her again. so they do and finally the man tells them that they can fuck her.
the two guys fuck her. once they're done the man releases her but puts her kneeling and fucks her mouth.
she has many bad feelings such as sadness, powerless, nastiness, and many others. while he fucks her mouth she can hear two men talking about a local sport team. it makes her cry even deeper.
then the man decides to leave and asks the guys to escort her to the outside street. a man asks him to be allowed to fuck her. the man accepts and that man can also fuck her. once he's done. the guys dress her with the rags of her clothes and escort her outside.
once she's released she runs home.
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