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desperate vicky cd
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Default walk in the park.crossdressing fantasy.

id always been unable to resist the temptation of my mothers,and sisters top draw.but when they announced they would be staying over at my grandparents house for the night,and id be left alone in the house over night.i knew i was going to dress.i had planned something special .i was going to wait until the early hours of the morning.and take a walk around my local park.
at 2am,i was ready..i had put on a short black pleated mini skirt.black hold up stockings.white silk tanga brief panties,high heels,and a blue cotton vest top.
ok,,,,,id never done this before.i stood at the front door.took a deep breath..
opend the door and strolled out.it was spitting with rain,the wind was blowing the short skirt hard between my legs.god i felt good.i tip toed to avoid my high heels awakening the neighbours for a few houses,then i started to relax.
i walked proudly,my best feminine walk.swinging my hips. felt good,relaxed.but then.....dam!!.i could hear voices.
ok,,just keep your head down and walk.i thought to myself as i rounded the corner.my hart raced,as i caught a glimpse of two guys walking the opposite direction on the her side of the road.one of them wolf whisle,d at me.
i didnt look,i just kept walking.their voices faded into the night.
"fuck that was close,ok the park"
i hurried the last few hundred yards into the tree lined alley way that led to the park entrance.
the huge old trees rustling loudly above my head.not far now.just a few more feet.....fuck!!...whats that?..oh god no!!
there was a figure,leaving the park.staggering towards me.i couldnt turn around it was too late!!.id have to walk past him.ok,its ok its ok,just keep looking down.i repeated in my head.my heart was thumping in my ears as i approached him,
"evening" he slurred drunkenly.
it was a reflex action,i looked straight at him.i saw his smile fade,confused at first,then morph into a sarcastic grin.i hurried passed.my heels clicking madly as i sped up on the wet pavement.as i reached the entrance to the park.i dared to look quickly over my shoulder.fuck!!,he was standing were id passed him staring at me.i tried a pathetic attempt at running as soon as i rounded the corner.but it was no good,i couldnt run in these heels.i walked s fast as i could for a bout a 30 feet,then i built up the courage to look back again.
he was coming!!.he was jogging up behind me.i tried to walk faster.
then i heard his footsteps.i spun around to face him."FUCK OFF!!"
i shouted,but it was too late.he grabbed me under my arm and frog marched me into the bushes,and shoved me to the ground.he immediatly started to undo his jeans,and just as i clamberd to my knees his hard cock sprung out onto my lips.i kept my lips tightly closed and shook my head slightly in protest.then,,SLAP!!.....
he slapped my face so hard.my eye sight flashed,and i felt dizzy for a few seconds.it really scared me,so i opend my mouth.i didnt want another smack.so i sucked him...i sucked his cock as best i could.hoping,praying hed hurry up and finish.he grabbed handfull of my hair and pulled my spitefully onto it.choking me.i pushed my hands against his thighs,as his cock gurgulled deep in my throat.at last he released me,and i was gasping for air,when he dragged me onto my feet.and pushed me hard in the back.causing me to stumble forwards out of the bushes.my thighs thumped hard into the back of a bench,the top half of my body was thrown forward,he was quickly behind me,preventing me from getting up,he held me bent over with one hand,and threw my skirt up around my waist with the other.he painfully kicked my feet apart.and yanked my knickers down around my thighs.as he sunk his fingers spitefully into my hips,i thought to myself.well..this is it,im going to be fucked.
i howled through my gritted teeth as he sunk his hard cock all the way up my bottom.he paused for a few seconds,then it started..
my whole body was being shoved back and forth,,jerking me violently as he fucked me as hard and as fast as he could.i felt a twinge of pain deep in my tummy with each thrust.it seemed to last forever.then ,,at last,,he came,he shot his spunk deep inside me,and it was over.he pulled out.and i slumped to the ground my knickers falling around my ankles.i sat there and sobbed while he did up his jeans,and strolled away into the night.i stood up,pulled up my knickers and took off my heels.i ran all the way home.never again..
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Damn! That was hot! Nothing like that ever happened to me when I went out walking cross-dressed at night...
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Lol. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have one or two completely unexpected and random sexual encounters while out dressed at night. They were a bit more consentual, though. >.>
I haven't been fucked like that since gradeschool.
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