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Default PC repair gone 'bad'.

She didn't see it coming. If she did, she would have turned around. Then again, none of it was planned.

She was 25, fairly small and slim, with blond hair and greyish eyes. She wasn't a beauty, but she was charming in her moves, her smile, her facial expressions. Lately she was planning on having a baby with her boyfriend.

This evening she was getting some help with her laptop. The guy that helped her did that more often. He was older than her, tall, but otherwise unremarkable. He was businesslike, but over coffee could talk about all kinds of subjects.

He let her into his flat and gave her a drink. They talked a little, some about the latest TV show. Then he asked what the problem was. "I don't know, it seems a bit slow." "OK, I'll take a look."

He went through the machine slowly and methodically. It wasn't very interesting to see. "Can I use the bathroom?", she asked. "Sure, you know where to find it."

While she was gone, he glanced through a few things that sparked his attention. One document in particular made him curious. As he looked at it, it became clear it was an excel where she was recording her temperature for conceiving. Looking at the graph, she was fertile. He glanced at it for a moment. She was attractive to him, but so far he had been too much of a gentleman to make a move. But this was too big a temptation. He closed the file again and quietly locked the door. Then he went back as if nothing happened.

It didn't take long before she came out again. "So you found something?", she asked. "Well, it's nothing really special, just a few ..." with some technical terms she didn't quite follow. "Here, take a look, I'll show you."

She went sitting next to him and he started explaining in a soft voice. But after a while she felt his attention was elsewhere. Then his other arm went around her shoulder. In a way he wasn't entirely unattractive to her, with his friendly ways so far and his knowledge. But it still made her tense up a bit. For now she just ignored it. But this became more and more difficult as he started to caress her, first her shoulder, then her hair, finally the rim of her ear. She gave him a shy smile. It's getting a bit late and I... hey!

He reacted by pulling her toward him and kissing her on the mouth, first briefly, then a long and passionate one. As he enjoyed the touch of her lips, she pulled back strongly until she got free. He watched her face as it showed disbelief, and... was it some excitement? For a moment she sat there, then she got up and went to the door. "I really must be going now, I'll pick up the laptop tomorrow." She reached the door and op... it didn't budge.

He came up behind her, getting more excited by her moves. His passion had overcome his better sides. She felt all that and started to get anxious as she knew exactly what he wanted from her. "Please don't." He just smiled and grabbed her.

"No!", she cried out as she started to struggle. A few times she almost got free, but his tight grip held on to her as he dragged her to the bedroom. Then the room seemed to turn around her as he threw her on his bed. Almost at once she felt his weight on top of her as he turned her on her back and grabbed her wrists. He was much stronger than he looked. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn't get free from him.

Her pleading became non-stop as he held her wrists together and got one hand free. He went for her top and pulled it up, then her bra down so he could take a good, lustful look at her beautiful breasts. Then his had started rubbing up her breasts, with special attention to her nipples. Through her anxiety, she could feel her body respond. "No, please, don't..." He just panted a bit. By now he thoroughly enjoyed how she tried everything to make him stop.

After a while, he went down and started licking her nipples. Then again he used his hand, and his mouth again. He wasn't just strong enough to hold her down and have his way. He also, she had to admit as much as she didn't want to, knew exactly what he was doing, where to touch her. He played on like it seemed forever.

Finally, he seemed to have enough of this play. He let go of her wrists, but only to lock them in place tightly with his knees. Then he pushed up her skirt and tore the panties she put on to get her boyfriend in the mood to pieces. He didn't waste time, but grabbed her arms together again and started rubbing her clit. She was already a bit wet from the long time he spent on her breasts and let out a moan against her will. Again he took his time and knew precisely how to do it, forcing her to become wetter and wetter, more and more excited, until she screamed out her unwilling climax. He didn't stop there though, but forced another one from her, then another.

Then the sensation of his hand on her pussy disappeared. For a moment she hoped it was over, even though she knew better. Then she heard the sound of his fly being unzipped and she saw him making his pants loose. As he pushed them down, the reality of what was going to happen to her got ever closer. She held her legs as close as possible together, but he forced them apart. "Please", she begged as he moved into position, "at least use a condom. I'm fertile, I could get pregnant from you." He paused with the head of his cock pressing against her entrance. The look in his face made her freeze. "I know", he answered, "that is precisely what I want from you." And before she could protest any more he pushed himself deep inside her unprotected pussy.

She felt him pause for a moment, then he started ravishing her pussy with strong, determined thrusts. She struggled and begged, begged and struggled, but he was far too strong and kept on going. She could see the excitement and determination in his face. And despite her unwillingness, his moves inside excited her. He kept on going like it would seem forever. Then she felt him swell up and heard him pant, and she knew he was about to seal it by cumming inside her. Her resistance flared up again as she begged one more time: "No, please stop. Please don't cum ins..."

He interrupted her with a loud groan. At the same moment she felt him shock inside her, followed by a shot of his cum. Her body instantly responded by convulsing that made her body shock from head to toe and sucked his seed deep into her womb. Her pleas turned through a loud cry of despair into a mix of sobbing and screaming out her body's orgasm as she felt shock after shock, shot after shot of his cum deep in her most intimate part. Somehow she knew... He had taken the ultimate from her. She would get pregnant, and the baby would not be her boyfriends', but his...

Finally his climax subsided and he lay still for a moment. Then he pulled out a bit, but pushed back in with a shallow, more gentle move... and was rewarded with a strong jolt of her body. He did that a few times again, until he was satisfied his seed was as deep inside her as it possibly could be. Then he pulled out and got off her. She kept laying still, then slowly put her clothes straight and got up. Her skirt was long enough to hide the torn panties. She picked up her things and walked slowly to the door, which he had unlocked. She felt dirty and used on the way home, and yet... somehow strangely satisfied.
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