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Old 11-14-2006, 08:42 PM   #1
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Default callgirl (completed. MMMMF rape)

okay.. well I finished the story so now Ill repost the earlier bits


I pull up along the pathway and make my way into the hotel. I’ve been here so many times I can’t count, sometimes more than twice in the same night. I’m sure the boys on the Sheraton doors know what I do, but they always greet me with a smile and a friendly nod, open the doors for me and offer to hail me a cab as I leave.

To you, I look like a young business woman in my crisp black suit. It’s either this or a slinky dress, but tonight I was feeling classic. With the suit I wear nothing underneath the jacket except a bra (I even wear my suit like this to court, but that’s another story) and my long honey blonde hair slicked back into shiny ponytail at the nape of my neck. I always line my eyes like an Egyptian goddess and smell of expensive perfume.

With a dress it’s a little bag, but tonight with the suit it’s the zip up a4 leather wallet, the contents of which are as follows. Condoms. A couple of extra large, a handful of bareback style, a few extra small, and sometimes a couple of something a little more wild. Credit card authorisation slips. A couple of sachets of lubricant for occasional use. Small vial of massage oil for continual use. Mobile phone. No ID of any kind.

I sashay through the foyer and enter the elevator. It’s now that I sigh and wonder what is in store for me in a few moments. Will I be attracted to you? Will you smile when you see me? Will you talk first screw later, or screw first, talk later, or will you not want to talk to me at all and force me to hate you? Will one of us fall for the other? Will you come once, twice? Or are you so drunk your going to make my job hard, maybe not come at all? Will you treat me like an erotic goddess and pleasure me? Or will you expect that for the time you have me I’m your property and have no rights? Are you a cop? Do you have a disease? Or will we have so much fun well extend out time together and watch the music channel between fucking? I wish I was home in bed.

The doors slide open and I stop to arrange myself in the mirror one last time. All those elevator thoughts vanish as I calculate in my head the financials; how much to collect, how much I’ve made tonight so far, and how much I need to earn to reach my goal. I also have to remember which name I’ve been booked under. Out of Vanessa, Claire and Giselle, he’s gone with Vanessa.

I stand in front of door 613. I listen for any hints of the goings on within. There is no sound. As I knock I chant the mantra in my mind, “I’m so glad to meet you!” which helps me radiate the enthusiasm you pay so handsomely for.

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* yawn *
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Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Australia
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Default Part One

When you first see me, you’re somehow surprised. The operators of escort agencies can rarely be trusted, but this time they’ve delivered. I seem genuinely happy to meet you. This girl who calls herself Vanessa is like a breath of fresh air as she walks into your room

I’m relieved to give you a silent tick of approval. Most of my clients are married middle aged professionals, and they are my favourites, but tonight I have a young one. Your around my age, and since it’s too early in the night to have lost out at the clubs, I guess that you’re one of these guys who are too busy with your mates and your career to bother seducing women who might pester you afterwards for a relationship. I’m the clean, no strings, guaranteed-fuck alternative.

For a moment your tongue tied, but you manage a smile and stand casually by the bed, and gesture to the TV cabinet where the notes have been placed. I pull out my mobile and dial the receptionist, counting the money, and shoot you a sexy smile as I talk.

My eyes linger on you hungrily, you have obviously done this before, and yet you seem uneasy. Not to worry, I’ll soon take care of that. You turn the lights right down while I’m talking.

Hmmm… most clients like all the lights on.

It usually means the man has something to hide, so it is an issue I start to address as I flip the phone shut.

Immediately that it clicks shut, I sense an extra presence behind me. Your smile has cruelly twisted. Before I get to turn a strong force pulls me back into himself bodily, one arm tight around my waist, the other around my neck. I gasp ready to scream but his hand quickly clamps over it, cutting it off.

************************************************** *********

You can’t believe your actually doing this. You and your best friends got a sexy girl in a fairly sound proof room, one you know won’t blab because what she’s doing is illegal. Plus you figure she’s clean because in all the times you’ve hired a girl they’ve been fanatically passionate about using protection, and your sick to death of having to use it.

Now it is all you can do to stop yourself from throwing “the bitch’ on the bed and start tearing off her clothes and fucking her, but you and your buddies agreed that it might be more fun to have a willing fuck toy for a few hours, rather than one that’s fighting. After all, you could still Get Caught.

************************************************** ********
“NMMMMMMMMMMMMm!!” I struggle to stay upright against the man behind me, and notice now that there are two other men to my left. They crowd around me, for it’s not a big room, but none of them touch me, they just watch as I struggle physically and try to comprehend the turn of events. It’s too dark; I can’t make out much of their faces. Why do they stand so close and yet don’t touch?

The client speaks to me in a dark, low, quiet voice.

“Shhhh! Stop struggling. We don’t want to hurt you” I am hoping that he’s right, but still I strain against the man holding me. Louder now, he says “We’ll let you go but you have to promise not to make any noise…. Right??”

I nod slowly, my heart still beating wildly and the man holding me releases me. The grip on my phone has made my fingers stiff and white, but before I can go about secretly pressing them you tear it from my grasp and deftly pull it apart and tossed onto the floor at my feet.

“You can get it back when we’re finished.”

Breathing hard, I look at each of the men’s shadowy faces, just half a metre away. So what now?

What Now?!

The man behind me put his arms around me gently, slipping one of his hands under my jacket to grope with one of my breasts.

“No! What are you doing?” I twist my body away from him so that his hand slips out again, and he lets go, smiling.

I gather up the guts to speak, but it comes out in breathless gasps.

“Look. J Just let me go, I’ll give you back your money, and I wont tell anyone- I swear!!”

“Oh we know you wont” You come towards me and stroke my face with your hand, no longer looking nervous, but in control. When you speak you sound genuine and almost loving.

“shh calm down. We don’t want to hurt you. We just want to have some fun.“ the man behind me pulls the band out of my hair.

“Stop it!” I bat him away but I don’t turn. I daren’t turn my back on the other three men.

your cruel fingers grab my jaw hard and force me to look into your eyes.
“No! Please..”

“SHH!! You have a choice. You either give us what we want, or well take it. You have 5 seconds to make up your mind.“ and with that you let me go. Lamely, I stand there surrounded by these excited men and have no escape, my mind unable to process it. I can’t speak. I can only stare unbelieving into the eyes of the men, one to the other, sensing no reluctance on their part. A decision? What? How did this happen? There is nothing but the sound of my breathing.

“Right!!!” you yell, and all of the men are suddenly tearing at me with their hands.

The man behind me wrenches my hair into his fist, knocking me off balance. One rips the pants from my wildly flailing legs.

As per the rules of the agency, my legs are encased in high quality lace tops and suspenders. Black lace French knickers top off this exposed ensemble. I cringe at the approving groans made by the men now feverishly running their hands up and down my silky legs and playfully tugging at the suspender elastics. The man holding me lets my hair go only to yank my jacket undone and drag it off me. Another man helps and tears the lace down of the bra exposing my DD breasts. The man behind me puts his arm across my face in an attempt to choke hold me, but I bite and scratch at his forearms like my life depended on it.

They throw me on the bed and as one man straddles my waist another tears apart the fine lace of my knickers. My high heels are my weapons now, and I get a few good stabs in. Then they too are wrenched off my body and cast aside.

The man straddling me takes off his t shirt over his head, his chest heaving with excitement. His lips press together with purpose. One of the guys jumps on the bed and pins my punching fists back down onto the bed under his knees. I’m completely unable to move!

I burst into tears.

“God no please! No!” I scream. These damn hotels with their sound proofing.

“We gave you a choice.” You say calmly, watching my face as your fingers delve between my legs, trying to rub my pussy.

“Hey check this out” you say, “the whore is pierced!!” You stop molesting me only because your friends face is now there, sucking my clit and fucking me with his tongue. Normally I would love this, but now I’m numb with fear.

The man straddling me hurriedly undoes his jeans. You come and force your lips onto mine, gripping my face painfully.

“outta the way, man” the now naked guy rasps. The tongue in my pussy is gone, and replaced with the feeling of a pair of big hands cruelly holding my calves against his hips, and another standing between my legs, so, so close.

I screw my face up in wait for that violation, twisting my body, pulling my hands from above me. You, raping my mouth with your tongue don’t let me get away. The guy enters me hard. I try to scream out but your tongue is an effective gag. I feel every inch of him as he slams into me again and again, grunting and groaning.

You stop kissing me and have a fistful of hair. “ahh! Noooo” I’m whimpering and crying. The man fucking me lays on me and makes his noises in my other ear. You try to force your cock in my mouth.

“don’t bite it either bitch! Suck it “

“oh fuck I’m gonna cum!” The man in me groans. I feel his cock quickly swelling inside me and his pace quickens. His grunts louder.
“Nmmm!” your cock slips out of my mouth as I panic.

“No fuck! Please don’t! I’m not on the pill! Please stoop” He only grabs my hips and really rams himself into me, and you jam yourself into my mouth again. The rapist is going at it so hard. Finally he explodes inside of me.

He slides in and out, enjoying what he’s done to my body. You withdraw your cock, but my rapist forces his tongue into my mouth.

“My turn” the pussylicker says. He too enters me hard. As he hammers me, the first guy makes me lick every bit of cum left on his dick. And now you straddle me and lean over my face, fucking my mouth. But I don’t do this willingly, you have to squeeze your hand around my neck.
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Default Part Two

Part two

I purse my lips together shut tight. No way am I going to make this easy for you! For the hundredth time I attempt to get my numb hands from under this guys knees. They poke in, those bones.

************************************************** *******

You love seeing me writhing, hearing and watching your friends partake in my abuse, feeling my body’s suffering, knowing you’re the one who planned the whole thing. Picked out the girl, damn good job you say to yourself. And feeling invincible because your going to get away with it.

Now you slap me HARD across the face, cutting my cheek on my teeth. But you have to do it again. Just to make sure I know you mean business. That felt so good putting me in my place didn’t it?

************************************************** ********

“Open your mouth. I said OPEN your fucking mouth!” You see my lips open just a little, enough for you to push your cock to my lips. My tongue gingerly flicks over you, lips properly open at last.
“Yeah that’s it” you whisper, before you force yourself in, “suck me” My little whimpers feel so good around your throbbing cock.

As you ram your dick down my throat, the man inside of me cums silently. The only way I know he’s cum is how slippery he glides in and out of me, and the disgusting wet noise it makes.

You push yourself off me, to my absolute relief. Now I can cry without choking. Then I am flipped over so that my knees are right on the edge of the bed, my face smashed down into the mattress with your fistful of hair.
At last my hands are free, but they are red and sore. There isn’t anything I can even do with them; the blood painfully circulates back into its flesh scourging this horrible experience further. My hands cramp. The men murmer. Touching me, tormenting me.

“Please stop I can’t take this anymore!” I sob into the mattress. In answer you roughly shove your fingers into me. There is so much cum in there already, when you withdraw your hand its covered in it, glistening.

My scalp screams as you tear my hair back.
“Uhh!” I cry.
“Lick my fingers clean” such a sharp painful angle, and I cannot close my mouth!
“Nuh!” but then your fingers are in my mouth, and I’m forced to have the cum of the men who’ve raped me so far on my tongue. You wipe it over my grimacing lips, my chin, cheek, til your hand is dry. Now I can’t get that sticky salty taste out of my mouth! You let me head go with a vicious shove.

I wait for the intrusion. Again you scoop out more cum but this time…. you rub it into my arse!!

“Nooo!” I scream, and rear up in horror. Not there! It’s taken me some getting used to, and I just can’t take it like this! The fourth man kneels in front of me and grabs my shoulders and pins my head into his naked lap.

“Up!” Pulls my hair “Now suck my dick whore, it better be good.” He forces my mouth around him and holds my head there, watching me gag. God I feel like I feel like I’m going to choke! But now I feel you pushing yourself insistently against my arse, and I just know tis gonna hurt so bad, which makes me even tighter and that’s only going to make it worse.

Doesn’t it feel good to have me shaking like this? You slide into my tight panicked arse and its heaven. I scream as I suffer little excruciating tears, and you feel me give way more and more inside. My crying and pleading is muffled well with a dick in my mouth, but all you really think about is how good it feels to rape me this way. You think about your perfectly executed plan, the hungry anticipation, the moment you opened the door, my tear streaked face with your dick in my mouth, my body invaded with your mates, my trembling body, and now my tight arse wrapped around your swelling cock. You fuck me hard now, it’s all easy, lubricated with cum, accommodating. You pull on my hair, arching my back. Watch him fuck my mouth It doesn’t take long at all, your balls feel tight. A burn in the pit of your stomach. You ram yourself in as far as you can, grunting loud, and empty every last drop of your cum deep inside me.

I fall to my side when you withdraw from me. Cum oozing out of me, probably mixed with blood. When I did it before it never felt quite as painful. Dick Gag lays me on my back and rubs his body over me, groaning. He easily dominates my weak struggles. Nothing could worse than what just happened.

He pins me down and rapes me, forcing me to look at his horrible lust torn face. The cum left inside me before has long soaked in, and the flesh swollen with from fucking and the fluid, makes my cunt a snug fit, practically milking it. The other men sit around watching, gloating. I feel like I’m out of my body watching the whole thing. It seems to take forever, when at last I feel his dick becoming ultra rigid, and the following warmth and wetness as he fucks me furiously and cums so that I’m slippery and wet between my legs again.

He climbs off me and I lay here motionless.
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Default a moral dilemma

Somewhere in the distance I hear my phone. Yes it’s my phone. Must have put it back together. That will be the receptionist letting me know it’s time. I sit up, ignoring the horrible feeling of warm spent cum running out of me, to watch the man holding my phone with interest. He sits on the stool hunkered over with his elbows on his knees. He’s a good looking monster.

Out of the bathroom you stride, grab the phone from him, and come up behind me, whispering in my ear with your dark voice.

“When she rings again, you tell her that everything’s FINE you got that? You tell her everything’s cool, you shower, you go home and keep your fucking mouth SHUT. You don’t tell her its cool, or you tell ANYONE what happened here tonight, we’ll track you down and kill you. Don’t think I won’t either…..I’ve done it before. Do you understand?”

All I heard was “go home.“

I nod eagerly.

When the phone rings again he shoves it into my trembling hand “DO IT.”

“Hello?” I speak softly.

“Times up. Does he want to extend?” God no.

Your hands encircle my neck.


“Let me know when your out! I have another booking for you” she chirps.


“I- I… Uhhh….. Okay. I’ll ring you when I get out.” I breathe. I already know the two words I will say to her when I get out. I flick it shut and drop it on the bed.

I feel you move off the bed behind me, as they gather my discarded clothing and throw it in my direction. I shakily head to the ensuite.

“Make sure you wash yourself real well. Don’t want you getting any stupid ideas!”

“Maybe I should help her” the first guy says. I freeze at the ensuite door, bracing my shoulders. I hope he’s joking. But he’s not.

This time when he rapes me against the wall I let him, I just want to get out of there. The thought of having yet more spunk inside of me infuriates me, but I square my jaw and close my eyes, letting the water wash over my face. I concentrate on the coldness of hard tiles my body is being battered against.

He comes harder the second time around.

Watching warily, I pray that noon else is coming in behind him, as he gets out of the shower and dries himself off. Thank god noone does.

I gingerly wash myself so sore everywhere. Nowhere more than my abused pussy and arse. Little bruises begin to appear already, I bruise so easily. I don’t cry now, because I have to focus on Getting Out. Gotta keep it together. I’m so furious I might scream at the receptionist before I quit. I have to scream at someone. Not them.

Turning off the taps, I hear the boys laughing and joking, and the music channel turned on. I step out onto the white mat. The shower felt cleansing, but I must get out, can have a long shower at home. Where I’m safe. I dress myself as quickly as my exhausted body will allow, noticing that all my lingerie is now ruined. I scrimp it all into a ball and throw it in the bin. There’s my wallet. God I feel so sick.

I collect it and see the edges of the notes sticking out. I finger the beloved notes. These ones feel bad.

As if I sold myself into pain and misery for their amusement. Isn’t money, money? One hundred dollar note purchases exactly the same things as another one hundred dollar note. They should go without something for what they did to me.

And so the dilemma is:

Do I take your money

or do I throw it in your face
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