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Yeah I think you are right 185,000 + view's I think I need to post in the rowdy room!

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Default G I Jane Part Thirty Two

Part Thirty two.

The Ambulance rushed through the countryside with its siren wailing. After a couple of hours it was in a small city and then drove into an Exclusive clinic. It reversed to the emergency room doors.

The rear doors slammed open, ONeil tried to see past her suspended tits as the Doctor and stern climbed out. Suddenly around her were three very beautiful similar looking nurses all with jet-black hair tied back. Wide well lipstickd mouths, ample bosoms, which were being shown off by the deep neckline of their Nurse whites.

She glanced down their uniforms ended just below pussy height and their bare well-tanned legs were clad in sheer white stockings. They all grinned at her, then there was a burst of activity as they unclipped her teats. The brake was off the trolley and suddenly she was being hauled out into the bright antiseptic smelling corridor.

ONeil was rushed through the corridors to a treatment room. By Stern Salem and the three gorgeous nurses in almost porn film uniforms. Starched White, stiff, and very tight, gaping down the front bulged out by impressive tits.

Once in the room the three nurses, busied them selves cleaning all the semen off ONeil, Her breasts released from their suspension sat as two huge tight fat orbs atop her ribs. They had three buckets of freezing water and big hand sized sponges.

They busied themselves sponging all the cum off of ONeils body scrubbing and harshly manhandling her hefty tits toying with them, using the cold water to make her teats come up harder and wrinkled throbbing within their pierced cones, so that ONeil gasped and groaned desperate to have them sucked.

Once she was cleaned all over, she lay panting on the trolley still strapped down to it by the thick straps her legs still suspended in the thigh stirrups, Her boot heavy feet hanging limp, her cunt filled to over capacity by the inflated dido.

She gasped in frustration as the vibrator was withdrawn from her ass. Then they busied themselves with her clit cleaning around it making her flinch and jolt as they repeatedly nudged and flicked it. by the time that was over ONeil would have promised anything to be fucked, or just to finger her own clit.

They gathered around her face looking down on her shaved head, her pretty mouth lodged wide open by the ring gag. All were big strong looking women.

"Hi Lieutenant, were going to be looking after you during your stay Im Judy, This is Sue, and Anne, (She smiled) Dr Stern has told me all about you, and I want you to know we only have our own and our masters sexual interests at heart, and so if theres any way we can use your deliciously strong body to increase our own or his pleasure we will. OK! Good!"

"Sue get the breast press!"

"Sure, itll have to be the big one!" they all giggled.

She came back with the press; two shaped and formed pieces of strong wood with two bolts at either end. Judy grabbed ONeils breasts and squeezed them hard and yanked them up. They fitted the piece of wood with the bolts through to her chest. Her tits were pushed over it and the other piece were fitted over the top, they pushed it down as far as it would go and then fitted butterfly nuts to the bolt ends. They began tightening them. Squeezing her breast roots, pushing her breasts up and out. ONeil began pleading and moaning as pain began to emanate from her jugs.

"Oh dear they are big arent they?" Said Sue running her fingers over ONeils flinching side.

Anne and Judy were tightening the nuts down hard ONeil began to arch her back trying to shake her heavy breasts in agony. They ached hotly with the weight of the milk within.

Slowly as they watched her teats came up harder and harder, her aureole thickened, dark veins standing out as her breasts became more and more engorged. ONeils teats swelled within her fitted cones; becoming two very fat dark nubs themselves, which filled the confines of the metal lattice work to overflowing, The dark flesh bulging as they watched.

They all giggled as the first droplets of milk appeared at the tips of her teats and slowly built until they dribbled down the sides of each stiff cork like nipple.

Tears ran from ONeils eyes as the ache inside her jugs became a thumping hard hot need to feed, she tried to tell them to plead but they just smiled and then Judy took hold of her left breast and began to squeeze and massage it.

She tried to get her fingers to meet around the slab like hard breast but it was far too big. She twisted and shook it making ONeil groan and shake her head as her gaze went to each of their lipstickd mouths.

Anne watched ONeils face closely as she undid the bar going through her right teat and removed the cone. She then wrapped a finger around ONeils now burning right teat and tugged it grinning as ONeils hips flexed and milk ran out and down her stiff flesh.

"Oh dear we do need milking dont we Lieutenant?" stated Judy tugging the whole of her left breast hard. She then removed that cone too.

Now ONeils teats were free of the constant tug sensation and she groaned as they were grabbed and tweaked and tugged enthusiastically.

Meanwhile Sue stood between ONeils straining strapped thighs and took hold of the dildo and pressed it deeper into ONeils trapped body enjoying watching her muscular body strain and fuck as she tried to grind her clit against the thing.

As she was doing this Judy and Anne gripped a breast each and began licking and lapping up her milk from around her throbbing nipples. ONeil was trying to get her teats in their mouths. Thrusting her chest out, breathing hard as eventually they began to tease her nubs with their teeth, pulling and stretching them, making her groan and grunt in effort as incredibly she felt her breasts heat and swell to even greater proportions.

Anne latched on first and began to suck; ONeil lifted her head biting on the gag her whole body shuddering with pleasure as milk flooded Annes mouth, she suckled and swallowed feeling ONeils milk jet into her throat as she squirmed and gasped her tit surging into letdown.

Judy opened her mouth wide and pressed ONeils wide dark swollen aureole to her lips she sucked hard pulling her turgid flesh to her mouth going cross-eyed in shock with the amount of milk that surged into her mouth, she began to swallow and suck.

Soon both of them were feeding from the delirious ONeil. Suckling greedily while ONeil writhed and pumped her hips, her filled cunt desperate for attention.

Sue was watching ONeils trapped and pierced clit amazed as the bloated glistening thing seemed to pulse and twitch as she flexed the dildo in her cunt dragging ONeils pressed open vulva around and about so that she lifted her ass pushing her cunt toward the thick hard thing.

Sue went down to her knees her eyes crossed as she focused on the hard button trapped in front of her. She began to lick and kiss slowly up ONeils inner thigh toward her stuffed cunt. ONeil groaned and flexed as Sues hot mouth traced a line closer and closer to her aching clit.

She went around it and nibbled and kissed her pubis above the bloated thing, then down the other side, ONeils hips twitched and strained trying to push her cunt toward the teasing mouth.

Sue licked around her taut vulva, she made her way back up to ONeils clit and then blew on it gently enjoying the way the trapped womans ass clenched and thrust out her twat, desperate for attention.

The other two were pumping and tugging ONeils hard overfull tits to their hungry sucking mouths, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of her rich hot milk.

ONeils strong muscular body strained and flexed against her bonds, her well toned thigh muscles standing out hard as she desperately tried to push her clit to Sues teasing mouth.
Sue reached inside her uniform pocket and gripped a 6-inch metal rule. She pulled it out. Her tongue pressed and lapped around the base of ONeils stiff clit, never touching it, just moving slowly around it causing the trapped Lieutenant to push her cunt out as high as she could.

Her thigh muscles trembling with tension as she franticly sought release. The two other nurses were swallowing milk for all they were worth, both struggling to keep up with the flow as ONeil moaned and writhed between them.

Sue rolled her stiff tongue around the base of her clit feeling ONeil tense almost to the point of climax. She pulled back hearing ONeil moan "NOHHHWW!" through the ring gag. She dipped her head rolling her tongue around the thick twitching stub, ONeil tensed again her legs snatching against the straps harder lifting her ass higher.

Sue watched ONeils belly muscles strain and tremble as she lifted her cunt with all her might waiting for that last touch that would bring her orgasm.

Sue pulled away, brought up the ruler bent it back hard and released it SMACK! Right on ONeils turgid clit, it hit, slamming into the swollen tip.

ONeils body snapped rigid in agony. She let loose a howl of frustration fed anguish as searing red hot pain lanced up through her. In shock she humped and jerked her hips as her engorged clit rang with smarting pain.

"Oh dear did you nearly cum? There, there your nice Nurse will lick it better!"

Sue began to lick around it again while ONeil sobbed for her not too. ONeils face was flushed with excitement her eyes running with tears as she felt delicious shocks dance up through her sore clit.

Her clit was rapidly hardening again with nowhere to retreat too it had little choice, She still writhed in agony as Sues hot hard tongue eased around and over it sending a flurry of hot tingles up through her cunt so that it squeezed and chewed on the fat dildo lodged there.

Sue teased around and under it, flicking the tip of her tongue up the lower edge so that it twitched and ONeils thighs strained on either side of her face, her ass began to lift.

Judy and Anne were both feverishly frigging themselves. Their mouths locked onto ONeils squirting teats, one hand holding the fat milk laden orb to their faces while the fingers of the other hand dipped and rubbed their hot wet twats.

Judy was getting close to climax now her belly feeling heavy and full as she suckled and pumped more and more milk down her throat. ONeil was tensing again her body slowly straining toward orgasm.

Judy glanced down her body saw Sue bringing the rule up again. She stood; keeping the teat lodged firmly in her mouth she moved around and swung her leg over ONeils startled face.

She rammed her hot juicy twat onto ONeils face, her thighs clamping around her head as she fucked it against her nose and mouth. Sue flicked ONeils clit one last time, brought up the rule. SMACK!! ONeil went crazy, screaming in agony into Judys cunt.

Judy let her breast free from her milk sodden mouth and groaned, leaning back she yanked her nursing whites up out of the way so she could look down as she held the trapped officers face hard between her thighs.

ONeils nose was pushed up into her ass her open mouth howling just in front of Judys cunt as it spasmed and let loose a huge gush of cunt juice straight into her mouth.

ONeil spluttered and gasped as more jetted out of Nurse Judy quickly filling her mouth to overflowing until with disgust she swallowed and took a breath.

Judy was in bliss she staggered back and sank to her knees as Anne swung her leg over ONeils face and after a short fight had her cunt over the poor Lieutenants mouth while she frigged herself to an even more productive orgasm.

Thick hot slime shot from her cunt in one hard stream after another, filling ONeils mouth in two hard gushes, the rest splashed and splattered over her face as Anne frigged and frigged groaning and gasping until with one last grunt she was spent and released ONeils juice soaked head from between her thighs.

ONeil was choking and spitting her eyes stinging. Her whole head was awash with cunt juice, bubbles blew from her nose as she gasped and spluttered. Her heavy trapped tits were running milk in rivulets down her neck and sides.

She managed to splutter NO! as Sue covered her whole clit with her mouth and sucked hard her tongue inside flicking and pressing her bloated nub about so that ONeil snatched and jolted as heavy contractions slammed up through her aching twat.

She pulled off again the rule slammed into ONeils clit making her scream and strain blabbing and moaning in agony and frustration. Sue was up around and on her in a flash her thighs clamped around her head, twat stuffed against her ring gagged mouth, grinding and fucking her face as she lay on top of her.

She gripped ONeils inner thighs with her hands spreading her vulva even further as she latched her mouth over her smarting clit and sucked hard.

ONeil jerked and moaned stifled by her twat as she sixty-nined her. Sue was lapping at her clit drawing the whole bloated head deep into her mouth and chewing it swirling her tongue around it then taking it between her teeth to run her tongue against it.

ONeil was bucking, her breasts in agony under the weight of Sue. Sues ass was pounding her face. Sues ass became a blur as she came releasing ONeils clit from her mouth as she gasped and grimaced in release, cunt juice poured from her almost drowning ONeil as her head was pumped viscously.

Sue scrambled off her and stood feeling her clit enjoying the aftermath. Anne and Judy began to lick all the cunt cream from ONeils face as she sobbed still desperate for climax her breasts still oozing milk.

"Oh that was good, we all feel much better now dont we girls?" They both nodded and giggled.

"Now whos first to fuck the poor Lieutenant?"

They all scrambled to put their hand up first. Sue deliberated and then pointed at Anne. ONeil looked up horrified as they produced a pair of hard rubber panties with a thick metal stud at the front where a mans cock would be. Anne enthusiastically pulled them on OOhing and Ahhing as they sat tight up against her just climaxed cunt. Sue leant over ONeil and pointed to the stud.

"This here fits snugly into the base of that nasty dildo up your poor stretched cunt Soldier bitch, and then once its connected we can give you a really vicious fucking, wont that be nice?"

ONeil shook her head and groaned, the idea of that massive pressured thing moving inside her was horrific, she was sure her cunt walls would rupture.

Sue went back between her bound thighs and busied herself connecting two pressure hoses to the base of the thick dildo which jutted from between ONeils stretched wide cunt lips. She smiled evilly at ONeils sweaty features as she placed her hand on a cylinder regulator.

"I do think your cunt lips could go a little wider? dont you think?"

ONeil shook her head pleading through the gag as they all giggled and gathered close to watch.

"Did Dr stern explain to you about this very special device hes inserted in you? No I thought not, well you see if I switch it this way the pressure elongates it, and this way (She reached down and clicked it over) it forces it to widen, special isnt it."

She laughed as she opened the regulator.

ONeil jolted and strained against her bonds as the awful thing began to slowly increase the pressure on her cunt walls, she turned the regulator further and ONeil screamed as the thing grew thicker and thicker pressing and forcing her cunt walls.

Sue grinned looking on as her labia were forced cruelly wide. ONeils thighs strained and snatched her belly tight and trembling as Sue turned the pressure off.

Anne jostled to be closer and then attached the stud to the base of the dildo, she gave it an experimental stir, ONeil groaned and flinched.

ONeil was in agony her cunt felt as if she was about to split, her ass stung and ached her perineum smarting with the girth of the thing as Anne pressed it in and shuddered with the thrill, she leant over the trapped Lieutenant and gripped her milk coated tits.

"You fuck me good bitch otherwise Im gonna stuff this bastard up your prissy ass!!"

ONeil looked up at her seeing the mean look in her eyes she felt tears come. Anne gripped her teats and stretched and twisted them.

"Fucking Bitch!!" ONeil stared at her defiantly.

Sue leant over and slammed the rule down on her clit. ONeil screamed and bucked howling in agony as pain lanced white hot up through her, she arched her back and pumped her hips rapidly trying desperately to ease the pain.

"That a girl!!" Anne laughed and started to grind the dildo up her. ONeil squealed and tried to kick and squirm away only exciting them more. Sue walked around and swung her leg over ONeils writhing head, she looked down at her pained features.

"Tongue out whore! that is if you dont want more?" ONeil pushed her tongue out Sue brushed her cunt lips against it and ground it down into her face feeling ONeils tongue slide into her cunt and begin to slip in and out.

Anne began to fuck her hard enjoying the way her body writhed and bucked squirming and snatching as she really tried to force scream after scream from her.

One after another they fucked ONeils aching cunt after each they increased the pressure to widen her further, eventually her cunt was a wide open maw filled with hard dildo her labia a stretched thin line her cunt walls continually pulsing and chewing at the cruel thing.

ONeil was weeping hysterically as Judy unclipped the stud from the dildo and pulled the rubber pants off

"Now we have to get you ready for your first appointment Lieutenant so you be a good girl now and Nursey wont have to slap your big clit with my rule now!"

Anne and Judy stood up and went to a trolley they came back with a thick leather strap. It was a belt with a shaped v at the front which then split into two thongs, which attached to the back of the strap. Inside the v was a coarse set of hard rubber nodules that protruded inwards. Sue showed it to ONeil. At the bottom edge of the v was a clip.

ONeil lay there trapped as they busied themselves inserting the base of the dildo into the clip, then fitting the v over her clit. Then they undid her waist belt, lifted her waist and fitted the strap.

They did it up real tight giggling when she began to complain as the nodules ground against her clit and the clip forced the huge dildo deeper into her overstretched cunt.

Then Sue went to a draw and brought out a rubber harness affair. She brought it over and stretched the thing between her hands, Then as ONeil watched she forced the rubber over her right tit, it was a ring of thick rubber far too small for the girth of her breast, from it dangled thin rubber legs and another smaller ring.

Sue snapped her fingers out of it and grabbed ONeils teat to yank and tug more of her breast through. When she had finished the rubber ring was tight into her breast flesh midway between her teat and the base of her jug.

She then pulled more of her tit through so that the spider and smaller ring connected to the main ring sat snugly around her tense thick teat. It had the affect of constantly squeezing ONeils tit in a hard grip, while the teat ring fitted around her dark aureole and forced it up as a thickened pad with her stud like teat in the middle.

She then forced the other ring over her other breast. A thin metal clip connected the two. When they had finished they undid her thighs and arms and dragged her to her wobbly legs.

Sue quickly pushed the thin rubber back strap between the wood of the press and fastened it behind her back.
ONeil struggled as they manhandled her. Her arms were weak and wracked with pins and needles.

They forced her arms right up her back and forced her over to the far wall. ONeil struggled as they forced her down to her knees. Sue swung a metal arm out from the wall and pressed a button locking it in place on the end of the metal arm was what seemed to be a deflated rubber ball.

The bar extended from the wall at ceiling height and came down at a right angle parallel to the wall about 3 metres from it. Sue forced the red wrinkled thing into ONeils mouth she fought trying to pull her head away terrified of what it was.

Eventually it took all three of them to get it in. Sue hit a control and the ball inflated filling ONeils mouth to capacity. She grunted and snatched as they released her trying to be free.

ONeil put her hands up and grabbed hold of the metal bar desperately trying to pull it free.

Judy and Anne set too removing the breast press from ONeils tits. She tried to fend them off but was still too weak as they removed it and let the whole weight of her jugs throb against the rubber harness.

Then Sue put a metal collar around her neck and locked it. ONeil grabbed at it. The collar had chains on it with cuffs on the ends quickly they snapped them closed around her wrists. Now she couldnt reach above her head or below her breasts. She strained and snatched at them to no avail. They stood away from her talking quietly. ONeil knelt there helpless milk dripping from her heavy squeezed up mammaries.

End of Part Thirty Two.

Enjoy MG
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Thanks for another great chapter! I love what they're doing to her mistreated tits and twat. to think some women can be so cruel to their own kind. Only one more to go now?
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Default G I Jane Part Thirty Three

Part Thirty Three

O'Neil knelt there her cunt and breasts aching her teats burning with the excessive milk built up behind them. She heard a noise and tried to look behind her, she couldn't see but she could hear what sounded like hoofs on tile then she realised.

The first bullock walked around to her front and swiped its wet muzzle across her shoulder, she flinched and cursed into the ball as another came and pressed its head against her belly then up its rough fur grazing her breast as it followed the smell of her milk.

She tried to press it away with her manacled hands as it tried to find her teat with its insistent wet mouth. She was almost sobbing with frustration as the other began nuzzling her big breasts knocking and squashing the heavy globe as it tried to find her nipple.

O'Neil fought them off for as long as she could and then while she held one away the other snaked its long pink tongue around her left teat and then mouthed it hotly she sobbed and tried to push it away but as she did the other latched on its mouth locking onto her rubber mesh encased tit hard it sucked.

She wailed around the ball as she felt it draw on her breast, she slapped and pushed at it as the other nuzzled and then found her jutting teat and it also mouthed sucked and then latched on to her breast. O'Neil flexed and jolted trying to pull her tits away but it was too late they were there for the duration. She groaned and pumped her hips helplessly as she was overcome by let down in one and then the other breast.

The dildo in her cunt and the tight harness holding the exciter against her clit were now slick with her cunt juice as it began to ooze out of the sides of the massive girth embedded deeply in her. The Bullocks chewed and stretched her teats making her shudder with excruciating pain and pleasure.

She had been there for hours it seemed quickly she had found there were four Bullocks, all of them hungry and bullying and jostling for milk at times pushing her this way and that as they fought to feed from her elongated sore teats.

She was almost unconscious with thirst and pain when she heard footsteps and then Dr Stern was stood over her, stroking her almost bald bristled head.

"Ah you are feeding your babies huh?" He mused

"That would be a triumph if I were able to get a bitch like you to give birth to a calf huh?"

He smiled.

"The Bullocks are draining your breasts well soon we will be ready to get you on the table and place the senators eggs within you. Then there is the fun of insemination and then you will be the big bellied Mommy Ya!" he giggled insanely.

O'Neil stared at him with utter loathing. He undid his pants and pulled his cock free wanking it slowly.

"I think Ill see if your ass is still as tight as it was eh?" O'Neil complained into the ball as he went behind her and knelt down. He slapped her ass and then levered her cheeks apart. She tried to lift her hands to pull the gag from her mouth, but couldn't reach.

Stern looked down at her tightly puckered anus and licked his lips appreciatively; he admired the way the massive dildo up her cunt pressed her perineum up like a shelf. He put the head of his cock to it and pressed it in.

She grunted and helplessly knelt there as he held her cheeks wide open as he tried to get it in then he had to grip his cock and force it into her rectum, making her stiffen and grip the heads of the Bullocks as he forced the tip into her enhanced asshole. Soon he had it in and took hold of her hips so that he could shaft her shitter hard.

All O'Neil could do was kneel there pressing back with her hips as he plunges his dick in and out.

"Fuck is tight now! A good job, very good job, ahhh yes so fucking tight ya!"

Stern grabbed her hips and plunged his cock deep up O'Neils restored asshole, stirring it deeply in her rectum as she was milked by the jostling bullock's.

Stern didn't last long in her sucking pulsing ass and moments later he came into her bowels. He pulled out gasping his cock was covered in shit, O'Neil's anus snapped shut trapping his semen inside. He got up and walked around to her face, she attempted to pull away but he grabbed her face and wiped his shitty cock all over her face before leaving her to be milked.

Hours later Nurses Anne and Judy came in and led the Bullocks away. Then Sue came and smiling plunged a syringe into O'Neil's left tit.

O'Neil winced and stared at her with hate filled eyes as she drew up more serum and then stabbed it into her other breast.

"I know I shouldn't but we do like your big milky tits and your commanding officer wants to play a little later, and we must indulge him."

O'Neil started to feel her rubber lattice encased breasts ache and throb as the drug forced her to produce even more milk she bit on the ball in her mouth as the pain began to build.
Anne felt and weighed her breasts appreciatively. Thumbing her sore teats, the rubber rings around them were being stretched tight by the increasing pressure. Her breast flesh bulged between the thick black rubber strands that crisscrossed her mammoth jugs.

"Oh dear you must be ever so thirsty, would you like a special drink?"

O'Neil shook her head fearfully. Judy reached behind the suspended ball in her mouth and withdrew a plug O'Neil felt fresh air in her mouth for the first time in ages. All she could taste and smell was semen.

She began to panic and struggled to pull away as Anne started to stuff a pipe and funnel in the other side. ONeil made muffled pleadings as Judy reappeared with a big jug full of what looked like milk but seemed to fluid. Anne stood behind her and held her head fast while Judy held the funnel and began pouring.

"Now, now we need to keep your strength up now do we not!"
ONeil spluttered and swallowed, on the brink of drowning as the solution glugged into her trapped face. They let her breathe and then resumed. It was a good ten minutes before they had force-fed her three jugs full.

O'Neils belly was painfully distended and her breasts were hard and swollen to almost twice the size they were before the injections, the flesh bulging around the rubber harness which was now painfully tight. The two nurses tidied up the hose and funnel and reinserted the plug in the ball.

O'Neil watched them walk away. Her breasts were hot, hot and painful. Her belly cramped and gurgled. She felt slowly better than she had done for days with just the drink in her she didn't know what it contained but she was sure it was not meant just to enhance her health.

Three hours later O'Neil had pissed on the floor twice and she was in agony her breasts a harsh dark purple with the enormous quantity of milk she had on board. The big puddle of her urine sat around her knees.

She was moaning in agony and cradling her huge tits. Try as she might she couldn't quite reach her teats the tips of her fingers could brush them but not squeeze or pluck them to get the milk out. The cuffs had been designed beautifully to stop who ever was in them from touching their nipples.

She was massaging and slowly squeezing them trying desperately to force milk out to ease the pressure. Her strong fingers worked rhythmically, trying to ease the pain. Milk oozed wetly from both dark coral teats and slid down to form drips below each jug.

O'Neil heard the door at the other end of the room open and close, unable to look around she froze as the smell of cigar smoke wafted over.

Salem stood behind her puffing on a fat cigar.

"Looks to me like you could do with some way of off loading that burden!"

O'Neil let go of her breasts and knelt there trembling; she made no attempt to offer an answer. Her Breasts painfully throbbed and her nipples ached for attention. Sharp hot pains wracked each breast now she had stopped massaging them.

Suddenly Doctor Stern walked around into her view and examined her breasts, jiggling and squeezing them painfully. He grinned at her and then gripped both and squeezed them viciously smiling as she bit into the ball her arms flailing trying to prize him off them as she snorted and struggled in agony.

"Ja they are far to full. The hormones are through zer roof. You want the pain to stop in the jugs?" he asked.
O'Neil nodded far too enthusiastically desperate to end the cycle of pressure and pain.

"Good I will get the nurses to bring zer pump and you will be able to milk them. You like that?"

She nodded.

"Good, I knew you would" he gloated.

It was a good twenty minutes before the nurses came in with an apparatus that was low to the floor consisting of bottles and valves, pipes crisscrossed it, in the centre were two tall erect pipes that appeared to be sleeved with two clear cups at the ends.

Around the pump were four thick metal pedestals atop each was a metal linkage that was attached to the pump by cables. It was noticeable that they were shaped the two front ones for the wrists the two rear ones for the ankles.

By now O'Neil's tits were on fire hard hot pressure was building in each and she was crying with the pain. Stern came over and stood over her. Next to him stood Anne. In her hands she carried a syringe and the serum bottle, she began to draw it up.

O'Neil was terrified she felt if she were given more her breasts would split. Her head was full of the throbbing of her heart labouring as her body was forced by the drug to turn all the solution in her belly into milk.

"You know what zis chemical agent does to your titties Lieutenant, now you will behave or Nurse Quim here will be delighted to pump your tits full of more, if this happens your breasts will be painful beyond bearing of even your strong constitution and so you will be in agony until you behave, you understand? . . . Good! Release her!"

Judy Took hold of the metal bar that ended as the inflatable ball in ONeils mouth and released it from the wall she flicked a switch and with a whirr of motors it rose in the air dragging the trapped Lieutenant to her feet.

"Stand up Lieutenant!" she was forced to comply on wobbly legs.

Salem grinned "Get your worthless ass over her Bitch!"

Judy swung the arm out and across the room ONeil was forced to stagger toward the pump.

Stern explained to her; "This is a Goat sucking machine, as such it is made to milk goats, as you can see the cups are wide and long to allow for their long teats. This device is especially designed to draw in and stretch the teat while the pressure fluctuates to suckle the teat of the animal.

To milk your tits you have to support yourself on the pedestals, You place your udders in the cups and depress the tubes. Once depressed the pump will suckle only when the tubes are extended to their full extent, this will only happen for a short time, to keep the process going you will need to achieve a high rate of push ups otherwise an electrical charge will be administered through the cups to your breasts."

The bar brought her to the foot of the rear pedestals.

Looking around she helplessly took hold of the handhold and clambered up into the foot pedestals. She shifted herself until her breasts dangled stiffly into the cups. The foot and wrist clamps pressured shut on her, trapping her. She looked about fearfully.

Suddenly the apparatus beneath her powered up and she winced as a mild shock shot through her breasts.
Salem stood watching admiring O'Neil's strong powerful legs.

Her taut buttocks glazed with sweat. Her powerful arms strained to hold up the weight of her milk-laden chest. He moved so he could look up between her thighs as she began to press down. Her cunt lips were visible around the girth of the wide dildo; this was attached to the clit cup, which was tight against her pubis. Above these he could see her enhanced anus, which looked tight and inviting.

O'Neil pressed down and groaned in relief as she felt the cups activate and latch on. Her large breasts flexed and the flesh fluttered as the suction drew on them.

She powered up straightening her well muscled arms, she hesitated her eyes rolling as the cups began to pump and suck she rapidly went through let down her whole body shuddering as she felt her teats flood the cups with milk.

They suckled once, twice, three times ONeil was trembling in bliss and release. The clear tubes feeding the tanks on the Goatsucker filled rapidly with her milk. The shock hit her tits making her jolt, in panic she powered down. Then up gasping around the ball as it suckled again at the third she powered down.

She grunted and strained forcing herself to keep time.
Behind her Salem undid his pants and took out his big prick he wanked it slowly watching her ass crack open and close as she powered up and down. Stern handed him a lead from the apparatus, on the top was a button.

"To shock her press this, in case she misbehaves."

Salem grinned; he stepped forward between her thighs and stared down at her straining ass cheeks.

O'Neil jerked in shock as he stroked and then spread her ass, she whimpered as she felt his thick fingers pry open her strong butt and she could feel his eyes on her ass hole as she pumped up and down. Salem placed the head of his meat at the entrance to her shitter and as she lifted he pressed in, she trembled and groaned in despair as he began to force his thick helmet into her tight opening.

"Press back Lieutenant!!" he ordered.

O'Neil bore back feeling her ass give and receive him the hot thickness of his cock forcing her ring wider and wider as her cunt twinges around the thick dildo. He stood still pressing his hips forward as she lifted and took more of him into her rectum.

As she lowered her ass retreated making a fart noise. Soon he was inside her ass up to his pubes and O'Neil was impaled helplessly on his meat. He stood there smoking his cigar letting her fuck his cock with her tight clenching ass. Every now and again he would shock her into pressing back harder so he could grind his cock against the dildo and feel her bowels pulse and suck at his meat.

"Thats it you fat uddered whore, you ass fuck me good or I'm gonna fry your tits off!!"

O'Neil groaned as he pressed in and her ass ached as it filled to the brim with his hot meat. He shocked her again enjoying the way she bucked and moaned the muscles in her ass clenching around his cock as she powered up.

The pump sucked hard she groaned in delirious bliss as milk poured down the tubes. She felt as if her teats were being pulled and massaged longer and longer the rubber tube within the cups gripping and pulling them in hard insistent unison.

Salem leant forward powering his thick cock deep into her ass he shocked her over and over making her writhe and jolt on his meat as he reached around and gripped her jugs squeezing and pumping them as he slammed up into her butt. His thick fingers encircled the base of each tit gripping and squeezing cruelly as he brutally slam fucked her helpless ass.

O'Neil groaned as it suckled again and again she powered down he rammed up into her butt making her thighs strain as she fought to push up as he reamed her ass. She felt her cunt clamp down on the dildo, his cock pulse and slide deep up her rectum as her teats were simultaneously drawn.

O'Neil came her whole body stiffening as her cunt squeezed the dildo hard her ass sucking and clenching hard on Salems cock as cunt juice shot out of the side of her dildo filled cunny. Making his thighs slick as he brutally jack hammered her clenched ass and shot what felt like a bucket load of hot jizz into her guts.

He wrenched his shit and blood smeared cock from her ass as she wailed and danced electricity lancing through her tits as she fought to push up and down. The Pump still feasting on her throbbing tits. Salem stood away gasping watching her labour to keep the machine happy as all his cum oozed out of her ass to dribble over the base of the dildo.

Two hours later with her arms straining and her whole body trembling with fatigue Dr Stern appeared and turned off the pump the two cups fell from O'Neils dark bruised elongated teats she wept with horror and disbelief as he fingered and flicked them making her jolt and cringe.

They were now so sensitive that just touching them made her whole body dance. Stern grinned and pulled and squeezed them viciously stretching them so he could watch the pain and distress on her face.

He gripped her tits feeling them gauging how full the still were, then in disgust he strode from the room.

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Thanks Gerald! Epic stuff. Anything beyond this point is virginal territory for me!
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34 coming soon enjoy MG
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Default Trust by Mad Gerald 2017

Story By Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet,
provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

Trust by Mad Gerald.

Copyright 2017

Part one.


Woman Police Constable Clarke was on her way to pick her sargeant up from the hearing when she had been rerouted from her normal duties by a phone call from an old lady concerned that "lots of nasty men" where going into the derelict warehouses near the docks.

Dutifully she was on her way to investigate, she stopped the police car in a side street and got out, she was 5' 11" powerful looking brunette, she walked toward the dark wherehouse that the old woman had described.

Her mind went back to the relief in his voice when he had called her, 'he had been aquitted, all the stuff he had been accused of dropped, she didn't know the facts, she'd heard the rumours, all quite farsical really, he always seemed like a nice guy to her, strict, but you had to be didn't you, but a nice guy.

People would accuse coppers of anything now a days just to get at the force, make our work more difficult'. Her boots crunched into the gravel as she stepped from the pavement, through a gap in the fence, and proceeded toward the building, light was fading.

Outside the wherehouse, pissed off at not being able to spectate at the gang fight, Jed and Rick stood lookout, they watched the police car approach and stop and the police woman get out, She was tall and stocky, looking immaculate in her black uniform, she put her cheveroned police hat on and walked toward the fence, they grinned at each other and ducked into the shadows.

The place looked quiet, Amanda put her hat on and got out of the car, she was wearing Police issue boots, black uniform trousers, a metropolitan police polo shirt and stab vest and utility belt, and her cheveroned British Police woman's hat.

She wandered over to the front of the building checked the door, locked, (It wasn't quite dark enough for a torch yet), and then wandered around to the back of the building, between it and a smaller shed, she walked straight past Rick crouching in the shadows, it was really dark now she stopped and fumbled for her torch, she pulled it free and turned it on straight into Jeds gruff scarred face!

He grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off her feet cutting off her scream, she hit his face with the torch over and over her feet kicking and flailing he laughed and hoisted her higher, shaking her as she choked and gasped for breath.

She flexed her strong legs, kicked him hard with her booted feet shocked that it had no effect, and hit his face with the torch again, he grunted and then head butted her hard in the face almost knocking her out. He then threw her backwards into the shed behind her, onto her back, she landed hard it winded her and she struggled to get up, trying to get her radio.

He was on her, immediately, grabbing her stab vest and hauling her up, she grabbed her extending truncheon and threw it out, round and down across his face, he swatted it away and punched her shocked face hard.

Amanda went weak at the knees falling back into the wall, he grabbed her face around the jaw and lifted her up turning her and slamming her back onto his chest, he held his massive hand across her mouth stiffling her, his other arm pinning her torso to his.

Amanda screamed into his hand still kicking and struggling as Rick appeared out of the shadows and kneed her straight in the groin, she yelped into Jed's hand, her big arse slamming back into his groin.

Rick grinned into her face as she grimaced in pain, her cunt really smarted, with that blow, she had never been struck in her cunt before and the pain was excruciating.

He smiled enjoying the startled pain on her face, she tried to kick him, missing, her strong leg flailing out, he kneed her in the cunt again hard, making her ass lurch back, and extracting a humph! From her through Jed's grimy fingers.

Amanda's cunt throbbed in pain, her thighs closing around his knee, trapping it as she winced in agony, he rammed it up into her again and pulled it free.

He started to undo her belt then her trousers, he wrenched them down her struggling well muscled legs to her boots, and then grabbed and stretched her white briefs up into her hairy cunt, wrenching them hard until the gusset tore and they came off.

She bucked and struggled her wide hips heaving as his hand went to her hairy snatch and groped it before to her horror and disbelief he pulled out his cock and forced it up between her smarting vulva and into her in one swift thrust and started to rape her dry cunt.

Shocked she jolted and yelped into Jed's hand as her rapist started to grudge fuck her hard his cock quickly making lube to allow him to be slamming up into her cunt vicously as he grinned into her tear rimmed eyes.

Amanda's big strong legs kicked and gyrated as he fucked her, helplessly she tried to pull free to no effect, she never believed this would happen to her all the training all the determination and hours believing she had made herself proof against being overpowered in this way, and here she was impaled on this grinning creeps cock.

"That good piggy? Huh some real cock in that snatch o yours?" He chuckled holding her hips tight as she snatched and struggled in his grip, she brought her leg up trying to dislodge him.

"Get the fuck off!" her rapist caught her right thigh and hoisted it up, tearing her trousers as he heaved his cock up into her cunt his pubis hard against her clit.

He was grinding and pressing hard, Amanda tried to block it out, she heaved her arse trying to get off his cock but it just seemed she was fucking, his hands went up inside her black polo shirt gripping and wrenching down her sports bra so her breasts came free, he mauled them with his hands, pulling and squeezing them as she screamed into the massive hand clamped over her crying face.

She bucked and struggled suddenly pulling her arm free, she slammed her fist into her rapists face, then slapped and gripped his face pressing it back hard, he shook his head free and spat in her eyes, fucking her hard.

Her free hand scrabbled about pulling out her pepper spray, she had no way of pulling the cap but she rammed it up backwards into Jeds face, luckily stabbing the head of it into his eye.

He yelped and let go of her, stepping backwards, Amanda fell backwards off Rick's cock she twisted sideways, and threw herself on her side, she kicked out at Rick, hitting his legs and thighs but missing his nuts.

"You fucking cow you are so fucking dead!" Hollered Jed groping at his weeping bloody eye.

Amanda twisted and drew her knees up, trying to get to her feet, her torn trousers impeding her, she kicked out at Rick again, they tore more and she grabbed and pulled at them ripping her leg free, she got to one knee.

Rick threw himself at her, she deflected him into Jed and they fell in a heap, she turned and propelled herself up to her feet, they struggled and righted themselves, turning to grab her.

Amanda lunged toward the door of the shed, one step, two, Rick's hand snared her flailing trouser leg and gripped it hard, Amanda yelped as she was snatched backwards toward them hard.

She managed to get her hand on the door frame and grip it kicking out with her snared foot more material tore, her bare legs white in the darkness as she hauled herself away out of the door.

Jed was on his feet and launched himself at her, determined not to lose this prime peice of cunt. He grabbed her stab vest in his big hand and yanked her back and round, his other fist slammed into her midrift doubling her up.

Amanda was in agony, her mouth wide in an almost silent scream as the air was forced out of her, doubled up around his fist, hands clutching at his arm as he laughed, and head butted her backwards onto the floor, Amanda sobbing in shock and pain scrabbled backwards away from him her hand searching for her radio.

Rick was out of the shed door now racing toward her she put her foot up and caught him in the groin he yelped and gripped her boot swearing and cursing and fell sideways pulling her leg with him.

She brought her other leg in trying to get up, her legs apart, Jed kicked her in the cunt viciously, Amanda shrieked her ass jolting back with the force of the blow her back arching.

She grabbed her cunt closing her thighs around her hands as he pulled his boot away, tears flooded from her eyes. He kicked her hands hard she shreiks pulling them away, and he kicked her cunt again.

Amanda jolts wracked in agony as pain shoots through her from her bruised vulva her back arched. Rick is over her he punches her hard in the face and she slackens and lies still.

"You fuckin pig cunt!" Rick wanks his semi erect cock, he grabs her stab vest and hauls her over on her face, he drags her limp arms together and drags some ty-wraps from his jacket pocket.

He tie wraps her elbows together, tight, the plastic dragging into her skin, then he hauls her back over onto her back, he pulls her torn pants from his jacket pocket and stuff them into her slack mouth, he draws away and slaps her slack thighs open looking at her hairy now bruised cunt.

"Be a shame to waste it!"

He wanks his cock and gets between her legs, and pushes his cock into her cunt, he starts to fuck her, with hard deep strokes as Jed looks on.

After a little while Amanda stirs and groans then slowly moves then jolts realising what is happening, her eyes open and she shouts "Nooooo!" Into her panties filled mouth.

"Oh yeah copper you lost the fight and now your getting raped bitch!"

"Noooo! Your under arrest!"

"Like fuck you dumb cunt, now be a good piggy and take it like a good girlie huh?"

Amanda struggles and squirms, but he just laughs and fucks her, his cock squelching in and out of her now lubed up cunt, her legs kick at him to no avail.

She sobs unable to stop him her cunt aching and throbbing as he fucks it from the kicking she has had. He forces his cock deep into her and starts to grind at her cunt.

"Please don't, stop it! Stop! Stop it! Noooo!"

"Oh yeah your nice an wet cunt, nice and wet and tight, you fuckin love it, you fuckin love it you pig slut!"

"Noooo please!"

He pumped her hard stirring his cock in her cunt as she writhed under him, her legs coming up around his waist as he fucked her harder and harder, purposefully grinding his pubis to her clit.

"Noo you dirty bastard! No No No stop stop!"

He humped her hard stuffing his meat as deep as possible up her cunt, his hands under her gripping and spreading her ass as he slammed up into her.

"No no you you you Noo!"

Her booted feet kicked and scrabbled in the filth under her as he heaved hard up into her, she could feel his cock head swell hard up inside her, fully embedded in her aching cunt.

She kicked and struggled desperate to stop his vicious rape, her pale thighs straining and flexing against his thick hairy thighs. He grips her throat pinning her in place choking her as he strokes his meat in and out of her helpless cunt.

Amanda strains and kicks desperate to get off his meat, there is nowhere to go he stirs and thrusts hard into her laughing at her struggles.

"Gonna fill your belly pig! Fill it right up!"

She heaves and twists unable to dislodge him she wails horrified as he pulls almost out and forces it hard back into her in one vicouse stroke, her thick legs kick and beat at the backs of his calves as she arches her back trying to force him off.

He laughs and punches her face hard shocking and almost knocking her senseless, he forces the fingers of his right hand into her mouth, pushing her pants further into her mouth stiffling her moans and swearing as he sets to fucking her cunt hard.

"Fucking take it you cunt!" humping her harder and harder, enjoying her grunts of pain and discomfort as he slams his meat in and out, grinding his cock into her his pubis grinding and slamming her as he fucks her helpless cunt.

"You fuckin love it"

he whispers to her, she strains to pull her face away,

"Big dirty cock up your tight posh cunt, being held down, made to take it, take it up your poor little cunt, filling you up, slamin your fucking cunt hard, making you take it, making you fucking take it you peice of shit!"

"You gonna cum for me huh cum like a fuckin slut, oh yeah that's it, getting nice an wet now ain't yer huh! A big proper cock up you, right up you, making you fucking take it, your gonna cum ain't yer you fuckin slut! FUCKIN TAKE IT!"

She wails and digs her heels into the dirt, trying to lift off his meat, her thighs straining around his grinding thighs as he slams it harder deeper up her cunt, he pulls his hand free of her mouth and grips her met vest hard holding her down as he fucks her staring at her pain filled face.

Jed stood watching as he raped the police woman, her legs lurching as he fucked her, harder and harder, his buttocks clenching, she sobbed a long drawn out " noooo!"

She moans "Noooo" at him as his cock slams into her feverishly, faster and faster he forces up into her hard making her back arch as he cums holding her down squirming as he thumps wad after wad of semen up into her unprotected cunt.

"Please no, no!" She moans as she feels his semen hammer up into her, the head of his cock rearing up inside her.

Throbbing and pulsing, she groans trying not to think of it, it pulses again, horrified she tries to control herself, feeling her cunt tighten, she mustn't! Mustn't!

She wailed, and convulsed, gasping, her thighs stiffens and she squirts, She came humping like fuck, sobbing and gasping, cringing as they laughed.

He pulled out wrenching himself free, dragging his cock from her, her ruined orgasm waned, he thrust back into her and grinning spat on her shocked face,

"peice of shit pig whore!" he chuckles finishing off and heaves up off her, pulling his cock from her bruised gaping cunt.

He kicks her legs wide, stood over her he pulls his phone out and takes pictures as his seed tumbles out of her open twat.
She sobs disgusted with herself and twists over on her side gasping she lies there distraught.

Jed pushes Rick aside he stuffs his fingers into her just raped cunt and scoops out Rick's Jizz, he smears it up her ass crack.

Amanda realises and starts to struggle but Rick has her by the shoulder and hip forcing her still kneeling on her legs as Jed drags her cheeks open and presses his meat to her helpless anus.

She pleads with him not to through her gagged mouth, but he just grins and spits into her bottom, she looks away horrified as she feels him slowly press his meat in, her legs snatch and she sobs as he enters her.

Then she lies there her head pressed to the ground as he forces the fat head of his meat into her shitter, slipping it in and out of her stretched painful ring his fingers dragging her chubby buttocks wider as he forces it in deeper.

Then he slides it in hard and starts to bugger her, she whimpers occasionally, they force her on her front and she struggles too late as Jed gets full on her back holding her shoulders down and forces the whole of his cock slowly up her virgin ass.

"Fuckin take it!" He voices in her ear.

"Open up you tight fucking bitch! Fuckin take it!" Rick laughs, His fat cock began to ease in deeper with each hard thrust, her legs out rigid as he forced it slowly in.

Amanda, sobs as the whole of Jed's weight comes down on her back, Rick recovers her hat and jams it on her head, she opens her eyes gasping in pain, to see he is videoing her face as his mate rapes her helpless ass.

"Oh yeah this is fuckin tight, fuckin tight! You ain't had nobody up here have you piggy!"

They laugh as he lifts his hips sliding his cock almost all the way out of her stretched butt, he grabs her shoulders, gripping them hard.

He forces the whole length of his cock up into her bottom.

Amanda shreiks into the gag her face contorted in pain, her teeth gritted into her own pants as he stirs in her ass, rotating his hips against her clenching buttocks.

" Oh yeah tight and fuckin hot!" Jed laughs videoing her grimacing face as Rick starts to fuck her ass with hard deep thrusts.

Jed looks at the screen Amanda's tear streaked face, teeth biting into her own wadded pants, Rick's fingers gripping her eppuletted shoulders as he slam fucks her arse. He slams in and out hard then pulls out suddenly

"Wait! Listen!"

Amanda's ass let's out a loud rippling fart as the trapped forced air escapes, They laugh, she is mortified sobbing in humiliated horror as he forces his cock back into her abused bum hole.

"Nohhw! nohhw! Op it Op it!" She begs as he starts to really bugger her helpless ass.

"Four years I was in fuckin nick cos of a cunt like you! Four fuckin years! You stuck up peice of shit bitch! You fuckin take it you cunt take it!"

He slammed his cock up her ass hard with every word. Making her sob and cringe as he hammered her ass, he knocked her hat off and snatched up a big hand full of her hair, gripping it tight wrenching her head back as he butt fucked his hatred into her sobbing form.

He rammed deep up into her making her face twist in pain as he thumped his hot seed up into her bowels, it seemed to last forever, Amanda wept and cringed as he pulled out of her ass getting up and grinning into the camera, as she farts and sobs.

She tried to twist on her side and gets to her knees to escape, struggling with her arms ty-wrapped behind her,

"Not so fast cunt!" Jed grabs an old sack off the floor and drags it down over her face, he drags the ties around and fastens them tight around her throat.

He punches her head through the sack hard stunning her and grabbing her Met vest, he drags her head over his knees holding her down.

Behind them a new figure appears a large man in a police uniform, he grins and undoes his trousers and gets behind her, he slaps her big white fleshy bum cheeks hard, and wanks his large thick cock.

The street lights glint off his sargeant stripes on his eppeletes, he forces his erect cock into her bum as his friends seed tumbles out.

She whimpers and complains in the sack as he slowly forces his fat cock into her tight ass, her big strong ass cheeks flexing and straining as he forces it in as they hold her down, framing her thick long legs in his as he mounts her.

Inch by inch he forces his thick cock into her stretching asshole.

She jolts and sobs as it's forced in, he grips her hips and begins to rape her aching ass, her buttocks clenching around his thick tool as she tries to stop it going deeper.

He grips her hips dragging her back, and begins fucking up into her ass as she wails and sobs, he buggers her solidly splaying her bum as he fucks with short hard stabs into her ass.

Slowly forcing it to open up until he is able to stroke in and out as she groans and begs for them to stop into the sack.

He forces it deeper and deeper making her shriek and sob until he is slamming his nuts into her neglected cunt, he ass fucks her vicously enjoying her sobs and cries.

He forces it in and stirs it deep up her rectum, he starts to slam in and out again faster and faster and then rams it hard up into her and stays there cumming hard up her helpless ass.

She Bray's horrified into her pants in the sack her forehead pressed to the floor as he emptied his nuts up into her spasming shitter.

He pulls out and pulls his pants shut, he smiles at the others and walks quietly away as behind him Rick gets on her back and also rapes her ass as Jed videos it on his phone.

She sobs and flinches he quickly cums in her and then sniggers then he pisses up her ass as she wails and sobs, he pulls out.

They laugh as his piss jets out of her abused bottom, videoing it all. They leave her there on her face on the floor, semen slowly oozing from her abused butt as she lies there sobbing.

After awhile Amanda turns on her side and pulls her legs up, she desperatly tries to get the sack off her head, eventually she shakes it free.

Gasping she lies there, she hears booted feet and voices, a torch bobbing about to her relief, she sees her sargeant and another WPC come through the darkness.

"Good God what's happened to you?" He says concerned

"I . . I've been attacked . . Raped!" The WPC goes to her, he gets on the radio

"we need an ambulance . . ." She notices the wet knees of his uniform trousers.

Enjoy MG

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Default Trust part Two by Mad Gerald 2017

Story By Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.

The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet,
provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

Trust by Mad Gerald.

Copyright 2017

Part two

Blue flashing lights, an ambulance, two ambulance men, Amanda, still in shock watches them talk to her Sargeant, Lance (5' 11" West Indian, greying hair), then they are, all over her " your going to be alright now, don't worry" Arms still Tywraped behind her, the plastic biting deep into her pale but strong arms, her mouth still stuffed with her own white breifs, she was on her side, bare long white well muscled legs partially folded beneath her.

The heels of her size 8 black Police boots pressing into her bruised, goosebumped buttocks One paramedic behind her, ready with a syringe, the other one holding her head up supporting her, she has a Demi Moore/Natilie Portman look about her, strong but feminine, shoulder length black hair pulled back tight in to a tight bun behind her head.

"a slight scratch" he says behind her. She tries to say no, it slides in, her words die on her lips, as she feels whoozy then everything slides sideways and she feels herself being lifted.

"She's out now”

"We'll get the Gurney". They lay her on her side and and go to the ambulance.

Sarah the blonde policewoman, (6' 2" strong tall woman with an athletic build early 40's) kneels at her side and grips her buttock and lifts it opening her ass cleft, she peers in at her just fucked asshole, raw looking, semen leaks out, she licks her lips, she glanced up at Lance the Police Sargeant,

"They really fucked her ass, hard, it's still oozing their semen" she dips her index finger in and eases it in and out,
"yeah I watched it on my phone" he grins, she takes her finger out and slowly licks it clean, looking at him teasing.

"Still nice and tight though"

"looks it"

"you need to watch it, Ha, the way she jolts and makes that stupid fuckin whining into that sack when he pissed in her ass, funny as fuck!"

"I did, I'm still wet, my favourite was her pressing back forcing it all out of her shitter, there was loads of semen all running down her inner thighs, after all the piss, hanging down from her open butt hole, Good choice in Rapist bastards" she smiled at him

"Well you know, you have to choose carefully if you want good footage"

"Well get you Mr Speilburg!"

"She chose to open her fat mouth, I chose to get some fuckas to fill it, I should make some money off the add's sharing it, I reckon it will be being viewed over and over on phones in every nick in Britain tonight, she could probably drown in the semen spilt over her rape by prisoners tonight"

She moves around and grips Amanda's knee spreading her legs, her fingers dip into her brown haired pubes feeling for and finding her clit, she spreads her vulva easing it open, she fingers and rubs her still protruding little nub,

"Nice, dirty bitch was well on her way to cumming like a slut" she pressed her face down and lapped at it with her tongue. She lifted her face away licking her lips, the two ambulance guys turned up with the Gurney.

"Fuck that's horny! Can we watch?"

"Later perhaps" she grinned at them.

"Do we release her arms?"

"No stick her on it like that, makes it easier"

They lifted her up and put her on her side on the Gurney, Lance watched, admiring her strong muscled white legs, police boots, black socks, her bare ass, bruises coming up where she had fought and been slapped, her white blouse and Met vest, her hat on the Gurney. He picked her radio up and keyed in a code, and put it back on her vest, then he took her phone.

"Take her away guys"

They started to wheel the trolley and stopped, the shorter fatter ambulance guy close to Lance.

"'The' Hospital?"

"Yes 'The' hospital"

"Can we err, you know, sample the goods?"

"Ok, but 30 mins max yeah, and don't embarrass me, or you will get hurt, oh and not her cunt!"

"Ok your the boss, thanks Lance"

They wheeled the Gurney away, Lance turned to the other WPC, "Let's make sure it's all clean here yeah!"

"Sure boss"

10 minutes later an alley way behind shops, a parked ambulance, the ambulance is rocking on its suspension.
Inside the Gurney is in the centre of the floor. Amanda is laid on it almost in the recovery position her head over the edge of the head end.

Dave the short fat scruffy ginger haired para medic, is holding Amanda's head to one side his erect short fat cock sticking out of his uniform greens into her slack mouth, he is enjoying it sliding in and out of her throat.

He watches the other Paramedic Chris, an athletic looking Arab in his 20's. He has Amanda's bum cheek lifted up and is just pressing his long thin erect cock into her recently raped asshole, the pink stiff circumcised head pops into her tight anus, he groans, "Fuck she's tight, nice and fuckin tight" he grips her stiff well fleshed hip and starts to fuck into her ass slowly.

Dave grins at him, "Well be quick I want to cum in there too and we''ve only got ten minutes left"

he holds his phone filming her slack features as he rapes her face, he pulls out and rubs his cock head all over her nose and lips, leaving all his pre - cum and her drool all over her unconscious face.

Chris holds his cock and forces deeper into her ass, enjoying the heat enveloping his meat, he really starts to fuck the unconscious police woman's ass deep and hard, his thin hips slamming her strong butt cheeks, he drags the top cheek up so he can watch his cock slide in and out, He spits into her cleft and grips her cheek really forcing it home,

"Fucking tight bitch!" He grins and starts to really butt fuck her, in moments he is up on tip toe groaning as he thumps a big wad of cum into her rectum, he pulls out gasping.

Dave moves around to her ass and films himself easing his short fat cock into her sperm rimmed asshole, it eases in, filming her prone partially uniformed form as he rapes her arse,

"Fuck yeah! Oh fuck yeah" he heaves his cum into her ass too. He films his cock drawing out and both their loads tumbling out of her gaping shitter, she farts loudly and they both laugh.

He then shares the video with some select freinds.

Minutes later the Ambulance is driving into the rear of a private hospital in Kensington, London.

Amanda is transferred out of it under sheets inside.

Enjoy MG
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Default Trust part Three by Mad Gerald 2017

Trust part Three

Amanda is wheeled through a hospital corridor, it is very modern, very clean, people are sat outside clinics waiting, the Paramedics wheel her into a hospital lift and select the button to go down.

After some minutes the lift stops and the doors open into a dark corridor, they wheel her out into the dark, Lights flicker on detecting their movement, the walls are bare concrete, withe a blue band painted at waist height, they wheel her along beneath the hospital for a few minutes and arrive at a set of double doors, they push the gurney through the swing doors. More lights flicker on.

The room is big, about six metres by eight, there is a large modern gynecologist couch in the center of the rear wall, there are the usual sockets and connections for gases in the wall, several monitors are fitted on arms. The couch has a substantial difference from other similar set ups, in that this one has what can only be described as a great deal of bars and moveable and lockable restraint fixtures around and above it. The seat is adjustable, and the leg rests have straps along their length.

They push the Gurney alongside it and pull the sheets off Police Constable Amanda Clarke, she is on her back still in her white Blouse and Met vest, black and white chequered neck tie visable at her collar. She has no trousers on or under wear, her bare long well muscled white legs end in her black calf length socks and issue high leg boots.

Her bare legs are relaxed slightly parted, her pussy is covered in a thick down of black pubic hair. Amanda's sleeping face is to one side, drool and semen has run down her chin to pool at the base of her neck on her collar and neck tie, she breaths slowly as if just asleep. Her face is pale, eyes closed, dark well kept eyebrows, no make up, she looks facially like a mix of Demi Moore and Natilie Portman, her Corsican roots clear to see, her full wide lips slightly parted showing white well kept teeth. Her black hair would be shoulder length but for it being drawn up in a bun behind her head, secured by an elastic hair band.

They set too moving her from the Gurney to the couch. Lifting her to sit on the seat and then back against the couch, they fit a strap around her waist and secure it tightly. Then one around her neck which secures to the head rest. Her arms are put behind the couch her wrists secured in thick straps just behind her hips on each side. Dave went to a side locker and pulled out a cellophane packet he broke it open and took out a pair of silk white ladies breifs, Chris helped him lift her legs up and put her boots through the leg holes and then drag them up her thighs, he pulled them up tight into her cunt, then tighter.

Dave patted and pawed her pussy through them, that tight they almost formed to the contours of her cunt, moulding to her vulva, Chris then helped him lift her legs up and manhandle them onto the movable leg supports and strap them in place. They pulled the 2 inch thick black straps tight, at mid thigh the above and below the knees and around her ankles, over her boots. Once secure they parted and lifted her knees wide open, locking them in that position. Her silk covered pussy and ass are now both very visable and easy to get at, she moans lowly and shifts.

Dave grins and takes some pictures with his phone, then pulls her briefs aside to take a crotch shot. Chris tuts "you will be in the shit if they find out" Dave just looks at him and puts the phone away. He goes to a cabinet and opens it taking out a ring gag, he goes to the police woman and Chris holds her head while he puts it in her mouth and pulls it forward to behind her teeth spreading her jaws wide, Chris straps it in place behind her head, and checks how tight it is. He fingers her tongue and mouth. Then he retreives her hat from the Gurney and puts it on her head, He retrieves her torn trousers which he places over a towel rail.

His phone beeps, "Time to go!" They drag the gurney from the room closing the door behind them, it shuts solidly.
Amanda opens her eyes slowly, trying to remember where she is? It smells like a hospital? She tries to focus her eyes, her jaws ache. Her ass and pussy are painful too, it comes back to her and she jolts awake, she can't move, her legs are strapped to some kind of contraption, arms behind her, she strains to no effect, her wrists seem to be strapped by the wrists to something? The muscles in her legs stand out as she tries to make them move. The straps immovable digging into her well muscled legs.

Something is holding her mouth open? Her tongue lolls about in her open mouth, exploring it it seems like a metal ring with rubber around the edges, why would her mouth need to be held open so far? She baulks remembering a boyfriend's porn mag withe women trussed up in it, their mouths either gagged with rubber balls or forced open like this in her mouth,. She runs her tongue around the inside of her teeth, realising with horror it tastes of cock.

She tries to lift or shift her ass, but just strains, her silk clad pussy lifts and humps slowly as she tries, she tries to pull her arms free, to no avail. She looks around the room taking in the tiled floor and stainless steel instruments and equipment. Her eyes focus on two cameras which are focused on her, She is chilly her legs goosebumped. She lifts her ass as much as she can, her cunt pressing into the silk pants.
"EEYYO!" She shouts, nothing.

She is there for what must be half an hour, the door suddenly opens and a short man in a doctor's white coat blusters in, he is wearing a black pinstripe suit and black leather shoes, a blue shirt, red tie, he is say in his 50' s, grey balding head, glasses, she has never met him before she is sure, "Elp ee!" She mouths at him.

He is looking at some notes, "Yes in a minute" he finnishes reading them and puts them on a small table. He comes close to her stood between her open thighs, she feels really uncomfortable, he grabs her chin and looks in her eyes then in her mouth.

"Amanda Clarke Police Constable, 24years old, Metropolitan Police, Five feet eleven inches, a big girl aren't you, on duty, raped virginally and anally by 2 assailants," he peers in her mouth "and orally by the look of things, my you are having a bad day" he grips the top hem of her silk breifs and pulls them away "Still it could get worse", looking down, "extensive pubic hair" he goes to her notes,

"Single, lives alone with a cat, good service record." He turns to her, "A Fuck Slut like you living alone with a cat?" He moves the leg rests dragging her restrained legs out straight and wide, she groans in pain, her legs have never been so wide. Her pubis is now pressed hard to the silk breifs.

She tries to answer him not sure what to make of it all. He rubs his thumb up the outline of her vulva through the pants, he grabs her ass rest and heaves it forward, she yelps with the pain through her groin, her cunt is really thrust forward now, hard against the silk.

He retrieves a small stainless steel bowl and fills it with water, he comes closer to her, and opens a cut throat razor, Amanda's eyes go wide as she stares at the wide blade.

"Anyhow, your here now, shall we get rid of those nasty pubic hairs?"

Amanda shakes her head saying "Nowwh!" Through the gag, struggling like fuck against the restraints, her ass jerks and flexes, her cunt thrusting hard against the silk breifs, legs straining, he grips the top hem of the pants and rolls them down off her hips exposing her hairy pussy, she sobs and shakes her head 'NO!' and cries.

He lathers up some shaving foam and works it all into her cunt, he covers her pubic mound in it, she stops struggling holding still as he kneels in front of her and starts to drag the wide bladed razor through her pubes.She watches trying to hold still trembling as he shaves her around her Labia.
She trembles watching the blade sweep around her pouting pussy lips. Then he rolls her breifs back up and drags the gusset to one side so he can shave her vulva clean. His fingers pulling and pressing her sensitive sex. Eventually he finnishes leaving her pussy clean of all hair, in all it took over ten minutes.

She is glaring at the ceiling eyes closed, tears running from her eyes as he slowly and meticulous shaves her cunt clean of all pubic hair.

"There, nice and clean now!"

He releases the gusset and grips the hem of her breifs and heaves them right up into her smarting vulva. She yelps, he grins at her and starts to stroke the out line of her pussy lips through the gusset.

"Lance showed me your picture, he knows how Pervy I am about girls in uniform, said you where grassing him up, so he arranged for you to be Assulted,"

His fingers trace down her vulva and dip into her spread buttocks, touching her bottom through the thin material, Amanda tries to lift her ass away but can't,

"so you would be brought here to see the duty Police Surgeon, that's me, and I could play my dirty sex games with you and no one would question where you are, Ha your thinking what fools once I get free I will report all this! Only I've injected you with a drug that will ensure you don't remember any details about tonight, at all."

He glances at the ven Flon in her hand,

"I know thought of everything haven't we," he grins at her horrified face, "So let's see if we can get some forced orgasms out of you eh? Then if your a really good girl I'll butt fuck the shit out of you and cum down your throat!" He laughs.

Amanda struggles horrified, this must be some kind of horrible dream!

She struggles straining with all her might at the restraints "iyll kill oo uoo watt!" She rants he smiles

"There there you nasty police officer, your really scary when someone shaves off all your pubes, who would have thought?" He grins at her.

She struggles some more her cunt hard against the thin gusset of the breifs. He puts all her pubic hair in a bag and seals it placing it in his trouser pocket.

"Now then, your Sargeant, Lance isn't it, now he owes me far too much money, so he has let me have you instead of the money, well while he gets it together, he said you wouldn't like it, he said you are a stuck up bitch, and you do seem to be that, which I really like"

Amanda groans and trembles as he slowly fingers her vulva through the tight material. She stares at him her face full of simmering hatred, he looks into her eyes smiling, then spits in her mouth, she heaves and struggle shocked and disgusted.
He laughs, and knees her vicously in the cunt hard, Amanda's whole body lurches with the blow, her legs snatching in the restraints. leaving his knee pressed hard to her cunt as she snatches and wails. He grinds his knee to her cunt,

"See it's important to behave and do what Uncle Reg wants you to do! Otherwise you suffer you cunt!"

He grabs her chin and holds her grimacing face, he presses three fingers into her mouth, fingering her tongue as she tries to force his digits out. She gags and tries to pull away as he forces his fingers into her throat. Raping her mouth with his fingers as she struggles and jolts, he pulls them out all strung with her saliva, spreading his fingers so her goo strands between them, He pulls her breifs aside and fingers and toys with her labia, slowly working her spit into her lips, spreading them and easing his digits into her pussy, he eases two then three fingers in, twisting and pressing them deeper. He draws them out and smells them, then he forces them back into her mouth.

Amanda tries to press them out with her tongue, tasting her own cunt on his fingers as he fingers her struggling tongue,

"Now now, what's the matter don't you like how your pussy tastes?"

He forces them into her throat again making her gag and struggle. He pulls them out and spreads her pussy lips and forces them back into her cunt, spreading her swelling lips and easing them inside her sex, he slowly eases them in and out, spreading her labia, easing his fingers wider inside her, she tries to heave her cunt away, snatching at the straps as he slowly forces them deeper inside her.

He pulls them out and kneels down, examining her pussy, He grips her labia on either side and drags them apart, holding them spread with the fingers of one hand he thumbs her clit hood, pressing it up and back until he can see her clit, he eases her lips wider exposing it as she strains and struggles helplessly shouting through the ring gag for him to stop, fuck off, or any other expletive.

He holds it like that and presses his face in close and slowly licks at her exposed clit, Amanda flexes trying desperatly to pull away, his tongue flicks over it and around it expertly, Almost electric shocks of sensation shoot up into her cunt making her hips tremble and jolt in shock. Slowly her clit thickens and starts to erect, he laps slowly at it as she strains and jerks head back helplessly groaning with each sweep of the tip of his tongue around and over it.

He inserts two fingers into her pouting cunt lips finding her pussy wet and slick, he withdraws them, and pulls his face away, he stands up, grinning into her face, she looks at him her face betraying her aroused state, he forces his fingers into her mouth making her taste her own slick juices.

He goes to a cabinet and takes out some equipment, in moments he has it set up and is pressing the thick head of a large vibrator to her clit, it strums to life, lodged against the floor hard against her pubis, she jolts and flexes as the vibrations strum up through her helpless clit and up into her groin.

Amanda flinches and throws her hips forward trying to ease the hard strumming vibrations that are reverberating up through her helpless groin, instead the top edge of the pad is hard to the underside of her swelling clit, never has she been so helpless, nor so wet, she desperatly tries not to hump it as he watches. She glances at him, and notices he is drawing something up into a syringe, before she can make a noise of protess he kneels down and stabs it up into her clitoris hood, she screams in shock at what he's done terrified of what was in the syringe.

In moments her pussy feels hotter and hotter, and her whole cunt aches as if it's been fucked for hours. He grins at her and fingers her clit, she shudders moaning at the sensations thrumming up through her cunt, she looks down and does a double take, her clit seems twice the size that it was, he touches the tip with the tip of his finger, she nearly takes off, groaning and writhing. He laughs and touches it again then stuffs his fingers in her mouth fucking them in and out, as she struggles to pull away, she feels herself starting to hump the vibrator, she shakes her head disgusted with herself and tries to force herself to stop, but it's as if she is possessed.
Her hips press forwards grinding her swollen clit to the vibrations, she can hear herself making awful groaning noises. She can feel her cunt contracting the tension building.

Reg, looks on watching her leg muscles slowly tensing, every muscle group taut as she presses her clit to the vibrator, he feels becoming more and more tense. Her legs straining against the straps, head back well on her way climax.
He grins, licking his lips, and snatches the vibrator away, she jolts and snatches against the restraints, trying to press her clit out to find the vibrations she releases a desperate wail followed by a sob of despair, her groin trembling, pussy lips soaking with juices, her clitoris still protruding like a tiny thick cock.

He is there in front of her gripping her throat, forcing his fingers up into her cunt spreading her thick swollen lips as he presses four fingers up into her, twisting and thrusting them in and out.

"I knew you were a fucking slut as soon as I saw you, you cunt, a fucking slut, well you cum when I say now not when ever you like yeah! OK! Good girl!"

He pulls his fingers out and stuffs them in her mouth, fingering her tongue almost choking her " When I say, right! WHEN I SAY!" He knees her in her cunt again making her jolt and wail, shuddering and sobbing her orgasm ruined. He pulls away, "There that's a good girl" he grins at her and pulls away, leaving her a shaking bewildered mess.

Enjoy Mg
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I have managed to retrieve some of the POW of the 3rd Gulf War story from a old hard drive so I will try and post it. some of it by Conwic so I will do my best to recover it and put it up cheers MG
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Excellent, excellent, but you promised us more episodes of GI Jane too, eh?
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Very true, so much to do so little time! I will get there in the end. MG
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