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Default Rape 101: The Kidnapping

I was about 23 at the time, and in the perfect spot in my life. I was making alot of money at my job as a lawyer, and I had a fiancee that understood and respected my dreams. I was also beautiful, and I knew it. Cheerleader and valedictorian in High School, Golden Key Honor Society and sorority queen in College. I had thick red hair and pale skin, and my eyes were the color of emeralds. They were catlike, shaped with the ends being slightly tilted up. I was 5'3 and 115 pounds, but had always been blessed with larger than usual breasts, DD cups. I thought nothing could ruin my perfect life, I was wrong. One night a man did just that.

I had just come from a dinner with the associates at my firm, in which we had discussed a new case against a oil company in the area that was damaging the wetlands. I was happy and smiling as I emerged laughing from the restaurant with one of the male partners. We hugged, and he wished me a safe drive home and I wished him the same. I was walking to my car when I heard a noise behind me, I wasnt easily spooked but the sound made my steps more hurried as I searched for my keys. I clicked the unlock button and jumped into the drivers seat, slamming the door behind me and locking it. I took a deep breath and let out a shaky laugh.

"God Kate, you are turning into a scared damsel in distess"

I shook my head and pulled down my visor mirror to check my makeup. I looked at it and started to let out a scream, a pair of icy blue eyes stared at me from the back seat. Suddenly a knife was at my throat and a hand over my mouth. It smelled like gasoline and sweat and I nearly gagged.

"No screaming if you know whats good for you. Got it lady??"

I nodded as tears started to run down my face, hitting his hand before he pulled it away. I took a breath of clean air and looked into my visor to meet his eyes as I spoke.

"What do you want?"

He chuckled and shook his head. His voice was rough and might have been appealing in its tone if he had been anyone else.

"Drive to the old industrial park on the west side of town. And dont draw attention to us."

I started the car and slowly pulled out of the spot, when I hesitated too long at the stop sign exiting the parking lot I felt the knife dig in a little. I let out a small whimper and drove on normally and he took the pressure off. I felt cold, the adrenaline making my hands shake and my blood feel like ice. I was only wearing a light gray silk blouse and a black pencil skirt. I hadnt worn nylons as it was summer and I wanted to show off my new tan. I started to shiver and the man saw, and looked down at my body for the first time. I knew by the feeling of my nipples rubbing against the lace of my bra whenever my car went over a bump that my nipples were rock hard. He apparently noticed too. His free hand started to wander over my shoulder to lightly rub over the hard nubs over the outside of the watered silk. I gasped and jerked, big mistake. His knife laid closer to my throat and I felt the sting as it bit into my skin. His mouth was at my ear and it was filled with anger.

"Stand still, or you will regret it"

I started to cry harder then, as I realized this man probably wanted more than a ride. His hand resumed its teasing over my shirt and I felt my nipple get harder under his touch. He chuckled and went to the neckline of my conservative blouse and started to undo buttons one at a time, slowly to purposely scare me. He got down to my bra and undid a few more, completely exposing my thin pink lace bra to him. He reached into the bra, cupping a breast a pulling it out. Knowing I was exposed to him made me want to be sick. I started to sob.

"Please....please stop. I have a fiancee...please. I dont want this."

He didnt even make a sound to register he heard me, he almost seemed entranced by the sight of my breasts. He was still cupping one and he shook it slightly, as if testing its weight and firmness. Then I heard a groan from the backseat, and knew he was getting sexual excitement from this. He then took my hard pink nipple in between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it, stopping to pinch it occasionally. As his excitement grew he got less and less gentle, until he pinched my nipple so hard I bit back a cry.

Then I saw the park coming up on the left. It was at the end of a deserted road, as it hadnt been in use for 30 years and was now just reserved for the homeless and drug dealers. The police didnt patrol it, as they saw it as a necessary evil. It kept the worst of the worst miles from the main city where they couldnt bother good folk. It was dark, lit only by a few streetlights from the fence line. He removed his hand from my breast, and I heard him shift.

"Pull in behind that building there."

I did as he said and put the car in park. My head was spinning with ideas to escape and I didnt know what to do. He got out of the car then, and I quickly went to lock the doors but he was quicker and pulled open my door. He grabbed my arm roughly and pulled me out of the car. I stumbled as my heel dug into the cracked pavement and I feel to my knees. I was eye to eye with the zipper on his pants and I saw the huge bulge there of his large erection pressing against his khakis. He pulled me up and pushed me against the car and I saw him fully for the first time. I was surprised to see he was a very attractive man, dark black hair that fell in his face and ice blue eyes. He was large too, not fat but tall, about 6'2 and muscular. However, when he looked at me and I saw the intent in his eyes, all thoughts of his good looks fled my mind. I turned and started to run. I heard him grunt in anger and felt the ground shake as he took off after me. I didnt get more than 5 feet from the car before he caught me. He spun me to face him and he ripped my blouse off in one move. I screamed and he just laughed.

"Oh scream all you want you little bitch, nobody here will care."

I looked into his face and saw his gaze was on my chest, and he used the knife he still held to slice one of the bra straps in half, then the other. My large breasts sprang free and I tried to pull away but he grabbed me and pulled to to him so my naked chest was pressed against his shirt.

"I am sure you are wondering why me? Correct? Why would I go after you? Well...about year ago a case came to you. A girl who claimed a man had raped her in this very same place, claimed he took her here and fucked her against her will. The man she accused? That was my brother. He didnt do it, and that stupid girl knew it. She hated him because a few years back he rejected her when she made advances. You prosecuted the case, and you won. My brother is in the pen for 6 years because of you. He had wife, and child. You didnt care that the facts didnt add up...you twisted every word and made it seem like my brother was a monster."

It dawned on me then, I remembered the case. I remembered the girl. The girl had seemed so innocent and traumatized, I believed her. It was only my third case as a full time associate and I had grilled the rapist. Made an example of him to boost my career. I felt my blood turn to ice and I started to shake violently.

"Im.....sorry. She...convinced me...all of us"

He slapped me then and the shock of the sudden sting made me stop shaking. I realized he didnt hit me as hard as he could have, as it only stung, but it still scared me. Then he pressed his mouth to mine and started to kiss me and I bit his lip in instinct. He jerked back with a yowl of rage and grabbed me by the hair. He pulled me toward the car and threw me belly first on the side of the hood. I scrambled to right myself but he quickly pressed his weight against my rear, holding me there. I felt his erection grow against my thigh as I heard the sound of him digging in his jacket pockets. He grabbed my arms then, pulling them behind my back roughly. I then realized what he had grabbed, rope. He started to tie my wrists and I struggled, screaming as loud as I could. He just laughed and I felt him rub his erection against my leg, dry humping me. Then he let me go and I lay helpless on the hood.

"Not so tough now are you? You look pretty helpless to me, lawyer. I brought you here tonight to show you something. Call it a lesson. After tonight, you will no longer believe girls when they say they have been raped if they havent, because you will know just what real rape is"

I wanted to be sick and I sobbed loudly as I heard the musical sound of a belt being undone followed by the rasp of a zipper being lowered. I felt him approached me again, and his hands went to my skirt. He pushed it up my ass roughly, revealing my lace thong. He grabbed the thong and the sudden snick and release told me he just cut it off. He put his leg between my ankles and kicked my legs apart. I struggled to keep my balance, and he grabbed my hips. A last spur of fear made me struggle, and I kicked at him as I tried to push up onto the hood and away from him. I connected with his leg, and managed to then get my feet off the ground as I fully got myself on the hood. I intended to swing my legs arounds the other side and run. However, he had my hips and he pulled me back and I connected with his cock then. He didnt penetrate me yet, but I felt the hot velvet tip against my vulnerable pussy. I squirmed and it just seemed to make him more excited as it rubbed his tip against the lips of my pussy. I heard his breathing catch and with one brutal move he thrust into me all the way. He was huge and the pain in my dry pussy was intense. I screamed and started to sob incoherent pleas as he pulled out slightly only to thrust in again. He filled be completely, banging into my cervix with each thrust and spreading my wider than I knew I could go. He had my hips in his hands and he pulled me into him, burying himself in me. He was panting in excitement it seemed as he leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"Here I was thinking a cunt like you must have slept her way to the top, but you are tight as a virgin. Looks like I was wrong, you arent a slut....oh well. More fun for me."

I cried into the hood of the car as he started to pump slowly in and out of my raw pussy, I felt throbbing starting as my abused vagina tried to produce lubricant to stop the pain. Slowly I felt the thrusts hurt less and realized I was getting wet, and I nearly gagged at my traitorous body. He noticed too and started to go faster and faster, and I felt my vagina squeeze around his cock, trying to expel it. This only made him more crazy and he thrust like a jackhammer. So hard I felt my ass starting to get sore for the collision of his abs against it. Then he stopped and pulled out. My pussy gaped open at his sudden exit and I felt the burning of the tears he left behind, then his hands were on my arms and he flipped me into my back.

"I want to see your eyes, those fucking catlike eyes filled with pain as I cum inside your hut cunt. As I fill you."

He grabbed my thighs and dragged me to the edge of the hood, and I again felt his cock bump against my leg as he got into position. This time he didnt thrust in hard, but slowly and deliberately to show me how big he was as he filled my aching pussy. I arched my back to try and get away from the violating cock that was invading my tight pussy, but he just pulled me closer in. Then he was all the way in, and he started to move, slow for only a moment before he was thrusting as hard as he could, banging his hips into mine as he continually bottomed out in my shallow vaginal canal. I screamed, and struggled, trying to get away, stop the pain, but I couldnt. Then his thrusts got shorter and shorter before he stopped and arched his back. I felt his cock spasm inside me as he filled me with his sperm and I turned my head in disgust. He thrust once more then pullled out. He grabbed my my skirt and used it to wipe off his cock as it softened. I looked up at him again then, into the handsome face of the man who just brutally raped me, and to me he looked like a monster. He leaned down and kissed me on the mouth, softly and almost lovingly. He turned me over and cut the ropes tying my hands. He grabbed my keys from inside the car and threw them out into the darkness and he looked at me and smiled.

"Congratulations, you just completed Rape 101."

He laughed and walked off into the darkness and I sunk to my knees, my hand going to cover my aching and cum filled pussy. He was right, never again would I believe a girl like the one who accused his brother. After rape, you will never look innocent again.
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