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The Taxicab rapeist

I drive a taxi. I don't drive it for a living, I drive it for fun. You
see I won the lottery about five years ago and with some careful
investments I'm set for life. So what do I do with my new found free
time, I drive my taxi around New York and rape beautiful women. The
set up is easy. I bought a new taxi and had it repainted to look very
generic and outfitted it with some custom features. It has everything
a normal cab has but it also includes a special air conditioning
system. Most modern cabs feature a bulletproof Plexiglas shield that
separates the front from the back. In my cab the rear passenger seat
area is completely air tight from the front and the doors can only be
unlocked from the front. Every few days I change the license plates on
the cab and once every six months I change the paint scheme.
The trick works like this, I drive around the nightclubs and
restaurants ignoring people until I see a beautiful woman on her own
and I pick her up. I drive a few blocks and when I feel its safe
enough I flood the rear with a quick acting knock out gas and then
drive my new toy home for the night. I live in a well to do
neighborhood and no one thinks it strange to see a taxicab entering my
estate all the time. Once I get my toy home I have a fully outfitted
rape room with over a dozen studio quality video cameras mounted at
strategic locations and a full compliment of racks and restraints
mounted to the walls and floors.
To night I'm cursing lower Manhattan is search of some quality pussy.
I pass a few potential candidates until I see one that looks like fun.
I pull over and let her her in. She's all by herself, good. She tells
me her destination and sits back to adjust her make-up. I'm dressed in
my usual Pakistani disguise. As we drive I check her out in rear view.
She looks likes she's about 18 or 19 skinny but with curves in the
right places about 5ft3 and around 130 pounds. She has bright red
slightly wavy hair pulled back in to a ponytail and firm looking c cup
breasts. I look around and the coast seems clear so I press a button
and the knock out gas quickly fills the back and she's out before she
knew what was happening.
A quick drive and soon I'm wheeling her in to my house on a hospital
gurney. I pull on my ski mask and bring her in to the playroom. I
turn on the cameras to record and begin to undress her. She lies on
the bed completely lifeless wearing a black button up top, black
skirt, stockings and black high heals. I pull off her shoes placing
them to the side then her top, letting her fall limply back on to the
bed. I work her skirt off her and see she's wearing a black garter
belt a well. She wears a black lace bra and matching panties that are
thin enough to be transparent. I pull these off and remove her bra
leaving her laying there in only her garters and stockings. I stand
back to admire her. This ones a real looker. Her pale white skin
contrasts with the black bed sheets. Her bush is nicely trimmed and I
can see her still closed gash through her curly red pubes. Her breasts
are firm and do not sag and are toped by small red nipples. Around her
neck is a small gold crucifix. Maybe I'll get lucky tonight. I take a
few tasteful pictures with my digital camera of her and go to her
purse. No birth control bills but no condoms either. I remove her
driver's license and hold it next to face and take a picture. Her name
is Sarah Roberts. Nice to meet you Sarah. I take off my own clothing
and climb on to the bed. I place the tip of my cock next to her closed
lips and take some pictures. Then I climb between her legs and grab
her ankles pulling her lags as far a part as they would go opening her
cunt. I took some more pictures making sure her face could be seen in
some of the shots. I held her cunt lips open with my fingers and
slowly worked a warmed speculum in to her. Please let it be I thought
to my self. As I opened the speculum I was rewarded with a nice
healthy in-tact hymen. I took a half dozen shots of this. I pulled
the speculum out and positioned my self between her legs. I held the
tip of my cock rear the opening of her now closed cunt lips but not
actually touching them with my dick. I took some shots of this and
using a remote to trigger a camera on a tripod by the side of the bed
took some full body pictures of what looked like me ready to penetrate
her. I took one last shot of the little crucifix around her neck. I
removed her stockings and garter as I wanted her to be completely
naked and feeling venerable.
I restrained her hands above her head in padded cuffs to polished
wooden posts on the upper corners of the bed. I placed a large sheet
of white lined under her ass and I secured her ankles to the posts at
the foot of the bed in a similar manner. She lay now spread eagle
restrained by padded leather cuffs. I propped two pillows under her
head and left the room. I went to my computer room and uploaded the
pictures from my digital camera and created a slide show out of the
pictures and inserting randomly the words rape, pain, virginity,
pregnant, and ruined. I then fed the slide show to a monitor in the
rape room so when she woke up she would see it. On another monitor in
the rape room I put on a compilation tape of other women being raped
on that very same bed .On a third monitor I played a tape of women
giving traumatic births and on a fourth monitor I played a live feed
from one of the video cameras of her tied to the be so she could see
herself and know what she looked like, see how helpless she was when
she woke up. I turned the lights low and turned the volume up but not
too high and left the room. The gas would be wearing off in about a
half hour or so. In the mean time I took a long shower and watched her
on a monitor set in to the side of the shower stall. She began to stir
(I love this part.) and still groggy try to figure out where she was.
Then she noticed the monitors. At first it looked like she couldn't
understand what she was seeing but the realization of what was playing
dawned on her and she started to panic. By now the gas had worn of
and she could move and that's when she realized she was tied down to
the bed. She stared to scream, such music to my ears. I loved the way
her muscles strained as her tried to pull herself free. I enjoyed a
good jerk off in the shower watching her struggle against her
restraints. (Some times its fun to just rip their clothing of and fuck
the shit out of them in a quickie rape but I wanted to last and enjoy
this one.) I finished up my shower and toweled off. I let her watch
the monitors for another half hour steadily increasing the volume
until the screams from the tapes were almost defening.
When she looked like she was sufficiently traumatized I turned off
the lights and the monitors leaving her in total darkness. I snick in
to the room and stood there for a while listening to her whimper and
pray to god. I turned on a spot light over her bed so her body was
bathed in a cool light but the rest of the room was sill obscured in
darkness. When her eyes finally adjusted to the bright spotlight she
looked up and saw herself in the full length ceiling mirror. She
started to cry seeing herself tied naked to the bed (her hair had come
undone and was now splayed across the pillow). I could see her stomach
muscles tightening up knowing she wished she could cover herself up.
"take a good look at yourself Sarah,"I said out of the
darkness."This is the last time you'll see your body perfect and new."
"Who said that?"
I turned on the monitor that showed in real time her tied to the bed
and slowly raised the light level in the room. She lat out a terrified
little squeak when she saw me. I was wearing a translucent mask that
distorted my features like the kind bank robbers wear and my head was
completely shaved. I wore nothing but a black towel with boxer briefs
under it to hold down my erection.
"Please let me go," she whimpered." I wont tell any one."
"How old are you?" I asked
"Do you know why you're here?"
"Oh God, please let me go, I'm begging you."
"Do you know why you're here?" I asked her again.
She broke down in to sobbing.
"Look at me" I commanded
She looked at me with tear-streaked eyes as I pulled off the towel.
She seemed a little confused when she saw the boxer briefs. Then she
really started to struggle as I pulled off the shorts and my very fat
nine-inch cock sprang out.
"Please don't, oh please don do this."
"Don't what? I mockingly asked her.
"Please don't rape me!" she cried.
""Your not in much of a position to say but you cant if you want" I
told her.
"Please, /I never did anything to you."
"I know that you just were in the wrong place at the wrong time and
now your going to suffer for it.
"You can't do this"
"Yes I can and when I'm done doing this to you if you decide to tell
everyone you were reaped Ill show them how I did it to you. I have
your driver's license. Just imagine your dad and your boyfriend and
every guy at your school jerking off to tapes of you being repeatedly
raped. No, I don't thing you'd like that."
"Please don't."
"I'm a virgin," she whimpered.
"I know, that's what makes you all the sweeter."
I climbed on to the be and untied her feet and let her struggle and
try to fight me off and when I had had enough I pulled her legs apart
and positioned myself between her legs.
I let go of one ankle and let her try to struggle with one leg free
while I opened up her cunt lips with my free hand.
"You ever had a cock in you Sarah?" You know what I'm going to do with
this don you? I'm going to slide my slide my dirty unprotected cock in
to you virgin cunt and break your cherry. I'm going to take your
virginity. I'm going to take something from you can never get back.
I'm going to be your first and no matter how many times you try to
tell your boyfriend he was the first you'll always know was he's
loving pumping you that I was in you."
The tip of my cock was now dripping precum and I moved it to the
opening of her now open cunt lips. By this time most of the struggle
was leaving her. She started to hyperventilate as I inched my cock
forward. She kept trying to scoot back wary from my now dripping cock
as if it were a venomous stinger which I suppose in a way it was but
she couldn't get away from it. I was kind of fun watching her try to
pull her hips side to side to try to keep my cock from making that
inevitable contact. I grabbed her other ankle and violently pulled her
legs as far apart as I could making her give off a sharp yelp in the
"Remember every moment of this night Sarah," I said at I, pressed
spongy head of my cock against her opening.
"No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No,
No, No, No," she whimpered as I slowly began to press myself in to
her. Her cunt was starting to get wet out of fear. My cock is really
thick and I could tell it was starting to stretch her out painfully.
She started to make the sad pained noises.
"Look" I said and she watches in horror was the fat bulb of my cock
head slowly pushed in to her.
I would push a little wand then wait to let her cunt stretch out a
little more around me. Her arms were pulling tight against her
restrains and she was crying again and mumbling to herself.
"Oh don't feel bad for yourself Sarah, This happens to a lot of girls.
You're nothing special. Your just another dumb cunt put here for me to
I was about four inches in to her and I felt the tip of my cock press
against something.
I smiled as her eyes shot open.
"Oh Sarah, this is it isn't it? The point of no return. I could pull
out and leave you intact. Do you want me to do that sweetheart?" She
looked at me with hopeful eyes." Or should I just keep forcing my
rapist cock into you virgin cunt and ruin you?"
Please, mister, I swore to god I would save myself for my husband.
Please don't, hell leave me if he finds out. I love Dave and I don't
know what ill do with out him.!"
"I bet you worked really hard to keep your virtue didn't you? All that
waiting and being good. Boy I bet you wish this was Dave loving
pushing in to you on your wedding night.
Well too bad because you'll always be mine now." And with that I
started to push feeling her maidenhead start to stretch against my
invading member. I let her legs go and let her struggle as I continued
my pushing." Another push and its all over Sarah" I whispered in to
her ear. I looked deep in to her eyes and pushed.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…………… ……………… she wailed in that way only a freshly
deflowered woman can when its non consensual.
Her head flailed from side to side her fiery red hair whipping back
and forth as I brutally drove myself the rest of the way in to her
knowing I was tearing her up inside physically and emotionally. I gave
one final shove and I bottomed out in her the tip of my cock hitting
her cervix painfully causing her to scream in pain. I lay there for a
few seconds enjoying the sensations of her struggling vagina massaging
my cock. I kissed her hard on the lips and began to fuck her hard and
fast encouraged my her now constant screaming. It was heavenly
watching my cock pull out and then quickly force its way back in to
her now de viginised hole. I raped her hard and mercilessly for almost
half an hour enjoying her scrams and the agonized look in her face.
Her voice was starting to go horse from the screaming and I was
starting to get close. I slowed down my pace gradually until I was
just resting in her. Her whole body was covers in sweat her shin was
very flushed and her breasts felt firm and tight. I could feel her
cunt throbbing around me. She was panting pitifully. I grabbed her by
the hair and made her look ant there we were joined. She tried to look
away but I forced her to watch as I pulled my now bloodied cock all
the way out of her and watch it obscenely sink back in to her now
opened up cunt.
"Please let me go now," she whimpered." You got you wanted"
"No, there's one more thing I have to do before I'm done."
Then it dawns on her. Her mind races back to what she saw on the
monitors and she begins to panic again hyperventilating and struggling
under me.
"No, No, not that, please I can't have that not now,!!!!!!1
"Your not on the pill are you, you're a good girl aren't you. Didn't
plan on having sex with your fiancé, didn't plan on having some one
rape you did you.
"Please, put a condom on, ill do any thing you want ill co operate
just please put on. I can't have a baby; I start college in two weeks.
"So I guess you cant have and ABORTION?! I sneer yanking her cross off
and throwing it away.
"Don't make me!!" she sobs.
I slowly begin to rock back and forth in side of her only pulling my
cock out an inch or so and then pushing back in.
"Please, ill let you do it in my mouth, or even" and she chokes on
these words" my ass. Just don't do it in me. I'm begging you."
I"I love the way my naked condom less cock feels inside your hot wet
cunt. Your cunt was meant for raping. Can you feel by balls against
your ass? Can you feel how heavy they are? There full of SPERM. Sarah
and very soon now I'm going to shoot all that sperm deep in to."
At this point I've stopped rocking back and forth and I'm holding
perfectly still in her. I grab her hips and begin to pull myself even
deeper in to her"
"Oh god it hurts," she cries as she feels my cockhead forcing her
cervix open.
"Its all going to happen very soon Sarah, your life will be forever
ruined the minute I relax my muscles and flood you with my cum. The
direction of you whole life rests in these next few minutes. If I pull
out you go to college and live happily ever after. If I cum you become
a young mother." I grabbed the remote and turned on the monitor
showing young women giving traumatic births. I then turn on another
monitor showing me raping other girls on this bed. On the tape it
shows the last minute of each rape and each girl is begging me not to
cum in them and get them pregnant and in about half the clips I pull
out at the last second and cum on their stomachs much to the girls
relief and in the other half I ejaculate in the much to their tearful
dismay. I let her watch about ten of these.
"Some girls I rape I pull out at the last second and they get on with
their lives. Others I don't. What do you think I'm going to do? If you
beg enough Ill pull out."
She looks at me with guarded hope. Of course I have no intention of
pulling out of this stupid cunt. The only time I pull out is when I
know their on the pill.
I slowly start flexing my cock in her pulling back again so the tip of
my cock rests firmly against the opening of her cervix. I move back
and forth in tiny movements savoring the feel of her tight trembling
sex around me. I'm turned on knowing I'm going to knock her up.
"Can't you feel how tight my balls are, heavy with sperm, sperm I'm
going to shoot deep in tour unprotected womb." I whisper in to her
"Please pull it out, please I can't have your baby, please,"
"What do you want me to do bitch?
Please don't cum in me."
"You'll be able to feel the cum splashing against the walls of your
cervix if I do cum in you. Can you feel my balls tightening? You'll
feel the head of my cock in you get really big a split second before
you feel the hot ejaculate pour in to you. "
"Please pull out, I cant have an abortion, My family and friends would
never talk to me again, please have mercy on, please pull it out I
promise I wont tell.
I continued to pump in to her the sensation growing. It would be soon
"I can see you in nine months time, your feet in stirrups your perfect
stomach all swollen out your beautiful tits all heavy giving birth all
alone you dirty slut and everyone will know how you got that way.
They'll say, "Didn't you hear, she got raped and they'll wonder if you
really did and if you enjoyed it and the guys will jerk off thinking
about your rape and wishing they were the ones who did it. That's all
if I decide to cum in you."
"Stop it, pleasedon't, pleasedon't, pleasedon't, pleasedon't,
pleasedon't, pleasedon't, pleasedon't, pleasedon't, pleasedon't,
pleasedon't, pleasedon't, pleasedon't, pleasedon't,"she begged hoping
on to hope I wouldn't.
And then I could feel it happening and I Could feel my testicles draw
up and I passed beyond the Pont of no return. I look down at her
beautiful form her skin glistening and flushed my cock buried to the
hilt surrounded by her red curly pubic hair and the most venerable
helpless look on her face. I felt the first blast of cum entering the
base of cock
"Oh God,,,IM GOING TO CUMM!!!!!!!!!!!"I beloved at the top of my lungs
and pushed myself as deep in to her unprotected cunt as I could.
"STOP!!!!!!!!!" She shrieked as she felt my cock head bloat in side of
her tender cunt and then first hot splash of semen hitting the back of
her cervix and she knew her life was over as I continued to shoot my
load in to the crying girl.
When I had finally finished emptying my nuts in to her I kissed deeply
and told her congratulations on being a mom and my best fuck yet.
I fell asleep on top of her serenaded by her pitiful sobbing.

A few hours later I woke up still in her. I grew hard and took my time
slowly fucking her passed out cunt, She woke up about halfway thorough
and I finished by fucking her hard and fast before violently shooting
another load in to her. I pulled out and wipe my cock clean with her
long hair and spent the rest of the day raping and taunting her. When
I was done with her I knocked her out and cleaned her up a little so
she looked as good as new on the outside. I dressed her and drove her
back to the club I had picked her up. I revived her and threatening
her with the tapes and pictures let her out on a deserted side street.
To anyone watching all they would have seen was an attractive girl
getting out a cab. What they wouldn't see was the sperm slowly leaking
out of her and the fact that she now was missing her panties.
People wonder why the pretty girls who get off on this street start
crying as soon as the cab leaves. They probably think she broke up
with her boyfriend or something stupid. They never ask. If only they

NO UNERAGE REFERENCES. You have been told this twice before. With that in mind i am issuing you your 3RD OFFICIAL WARNING. Take this time to remember the rules for when you come back.

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I thought all characters of stories had to be eighteen years of age. I may be mistaken though.
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Originally Posted by FinalKey View Post
I thought all characters of stories had to be eighteen years of age. I may be mistaken though.
They do, this one was just missed. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Action has been taken now.
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I feel bad that this had underage references, because without them, it's a ridiculously well-crafted story. It almost falls more under "horror" than "rape fantasy," and it honestly makes me want to go through and edit it a bit, clean up the grammar and typos (unfortunately, author is banned, so I can't obtain permission).

Without the underage references, this story is absolutely delicious. A+. Possibly my favourite read yet.
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sorry about that. I forgot when I posted that one that it was that version(not board safe). I should have proofed it first. It wont happen again.
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Mr Tackle I beg of you more stories!!!
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