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Mt Thor
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Default Pretty Suburban Soccer Mom

Pretty Soccer moms know that men have lustful fantasies
about them. But do they know that some of the men that
show up at the school soccer games aren't all Soccer
dads? These men are there to play another kind of game.
And if the Soccer mom is especially pretty and
especially well endowed, they just might make a visit to
her home and invite themselves' in.


It's a quiet summer night in a suburb North of the city.
It's a town with beautiful homes and the beautiful
families who live inside them.

At the end of this street is the beautiful home of the
Murphy's. Inside this home, in the basement family room,
stands the beautiful Mrs. Murphy tastefully attired in a
conservative Black skirt, a lovely White blouse and
shiny Black high heeled shoes.

This tall vision of loveliness wobbles and teeters in
those high-heeled shoes and she squeals and whimpers,
because two big men have pinned Mrs. Murphy's arms
behind her back and two other big men have spread her
beautiful long legs apart by the ankles.

Another big man is standing in front of her. His hands,
loosely wrapped around her narrow waist, rest on her
wide, curvy hips. He is enjoys the feel of Mrs. Murphy's
body as she struggles. And he is especially enjoying the
sight of her breasts as they bounce beneath the fabric
of her blouse while she struggles. He watches and
listens to her pleas for a moment, then removes his
hands from her waist and gently covers her large breasts
to feel them jiggle and bounce in the palms of his

"Ohhhh my goodness Mrs. Murphy," he sighs, "Ohhhhhhh my

She whimpers and wheezes through the lump in her throat,
as the man then fondles her covered breasts through the
silky material as she struggles.

The men behind her pin her arms and elbows closer
together forcing her breasts to thrust forward and
strain against the material. This new hold pops open the
little buttons running down the front of her blouse.

As they squeeze her arms tighter, she moans long and
low, as more buttons pop from their little slits until
there are only three little buttons left to be opened.
Admiring her cleavage, the rest of her blouse is quickly
ripped opened, by the impatient man who says, "Gotta see
these hooters Mrs. Murphy."

Her knees are like rubber. She would fall but for the
big men holding her up by her arms.

Her blouse, is pulled slowly out of the waistband of her
smart little skirt and spread open across her chest and
back over her shoulders.

"Ohhhhhhhhh my goodness Mrs. Murphy." the man sighs,
"What beautiful tits. What beautiful.... big.... tits."

Then affecting concern for the plight of this luscious
Soccer Mom, he says, "Your arms hurt a little honey? Are
the boys holding you too tight?"

She manages a quick nod, yes.

"If you give me a little kiss, I'll tell the boys to
loosen up a little, ok? Will you give me a little kiss?"

After a pause she slowly inhales and whispers,
"Ohhhhhhkayy." and lifts her face to meet his. With some
effort, Mrs. Murphy puckers her quivering lips for the
kiss that will ease the pain in her arms and shoulders.

Their lips meet and he gives her a peck and then a kiss
on her lips.

"Open your mouth Mrs. Murphy," he whispers, "I want your
tongue." She extends her tongue and he licks it and then
slowly sucks it into his mouth and holds it there and
sucks. His chest is heaving and his breath is hot and
she breathes it in and out of her mouth and down into
her lungs, as he wags his tongue back and forth and
around the inside her mouth.

Frightened, she continues to cooperate, with the man, by
returning his sloppy hot kisses with her own allowing
his tongue to enter her mouth and her tongue to enter
his. She shivers as his hands reach under her breasts
and slowly lifts them up and then down. As they continue
their long French kiss he gently bounces her breasts and
squeezes them playfully.

She gasps, and begins to struggle again, as she feels
the mans fingers slowly slip down inside the front of
her brassiere. He softly caresses and then cups one of
her breasts, and slowly lifts it and flops it out to
hang free.

She pulls her head away and says, "Oh no... Oh God
please no."

But he says, "It's OK honey, taking your tits out of
your brassiere is all part of the way I kiss large
breasted Soccer Moms."

Her other breast is then gently lifted and flopped out
so both of her enormous breasts hang naked for all to
see. The soft flesh on her massive boobs jiggles in
waves as she struggles, against the man who resumes
French kissing her mouth.

The woman heaves a sigh and stops her struggle for a
moment as the men just stare at her with their mouths
open, drooling at the site of this woman's incredible

The men inhale deeply. Everyone is quiet. Then their
leader says, "See guys, I told you."

The woman whispers, "Noooooooooo, you can't do this."

The leader whispers, "Yessssss, we can." and adds, "What
size are these wonderful breasts honey?" She doesn't
respond. Lifting a breast in each of his hands, the man
leans toward her ear and breathes the words, "Does your
husband appreciate these nice big jugs of yours?"


"Does he suck your tits?"


"Does he like to suck your nipples?"


The man turns his head to the family room sofa and asks,
"Do you like to suck your wife's nipples sir? Do you
appreciate these big jugs of hers?"

The husband sits petrified far across the room.

When the men entered their home, the couple was told
that, "Any noise will certainly wake the children, who
would probably come down to see what the noise was. And
if they did, they would have to sit cuddled up with
their daddy on the sofa and watch their pretty mommy
playing naughty games with these five big men.

"I asked you a question sir. Do you like to suck your
wife's nipples?"

The Soccer Dad whispers a soft, "Yes."

The man lowers his face to the wife's breasts. He takes
one in both of his hands, lifts it and says, "Do you
ever suck her tits like this sir?"

The husband stares as this stranger places his lips on
his wife's nipple and kisses it, then flicks it
playfully with his tongue.

"Now watch your wife's tit sir. You've never seen
anything like this"

The husband stares wide eyed and panting as the stranger
lowers his jaw, places his lips around his wife's breast
and slowly sucks it into his mouth, holds it there for a
moment, and then continuing his sucking, takes it all
the way in. He keeps it there for a moment, lets it
slide slowly out until it pops free and says, "Ever see
anything like that?"

With no response from the dazed husband the man
continues to noisily suck her massive jug in and out of
his mouth and practically down his gullet. Strings of
drool dribble onto her breast as the woman
unsuccessfully tries to suppress high pitched squeals
emanating from deep in her throat.

When he comes up for air, he looks back at the husband
and asks, "Ever suck her like that? Did you see me deep-
throating you wife's tittie? Here, I'll show you again."

The husband shudders but remains silent as his wife's
breast disappears once again into the man's mouth.

"Owwwwwooohhhhhhhh my Gaawwwwd!" utters the woman.

"OK, let's see if you like this." He motions to one of
the men behind her to join him, while the other man
continues to keep her elbows tightly pinned behind her

The husband watches, as two men slobber all over his
wife's breasts, slowly sucking them whole, into their
mouths, practically making them disappear.

"Oh!" she exclaims. "Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh! Ow! Ouch! Oh! Ouch!
Ow! Ouch! Oh! Ow!"

Releasing her from their mouths, they compress each
breast tightly with their hands. She winces as she feels
her nipples clamped between their teeth. Instinctively,
the woman jerks back in an effort to release her
captured nipples but the men hold on, stretching her
breasts painfully away from her chest and flick her
nipples furiously with their tongues.

The woman twitches and shakes as more involuntary sounds
and squeals escape her mouth, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Hurts!
Hurts! Oh! Hurts! Oh!. Hurts! Hurts! Hurts! Hurts!"

The husband's face flushes a deep shade of red as he
watches and hears his wife's reaction to the men
fondling and sucking her breasts. He stiffens and shakes
each time she grunts and squeals as her nipples are
bitten and flicked by the men's tongues.

Releasing the tit from his mouth, as the other man
continues to suck and nibble the other one, the leader
bounces it gently up and down, looks into the woman's
eyes and asks, "Does your husband bounce your tits like
this while he's sucking them honey?"

She squeals a little girl squeal and replies, "Nooooo."

Continuing to bounce her tit, he flicks her nipple with
his thumb and asks, "Does he ever bring the guys from
work home to suck your tits with him?"

In her sweet little girl voice, she again squeals
another high pitched, "Noooooooo."

"Oh honey, you've never had your tits sucked by two men
at the same time?"

"Nooooo" comes her next pitiful little squeal.

"Well shame on your husband." says the stranger as he
turns toward the husband and says, "Don't you see how
much fun my friend is having sucking your wife's tit?
Look how he holds that big melon in both hands. Look at
the way he sucks it. And just listen to your sweet lady.
Does she squeal like that for you? "

The husband is reviled by the stranger's description of
what's being done to his wife. He listens as the words
are punctuated by the grunts and squeals that come from
the back of his wife's throat as her breast is ravished
by the man's mouth.

"Look at him sir, there's no stopping him. Oh but I bet
you'd like to come over here and rescue your sweet wife
from the big, bad, sucking man. But then the noise might
wake the children. Ya, it probably would. So are you
going to sit there and watch us suck the pretty mommy's
tits some more? Good choice."

He lifts the unattended breast with one hand, with the
other, he grasps the nipple between his thumb and middle
finger, rolls it around and asks,
"What do you call 'em sir? What do you call your pretty
wife's great big tits? Melons? Jugs? Boobs? She really
has an amazing rack. Come on, what do you call them?
Knockers? "

The husband gives no reply, then hears his wife let a
high-pitched shriek as her nipple is pinched tightly.

"Tell me! " He demands.

"YEOWWWWWWWWWW!" she screams.

"Tits!" The husband quickly replies. "Tits!"

He pinches her again, "What's that?"


"Tits! Tits! Tits! Tits! I call them tits! For Gods
sake!" the husband wails.

The stranger snickers, "Good boy." and releases his vise
grip on the woman's nipple.

Her face is beet red and she wheezes hysterically as
both her breasts are ravished again. The men get a
little rougher with her now as they furiously knead her
tits while sucking and biting her nipples. She groans
and strains at the grip that the man behind her has on
her as he pulls her arms tighter together and bends her
back toward him.

He leans into her and slips his tongue into her ear. His
long tongue is hot and wet. He dribbles some saliva into
her ear as he sloshes his tongue around inside of it.
She shakes her head in a desperate attempt to make him
stop but the pain in her shoulders tells her she must
let him fuck her ear with his tongue. He wiggles and
thrusts it deeper.

The husband groans in horror as he watches and listens
to the slurping sounds the men make with their sucking
and licking. His wife's knees shake violently under her

Her moans are guttural now and animalistic, sending the
husband into a blind rage as he pounds his fists into
the sofa and whimpers, "No, no, no, no, oh God no!"

One of the men holding her ankles, smiles while making
eye contact with the husband, and slips his hand under
the sweet lady's skirt.

"OH! she exclaims. "OH! OH! Oh my God! OH!"

Still smiling, he moves his hand up one of her long
beautiful legs and says, "Hey, no pantyhose. This is
great, ohhhh mom, shame on you."

"OH!" She gasps again.

She tries desperately to close her knees but her feet
are held too far apart. The hand fondles her from her
calf, up to her meaty thigh, and down again.


The man at her other ankle joins in. Together, they
rapidly tickle and scratch her legs and her thighs with
their fingernails. Their fingers, wiggling like little
spiders, travel up her legs to her inner thighs, where
they pause for a moment for some playful pinching near
her panties, then down and then back up again.

"Your wife has really nice meaty thighs." One man says.
"Really nice." Says the other man.

The husband is now delirious as he witnesses his wife
going into wild, uncontrolled convulsions from the
fingers and hands under her skirt, fondling her between
her legs. Her head shakes as she grunts and tries to
mouth the word 'no' but the sound that comes from her
is, "Nuh! Nuh! Nuh! Nuh!" As her ear continues to be
fucked by a long, wet tongue.

"OK boys, let's get a look at wifey's pretty legs. Pull
her skirt up real slow so hubby can enjoy it. Up...up...
Yaaaaa... like that. That's good. Now, show hubby what
he couldn't see you doing when your hands were hidden
under that cute little skirt."

Now exposed, the men resume fondling her gorgeous legs.
Her body begins to convulse again as the men's hands
travel upward. Her knees shake and the flesh on her
meaty thighs begins to jiggle.

A loud gasp escapes from her mouth as she feels a hairy,
muscular arm slip between her thighs, raise snugly up
against her crotch and begin a slow sawing motion back
and forth across her panty covered pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... nooooo...Oh God noooooooo." She moans.

As the slow, sawing motion of the mans arm against his
wife's pussy continues, the husband is horrified when he
sees the man, that's been tongue fucking her ear, drop a
dollop of spit from his mouth and swish the foamy liquid
deep inside her ear.

Slithering his tongue deeper into her ear, the man
glares at the husband and dribbles more spit. On her
cheek this time. He grins and spreads it all over the
side of her face with his tongue, dribbling more and
more spit as he licks her.

"Oh God! Don't do that to her! Don't do that to her!"
The husband pleads.

"What?" he is asked, "This?" Only this time the man
spits a wad right on her lovely face making her flinch.

"He doesn't like you spitting on his wife's face?" says
one of the men fondling the woman's leg. "Well I think
he should make you stop. How 'bout it sir? Why don't you
come over and make him stop? In fact why don't you come
over and make us all stop what we're doing with your
sweet lady? "

Then as all of the men stare quietly at the anguished
husband, they come up with another way to torment him
and slowly begin to gather gobs of their saliva in their

"OH NO!" cries the husband, "FOR CHRIST'S SAKE NO!"

Long, horrible seconds go by, filled with the screaming
protests of the husband, begging them to stop, as his
captured wife shakes her head violently back and forth
mumbling in vain for them not to do this terrible thing.

But now, with their cheeks bulging and the husband
watching, they face the poor woman and with the big arm
still sawing between her legs and up against her pussy,
they rapidly take turns emptying their mouths on her
body. They spit on her tits. They spit on her legs.

Another big glob is spewed directly on her face. Then
another. The wife is hysterical as the hot foamy liquid
lands in her eyes. She gasps, momentarily blinded by the
scum dripping over her eyelids, only to have a large wad
spewed into her screaming, open mouth. Then another. And

"Oh My God!" she gurgles, as her mouth fills with the
men's spit, "Ohhhh My Gaahhhhdggglllgg!" as it slides
over her tongue and drips slowly down her throat, "Ohhhh
My Gaahhhhhhhdggglllgg!"

Shaking violently, she gags and retches, as a voice
hollers, "Your husband won't stop us ma'am! He's just
sittin' there! And look at you! You're swallowing all
this sticky shit! You're a sick little wifey! And you,
asshole, I think you want to see us spit in your wife's
mouth again don't you. You want to see her swallow some
more don't you!"

His wife answers for him, "No not again! Please no!
Please get this stuff off of me! Get it off of me! Make
them stop! Make them stop!"

The husband sits paralyzed from the humiliation the men
are heaping upon his wife. Face buried in his hands he
sits, shaking his head, repeating, "Oh my God, Oh my
God. Oh honey! Oh honey! I'm so sorry. I can't help you!
I can't! I'm so sorry. Oh my God." as his honey sobs
hysterically, retching and gagging and begging them to

"No more! No More!" she wails, "NO MORE!"

With the room in chaos the man, with his arm between the
lady's legs stops his sawing motion to pull her panties
down just far enough to expose her hairy snatch. Then,
reinserting his arm between her meaty thighs and up
against her, now exposed, cunt lips he resumes his
sawing motion faster and faster and faster.

The other men collect more of their hot spit in their
mouths and commence their perverted liquid assault on
the woman's glistening big tits and her pretty face all
over again. Laughing and hooting, they turn it into a
sick contest to see who can land the biggest wad into
her screaming, gurgling mouth.

Her cheeks are filled with the slimy, gray crud as fast
as she can spit it back out. She tries desperately not
to swallow but suddenly her nostrils are pinched shut
and a big hand covers her mouth forcing her to swallow
the bubbly swill. Her throat spasms and forces her to
swallow the spittle down into her stomach. Her body
stiffens, her eyes bulge wildly from their sockets.

Her face is now a deep Purplish Red as she tries to
breathe. At last the big hand pulls away from her mouth
and nose and she gasps as much air as possible. Panting
at first she stiffens. Her face now turns an eerie shade
of White. The men hear a low rumbling coming from the
woman's stomach as she pants, then retches and retches
again. Then, violently retching, she vomits the contents
of her stomach all over herself.

As the woman continues to vomit and retch the men
release her from their grip and slowly step away from
her. In her hysteria, she doesn't seem to realize she is
no longer being restrained. As she stands on her own,
weaving and staggering from her debasement, the man
behind her slips her blouse off her shoulders and
removes it. Then he unbuttons her skirt and after it
falls to the floor, he slides her panties down to her
ankles and she mindlessly steps out of them. He gives
her a little push and she starts waking slowly forward.

Her breasts, dripping with saliva and puke, bounce and
sway as she wobbles in her high heels and stagger steps
forward toward her husband. She falls next to him on the
sofa babbling incoherently.

"Here!" a man says as he tosses the blouse to the
husband, "Clean her up, I don't want any of that shit on

As the husband holds his wife close, she continues her
incoherent babbling while he gently wipes the scum from
her body. The men step forward and watch as she is
attended to.

"I'll need a towel." the husband said softly. "Please,
from the bathroom over there."

One of the men fetches some towels, gives one to the
husband, takes one himself and passes the rest of them
to the others. The husband places his towel over his
wife's naked breasts and after a moment says, "I have
money in the house. Not a lot but at least five thousand
dollars. That's a thousand a piece, if you'll leave

The leader of this group of intruders leans into the
man's face and replies, "You have money. I'm happy for
you. We have money too. We don't need money." Then
sliding the towel slowly off the woman, he says, "This
is what we want. Not money. Her. Haven't you figured
that out by now asshole? Her. Your wife is a babe and
that's why we're here. We want your wife!"

With tears forming in his eyes, the husband sobs and
asks, "Why?'

"Because, asshole" the man answers, "it's what we do."
Then, reaching down and cupping one of his wife's
enormous breasts in both of his hands and shaking it for
emphasis, he says, "We rape beautiful, big titted wives
in front of their husbands. Sometimes in front of their
children. Tonight, no children, 'cause you're behaving
and not doing anything stupid. Are we straight on this?"
The husband nods yes. and the man says, "Good. Now let's
move on. Lady get up!"

Naked, except for the brassiere that was pulled down to
expose her tits, she whimpers softly, still not fully
recovered and still trying to get her bearings.

"Lady do you know where you are?"

"Home?" she quietly replies.

"Yes. Home. Now stand up, good girl."

Still a little wobbly, she stands with her arms at her
sides, slowly looking around the room. The leader walks
up to her, puts his arms around her and pulls her close
to him. As she looks up, he kisses her on the lips. Her
mouth just falls open. She is still disoriented.

"Honey, you'll feel better in a moment. Just stand close
to me like this and we'll do some kissin' and some
huggin'. It's gonna be OK. Believe me, we're not going
to do anything to you that a woman isn't built for I

As the pretty wife and mother is held tightly by this
strange man, her large breasts are pushed up her chest.
He stares down at them, smiles and starts to sway as if
they are dancing to imaginary music. "God honey, you got
the best jugs ever." he whispers. "Melons... ya. They're
like... Honey Dew Melons." The other men quietly watch
their leader and wait.

The husband watches too as his dazed, naked wife is
being hugged and given hot sloppy kisses and softly
romanced by a thug as if her husband wasn't there. But
he is there. And he feels very defeated and useless.

As the man and woman slowly and quietly dance, he turns
her around, there is a gasp, because for the first time
the gang of men notice what an awesome ass this Soccer
Mom has. Especially the way it looks, with her wearing
high heels. There is murmuring in the room and the
husband hears a man whisper, "I know what I'd like to do
to her, look at that big, round, beautiful ass."

Hearing the comment about her ass, the woman looks up at
the man holding her and says softly, "Can you please go
now and leave us alone and not hurt me any more?"

"Oh noooo momma," he replies, "we have to stay and we
wouldn't hurt you."

"But," she pleads, "you did hurt me and you spit all
over my body."

"I'm sorry," he says, "We thought you liked it.
Remember? You were shaking and squealing so much we
thought you were having an orgasm and that you wanted us
to do that. But OK, no more spitting on the nice lady,
OK boys?"

The men respond with murmured agreements about not
spitting on her anymore.

"Now honey, I'm going to ask another man to come over
and dance with us now, OK?"

"No please." she whimpers.

"Do you like dancing?" he asks.

"Yes, but..."

"She says yes. One of you come over here and dance
behind her and take your clothes off! The rest of yo,
take your clothes off too."

As the men disrobe, the woman begins to sob and quiver
but the leader says, "It's going to be all right momma,
remember, no spitting, just touching. Right guys?"

"Yaaaaa," they respond, "just touching."

A naked man approaches the dancing couple and positions
himself behind the gorgeous, bare assed Soccer mom. In
her heels, her sweet ass is at the same height as his
cock, which he places right between her ass cheeks and
pulls her close to him. It disappears between her meaty
cheeks. He holds her hips firmly and proceeds to slowly
slide his cock up and down between her crack.

She feels the hard cock and the movement between her
cheeks and she moans, "Ohhhhhhhhh... noooooo..."

"Jesus Christ," mutters the husband. "Jesus Christ."

"Now pretty lady, with the really big tits, I'm calling
another man over now and he's going to dance with you
too while I get undressed. Don't worry, it'll be fun."

As the leader steps back to remove his clothes, a man
takes his place. He too has an immense hard-on. He
lowers himself a little and guides his cock between the
woman's thighs, lifts it against her pussy, then slowly
commences to rock back and forth in a fucking motion so
his cock is rubbing right up against and between the
lips of her pussy.

There is no more swaying to imaginary music now, just
two hard cocks rubbing the private parts of this
beautiful, naked suburban mom.

"I can't see my cock." whispers the man behind her. "Her
big ass cheeks just... envelops it. My God, I think I
could come doing it this way. "

Two other naked men come over, cocks in hand and step
into the action.

They extend their free hands and fondle her breasts as
they slowly massage their cocks. She moans and whimpers
and when her nipples are flicked and pinched, she
squeals little girl squeals and squeaks little girl
squeaks each time. The men love it when she makes those
sounds. Sounds that her husband has never heard before.

Surrounded by four, big naked men, the husband can't
really see what they are doing to his sweet wife. But he
knows that they're bouncing her tits and he knows when
they pinch her nipples by the sounds she is making. He
knows where they have their cocks and what they're doing
with them. He knows he wants to disappear.

"Look at that sir." he hears, as the leader sits next to
him, buck naked, on the sofa...."Just look at that
beautiful sight. A gorgeous, naked woman with jugs for
breasts, and a big ass so round and full and four, big,
horny men servicing her, all at the same time. Listen,
do you hear her? She sounds so sweet the way she
squeals. Listen. Ain't that cute? And the amazing thing,
those men are fuckin' around with the mother of your
children. Does she make those squeaky sounds like that
when you fuck her? Does she squeal like that? You wanna
get in on some of that action? Sure you do but not till
after we leave."

"When are you leaving?" the husband asks meekly.

After a pause, the leader says, "Not for a while sir,
you just try to relax and enjoy the show."

"My wife... is not... a show," sobs the husband.

"She is tonight Mr. Murphy." the leader quietly replies.
"Ok guys, that's it. Start gettin' a little rough with
this guy's pretty little wife!"

"But," pleads the husband, "you said you wouldn't hurt

"Wrong asshole, if you were listening you would have
heard me tell her we wouldn't do anything to her that a
woman isn't built for." Then the leader leans close to
the husbands' ear and whispers, "And now we're gonna
show you what your big titted wife is built for. Just
keep watching and see how good my boys can make that
sweet wife of yours feel. OK boys start working on her
those Honey Dews."

The men are happy to comply and soon the sounds of the
horrified, helpless woman fill the room as her breasts
are slapped and bounced and her nipples are pinched and

They have their way with her gorgeous body for what
seems like an eternity. The cock between her thighs rubs
at a steady pace against her pussy lips. The cock
sliding between her ass cheeks moistens her crack. She
can feel how easily it slips up and down the men hoot
and holler each time she screams and mockingly imitate
her squeals and shrieks as she winces and quivers in
pain and humiliation.

"OK! bring her here." orders the leader, "You!" he says
to the husband, as he pulls him up from the couch, "Take
your clothes off now!" The husband attempts a protest
but is struck across his face and obediently disrobes.

He is pushed back on the couch and is ordered to start
stroking his cock. He hollers, "No!" and immediately
feels the leaders fist crash into his face. "Stroke!"

As he strokes his cock, it grows and he watches as his
wife is walked backwards to him and pushed down upon his
lap so his own cock is now snuggled deep between the
cheeks of her big ass.

The woman's legs are held high by the leader, exposing
her hairy pussy. He gets down on his knees and as his
face closes in on her cunt, he orders the husband to
grab his wife's legs and to, "Keep them gorgeous long
legs of hers spread. And I mean wide. I need a taste of
your lady's juicy twat."

As he begins to feast, her legs flail and she screams
bloody murder. When he flicks his tongue rapidly over
her clit she bucks wildly to get away but he clamps his
teeth onto one of her pussy lips and pulls, sending her
a strong and painful message.

She jerks her head back and forth and wails, "No! No!
I'll be good! I'll be good! No! Don't bite me! Don't
bite me!" He bites her again and says it for good

With his wife writhing on top of him, he can see over
her shoulder and down between her massive, jiggling
breasts to her cunt that now belongs to another mans'
mouth. He watches helplessly as her pussy lips are
sucked. He watches and hears his wife's blood curdling
scream, when a tuft of her pussy hair is ripped out by
its' roots. Then another. And the man laughs and spits
the curly, dark, hair into the husbands face.

The other men gather round this odd threesome and one of
them slips a finger past the leaders mouth and into the
wife's cunt. "OK your turn!" the leader says, "Give her
an old fashion finger fuck!" But the man is not content
with one finger. He slips in two, then three and
finally, with a great deal of effort, he shoves his
whole hand up into the lady's little pussy.

"WHOA! the leader exclaims and laughs in amazement,
"That's great!"

In between screams, she grunts and grunts, over and over
to the rhythm of the fist fuck she is being forced to

"Somebody get on top of this broad and show her what her
mouth is built for.," directs the man administering the
lady's painful fist fuck. A man quickly straddles the
lady, and sticks his cock into her screaming, grunting
mouth and shuts her up. "Suck it lady! Suck it! Suck it!
Suck it!" and she sucks the long cock as it fucks her
mouth rapidly just inches from her husbands face.

"You're not gettin' spit on your face this time honey.
OHHHHHH! This time it's CUM! ...OHHHH! cause I'm

Filling her mouth with his cum he continues to fuck it
faster and faster till she can hardly breath. She
gurgles and retches and tries not to swallow but the
cock fucking her mouth pushes the hot cum deep into her
throat. The man gives her one more spurt of his cum and
then withdraws.

All of a sudden, a gurgling animal like scream escapes
from her mouth as the man with his fist in her cunt,
suddenly, shoves his arm into her all the way to his
elbow, pumps it in and out and screams, "OH YA! She's
built for this too!"

He continues to fuck her with his arm, as the other men
laugh at his sick sense of humor. And with their cocks
as hard as they've ever been, they slowly begin to jack
off into the palms of their hands.

Before the slimy, hot cum can drip out between their
fingers, they approach the poor lady and her mortified
husband and as her cunt is violently ravaged by a thick,
hairy arm, they drip their cum into her gaping,
screaming mouth. As their loads of cum pour back out of
her mouth, they gather it in their fingers and flick it
onto her husbands face.

The room is silent now, except for the sloshing sound
that still comes from between the lady's legs as the
deep fist and arm fuck slowly comes to a halt.

As the arm is slowly pulled from her raw, gaping cunt
hole, there is only the sound of heavy breathing from
everyone in the room.

The men stare at the dazed, cum covered husband and wife
for a few moments in silence. The quiet is finally
broken when the leader says, "Let's get outta here."

"Ya" says one of the men, "This was a good one. We gonna
take her with us?"

The leader pauses a moment and after deciding that this
beautiful, big titted, housewife was the best one they
had ever raped, he says, "Yes. We haven't fucked her

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Damn even the spitting scene was a surprising turn on! Good work and I love the idea of a mature woman getting taken.
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Good job with this story you should keep writing because it was really good.
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Great story, thanks
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I don't know what it is a soccer mom but story is good
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Fantastic story! Visually well written with great dialogue!
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I loved the story, the concept, the hot soccer mom and the detail you used. The humiliation angle was great. My only problem is that it ended WAY to prematurely. Would they really leave without fully gang banging this woman right in front of her husband? They stated that was their intent. I was just wondering why you chose to end it where you did. I hope you reconsider and take it up where you left off!
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Default Great Story

Really enjoyed your story! Very exciting and erotic! Thank you. Loved the whole soccer mom theme. My wife is a soccer mom and so I enjoyed the whole scenario.
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