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Post Trading Daughters


It started when Dave separated and eventually divorced Pam... she was kind of a bitch to him and even the kids could tell that Dave wasn't happy.

Tiffany was the oldest and had that instinct to make all things better even at such a young age. Tiffany and Dave became really close after the divorce...even though she wasn't trying to take the place of her mom, she did seem to be the big girl of the house.

Dave did everything he could to make Tiffany happy, even to the point of her being really spoiled.

One day Tiffany decided she wanted Dave to take some pictures of her, she must have been watching some of those model shows and wanted to try and be like them. Tiffany wasn't model material yet but at 4"11 about 93 lbs, tan, long very straight dirty blond hair that ended at about the middle of her back.. she was well on her way to being a complete knock out!

Dave was pretty handy with the digital camera and Tiffany became quite the model posing in all sorts of different outfits. After the photo sessions her and Dave would review the pictures together. During the course of reviewing pictures in various styles and including 2 piece bikini swim suits... Dave started noticing how amazingly cute, sexy and mature she seemed even for her young age.

Tiffany would sit on her Dads lap while looking over the pictures... big mistake! Tiffany started asking questions like: Dad what is that? why is there such a large lump in your pants? ... Dave became embarrassed and said: "its nothing honey" "maybe you should get down now" Tiffany refused and asked again what was that?

Dave reluctantly explained that since mom has been gone for so long that Daddy gets urges.. and beautiful sexy girls kind of excites him... in a funny way. Tiffany felt really bad and just turned to hug Dave very tightly and kissed him on the cheek.

Dave could tell this was not good that his daughter was so giving and affectionate when he hasn't even had sex in such a long time. Tiffany, even though so young seemed, so grown up.

Dave in a moment of lustful desire grabbed his young daughter and kissed her on the lips. Tiffany's eyes flew open as Dave drove his tongue deep in the young girls mouth. Tiffany did not quite pull away but her hands on his chest did push back a little... just in shock. Finally Dave broke away from the lovers kiss and quickly got up explaining embarrassingly to Tiffany that he was sooooo sorry and didn't mean to be so forward with her.

Tiffany said: "she felt funny" and said "its ok Dad I know you love me" Dave: "yes! sweetie I wouldn't do anything to hurt you...ever!" "I do love you more than anything"

As the days and nights went by Dave became increasingly brave at touching his daughter.. she didn't seem to stop him.. but never really instigated the touching. Tiffany did feel wonderful when her Dad touched her firm tone tummy, or kissed the nape of her neck lovingly, or rubbed and massaged her back.... when he started pulling her panties down and rubbed her ass cheeks she still didn't stop him... she just laid there quietly as her Dad fondled her ass, and legs and lower back while kissing her neck.

It was movie night, Dave and Tiffany often curled up on the couch and snuggled while watching a great flick. This night would be different....

...halfway through the movie Dave started caressing his daughters lower back, her ankles, her calves, her belly and by then his mind was going blank! In a moment of pure lust he grabbed her hand and pushed it between the leg opening of his boxer shorts and directly in contact with his ragging hard cock! Tiffany gasped and shirked but didn't pull away ... right away. she just kind of shyly smiled and looked so innocent at that moment... the look made Dave freeze and he had a moment of clarity and decided he just couldn't do this with his daughter... but then she gripped the man sized cock, her little fingers couldn't even touch as she held the twitching cock.


Not knowing what to do... she just held it... but Dave then held her hand and helped her stroke the cock back and forth... Dave rolled his eyes up into his eye lids as Tiffany slowly and unassuredly stroked her fathers cock.

Dave stood up quickly and tore his boxer shorts down, falling to his ankles. His cock danced up and down several times, there was small amounts of pre-cum oozing from the tip. The man juice just kind of dripped down hanging by a wet string as it glistened in front of the young girl.

Now Tiffany was showing signs of fear and worry.... but Dave had to get release! He then told Tiffany to grab it again like he had just showed her... she did.
Dave grabbed quickly and frantically at her silky soft hair and the back of her head... pushing the cock directly to her lips. Tiffany kind of held her lips tightly at first but then as Dave persisted, she slowly open them... and her daddy's cock slid in her waiting mouth. The cock was so big in her mouth that it stretched her mouth wide in a big circular fashion. Tiffany panicked as her Dad pushed far into her mouth touching the back of her throat making her gag involuntarily before he pulled it back out… stopping just at the massive pink colored mushroom tip before plunging all the way back in again…. Dave did this a dozen times before he was desperately short of breath and growled to his daughter sitting on the edge of the living room couch explaining that; “Daddy is gonna cum… don’t take your mouth away or spit anything out” since the young girl had a mouth full of cock she wasn’t given the opportunity to reply… saliva was running down her neck and between her lips and the side of her mouth as the man sized cock pistoned in and out…
Dave held her head tightly, like his life depended on it… he yelled out as he began cumming… more cum came shooting from his cock than he could ever remember.

Tiffany was swallowing and gagging and trying her best to catch as much of her fathers seed as possible. Her tongue raced around the cock as it erupted volley after volley of cum… she tasted the pungent, salty, cum and squinted her eyes at the disgusting taste.

Dave was still holding her head to balance himself but practically falling over as his legs shook and spasumed from the climax…. Dave and his daughters relationship would never be the same.


Dave and his daughter continued their loving and sexual relationship… but for Dave he wouldn’t have intercourse with his daughter. They did everything else you could imagine… but he never entered her young body there.

Dave was a member of different clubs mostly just recreational family stuff and lots of other Dad/ Daughter groups… that way Tiffany could met other girls her age and Dave could talk with an adult about how hard it is to raise a family these days as a single dad.

One particular night Dave received a PM from some unknown guy;
“Hi Dave, my name is Carl… I have a daughter 1 year younger than your daughter. I noticed you have lots of lovely pictures of her… I especially like the swim suit pictures; she is a very lovely girl”
“Thank you Carl! Yes I’m very proud of her..she is very special to me”
“Hey Carl… I don’t see any pictures of your daughter and your status seems to be hidden…. Why is that?
“Well Dave I don’t talk to many people here but I thought I would reach out to you… its kind of risky but that’s why my status is hidden, if you don’t agree with me, you might be pissed! And I don’t want any trouble”
“Oh ok well no problem… you can share with me, I don’t mind”
“ok here I’m giving you access to some of my private pictures….. “
Dave froze!!!! And couldn’t believe what he was seeing! This guy was showing him nude and half nude pictures of his daughter! Dave was in disbelief and shock.
Knowing that just last week he and his own daughter had been having mind blowing sex!!!! Dave drooled at the pictures and was instantly blown away by the young girl he was seeing on the computer screen.
“well whata think? Her name is Callie…
“Carl I don’t know what to say… but she is gorgeous! for sure.”
Dave and Carl chatted on….
“Dave I have to ask and be blunt… have you ever touched or had sex with your daughter? And before you answer I’m just gonna tell you, I have had sex with my daughter… I was her first and she has become my little slut”
Dave didn’t know what to say! He wasn’t sure he should answer such a question… “Yes” “I have played a little bit with her but have never had intercourse with her.”
“I was hoping you would say that… and by some of the pictures I see of you too, it doesn’t surprise me I can see how much she loves you”

After much discussion and planning... it was set in place. Dave was not to interfere with what Carl does to Tiffany and in return Carl would offer his perfect daughter for any and all pleasures Dave could possibly want.

Carl and Callie came by one Saturday for a grill out with Dave and Tiffany.
After the girls got acquainted, the guys chatted awhile about golf and work related stuff…Carl motioned Callie over to sit next to Dave. Dave smiled widely as Callie snuggled next to Dave…. Tiffany didn’t like this very much and gave dirty looks to her dad.

Tiffany sat at one end of the couch with the cup of lemonade and glared her dad while he let the young girl rub his leg and even took a quick kiss on his cheek… “How dare she kiss my dad… she can’t do that... Tiffany thought to herself”

As Callie became more and more brazen by running her tiny hand along Dave’s leg and even going as far as pulling the belt loop from one side and attempting to unfasten Dave’s jeans.

Carl sat there grinning and watching as his daughter began seducing the strange man she had only met a few hours ago. He knew once she got started the adult man would be no match for her talented body, hands, mouth and young almost hairless, tight pussy.


Dave was completely distracted and hardly noticed as Carl took Tiffany by her hand forcibly dragging her across the room to the other leather couch. Tiffany dug her feet in and attempted to pull back as the large man yanked and pulled her off her feet and slid easily across the room. Tiffany yelped as the strange man handled her roughly. Dave glanced over at his struggling daughter and remembered his deal with Carl about not interfering with whatever might happen. He promised it would be well worth it…. and by looking down at the young hand wrapped around his ridged cock… he knew it was true.

The young girl was an exquisite female, her long dark black hair, blue eyes, in contrast to her tanned skin was more than Dave could handle…

Her tiny hands decorated with hot pink finger nail polish was expertly stroking Dave’s hard cock up and down… the contrast in her body and lips and hands was grossly different. Dave’s large adult body seems to dwarf the young girl now looking directly into his eyes as she darted her pink tongue out and across the tip of his cock. The pre-cum already rising and seeping out, her tongue pulling long strands of pre-cum and letting it drip on her chin as she went back for more.

As Callie now eagerly sucked Dave’s cock in and out of her warm and very wet mouth… Dave looked across the room to see Carl unbuttoning his little girls shirt... a shirt they had just shopped for only a few days ago. Her hands clawing at the man’s hands trying to stop him.

Carl managed to unbutton the small shirt and left it open, he undid the front middle snap of her lacy bra. Now that the garments were left aside he pawed and groped the girls small pointy, pert breast. Dave watched as Carl began rubbed down towards her rising and falling belly from her labored breathing, then reaching further down to unsnap the denim shorts.

Dave could see tears streaming down his lovely daughters face and cheeks but could do nothing as he was being transferred to unimaginable bliss from his new young lover… a lover that was not his daughter.

Tiffany struggled to keep her shorts in place as a tug of war ensued. This went on for several minutes. Carl even tried kissing the young female. He grabbed her with both his large hands on each side of her small face. He passionately kissed her, although I could not tell from where I was sitting, I imagine he was pushing his adult tongue into her mouth trying to capture hers, he then was stroking her hair and cheeks but it didn’t seem to help her submit to his desires.

Dave watched in horror as Carl viciously slapped his daughter very hard across her face… the smack was as loud as a firecracker in the basement room. Tiffany cried out in a low moan and sobbing. Carl then grabbed the sides of the girls shorts and yanked very hard several times this way and that way until they were dangling on one foot. Her legs were kicking about on either side of the adult male looming over the girl.

Carl then reached quickly for Tiffany’s cotton panties yanking and pulling them down her reddened legs, only to end up bunched around the same ankle as her denim shorts.


Dave was in pure ecstasy as his new young partner bobbed her head up and down... once or twice glancing over her shoulder to watch as her Dad readied himself to break in the new friend she had just made. Callie then suddenly stopped suckling on the cock in her mouth and reached under her short dress and pulled her panties down and off but leaving the dress in place. The panties falling beside Dave as a reminder that this sexy young girl is about to mount herself on his steel hard cock. Callie straddled the man placing her small legs on either side of Dave but facing him... she was so short that the top of her head barely was at the same height as his chin.

Callie reached between her own legs and grabbed the cock that was pointing straight up. Her young tender pussy was completely wet but even as wet as it was she tried unsuccessfully after several times trying to insert the massive cock, as she attempted to fuck him. Several more attempts and the tip began to disappear slowly into the depths of her young almost hairless pussy. The lite colored wisps of pussy hair made it look as though there was less hair than there really was. Once Dave’s cock was lodged safely in Callie she pulled Dave’s face close to hers, so they could passionately kiss. He was further shocked as her mouth was fully open as his reached hers. Their tongues co-mingled and danced around in a naked dance.

Dave lifted up for a moment to check on Tiffany, he watched on, over the shoulder of Callie as his own daughter was being prepared for her first cock. Carl must have found it necessary to slap her one more time... as the crackling sound of the slap resounded in the room Dave winced at the thought of Tiffany being hurt… but knew if he was to experience the pure pleasures that was being bestowed on him now, as Callie road him up and down, her soft vise grip like pussy holding his cock tightly …it needed to be this way.

Carl fisted his large cock rubbing it up and down the soft tight folds of the virgin pussy he was about to deflower. Carl kneeled down and passionately kissed Tiffany while continuing to fist his cock against her center. Dave could see the fear in his daughters eyes as she was about to experience her first cock. Carl started to bear down her... his ass cheeks flexed each time he tried forcing the cock in her… her legs dangled and struggled to no avail on each side of Carl’s large muscular legs… the shorts and panties still attached to her ankle.

Dave hissed as he could see between Carl’s legs the large sagging ball sack swinging back and forth as the strange man he had only met a short while ago was now sliding in and out of Tiffany’s pussy. Dave could clearly see the almost grotesque way her pussy lips tried holding and pulling at the cock as it pulled out just before returning deeply again. The first entry into her made her cry out and plead for him to stop… this only spurred him on, continuing the plunge. Tiffany even cried out to her dad, pleading with him to help her and stop the man from taking her this way….. Dave didn’t stop him.


The only sounds that could be heard now in the small basement room was the unmistakable sounds of fucking… the squeaking tempo that each couch made, as each stroke was being delivered. As each stroke meet pelvis to pelvis of the receiver and the giver…. low girlish small moans in rhythm of the fucking and then fading to hard deep breathing…..

I knew her sound well, I could hear her squeals and pleading as the man fucked in and out of my daughter.

Callie continued to fuck up and down my shaft... it was her gymnastic skills that allowed her to pull up so far and back down... keeping such a rhythm I couldn’t even do with my own hand jacking off.

I was trapped in that position, sitting there legs outstretched half sitting up as my young lover road up and down my cock... she was trying, I’m sure to milk the cum straight my ball sack.

I wouldn’t be able to last much longer the up and down strokes were relentless; as though even I wanted to I could stop the pending eruption.

Callie’s face was red and flushed, her forehead was wet with sweat, wisps’ of hair clinging to her cheeks, her breathing was controlled but labored as she purged her lips still moving up and down. She falls forward her face into my neck, never missing a stroke; I looked across and down her back seeing only her ass moving in time with the squeaking couch.

I could see just feet away, the couch across from Callie and me. My daughters upturned pussy, legs bouncing on either side of the man. Her hands gripping his neck trying to steady herself from the barrage of strokes, the man was administering her.

Carl announced he was getting ready to cum... my daughter pleaded with him to not cum in her... he ignored her... he sped up his fucking and held Tiffany by her shoulders making sure she couldn’t escape. The couch withstood the bouncing the two lovers gave as Carl yelled out and came violently in her. he grunted and growled and hissed as he slapped his torso against her.

As I watched this erotic and almost undeniable sight, my own cum was now pending... in a labored whisper, Callie still in my neck, I sputtered to her “I’m gonna cum... I’m gonna cum” I tried to lift her off me so I wouldn't cum in her... but she somehow clung to me like a magnet on a refrigerator. She kept this motion up and I couldn’t stop her... I arched my back and grabbed her ass and lower back pulling her onto me, making sure she couldn’t get away. I came deeply... the most intense climax I have ever had.

She lifted up, after resting on me for a few minutes...my cum falling out of her onto my legs and down her own legs... the contrasting color of her tanned legs and my white cum was incredible.

As Callie rested on me, holding me and hugging me around my neck, I watched as Carl pulled his now softening cock from my daughter’s battered pussy. I could hear a popping sound and a small steady stream of cum seeping down to the crack of her ass, puddling up on the black leather couch. The white semen glistened making her entire pussy look wet. She lay there breathing and panting, mouth partly open as Carl let her legs down for the first time.

I smiled at Carl and he back at me... he thanked me for the wonderful night. I patted Callie on her ass, as she got up and headed for the bathroom. She grabbed Tiffany by her hand and pulled her along, as they went together.
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I want to add a disclaimer: I don't claim to be a writer so typos and misspellings are not my thing... I do the best I can. I'm also interested in anyone that would like to edit or help me with my story's. I have more .... I would appreciate any feed back good or bad. Thanks
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Awesome work man! Would love to see it continued.
"To use or be used... that is the question."
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Continue it man, let's see Tiffany taste cock in her tight sweet ass too.
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Very good start. ..I wonder how the dad will treat her now
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daughter, father, rape strory, trading daughters, tted46

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