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Default Fun with Amy

During my second year of college I moved into a group living situation, much like a dorm, but without big brother looking over your shoulder all the time. Well, after about a month, one of the girls there caught my eye. It was a co-ed place, so there was a lot of fucking going on, with everyone seeming to be fucking everyone else, hooking up, breaking up, and all that, playing the game for all it was worth. I hadn't gotten involved in any of that yet, both from a lack of attractive possibilities as well as I wanted to take the lay of the land before I dived in.

Well, this girl, Amy was her name, stood out. There were other girls who were better looking, sexier, hotter, hell, a lot friendlier, but Amy had something which made me want her more than any other chick there. I figure it was the haughtiness, the aloofness, the sheer arrogance which only I was able to see radiating from her. She walked like she was above it all, striding across the common areas like a fucking queen, her shoulders back in perfect posture, her sweet little tits jutting out provocatively, her blond, frizzy hair bunched in a bun on top of her head, her face angular, her nose jutting forward, her lips pinched inward as if in permanent disapproval. She was five foot seven, had hips slender like a boy's, an ass firm and round, and perfect ivory skin.

I tell you, whenever I saw her my sight blurred with lust and hate--I so much wanted to take the bitch down a peg, tear that prissy white princess from her pedestal and make her squirm under my pounding cock. I got hard just from looking at her; she was that much under my skin. I figure she knew it too, although I kept it to myself, because I would catch her looking at me, her thin lips pinched into a slight frown of protestant disdain.

It had been six weeks since I had moved in, and I was still not part of the game, although I made sure I flirted and hung enough with the principles to keep close in case I wanted in, when I found myself across the table with my ice princess, Amy, she who, even though she didn't put out, didn't flirt, never smiled, seemed to be able to hang with whomever she wanted. I think she glanced at me once, a glance which said "you're nothing" so much better than words could have, before talking with everyone else there--listening, I should say, she rarely spoke.

My blood was boiling, but I tried to act normally. Hell, all I could think of was taking that bitch and reaming her out, picturing her on her knees, my cock buried to the hilt in her throat, of her screaming as my cock split her tight ass, her body arching in pain as I brutalized her, of her squirming helplessly under me as I rode her cunt to completion, her whimpering cries music to my ears. I was in a fog the whole time, barely myself, each one of my club-footed responses to the conversation whirling about me earning me another look of contempt from Amy, sweet, hot, fucking Amy. Once or twice she even went after me over something, but never obviously. It was like she was purposefully jacking me up, pissing me off, setting me on edge. A couple of times it was all I could do to keep from lunging across the table and throwing that bitch to the floor right there.

Over the next couple of weeks it was like she was my fucking shadow. She always seemed to be in whatever conversation I was in, jacking me up, cutting me off, jabbing me with a well placed word. Once or twice I even got into it with her, telling her to go straight to hell. But she kept coming back, as if she was purposefully seeking me out--most people, after I tell them to stay the hell away, stay away; she didn't.

I tell you, the bitch had me so worked up I wasn't thinking straight. All I could see when I closed my eyes was her sneering face. I fantasized about wiping that sneer from her face, about making her beg and plead as I tore at that hot little body she kept from everyone. It was all I could think about, what I wanted to do to that bitch, how I would do it. God, it was eating me up.

One evening, after she had spent most of it fucking with me, I decided to do something about it. The bitch was too far under my skin. I waited until about one a.m., until the place had quieted down a bit. Then I simply went over to her room and knocked on the door.

The cunt opened the door a crack, which I pushed open all the way, knocking her back a step, confusion and anger mingling on that pure white face. In that instant, as I shut the door to her room behind me, the words, "What the..." fading in the air, I saw everything around me: hot, bitchy Amy, wearing button-fly jeans tight around her waist loose around her firm apple of an ass; Amy, her tits thrusting out against a plain white v-neck; Amy's books on her desk, her desk against the wall of her small room--she had been studying, her feet bare; Amy's bed, perfectly made, to my right, her left, in front of me; Amy's closet, closed, the light overhead dim, shadows from the light on her desk filling the room; her dark hair, fanning across the back of her head, tied in a loose pony-tail near her neck.

I stepped forward, my hand reaching around her neck, my other hand reaching around her back, pulling the bitch toward me even as she cried out, my hands crushing her hips against mine, crushing her lips against mine as I grimaced, those soft, pink lips parting as she gasped in surprise and panic, my tongue snaking out into that warm, wet cavity of her mouth, sending chills down my spine as I tasted her gasping, struggling form, holding her there for long seconds as she squirmed in my grasp, feeling smaller, thinner, stronger than I had expected, pushing away from me, gasping, her brown eyes bright and wide in shock, her chest heaving as she panted. She looked wild, beautiful, hot, like a trapped animal waiting for the slaughter.

"All you have to do is scream," I said, my shoulders hunched, my eyes lidded, my breath coming in ragged gasps, speaking my thoughts, knowing that she knew that a scream, a yell, would bring people to her door, would bring people who would stop me, stop me from doing what we both knew I was going to do.

"Get out," she said, her eyes hardening, her back straightening, her hair flying behind her as she jerked her head back, her arm pointing forcefully toward the door. She didn't scream. I stepped forward suddenly, swinging my left arm hard, up and across her face, the retort of flesh against flesh sharp in the small space of her room, the force of the blow staggering her, her head falling to her chest, her hands coming up to ward me off as she slumped to the ground, leaning against the side of her bed, her legs folded under her.

I stepped close to her, towering over her, over Amy, over that hot, snotty bitch that had tormented me so much. My blood was boiling, surging, my head pounding, my sight locked on Amy, as she turned her head up to look at me, her brown eyes filled with fear, her delicate white hand against the side of her face where I had slapped her, her neck smooth and white to my eyes, her pale lips glistening, slightly parted as she gazed up at me. She still didn't scream.

I reached down, a feeling of power and lust rushing through me as I felt her hair twine about my fingers, and jerked the bitch to her feet, pulling her head back savagely to taste her hot mouth, her hands pushing against my shoulders exciting me as I gripped her ass through her jeans, her buttocks firm and tight and hard as I pressed her slender body against mine, feeling the softness of her tits against my chest, the hot wetness of her mouth as I ran my tongue inside it, tasting her breath, her panting, grunting gasps as she struggled against my grasp.

My whole body was tingling as I threw the bitch onto the bed, watching as she collapsed onto her back, one leg dangling off the bed, watching as she began to sit up, her eyes wide with fear and hate, glistening with them, her hair wild about her face, her lips pulled back into a sneer. I put one knee on the bed and grabbed a handful of her hair, jerked her back down onto her back, loving the way her face twisted in pain, loving the way she whimpered as I put my face inches from hers, my other hand pressing against her stomach, firm, flat, heaving up and down as she sucked in breath after panicked breath through her nostrils.

"I'm going to fuck you, bitch," I hissed. She whimpered. It was all I had to say, all I needed to say as I stared into those big brown frightened eyes, waiting for the scream which didn't come, my hand tearing down, popping the buttons on her jeans open even as I kissed her brutally, my head swimming with power and lust as I ground my teeth against hers, her whimpering, squirming body delicious beneath my hands. I held the kiss for a long time, my hand digging its way to her groin, past the scratchy curls of her pubic hair, my fingers digging at the soft flesh of her labia.

I broke my kiss, leaving Amy gasping, and said "Slut," my middle finger sunk deep in her slick cunt, my hand mashing down her clit as her thighs squirmed weakly and her hips gyrated, trying to expel my finger from her sweating, drooling snatch. She turned her head away, her teeth pulling on her lower lip as I dragged my finger slowly from her box, dragging across her swollen clit, making the slut's hips buck up uncontrollably, a hiccup making her slender body spasm as I gripped either side of her jeans and panties at the hips and dragged them down to her thighs, her firm, silky smooth, milk white thighs, muscles bulging and sliding under her skin as she kicked against me weakly.

I flipped her over bodily, not able to wait, my blood racing through my ears as I thought about raping Amy, hot, sweet, beautiful fucking Amy, her ass so round and firm, her cunt drooling for my cock. I dragged her until she was on her knees, her torso laying across the bed, her head turned so I could see that gorgeous profile, that haughty, stubborn profile, with her hair hanging in front of her face while I undid my belt and freed my cock, swollen and throbbing as I leaned into Amy, sweet Amy.

"Please, don't, don't," she begged, but she didn't scream. She didn't scream.

I grinned a death's head grin, pulling her head back viscously by her hair. "Shut up, cunt. You want this, slut. Now take it." I reached down and guided my cock between her straining, milk white thighs, even as she bucked and squirmed against my grasp, trying to squirm away from my cock, my cock which I drove deep into her slippery, smooth, hot, grasping cunt with one stroke.

"Ahh..." she gasped, her back arched unnaturally by my hand in her hair. "Oh god oh god no," she whispered, and I could have sworn the cunt came even as I pulled out of her spasming cunt and slammed my cock back into her womb, the feel of her ass squirming and working against my groin, the way she gasped as I drove deep into her, the feel of my cock buried in that silky smooth wet grasping cavern of a cunt, sucking on my cock like a living thing, stunned my mind, sent pleasure spiraling higher and higher through my body as I fucked Amy, Amy the slut coming on my cock.

Again and again I slammed into her, her asscheeks quivering beneath the blows from my hips, her hands clawing as the sheets as I pressed her face hard against the bed, her breath coming in short gasps as I fucked her.

"Bitch. Cunt. Whore. Slut" I chanted with each stroke, quickly, too quickly building to orgasm, my whole body held rigid as I spasmed deep inside of her, my hands gripping her hair harder and harder until she cried out from pain even as her body shuddered again as the slut came, my hot spew spitting deep up into her slut belly, my hot Amy coming on the end of my cock as I filled her full of seed.

I held my cock inside her, still shuddering from the magnitude of it. I had raped Amy, and Amy had loved it. She was a slut, a no good fucking whore, my bitch Amy. She was making sobbing sounds, and I reveled in them. I had shown the cunt, had shown her what she was good for; I had given the bitch her medicine, and she had gulped it down like the slut she truly was.

I pulled my cock from her drenched hole, wincing at its sensitivity. Looking down at her there, laying with her white ass exposed, her cunt swollen and gaping, her head turned sideways and pressed into the bed, I wanted her again. I wanted to keep her and fuck her and use her slut body forever.

"Please go," she gasped out between her sobbing gasps, and I couldn't help but grin. Amy, haughty Amy was begging me to leave. I didn't think I would. I whipped my belt off and leaned over her to grab her wrists. "What are you doing, what are you doing," she cried as she struggled as I bound her wrists behind her with my belt.

"Shut up, bitch," I snarled, slapping the back of her head when her hands threatened to escape the binding, until I was sure she couldn't get loose without some work. "You and me, bitch, we're not finished, not by a long shot." I leaned over her prone body so I could talk directly into her ear, seeing her flinch away from me exciting me as much as seeing her bound before me did.

I rolled her over and laid her flat on her back on the bed, climbing so that I was straddling her hips, staring down into that pretty, no longer so arrogant face of hers. "Please, no more," she begged, "no more. You've already raped me, just go. I won't tell anyone." I let the bitch finish her begging. "AHH!" she yelped as the retort of my palm across her face echoed about the room. "AHH!" again as I slapped her again, hard, jerking her head from side to side.

"Bitch. You come like a whore and you tell me no more? Fucking goddamned slut. Tell me you came, slut. Tell me!"

"No...no..." I started slapping her, my palms stinging from each blow as her body jerked under mine, her hips twisting, her head jerking back and forth as I rocked her head with my blows.

"Tell me! Tell my you got off!"

"Okay! Okay!" she practically yelled, and I stopped slapping her, her white complexion now pink, her breath coming in gasps. "I liked it," she whispered.


"I liked it," she said, her faced turned away from mine.

I grabbed her face and forced her to look at me. "You liked what, Amy?"

"I...I...oh god...I liked you raping me." The sight of those words coming from those pale thin lips was almost too much for me. I felt my cock throb even in its soft state and red blur my vision, my hand squeezing her cheeks until she gasped in pain.

I stood, watching her as she lay there, motionless, her head turned away from me, defeated, her chest, thrust forward by her arms bound behind her back, rising and falling provocatively as she breathed. I shed my clothes, all of them, before climbing back onto the bed. She didn't move, didn't react as I slid my hands up her shirt, feeling her shudder slightly as my hands ran over her hot flesh. I didn't care. She was mine. She admitted it. I had everything I wanted right under my hands.

"Let's take a look at your tits," I said, sliding her shirt up until it bunched at her chin, exposing her thin, hard stomach, a smooth expanse of creamy white flesh leading up to her bra, hiding the two soft mounds of her jutting tit-meat. I reached around her and undid her bra, pushing that up against her chin also. She refused to look at me as I squeezed those perfectly hand-sized mounds of flesh topped by two hard pink nipples.

"Nice tits, slut. Nice," I purred as I kneaded her mounds, feeling the warm flesh of her stomach massaging my balls as I worked her tits. "Let's see everything, slut," I said, sliding down her body and sliding her jeans and panties from her unresisting legs. I kneeled over the bitch, staring down at her gorgeous white flesh, drinking in the sight of her nearly naked body, from her shapely feet, her strong, thin thighs, the slight bulge of her mound, sparsely covered with dark hairs, her narrow, boyish hips, her flat, even narrower stomach, her small, perky tits, her pink, hard nipples, her supple neck, to her brown eyes.

I covered her body with mine, taking one of those perfect nipples between my lips and sucking it as deep as I could into my mouth, the feel of her silky smooth skin against mine filling my cock with blood, hardening me as I ran my tongue and my teeth across her nipple, drawing soft whimpering sounds from her mouth as I switched from one breast to another until I was fully hard, and until I felt her body squirming ever so slightly beneath mine, her hips writhing in obvious need against my stomach.

I mounted her, nestling my cock against her swollen labia, bending my head so that I was looking at her turned aside face, her eyes tightly closed, an intense expression on her face. I rubbed my cock against her labia, grinning as I felt her shift her hips slightly, uncontrollably, toward my cock, aching for it, aching to be fucked. I shifted my position above her until I held her tits in my hands, and began to squeeze, watching her face as the pain began to hit her.

"Ahhh...god. Stop! Stop! Don't hurt me," she whimpered, arching her back in her pain, her eyes open and pleading to mine as I twisted the pliable flesh of her tits, my fingers gouging them brutally even as I slid the tip of my cock into her sopping cunt-hole.

"Tell me what a slut you are," I demanded.

"Oh god," she turned her face away from me, "I'm a slut! I'm a slut!"

"Look at me slut!" I commanded, twisting her precious tit-flesh hard, making her moan and arch up against me, her hips even then humping against the tip of my cock.

She looked at me, her eyes wide open, her hair streaked across her face, her lips moist and open. "I'm a slut, a fucking slut," she whispered.


"I"M A SLUT!" she gasped out as I gouged at her tits and slammed my rock hard cock deep into her belly, her hips grinding against mine as I buried my cock in her grasping, tight, sloppy cunt.

"You love having my cock in your slutty belly. Say it," I said.

"Uh, uh, I love... I love having your... your cock in my slutty belly," she said, staring straight into my eyes, her eyes filled with humiliation and shining with lust, her body shaking as I made her degrade herself beneath me.

"You're a whore, a dirty, slutty whore."

"I'm a whore, a dirty, slutty whore."

"You want cock; you need cock to feed your slutty, whorish cunt. You're a cock-loving bitch with a greedy cunt."

"Uh uh," she grunted as I ground my cock deep in her belly, reveling in the power I had over her, the sensations of her body writhing and shaking beneath mine making me tingle all over as I used her for the second time, a time I was going to make it last. I took my hands from her tits and put them beside her head. "I wa-want c-cock," she stuttered, "uh I na... need... uh... cock to... to feed my slutty, whorish cunt," her back arching as I withdrew my cock and slammed it home in her belly. "I'm a cock-loving bitch with a greedy cunt," she finished, her eyes locked on mine, her face a mask of lust and hate and humiliation as I raped her, sweat breaking out on her body, easing my movement atop her.

"Keep it up, whore," I said, grinning down at her.

"Oh god," she closed her eyes, only to open them again, "oh god... fuck me... fu-fuck me like... like the sl-slut I am. Uh uh my god my god I'm a whore, a dirty whore. Ra... ra... rape me, rape me, rape me," she grunted in time to my thrusts. "Hu... hu... hurt ma... ma... me oh god please oh god I'm a slut oh god," her eyes shut and her face twisted and her body arched and shook beneath me as I ground my hips against hers, stirring my cock in the pit of her cunt, "Oh god I'm coming, coming slut, slut whore coming, oh god," she said over and over, her body collapsing beneath me, panting as she turned her head away.

I let her lay like that for a minute, still working my cock in Amy, sweet, slutty Amy's cunt, before lifting myself up on one elbow and backhanding her violently across the face, making her body go rigid in shock and pain as her eyes stared up at me in fear. "Who said you could stop, cunt?"

She stared at me for long seconds, a gasp escaping her as I dragged my cock across her swollen clit. Then she said, softly, "Don't stop. Don't stop fucking your slutty cunt. Don't stop raping me, don't stop using me as your fuck hole, don't stop hurting your fuck hole," she finished with a whine as I twisted her tit hard, making her squirm beneath me.

I rode her for long minutes, watching her face, her eyes, as her lips spewed filth, spewed humiliation and degradation, begging me to rape her, to hurt her, to beat her, but most of all to use her over and over again. It was incredible, snotty, arrogant Amy debasing herself, humiliating herself, beneath me, squealing out as she came, her thighs pulled to my sides, squeezing my hips as she bucked in orgasm for a third time this evening, and still I didn't stop, still I kept fucking and kept demanding her soft, silky voice spew profanities as I fucked her slowly and methodically, feeling my come build up ever so slowly from deep within my belly, the writhing and shaking of her soft flesh driving me higher and higher in lust until I grunted and buried my head in her neck, biting and sucking as I came deep within her even as her ankles locked behind my ass and she bucked beneath me, gasping and panting "I'm coming I'm coming, coming, oh god oh god coming cunt's coming," into my ear over and over as my guts seemed to be pulled out from my cock as I spewed deep inside Amy, sweet Amy.

"You're mine," I said as I lay on top of her limp body. "You're mine, whenever I want, wherever I want. Mine." I wanted her to hear it, because it that was how it was going to be. Amy, cold, distant Amy, was going to be mine whenever and wherever I wanted her.

I stood unsteadily on my feet and dragged the bitch by her hair until she was kneeling before me, my semi-hard cock weaving in front of her face, covered with her come and mine. "Clean it, slut." Simple, direct. She glanced at me from behind heavily lidded eyes, and opened that sharp, soft mouth and took my cock inside it, making me wince as she took the softening member all the way into her mouth, sucking hard on it, cleaning it with her tongue as she pulled her head away, finished by cleaning my balls with her tongue. Just standing there, watching Amy on her knees, cleaning my cock with that small pink tongue of hers made me want to take her again, brutally, viciously, but that could wait. I pushed her away from me and put on my clothes.
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Awesome story are you going to continue? ??
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