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Mad Gerald
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Mad Gerald
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A very Merry Christmas to all my readers and fellow authors, I hope you all had a great time, full of good cheer, and if nothing else had a nice rest and time to realise in this world of ours you should try to be grateful for what you have. (And masturbate about what you want! GRIN!) Have a good one!
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Mad Gerald
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Woman Police Sargent pulls a Train Story By Mad Gerald,

Will be back once edited and revised, my apologies all MG

Last edited by Mad Gerald; 01-27-2016 at 07:13 PM.
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Old 01-26-2016, 03:21 PM   #144
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Could do with some editing, but I really love the cruelty of the story. All that torture and rape forced upon one helpless woman. Hope there's more coming!
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As someone who didn't get to see the original posting- I hope the revised version of the story makes an appearance soon, Mad Gerald!
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Are we going to get the story?
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Mad Gerald
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Default Met Police Sargent pulls a train By Mad Gerald.

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and
does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to
anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.



The attached story may be shared with others and
freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet,
provided no money is charged to read this document,
or if it is I am paid and/or offered free
entrance to that site in payment. No part of this
document, including the notices and attached
fiction are modified, and the original author
is given proper credit for their work.

Met Police Sargent pulls a train By Mad Gerald.

Met Police Sargent Sarah Cunningham's on football crowd control duties in the city of London, it has been a busy day, the semi final. She is on the train escorting the fans out of London to ensure there is no trouble, she suddenly realise all the other officers have got off at the last stop.

The carriage is really noisy fans shouting and singing its overcrowded she is stood near the door and luggage area, making a call into her handset trying to get anyone to answer, they push past her as she struggles to get a signal, someone feels her arse she jolts away and turns there's a big guy in front of her,

"Oh dear is little piggy all on her own?"

She looks at him in disgust

"Don't even thinks it sunshine"

Suddenly someone has something around her neck from behind, it pulls tight she struggles for breath, there a lots of leering faces pressing close, someone grips the groin of her uniform trousers from the front squeezing her pussy making her struggle and cry out, they grab her wrists as she tries to reach for her spray, someone is undoing her trousers, she tries to kick back at the fucker with the thing around her throat. Sniggers and suddenly someone breaths in her ear.

"let's see what piggies got in her knickers shall we?"

She struggles hard as the they start to grope her, hands are on her pussy and arse cheeks grabbing and pinching. Hands undo her Metvest and it is pulled from her as is her equipment belt. Now hands are groping her breasts, she tries kicking out but the carriage is too crowded and they are squeezed around her tightly, some are so close she can feel their erect cocks pushing into her in different places of her body. Her hands go to her throat trying to make air and she realizes a football scarf is tightly around her neck choking her, she starts to feel light headed. Hands are now at her trouser belt undoing it, soon her trousers are around her knees, exposing her strong legs and her small sports thong that that is pulled tightly into her pussy and up between her cheeks...

Hands grope her pussy, fingers probing as she writhes and kicks, her legs are dragged apart and lifted she is pulled backwards on to the person holding the scarf, rough fingers snatch her thong to one side. She tries to kick to twist to jerk her ass away but there's nowhere to go,

"Nice cunt piggy!"

Someone remarks laughing as she cringes, fingers fumble then part her pussy lips, spreading them then rubbing her clit, they press into her twisting and forcing their way into her unprepared cunt, she jolts and tries to shout "NO!" As they start to fuck in and out finding her wet, she strains trying to be off them but she's held fast. Hands grope her breasts slapping and pinching, tugging her nipples to erection, a slobbering mouth sucks and bites on one making her jerk and fight more as the thick fingered rapist spreads and drives his digits deeper into her cunt.

She struggles like mad as they crowd around her, they fondle her and start to suck at her fat stiffening nipples. Then unbelievingly large fingers are jammed into her pussy and a man starts to work them in and out of her. She gasps in shock as someone behind her parts her bum cheeks and slowly pushes a finger up into her tight arse.

"Someone help me! HELP! I'm a police officer please help me!"

She screams but the men in the crowded carriage just laugh.

"Hey it's a long way home she wonder how many cocks the bitch can take in eight hours"

Someone shouts back above the laughter.

"Cock! You disgusting pigs! Oh no you can't! you can't do that. Stop it! STOP! Look I will be forced to arrest you! . . . Not to me! NO! Don't do that! NO! no you can't"

She shouts and increases her struggles...

The thick long fingers twist and spread and press deeper, the finger up her arse is plunged in and out forcing her to lift her hips trying to get off it, the fingers deep inside her pussy start to frig in and out faster and faster the heel of his palm hard against her clit as mouths clamp on to her nipples and suck and pull, two fingers are pressed up into her bottom forcing her to yelp, jolt and strain

"No you? You? SIR! you mustn't!"

she shouts as they laugh and jeer fighting over her poor tits with their rough hands, the fingers in her pussy press and spread and twist the finger tips finding something up inside her, pressing it, kneading it, her legs snatch and kick, making her press her clit to his palm

"NO! NO I am warning you! No don't!"

She shouts hysterically heaving her hips, the fingers in her bottom force deeper making her plead and kick

"Stop that no! STOP!"

as they laugh and press closer, someone slaps her right breast up and down viciously before a mouth snags it and suckles hard making her gasp and groan pressing down on the fingers

"The fucking pig whore loves it! Look at the cunt!"

She jolts and squirms as the fingers make her poor pussy tighten more and more the palm heel grinding to her aching clit.

The fingers up her bottom are snatched out, cool air rushes up into her, hands slap and grip her buttocks dragging them wide, slapping them, making her jerk her poor trapped clit to the hand clamped between her trembling thighs. The fingers press and grind seeking and finding the right place inside her, she stiffens, two more fingers are forced up her bum, fucking in and out, she is moaning, groaning, humping his palm faster and faster they go quiet as her body goes tight, hands grip and squeeze her thighs. Her pussy squeezes his fingers tight, her hips jolting hard and fast, they wrench her thighs open wide holding them, he snatches his fingers out, she cums, humping her ass, squealing in release as jet after jet of hot cunt juice squirts from her.

"NO NO DON'T! Please!" She wails sobbing.

They all laugh and jeer, as she wails and thrashes, shocked at what they has made her do, horrified that they made her cum just like that.

"Right time for a good fucking piggy!"

She can't believe her own body has betrayed her like that and starts to sob in shame and feels totally humiliated. 'Come on stop fucking about she has got a lot of cock to get through' someone shouts.

"Hey calm down its a long journey and she has three holes, I'm sure we can all has a go before the train stops" the Man who fingered her shouts back.

She looks at him in horror,

"No you can't! I've never had it up my arse! and I'm not on the pill, please don't fuck my pussy or arse" she pleads.

She looks around the crowded train there must be a good hundred men in there, there is no way she can take that much cock.

"Please I'll suck you all off' she says in total desperation and get to her knees and grabs the nearest man, undoes his flies and pulls out his semi, before he can say anything she takes his cock in her mouth and starts to suck it.

As she starts to suck his cock she suddenly realizes how many of the bastards are videoing her with their phones, the thought of her struggling and squirting going viral shocks and excites her, she flushes red realising everyone will recognise her number and uniform, the guy grips her head and forces his meat into her throat choke fucking her face, she struggles for breath pulling off it and he shoots cum all over her face and hat, another grabs her throat and lifts her up on tip toe. He's a really mean looking older man, all muscle, he spits in her face and shakes her.

"Hold your fucking arse open you piece of shit!"

"Please don't not in my bottom please!"

"Ppleeeeese notin my bottom!" He mocks

"Stand there and hold your fucking shitter open you pig cunt!"

He grins and spits on her face again. Shocked, scared and Cringing, she stand there, reaching back and grips her buttocks and pulls them open to whoops and cheers, he stuffs her hat back on her head and drags his jeans open to reveal the biggest cock she has ever seen in her life, he grips it and wanks it slowly, peeling the foreskin back off the slab like head, she swallows horrified

"Please don't" she manages,

she jolts in shock grimacing as the men behind her start to spit into her held open bum.

She doesn't know what is more humiliating standing there holding her cheeks wide apart or having all those men spit on her tight virgin puckered ring. she can feel the cum on her face slowly run down her cheeks and slowly drip off her chin onto her cravat, she really wants to wipe it off her face but she is too frightened to take her hands off her cheeks. she glance back at the monster cock behind her, '

"Oh god please don't put that in my arse it will ruin me, I can't take something that big" she pleads pathetically...

He grins and wanks his meat slowly

"OK then her come here and take it up that nice tight looking cunt of yours, you take all of it and we won't make it go up your shitter pig"

She looks horrified and grimaces at him, but what choice has she got, he sits on the edge of a table grinning at her and they all shove her closer, she glance around at all their expectant faces all those cameras, she pulls her booted foot out of her trousers and climbs up on the seat before she know it she's astride his hips spreading her pussy lips open and the thick head of his cock is slowly forced in, its painfully big she steals herself imagining what it would be like going up her poor arse.

The head sinks in and she press down gasping, fuck her cunt is stretched by it, he grins and grabs her thighs forcing it deeper pulling her down on to it, her feel it flex in her and thrills shoot up through her belly.

"Fucking take it you pig cunt!"

"Get on it you pig slapper!"

Its half in and he fucks up into her making her groan, hands grab her hips they laugh as the force it deeper up into her.

She struggles trying to stay in control, he leans forward grabs her neck and pulls her toward him and starts to fuck up into her stretched out cunt her poor cunt lips ache around it as it moves solidly in and out in shallow fucks, his arms wrap around her torso pinning her to his chest

She pleads when he is only half in. He just laughs and pulls her down hard onto his cock until it fully in her,

"Nooooooo!" she screams.

He then starts to fuck her and her panic changes,

"Don't cum inside me, oh god please don't cum inside me I'm not on the pill"

she says nearly hysterical. He ignores her and just grabs her arse cheeks and pulls them wide apart,

"who's first for the stupid cunt's arse then?' he asks

She struggles and bucks pleading for them not to as they fight amongst themselves and then a cock is pressed to her helpless asshole.

The man's cock is massive far larger than anything she has ever had inside her before, it feels like he is forcing a burning log up into her, tearing her in half.

"Oh god please stop, you're too big, you'll ruin me!"

Instantly she feels it forcing slowly into her arsehole.

"Nooooo you promised!"

she wails then screams as he Rams the first inch into her arse. She screams in pain as he thrusts again and again until his cock his fully buried, she moans in agony as the monster cock pummels her pussy and the other her arse.

Suddenly a man jumps on the table where the man with the monster cock is sitting and gets out his cock. He grabs her head and Rams his cock straight down her throat making her gag and retch,

"Three hole the pig, three hole the pig!"

the carriage starts to chant, they grab each wrist and place her hands on their erect cocks and she has no choice but to start giving them a handjob each like some demented downhill skier...

She moans and gasps around the cock in her throat as the cock in her cunt flexes and slides in and out making her cunt lips ache, the bastard on her back is butt fucking her like a mad man heaving his hips at her poor splayed butt cheeks his cock hard and hot deep in her ass. The rapist using her mouth suddenly rams it to the hilt in her mouth the thing flexing and jerking in her throat as she gags and feels his hot seed pump down her gullet making her heave, it is wrenched out and she grabs a breath, the bastard on her back slings his arm around her throat and drags her back upright, the cock up her cunt impossibly slides deeper. She shudders her cunt clamping around it, her anal rapists breathes in her car

"You going to cum for us you pig cunt, cum with cock up your filthy shithole huh you pig shit!"

He viciously rapes her ass the head of his cock slamming against her full cunt inside her, she humps her ass and manages


With cum dribbling from her lips, as hands slap and grip her breasts, pulling and kneading them, fingers grip and tug her erect teats, making them hard, sensations making her cunt flutter inside, the guy under her starts to fuck up into her grinning, his cock rearing, making her groan in lust and press down grinding him deeper feeling the thick length swell inside her.

Mouths kiss and suck her breast flesh, a tongue flicks over and around her right teat, her anal rapist slaps his hand over her mouth stifling her as he churns his meat in her bum and then starts to stroke in and out deep and long.

"You gonna cum bitch, cum like a cheap whore for all these bastards to video and when you cum were gonna fill your ass and cunt with hot sperm"

Mouths latch on to her teats suckling and tonguing her nipples, she snorts through his filthy fingers as her cunt tightens gripping and squeezing the fat length filling her pussy the cock in her butt slipping and sliding over it, she stiffens jolting, and straining they start to jeer and laugh

"No!" She gasps "No!"

Through his fingers as she starts to hump like fuck her cunt clamping down on her rapist cock as it jerks and flash fills her cunt with hot insistent seed, the thick head pulsing hard against the entrance to her womb. The fucker on her back forces his meat deep into her and holds it there gasping as his cum floods her rectum, she presses back shuddering as orgasm after orgasm jolts through her to their laughter.

She is held up, the breast teasers rolling and pulling her nipples making her groan and fuck, cunt juice flooding out of her, she starts to come out of it realising she is still impaled on their cocks the dirty fucker behind her laughs

"Hey everyone watch this!"

She jolts and stiffens moaning into his hand horrified as he starts to piss into her poor raped arsehole, she struggles to get off it sobbing as they hold her down while he finishes, pleading into his hand for him to stop as her belly begins to feel strangely bloated, he pulls out and she wails in horror and humiliation as all his hot piss squirts out of her just forced ass as they video it.

" Ha Sergeant squirter! Right let's get the pig cunt over the table!"

Hands lift her bodily off the mans still huge cock and her feel his cum bubble out of her aching cunt lips.

Shes never been fucked liked this before, a cock in each hole and one in each hand, she is totally overwhelmed. she doesn't know how to react, what to do as cocks slam in and out of her. The man in her mouth cums squirting his seed deep into her throat so she has no choice but to swallow it down.

He pulls out his cock and she gasp for breath as the other two continue to pummel her with their meat, the massive cock in her pussy is slamming so hard into her each thrust she starts to feel sick but then they start to play with her nipples, her oh so sensitive nipples and the feeling changes.

'Oh no, not now, oh god not in front of everyone' she thinks and tries to suppress the growing warmth that is building inside her. The two rapists continue to hammer away while others suck her nipples and play with them, the feeling grows stronger until she can no longer hold it in.


she screams into the man's hand and feels her pussy clamp down on the massive cock as shes cums. she blushes red with embarrassment and then a second unexpected orgasm rips through her, it's then that both men cum filling her arse and pussy with seed.

"No not inside my pussy, oh god please don't cum inside me!"

she blubbers as she feels their cum start to seep out of her arse and pussy.

The carriage goes wild and she is pulled over to a table in the middle of the carriage being passed from man to man, each one having a good grope before they pass her on to the next...

she is forced on her knees and slapped and punched, someone grabs her around the throat and shakes her until she takes cock in her mouth, the first one is too excited and spurts hot semen all over her lips, they hold her and take her hat and put the chin strap down on it and force it back on her head, the next one forces his meat into her mouth and starts to fuck her face, someone pulls her up on her knees and stuffs his cock into her still gaping asshole they fuck her hard coming together, they are replaced by two more hands grope and tease her tits, they call her a cunt and fucking whore and spit on her as they fuck her then they both cum over her face.

Another grabs her and pulls her back he force feeds his swollen meat into her arse and begins butt fucking her another spreads her legs and stuffs his cock into her sodden cunt. They fuck her for ages doing their best to hurt her grudge fucking her until they cum.

Once they have finished hands grab her and push her over the table, someone holds her by the back of her neck as he feeds his meat up her ass, she wails and kicks as he fucks her as his meat is far to big the others cheer him on as he puts his arm around her throat and holds her tight as he fucks her viscously slamming her buttocks harder and harder, making her sob and kick as he raspes her poor bottom slamming up her and cumming his meat full up her aching shitter.

She gets slapped and punched around the carriage and then taken on all fours, she lose count of how much cock she has had in her but soon her face is dripping with cum and she can feel it seeping out of her pussy and arsehole. She manage to block the abuse out and go to a good place in her head as man after man takes her.

Suddenly she is lifted and thrown over a table and feels someone press the tip of their cock against her ruined anus, she tries to block him out but it is impossible. He is massive and she feel her already destroyed butt being forced wider than she ever thought possible,

"No oh god! Not there its too large not there. Not there this will ruin me!"

She screams at the man but her words are cut short by a cock being forced down her throat.

"It looks pretty much destroyed already" the man laughs and starts to force his massive cock into her...

They fuck her like a rag doll humping her ass and face then coming together she is dragged over on her side and cringes trying to hide her face as someone videos her as he holds her ass cheeks open laughing as cum tumbles out as she farts over and over to their laughing. Her face is a picture of humiliation.

Another man grabs her pulling her from the train table, to her feet he forces her forward, another grabs her wrists and drags them around her knees, he and another tie her hands around her knees and stuff her face into the seat cushions.

She sobs and begs them to stop, they take it in turns fucking her poor ass slapping and smacking her big butt cheeks as they cum in her rectum, hot heavy loads that fart out when they pull out.

Then two more take her shitter, there are more waiting to butt fuck her in a line, someone slaps and punches her then as she reels dazed he rapes her face and then cums down her throat, he spits on her face and calls her a cop whore another grabs her face and presses his meat between her lips and starts to rape her face again. Holding her hat and he calls her a pig cunt then stuffs her throat full of cock choking and writhing as he blows a huge wet wad of slick sperm up into her unprotected throat.

She is being totally abused and can't do anything about it. her face is covered in hot dripping cum and her pussy and arse are awash with their seed.

"Hey why don't we do what they do in the porn films, two cocks in one hole" a man says and her blood goes cold as she feel them manoeuvring into position so two of them can push their cocks into her arse.

"God no not that, you can't. I can't take that'

She screams as laughing they start to ram their two thick shafts into her arse...

They have to hold her down, while they force them in she kicks and fights but enough of them hold her down so they can double fuck her, they're all laughing and videoing it on their phones as she jolts and strains as her poor butt hole is stretched and stretched until both cocks slide into her and they all watch mesmerise'd as they rape her ass and then cum at the same time, everyone claps and cheers.

Through the crowd this big black guy emerges

"Get on your back pig whore!"

They force her over and drag her struggling legs up and wide, he gets his meat out wanking it slowly it is real thick and the head seems huge she panics and struggles franticly

"oh yeah this is going in yo ass copper!"

He tells her spitting into her still gaping ass hole

"Fuck you! When this train stops you will all be arrested and put in prison for this you fucking ughhhh!"

A hand smothers her mouth she fights and struggles as they hold her down and he slowly forces the thick head of his meat into her just stretched butt hole it aches and smarts as he forces it wider, they force her head up so her can watch the huge thing slowly go in

"Please don't I'll fuck you, fuck! don't ruin my ass please! No please its toooooo big NO NO!"

It slides in she tries to lift her ass away but they are holding her fast, she watches as it disappears inside her her rectum, it aches with fullness, he starts to bugger her with short hard stabbing strokes,

"In her shitter you pig bitch, in her fucking shitter!"

He starts to really fuck her ass slamming it up into her, he slaps her tits hard and grabs her around the throat throttling her as he rapes her, another guy slides his fingers up into her slick twat and starts to finger fuck her while he frigs her clit.

She shakes her head trying to plead with him to stop as her cunt tightens and tightens the massive head of his meat stroking something up inside her ass, that makes her press down, taking more of it into her, she starts to hump her ass, in time with his fast deep strokes, the head of his meat seems to expand and throb she heaves her ass down on it, he grunts and fucks her ass with hard deep shallow strokes,

"Fucking pig! Fucking pig CUNT! CUNT!"

He forces out as he slams up into her, the fucker frigging her grips her clit and tugs at it, she wails and heaves and then she loses it fucking his meat hard as they laugh and joke jeering as she goes stiff, straining, as juice hot and slick jets out of her, again and again, he pulls his meat from her ass and stuffs it into her pulsing cunt, he cums hot jets of thick seed heaving up into her cunt, she hears herself

"Not in my pussy don't cum in my pussy!"

They laugh as it fills her and forces out of the sides as she sobs and kicks.!

"Too damn late you piece of shit!"

They hold her down as he pulls out and squirts more cum up her belly. Another black lad grins at her and climbs on sliding into her wet gaping cunt.

"Oh yeah she is going to be one fucking pregnant pig bitch Ha!"

She can barely focus as cock after cock assaults her destroyed holes.

"You'll never get away with this, when I get off the train all of you will be arrested' she manages to say weakly.

The large black man just laughs,

"Shut up you stupid cunt!"

"When the train stops pig we are taking you with us to be our team fuck mascot. I personally can't wait to see what colour your fucking baby is"

He mocks and stuffs his cock back in her pussy and fucks her until his seed floods her already overflowing cunt...

One of the fuckers grabs her by the throat squeezing tightly, he drags her over to another guy, who grabs her hips and drags her ass back to him his meat slides up her well lubed ass. He grabs her around the chest pinning her arms pulling her back so his mate can slide his cock into her aching cunt from the front, they fill her up heaving into her.

She screams her legs kicking as they both fuck up into her, the one in her pussy fucks hard and heaves his seed into her hot and thumping and pulls out.

Another replaces him and fucks her with long deep strokes holding her throat and spitting in her face, as he cums, the guy who's been in her ass all this time swings her over on her face and beasts her ass buggering her like fuck as she wails and sobs. Then he pulls out and gripping her hair slaps her until she lets it into her mouth and then he cums down her throat and over her startled face.

As she gasps for air in horrified this big fat bloke grabs her and slams her down on her face.

"Fucking take it you little bitch"

and stuffs his meat up her ass, his cocks short but wide and he forces it up her ass holding her down, making it go into her slick ass.

She kicks and pleads as it snaps up into her rectum and he starts to fuck her hard, the weight of him is incredible. She kicks the slippy floor begging him to stop as he buggers her aching arse over the table, someone grabs her hair and stuffs their cock into her mouth and holds her head, they fuck her face pulling out and cumming over her face.

Another takes his place stuffing her gasping mouth full as the fat bloke grips her hips hard and slams against her poor trapped buttocks over and over until he floods her ass with glug after glug of hot wet spunk he pulls out laughing cool air rushes up her gaping butt hole.

She cries out horrified as they force her on her side and this thin black spotty lad stuffs his thick cock up her still gaping bum hole while a 40 something spears her cunt she pleads for them to stop as the slam fuck into her in unison harder and harder until she cums humping like a cheap whore as they all laugh and cheer.

Man after man fucks her until her pussy and arse are overflowing with cum, she has swallowed so much of their seed that her stomach feels full and bloated. The first bloke who fucked her push through the carriage,

"come on we only has half an hour until the train pulls in lets get her ready"

They work quickly and strip her totally naked, throwing her uniform into a sports bag one of the them holds open. Next they force her arms behind her back and snap her own cuffs around her wrists and close them tight so they dig into her skin. her own cum soaked thong is balled up and stuffed into her mouth and a football scarf tied around her face to hold it in place.

A large football shirt is pulled over her head and hangs down covering her body like a short loose dress. Someone says something and the they laugh and another scarf is handed forward, it has a large knot tied in the end.

"And you say it won't work" one of the them is saying.

"Let's give it a try then"

another laughs and lifts the back of the shirt up, another man presses the knot of the scarf and starts to push. she squirms but can do nothing as he slowly forces the large knot up her arse, her hole is so abused it takes the knot and soon the scarf hangs from her arse like a bizarre tail.

"Told you it would work" the man laughs.

The train pulls into the station and the they surround her and simply walk onto the platform and out of the station. They form a tight crowd around her and she doubts she can even be seen in the middle of it surrounded by the tall men in the centre. Once outside they bundle her into the back of a car and pull her across the laps of two of them already in the back.

When the car stops they drag her out and into a shabby looking building,

"Welcome to our club house pig" one laughs.

"Tonight is party night and you are the entertainment"..

The place is covered in old beer cans and porn mags a few low tables and lots of plastic chairs the walls covered in page 3 girls and football posters, at one end is a massive TV screen, the windows are all blanked off, the lights are old neon tubes that blink to life.

They push and pull her about hands pawing at her, its cold her flesh goose bumps, they leave her gagged one huge guy holds her around the neck as they uncuff her and strip her then force her uniform shirt back on, neck tie clipped on, boots on, then they pull her hands above her head and re cuff her attaching it to a chain hanging from the centre of the ceiling.

They struggle her legs apart and hold them still as she struggles pleading into the gag as they produce a nail gun and nail the soles of her boots wide apart to the wooden floor.

They stand back admiring their handy work, her body hangs from the ceiling chain, handcuffed, her cum slick gagged face looking around at them defiantly above her police blouse and neck tie down to her naked ass and legs her boots nailed to the floor her legs spread wide, from her aching ass hangs their football scarf still lodged up her abused ass.

One of them sets too setting up cameras around her, while the others pass around cans and start drinking, most of them are taking photos of her with their phone cameras inviting mates over, her nipples are hard to her blouse, two stiff nubs, someone grabs her face and spits on her anguished face

" Wag your tail piggy!" They all laugh as she cringes.

She looks at him with total contempt but that only gets her a hard slap and she start to waggle her arse making the scarf swing like a tail.

A man pulls her hat from the bag, it is mis-shapen and stained with cum, he puts it on her head.

"Now oink like a pig" he orders.

"Fuck you"

She spits getting more defiant now the constant fucking has finished.

He slams his fist hard into her stomach and blinding pain rips through her abused body and she sag in her bondage the cuffs digging deep into her flesh.

"Fucking oink like the pig you are!"he demands again.

"Oink, oink, oink"

she start to make pig sounds as tears run down her face.

The man picks up a large black marker off the table and lifts the brim of her hat up and writes something across her forehead, he then circles her mouth and writes on both cheeks.

He moves away and another man fiddles with the huge screen at the end of the wall and it comes to life split into four and showing the view from each camera that is focusing on her.

Another man focuses on her head and she can see the word 'PIG' has been written there in big bold letters. A circle is around her mouth with arrows pointing to it and on each cheeks is written 'CUM DUMP'.

The sight of herself like that makes her sob,

"Don't worry pig it will wash off, well it will until Harry gets here with his tattoo equipment"one of the they laugh...

The place is full of fag smoke and chatter, beer cans being emptied at an incredible rate. On the screen people watch as a very muscular lad is on tip toe, his strong buttocks clenching as he holds fast on to a cum stained and crumpled policewoman's hat, they cheer him on as he jerks and jolts to satisfaction and steps back revealing her ring gaged face, sperm drooling from her mouth and nostrils, her tear streaked face flushed with exertion, teeth white digging into the ring gag.

Her tongue lolls from her held open mouth, she gags and coughs semen welling up and running down her chin.

A bloke with a microphone steps up,

"Great job Craig that was six minutes and eighteen seconds meaning he is leading in our ride the pigs face completion tonight, right who's next?"

A big builder like bloke steps up grinning wanking his impressive manhood.

"Allen! Allen is competitor twenty four and he has Craig's time to beat ladies and gentlemen!"

The crowd clap as he slaps her sperm covers face with his fat manhood

"Say ahhhh!" He laughs and shoves it in.

Four days, it's been four days since the train and still she is here being used as a fuck toy for these animals. The hope of rescue is fading and she has started to accept her lot in life, before the next man steps forward to take place in their game she glance at the TV screen or rather to either side of it.

Stuck on the wall either side of the TV is an enlarged photo on A3 paper that the bastards has stuck up to mock her.

The photo is of a positive pregnancy test, they made her take it two days ago all clapped and cheered when it showed positive. she glance at the picture once more and stifle the sob that raises in her throat, then the large man steps in front of her blocking her view and Rams his cock deep down her throat. she tries to relax as he starts to fuck her mouth...

Enjoy Mg
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Seriously good stuff! Thanx for sharing!
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Thank you - Sorry for the wait all, got there in the end.
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Thanks for a great story Mad Gerald. Pictures would go well with your stories, but our imaginations work too.
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Good Work MG, Please write more
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Hi, hope you are all well, and frigging/wanking yourselves to oblivion? Good! Now we are going back in time and space, to when Demi Moore was just at the cinemas as G I Jane, now as I have discovered bastardised versions of this on the net I thought I should put the real thing out there for you all to enjoy, so enjoy!��
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Smile "GI. JANE." an Adaption to the sexual by Mad Gerald.

Story By Mad Gerald
The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.
All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.
This story is intended for ADULTS only.
The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet,
provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.
My grateful thanks to First Independent Films for their story which I have borrowed material from.

"G.I. JANE." an Adaption to the sexual by Mad Gerald.

Copyright 2016

Synopsis (Youve all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"
Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan ONeil (DEMI MOORE) sets a historic precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs. Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, ONeil is
determined to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), ONeil is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her sponsor, Senator Lillian Dehaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail. However, to their dismay and perplexity, ONeil perseveres.

Part One.
S.E.R.E. Training Facility Captive Island, Florida.
A Helicopter interior. US Marine corps.
"Survival evasion resistance and escape this is it tadpoles! Your target is inside of five miles if you are to locate this facility you are to gather as much intel as possible, within the allotted time frame and get the hell out of there you will be penalized for early extraction but you will be even further penalized for capture. trust me welcome to sere get ready stand up 30 seconds 1st man out go .go go.!"
Lt ONeil hit the water with a hard slam and made for the shore. she rose up out of the water slowly followed by the others of her unit. water gushed from every nook and cranny of her well muscled frame. They made their way to a line of driftwood, trees and bushes, and took up point positions gathered around her, preparing their weapons
"So were they drop us LT?"
"A line of march TWO. ONE. ZERO. and just for shits and giggles lets switch to channel FIVE for tactical traffic. maintain casual dialogue on assigned channels. Slovolic its TWO. ONE. ZERO. kotec lets move out, move out!"
They moved off into the trees, from clump to to clump along the beech.
"Four clicks 226!" whispered the radio guy. ONeil looked at the map getting her bearings.
Two of the others sniggered.
"She dont even know where were goin"
"Shut up"
"Gotezlav you take my left flank, lets go!" they moved forward.
Into the estuary.
They moved through the shallow water on their belly and on to the sand on the other side. ONeil slipped out of the water glancing about. The other moved up into the trees.
Through the trees across the water lay the target.
"Looks like shes right on the money!"
"Yeah I had a busted watch once it was right twice a day!"
"Cortez target ahead, belay my last new rally point my location."
"Cool, Newberry, right side, flea you come with me, lets move out"
"Listen up everybody, we need film from all angles, record of weapons, vehicles, count their guys, ranks if visible, Slav, Cortez check antenna for comms capability."
"Mc Cool?"
"Theres nothing there ONeil there are no prisoners and no guards, maybe we found this place a little too easy Theres nobody here!"
"Cortez, Cortez!"
"Mc Cool 3 oclock!"
"What the hell are you doing? This is team leader to team fuck up! knock the grab ass off, get back to your positions. You are compromising the unit!"
"That is an order do it now!!"
Cortez and Slav were through the water now to the barge, slob moved forward to grab the helmet on the barge.
"No Slav dont touch it man!"
"Hey its just a souvenir"
"No Slav!"
as he does automatic fire rips out of the undergrowth hammering into the barge.
Tannoy speakers begin to blare out.
"All units!! Rond-a-vue at the rally point, lets get out of here!"
ONeil turned and sprinted back into the tree line, ducking and weaving as rounds flew around her. Flea followed on her heels he screamed as he tripped over some roots wrenching his knee. He rolled into the stream howling.
"Oh Shitttt!" ONeil dragged him out, and tore open the
guys BDUS above the knee,
"Put your hand there! dont move youll make it worse arghh Jesus!"
Inside blood poured from a deep gash.
Suddenly a thick plastic bag was thrust down over her face and pulled tight. ONeil tore at it with her fingers desperate for air. She was dragged over backwards and away.
She fought to stay conscious as she was dragged through the jungle and thrown heavily on her face. Then up again and she was picked up and thrown into a cage. She squealed in pain as she hit the hard wood floor. She scrabbled with her fingers and managed to tear away the bag gasping for breath.

She looked about and found Flea in the next cage. "Flea! Flea are you OK?"
"Yeah yeah Im OK"
The others of her unit were dragged into the compound and thrown on their knees.
"Get down! whos in charge here? huh whos the officer in charge?"
They started beating on them. and then they were all forced into similar cages.
Lt ONeil tried to keep her breathing shallow, her shoulders ached, She must not panic she kept telling herself. Keep control she could hear the heavy tread of their boots as they approached the cages.
They stopped outside flea and took him away.
She drifted off to exhausted sleep as darkness fell.
The cage roof was lifted freezing water was thrown on her jerking her to consciousness, strong hands grabbed her upper arms, dragging her upright. There were two of them her arms were twisted around behind her and her wrists tywraped. They pushed her down the pier to the boathouse.
She was shoved through the door inside Master Chief John Urgayle stood in the centre of the room grinning.
"Hi Lieutenant time to play!" he laughed.
She was shoved to the centre of the room and forced down on the small stool in the centre of the room. The rest of the room was bare apart from a bench like table. a fan span slowly from the ceiling.
One of the guards walked slowly around her muscular frame. she sat legs open, bent before her, her arms painfully forced behind her. She stared at the floor. Sweat trickled down her forehead and dripped from her eyebrow.
"Whats your fathers name, its a simple question Lieutenant no reason not to answer unless you want to bleed?"
"How about brothers and sisters you got any othem?"
"Dick, Jane and spot!"
Bright lights came on suddenly, above her. She blinked.
"You for real ONeil?" he came close, blew cigarette smoke in her face.
" Whats your favourite food Honey, perhaps we could get some to eat huh?"
The master chief watched from the bench. He checked the monitor, pictures from the cameras look good. Then got up and walked behind her.
"Green eggs and ham"
Suddenly the master chief loomed over her, he punched her face hard throwing her head back.
"Why didnt you carry out your wounded Lt. was he too heavy or were you just plain chicken shit!" he stared into her face. She smiled.
"You aint getting nothing out of me so you might as well put me back in the cage"
He hit her again full in the face. She went over backwards to the side of the stool and landed with a groan, face down on the floor. She lifted her head and spat out some blood grimacing.
"You are in a cage! right here right now!"
"Im sorry am I supposed to be afraid?" she managed.
The master chief stood astride her back and gripped her upper arms from behind wrenching her up from the floor. She winced groaning in pain.
"Right down to your worthless wound. This is my island!!"
He threw her bodily into the wall. She struck it with a yell and bounced off, twisting, fell backwards on the floor, she grunted the wind knocked from her, her legs falling open. He ran at her and kicked her exposed groin. Lt ONeil screamed as pain lanced through her from her cunt.
"You worthless piece of shit, bitch!"
He nodded the two guards went over and hauled her up to her feet.
She was leant forward, he grabbed her head locking it under his arm.
"You think we should go easy on women ONeil? Do yer?"
She gasped blood bursting from her mouth, "GO FUCK YOURSELF!!"
The guards let go and he ran at the wall with her head slamming it viciously. She reeled back yelling. He threw her back over the bench pinning her bound arms to the edge. One of the others threw a chain over her head and snapped it taught around her neck almost throttling her.
He fastened it to a bolt. She grunted and gasped in pain and shock.
Her booted feet kicking trying to get purchase on the dusty planks.
She gritted her teeth straining to get up.
Jack went away and came back with a bucket.
"The enemy Im sure will take into account your gender while carrying out interrogation, one assumes!"
He poured the freezing water down onto her panting chest. the water soaking her t shirt making her breasts ache as her teats went rigid. The wet material outlined both heavy mammaries beautifully.
"Especially when the P.O.W. has such big stiff hooters eh Lieutenant?"
"Go to hell dickweed!" she spat groaning in pain.
At a nod from Jack one of the guards thrusts a plastic bag over her face and drags it tight. ONeil goes wild trying to pull free as Jack grips the neck of her shirt and cuts it open with a combat knife. Her breasts bounce free. two hard globes mounted by thick coral aureole and wrinkled stiff nipples. As she struggles the jiggle and jerk stiffly. Jack throws his leg over hers and sits astride them. He produces some thick cord and throws it around her back, pulls it tight and ties it off above her jugs.
He cuts the rest off and repeats the process under them. then he pulls the sides together and lashes them, then between them now her breasts are two heavy jutting balloons. He nods and the pull up the bag. ONeil gulps for air almost feinting from lack of it. Jack grins down at her. Her expanding chest forces more of her breast flesh to bulge out.
"Y .Y .You bastard!"
He pats her tits slowly.
"Now, now Lieutenant, were only doing what the enemy would do to a nice piece of ass like you".
He nods, the bag is thrust over her mouth again. She starts, arching her back trying to pull her head free. Her tits jut out and he grips her nipples between finger and thumb and yanks them out hard making her scream into the bag.
"What dyou think boys are these good enough to ice or what?"
He twists her nipples making her writhe, he nods the bag comes up.
"Hey Lieutenant what was your mission objective?"
She stares at him gasping for breath.
"Come on Baby you going to keep quiet until weve all fucked you in the butt?"
The bag came down again stifling her cry. He wrenched and pulled her tits, his fingers kneading and pinching, pulling each breast hard, bruising.
"Any o you boys ready to blow yet?"
"Oh yeah am I ready" one of the guards squeezes his cock through his pants.
"Lets go then!" He yanks his cock out and begins wanking next to ONeils bag encased features. faster and faster.
"Say when man!"
"When, when!!" he groaned the bag came up. Lt ONeil gasped for air her mouth wide in a desperate O as she sought air. With a groan of pleasure the guard let loose a heavy spurt of semen straight into her surprised open throat. Then another.
"Yeeeehaaaaa howd yer like those cookies Lieutenant!!"
Jack shouted as she choked and coughed, grimacing shutting her mouth as fast as she had opened it as more Jiz splattered across her face and lips.
She spluttered and spat trying to get rid of his load. More went in her eyes and across her shaved head.
"You know lieutenant I think he likes you!" They laughed.
"Y You Filthy bastards Ill fucking kill you all (Cough, splutter) I will you pieces of fucking. . !!" the bag came down again.
"My, my that has made her pissed" they all laughed.
ONeil strained and wrenched desperate to get away her body screaming out for a few deep breaths. Jack rubbed and pinched her teats, making them ache and throb. Her chest thrust out hard as she fought.
Jack nodded and the bag came up again. ONeil gasped a huge breath, semen strung between her lips and teeth. She stared at him and spat.
"You fucking shit! Im gonna rip your dick off and ram it up your ass"
Jack grinned at her, "Aw now you love it really ONeil!" he pulled her nipples hard to emphasise the point.

Enjoy xxx
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"Now you tell me your mission objective!" he grinned.
"Fuck your mission objective . . Fuck youre . . . uhhhh!!"
At a nod the bag came down again, ONeil jerks and struggled.
"Hey Dobbs get some of the others, get the ring thing too!"
Jack gets off her squirming legs. She immediately began to kick.
"OK lets get these BDUs off and see if the Lieutenants wearing pink fluffy panties today!"
Her legs kick and fight viciously as theyre hands grab them. The belt and waistband are torn open and she gurgles and moans as she feels them wrenched down off her hips, she strains trying to pull her legs free as the bag comes up and she gulps air spluttering.
"Huh . . huh G . Get offa me get off you fuckers . . uhhh uhh Ill fucking kill all of you. You fucking creeps!!" she dragged her legs up hard.
They strained trying to pull them out, her strong legs holding out. Jack punched her belly hard. She grunted and swore still straining. He rabbit punches her ribs, the bag comes down stifling her cry of animal rage as they forced her legs slowly out.
More men came in and with whoops joined in, theyre added strength forcing her legs out. Jack grabs her hips and drags her ass off the edge of the bench. With a painful yelp ONeil was now suspended by her bound arms and throat. Her BDU trousers were torn from one leg and her legs were wrenched cruelly wide. Her struggles became less as the lack of breath began to take its toll. A guy on either side quickly ties thick cord around each knee and them to the bench legs.
ONeil slumps as she blacks out, as the thick cord bites into her strong muscles. Her ass hanging off the bench her strong legs spread wide, displaying her white panty clad pussy, which bulges against the material.
Jack nods the bag comes up. He slaps her round and she groans and come too with a shuddering breath.
UHHHH . . UHHHHH . . Y . you F . . Faggots!!" he grins into her face.
Now with her ass unsupported and her whole weight on her knees, arms and neck, she realizes how helpless she is. She gulps in air as they stand around her admiring the view.
Jack viciously punches her in the twat, making her gasp and choke in shock and pain her legs snatch and strain to no avail.
"Whats your mission objective Lieutenant?"
"Ughhh . . OK Ok I get your point th . . this has gone far enough OK!"
Jack grins and traces his fingers along her inner thigh to her pussy mound.
He slowly feels it. She glares at him.
"I asked you a question Lieutenant?"
"Look cut the crap I get the picture OK . . . No dont . . dont do that!"
He drags her pants to one side so they can all see her twat.
"You know what happens when you get captured Lieutenant?"
"I get the idea YEAH!"
"THEN ANSWER THE QUESTION!!" He yanks her pants up hard and they tear, Then he rips them off.
"ARGHHH YOU FUCKIN . . .UHHHHHHH!" the bag comes down again.
She struggles to push her chin down to stop it but then shes struggling again. They watch as her tits bob about and her legs strain as she begins to panic.
"Dobs! the gag, lets have some safe sex with this one huh I bet she bites!"
Dobbs brings the gag over and hands it to him he readies it then the bag comes up.
As ONeil gasps for breath Jack tries to force the two side shields between her molars she tries to pull her face away. Dobbs grabs her face, she snarls, and he howls letting go, snatching at his bitten thumb.
"AH AH NAUGHTY BAD GIRL!" Jack punches her face. and again stunning her.
Her mouth is rammed full of the gag which goes between her back teeth and behind her front sets, forcing her mouth into a wide O leaving her tongue lolling about in her open maw. He fastens the belt around the back of her head tightly.
"Thats better now you see we got two holes to play with!"
He steps back.
"And now for number three"
"Dobbs wheres that asshole Flea?"
Flea was pushed forward and thrown on the floor. His arms tied behind him like hers. His leg was a bloody mess. He let out a cry of pain as they held him down. Jack stood over him.
"Lesson Lieutenant, your troops will be used against you during interrogation!" He slams his foot down on Fleas injured knee. Flea screams in agony, writhing under him.
ONeal snatched at her bonds in anger and despair as Flea screamed. Her eyes flashed with anger. she mouthed stifled entreaties past the gag.
"Only I dont want some crap Intel. I want you to do me a favour Lieutenant. I want you to shit for us ONeil, Believe me Its going to be far easier if you do. Otherwise were going to have pound all that shit back up your ass. I dont think youre going to appreciate the taste when we make you suck our cocks clean. So you have a nice long shit and I stop being nasty to Mr Flea here yeah!"
He stamps down. Flea howls in agony, thrashing in mind numbing pain.
ONeil couldnt believe what he wanted her to do, her face twisting in disgust at his demand.
"So what do you say Lieutenant? You going to shit for us or do we keep smashing this poor mans knee!" he stamps on it again.
Flea screams sobbing and begging for him to stop.
"I mean hey its not like Im asking you to piss now is it?"
They all laugh as ONeil slowly flushes with humiliation realizing that shes going to have to do it or Flea will never walk again.
"You going to be able to live with that lieutenant? huh? this man crippled because you were too proud to take a shit?"
His foot slams down again. Flea screams a bony crack coming from his knee as he writhes in awful pain.
"Now thats more like it lieutenant, you hear that Flea shes does give a shit! Ok ONeil lets see that stuck up arse of yours take a dump"
One of the men brought a metal bucket over and clanked it down under her. They all gathered closer.
Lieutenant O'Neil's eyes flooded with tears as a wave of awful humiliation went through her. She couldnt believe theyre depravity.
"Cmon were waiting You shit or he never walks again cunt!"
She closed her eyes and swallowing her revulsion pressed down.
They watched in silence as her belly tightened up, her anus distending and pushing out. She grunted with effort, some of them sniggered heightening her humiliation as suddenly her sphincter eased open and she shat into the bucket. They cheered.
ONeil was mortified as more and more piled out. Eventually with a gasp she was finished.
Jack laughed "See you were so full oshit. I just love that, the way that tight little star spread open, an then clamps shut. Youre husband fuck you in youre ass ONeil? I guess not, by the look of it huh? And now were gonna fill you full o Jiz honey!"" She shuddered in disgust and revulsion.
Two of the guards come forward with a small table, on it are tubes and a large syringe (A veterinarian syringe 3" diameter and 10" long).
Lt. O'Neil's eyes are bulging as she sees the syringe, a wave of panic floods through her and she struggles. her eyes darting from item to item on the table. Theres a rubber bung device as well. Jack picks up the tube and connects it to the syringe.
"Now we aint gonna Fuck your butt while its full of all that feminist crap. Me and the guys like to get you all warmed up first, So weve had a little collection on the go."
He holds the thick long syringe in front of her face.
"Weve been filling this with semen since you joined the course bitch, now Im gonna wash your ass out with it!" He laughs.
ONeil goes wild struggling helplessly as he busies himself inserting the end of the tube up her ass. With one swift stroke, he jams the nozzle of the cum-syringe up between her shapely ass-cheeks and into her little brown starfish, and none to gently, either. Kneading her ass-cheeks while she yells in pain.
She stiffens as its forced in and he rams it deep into her rectum. Her big bound tits bounce and jiggle as he lets it go and grips the body of the syringe.
"Gonna fill you up!" He sneers.
"Phuck oou!" she replies.
"Here we go Bitch!" He starts to press the plunger home.
ONeil Jerks and arches her back howling no through he gag as she feels it start to squirt into her bowels. The muscles in her legs stand out hard as she tries to lift away. She gasps and groans, biting on the ring gag as Jack grins down at her.
Its half way down now and Jack grins evilly.
"Enough Lieutenant, full?" he queried.
She nods enthusiastically "ESS! NOH ORE. NOH OREEEE!"
"Unlucky whore!" He laughs, and forces the rest in hard making her sob and gasp. Her belly bloating with the warm slick enema.
Suddenly with out warning the bag comes down over her face again she struggles for breath, unable to shut her mouth helplessly drawing the plastic in. Her body goes rigid as she asphyxiates.
Jake yanks the tube out of her ass and snatches up the bung. He rams it into her anus twisting and forcing it until its home.
He quickly pumps the handle. It inflates cruelly wedging itself in her ass holding the semen in.
He nods the bag comes up ONeil gasps great gulps of air, her ass is aching and hot as if shes doing an enormous turd. Her belly cramps and her rectum spasms trying to shit but she cant.
"There Lieutenant now its really time to play". He slaps her twat hard making her cringe and squirm as it smarts. They drag the bucket away and Dobs kneels in front of her.
He wrenches his pants open and pulls his hard cock out. He drags her cunt lips open and forces the head into her dry cunt mouth. She sobs and grunts as he forces it in a few inches. Then his fingers find her clit hood and he pinches it hard making her jolt and heave.
"Oh yeah Lieutenant Ive been waiting a long time for this cunt, you like that huh? huh?" he violently rams up into her while the others egg him on. Forcing inch by inch into her cunt. His cock amplifying her need to shit as he forces into her.
"Bag her! bag her!" the others shout and she shakes her head No as its rammed down over her features. He starts to fuck her hard enjoying her struggles. He flicks and rubs her clit as he grinds deep up her tight dry twat.
Two others start to paw and pull her tits from each side. She twitches and writhes as they stretch and twist her nipples. Both are wanking their cocks.
The bag comes up. One grabs her face twisting it he thrusts his meat into her helpless mouth and begins to shaft her face.
She snorts and gags trying to breath as he starts to force into her throat.
Dobs is viciously fucking her wettening cunt. his legs straight as he grunts and groans. He then stiffens as he hammers his load into her flinching cunt.
ONeil sobs as she feels his heat spurt into her. He pulls out and someone else eagerly mounts her. his cock larger and longer ramming in forcing her cunt walls to give with each hard thrust. The bastard holding her face groans and snorts and she jolts and struggles as her throat flash fills with semen.
She gags and chokes, swallowing his heavy load to take a desperate breath. Her face is twisted and another soldiers load gushes over her face. She gasps trying to blink away the semen coating one eye. More fingers grab her hair snatching her face around to meet another cock which is shoved deep into her mouth.
Her eyes flash open to see its one of Jacks big Black soldiers his meat a thick hard dark pole, the head a wide fat slab.
She tries to pull away as he heaves it into her throat. Impaling her face.
Hard rough hands squeeze and pull her hips as her cunt aches and contracts around the thick pole which hammers at her cervix. Short, hard, deep thrusts.
His pubes rubbing and teasing her hardening clit as he saws in and out. ONeils belly cramps and aches as the contents of her rectum is forced back and too.
Her anus squeezes and twitches around the awful bung filling it. Her rapist pulls out and lets loose a thick heavy stream of cum all over her belly.
ONeils head is held fast as four inches are firmly rammed mercilessly into her throat. Its not going anywhere but deeper. She could feel it was up against her tonsils. His glans banged against them.
She starts to gag. He lunges hard feeling another two inches slip in. He now grips her shaved head refusing to remove his cock from her heaving mouth, he rocks his cock back and forth going deeper each time. As he was tries to pile drive another inch into her windpipe.
ONeil helplessly tries to swallow to ease the pain as he begins to fuck her face violently, shoving his prick in until his balls cram against her held open teeth and his cock is shoved wholly down her throat. In the middle of one of these plunges he begins to cum.
ONeils body jolts and shudders as he does. Somehow she manages to gulp down his salty bolts of jism. Mouthful after mouthful he feeds into her. Instinctively she starts to gulp down each hard flood of sperm as it explodes in her mouth. Theres a lot. The others laughed watching as her cheeks began to balloon with the amount of thick hot cum.
She swallows as fast as she can trying not to choke. She snorts and sperm spurts out of her nose. Her belly was rapidly filling with his heat. as more and more pumps straight down her unwilling throat.
She could feel someone pulling her cunt lips open, fingers ramming into her twisting and turning. Forcing her cunt walls open as more fingers were eased in. making the pressure in her ass unbearable.
Another couldnt wait and sprays hot Jiz across the peaks of her bound jutting hooters. Her teats coated with thick globs of hot semen, which is quickly rubbed in by cruelly kneading hands.
She had to breath, she was on the brink of blacking out again, all she could hear was the others chanting.
"Fist her, Fist her!"
As it all went black.
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Part Two.
Thrown on her back over a bench in the beach house
Her tywraped arms pinned to the edge. A chain
over her head snapped taught around her neck
almost throttling her. Fastened to a bolt. Thick cord
around each knee lifting them to the bench legs
ONeil was now suspended by her bound arms and throat,
her ass hanging invitingly over the edge. Her BDUs torn
from her legs, a plastic bag thrust down over her face . .
Jack looked on as ONeil went limp he barked an order the bag was lifted. She sucked in a desperate breath. staying out. Greg, one of his Sergeants was ramming four fingers into her cunt. The others looked on avidly as he worked and twisted them forcing her cunt walls to give. The others semen coating his fingers as he worked them in and out.
Jack grinned and admired her tits. Coming to a decision he leant over and gripped her teats. Pinching and twisting them. He yanked and pulled more of her bulging breast flesh through the taught ropes. She groaned and stirred he gripped her breasts hard and viciously yanked them. more of her tits ballooned out.
He grabbed the knot he had placed earlier and partially undid it and with his muscles bulging he pulled and snatched it tighter. and then tighter again. Now her breasts were two big fat udders forced up hard, her teats two thick hard nubs.
She shuddered and moaned he looked back down at her cunt Gregs arm was punching up into her twat only the heel of his wrist visible. Her swollen labia bulging on either side. He flexed his arm and pressed and twisted. He chuckled and thumbed her lips wider, stretching and easing them out as he pushed and pushed.
Her body jerked and her hips began to lift as his hand slipped deeper. He thrust it in and up again her hips began to dance as he strained. The muscles on his arm stood out hard as suddenly her cunt walls gave up the fight and his hand slid home encased deep inside her spasming vagina.
"UHHH NOH NOH UUUHHHAARGGHH!!" she bellowed snapping to consciousness as his hand filled her aching twat.
"Wakey wakey Lieutenant you dont want to miss being fisted!" he gloated her whole body strained and shook as they laughed.
Jack rubbed his hands over her bloated tits. her nipples were rigid her aureole thick and crinkled as his attentions forced them to thicken and swell. Slick with the sperm that he rubbed in.
"Whats the problem ONeil feeling full?"
The fist was rammed hard up into her making her stiffen. Her cunt lips clenched around his thick wrist, as her twat burned and ached.
Jack pulled her nipples enjoying the way they resisted his pinching and twisting.
"Dobs get Captain Blondells in here!"
ONeils eyes went wide as the Dobs disappeared and came back with the Navy Doctor. She looked matter of fact at Lieutenant ONeils predicament.
"My my we have been busy gentlemen, OK what do you want this time Jack?"
"Hey less of the attitude captain! we can easily swap your little voyeurs nest back there with a place on this bench yeah, did you get off yet? or have we disturbed your frigging?"
"Shut up! just tell me what you want?" she looked really flustered.
"I want you to give the Lieutenant here one of those nice big shots in her titties here. You know the ones I mean".
"OK I can only do it the once though you know that yeah!" she started to rummage in her bag.
ONeil struggled frantically as she readied a syringe and filled it. Jack squose up her left breast cruelly. She winced in pain as the hypodermic entered her aureole and it started to heat as Blondells emptied the syringe into it.
Jack let it go as the needle came out. leaving a speck of blood. He gripped
the other and forced it up.
The refilled syringe sank into the other teat. and the contents was thumbed home. Jack let go and roughly rubbed both sore nipples.
"How Quick?"
"Quick!" she smiled. "Now if you dont mind Ill let you get on OK?"
She closed her bag and turned to leave.
"You want a piece of this?" jack asked, she turned back.
"Oh yes later" she smiled and went.
"BOOYAHHH!!" the others yelled and ONeil jolted in pain and shock as Greg began fisting her poor impaled twat again.
Her tits were on fire, aching and throbbing her nipples were itching and burning. Jack grinned down at her watching as her breasts began to swell. Her nipples were now sat on thick stiff aureole, they were beginning to swell themselves. He flicked them hard making her writhe and scream through the ring gag.
"Oh you like that whore Oh Yeah!" he started to slap them feeling how hard both globes had become.
He squeezed them and bounced them and played with them roughly by lifting them and then dropping them. He then placed his fingers on her nipples, using all his fingers around each nipple so that he pulled them in towards the nipple and captured each one with all his fingers.
He squeezed hard over and over again pulling his fingers up and around the nipples squeezing and pulling over and over. Her nipples were getting harder and harder. He squeezed tightly and pulled her nipples up, lifting each one of her tits as he pulled. He pulled harder and harder so that her chest was forced up pulling more of each heavy swollen breast through the ropes he saw tears in her eyes.
He laughed enjoying her distress.
"Oh yeah ONeil I love these babies I will never tire of abusing these fuckers, hey you like how big theyve got, I bet they hurt too. Oh yeah they ache dont they? and you know what, were gonna fuck em till theyre blue baby uh huh!"
"Talking of babies whore, That stuffs gonna make your titties believe thats what youve had. Oh Yeah an then your gonna be one big uddered milky cow, you gonna be filling up for weeks!"
ONeil groaned and shook as Greg began to spread his fingers as he fisted her. jerking and heaving his hand inside her. Her guts were awful her butt seemed to be pulsing around the bung, her rectum spasmed with the need to shit.
"Bag Her" Jack ordered. It came down as she gasped for air. Her head thrashed back and forth. He lifted and dropped each tit, watching as they bounced and formed their ballooned shape again. He lifted them up again and then let them go. he started slapping the stiff flesh the same way as before, hurting her more each time and letting them fall back each time, marvelling at the bounce of each luscious tittie.
"Oh Lieutenant I love your titties and Im going to love shafting the fuck out of them baby!"
He started slapping her breasts lightly at first as she strained and struggled her chest jutting out as she fought for air so that they bounced, and bounced with each heavy slap. He started slapping them from underneath lifting them up so that they would bounce heavily down, shuddering into place. He slapped them from the side.
Jack watched he loved seeing them getting redder and redder as he slapped them really hard. He knew that constantly slapping them made her sore as he hit them harder. He got enormous pleasure as they slammed against each other. as she winced and fought to pull them away. Trying to twist her chest away from his hard strikes.
He nodded the bag came up she sobbed and gulped air as he started smacking her nipples with the tips of his fingers.
His fingers were long and acted like little floggers on each nipple. He would hit one nipple several times in a row before switching to the other one. Then hed alternate flogging each one with his fingers. He loved the smack Thwack Flap smack sound his fingers made on her tits. He knew her tits had to be sore ONeils face bore it out. Her eyes showed her pain as did her face which was incredibly tense.
As her vision cleared ONeil couldnt believe the size of her breasts they seemed huge and so tender. Her teats burned and throbbed as he teased them. She could feel her cunt contracting around the fist rammed in it and his thumb kept circling and sweeping over her clit. She knew they were turning her on her body betraying her animal sexuality. She was losing control she could feel it. If only she could get rid of this awful pressure in her ass.
Greg pushed his face to her clit and began lapping at it. Dobs shouted out.
"Hey This whores gonna cum Look at her ass lift! Cmon ONeil you piece of shit!"
Jack stopped his slapping and began rubbing and pulling her nipples, He Shouted at one of the others.
"You! suck and play with teats cmon weve got the whore going. Heh Heh ONeil your gonna be our fuck slave no doubt about it honey!"
The soldier jumped at the chance and put his head down and his lips caught one of the tight sore nips in his mouth. He started sucking it like he was a baby. Sucking and sucking on it strong and hard.
"BAG!" Jack shouted. it came down setting her struggling instantly.
Her cunt ground down on Gregs fist as she arched her back. Her clit was a tight ridged button, which he flicked and clamped his lips over sucking hard. Her ass danced and swerved as he pulled and drew on it, pulsing his hand inside her cunt tube.
ONeil was thrashing wildly as the soldiers fed from her both breasts, catching her teats lightly in their teeth. Chewing and running their tongues around them. Theyre hands squeezing and pulling worrying her breasts to their hungry faces squeezing and pulling and rolling them around.
Jack inhaled, through the sweat, he could smell her arousal she wouldnt ever want to admit it but they had her and she was going to come.
She struggled and strained her mind screamed for air and them, sucking, nibbling, pulling. Her cunt ache growing and growing as he viciously fisted her clenching cunt until it was too much for her. She whimpered her mouth pressed to the plastic her eyes dimming in asphyxia. Her body wanted sexual release and her nipples were excruciating hard deep throbs of pleasure and pain shot through each heavy mammary. Her cunt started to squeeze tighter and tighter on Gregs fist.
Greg lifted his face from her heaving cunt "Boss boss shes there!"
Jack grabbed the two soldiers by the hair and wrenched them from her breasts. They slapped back her teats two fat red nubs. Milk Squirted out from each, running down the fat globes in rivulets. Greg yanked his fist out as the bag came up.
Her cunt was an open hot pulsing pink tunnel. Her breasts two quivering balloons as she thrashed and wailed desperate to achieve climax. She pumped and swerved her ass. Straining and pulling on her arms and legs.
"Shit that was lucky Lieutenant you nearly came then!" they all burst out laughing
ONeil sobbed and wailed as her cunt started to twitch and her contractions waned.
Greg knelt between her legs, Jack joined him. Greg began to lap at her clit like a dog, long wet slurps that made her stiffen and sob. Jack looked on grinning as her body tensed and tensed her thigh muscles standing out in stark relief the cord taut holding them open. Her belly was as tight as a drum as she started to lift her ass as high as it would go.
Greg motioned with his hand. Jack gripped the bung in her ass and fucked her butt with it. she let out a deep animal groan .
Her body as tense as it ever was going to be. Jack suddenly yanked the bung out of her ass and she howled in shocked horror and disbelief as all the semen gushed out of her ass pouring down her open cleft to the floor. She went wild her twat fluttering with hard fast contractions as her belly released.
Her mind went in an explosion of white light as her orgasm ripped through her her rectum spasming and clenching in time with her uterus as hot cunt juice sprayed out of her pouting pussy lips. Her body arching shuddering and snatching at her bonds as wave after wave of excruciating pleasure shot through her.
She had hardly come too when jack was over her. He reached over and plucked up a pair of nipple clamps off the bench. He gripped each fat balloon and he placed the tweezers over her nipple and rammed the small rubber ring over it tightening it around her teat. She squealed as he did the same with the other. Then he yanked them viciously tight and pulling them together clipped a chain to them so that her teats were dragged together.
ONeil shook her head pleading as he wrapped the chain around his fist and pulled her tits taut. he released his cock and pushed the head to her still gaping sphincter. She tried to pull away but couldnt as he forced the thick head of his tool into her slick ass hole. ramming it up into her ass.
She jolted and groaned as it sank into her virgin bowels.
"Oh yeah ONeil Im going to ream your tight mightier than though ass out bitch! You aint gonna forget this Lieutenant! Youre our fuck toy now honey" he thrust up into her ass.
"UUUHHHHHARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" she wailed as he forced deeper. Yanking on her chained tits.
End of Part Two Enjoy MG.
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Part Three.
S.E.R.E. Training Facility Captive Island, Florida.
Thrown on her back over a bench in the beach house. Her tywraped arms pinned to the edge. A chain over her head snapped taught around her neck almost throttling her. Fastened to a bolt. Thick cord around each knee lifting them to the bench legs ONeil was now suspended by her bound arms and throat, her ass hanging invitingly over the edge. Her BDUs torn from her legs, Her bound swollen breasts crowned with cruel nipple clamps and attached to a chain. a plastic bag ready to thrust down over her face as her interrogator prepares to rape her tight ass. .
To continue . . .
ONeil shook her head pleading as he wrapped the chain around his fist and pulled her tits taut. he released his cock and pushed the head to her still gaping sphincter. She tried to pull away but couldnt as he forced the thick head of his tool into her slick ass hole. ramming it up into her ass.
She jolted and groaned as it sank into her virgin bowels.
"Oh yeah ONeil Im going to ream your tight mightier than though ass out bitch! You aint gonna forget this Lieutenant! Youre our fuck toy now honey" he thrust up into her ass.
"UUUHHHHHARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" she wailed as he forced deeper. Yanking on her chained tits.
As Lt .ONeil came out of her orgasm induced trance she started to try to move away from him. Jack wanted to slowly penetrate her virgin asshole, but she was making that difficult, fighting him in earnest. He pushed slowly forward, meeting resistance immediately.
"Be still bitch, youre gonna take it all!"
She was still trying to fight him seconds later when he gritted his teeth and pushed past her anal rim and into her rectum. She screamed, Lt. ONeil clenched her ass trying to keep him out shed never allowed herself to be butt fucked before and she wasnt going to let it happen now. She strained with all her might to keep him out.
Behind him she could see the other soldiers, all their grinning faces. she cringed as she realized one of them held a Camcorder. Recording it all.
Jack laughed as he felt her rectum squeeze and clamp to his tool as she slowly shit his cock out. Her face was fixed in concentration as her belly rippled and with an animal grunt she forced the head back until it was sat in the entrance to her bottom, lodged in her burning sphincter.
"Oh yeah Lieutenant I love it bitch! Cmon tease me!"
He slapped her straining belly muscles hard and yanked on the chains viciously. Her breasts stretching painfully and he began to force back in.
ONeil sobbed and tried harder. Her rectum on fire as he forced the straining muscles to give. She felt it ease deeper and bore down on it to force him back out. It began to give. He grunted in surprise and pressed up into her harder. Her whole muscular frame was taught with effort, sweat glistening on them as she bit hard on the gag her eyes screwed up tight in effort.
"Is that the best you got bitch! Cmon you can do better!"
He forced it back in. She sobbed and strained stopping him.
"Now ONeil, if you want my cock out of you, youre going to have to shit it out. Come on, I know you can do it. Bear down and shit it out. Thats the only way its coming out of you. OK Ill do a deal if you can shit it out Ill give up"
He heard her grunt and whimper, and he felt her rectum squeeze down hard. he watched as she forced some of it out of her asshole for a second, then get sucked back in. She whimpered a moment, took a breathe and tried again. She grunted hard and he saw her entire body tense as his cock was clenched hard. His cock started to emerge from her battered asshole.
"Come on, Lieutenant, its almost half way out. Shit it out.
Come on."
He heard her gasp for a breath before she tensed again and he watched his blood streaked shaft ease out. She groaned in pain forcing more out.
"Thats it whore, now lets see if you can keep it up while I do this!"
He fumbled for her clit with his other hand, finding it he pinched it viciously. Lt. ONeil howled and kicked in shock and pain her hips gyrating. Jack chuckled and forced deeper. Then as she stiffened in pain he rammed deep up into her clenched ass.
"Out of time Lieutenant oh did I forget to mention there was a time limit? Never mind I get to fuck the shit out of you anyhow!"
Her rectum slowly gave allowing him to force his thick tool in her spasming bowels pulsed around his cock as he made her take it.
"Oh yeah thats it nearly there whore just a bit deeper!"
He grunted with effort straightening his legs as he forced the last inch in. ONeil threw her head back in agony as she felt her ass filled his cock was like a burning hot hard poker which made her guts ache horribly. Her ring felt as if it would tear, stretched into a tight thin ring around the base of his cock.
She pleaded as he left it there savouring his filling of her ass.
He pulled and jerked her tits milk oozing from her teats as he did.
"Any of you guys want to shoot off over the Lieutenants open mouth Im shell be more than happy to accommodate"
Two guys immediately came over and started to wank off over her helpless mouth. Grinning down at her tear streaked face.
He started to bugger her easing back and too deep in her hot rectum. Jack was in heaven her butt was so tight. It sucked and pulled on the head of his tool as he took his time enjoying taking her anal cherry.
Tears streamed down her face.
She had begun to sob, but he ignored everything but the feeling of his cock buried in her tiny, warm asshole. It was everything he had dreamed it would be and more. The fat head of his penis was painfully pinched inside her. He knew he was painfully big around for most women. She was just too tight for him. He could barely make headway but he wasnt going to give up. She whimpered and he pressed forward. He felt less resistance than he had moments before.
"Now you bitch, youre going to learn to take it in the ass! Youre smart mouth and that stuck up cunt of yours!"
Jack rammed his penis into her tight puckered rectum. He heard her scream, as he buried himself into her forcing as deep as he could into her hot sheath.
"You were made for fuckin, Lieutenant. Youve got the sweetest, tightest little asshole I have ever fucked. Were gonna be doin this often, youre gonna be our SEAL slut, you can bet on it."
He began to ream in and out of her ass. adjusting his stance to allowing him deep penetration into her bowels it felt as if her squeezing sucking rectum was trying to milk his cock, he pulled back and rammed hard into her rectum.
The only sounds she made were short grunts when his thrusts would bottom out inside her bowels. He fucked her brutally. He lengthened his thrusts to the limit, pulling his cock so far out of her each time that sometimes hed nearly pull it free of her gripping anal sphincter before hed ram it back down deep into her intestines making her jolt and wince.
The two soldiers on either side of her trapped face groaned one of them gripping her head in a vice like grip as suddenly both mens cocks spewed semen in great gouts across her face and gagged open mouth. Glob after glob shot heavily into her open mouth. She gurgled and choked trying to spit it back. her face was streaked with their seed as they milked the last drops into her held open mouth.
Lt. ONeal blinked and gasped trying to clear the semen from her eyes. She couldnt believe how hard he was raping her ass. she must be bleeding, he had to finish soon., he must.
"Bag her!" Jack gasped.
She started in shock as the bag came down. she sucked in all the semen in her mouth desperate to grab a breath. Too late. She gurgled and struggled her body jolting and snatching as he butt fucked her. Ramming her own ass down on his cruelly pumping manhood. Feeling his glans slide over the back of her cervix, making her uterus and cunt contract and tighten. Her rectum spasmed thrilling her rapist who moaned in pleasure and snatched and yanked on her tits forcing milk to spray out of her thick trapped teats.
"OOOOOH Yeah you like that you cunt yeah. thats it you twat nice and deep! harder! Yeah!!" he grunted.
He kept it deep now stirring her ass. Feeling her body react as he did she was weakening now and he ordered the bag up. She gasped and gulped in air desperate for breath.
"Thats it Lieutenant youre gonna cum again? oh yes you are! cum with an ass full of cock! Youre a fucking whore! an ass whore!!"
"Youre gonna plead with your husband to give it you in the ass, when you get home! beg him to pop your ass!"
It came down as he started to beast her forcing his meat deep up her swerving jerking ass. She heaved and struggled her head thrashing about as she began to hump with her hips.
Her grunts seemed to egg him on and he sped up his primal rape of her asshole while he groaned and told her,
"Were gonna start doin this every day, do you hear me you Lieutenant whore. Everyday youre gonna suck us dry with this tight little asshole. Everyday, you little bitch."
He felt himself grow even harder inside her. She felt him swell a little as well. His thrusts quickened to a speed that she couldnt believe was possible. His thrusts became animalistic in his need to spurt his seed into her. He was fucking her faster and harder and deeper than he thought he had ever fucked anyone before.
She was grunting loudly with each powerful thrust her mouth pressed to the plastic her eyes glazing over as she started to go. He was moaning and tightened his grip on her breast chains yanking hard on her swollen mammaries.
ONeils cervix was brushed again hard his cock head ramming and pressing it. She sobbed and thrust her ass down his length impaling herself as her vision blurred and she felt her cunt contract hard her rectum squeezing his cock like a cruel little fist. suddenly she was cumming. Her body heaving and slamming down to meet every terrible thrust as pussy juice flooded out of her empty cunt like white heat. Her cunt fluttering with contractions. as his belly rubbed her rigid clit keeping her orgasm going.
Lt ONeil felt him stop deep in her bowels and he screamed
"OH FUCK.... FUCK.... FUCK....."
She felt his cock jerk and jolt as her bowels squeezed it suddenly she stiffened as it spurted hot searing fluid deep into her spasming intestine. Making her army boot encased feet dance and kick.
He pulled back a little once, then thrust back up even deeper into her and cried out again. She shuddered as she felt more squirt insistently, over and over inside her aching ass.
Then she blacked out slumping into unconscious escape. Just before the bag was lifted and Jack shuddered to a halt.
He relaxed and let his cock slide from her ass. releasing the chain on to her belly.
"Boss! Boss! can we fuck her now?"
He nodded and moved away as the first hurried between her legs and sank his eager cock into her just vacated ring. Another pulled her face around and forced his cock into her open mouth. his fingers gripping her shaved head.
End of Part Three, enjoy xxx
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Default G I Jane Part Four

Lt ONeil came to and snorted for breath through splayed nostrils. She had time to grab a breath before her head was grabbed roughly and cock was forced into her mouth. She tried to pull back and suck air past the head but the mans grip on her skull was too strong and he forced more of it into her mouth. She felt it going down her throat her instinct was to bite down but all she did was bite on the hard ring of the gag. She tried to control her breathing but she could only get a little air until the man started to pull out and fuck her face. As he pulled out she gasped for breath desperately before it went into her throat again, after what seemed like an eternity she felt the soldier cum down her throat, he held his cock in place forcing her to swallow it all.
"Not bad Lieutenant, but youve got a long way to go." Gloated Jack.
Someone was rutting into her ass. holding her hips hard as he grudge fucked her still tight butt. ONeil lifted her head trying to see through her semen gooy eyes. She was face to cock with a half dozen hard dicks, surrounding her head. Each twitched eagerly waiting their turn.
She was roughly forced to take one into her mouth as the others started to rub their cocks over her shaved head, against her cheeks anywhere that was open. The second man filled her mouth with his cum and he was quickly replaced by another man.
As the man filled her ass with his cum she felt another take his place. She moaned. Suddenly, a larger cock was thrust into her face and she shuddered as he rammed it into her throat. He started fucking her throat hard, she tried to use her tongue to get the man to slow down but it was a lost cause as he continued to fuck her face fast and furious.
As each man filled her mouth with cum, he was replaced by another. Lt. ONeil was swallowing load after load they wouldnt give her time to spit it out. She could feel cum running out of her ass as each man pounded away at her helplessly struggling muscular frame. Finally, there were no more men at her face.
"Hey Lieutenant, look what weve saved for you!" Jack chuckled.
She looked behind her and gasped a black soldier with the biggest cock she had ever seen was coming up to her.
"Noh Itshh too bhig," she begged struggling to pull her legs free. They lifted her head so that she could see. With her head up semen spilled from her mouth and ran down her creased chin. As ONeil got a closer look she guessed the Soldiers cock was over a foot long and thick the thickest she had ever seen.
"Hey ONeil you like the look of that huh? Thats it slut, drool over it. Slobber all over it. Old Gus heres been waiting to force feed this to you since he heard you where joining us here. Aint yer Gus?!"
The big black soldier grinned wanking it slowly
"Noh Itshh too bhig," she repeated. Jack had a little key in his fingers He gripped her chin holding her face as he inserted it in the gag he started to wind it grinning at her puzzled face. ONeil could feel the gag opening, forcing her mouth wider, Making her jaw ache and stretch. Her mouth now an even bigger O than it had been.
"There! (He pats her face) Im looking forward to you gagging on this bitch. you aint never had a throat fuck this nasty. This should slacken your throat Lieutenant! You ready? No? Tough shit honey!"
Two sets of hands held her head as she tried to pull away the bench hard and unforgiving behind her. Gus climbed up on the table and positioned himself over her helpless mouth. On all fours, his heavy cock hung just above her gaping maw.
ONeil was cross eyed staring at it in disbelief.
She tried to twist her face away but their fingers held her face fast. Her eyes followed the monster as it slowly was dragged back and too around her lips. Then he gripped it in one big hand and fed it in.
He grunted, ramming his cock between her lips, ONeils eyes bulged as his thick slab like cock head sank in until it bumped against her tonsils. She fought the invasion into her tight, gasping throat. Gus continued forcing himself in, and the sounds of ONeils discomfort only excited him more.
The gurgling and choking sounds coming from ONeil and the sight of his oversized shaft stretching her mouth and making her throat bulge drove Gus crazy. He started to push in and out making it go in. His ass pistoning it to her face Faster and faster he fucked her mouth jamming his twelve inches of hot meat repeatedly down her throat.
Lt ONeil felt his cock get harder and it actually seem to grow larger as his pumping increased. Her fear intensified, she needed to breathe, but her rapist was enjoying himself fucking her face too much to care.
"Take it Lieutenant."
"Thats it, choke on it you cunt!"
"Thats it, take it, take it," They all egged him on.
"Swallow it, swallow that fuckin cock you whore."
The gagging noises increased from ONeils throat as she tried to breathe, but his rapid thrusts down her gullet were too fast and deep.
"Man, you sure do look good sucking my cock, Lieutenant slut!"
Gus gloated.
"Ive always wanted to choke fuck a stuck up officer like you."
ONeil continued gagging; he fucked her throat as if it were a cunt, chuckling as hearing Jack and the others taunt her,
"Thats it ONeil, you got it all!"
"Choke her harder Gus, make her swallow that pole! shes loving it."
"Yeah Gus, make that big ass officer choke on it."
"Cmon, cmon, cum down her throat!"
ONeil was desperate for breath her throat so crammed full she sucked around it in desperation.
"Look at her suck on it, man shes really loving it!"
"Good! Cuz shes got a lot more cock to choke down!"
"Damn, this whores throats gonna make me cum." Gus marvelled,
Surprised at how quick it took. He started to really fuck her face. Slamming it in grunting in pleasure his knees sliding back on top of the bench shoving more in.
"Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh!"
"Ugh! Im gonna cum, you stinking officer slut, Im gonna cum down youre fuckin throat, you white piece o shit!"
All of them crowded around, close watching. All you could hear was the lewd hard slapping noise of her forehead hitting his belly and his balls smacking her chin every time he hit bottom.
They cheered at ONeils grunts each time his cock fucked down her throat. Using her mouth the same way hed use a pussy, he fucked it with quick deep strokes. She was gagging and choking, and then it worsened. Suddenly Gus laid on ONeils head his cock full in her throat, leaving it there and letting out a deep low groan.
Her nose was mashed against his belly as he came. His hands slid down and he gripped her head like he would an ass he was fucking. ONeil felt the huge cock deep inside her throat throb. It began pulsating over and over and ONeils body jolted and shuddered beneath him. ONeil could feel it hot hard bolts and then the flow of something warm running down deep within her.
She realized Gus was cumming inside her throat. It was his hot black sperm she felt running down her throat and into her belly.
Oh GOD JUST FINNISH! just finnish, How could this be happening to me, This was planned from the start she thought. Sudden realization making her want to weep. She was being impaled on a black mans cock and forced to swallow his sperm. Just to teach her a lesson for intruding into their little jerky spec ops world! well Im gonna fuckin get through this you bastards!
Her throat tightened around his ejaculating cock, trying to reject the thick fluid, but she only succeeded in intensifying his orgasm and increasing the amount of hot semen erupting from his cock. His cum bubbled from the corners of her mouth and thick strands of it ran from her nose. Ropes of semen dangled down from the corners of her lips.
Then Gus started fucking her face again. He seemed as though hed never stop. The cum dribbled down her chin, neck and spilled down the front of her tits.
Gus began pulling his cock from ONeils mouth. As it slipped from her throat, another blast of cum shot into her mouth. The taste of it was bitter. It was really salty and felt sticky and gooey as it sloshed around her mouth.
ONeil gasped for breath. More sperm hit her in the face as she coughed; spitting up some of the thick jism just deposited in her throat. It dribbled from her mouth and she felt some running down her cheeks. His cock continued to throb, dumping more thick fluid onto her face. The whole group of naked soldiers cheered at the state of her cum shot slick face.
Jack walked over to the Camcorder man and directed him to get some close ups of her sperm flooded face and mouth. He wondered when Blondells would come out to play, feeling his cock twitch at the thought.
One of them straddled her stomach and grabbing her chained nipples, wrapped her slick swollen tits around his cock, he began fucking them. Pulling the chain up hard making hot thin milk spray out. After several quick thrusts between her cleavage, he showered her neck and the underside of her chin with heavy sperm and climbed off.
An evil looking brute leaned in towards her face, grabbing her head, and smacking her in the face with his cock, asking if she wanted to taste it, feel it in her mouth, on her tongue, and down her throat.
"How bout it, Lieutenant, want some more cock?" He forced her to nod her head.
"You do, do you?" He turned to the others.
"What do you say, guys? Can we help this big assed whore out?"
"Fuck yeah," they chorused. "We aint even started yet!"
"Order us, whore!" the soldier spat in her face.
"I want to hear you Order us, Order us to fuck your mouth and asshole till theyre raw."
"Orders Lieutenant, Orders you cunt!" he slapped across the face.
"I said Order us bitch, or youll be sorry, whore, do it!"
"NOH!" she gasped forcing her throat to work.
Two from the crowd each grabbed a balloon like, bouncing tit and started to squeeze, twisting them and pinching the hard flesh drawing her aureole up to her trapped red nipples. One of them clenched a nipple in his teeth, biting it, and flicking it with his tongue. Shocks lanced through each heavy jug as they pawed and gripped them.
"Phease," she uttered.
"Phease what?"
"Phease," she paused, the tears and anger choking her words.
"Please GOH PHUK OORSHELF!!" she whispered.
"Wrong answer whore!" he slapped her face hard.
"Now you do as youve been asked Lieutenant or Gus heres gonna ream your ass out. Yeah you get the idea? that hunk of meat up your sorry ass! youll be in diapers for the rest of your worthless existence bitch!
Her eyes opened in fear and horror. "NOH!"
"Oh yes bitch he likes that too, dont you Gus?"
He grunts and chuckles.
"Your orders Lieutenant?" he grins down at her pained face.
"Thats it, cunt," he taunted. "All you gotta do is issue those orders ."
"Now lets hear it again, only, how about, Men, rape my mouth and asshole,"
"Noh phease," she wept.
"Say it, cunt,"
"Mh, mhen," she stammered, "rhape ey ouwf and ashshole."
"Thats real nice slut, now say, You are to choke fuck me."
"Youh, Youh arh twoo coke phuuck ee." she sobbed.
"Now say it louder, all of it Lieutenant!" he insisted.
"Youh, Youh arh twoo rhape ey ouwf and ashshole, an coke phuuck ee"
"Thank you," the bastard cackled, "dont mind if I do."
Grinning evilly, he straddled her face, his cock sliding in her open mouth as she still was gasping for air.
"Im gonna fuck your face, cunt! Im gonna stick my cock down your
throat and shoot my load all over your slutty face!" he said,
Without hesitation, he pulled her face around and impaled her throat again with nine inches of cock. With a grunt, he stuffed it as far down her throat as he could. When she began to choke, he pulled it out, leaving a few inches still in her mouth.
"Suck it, Lieutenant! Suck it, you whore!"
With tears streaming down her face, she obediently sucked on his bloated cock head.
She heard someone yell, "Now you are gonna get fucked, bitch!" She felt someone slide the head of his cock up and down her slit until he felt her asshole around the tip. With a powerful thrust, he buried all of it in her. She tried to scream in pain but her cry was choked off as the stiff prick fucking her mouth stuffed itself down her throat.
"Dont you like my cock, Lieutenant slut?" the other soldier teased pulling his out of her ass and then, burying it deep in her cunt with one savage thrust. The other shoved his meat all the way to the root of the cock in her mouth, forcing her once more to take it into her throat.
"Come on, cunt, choke on it ... oh yeah ... thats it, all the way down your fucking throat Lieutenant, you cunt!" With a yell of joy, the man straddling her face came hard and fast, his cock buried down her throat. ONeil gagged and he pulled out and began depositing a tremendous amount of sperm in her open mouth. Bolt after Bolt flooded her lolling tongue filling her mouth with heavy gobs of cum.
"Im gonna fill your mouth with my load, whore, drown in it bitch!"
And he did. His cock spewed torrents of thick cream directly into her open maw. He came so much into her gasping mouth it dribbled over her lips.
Then he ordered, "swallow it, swallow it." "Cmon you whore, swallow it down."
ONeil choked, sure that she would drown from all the hot cum squirting into her mouth. She opened her eyes just as more sperm splashed on her face. The soldier held her head still as more squirted out of his cock inches from her face. Finally done, he pulled her head around and repeatedly slapped his wet dick on her cum drenched face as they all cheered and yelled at her.
"Now you look just like a real cum slut should!"
"Man! I aint never been so excited feeding a slut so much cum!"
"Look, shes begging for more"
"Youre gonna fuck and suck and swallow cum until we cant get it up any more, got that you fuckin cunt!"
Gasping and choking, ONeil felt as if she was drowning in sperm.
It was far heavier and thicker than the last load she swallowed.
It was so strong and there was so much of it, she choked when she swallowed it. The inside of her mouth remained coated with the residue, sticking to the inside of her mouth, letting her taste the sperm over and over. There were two long trails of it leaking out of her nostrils and sliding down her cheeks.
Thick ropes of saliva and cum drooled past her lips and down her neck. As she thought of what was happening, raped by S.E.R.Es men and eating their filthy cum, the one who was fucking her pussy suddenly pulled out of her and shot a huge stream of cum all the way up to her tits and all over her belly. She realized the she didnt know how many soldiers had raped her and even how many there were. It was far from over and she was certain they would be making her eat a lot more of their sperm.
She was their gang rape toy and she couldnt do anything about it.
Jack came forward with the camera guy, she tried to shy away as he filmed her semen coated features.
"Hey Lieutenant youre nearly unrecognisable and we dont want that do we, huh, it might spoil your fame and fortune eh?"
She glowered at him in disgust trying to spit some of the goo out of her mouth.
"Phuck oo!" she spat.
"A sterling performance Lieutenant." he turned to the others.
"Now for something different I think. Time to clean you up inside and out."
Behind the soldiers Blondells appeared her face flushed with excitement wearing only her service blouse. Jack knew she wouldnt be able to miss this bit. She carried her doctors bag. She tapped Gus on the shoulder and whispered to him he grinned ear to ear.
"Captain Blondells how good of you to join us!"
She came over her slight frame in complete contrast to ONeils muscular body. She only wore her blouse open to the last two buttons. It just covered her pussy and ass enough to tantalize the excited men. She licked her lips drinking in the delicious sight of the helpless Lt. ONeil.
"All this sperm and she still has a smart mouth, Master Chief I think youre right, perhaps the funnel yes?"
"Thats exactly my thought Captain. Dobs! the funnel!"
Dobs produced a wide brimmed funnel and gave it to Jack.
ONeils eyes were wide as her mind raced trying to imagine what they had planned.
Jack gripped her chin and held her face as Dobs thrust the funnel into her open mouth. He slammed her head back on to the bench top.
"Your gonna love this bitch, you thought the gag was bad!" he chuckled.
ONeil felt the funnel tip sink into her throat, the slick semen easing its passage.
Blondells rummaged in her bag and produced another anal plug similar to the other but with a tube and pump on one end.
ONeil was struggling now trying to twist her head away as jack got his cock out and dangled it semi erect over the edge of the funnel.
He stood over the funnel. She noticed he didnt have a hard on and wondered what he was doing, then she heard him start to pee and then she felt the liquid running down her throat, it burned. She gagged realization hitting her like a sledge hammer. Her mouth quickly filling A second then a third soldier joined the Master Chief all pissing into the Funnel, peeing in her helpless throat. Hot piss started filling her mouth.
"Cmon you piss slut, swallow it." Jack yelled at her,
"Swallow it you dumb whore!"
She held it in her mouth refusing to swallow their foul piss, the funnel filled to overflowing, piss started to pour over the sides onto her cheeks, down her neck, washing the semen from her bound tits.
"You are a stubborn mule Lieutenant, Swallow, SWALLOW!!"
She refused clamping her throat shut . Jack grinned and gripped her nostrils clamping them shut. in seconds ONeils eyes filled with tears as her chest screamed for air. She struggled to control hoping against hope they would give up.
They didnt and with a sob of defeat she had to give up and with a guttural moan of outrage suddenly swallowed a large mouthful of piss down. She opened her throat again letting in another mouthful and was forced to swallow it again. Jack held her nostrils tight making her drink the hot piss as it flowed from their cocks. He kept her in place as she continued to swallow the flow. Only able to grab a choking breath as she emptied the funnel, She choked and wretched tired and broken.
"Thats a good bitch, anyone else?"
He pulled the funnel out letting, ONeil gasp and gulp for air.
Another man ambled over,
"Still thirsty, Lieutenant?" he asked,
"Open up, I got some more." Taking his still respectable half hard cock, he grabbed ONeils chin and forced himself into her mouth, sliding down her fucked out throat.
She started gagging from the cock hitting the back of her throat, and lodging itself there. Suddenly her eyes grew wide, and she started struggling.
"Take my piss, you fucking slut!" He yelled out.
He started pissing right down her throat. He gripped her nostrils as Jack had. Not a drop came from her mouth. She was swallowing everything. A full ten seconds went by with ONeils mouth mashed against his pubes, her throat bulging with the cock that was hosing piss straight into her stomach. Finally, he finished, pulling out of her mouth.
After two more forced pisses down her throat, she lay moaning, looking six months pregnant, her now rounded belly bulging out, swollen with the gallons of cum and piss shot down her throat.
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Default G I Jane Part Four

Then the others stood over her and pissed all over her body. Hot hard streams of piss bouncing and showering off her hard muscled body. Pummelling her bound breasts, rinsing her coated face clean of semen. Leaving her body slick and steaming from their piss.
It disgusted her to be used as a toilet like this, eventually she was aware that Gus was knelt between her legs with Blondells.
The blonde woman forced her fingers into her cum slick anus making ONeil groan in disgust she prodded and forced her ring open. ONeil lifted her head blinking stinging piss from her eyes.
Gus helped her with his fingers, thick hard strong digits, pulling her ravaged ass open. Blondells guided his semi erect meat to her ass hole. Forcing and pressing the head into her sphincter. Making it go in. ONeils legs and ass shook and jerked as they pulled and pushed it in. Eventually the head was in and her ring snapped closed around the back of his glans. ONeil groaned in pain as it sat in the entrance of her ass. He pushed deeper into her rectum and shoved it all the way up her once tight asshole. Once he was in, he casually pumped her a few times,
"I always wanted to watch a guy do this, and since youre such
a mouthy slut, Lieutenant your the ideal candidate." Blondells enthused,
At a nod from her Gus started pissing. ONeil howled in disgust and horror as she felt the hard hot thump of pressure slam into her rectum as his piss started to hose up into her, she lay there whimpering weakly as he filled her already distended belly with more hot piss.
"Like that cumbucket?" she asked, "Hes pissing up your big fat ass, you like that ONeil eh whore!"
He urinated in her ass for almost a full minute Blondells placed her hands on ONeils distended belly.
"I can feel your ass filling up with his piss cunt" She gloated
"Take it, you piss slut." "Take it all."
Blondells came up with a butt plug the size of a fist. As Gus pulled his hardening prick out of her ass, She cruelly slammed it up into her;
"here you go ONeil, we dont want you losing any of that now do we?"
Blondells was totally excited by Gus pissing up the hapless, gang raped service womans ass.
"OK Master Chief the other guys can wait outside while you and I interrogate the Lieutenant further."
They all obeyed leaving ONeil alone with Blondells and the Master Chief. Blondells stood producing a long thick oversized dildo she showed it to ONeil and tried to put her fingers around its girth. She couldnt, she smiled
"OK Lieutenant guess what Im going to do?"
ONeil couldnt believe the size of it, it would ruin her cunt!
Blondells began to strap it on so that it protruded obscenely from her groin. It was at least ten inches long, and terribly wide. ONeil shook her head appalled gurgling in protest.
"Thats right were going to do some real girl to girl bonding, wont that be nice."
She got between ONeils legs and began to finger her her cunt lips open. ONeil shook her head struggling with renewed vigour as Captain Blondells prepared to rape her.
End of Part Four.

Enjoy xxx
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Default "GI. JANE." an Adaption to the sexual by Mad Gerald.

Part Five.
Blondells went to her knees between ONeils tightly roped thighs. she admired her cunt. stroking the carefully trimmed black triangle, dipping her fingers into her neglected twat. Below that her taut buttocks framed the oversized bung that filled her ass. ONeils full ass amplified the sensations. Making each touch electric.
No!, this could not be happening to her, but then she felt the Blondells tongue on her cunt lips,
"Oh noh, NOHH!" She was being licked by a woman!
No woman could have forced apart ONeils powerful thighs, but of course she didnt need to.
ONeil couldnt believe what Blondells was doing a wave of revulsion and nausea swept over her. Those bastards pissing on her, making her drink it. Now this bitch playing with her cunt. She felt her cunt twinge, her nipples ache, she had always denied it, hated it. Only ever fantasized like that when she was pissed up and her guard was down.
She always felt guilty for days after, remembering how strong her orgasms had been. Imagining some other woman, Some weak bitch being dominated by her holding the whores face to her cunt making her eat her twat, lapping and sucking at her cunt. Repressing it. forcing herself to keep straight, and now . . now . . .
Blondells smiled as ONeils body flinched at her touch, she gently opened ONeils pussy to her kisses. The aroused and panting Lieutenant could only moan when she felt Blondells tongue invade her helpless pussy. Blondells gripped the pump connected to the bung in ONeils ass. She squeezed it hard. ONeil jerked, her ass quaking as the fat bulbous head of it forced her abused sphincter wider. Hard burning pain lancing up into her piss filled abdomen. Making her uterus tighten, a hot vicious knot desperate for release. All her self doubts were suddenly washed away by a building orgasm, as Blondells gently sucked on her labia.
Jack watched with the camera guy. Fuck this was horny. That little bitch Blondells knelt there between ONeils legs. Her fingers spreading that neat cunt of hers. Blondells in her blouse, the hem of it dancing about half way down her tight hard ass cheeks. The straps for the dildo coming out from between her legs, spreading her ass invitingly. Her shallow crease opening and closing as she moved, so that you glimpsed her tight little rusty spider. Below that her pussy hairs were wet with juice.
He felt his cock go rigid at the thought of spearing the medical officers ass. Blondells head was bobbing she was hard at work on ONeils twat. He winked at the camera guy and then got to his knees behind Blondells.
ONeil wanted to scream "No," but the bolts of erotic sensations that shot up through her cunt left her weak, too distracted. In a kind of erotic daze, Her head swam. She couldnt make her stop. Her breath was short and she felt a warmth almost like liquid fire growing in her. Her fingers were inside her, probing, teasing, twisting and pushing. while her tongue was getting harder and closer to her . . Fuck! she was about to come and the woman hadnt even touched her cl ...
"Noh! NOHH! Aiiiiiii" ONeil screamed.
Her body was rocked by an intense orgasm as soon as Blondells had touched her pleasure button. Her body dancing and straining as Blondells ran her tongue over, around, and across her extended clit. Flicking her tight red button hard and fast. her fingers holding her hood back taut, forcing her nub out so she could feed on it. She may have blacked out for a few seconds. When she opened her eyes Blondells was staring at her gloating.
"That was good, Lieutenant. You needed pleasuring, didnt you? Although you dont fucking deserve it cunt!"
She pumped the bung in her ass hard viciously forcing her aching butt whole wider, making her hips flinch and quiver. She grinned enjoying the pain on the big womans face.
ONeil could only look up at her in dazed confusion and nod her head yes.
Blondells dipped her head back down and took ONeils dripping crotch to her mouth and began to drink from her copiously flowing slit.
Blondells felt the Master Chief behind her. He gripped her hips his thumbs dragging open her buttocks as his wet hot cock head pushed to her cleft. She pushed back letting out a soft moan. She stiffened gritting her teeth as he forced his meat into her dry ass hole.
"Thats a good bitch! dont mind me, get to work on that slit you little cunt!" He growled as he forced deeper making her gasp.
Blondells resumed wetly lapping at the trapped lieutenants spread cunt. She locked her wet mouth over ONeils clit and sucked hard pulling on it as Jack began to fuck up into her ass. He gripped her eppeletted shoulders and began to really shaft her. Slamming her butt with heavy steady strokes.
Blondells feverishly sucked and lapped at ONeils cunt. Her face a mask of pleasure with each deep thrust she received. Soon she was rewarded when ONeil yelped and came again, her body snatching and jolting with each contraction drenching Blondells mouth and lips with her pungent love juice.
She slurped and lapped at ONeils clit. Her long fingers twisting and turning inside her vagina seeking and finding ONeils soft pad like G spot and pressing and teasing it, triggering another of ONeils orgasms and then another as Blondells persistently tongued her clit and toyed with her vulnerable pleasure pad.
One orgasm blended into another, her sweating piss glazed body spasmed and jerked, her full ass an awful excruciating pressure. Her bowels cramping, she felt dizzy, nausea swept through her again.
Blondells pulled her fingers free and gripped ONeils thighs for support as Jack body slammed her slight frame grunting and gasping as he approached his peak. Blondells gasped and shuddered, jerking with hard shock as he shot his load up into her clenching ass hole.
He pulled out of her ass, Blondells swept her hand back to plug her own twitching butt hole. Holding his semen in herself with her long slim fingers. Jack moved back. Blondells got up and climbed up ONeils big frame.
"OOoohh that was sooo nice Lieutenant, so nice I want to share it with you. The Master Chief has filled my butt up with his nice hot cream and it would be impolite not to share wouldnt it?"
ONeil sobbed in realization trying to pull her face away desperately as Blondells twisted around placing her knee on one side of her face and her foot on the other spreading her legs so she could lower her slimy ass over ONeils disgusted face.
"NOHH!! NOH PEASE ET AWAHY!! NOH" she pleaded.
Jacks hand gripped her chin pulling her head still holding it strongly in place. ONeils eyes went crossed comically as she couldnt help but focus on Blondells fingers as they plugged her freshly buggered hole.
The camera came close, ONeil shook in horror and helpless disgust as he angled it to catch Blondells ass directly above ONeils ring gagged open mouth.
ONeil sobbed and pleaded tears streaming from her eyes as Jack grabbed the chain on her breasts and yanking it up hard handed it to Blondells who pulled and stretched them.
Her fingers came away leaving ONeil staring up at her semen strung arse hole. ONeil shut her eyes tight. nothing happened. in relief she glimpsed again. Just as Blondells pushed and Jacks semen geysered out of her ass into ONeils helpless mouth.
ONeils body jolted and flinched her head jerking and jolting, she fought to be free as they made her take each and every slowly moving glob of stained semen as it dripped out after the initial spurt of goo.
ONeils tongue lolled and flexed trying to be free of the awful thick disgusting stuff as theyre laughter stung and made her squirm with humiliation.
Blondells lowered her twat over ONeils open mouth her fingers moving around the base of the dildo she wore, they became a blur as she frigged her clit into a thick short stub. She groaned her belly tightening. Her face flushed, fixed on the poor lieutenants body beneath her. She yanked on her breast chain watching fascinated as fore milk sprayed out of both clamped teats.
ONeil shuddered beneath her as she traced her hanging labia around her swollen lips. Blondells body began to shake, tension peaking as with a sudden groan she came.
Hot pussy juice squirted from her pussy, straight into ONeils mouth Blondells hips flexing as she teased herself again and more squirted into the unfortunate Lieutenants mouth. filling her mouth quickly with slick clear lubricant. ONeil gurgled and fought her face going beetroot as she tried not to swallow her pungent cunt juice.
More sprayed out as Blondells lowered her other leg in exhaustion so that her twat covered ONeils mouth completely her still gaping ass hole resting on ONeils nose. She gripped the chain like reins and began to ride ONeils face. ONeil gurgled and spluttered as she was forced to gulp each mouthful of cum juice down. She swallowed desperately trying to clear her airway. Blondells stiffened forcing her cunt to ONeils mouth, throwing her head back as she came again for a final time. She stroked the dildo as if it were her own real cock. Grinning at jack.
"Time to fuck Princess high and mighty I feel"
"Go to it Captain" Jack enthused. He let go of ONeils face.
Blondells climbed off ONeils red, gasping, juice slick face. still holding her breast chain. She bounced the dildo off her hand grinning.
"Youd like that wouldnt you piss bitch? Big rubber cock stuffing your cunt while I suck those big mams of yours" she slapped ONeils bloated belly.
ONeil gasped for air. Her bowels cramping, she felt dizzy again, nausea swept through her. She couldnt believe what theyd done to her. All that piss and semen, semen out of this dikes ass. OH GOD . . OH GOD . . . .
She gagged, and gasped.
"Youre not going to throw all that nice cunt juice up are you Lieutenant? that would be a shame, wed have to put it all back in now wouldnt we!" Blondells gloated stepping back.
She desperately tried to control herself but the weight of all theyre juice, semen and piss was too much she gagged again her chest convulsing. She tried to lift her head but the chain held her fast.
She gagged again. Choking as her throat and mouth filled with regurgitated juice, piss and semen. Her eyes bulged. She was going to throw up. She tried to spit it out but the ring gag stopped her. She couldnt breath!
Suddenly Jack was over her he released the chain. Gripping her shoulder and chin he forced her to twist and forced her face over the side of the bench.
Her belly convulsed and she jerked and stiffened spewing all their sperm and piss in a big rush onto the floor. She gasped and spat in relief.
Jack shook her head. "Tut tut Lieutenant thats a bad girl, a naughty bad girl! youre not going to enjoy laying in that later now are you?"
"PHUKK OO!" she managed before he slammed her back on the bench. He held her down as he chained her neck again trapping her. He slapped her face grinning.
"Hey never mind theres plenty of time for that later, your girlfriend hasnt finished with you yet, have you Captain?"
"Ive only just started honey, youll love this bitch!"
Blondells was stood between her thighs she rubbed the head of her false cock up and down the length of ONeils pussy before taking a firm grip and shoving it into her. ONeils face redden in degradation and shame as her fellow female officer raped her.
"Aaaaahh!" ONeil yelled as she felt herself being penetrated . ONeil could only weep in humiliation and pain as the camera closed up on her anguished face.
Abruptly she felt a tremendous pressure, and a horrible pain at her crotch, as something large, and unrelenting was jammed against her tight, pussy opening. It pushed harder, crushing her pussy lips, and shoving inside her. She twisted, and jerked against the ropes holding her as burning pain erupted in her groin and then spread deep inside her belly. Hands gripped her hips, as the thing was thrust against her cunt canal with brutal force.
She felt her cunt lips spread and spread as the intruder smashed aside her cunt walls and drove up into her soft warm belly. Deeper and deeper it went, crashing through her tight cunt walls with hardly a pause, filling her cunt tube with its cold fullness.
Her rectum spasmed as the piss in it was pushed and pressed she desperately needed to shit it out. She strained trying to dislodge the awful bung. It wouldnt move. As she bore down More of Blondells dildo eased further into her splayed cunt lips. Impaling her stretched cunt walls. She could hold out no more, this final horror brought her to the edge of mental collapse, and tears rolled out of her eyes.
Blondells let go of her hips and gripped her swollen tits pulling them viciously, thumbing her tender teats.
"Oh dear big girls dont cry now do they? whats a matter want it deeper?" she giggled.
ONeil shook her head frantically NO as Blondells used her tits to lever her self deeper up into her cunt. She straightened her legs. Forcing it deeper. The thing was so wide.
ONeil went ridged screaming in agony as she felt something tear. It went deeper with a snap. Blondells began to fuck with her hips. Enjoying ONeils distress.
She felt the thing tear in and out of her bleeding crotch, ripping a tunnel for itself. It drove deeper and deeper with each powerful lunge. Blondells was pulling and kneading her breasts, her tongue teasing around her trapped nipples. ONeil arched her back as she felt the rounded head jam up against the back wall of her cunt tube.
Still the thing jabbed in and out, crashing against her cervix repeatedly, bringing waves of shocking pain racing through the Lieutenants body.
"Relax." Blondells said as she eased the dildo out a little, before pushing it back in twice the depth of her first attempt. Blondells reached down and rubbed her fingers against ONeils clit.
"There thats nice, good girl are we going to come again for your girlfriend? I bet you are"
ONeils frantic motions to get away rubbed her nub to Blondells fingers. She stiffened with the sharp pain as Blondells began to thrust deeper within her with an ever increased frequency. Gradually, the pain lessened and gave way to an increasing pleasure. Even through the artificial cock, Blondells could feel the walls of ONeils cunt grabbing hold of her as she thrust inside her again and again.
"You love this, dont you?" Blondells asked.
Between thrusts as she grabbed ONeils hips and pulled her cunt hard against her.
"Youre such a horny little bitch!"
The constant rubbing against her own love button was sending her into pre-orgasmic fits as well. Hot sweat covered the two bodies as Blondells fucked away at her bound body. She shook with the energy and passion as she pulled and milked ONeils ballooned tits. Try as she might, it was physically impossible for Blondells to get further inside ONeil. She eased it out.
ONeil moaned in gratitude as it pulled free of her tormented love tunnel. It slid out. Then she shuddered in shocked realization, as Blondells readied herself for a vicious thrust. She felt the hard rubber press against her slit, then a muffled shriek erupted from her gagged lips, as the dildo slid down into her cunt tube again. She felt it drive deeper and deeper, jamming against her cervix and still pressing harshly. The cock pulled out again, then slammed forward, crushing her tender cervix between the hard rubber and the pressure of the piss up her ass. Again the cock slid back, then raced in.
This time she felt the harsh scratching of the girls pubic hair against her vaginal lips.
"Almost there." she heard Blondells groan.
Then the cock hammered forward, crushing her cervix as the Officer crammed every inch of rubber cock into the Captured Lieutenants tight fuck tube.
She pulled the cock back and then humped forward again. Now that she had broken the last resistance of ONeils cunt hole, she began to fuck into her with smooth regular motions. Her hips moved forward and back easily, sliding the thick fuck tool in and out of the bleeding hole with satisfied ease.
ONeil felt a strange tingling in the skin around the thrusting dildo. The feelings grew and spread down the length of her ravished cunt tube.
A brief moment later Blondells rammed the large rubber cock deep between her thin stretched cunt lips. She stirred it inside ONeil screamed in excruciating ecstasy as Blondells drove the dildo its full length within her.
The warmth and tingling in ONeils loins increased. She felt a strange yearning, and a rushing flood of sexual heat and passion swarmed over her body, making her skin flush deeper red and staggering her with its intensity.
Unconsciously ONeils ass pushed down to meet a forward thrust of the long, thick fuck tool. She groaned deep in her throat as the erotic carnal desires made her head throb and sent quivers of gasping delight shooting through her frame.
Blondells gripped ONeils swaying balloon breasts again which were rocking in time to the back and forth jerking of her taut frame.
"Do you like my cock, Lieutenant?" her voice taunted.
The thing was pulled all the way back and then rammed right up her jolting body.
Her bulging breasts seemed to swell and burn as the officer raping her kneaded and squashed them. The fingers twisting and massaged the vulnerable thick trapped nipples, sending explosions of lust through ONeil that made her whole body tremble. She gasped in horror and delight as the already erect nubs seemed to harden and lengthen. Her nipples had always been incredibly sensitive, but now they were on fire and streaming slick white milk.
Her ass jerked repeatedly as the dildo drilled her pussy. Hot fuck-milk gushed into her penetrated hole. making her fuck get loud with slurping slapping noises.
ONeil cringed in embarrassment at her mounting excitement, but her humiliation was beginning to be pushed aside by the growing lust engulfing her hapless body. Then her body seemed to undulate and quiver as an explosion of fiery sexual gratification blasted through her convulsing frame.
"Thats it whore cum for your girl come on thats it, you can do it, come on!"
One final thrust was enough to unleash the awful tension in ONeils uterus. Her eyes rolled up as an explosion of white hot contractions hammered through her cunt. Squeezing the hard unrelenting cock with a barrage of hungry frenzied spasms which would have squashed a mans cock unmercifully flat. Both bodies jerked violently as they were consumed by the body quake that ripped through ONeil.
Blondells laughed in triumph lifting up off ONeils shuddering body. She wrenched the dildo from her still orgasming cunt. The cameraman watched in delight as the thick girl-fucker emerged from the splayed black fur hole coated in blood and thick gooey sex juice. Blondells pulled back. Nodded to Jack who dragged the shit bucket over and brought it to rest under her still trembling ass.
In one swift movement Blondells deflated the anal bung and wrenched it free.
ONeil howled in humiliated horror as the contents of her bowels flooded out in one heavy gush. She pressed and more spurted out. Then more. She groaned in relief. Flushing with embarrassment as her cunt continued to spasm and cunt juice and blood squirted out of her gaping cunt flaps.
"Get in here you men! untie her legs, careful! Get her on her face. Thats it! Move it!"
Men were all over her untying her legs. The chain from her throat She tried to kick but her legs were so weak. She was lifted slammed down heavily on her sore tender breasts, face first over the bench. Heaved forward so her breasts were bulging down over the edge. She felt her legs lifted, riddled with pins and needles. Tied again wide apart. Leaving her ass and cunt open behind her. She let her head drop forward in despair as she realized the abuse was far from over.
End of Part Five.
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