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Old 11-12-2013, 02:10 AM   #1
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Default Breaking in a Dancer

Some girls are just made to be fucked to pieces. Hillary was such a girl.
I always watched her in the halls at school, how her clothes clung to her luscious young body. She was a very athletic girl, a ballerina. She was short, with short brown hair and petit features, round blue eyes led down a toned firm torso into full breasts. her hips and back flowing out into a round c shaped ass and muscular legs. She was stacked, pretty, and fit. Short and sweet though.

I never thought I'd get an opportunity to bust into that but things have a way of working out. She's in town tonight, home alone at her parents vacation house. I have plenty of film, and plenty of toys.

That evening

She should have locked the back door. They make this too easy. I can hear the tv and silently follow the noise. I can see a figure sprawled out on the couch. I lean against the doorway.
"Hello my dear"
Hillary shoots up in an instant. face filled with fear, frozen. She starts to bolt, I'm on her in an instant, grabbing her ankle as she tries to kick and fight. Yelling bloody murder, dragging her to me and pinning her under my weight gives me my first feel of this girl, my cock throbs thick and hard against her meaty backside. I want to take her now, but I need to draw this one out. She tries to squirm as I plant my knee in her back too hard for her to cry out, only gasp for air, I get her wrists handcuffed nice and tight behind her back and roll her over. She looks to sexy, in a crop top and athletic shorts, crying, wheezing, tits heaving.
"Please don't do th-" One hand holds her throat as I shove a ball gag in and buckle it behind her head. She's openly sobbing as I drag her into the kitchen.
They have a nice little breakfast table I sweep the content of. She tries to crawl away but I pull her back and pick her up, slamming her back on the table. She cries into the gag desperately as I rip away her shirt, no bra, high round tits bounce back into place. Groping and squeezing them yields little yelps of pain. She starts to buck as I reach for her shorts. But I am determined, I feel the edge of a trimmed muff and a hot hole and start to pull them away. Not a second after I undo my pants and my cock flops out, too thick and long for most girls, but this one won't complain.
She tries to roll away but I grab her hips and press. I nestle in and ram home. My body slams against hers as she bucks against the table. I pull almost all the way out and repeat, she screams into the gag, I pound her little, firm body into the table,pinning her shoulders and spreading her legs wide. With one thrust I'm in her all the way and my first load fills her good, I pull out still spilling seed as she cries and whimpers. Frozen from the brutality of round one.
"Warm ups over bitch." I grab her wrists and wrench her over onto her stomach, her legs kick out as she regains the will to fight. But I'm having non of that. An albow hard in her back stops her squirming. I dump the contents of my backpack out, one hand on the cuffs. "Dont fucking move bitch" She doesnt. I each thigh to a table leg, squeezing into the flesh about halfway. Another longer one goes around the table, pinning her down. She is completely immobile. Legs spread, big round ass high in the air. I lube up my dick and a couple fingers. I spread out her ass and ram two fingers into the base, her ass is squeezing the life out of them, its so tight, her entire body is tense.
I take her gag out. "Please no, please, it hurts. Not there." I could never stand conversation during these things but I wanted to hear this bitch scream.I put my hands on her hips and nestled my dick between the wide cleft of her ass, and pushed, she fought so hard, gritting her teeth, it hurts as I force it in centimeter by centimeter, shes so tight its no half in and shes bleeding, but that only encourages me. She screams as I give it one last push and sheathe myself in her bowels completely. She cant fight as I draw back and ram in again, her body shuddering with the abuse. I grind into her, savoring the feeling, realing back and plunging in makes her yell with every repetition, this poor girl is getting jack hammered, body managing to move up the braces a little but unable to escape, blood drips onto the ground as my huge cock tears at her, I feel the cum rolling in my balls and I slam down into her. Grunting as she cries out in pain and her ass is filled with a hot jet of cum.
I clean up as she has stopped sobbing, just wincing and breathing heavily. We'll see how she does in round 3. I brought another toy along, something I picked up at a toy shop, biggest dildo they had. Thick around as your fist and as long as your forearm. She'll need the gag for this one.I slam the rubber monstrosity down in front of her face, her eyes go wide.
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Old 11-12-2013, 03:40 AM   #2
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Excellent start!
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Old 12-12-2016, 02:42 AM   #3
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Default Part Two

I brought her to her knees and she was pleading as I brought the ball gag back up. "Please n-" I guide her by the throat to her back and bring the dildo up for her to see. Her eyes go wide and she squealed into the gag, thrashing under me. Her arms pulled behind her back by the cuffs made her tits perk up, her firm athletic body splayed out in front of my, her cunt was small.

One hand on her throat and the other between her legs I guide the shaft to her cunt, her hips trying ti squirm, but I find it. She tenses up.

She squeals into the gag as I force the head all the way in and keep going, the shaft foot long, she locks eyes with me and I can almost hear her mumbling please but I ram it in forcing them closed with pain, she is heaving from the pressure of seven inches of cock and more coming.

It hits something at 9 inches, her eyes go wide with fear as I push "NO MORE" she screams into the gag, but I push and it gives, her hips and lower frame trembling from the pain. Just when I thought she couldn't take anymore I fit it all the way in. Fake balls resting against her cunt. her back was arched and her whole body was straining, I start pulling it out letting her tremble and relax and ram it back in. She screams. I start fucking her with it as hard as I can. Now she just grits her teeth into the gag. My arm grows tired so I pull it out.

She starts heaving sighs of relief, then she sees me getting the lube, she tries to crawl away but I flip her over onto her stomach. Jamming the end of the lube bottle up the end of her heart shaped ass I squeeze, she's gonna need it.

My knee on her back so she can't move, only kick her feet in protest. The head of the dildo acts like it won't go in so I SHOVE and she gasps as the full thing pops into place. Now it feels stuck as the shaft starts to widen past the head. She sounds like she's hyperventilating as it starts to spread her out, blood trickling out the base, she starts to sob as I get it half way in. I prop her up on her knees and arch her back, ass poised in the air, taking a ziptie from my back I tie her knees together. She looked back at me with pleading eyes, I just shoved and they went wide. She still looked at me, pleading for mercy. Then she gasped as I started getting it past nine inches. She could barely breathe it hurt so bad.

"It's too big" she cried into the gag. But I proved her wrong and slowly shoved it all the way in, I couldn't believe it, her small curvy frame looked like it would split.

I started fucking her with it hard, she cried out on every stroke trying feebly to buck away.

I couldn't wait any longer so I pulled it out. Her sigh of relief was followed by a squeal as I pushed her from her knees onto her stomach. Legs and pert ass tied together.

My cock finds her asshole and somehow her ass is still tight. She's trying to keep my out but I just push harder, she must be sore. Ramming it in all the way and pulling halfway out I jackhammer her into the floor, grab a handful of her hair and pull her face up. I look into her eyes as I slam into her and bust my load, she looks at my with those begging eyes.
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Old 12-14-2016, 03:09 AM   #4
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While she lays there and pants in a sweaty, messy heap on the floor, facedown arms tied behind her back, I get out the ring for the gag, her eyes lit up with new fear and she tried to crawl away but she can't get far. She starts crying again as I force the ring gag in her mouth and strap it behind her head. Dragging her up to her knees I take one hand on her throat and guide her down onto the dildo, making her start to lower her ass onto it, she was shaking trying to force it in but I was pushing her down, getting up in front of her she looked up at me crying, she started to say please but I grab her by the hair and force my dick in her mouth, her mouth is small and she can barely breathe, then I start to force her farther down onto the dildo, she moans and groans into my dick and I shove it to the back of her throat, I push her down to the base of the dildo slowly as she grunts, grinding the base into her asshole. I ram my cock all the way down her throat, tight around my dick. I start face fucking her and grinding her on the dildo hard. Making her yelp each time as she struggles to breathe. As I slam into her face and the dildo bottoms out in her ass she starts to sound panicky, just when it sounds like shes about to choke my cock stiffens up and starts to shoot straight down her throat, she spasms and I pull out, panting, shaking, crying, cum dripping from her lips.

I throw her down on her stomach and kick the end of the dildo, she screams, so I step on the end with my boot, forcing it in even deeper, she's thrashes her legs and tries to squirm but she's pinned, halfway between screaming and crying she sounds like she's about to break.

Picking her up by the hair and setting her on her knees she looks up with total fear in her eyes, holding her chin I start to masturbate in her face, she starts to cry again.

My load splashes all over her pretty features, in her mouth, forcing her eyes shut. As she recoils away I grab her and slam her down on to the dildo, her eyes flash open and she screams again, she stares at me begging for mercy but I just force her ass to the ground and she gasps as it goes all the way in.
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Old 12-19-2016, 10:53 AM   #5
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Very nice story. It will be interesting to see what else happens.
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