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Default Playing with Alana

// I've been reserved about trying to write another story because I haven't
// been able to get the level of detail I want, but I've been fantasizing a lot
// about this girl from school and I guess I feel like sharing.

Alana is a pretty 5'7 Lebanese girl with long black hair. This girl comes with a lot of curves, I couldn't help but eye fuck her every chance I could get. Her broad shoulders held up a pair of big healthy breasts, at least a c cup, and they look perky. Sliding down into a thin waste and coming back out again in big wide hips and a huge curvy ass supported by nice thick legs.

Of course with this in mind I introduced myself to her. She's a very preppy student, Christian, reserved, and I can tell she's thirsty. A little from the way she dresses, showing off her body, but I can just tell.

I can tell she's a girl who knows she's hot but hasn't sexually liberated herself, too well behaved and reserved, so I figured I could help her out.

She agreed to "study" at her place tonight and have a little wine afterwards.
I packed a bag to keep us busy all night.

I knock and she answers the door in a crop top and leggings, she lets me in and get a good look at the leggings hugging her big round ass as she leads me inside.

We sit and work for a while and flirt. She knows I stare at her body but she doesn't seem to mind.

"Can I get us some drinks?" She closes her book and smiles "sure." I walk to the kitchen and pull out two wine glasses, wiping them both down, and the inside of hers with just a little rohypnol. After pouring I mix in some spanish fly with hers as well.

We sit and talk and I smile every time she takes a sip. She starts to look a little woozy by the time we finish the bottle.

"How are you feeling?" I say with a smile. She shakes her head, "dizzy."

"You wanna lay down?" She nods and I walk over to help her up. Being a gentleman I guide her to her bedroom and lay her down. She closes her eyes and curls up. I go get my bag.

She's breathing heavily and sweating a little. I take out my handcuffs and straddle her. I gently roll her on her stomach and put one hand at a time behind her back. The click of the first cuff wakes her up and she stirs a little "what ... are .. you .. doing?" Her eyes open all the way when the second cuff clicks into place.

She starts to squirm and struggle under me, realizing her hands are bound. She rolls over and looks up at me with desperate pleading eyes, glassy from the drugs. "Please don't do this, please please please." I put my hand over her mouth and she tries to move away but I pin her down. She starts gasping into my hand. Looking at me like a dear in the headlights. I reach into my bag and pull out a ball gag, she starts to cry when she sees it.

I sit on her stomach so she can't roll away. I slowly bring the gag to her lips so I can hear her beg longer, cutting her off mid sentence as I force it into her mouth opening her jaw. It clicks into place behind her head and she starts to sob.

I sit up to get a look at her tight little body under me, tits pushed out by her hands being stuck behind her back. I gentle stroke her face and wipe away a tear. I kiss her on the cheek and neck and reach to grab one of her tits, getting a full handfull and squeazing, she gasps and moans into the gag arching her back.

I get up to grab her collar from my bag. She moans in protest as I fasten it. Grabbing her by the collar I pull her up to look her right in the face. She's panting and looks at me with pure fear in her eyes. "Don't worry, It's gonna hurt but I'll make you like it." She started to sob again and I lay her down. Pulling up her shirt to reveal her big full breasts in a cute pink bra. I grab them in knead them in my hands, twisting and pulling as she writhes under me and moans into the gag. I rip the front of her bra open freeing her breasts, I start licking and biting and sucking one at a time. With one hand I reach down and grab her pussy through her leggings, she tries to buck away but I just take a firm grip and push her down. Pinning her against the bed and rubbing her pussy. Whiny groans escaping from her mouth. When she starts to move with my hand I pull my hand back and reach down the front of her leggings. Her eyes are closed and she grimaces as I start toying with her pussy, invading a little at a time, teasing her. I sit up to grab her by the hair and pull her head back as I slowly start to finger her. She tries to fight but I can feel her start to welcome my fingers in, moving her hips trying to draw them in. I hold back each time letting her hips come to me. Her body betraying her as she starts to fuck my hand, I start meeting her ramming my fingers in all the way. She's grunting into her gag. Finally she plants on my fingers and tenses up, arching her back, I curl my fingers and pull as she tightens around my hand. Moaning heavily. Coming to her senses she realizes what just happened and starts to cry again. I pull her head and force her to look at me. "You're mine now." I gently start to rub around her clitoris and she gets a desperate look in her eye. Trying to move away from my fingers. After a while I have her chasing them and as she's about to cum I pull away. She squeals and her eyes shoot open.

I get up and she rolls over and starts to cry. I pull a chain out of my bag. Getting on top of her and pinning her with my knee I fix the chain to the back of the ball gag and pull hard to latch the other end on to the cuffs. It pulls her head and neck and forces her to arch her back, poking her big supple ass up in the air. I take out a knife and cut down the ass of her leggings, then the panties underneath. She hears the snap of a rubber glove and arches her head around to see me lubing up my gloves hand. "Guess where this is going." Her eyes flared and she started to shake her head and moan "no" again and again but I just got behind her and yanked her by the hair, arching her up even more. Sliding my hand down her back to her ass, grabbing and cupping each cheek before finding her little hole. I press with one finger hard and her hole body tenses up. She groans as I slowly fuck her. I pull back and force a second finger in, spreading the out and grinding into her. She hates it so much, I can see her biting hard into the gag as I force a third finger in, her body straining against it. She gasped as I pushed them in to the knuckle and started grinding them into her. With my hand still in her ass I pull her up by the hair onto her knees. Jerking her by the hair down onto my hand as I force it up some blood trickles down onto her sheets. I ram them to the base and she shrieks, satisfied I pull out and she crashes down into the bed face first, ass in the air, sobbing. I grab something from my bag and move around to her face, she opens her eyes wearily, and I hold up the ring gag, her eyes shoot open.

// more soon
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She looks at me eyes heavy with fear and puffy from crying as I take off the ball gag, she takes a deep breath. I grab her hair and pull her up, taking her by the jaw and squeezing her mouth as she groans and tries to shake her head, she tries to close her mouth but I force it in, cranking her jaw open, she yelps as I clasp it behind her head and attach the chain, jerking her head back.

I drag her by the throat and place her stomach down at the edge of the bed, head over the edge but held up by the chain. I took my thick cock out and stroked it. She looked at me with pleading eyes but I just took her by the chin and guided my cock into her mouth, she tried to pull back but she was already stretched, she groaned around my dick as I invaded her, slowly moving deeper and deeper. My dick hit her throat and she started to choke. I slowly worked it all the way in, resting against her face.

I held it there until her eyes started to roll to the back of her head. I pulled out and she started gasping for breath, tongue lolling out the gag, she heaved and cried, shaking with fear. She started to moan "plea-" through the gag but I rammed my cock back in to the hilt. She stiffened up and tightened around my cock as I held it there, flexing against her restrains. I pulled out just enough for her to take a breath and rammed it back in, and again and again. Holding it longer each time, just until she looked like she was going to black out. Finally I started pounding her face with long deep strokes. She moaned with each thrust, trying to breathe before I would cut her off and choke her a few seconds. Her cries were pitiful and desperate, she looked up at me begging and it made my cock stiffen I rammed it to the hilt and her eyes closed in a grimace as I shot down her throat, holding it there as it pulsed in her tight mouth, just as she started to black out I pulled out and the last of my cum splashed over her face. She rolled over sobbing, shaking, and taking desperate breaths.

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Please, more.
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Propping her up on her knees, ass sticking in the air I set an ash tray on top of her perky round ass and light up a cigarette. Kneeling down by the bed I slowly start stroking her from her ankle, she trembles at the touch but doesn't move, I slide up to get a firm grip on her ass and trace up the small of her back down to her face.

She looks at me panting like a deer in the headlights, I take a drag and flick the ash into the tray.

"Want me to take the ring gag out hun?"

She nodded hesitantly.

"Don't scream."

I stroked her cheek and reached around to unclasp the ring gag, she took a deep breath and worked her jaw around.

I grabbed the bridle out of my bag.

"This should be a little more comfortable, and you can bite down on it."

She looked up at me with big doe eyes and opened her mouth. I slid it around her head and fastened the chain from her wrists in the back.

"Please don't hurt me" she mumbled around her bridle.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentler this time."

I climbed on the bed behind her grabbing her reins. I pull arching her back as she groans.
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