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Default Prison Assault

so you guys may be wondering why the lack of post for my other stories? it's because i was more focused on this one cuz i like raping this particular girl. sherry in lazarius project, sophie in mine. (after all we all have our favorite rape victims right?) well without further ado the start of my prison rape.


Alec watches as the girl straps on her bra, snapping it back in place in the darkened room with the lights out. She is young and agreed to the photo shoot too easily after only a few drinks. High spirits ready, it hadn’t taken Alec much to convince her to remove her clothes for the shoot and even get her into some provocative positions. He leans back against his cushy leather recliner, smiling, watching the woman before him.
Sophia Heartstead. About 5'6'’ or 5'7'’, with long dark almond colored hair tied in a tail at her back and skin a tanned bronze, narrow cupid like face and wide hips. Her neck, long like a swans, with a soft rounded face that is sharp enough to make her look mature with her most exciting feature, a set of double-D size cupped breasts, pressed snugly in a tight top. Too bad about the bra though, he’d like to see her tits pressing against the fabric. And she’s got good wide child rearing hips. All the more fuckable in his opinion.
“Sophia,” says Alec, leaning forward on his desk.
“Yes?” says the woman with a jolt of her head, looking at him with slightly quivering eyes. She’s not fully sure about this, but she wants to be sure he thinks.
“When you come for the trip tomorrow, leave the bra behind.”
“But...” she stammers.
“It looks better for camera if we can get some sex appeal, and you’re not shy are you?”
“R-right,” she says shyly.
“Remember. Come dressed like that. We don’t want you to stand out too much. Just enough so people get an eyeful while you chat it up with the locals and get some community publicity of sorts.”
She nods, grabbing her purse from the seat. “Right. I’ll see you tomorrow at 11 A.M.”
She trots away quickly, the door shutting with an audible slam. She’s afraid. But if she shows then they’ll have a real fun time.
The phone rings suddenly.
“Yes?” he says, picking up the phone.
“You got her?” asks a raspy voice on the other end. John looks at the photos on the e-mail that Alec has just sent him. Especially the one of the girl spreading her legs and showing off her pussy. He licks his fat lips, running his fingers down his tongue and trails it over the center of the girl’s pussy on the image. She looks afraid though.
“As long as she shows in the morning.”
“Hmph. And if she doesn’t show?” says John, leaning forward, his gut pressing against his desk.
“Then we find another one. As per usual.”
John leans back, running his fingers through thinning hair. “Fine. Guess we can’t make any calls until tomorrow.”
The phone clicks on Alec’s end before he can even say goodbye. He stares at the receiver for a moment and sighs, pressing the phone back into its cradle. He looks towards the clock and shuts his eyes. If the woman does show....

11 A.M. hits and there is a knock on the door that snaps Alec awake. He stubs his cigar, quickly shutting the screens on the computer. “Coming!” he says, running a hand through greasy hair and checking his tie.
Walking briskly he opens the door and smiles. Standing before him is the young woman from yesterday.
“So?” he says smiling. “Ready for your prison tour?”


The thin man presses his body against the links of the fence and puckers his lips at Sophia, blowing her a fat kiss. She steps back, looking on with disgust. “Mmmm... Putita,” he says. “I’ll see you inside.”
He gives her a wink, rubbing his crotch and disappears from her view. Sophia is shivering, her large breasts heaving. It has been unnerving to see that man against the fence suddenly, leering at her. A hand falls on her shoulder and she yelps.
“It’s me, Sophie,” says Alec.
She sighs, looking at him with her creamy brown eyes, and relaxes noticeably. “Th-that man. What a creep. Are they all like this?”
“No...” says Alec, moving the cigar to the side of his mouth as he speaks. “Some are worse.”
“You’re serious?” says Sophia, her lips quivering.
He stares at the girl. A woman of about twenty four who he’d found had been interested in modeling. Surprising she wasn’t a model already. But...
He glances down at her. Her breasts are heaving in the tight tank top, now without a bra, tits pressed outwards towards anyone who has an eye. All the better now since her tits are stiff and at attention because of her scare just now. It’s good he told her to come without a bra. Those damned tits are just begging to be ripped off and abused. He is waiting for the piss to come leaking out from her short shorts that barely hide those wide hips. No? Too bad.
He pulls out the cigar, dusting off his white suit. “That’s Carlos Villanueva. In here for beating his wife half to death after assaulting her. You’ll find others like him here. Different reasons for being here.”
Sophia turns away slowly, looking back towards the enclosed area. Her heart is thundering. She’d been promised a boost to her modeling career if she came for this shot in the prison. A nice small chit chat with the inmates to learn how they’re reforming. Personal development, character building Alec calls it. “Alec... maybe we can do something else? I’m having second thoughts.”
“None sense,” says Alec. “We’ve got everything set up already and you signed the contract.” Where you signed your fucking life away cunt, he thinks. She should have read the fine print. But no one does that, they just skim the first page and sign at the bottom. They all think like that.
“Nothing’s going to happen here,” says a large man in uniform swinging a baton in his hand. He slaps it with a loud crack in his palm. “Nothing we don’t want to. Come on. The inmates are waiting. They could use a pick me up from a girl like you.”
“But...” says Sophia.
A hand comes down on her shoulder, acrid smoke filled voice filling her ears. “No risk, no glory babe. You’re going to have to do this kind of stuff if you want to get into the big leagues. Understand?”
Sophia stares with wide eyes, then shuts them and nods. “Yeah... yeah. I understand.”
“Good,” says Alec, tightening his grip on her shoulder. “Then get going.”
He pushes her roughly forward and she looks back, staring with wide eyes and runs to follow the guard. A lanky man walks up behind Alec, his eyes small beads in his face. “Go set up the cameras and make sure they’re working. I’m sure this bitch will be in for the long hall.”
The man nods and disappears at a quick jog down the dirty road. Alec blows smoke from his breath, a small smile crossing his lips. The bitch doesn’t know what she’s in for, but she will soon. Flicking the cigar on the road he follows after the lanky man at a leisurely pace.

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John grins, watching the girl running up towards them with her breasts bouncing in that tight fitting top of hers. Pushing the cigar to the side of his mouth he smiles warmly as the girl, heart pounding harshly in her chest, leans forward, breasts heaving. Her breaths come out in sharp little gasp, a small amount of sweat showing on her forehead.
“You didn’t need to run dear,” says the warden. “We’d have come to bring you here.”
“I called out, but he never stopped! I was afraid of getting lost,” says the girl with some panic in her voice.
“What?” says the guard, pulling out some ear pieces from his ears. Eyes widening, Sophia realizes the man had been listening to music with his headphones which covered his ears. “Sorry girl, I generally cover up sound with some music. Place gets dull around here.”
And with that James puts the plugs back into his ears and begins to whistle a merry tune. John smiles. He listens to the same music every so often, especially when he’s in the mood. The girl would be shrieking now rather then smiling up at him if she knew the “kind” of music James likes to listen to.
Extending his hand to the girl, John smiles and kisses the top of her hand. “You are quite the beautiful sight. Perhaps you can help these men with their wretched ways?”
Sophia blushes, a deep crimson warming her cheeks. “I’ll - I’ll try...” she says timidly. “Wh-what am I supposed to do?” she asks.
She’s watching the inmates as they circle around in the caged room only feet away from her. There have to be over twenty of them inside. Each bearing some kind of marking from his past life. Tattoos and scars riddle their skin and none look well washed or groomed. But they are all quiet, like caged animals. Simply pacing back and forth, barely glancing back at her.
“Well...” says John, rubbing the edges of his mustache between thick fingers. “All you need to do is talk to them for awhile. A little one on one. Alec has the cameras stationed already so we’ll know what’s going on at all times.”
“Yes... but..” she says. Even as quiet as they seem she doesn’t want to be alone with them.
“Not to worry,” says the guard, placing a hand on her shoulder. “We’ll watch your back. Sides, all these guys in here are pussies. The real guys are out back!”
“Right,” says John nodding, trying to avoid looking at the girl’s tight ass too much. “These ones are fairly calm and well mannered. You shouldn’t have much problem. Should we get started?”
“Everything will be monitored. Nothing to worry about. They’re on camera after all.” And he points to some of the cameras littering the prison. Several cameras in fact. Almost too many Sophia thinks. But all the better then.
“Alright,” she says.
John nods and James puts the keys to the lock, clicking it open. Some of the men inside glance up at him, but nothing more, before heading around with their pacing. The door swings open and the guard motions to her with a wide smile.
Swallowing the wad of spit forming at the base of her throat, Sophia walks hesitantly forward. She takes one step towards the cell and then another. None of the men seem to be paying her any mind. Breathing with a sigh of relief she takes another few steps in, and turns, realizing the guard isn’t coming in with her.
“Hey,” she says. “Aren’t you...”
The door is suddenly closing shut behind her, the lock turning in place. The keys are thrown in the air and pocketed. Sophia rushes back towards the door, gripping the bars.
“Hey! Hey! Let me out! This isn’t part of the deal!”
“What?” says the guard, pointing to his ear pieces again. “Sorry, I can’t hear you!” He sticks his hands back into his pockets giving her a wide grin.
“Let me out, you dumbass!” she says, banging against the bars. The man simply smiles, waving and turns away.
“Warden! Warden!” she says.
“Do not worry,” says the man. “We’ll be down the hall if you need us. We’ll be back in a couple of hours.” He turns away, beginning to walk off in a separate direction from the guard.
Sophia bangs at the bars more, their noise thumping loudly. “Hey! Hey! Don’t leave me! Hey!”
But her voice falls on deaf ears as the warden simply waves, walking away nonchalantly. Sophia continues to scream, yelling for both the men, or anyone. As the gate door closes behind the warden a hand slams onto the bars before her.
“Hey!” says one man, “cut that out! Some of us want some quiet here!”
She turns, wide eyed, heart thumping. She’d forgotten where she was. “Ye-yes. I’ll be quiet.”
Her breasts are heaving and how he’s staring at her, how all of them are staring at her. It makes her heart race. But the man turns away, shrugging his shoulders. “Whatever,” says the man. “Just do what you’re told sweet cheeks.”
And with this he walks back into the milling crowd. Sophia lays her head down against the bars, sighing heavily. Maybe Alec will come back? Maybe?


But after several minutes of waiting, sitting on her knees, looking towards the outside, she realizes he’s not coming. Nor is the warden or the guard, or anyone else. And she can feel the men at her back now, milling about, forming a circle around her, their grins on her back.
One steps close to her, the click clack of his shoes echoing in the room. He stops before her, looking down and smiling. “Hey girl, are you going to say hello or stay here moping?”
She looks towards him. He is a tall man, looking somewhat rugged, but with long hair slicked back in a pony tail, goatee cut short and trimmed. She nods and offers him her hand, best to make the best of the situation.
He pulls her up quickly and the other men give an “oohing” sound that sends shivers up Sophia’s spine. “So what’s your name, girl?” says the man pulling out a pack of cigarettes from his shirt pocket and slipping out a cigarette.
She wonders where he got that from but answers anyways. “Sophia. Sophia Heartstead.” She offers him her hand giving him a quaint smile. “And you?”
He takes her hand, kissing it lightly. “Tony Espinoza.” He holds her hand, running a finger over the soft skin very lightly, tickling the hairs over it. She giggles softly and smiles.
“What are you in here for Mr. Espinoza?” she asks.
“Me?” he says. “I’m here for making a whore scream.”
“I’m sorry?” says Sophia, her smile dropping.
“Yes,” he says, his hand tightening on her hand. “I used to make beautiful girls like you scream as I’d fuck their pussies with my knife.”
Her heart is pounding steadily now, thrumming loudly, a light bead of sweat appearing on her forehead. “But now,” he says, laying her hand down. “I simply fuck in other ways.”
“Wha-what other ways?” says Sophia despite herself.
The man glares at her and smiles, a crinkling of his lips. “I put my dick into their pussies, ram it as hard as I can and cum inside. Then I beat the bitch bloody.”
Sophia stumbles back into the cell doors, her heart hammering in her chest now. The other men stare at her, licking their lips, but Tony shrugs and turns away. “Your pussy might be pretty good too,” says Tony, lighting the cigarette in his lips. “I don’t know... but I’ll wait my turn.”
He takes a puff and turns to her. “You’d better get friendlier bitch. You’re in for a long day.”
“Y-you can’t do this to me!” says Sophia in a stuttering fearful voice.
She feels her body slammed back against the bars, a large hand pressed against her sex, gripping her shorts roughly. The large blonde with slicked back hair stares down at her with cold eyes, jerking on her shorts.
“Please....” she says. “Just let me go.”
“You’re just a cold fucking bitch,” he says, leaning down towards her. She turns her face away and the man opens his jaws, huge tongue lolling out and runs it over the side of her neck. Stopping just under the jaw line he bites her neck and she screams, beating futilely at his large arms. He smiles as he pulls away, the mark of his teeth evident on her supple skin. The tears are already running down her cheeks. “Please....” she says.
“I used to rape bitches like you all the time,” he says, roughly massaging her hips with his hand on her sex. “Gonna be fun, raping your tight fuck hole and making you scream! And I’m not as patient as Espinoza there. I’m gonna take my turn sooner then later.”
With this he jerks her hair back by the braid, her mouth parting for a scream and he slams his mouth into her, barely giving her a chance to make a sound. His thick tongue forcing away into her small mouth, digging into the back of her throat, rough stubble rubbing harshly against her face.
His free hand grips one of her breast, nails biting down hard onto her soft skin as it twist and turns, squeezing the soft flesh beneath its grip. He pulls away from her, letting her gasp and spit, her hands clutching at his arm as he is twisting her tit. “Yeah...” he says, “you’ll be a good fuck.”
Letting go of her braid and gripping her breast, he twist her around, trying to toss her by her tit meat. She stumbles into the hands of another man who grips her shoulders, nails digging into her skin under the fabric. “Hey,” he says. “Name’s Mike.”
“Please...” she says. “I...”
“Shut up cunt!” he says, his veins bulging at the neck. “You’re my tit meat now! And you’ll do what I say. Now open your mouth whore!”
“Please...” she begs, her eyes tearing up.
“Open your god damned mouth slut!”
She does as he says, lips parting slowly. The black man is not gentle, quickly shoving his thick tongue into her mouth, playing with her lips. She feels someone else’s hand on her hips, roughly massaging her buttocks. But she can’t tell who it is with this man engulfing her as he is. Her heart is racing and she is crying, wondering what these men will do. No, if the warden doesn’t show she knows what they will do.
The man pulls away with a smile and nods. “You’ll be a good fuck. You got a good mouth for blowin’ cock!”
“Please let me go!” she says imploringly, her eyes large and soft. But the large black man only smiles.
“Someone hold this bitch’s arms!” he says in a loud booming voice.
“No!” Sophia yells, feeling the one behind her suddenly grip her arms, twisting them back behind her. Her arms are held against one another, her elbows in the air, held painfully in a locked position. “Agh!” she yells, the sharp needles of pain running through her arms. The rough fingers on her arms squeeze tightly making her whimper.
“You think that hurts, cunt?” says the man behind her, his stinking tobacco breath against her ear. “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”
“Please....” she says. It is all that comes out before the large black man backhands her with a loud crack of his hand.
“No talking bitch!” says the black man.
The tears stream down Sophia’s eyes, soft whimpering coming from her parted limps. “That’s better bitch,” says the black man. Mike smiles, looking down at Sophia’s body. She has large double d breasts that are pitching forward, wanting to spill out of her tight little top. He just wants to tear that little top right off of her. But first...
Licking his upper lip he looks down at her taught waist, running his hand down her flat stomach. She is shivering and he likes that. He slaps her belly, chuckling as she yelps. “Little bitch,” he says, hitching up his pants. “Gonna love fucking that tight twat of yours!” He looks down towards her hips, her body shivering.
“Speaking of which,” he says and grips the button up latch of her shorts with both hands and pulls, ripping her zipper open with a quick jerk. “Noooo!” she shrieks twisting in the other man’s grip. The shorts tear with a shredding sound, splitting at the middle, revealing Sophia’s tight red panties. The others around her laugh, pumping their fist. “Yeah! Do it Mike!” they cheer. “Show this cunt what black dicks do to white pussy!”
“Yeah... I”ll...” He looks towards her panties and smiles, running his hand over her lips, rubbing her twat roughly. There is a light lining of fur curling up over the edges of her panties. The bitch is unshaven. “Looks like you’ve got a bit of a muff there bitch,” he says. “We’ll have to correct that!”
“Please....” she begs, the tears streaming down her eyes now. “Don’t!”
“We know you want it,” says the black man. “Come on!” he says, turning to the other men. “Let’s strap this bitch to the table and clean up her dirty cunt!”
Turning to her, he smiles. “Don’t want to soil my clean cock on a dirty twat after all!” He laughs, chuckling loudly, cheered on by the other men. Sophia feels her heart pumping madly, her heart ramming against her chest. What did these men have planned for her?

Alec blows a breath of smoke, letting it fill the small control room. He stares at the gray screens, the screen fizzling and crackling. John runs his thick tongue over his fat lower lip, staring intently at the screen with beady eyes. Alec can see the man already fumbling with his trousers, his thick hands stroking his large member.
Alec twist his lips in a grimace. The man is truly sick. His smile twist into a wide grin. But his money is good, and the show looks like it’s just starting to get good.
He watches as the men lead Sophia to the table, his grin getting wider. His fingers twitch behind his back, his dick beginning to tent up. Yes, the whore doesn’t know what she’s in for.

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Sophia is led to a metal table nailed to the floor. She is roughly slammed against it, her body sounding against the metal springs with a clamor. “No!” she begs.
“Stretch the bitch’s arms and legs over the table!” she hears Mike yell. The men are quick to comply, holding Sophia’s arms with nails digging into her flesh. She screams, bucking against the men as she tries to free herself. But it is of no avail as the men stretch her body out, spreading her legs wide and pulling her arms taught.
Mike looks at the whore as her breasts wiggle in their tight confines. But it’s that nice twat that has his attention with the hairs sticking out over the top of her cotton panties. He licks his upper lip and yells, “Get some rope and tie this bitch down!”
“Please, let me go!” Sophia yells, the men above her laughing as she is held down to the table. Soon her arms are being jerked apart and pulls over the edge of the table, nearly bent painfully as each is tied down to a leg. Her legs are likewise spread, tied around her calves and pulled tightly, the rope biting into her flesh.
She struggles, trying to keep her head looking towards the men who no longer hold her but simply watch as she struggles hopelessly on the table. “Help!” she yells. “Warden! Anyone!”
The men all laugh, their voices rumbling as she continues to holler for help. “They’re not going to help you bitch,” says the large black man. “Who do you think put you in this mess? You think they can’t see?” He motions to the cameras around them. “He’s probably popping one right now,” says Mike with a rumbling laugh.
“Please...” says Sophia. “I’m begging you! Don’t hurt me!”

“Son of a bitch,” Alec hears John say under his breath. But he notices the fat man is still rubbing one off in his pants and Alec simply takes a drag from his cigarette and continues to stare at the monitors. Wether Sophia knows or not, it won’t matter, she’s a prisoner now and that means a royal fuck toy to be used and abused. Alec smiles, a twisting of his lips.

Mike runs his hand up and down the woman’s crotch, loving the feel as she struggles and screams. “Nooo! Don’t!” she says.
“We’re going to clean you up baby,” says Mike, licking his upper lip. “Get you ready for the party we’re all gonna’ have!”
“Noooo... please....” she begs.
“Come on boys,” yells the man. “Let’s get these uncomfortable looking jeans off the bitch! She seems too hot in them!”
“No! No!” Sophia now screams, struggling against the binds holding her, the table thumping as she tries to rip her restraints out. But it has little effect other then having the chords bite painfully into her skin. The men surround her, circling her, pawing her, running their hands over her stomach and breasts, squeezing the soft tit meat and then going down to her hips. Hands shove roughly into her shorts, gripping and pulling. It hurts, the jerking from motion to motion. And she cries, hearing as slowly the fabric of her shorts begins to tear. It is not long before the tear is loud, turning into a prolonged rip and her skin is bared to the air.
“Keep going boys!” yells the black man encouragingly.
“Noooo!” she yells. But strip by strip her shorts are torn away from her body, the men dangling the pieces and putting them to their noses, sniffing them, eyes rolling back in their heads and then looking down at her with twisted grins of yellowing teeth. One man even runs his tongue over the torn fabric and puts the shredded piece in his mouth, sucking hungrily before pulling it out. He looks at her with small beady eyes, his double chin bouncing. “Gonna love pounding your pussy bitch,” he says.
Sophia is whimpering, her heart hammering in her body. “Stand back everyone,” says the black man and the men all part, a little. The man pushes his way through, looking at Sophia. He smiles, loving her shaking form and the shredded material around her legs.
He leans forward, stroking her vaginal lips with one large finger, pushing it in so she can feel it start to penetrate her body through her panties. “Noooo...” she moans.
“Yeah bitch,” he says, gripping the red fabric in his large meaty hand. “You gonna’ get ready for this?” And quickly he tears away the fabric, ripping it away in a quick jerk.
“Ahhhh!” yells Sophia, her vaginal lips now fully exposed to the leering men. She struggles, her arms and legs fighting futilely against their bonds.
Mike smiles, loving the look of that pink flesh. Slowly he runs his index finger between the folds, loving how the woman beneath him tenses as he barely slides the finger over her sex, grazing its center. “Yeah, you’re terrified,” he says. She stares wide eyed, her body shaking. A quick slap to her pussy makes her bounce, thudding against the bench, eliciting a chuckle from the men surrounding her. “Don’t worry bitch,” says the man, running his hand through her furry mound. She stares wide eyed, feeling his large fingers in her pubic hair. “We’re just gonna clean you up!”
And with this his fingers curl around her hair and roughly pull. She shrieks, feeling as those fingers begin to pull and then tear away sharply at the hairs on her pussy. She howls, the sound so loud it is undeniable someone will hear it.
The large black man smiles, a wide grin of white teeth as he continues to pull her hair upwards, twisting it in his grip as he pulls her hips up with her pubic hair. But unable to go further she lies there, suspended in an arc of agony by her hairs. And then the man wrenches his hand in a twist, still holding her hairs and rips a chunk of them away.
“Yeeeaaaa!!” she screams, the pain sharp and sudden as hairs are uprooted from her sensitive area. Her hips fall with a smack to the table and the man sniffs them as he walks towards her head.
“Smells like dirty shit, cunt,” he says. She stares with large eyes, the tears running down her sides. “Eat your shit,” says the man, pressing the hairs against her face, smearing them over her. “Come on! Eat it!”

She gags, some of the hairs making their way into her mouth. She coughs and spits them out as the man raises his hand away from her face. “Yeah,” says the man. “Taste like shit, don’t it? And you wondering why we’re gonna’ clean em’ off?”
He turns away and says, “alright folks. Clean her up!”
The men all laugh, their expressions opening into wide grins and Sophia can only scream as they reach for her mound. Behind the monitor Alec grins.


“No! Please!” she yells as the first man from the line comes up. It’s the fat man with the double chin who’d been sucking on her shorts.
“Name’s Vinnie,” he says, stuffing a fat finger into her pussy and pushing it in to the knuckle roughly. Sophia arches her back, her face twisted into a look of pain and humiliation as her pussy closes down around the man’s thick finger. “But everyone here calls me “fat Albert.” Wanna’ know why?” he says, pumping his digit into her tight twat.
“No...” she moans. “Please... don’t!”
He holds his digit in, twisting it upwards as he looks down at her. “No?” he says. “You don’t want to know why? Fucking cunt!” he says, pulling his digit out and slamming his fist into her stomach.
She groans as her stomach is slammed by that brutal thick fist. Suddenly she feels her head jerk forward as her braid is ripped forward by the fat man, his fat face with cheeks hanging at the sides, lips looking like those off a bloated fish inches away from her face.
“They call me fat Albert,” because of how fat my fucking dick is!” He loosens his grip on her braid, loving the look of her eyes as they get wider. “At least that’s what all the sluts used to say before I got locked up in here!” He gives a great laugh and all the men chuckle with him, his stomach jiggling with the movements of the sound.
He leans back, still holding her braid, making her look at him as her neck is stretched painfully. He runs his hand over her muff, her skin twitching from the raw pain of having earlier hair ripped out. “Well...” says Albert, stroking her muff, “this is gonna’ hurt a hell of a lot whore. You got a lot more hair to take off!”
“No!” she yells, but it is of no avail as the man’s thick hand closes on another section of hair, making her wince, unable to arch her body properly while held the way she is, the hairs being slowly pulled and torn, each hair plucking away from her skin with a scalding fire. Soon it tears, her scream still ringing as the last hair fall away.
She is breathing heavily, feeling something warm on her hips. The man leans towards her, holding his mound of fur. “You were probably proud of this, weren’t you bitch?” he says. She does not answer, instead quivering, her eyes brimming with tears.
“Please...” is all she has time to say before the man is roughly pressing the hairs against her cheek.
“Well it’s all gone now bitch!” he yells. “And everyone here is gonna’ help clean your fucking cunt up!” He tosses the hairs at her haphazardly and spits at her, the glob of spit landing on her tank top. Letting go of her braid he lets her head fall back, her body shaking with her sobs. “Stupid bitch,” says the man, wiping his chin and turns away.
“Well,” says Mike, “you’ve already got Al’s attention.”
“Please...” she says quietly. “Stop...”
“Alright!” he calls, “who’s next!?”
The next one to come up is the blonde from earlier. He smiles down at her and says, “I told you I wouldn’t wait long.” He slaps her hips roughly with his calloused hand, making her yelp. “Course I can’t fuck you yet cunt,” he says. “You’re not clean.”
Shoving two thick digits into her pussy he begins to rub them inside her roughly, scratching at her inner walls. Slowly he leans down towards jerking her top up over one of her breasts. “Nice little tits you got here,” he says, flicking one with the edge of one finger. Sophia winces, her hips burning as she tries to move to better accommodate the invaders in her body.
The men all about him murmur with disapproval and Mike nods, rubbing his chin. Joe never was one to be very patient. But as long as the prick isn’t trying to stick his prick into the bitch before everyone else he doesn’t care. Sophia would wish to disagree.
As the man suckles on her breast, his fingers cramming her orifices making her jump, his loud sounds resounding in the room. He slobbers all over her breast, his teeth sinking into her fine nipple and beginning to pull. She shrieks, yelling.
“Hold up man,” says Mike, making Joe release her nipple. “No foreplay with the bitch quite yet. We got a proper order here.”
“Fuck that!” says Joe, removing his fingers from her snatch. “I...”
“Will lose your turn if you keep this up. Now just yank some of her hairs out and move on in the line. We got at least twenty other brothers wanting a piece of this bitch, so let’s get a move on!”
“Fine,” says Joe, turning back towards the woman strapped to the table. Sophia shivers. These men are bickering over her as if she were some kind of chore or toy to be shared. It disgust her. She flinches when the blonde runs his wet hand over her pelvis leaning down towards her. He runs his tongue over her clit sending a shudder down her spine and goes up towards her hips, licking some of her hairs. Spitting on them he leans forward and takes a mouthful, beginning to jerk.
“Aaahhhh!” Sophia screams, the pain of the man’s teeth against her hairs jerking them so roughly adding to her anguish. Slowly he pulls upwards, simply holding her hips by her hairs as she shrieks, and slowly comes back down then jerks up suddenly, ripping her hairs out by the roots and making her wail in agony. He turns away, spitting the mouthful onto the floor and wipes his chin.
He chuckles softly with a grin. “Be coming back for you bitch! Count on it!” He slaps her pussy roughly, the sound echoing in the room. “Probably for doubles or triples. We’ll see.” And with this he walks off.
“Next!” Mike yells. And another man proffers himself up before Sophia and her ravaged pussy.
Another man steps up to Sophia, his hand running up and down her swollen skin that burns from the wrenching of hers. The tears flow openly from her eyes. “Please...” she says. The man roughly grips her hairs, twisting them, making her head arch back. She does not even hear what the man says as her scream rips through her lips, the sound coming shrill and loud. On and on it proceeds, each man coming up to her and gripping her cunt hairs and wrenching downwards or upwards, causing her exquisite pain as they tear at her skin. Her body is drenched in sweat, her nipples clearly erect under the fabric of her shirt and there is a distinct wetness along her hips that is warm running slowly atop the fiery pain.
The slap atop her hip makes her cry out loudly. But it ends in sputtering coughs, her voice starting to become hoarse from all the screaming as the pain intensified with each wrenching of hair and skin.
Mike runs his hand roughly over the woman’s skin, purposefully scratching his nails along the surface, digging into the overly sensitive, violated epidermis. The woman is quivering, her sobs wracking her body. “Please... please stop it!” she moans.
It’s not even a loud scream anymore. Just pathetic whimpering. He laughs, slapping his hands wetly against her exposed skin. “Bet you want some nice big cock now that you’re all clean shaven don’t you?” he says, knowing the answer before she utters a word.
“Nooo....” she moans. “Just leave me alone!”
He snaps his fingers. “Joe,” he says to the wicked blonde man. “Bring our little cunt whipper.”
The blonde man smiles wickedly and disappears amid the milling crowd. They look on her expectantly, whispers running through them. “How long you think she can hold out?” says one. “Who cares? Let’s just get her to scream.” “Twenty bucks says she doesn’t get past ten!”
She leans her head back, tears streaming down her eyes. Her heart thrums in her chest. Why haven’t the guards or the warden appeared? Can they really be watching this and letting it happen? And what is this cunt whipper the men talk about?
The answer becomes obvious as Joe comes along baring the broken off antenna of a vehicle. She is breathing rapidly, almost hyper ventilating, her body tensing.
Mike strokes the tool in his hand. It is metal but there is crusting on it of a dark color as if it’s been used before. “Now you see this?” says Mike, tapping the end of the antenna on her sore skin. “This is what we call the cunt whipper. We use it on cunts who like to say no.”
He brings the antenna down on her skin suddenly, the metal shredding skin with a crackt that makes her shriek. He lifts it slowly, letting her look at the blood on it, feel the warmth trailing between her legs. “Now...” he says. “You sure you don’t want a cock in that pussy of yours?”
She shakes her head, her breathing now hard. “Please... no... AAAahhhhh!!!”
“Wrong answer,” yells Mike as the whip lashes down on her skin once more. Again the searing fiery pain.
“Now?” he says.
“No! Stop!” she says.
“Wrong answer!” And the antenna comes down again. Again and again it comes down, ripping her flesh and leaving bloody welts across her already tortured skin. The fire quickly spreads so far her hips are shaking violently and she’s thumping the table with movement, her once hoarse voice now shrieking loudly.
“No! No! Stop!” she yells as the cunt whipper comes down again, making her scream miserably. She grits her teeth, now grinding them against one another, her body drenched in sweat. As Mike raises the antenna again she yells, “F-fuck me!”

“What?” says Mike, slowing, running the antenna now covered in blood across his hand.
“Fuck me!” she yells. “Fuck my pussy! Anything! Just stop!” she says, her eyes red with tears. She is shivering, her breasts heaving, her skin shining with sweat. The shirt is so wet he can barely consider it a shirt anymore with how it grips her chest. And her cunt, that blood red cunt with its crisscross of welts, some where flesh has actually torn... Mike can feel his dick tenting in his pants. He runs the end of the antenna over an open wound making the girl arch her back, the veins bulging on her neck. “How about your ass?” says Mike, loving the expressions she makes.
“M-my ass?” she says.
He brings the antenna down hard on the already open wound, making blood splatter. “Aaaiiieeee!” she screams. Her body heaves in the air, the restraints biting into her skin and comes back down with a thump on the table.
“Yes! Your ass you fucking cunt!”
She begins to sob and he yells. “Well?!”
“Yes!” she screams in reply.
“Yes what?!” he says.
“Yes, you can fuck my ass!” she yells, the desperation clear in her voice.
“That’s better,” says Mike, handing the bloody whip to one of the inmates. “Now we’re just going to soften your insides up a bit for the main event.”
The woman lies back down, tears openly streaming from her eyes running down her cheek. Mike smiles. How he loves breaking these bitches. And he’s just getting started on this bitch.


feel free to give any ideas or suggestions of what you'd want to see done to this bitch or any of the scenes you'd like to see drawn.
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How did I miss another one of your masterpieces?
“The worst ones always live.” Sansa Stark

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it's cuz i hadn't posted it until i had it far enough into story. this is probably the one i'll finish first since i like this victim so much. she's my fave rape vic.
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Who knows maybe after Cathy finished with Sherry she had no choice but became Sophia LOL
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haha. that would be an interesting link between the two.
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The warden chuckles behind the cameras, his great girth rumbling. He rubs his meaty palms together, ignoring the cum that he is wiping in between them as he’s already blown a load due to Sophia’s screaming. “The bitch is really in for it now,” he says, his dull yellow teeth showing through fat pink lips.
Alec nods, hands folded behind his back. Yes, the bitch would get it now, and judging by the different visuals he can make a pretty profit from her snuff film. Quite the profit.
He watches as “Joe” brings a very large dildo and can see Sophia is already struggling with her binds.

“What’s that?” says Sophia, looking towards the very large phallus the men have brought.
The black man takes the device, running his thick tongue over the sides of it. “This,” he says, “is just a short warm up for your pussy so it can adjust to us when we start pounding the shit out of you!”
“P-please no...” she whispers, her heart thudding roughly in her chest. The “device” as the man called it looked to be a large black dildo over a foot long and several inches thick. All along the edges it looks as if to be studded with ball bearings of one sort or another. “Please...” she whimpers, the tears running down her cheeks. “Don’t do this.”
Mike leans down, loving how the woman is shivering, her hips wet from the beating he’s given her. He can evil feel some of that blood soaking up onto his hand. He raises his hand, lapping the blood. It has a salty type of taste and he smiles.
Pushing to fingers between her folds, he spreads them out, her wet orifice looking snug and inviting. “Don’t worry,” he says, “being as you’re so wet and wanting to take a man’s cock so much I’m betting this won’t hurt all that much.”
He knows it’s a lie. The bitch is as dry as an arab desert. Only wetness she has is from any fear or blood that has soaked between her cunt lips.
“Please...” she whispers as the dildo lowers towards her opening.
The man chuckles. “You just love to beg for punishment, don’t you bitch?”
With these words he slams the end of the dildo into her vaginal lips making Sophia arch back, a scream ripping away from her lips. It is not as loud as the others and she knows it, but she cries all the same. As the head jams its way into her vagina, already tight and hurting, the tears flow. She knows the warden and her agent won’t show. They’ve abandoned her. The sick fucks. She hopes they....
“Aaaaahhhh!!” she screams, her back arching as the dildo is pressed further in, inch by painful inch. Her eyes go wide, her mouth open in a permanent scream as her vaginal walls squeeze around the painful object, trying to push it out. With little effect. Instead the object seems to be making painful progress as it is shoved into her walls, the balls around it making it hurt more as the scrape her sensitive inner walls.
Mike is loving how the bitch is so tensed up as he pushes the thing in. Each bitch always takes it a little differently, but in the end it’s all the same and they’re all crying and hollering, hoping he’ll take it out. It’s made large and painful on purpose. A prelude to what they’ll be doing to her soon.
He shoves the final inches of the dildo in, feeling it slam to the edge of her womb and lifts up giving it a good kick with his boot for good measure. The woman screams, her body wracked with pain. She twist and turns but the dildo has been jammed inside nice and good.
The men around him all yammer, “Man, look at that bitch and how she hold it in,” says one. “Gonna love ramming my ramrod into that bitch’s hole,” says another. He himself would like to do that, and watching as she twist her legs back and forth, the black edge of the dildo sticking out, he could almost cum on her now.
For Sophia it is quite the opposite. She felt as the device reached the edge of her limits, jamming itself at the end of her cervix, its head rubbing roughly there. It hurts having something so large jammed in her pussy, and she is moaning, letting out little moans as she tries to adjust and accommodate the monster which is pushing painfully against her womb. But to no use. The damned thing is too big and is tight in her hips. She can only think what it will be when they take thing out.
Mike grabs the end of the dildo and tries to pull. It doesn’t budge. He tries some more and just barely does it slide, with the girl giving hiccuped sobs with any movement it has. He can see the thing almost against her stomach, pushing the skin up. No good, he thinks. If they have to tear this out the bitch won’t be any fun. But there might be a way to loosen it a bit, course it’ll hurt the bitch all the same, but he doesn’t give a fuck.
He pushes the on button and the dildo begins to vibrate.
“Aaahhhh!” Sophia shrieks, feeling the monster dildo try to move inside her. She’d thought the damned thing dead when they stuffed it in her body, but the thing is active! Fuck! She grits her teeth, feeling the thing beat at her inner walls. “Feels good, don’t it bitch?” she hears the black man say.
She doesn’t answer, struggling just to keep her mind in check. Then she feels the black man near her and hold the dildo. When he backs away she screams as the dildo wreaks havoc on her insides.
“Hahahahaha!” Mike laughs, seeing the bitch squirm as the dildo gyrates inside her body. It is starting to loosen up now he sees. They can barely hear the dildo from the girl’s screams. But there is strong and steady beat of it pounding against her inner flesh.
“Now....” says Mike, leaning down on the whore, whose eyes are rolling up into the back of her head. “Tell me you want my cock in your fucking pussy you whore!”
There is no sound but her screams and he yells again. “Tell me now or I jam this thing up another level!” Truly it’s already at max, but no need to tell her that.
“No!” Sophia screams, fearing what this apparatus at maximum can really do to her insides. “No! I’ll do anything!”
“Say it,” says the black man with cold eyes, his lips a thin hard line.
“I want your cock in my fucking pussy!” she yells, fearing what will happen if she doesn’t comply.
“Tell me you want my cum in your god damned pussy!” he yells.
Oh god, she thinks, squinting her eyes. To have his cum in her pussy, it... She screams again, feeling the dildo tear at her inner walls. “Yes!” she shrieks. “I want your cum in my pussy!”
The men all laugh at that. “Say you want all the men to fuck you and cum inside you!”
“Yes!” she screams. “All of you cum inside me! Just god, take it the fuck out!” She doesn’t think about what she says, the pain unbearable on her hips, so swollen on top from the initial lacerations.
Mike laughs. This makes these bitches so compliant and then if this ever got out with what she says it can be taken as if she was willing. Course, he hasn’t heard of any bitch getting out, only getting buried in the back. But no matter. One more thing...
“Now say you’re a god damned whore and you need to be beaten and fucked because that’s all you’re good for!”
She is gritting her teeth, her arms and legs twisting on their binds, but still the monster keep pulsing and pounding on her insides, vibrating to a painful degree. “Yes! Yes!” she screams, no longer coherent of what she is saying. “I’m a fucking whore and deserve to be beaten and fucked! Now take it out! Pleeeaaassse!” she shrieks. She does not know what she says, all thought focused more on the pain between her loins then anything else.
Mike smiles and yells, “you hear that boys? This bitch wants to be fucked and beat, so let’s give it to her!”
“YEAH!” they all cheer in chorus as one.
Sophia doesn’t pay them mind, their cheering having become a buzzing in the back of her head. She just focuses on resisting the pain, her hands twisting in their binds, the blood flowing over the edge where the rope cuts into her. She is not focused on their words or anything they say until the device is shut off and suddenly it is wrenched out in one quick motion.
She screams, her body rising in the air for a moment before hitting with a thud against the bench. She is breathing heavily, her breasts heaving, sweat drenching her body.
Mike finally manages a good grip on the dildo as it shuts off and rips it out before the whore’s body can grip it again. It is enough, and as he jerks it out her body jumps up, her gaping quivering hole taunting him in the face.
Fuck that, he thinks, as her hips slap back down wetly on the bench, her pussy lips quivering and twitching violently. He starts unbuckling his pants, his eyes focused on that quivering meat.
“Fuck you bitch,” he whispers. “I’ll show you something to quiver about.”
He drops his pants and shoves off his underwear with them, his foot long penis flipping erect and large with its release, purple veins bulging. “I’ll give you something real to scream about!” he yells and with one thrust slams his penis all the way into the woman’s sore cunt.

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loved this soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much oh my gosh 500 thumbs up
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been a little while since i had to focus on another story. but here's a little more to sophie's prison assault! enjoy!


“Aaaahhh!” Sophia shrieks, her body wracked with pain as the black man’s large member thrust into her sore body.
“You think that hurts bitch?” he says. “That ain’t nothin’.”
He slams her hips with brutal force, each grunt slamming his member to the furthest end of her cervix pressing the head to the very edges of her womb. Her eyes water and she thinks how unbearable the pain is and what agony the man is putting her through, not that he cares. He continues to slam into her body with wet slaps, thrusting as hard as he can to make the most of her pain.
Sophia grunts, unable to do more then squirm as the man ruts against her body, propelling himself into her like a jackhammer. She cries with each thrust. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” she wails, as each push is met with the resistance of her womb.
“You like to scream, don’t you slut? I’ll give you something to holler about.” As if on cue the man speeds himself up, slamming her hips rapidly making Sophia wail in agony, her breast slapping against her body almost as much as her hips with the man’s meat cock.
The other men are cheering, fist pumping into the air. “Yeah! Get her! Blow her fucking brains out with your shaft!”
She can see them, their hands hidden beneath their pants as they stroke their shafts vehemently while the black man continues to pound away at her flesh, his grunts increasing with frequency and tone, her body growing wet and slick with his member.

Mike for his own part is enjoying the exercise, putting a white bitch in her place. Fucking her like the piece of meat she is. He loves to fuck them when their pussies are all bruised and red, when the pain is so horrid they can’t think but scream. He loves watching their bodies grow warm around him, their filthy cunts betraying them asking for the violation he’s all too willing to give.
And this white bitch is just like any other. A fucking white whore who thinks she’s better then any black man she comes across. He pounds her pussy with more force, his anger fueling him to a newfound rage as he ravages the woman’s genitals with his own. The slap slap slap beats in tempo with her body, her skin wet with perspiration and pain.
“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” he chants to himself as he thrust faster against her, each tight push into her bringing him closer to climax until he can’t take it anymore and pushes as far as he can in her, her soft womb wrapping around his thick manhood, pulling at it. Coaxing it and he lets it come gushing out. All his cum filling her tight cave walls with his sticky man fluid.
He thrust into her a few more times, cleaning himself off of his own juices. The other men around him yell, screaming with fist beating the air. But Mike halts against her, pushing hard against the woman, lifting her with his hips. She squints her eyes shut, but she isn’t grunting or screaming. She is barely making a sound he can hear over the din of the other men.
“Fuck!” he yells, slamming his fist down on her exposed stomach.
“Ah!” she screams, the pain in her abdomen snapping her back from her drugged state.
“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he yells, his fist coming down on her stomach repeatedly. She yells with each blow, spittle and a trickle of blood coming down from parted lips.
Gripping her braid he pulls her hard, making her yelp as he brings her head as close to him as her neck will allow with the restraints holding her spread eagle. He leans himself over the rest of the way, his hot breath against her face. “You think this is funny bitch? You taking away from my goddamned given right to have a good time?”

“No...” Sophia whimpers, the strain on her neck unbearable, the braid feeling like it wants to come away with a piece of her scalp.
“You bet it isn’t fucking funny!” the black man yells, his face twisted in a mask of hatred. She shivers, her body squeezing against his member. “Oh,” he says, looking down at his flaccid cock. “Now you decide to give your part bitch!”
He slaps her across the face hard, the sound echoing in the room. He lets go of her braid letting her head bang against the hard metal table. “I’m sorry,” she whimpers.
“Sorry ain’t gonna’ cut it,” says the black man walking around towards her head and flicking out a knife with a serrated edge. “So...” he says, pulling at the hairs of her scalp. “We’re going to find another way for you to pay me back.”
Sophia stares at the knife, her heart thundering and breast heaving. What was this sicko planning? Could he really get off torturing her and killing her? It seems she’d find out...

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Good to see you writing again. Hope to see more!
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been awhile since i hit this one and sophia has been lonely on her little table so let's give her some love shall we? enjoy!


He takes a long drag from his cigar, watching the ends burn as the black man beats into the woman’s stomach and then threatens her, his eyes a heated color even behind the monitor.
“Seems like Mike isn’t liking your little tricky do too well Alec,” the warden says, his fat girth rumbling.
Alec smiles. The man is a disgust to him, but he is right. Judging from the fear Sophia is showing and the way the black man holds himself, his neck tensed and veins pulsing, well, Alec is certain if Ms. Heartstrand could ask to get herself fucked by all the men right then it would result better for her then what that large black man has planned.
He presses the end of cigar back between his lips, watching with delight as the scene before them unfolds.

“You’re a fucking bitch,” says the black man, “and we’re going to beat that out of you before we get back to fucking.”
“Please,” says Sophia. “Don’t...”
“Shut up!” yells the black man and she stills her tongue, tears welling up in her eyes as she looks towards him, towards the angry vain throbbing on his forehead and the look in his eyes, the look that says he wants to beat her raw. She swallows, trying to suppress the fear building in her throat. Her heart is hammering madly and the tears are running down her face.
“Oh,” says the black man, unbuckling his belt. “You’re crying already and we’ve not even started on your punishment.”
“Well...” he says, stretching the length of the belt with a snap, the belt sounding loudly in the near empty room. “We’re going to get that adjusted here in just a sec.”
“No... please...” she says. “I... AAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!”
Her words are cut short as the belt slams down on her open vagina, hitting it with brutal force. A scream rips out of her throat, making her wail loudly.
“Yeah, that’s it!” says the black man, bringing the belt down again with increasing force. “Scream like that!”
The belt comes down on her tender bits, making her eyes bulge and her back arch, her body trying to get away from the misery and assault raining down on it. But it does little good. Each blow lands with precision and a hard effort of force behind it. The blows come again and again, hitting and slapping, crisscrossing against her tender loins, inflaming her hips and making her scream.
She can only hear through a muted echo the voices of the other men, laughing, pointing at her and urging their comrade to continue. Continue with his assault upon her and to continue whipping her with brutal force. And the large black man is all too happy to oblige. He is merciless with his attacks, whipping her cunt back and forth, the sound echoing loudly in the open room. The sound lands with a fresh smack that makes her flesh quiver and bounce. The flesh on her hips soon becomes inflamed, on fire and Sophia can barely hear her own voice over the screams having drowned out any thought she had. Again they land until the blows begin to blur together, simply becoming an agony of angry red fire burning her hips savagely.
It last for what seems an eternity for her but in reality is no more then twenty minutes. But it is twenty minutes of lashing, twenty minutes where her mind has blacked out and her voice has gone nearly hoarse with her own screams, the tears having soaked her face and run down her neck. Her body jerks of its own volition trying to avoid the blows coming down but having little success, simply twitching and adding more to the pain.
Slowly, the blows become less and then cease, the belt resting lightly on her exposed cunt, making Sophia whimper in pain. Her hips are red, sore and violated. Even breathing now makes that area hurt horribly.

Mike smiles. The bitch’s cunt has become a nice reddish pink color now. He traces his belt down her hips, loving how she jerks and whimpers at the slightest touch of it. “Yeah,” he whispers, “I’m sure you’ll scream now when I fuck you. But I think I’m a little tired of your screams now....”
And for emphasis he brings down the belt one more time, the sound echoing with a snap. The girl bounces, letting out a shriek. “Yeah, kinda bored of that,” he says.
“Then let me whip her!” one man yells.
He raises his hand and shakes his head. “Nu-uh. We have something else she should be doing for us, right bitch?” He traces the end of the belt along her loins watching as tears run down her face. “Right bitch!” he says, slamming the belt down one more time.
“Ahhh! Yes! Yes!” she says.
“What are you gonna’ do for us?” he says, pressing the metal end of his buckle against her cunt lips.
“I don’t know! I don’t know!” she screams. “Please.... stop hurting me!”
“Answer my question bitch,” he says, leaning down towards her.

Sophia stares wide eyed, her chest heaving as she looks on the dark skinned man with his small black eyes and lips sticking out in an angry grimace.
“I don’t know!” she screams. “Whatever you want! Whatever you want!”
The man leans back, smiling. “Whatever we want,” he says, chuckling. “The bitch will do whatever we want!”
She is staring wide eyed, looking at him with pleading eyes. “Please... let me go..” she says.
The belt comes down again, a searing fire ripping through her and she yells, her back arching from the sudden burning at her hips.
“You’re slow to learn bitch,” he says. “Tell us you’re a fucking whore!”
“Yes!” she screams, anything to get the pain to stop. “I’m a fucking whore!”
“Hear that boys?” he says, “she admits it!”
Tears of shame run down her cheeks, but what else can she do but submit to these horrid men? She can hear them all nodding in agreement, that she indeed is a fucking whore and she sobs. She’d never wanted this... ever. She ....
“Ahhh!” she screams, feeling as another whip lands across her tender flesh.
“Tell us you want to suck us all off bitch or I’ll continue to whip you for the next twenty minutes!”
“No! No!” she says. “Don’t!”
The belt comes down again and she yells. “Then tell us!”
“Yes, I’ll do it!” she screams.
“Say it,” he growls.
“I... I ... I want to suck you off! I want to suck all of you off!”
The black man smiles and she leans back down on the table, tears running down her face. Oh gods, what have they made her do? What have they made her admit to?

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new section and new pic for you.
“Alright,” she hears the large black man yell. “Get the bitch ready!” He turns towards her and smiles, looking down at her taught nipples. “But you can leave on what she has. No reason to take it off just yet.”
There’s some murmuring at this, but the men are quick to suppress their displeasure in favor of pawing her, not a few going under her tank top and grabbing at her breasts. And more seem to press at her pussy lips, so sore and raw. She screams at this, at their calloused hands running over wounds or raw flesh. But no one pays her any mind, keeping about their business instead.
She feels the ropes loosened suddenly, but barely has the energy to move. Her arms feel hard and knotted from having been in one position so long and her legs simply squeeze together, trying to keep the pawing men from touching her sensitive vagina. “Please... stop...” she whimpers.
“Fuck you!” says one, jerking her from the braid. “We’re just getting started!” and he slaps her across the face.
She stumbles back into another man who catches her, his fat beefy hands on her breasts. “Not that I don’t like the position cunt, but let’s get you ready!”
“N-no more...” she says.
“No more? That’s no way to talk to us after we’ve been so hospitable!”
A fist slams into her stomach, knocking the wind out of her. “Yeah!” says another, jerking her head up. “Don’t go spoiling our fun whore!” And he spits on her face, the grime and liquid trailing down her cheek. She begins to cry when the black man is back on her, his hand back handing her, throwing her back across the hard floor.
“No crying bitch! You said you’d suck us off! And that’s what you’re going to do! Cunt.”
The men are quickly dragging her back, her arms suddenly pulled tight behind her back, pulled so far she is screaming, her chest sticking out and thrusting forward. “Yeah,” says the black man, nodding with arms crossed. “That’s how we like to see you. All trussed up with your tits facing forward!”
“Please... it hurts!” she begs, her arms sending sharp signals of pain up to her brain.
“Yeah?” says the black man. “Well that’s too bad cunt!” His fist slams into her stomach fiercely, doubling her over almost immediately until the ropes tighten, bringing tears to her eyes. “Please...” she says.
“Let’s make some use of this damned pony tail,” says the black man, jerking her from the braid. She feels it twisting as it is knotted on some chain, feels it stretching. Her hair is jerked here and there, tied upon the chain. With her neck tilted up in a painful degree, her scalp burning, Sophia begins to stand to alleviate the pain when the black man kicks her in the stomach. She coughs, her legs buckling suddenly, the pain in her side screaming.
“Stay down bitch! You get up when we tell you to, understand?!”
She begins to sob, the pain in her shoulders and scalp excruciating. “Shut up!” says the black man, his hand coming down hard on her left breast, making her shriek. “You shut up or I’ll give you a reason to cry!”
His fist rises when another catches it. “Enough my African American friend,” says Espinoza. “The rest of us want to try her and you’ve already had your turn inside her delicate pussy. Let us have a way with her mouth before you get on to beating her.”
“Fuck you!” he says.
“To the back of the line Mike,” he says, his knife sliding out suddenly. “We don’t want to turn this into more then it is. You’ll still get your turn. I just want mine in that puta’s mouth.”
“Yeah, whatever,” says Mike, his dark eyes boring holes in her. “I’ll still make her choke on my cock.”
“You do that Mike. For now... the little putita is going to suck on Latino cock. Isn’t that right puta?” Espinoza’s pants are already pulled down over his legs, his cock waving in the air, as he jerks it in front of her.
“Please... don’t do this to me...” she says.
Espinoza walks over to her, looking down on her for a time, the seconds ticking by when he suddenly back hands her. The crack is loud and makes the other men groan. The man grips a handful of her hair, pulling it by the roots. “You American whores... you don’t listen. You’re going to suck cock or I’m going to beat you like the large African American, you understand?”
“Do you!?” he says, shaking her head.
Tearing up, she nods. “Good,” says the man, holding his cock with one hand while still holding her scalp with the other. “Now open your god damned mouth puta.”
He seems more violent then the black man. Worried of what he might do and already in sufficient agony as she is, Sophia opens her mouth, lips quivering.
No sooner has she opened her mouth then the Latin man jams his cock down her throat, slamming it to the edge, down to the hilt. Sophia’s reaction is immediate, her eyes bulging, heart beating rapidly as she shakes on the chain, coughing and gagging, spittle and drool spilling out from the side of her mouth. But the man gives her no room, instead pushing her head down against him, enjoying the feeling of his cock down her throat, her cheeks bulging with the size of it.
“Now suck whore,” he says. “Like your life depends on it. Because it does.”
Tears well up in her eyes but she tries to use her tongue on his underside, trying to hold off her gagging and press her lips around the member, pulling at the skin. It has been a long time since she’s had to do this, since the school where she was made to humiliate herself before she changed her name. But she still remembers, and Espinoza groans in ecstacy.
“Oh, puta de madre, this bitch is no virgin here! You should have tried her mouth first compadre! It’s heavenly!”
“Fuck you,” says the black man.
“Oh...” he says, smiling, his girth rumbling. “I am. Trust me.”
He grips her head, sliding in and out of her mouth slowly. “Keep working me,” he says. Sophia does as she is told. In and out he goes a few times, almost gently, but pressing down to the back of her throat, making her gag before pulling out again, sliding across her lips. He does this for a little while then slams his cock into the back of her throat, making her gag and buck for real, then begins the process of a slow sliding in and out again.
Sophia cries, the tears running down her eyes. She resist the urge to clamp down, to bite, for she knows there will only be one result if she does so. Even when he slams into the back of her throat she resist, knowing full well what might happen if her teeth bite down.
This slow torture soon ends as the Latin begins to pick up his pace, sliding in and out of her at a quick tempo, no longer slamming into the back of her neck but not giving her time to properly adjust either. He just keeps working faster until he presses her down against his hips, holding her there, his hair sticking into her nose, keeping her from breathing. She struggles, shaking on her binds. “Yeah!” she hears one call out. “Choke the bitch!”
“Not before I get her,” says another.
He pulls out suddenly, Sophia coughing violently as he does so, her head tilted to the right, spit and drool spilling onto the floor.
“Not bad...” he says, slapping his cock against her forehead. “Now.... lick my shaft and suck on my balls. Do a good job if you know what is best for you.”
She cries, looking at the member, slapping at her wetly, but slowly opens her mouth and complies. Her tongue runs slowly up the length of his member, it tasting sickly, but she tries not to think on it. She’s had foul things in her mouth before. Slowly, she runs that tongue up and down, circling it and running its length. She tries to go for the tip, to stimulate him, to get him to cum faster, but she is held down too far and he pushes her back down towards his hairy balls sac. “Now...” he says. “My balls. Lick and suck them puta.”
She sobs, but does this. First licking along the edges tentatively then running her tongue the full length of them. “Yes, that’s it. Now suck them,” says Espinoza, feeling his heat beginning to rise with the bitch’s capacities.
She does as told, leaning towards him, touching with her lips and wincing at how truly foul and fetid it taste, like something that hasn’t been washed in weeks. But fearing more pain she opens her lips and closes them, sucking on the man’s genitalia, pulling and suckling on it like it were her mother’s tete.

“Mmm...” says Espinoza, feeling the whore’s mouth on his sac. She really is a pro. He feels as she suckles, taking it in almost delicately, when he wrenches her head away from him. “Alright,” he says. “Now for the hard stuff.”
“Please...” she begins when he jams his cock between her parted lips, not even waiting for her compliance, instead pushing his cock down as far as it will go, watching her struggle, her throat constricting against his member, giving it a tighter feel. Ah yes, he thinks, this is truly what whores are made for.
He begins pounding against her with his hips, gripping her hair with both hands, nails digging into her scalp. He slaps against her loudly, groaning openly while throat fucking her, that throat tightening up like a vice around his dick every couple of seconds. So heavenly. He can hear her moaning, shrieking around his manhood and it makes him even harder.
He continues to face fuck her, loving the feel she is giving him, how her body quivers and shakes, her eyes looking up at him so piteously, wishing for some rest of alleviation. He will give none.
He’d stroked her pussy earlier, running fingers through it, along the edge of her abused and bloody vagina before gripping a handful of hairs very close to those folds and pulling, first down, and then upwards, teasing at first but then simply pulling them down slowly, hearing each pop and loving the screams of the girl as she cried for what he was doing to her.
This was similar to that. While he can’t fuck their pussies or asses with a knife, making them suffer is always a wondrous thing.
He slaps his balls against her chin, her cheeks puffing out as he pushes in and out of her rapidly, spittle and drool spilling about. And still he continues, relentlessly, heartlessly, fucking rapidly until he digs his nails into her, his back arching and he letting out a scream of a groan then pulling out suddenly, pushing his penis against her eye and pushes it open with his free hand.
She screams wonderfully as the cum spills into her eye, burning it, shaking and bucking. He is barely able to hold her for more then a moment before she twist away, trying to shake her head with little result. But he laughs, finishing to clean himself off on her forehead and scalp. He’d managed to do what he wanted, which was put that semen somewhere where the others probably won’t reach, her precious eyes.
He lifts his pants and pulls a cigarette out, sliding his zipper down and slowly stroking his penis. He’ll wait until the others have their fill then have the woman’s pussy when he feels more renewed.

Sophia cries now, openly, the cum against her eye burning fiercely. How can these men be so cruel, to torture her so without remorse or compassion simply because they can? What happened to human decency and respect? She wonders if this was always an illusion she’d tried to convince herself of even back then.
A fat large man waddles up to her, his dick flipping out as he shoves his pants down over his heels. “Please,” she says. “No more...”
The man slaps her, his hand sounding loudly. “Sorry,” he says. “My hand slipped. Do you want it to slip again?”
“Please... why are you doing this?!” she says, the tears streaming down her eyes. He grips her cheeks, squeezing them together, making her mouth puff open.
“Why?” he says. “Why?” He slaps her again and Sophia can feel her cheeks swelling from the blow. “Because we fucking can cunt. Cuz you decided to jiggle those fine orbs and pretend like we wouldn’t want to fuck you dry.”
“Please...” she says. “I’m sorry.”
His fat fingers squeeze around her nose, making her gasp. “Someone bring a mouth ring for this whore!” he yells. “I don’t think she’ll be able to take my fat cock without it.”
As emphasis he slaps his large member against her cheek, and even trying to breathe as she is, Sophia can indeed tell his member is large. Oh god, she thinks, when will it end?
But she hears the men murmuring in agreement, some talking about not wanting the woman to even accidentally use her teeth. “P-pleeasse...” she says through clogged nostrils. “Dn’t...”
“What’s that you say,” says the man. “Can’t hear you through a stuffed up nose.” And he laughs, slapping her across the neck, sending a stinging sensation down her spine. She ceases trying to struggle with words, simply trying to keep air coming in through her mouth. She can hear the stomping of boots in the background, men going through boxes and dumping them out. She hears one yell, “found one!” Then there is stomping that comes nearer her. She feels tears trickle down the side of her face, a shuddering going down through her body.
Why? Why would they do this to her?
The mouth ring is soon being pressed between her teeth, shoved in so it scrapes against them, the cords tightened behind her head, pulled taught. Through this all she can only suck in from the hole the gag gives her, the man above her keeping her nose plugged. When it is locked in place, the man laughs, his stomach rumbling.
“It looks good on you bitch. Be nice and handy.”
He slaps his member against her tongue, it lolling out, her jaws stretched painfully around the ring. It has been a very long time since this type of humiliation and she’d hoped never to undergo it again. But fates seem to conspire against her.
“Well,” says the man, “it’s time for you to pleasure fat “Al.” Gripping her head he slams his large member into her throat, pushing it to the back, making her gag. She coughs, feeling it spread her walls even further then the other member that Espinoza had shoved down her throat. Her throat burned and the man, “Al” twisted her head back, slamming his balls throat deep into her. As far as his thick member could go he pushed, hammering down on her pained throat, the back of her scalp rubbing against the dulled hook at the back of her head. Each thrust sent agonizing pain through her. A burning fire that set her on edge, and then it was over. Or so she thought.
“Hey boys!” he says, “Should I tit fuck this whore?”
“Yeah! Fuck her boobs!”
“Rip em off with your cock!”
“Hear that,” he says, leaning down across her, gripping her mammaries in a painful hold. “The boys say I should fuck your tits till I rip em off. I think I’m gonna cum before then, but who know?”
She sobs, feeling as the man positions his member between her luscious orbs and begins to rub. Slowly at first, squeezing them together to squeeze his thick member between them. She feels the tears running down her eyes, never having imagined someone so sickly or large would be using her breasts for stimulators for his disgusting member. But here she was, being used as a device for him to jack off too.
She could have borne it well, if he’d continued to go gently, if that had been his interest. The man smiles, his yellow teeth showing, his eyes wild with a dark gleam. “I think that’s enough of a warm up, don’t you think?”
His nails squeeze into her tender flesh, biting into the skin, making her scream behind the ring and he begins to slam into her breasts, his fat hands squeezing, biting and pulling as his large member begins to buck against her chest, slamming into it like an enraged bull. He is jerking at them, acting as if he really does intend to tear them off her body and Sophia screams, screams loudly for anyone to hear her. Hoping someone will come, give her mercy and alleviation. But she knows that hope is misplaced. She is in hell. And it is only beginning.
The fat man strokes against her, pumping himself, his dick visible between her orbs, poking at her chin. His balls slap wetly against her skin, rubbing against the undersides of her breasts as he continues to pull and pinch at them, rubbing faster and harder. She can hear him grunting and the more heat and arousal he has the more abusive the man seems to become, until he is pistoning against her, her body smacking against his, chain grating and the men cheering. “Yeah, tear them off!” she hears them say. “Make the whore suffer! Show her what those udders are for!”
It goes like this for several minutes until his nails suddenly dig deep into her flesh, seeming to gouge lines across them as he pulls them hard, a scream coming from his lips, her own matching his in an opposite voice until she feels his penis twitch, then spasm and finally explode, shooting gobs of semen all over the underside of her neck. Thick hot jism splatters across her throat and collar, spilling over her breasts. The man jerks against her three more times, each spurt being a little less violent then the last until his dick lies limply against her flesh and begins to withdraw, a worm sliding back into its hole.
He pulls her top down over her sweaty breasts, the nipples sticking hard and erect. She can feel a wet spot on one of them where some jism has come off from his penis as it slid away, making it wet and sticky.
“That was pretty good,” says the man, a fat grin splitting his mouth, almost seeming to split his face in two. “Next I’m up I think I’ll take that fat ass of yours.”
She cries, leaning down, sobbing. That assault had been violent. She doesn’t even pay attention as she hears the man choose someone else go forward or pay attention to the clop of their shoes. Not until they are on her, yanking her top up and pressing their much thinner penis between her orbs. When will it end, she thinks. When?

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It is like this for another hour and a half. Men grab her breasts, nails digging into tender flesh as they beat against her, squeezing her mammaries painfully, some even slapping them roughly or even punching them before gripping them. Others like to use her throat, especially the bigger ones, loving how she gags and chokes around their members, unable to breathe properly, helpless to their assaults. By the end of the hour and a half the line has thinned out, but the men are already calling out and saying “Man, I can go another round with that bitch now! When is it my turn again?”
“Sure, but not her mouth this time. I want some of that fine pussy!”
“Pussy? I’ll take that fat ass! I’m betting her asshole is tight and sweet!”
“Yeah, you said it!”
She sobs, hearing what the men are saying. None of her body will be free from these men. They won’t stop until they leave every hole inside her sore and raw.
She hears the clopping of boots and doesn’t even look up as the new man pushes his pants down before her, his long black penis thrust towards her. He slaps it against her wet forehead and she only shivers slightly. “Man...” he says, leaning down towards her, running a hand over her cum stained cheek. “They really did a number on you, didn’t they bitch?”
Her body tenses, hearing that voice now before her. She stares, her eyes pleading, looking towards the black man who had assaulted her pussy. “Bet you want someone to fuck your pussy rather then your mouth, don’t you cunt?”
She shivers, thinking of this man’s girth inside her pussy, her legs scrunching together instinctively, but she nods as far as the chain will let her. Her throat feels hoarse and raw, cum still draining down it. Her face has been splattered so much she can barely see from the coating of cum on her face, the cum going so far as to be dripping beneath her shirt which is now torn, one of the straps coming off her shoulder, the denim blouse pulled back down over her shoulders at one point. Her chest and neck are just as covered and filthy with cum, feeling wet and sticky, the cum dripping from her breasts down her stomach.
The large black man grins, his white teeth shining darkly. “Well then,” he says, “you’re gonna’ do something for me in exchange for me giving your mouth a rest and opening up your pussy and ass to the rest of the folks. Got it?”
She shivers but nods. It will happen anyways. Maybe they’ll tire if she gives in earlier?
“Good,” he says, leaning down and unstrapping the painful ring from her mouth. “Now,” he says, running a finger down her cheek. “I want you to say, “beat my ass and titties so my whore mouth can rest.”
“Please...” she says, the tears streaming down her cheeks. “Don’t do this anymore! I’ll do...”
The crack against her cheek sounds loudly, resounding in the room. She feels her lip cut against her teeth, a trickle of blood running down her chin. “You’re slow to learn bitch,” he says, gripping her hair hard, jerking her scalp painfully. “Say you want your tits and ass beat or I give your mouth to the rest of the yard!”
She doesn’t want this, want anymore beating, but her throat is so sore, it hurts to even swallow. She can’t even taste her saliva anymore, so full of cum is her mouth. She nods.
“Then say it,” he says, shaking her scalp.
“I... I want you to beat my breasts and rear....” she swallows, tears flowing down her face. “S-so my mouth can rest...”
He slaps her again, the cum flying from her face. “What?!” she says, tears flowing. “I-I said what you wanted!”
“Not how I wanted bitch,” he says. “Next time, you say it the way I want it. But I don’t have time for that right now. Right now....”
He stands up and flicks his penis against her forehead. “Right now, you’ve got me angry and limp bitch. So what are you gonna’ do about it?”
She starts to sob and the black man grips her hair, jerking her head back. “I said what are you going to do about it cunt?”
“P-put it in my pussy?” she asks half heartedly.
“Wrong,” he says, hand cracking against her face once more. Her jaw hurts severely now and she feels something loose in her mouth. “You’re going to lick my dick and suck my balls then give me a nice blow job and maybe I’ll consider giving your pussy a proper pounding. You understand?!”
“Y-yes!” she says.
“Good!” he growls, spitting on her face. “Now get licking whore!”
His shaft is hard, sticking up in the air, but she sticks her tongue out, not wanting her face hit any more and touches it tentatively. “Get to work slut,” he says. “If I’m not hard in five minutes I’m going to shove a drill up your ass.”
A tremor runs down her spine and she begins to run her tongue up and down the man’s phallus, feeling its hardness, the veins throbbing against it. It stands, hard, shaft pointing sky wards.
“That’s right bitch, lick it good.”
She continues to do so, her tongue moistening his hard manhood, feeling it quiver slightly. She licks at the base, digging her tongue into the corners under his cock, his cock becoming a filmy white as some previous cum starts to be pushed off onto his penis. The black man doesn’t seem to mind, smiling instead. “Alright whore, now suck my balls.”
She does so, cupping one sac in between her lips and suckling it gently. The man grips her head, mashing her face against his hairy balls, making tears come to her eyes. “Lick em good bitch! I’m gonna’ put black seed into your bitch cunt!”
She sobs. At least with the ring she hadn’t had to suck on the men’s ball sacs, the ring preventing her from doing so. Not that any had seemed to care overly. Their thrust into her throat told her everything she needed to know.
The black man pushes her head back, leaning his cock away from her. “Alright bitch. I’m gonna’ be lenient with you. You suck my cock and mine will be the last you have to do in the line for a little while. I’m sure the guys would rather jack off in your pussy anyways.”
“What?” she says. “But you said...”
“I said you’re going to suck my cock! You gonna’ mouth off to me bitch?”
“No...” she says meekly, shutting her eyes.
“Good.” He walks over to her, plugging her nose, making her open her mouth wide. “Now suck my god damned cock bitch,” he says.
He pushes his member down her sore throat, she coughing at the expanse of the size of it. Her throat so raw and pained, feels horrid to have his member shoving down her mouth again.

For Mike, as he holds the sides of this whore’s dirty face, it feels wondrous. He thrust in and out of her, loving how her throat makes its little noises. Her lips are so tender and moist despite all the wetness from the cum surrounding her.
He has to say, with all the jism covering her face and neck, thick gobs of it rolling down her, she really does look like any dirty whore you could find on the street, no matter how she looked before she entered. Which works just as well. Cuz that’s all she is to him. A dirty whore!
He has to admit though, her mouth feels so tender and soft around his member, it is heavenly. How her mouth and lips hug his penis like they were a silk glove and how it slides in and out of her, he couldn’t have asked for a better fuck.
“Hey Espinoza!” he calls out. “You’re right! I shoulda’ fucked the bitch’s mouth first. Does a better job of holding my dick in then her pussy does.”

As the black man thrust against her poor violated throat Sophia feels a horrid sense of degradation at the hands of this man. How he laughs and talks about her as if she were an object while he brutalizes her already sore throat, making it feel like it is going to burst at any second. But she can only endure. Endure like she did at that party....
She shuts her eyes, tears running down her cheeks. Why do men always want to use her this way? Use her mouth as their cum receptacle? Why?
His thrust continue, pumping and slamming against the back of her throat for a what seems like several minutes but in reality is only a few when the man pushes his penis against one of her cheeks, making it puff out and then pulls it out, making her cough and spit. But he hasn’t cum yet, and that worries her.
“Alright,” he says. “Time to get you on your feet for that beating!”
“Noooo!” she cries.
“What you mean no? You agreed to it cunt!”
“Please....” she says. “Haven’t you done enough?” Tears are streaming down her eyes but the man before her just starts to laugh.
“What? Enough? You’re kidding me? A cunt like you? I don’t think we’re gonna’ stop until you stop moving!” This sends a shiver through her body, hearing his words.
“Oh don’t worry bitch. I’m sure you can last out a few days, even if we beat you raw, which we will. So don’t worry. You aren’t dying today.”
“Don’t kill me! I... YEEAAAHHHHH!!!” she screams, feeling the chain jerk at her braid, the metal jingling as it pulls her to her feet, shaking. Her legs quiver, her breathing coming out ragged as her breasts swell and deflate under the stress she bears.
The man suddenly grips her pussy, making her cry out as three fingers dip between her sensitive lips. “Yeah,” he grunts, jerking at her pussy lips. He jams them inside, smacking his fingers in and out, making her moan and sob as he slams her pussy with them. Ripping them away he looks at his dripping fingers and puts them in his mouth. He moans and shakes his head.
“Mmm...! Guess we won’t need to beat that pussy anymore bitch. It’s still sensitive. But we’ll have to do something about that ass and those fine tits.”
She simply sobs, shaking. She watches as the man picks up the metal switch, turning it around in his hands. “Yeah, think this will do nicely.”
Sophia is shaking her head. “No...please...”
“Hey Espinoza! You want to help beat this bitch?”
The tall Latino comes forward, rubbing his thin mustache. “I thought you wanted her for yourself?”
“Nah. I’m gonna blow my load before I beat this bitch proper. With you I think we can get her proper and ready before I blow my load.”
“Ah, I see,” says Espinoza, taking a wooden rod into his hands. One made with a sharpened edge.
“No... please...” she says.
Her chin is lifted by the end of the wooden stick. “You should learn to say something else chica. You know it won’t stop us anyways.”
“Please...” she says.
The wood comes down across her breasts suddenly, the stinging pain making her cry out. “That’s one,” says Espinoza. “Now for two...”
“No!” But the wood comes down regardless. Ripping into her flesh, sending her breasts jiggling.
“That’s it Espinoza!” yells the black man. “Beat the bitch bloody!”
“Three,” says Espinoza, slamming the rod against her soft breasts, pieces of cloth tearing away with the wood.
“No! No!” she cries, her body shaking, breasts becoming red and swollen. But the men around her are cheering, yelling for Espinoza to do more. And he does.
“Four! Five! Six...”
Each blow smacks against her flesh, making it jiggle, flesh becoming raw and red. She screams, her voice becoming lost in the chorus of cheers. So distracted is she, she barely feels when at first the black man pushes not one but two fingers into her anal passage. She screams at this new violation, shaking her rear. “No! Get them out! Get them out!”
The man jerks his fingers, pulling her up off the floor by her anus, making her cry and scream, her feet scrambling for purchase on the floor beneath her. “Man, her ass is tight!” the man yells.
“Yeah...” says Espinoza, taking a new swipe at her newly angled breasts. “What do I care?”
“Oh, you’ll probably care when you get a chance to fuck her hole!”
“Oh no,” says Espinoza, gripping her throat. “I think I’d prefer the puta’s pussy.” And his rod swings forth between her legs, making Sophia shriek in agony.
“Haha!” chuckles the black man, still playing inside her hole. “Didn’t tell you to hit her there, but feel free to beat her anywhere you want. I got her backside to myself anyways.”
She feels her anus tighten up again as his fingers suddenly slide out, her anus breathing more easily but can barely think on it as Espinoza continues to beat her breasts and starts working on her stomach and legs as well. She feels the other man grip her leg, hears him whisper, “You’re barely gonna’ feel this,” when she feels something long thrust into her anus, pushing against the tight hole, making her wail.
The rod falls against her breasts once more and Espinoza shakes his head. “I think she feels that one Mike.”
“Yeah, yeah,” says the black man, continuing to push the rod painfully into her tight hole.
“Please...” she begs. “Stoooop!”
The rod, however; continues to push up her anus, squeezing inch by inch into her sore hole and moving further. She can feel a warm wetness starting to flow down the rod and realizes it’s her blood, as something inside her has been torn.
“Yeah...” says Mike, pulling back. “I think that works.”
She can feel it, feel something plastic and cold held between her butt cheeks, pushed up so far she feel it scraping her bowels. Then the beating by the front continues anew. Several across her breasts, across her stomach, hitting the flat of it with a sturdy whack, across each of her legs and some landing squarely between them to hit her tender pussy. It makes her scream and shriek, tears streaming down her eyes as she tries to lean away to lessen the pain.
Then there is the lash that tears into her ass cheek making her jerk back. “Yeah...” says Mike. “Nice and red.” The second blow comes over the first, sending a fiery pain up her spine. Then a third and forth.
“I love how she is shaking, my brother,” says Espinoza. “But let’s even out her suffering. She’s ignoring me.”
And then Espinoza starts. Ripping and whacking anew, crisscrossing welts and marks while Mike works her back side, first working her rear and legs and then moving up to her shoulders and arms, even the back of her neck.
After some time screaming her body just trembles against each blow, the spit wallowing up in a single ball in her throat and sliding back down uncomfortably. She feels each blow land from either side, her body becoming numb as the agony grows worse and worse. Soon it starts to fade, her eyes rolling up into her head as she succumbs to blackness.

Mike continues to whip her, loving how that toilet brush sticks out from her little puckered hole, twitching, the blood dripping down it. He loves how her tanned flesh is all sweaty and bright and growing brighter still with the marks from his lashes. Unblemished skin now looking like a stitch pattern of red and black welts. “Yeah, yeah! Eat it whore! Eat it!” he chants.
It isn’t until Espinoza grips his hand that he stops. “What is it man?!”
“She’s blacked out Cabron!”
Mike squints his eyes, looking at the girl who hangs limply now, her neck at an awkward angle, held up only by her braid. He stomps his foot in agitation. “Fuck!”
“So what do you want to do Jodido?” says Espinoza.
Mike looks at her, hanging limply, and runs a hand over his bald head. He wipes his hand and shakes his head. “Man.... I wanted her to feel it!”
“We can wait and wake her up?” the man suggest.
“Nah man, just undo her hair from the chain and I’ll fuck her pussy.” He runs his hand over his cock, stroking the shaft. “I still got a hard on and I want some of that bitch’s pussy.”
“Never get tired, do you Cabron?”
“No, do you?”
The Latino laughs and moves over to the girl, undoing her hair. Mike watches, running his tongue over his upper lip, looking at her lovely wide hips, her breasts hanging out, body glistening, nice and red. Yeah, he’s going to fuck her pussy raw, conscious or not.
The girl drops with a thud to the floor and Mike nods. “Thanks Espinoza.”
“Whatever,” says the Latino, “but I take her pussy after you.”
“Sure, sure,” says Mike, pulling the girl’s hips up into the air. The scrub brush had fallen out of her ass when she’d hit the floor. A nice trickle of blood flows from the little hole and Mike leans forward, sniffing her ass. “Mm.... nice virgin asshole.”
He runs his tongue over her puckered hole, feeling as the girl quivers. He jerks her up by the braid, her mouth hanging slightly agape. “Not as out of it as you’d want, eh bitch?”
There is no answer and he lets her go, her head hitting with a crack. Smiling, he turns her hips, rubbing his cock over her warm slit, hearing her moan. It is nice and red. His grin spreading, he shoves his cock into her pussy in one go, his shaft nearly hitting her cervix in that first thrust. He holds her, feeling how her body automatically constricts around his member and quivers, feeling how his heat is up. It won’t be long before he cums.
Slowly, he begins to push in and out of her, and quickly he starts to gain force and pump faster. He starts beating against her slit, slapping his balls against her pained pussy, loving the little squeaks and moans she makes. Quicker he starts going, his nails dragging down her hips.
“Ahhhhh! Ahhh.... much better then last time! You damned cunt! Wish you were awake for this.”
But the woman only responds with moans and bitter cries, the tears flowing down her cheeks. He laughs, jerking at her braid, loving how her breasts sway as he beats against her pussy. He licks the length of her neck as he pushes into her, his free hand fondling her sore breasts, squeezing and pulling, molding it in his hand.
He pulls her braid back, her neck arching and slams into her hips. “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” he groans, slapping against her.
“Yeah, fuck her!”
“Make her scream!”
But she doesn’t scream, she only groans, tears trickling down the sides of her cheeks. It’s enough. He slaps her shoulders and ass, loving how she winces, her tight cunt squeezing his cock so wonderfully. It’s so tight..... “Ah! Ah! Ah!” he groans, letting go of her braid, both hands digging their nails into her hips as the heat spills out, cum spraying into her small little twat as he cries out, dick twitching. As he feels the last dredges of his jism emptying into her he shoves her down against the hard floor, ripping his dick from her slit and sprays a stream of urine over her back.
“Yeah. Yeah!” he yells, draining himself, jerking his fingers on his used cock and smiling triumphantly. He turns to his right and nods. “Alright Espinoza, the bitch is all yours.”

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Brutal to have him stick that thing up her ass, but I love it.
“The worst ones always live.” Sansa Stark

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haha. yeah, when i do rape it's fairly brutal. not for the faint of heart as it were.
glad you're enjoying. feel free to add any suggestions you'd like them to do to her.
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There is only pain, but a pain she can almost ignore. Her body has become sore and filled with agony and she wishes to push away, to ignore it all and wish it away like a dream. There are small aches, sharp pains but her mind manages to push them out. But then an intense fire rushes through her, her lungs burning and mind screaming. Sophia wakens, screaming with no sound coming out but a flurry of white bubbles as she struggles, the water surrounding her face making it hard to breathe. She bucks wildly, thrashing about and splashing the bucket, to no avail.
Then her head is jerked out suddenly, her chest heaving as she gasps for air, sucking in mouthfuls violently, the men around her laughing. She starts to sob. It had been over. She’d been free of this nightmare! So why had her mind returned her to this?!
She feels sharp teeth nipping at her ear. “Mm.mmm....” says the Latino, nibbling at her ear and flicking his tongue quickly over the edges. “Much better chica.”
Then he spits on her face, laughing lightly. “Please...” she says. “Why are you doing this? Let me go.”
He jerks her back, looking down at her, the fear wild in her eyes. He looks dark and hard and as his lips twist into a smile, the fear rushing through her feels worse. “Nooo...” she says. “Please...”
“You look much better cleaned up like this, chica,” he says, free hand trailing down her neck and tickling teasingly over her breasts. “I think I like you better this way,” he says, fingers still tracing down her body, down her stomach, over her clit and then...
She screams, arching her back as three fingers jam themselves in her vagina, pulling and jerking upwards. The man’s mouth comes down upon her suddenly, closing over it, suppressing
it and enveloping it fully as his tongue invades it deeply. She gags, trying to struggle against him, feeling his fingers violating her sore pussy, ramming themselves up it and jerking up on it, stretching it painfully.
He pulls away from her mouth, spitting in her eye and laughing. He still pistons away at her vagina before ripping his fingers away, sucking on one of them hungrily. She stares, horrified. How can he be like this? So sick and...
His fingers are suddenly jammed into her own mouth. Her fluids mixed with his saliva invading her and she squeezes her eyes shut, cheeks bulging, gagging as those fingers push down to the back of her throat. He purposely shoves them back, pushing against the back to make her choke, her mouth stretching around his digits. “Taste good, doesn’t it puta?” he says. “Come now... you love the taste. Your own fuck meat. Do you taste Mike’s cum in it or is your little hole holding that in so you have a little black baby?”
Black baby? Oh god, he’d fucked her while she was unconscious! The sick fuck!
The Latino smiles. “Just getting it, aren’t you puta?”
He jerks his hand away and Sophia leans to the side, retching, spit and drool mixed with some bile puking over onto the floor. The crack against her face is sudden as is that same hand suddenly squeezing around her throat, suffocating.
“What are you doing spitting out a man’s cum perra?” he growls. “You have no right to do so!”
All she can make is half chocking half gagging noises. The man smiles, holding her, and leaning forward, laps at her face like a dog before releasing her so she is gasping. “It’s not like anything can be expected of an American Gringa bitch,” he says.
His hand grips one of her sore mammaries, his fingers kneading the flesh, squeezing it tight. “But some of you whores are very well blessed with these milk fuckers, aren’t you?”
When she doesn’t respond he jerks her braid, screaming, “Aren’t you?!”
“Y-yes!” she yells, just wanting the pain to stop.
“See,” he says, stroking her cheek after releasing her hair. “It’s much better if you pay attention.”
She sobs, tears running down her eyes. “And these,” he says, continuing to squeeze her breasts. “They look good enough to eat puta. Think I might have a bite.”
And he leans down, his mouth engulfing her breast, suckling noisily, drool and spit covering her flesh that is inflamed from all the whippings. She sobs, and then screams, feeling as his teeth bite down, pulling and jerking. She bucks, trying to pull away from him when one of his hands grabs at her braid, jerking her head back.
She can only scream, barely able to move as the man mauls her breasts, purposefully dragging his teeth along the flesh, ending at her tit and nipping at it, holding it and biting down, pulling the flesh, stretching her breasts meat before letting it snap back in place. “Beautiful,” he says.
Tears runs down her cheeks as the man comes back down, his mouth chewing at her breast hungrily, free hand massaging her free breast as he leans her back, his weight fully on top of her. “Stop...” she moans. “Please stop...”
“No...” he says, free hand wandering back down her legs to find their home in her soft entrance, fingers dipping in like adders and jerking, making her jerk her back, her neck arching as she screams. Men shout and yell. “Yeah! Hurt the bitch! Make her suffer!”
His fingers, thick and hard, violate her genitalia as roughly as any penis can. Ripping away at it, jerking and pulling, squeezing the tender flesh on the outside. She can only cry and scream, feeling his teeth working on her mammaries at the same time. His hand slaps at her pussy while his teeth jerk and pull at her breast, mauling the soft flesh. She thrashes about, kicking and screaming, with little good as the man continues to mistreat her. After several minutes with her body beginning to feel sweat the man finally pulls away. He licks his fingers, sucking on them lustfully while he stares into her eyes.
“You taste like sweet candy puta,” he says. “But I think it’s time you meet my knife.”
“No!” she says screaming, “don’t kill me!”
He grips her braid, slapping her hard twice. “Shut up! Shut up!” Pulling her by the braid he jerks her close, inches away from his face. “Stupid whore,” he says. “If I was going to kill you you’d know it. No...” he says, looking down at her, his hand slowly trailing her stomach and tickling the edge of her labia. “I want you very alive,” he says, his fingers jamming into her pussy again, jerking it up making her cry out. “I want you to feel each thrust and push against your womanhood until you’re begging god to kill you.”
“P-please ... don’t...” she gasp.
He pulls on her braid harder, making her wince, the veins on her neck beginning to bulge. Espinoza simply looks down at her smiling. “I love it when you whores beg. It makes me...,” he traces his hand along her left breast, running circles over it with his fingers. “Harder,” he finishes, his hand suddenly squashing down on her breast, fingers squeezing. She yells, tears flowing down her eyes.
The man pulls back, jerking his pants down around his ankles and kicks his garment away, kicking her legs open and spreading them wide. Sophia tries to close them but her body feels so worn and tired, she barely has any ability to resist. And Espinoza is lacking in mercy. He traces his fingers along her labia, spits on her vaginal lips and aligns his member to her body. She shakes her head, eyes wide. “No... no...” she begs. “Please...”
It is pointless, but she begs anyways, and Espinoza thrust into her. One violent push slamming into her womb, making her cry out. There he rest, enjoying her tightness before beginning to thrust into her rapidly, slamming against her hips with wild abandon, knifing her hips with his member.
He holds her hair tight, hand wrapped in her braid as he piston fucks her pussy, making her scream from the lacerations it has endured and is unable to cope with the current beating it is enduring. “It is like a knife, no?” he says. “Cutting your sensitive womanhood, making you want to beg to God?”
He leans down, continuing his assault on her. “But your god isn’t there. He wouldn’t have abandoned you here if he was.”
He pulls back laughing, enjoying it as her breasts flop up and down, slapping wetly against her chest, her back arching with each blow he inflicts upon her hips. He releases her braid, instead resting his hands on her hips, helping him piston her body with each blow, working her quickly and violently. Smack. Smack. Smack, his hips go. Hip to hip, thrusting wildly.
Sophia can barely hear herself scream, barely notices as the man leans down, laughing, running his tongue over her neck or face and forcing her mouth open, sticking his thick tongue inside her. It is his assault on her abdomen, that fire burning at her hips that keeps her attention. And she struggles, bucking wildly, only adding to Espinoza’s joy as she impales herself on him in her exertions to free herself.
He pistons her for ten minutes, the longer he goes the faster and harder he continues to hit, making her beg and sob. The men around them, as always, fist pump and cheer for their friend, loving how he makes Sophia beg him to stop. But in the end it is meaningless, and Espinoza gives her some final thrust, savagely beating into her hips until his cum spills deep into her, coating her inner walls with his seed, drenching them with it.
He jabs at her a few times before pulling out, slapping his penis indignantly against her labia. “That was not too bad whore,” he says. “I think I will have to come back again for seconds.”
She whimpers as he stands up, pulling away from her, little hiccuped gasp coming from her. “Alright, next!” she hears the black man yell and another man is dragging her back. Back into hell...

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next part. feel free to recommend what you'd like seen done to her or any images from the story you'd like to see.

Albert grabs the woman by the ankle, dragging her across the floor, loving how her fat udders pull against it, tits mashed against the concrete. He spreads her legs wide, hearing how she still pleads and begs even though it has no point anymore. He loves how her back arches, how she whimpers and he pushes her legs open a bit wider, enjoying how she quivers, her muscles straining against the stress he’s exerting on them. Her pussy lips quiver and he looks over how battered they look. He runs a finger down over the side of her labia, laughing as she jumps, her muscle shivering.
It’s in a lot of pain. He’d enjoy fucking her there to make her writhe but no...
He looks at her puckered asshole almost as if it’s sucking in breaths of air. He bends down and sticks a finger in his mouth, sucking on it and then pushes the fat digit into her anus, watching as she arches her back, screaming more loudly then when he’d touched her vagina. He wriggles it inside, holding one of her legs, watching as she writhes and screams. Yeah... that’s the hole he’s going to use.
He pulls out the finger with a pop, walking over to her head and grabs her braid, lifting her to her feet. “Hard choice between your pussy and your ass bitch,” he says. “But I think I’ve made my choice.”
He leans forward, eating her mouth hungrily and then pulls away. She is shaking, her large breasts bouncing beneath the shreds of fabric still clinging to her chest. It’s wonderful.
He wipes the spit that connects their lips together and pulls her along back towards the table and slams her on top of it, watching hungrily as her breasts are squashed on the surface. He can’t take it anymore. Soon, he is ripping his pants and underwear down, and moves his girth over to her, slapping his penis over behind her thighs, slapping it on her buttocks.
“You know what I’m going to do with this, right?” he says. She leans her head away, simply whimpering quietly. She knows begging won’t do any good.
He slaps her ass and aligns his penis with her final unused hole, pushing the head in slowly. It is big and purple so he knows it’s going to hurt like a bitch.

For Sophia this new sensation is horrid. She screams, wailing loudly, trying to dislodge the monster beast. But he has a firm hold on her hips as he pushes what must be a monster sized penis into her tight canal, an inch at a time. Her hole, with no lube or preparation, resist the entry on its own but because of its previous violation by something less pliable, it is weak to the assault and soon gives way.
She howls, the pain unbearable. The man grips her hips, pushing more of the abomination into her abdomen, making her shriek. “Feels good, don’t it?” he says, pushing more and more in.
“No!” she screams, the fire in her hips now screaming as if someone had poured acid on it. The agony is overwhelming, but the man is without pity. He continues to push his girth into her, pushing its way into her wounded ass. “Ahhhhhh!” she yells.
He grips her throat, pulling her back as he pushes into her. “You know you love it, cunt.” He runs his tongue over her cheek, smelling thickly of old socks and rot. Releasing her she falls back onto the table, trying to straighten her body somewhat so as to lessen the pain to some extent. It has little effect. She simply shuts her eyes, gritting her teeth, hoping this will be over quickly.

Albert holds her hips, loving how tight and hard her anus is. It had given him some trouble at first, pushing his head in and then the rest of his eight inch penis. Probably cuz it’s a good three inches wide. Being fat extends everywhere, he thinks. And this bitch is learning that the hard way.
“Hurry up and sodomize the bitch!” he hears one man yell.
“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbles, rubbing his hips against hers, loving the feel of them.
“Ahhhnnn....” he hears the girl moan loudly. He simply laughs, jerking her back roughly as he pulls part way out and then slams into her. Her back arches as she shrieks and he pulls back slightly only to slam back into her. He grabs hold of her braid, pulling her back so her back is bent in a painful position and laughs. “How’s it feel bitch? To have a fat man sodomize your ass? Bet you’d never have imagined this would happen.”
She simply shuts her eyes, whining sounds coming from her parted lips. He laughs, running his tongue over her shoulders and neck as he leans into her, giving her ass short quick thrust. Then he releases her braid, letting her rest on the table and begins to rock quickly and savagely in her rear, her ass pulling at him like a satin glove and he resist the urge to cum right then and there. But he’s done things like this to other bitches and he knows how to hold it.
Soon he is slamming into her, his balls slapping against her vagina The other men are cheering him on and it wills him to take her harder, rougher, violating her ass so she is screaming, blood trickling down it as he slams into her. “Hear that bitch! Hear it? They want me to make you scream! So scream!”
And the girl does so, though not so much from his orders as simply because he knows he is hurting her badly. He laughs, jerking her up from the braid, slamming into her more, letting the men watch as her breasts flop back and forth, swinging in the air. “Yeah! Look at them udders go!” “Milk the cow!”
He jerks her up all the way, his penis at an angle in her ass, pulling her close to his body, gripping one of her breasts and squeezing tight as he holds her hips close to his, grinding against it. He kisses her with a sloppy kiss, holding her mouth close. “Each one of these bastards wants to fuck you up cunt,” he says. “What do you think of that?”
She simply cries, tears flowing down her cheeks. He spits on her face, jerking her braid back. “Alright guys,” he says. “I’m taking this bitch by the back end but she isn’t screaming enough! Who wants to help me milk her by the front?”
“Yeah!” she hears the men scream and she can only break down as one man and then another step up. “Hey, I’ll break that hoe in,” says a tall black man with an incredibly long cock pushing through his trousers. So excited he is he doesn’t even wait for him to say yes before he’s in front of her, stumbling over his trousers and kicking them out of the way.
“Works for me,” he says. As the second Hispanic man approaches he says, “wait a bit. Let’s get this bitch hollering first and then we can have you clog her wind pipe.” The man nods and backs into line.

What? Thinks Sophia. Clog my windpipe! They’re going to gang rape me!
But she has little way of fighting, her body so sore and tighter. She can barely shrug her shoulders and the black man before her has stripped himself fully naked, his dark skin shining in against the uv lighting. He holds her shoulders, smiling. “Gonna love shoving my dick up your twat you hoe,” he says.
She shudders and he takes one of her nipples, twisting the flesh as he pinches it. She leans her head back, moaning. “Alright man,” says the fat one behind her, his girth rubbing into her spine. She presses against him to try and alleviate the pressure on her anus, but the smell is repugnant. She only wishes this to be over soon. “Just get your dick up her snatch and let’s get fucking. I’m about ready to blow my load.”
“Not my fault you’re such a wimp.”
“Hey, should I call the Spanish dude over or you gonna’ fuck her?”
The man is already aligning his dick with her sore vagina and she leans her back against the fat one, pressing deep as she feels the black phallus penetrate her, entering smoothly but painfully, her insides barely lubed from her previous assaults. “Way ahead of you,” says the black man, squashing her between the two. “Now let’s fuck the bitch up!”
“Now you’re talking,” says the fat man, suddenly lunging forward, ramming his penis into her. She screams piteously and the man in front of her suddenly lunges in her sore cunt. Again she screams. “Don’t think she’s liking that,” says the fat one, beginning to move in a type of rhythm in her body.
“Like I give a shit,” says the black one, jamming into her like his penis were a knife. “She’s just a bunch of holes to plug up, so let’s get to it.”
She whimpers, feeling both ends being penetrated, torn apart and she writhes between both men, her breasts and hips rubbing between them, giving them more pleasure. “Yeah bitch,” she hears the black man say. “Take it! Take it!” He is stabbing into her, slamming into her with each blow and the one behind her is only barely slower, pumping her rapidly. She cries, a long continuous wail while the other men yell.
It goes like this for a few minutes, both men slamming into her from one end or the other. Where one falls out the other slams back in so she is sea sawing between both. She shakes her head back and forth, screaming, her genitals on fire.
“Alright,” says the fat one. “Enough of this. Let’s get her front end plugged.”
“Fine by me,” says the black one.
They both hold her, the black one laying back, sliding out of her as he sits down while the fat one spreads her legs wide and then the black one positions his penis against her slit again. “Now slam the hoe down!” says the black one. She feels the fat one withdraw from her just so he can do that and she howls, feeling her insides churn as the twelve inch cock slams into her womb. Then she is penetrated anew from the back. Both men pumping, their dicks slapping roughly at her anus and vagina.
She feels the presence of the Hispanic move in front of her and she bends her head low, not wanting to take more cocks into her sore throat. “Hey,” says the man, slapping his dick against her forehead. “Aren’t you gonna’ suck my cock hoe? You disrespecting me?”
“Here,” says the fat one, suddenly jerking her by the braid.
“Thanks compadre,” says the Hispanic, plugging her nose when she grits her teeth shut. “But it seems the perra wants to keep her mouth shut. Gonna’ need some convincing.”
She tries to resist, to hold her breath until the two are done so at least she can breathe while they fuck her, but it is no use as oxygen can’t get through to her nostrils and she opens her mouth to suck in mouthfuls of air only to have the phallus jammed into her throat, pistoning her. He grabs her head between both hands, force fucking her face, while the fat one still jerks at her braid, slapping her ass. The one below is holding her hips, slamming her up and down while he leans up and nips at her breasts, suckling on them as if he were going to drink milk from them.
It is all too humiliating for her, and painful. Being jerked around like this. And then her braid is being jerked harder as she is pulled away.
“Come on,” says the fat one. “Let’s switch positions!”
“So I fuck her vag?” says the black one.
“No,” says the fat one. “So you’re fucking her on top!”
“Heh, sure,” says the black one. “Gonna get a better view of her tits that way!”
She is pulled back by the braid, the black one sliding out as she slips off him and she is pulled back in a sitting position, the fat one still riding her anus. He slows down to allow the other two to penetrate her as well, the black one gripping her hips while the Hispanic puts his cock in her mouth, bending her head back and begins to piston her that way.
It is a painful awkward position, made worse by all the men playing with her breasts as they fuck her. Pulling and tugging, squashing and mashing. Her throat screams for air, for some real oxygen, while the rest of her feels heated and hot, glistening with sweat. Her hips, on fire from both ends. And the men continue to piston her, gaining momentum with the time. The Hispanic adding to her assault by pulling on one of her nipples while he holds her head back with his other hand, jerking into her quickly and forcibly. They slam into her, fucking her as brutally as they can, her body bouncing between the three.
But it is the Hispanic who is first to cum. She feels him slamming against her tonsils, lips burning against his cock as it goes quicker and then is suddenly withdrawn, letting her breath with gasp while the man squeezes on her neck, making her eyes bulge. It is a mistake. The first shot almost hits her in the right eye while the rest sprays on her left cheek and down the side of her neck. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” says the man, spilling the last droplets onto her and wiping them on her chin. “Good fuck. Good fuck.”
He releases her, letting her fall back into the other two, at least being able to breathe now. And the black man now begins to piston her pussy, slamming it like a steam roller, pounding into the meat like so much flesh. She screams, crying out from the agonies.
The man leans down, biting her left breast, pulling her tit meat. “Yeah,” he says from between clenched teeth. “Gonna’ wrench your fucking tits off!”
“AaAhhhhnnn...” she shrieks, no longer even able to protest, only feeling the man bucking against her, fucking her. It last for what feels like is an eternity but in reality is only a few minutes. His final thrust savaging her womb. But as he is starting to go limp inside her he withdraws suddenly, getting up and spraying her across the chest, groaning as he does so. “Yeah! Yeah! Fuck yeah! Ahaaaahhhhnn....”
She feels the hot sticky jism hit her breast meat, still flopping from the assault she is receiving from her back end. And then he is gone. His hot jism running down her belly his only momento.
She is jerked from the braid, her breasts brutally mashed by a plump hand. “Looks like it’s just you and me tit meat!” says the fat man maliciously. She sobs. Of the three he is the most brutal she thinks, and also the longest lasting.
He turns her around with his cock still within her innards, making her ride him, her anus slamming down on him with each thrust while he holds her braid, keeping her eyes looking to the ceiling. She feels his teeth on one of her breasts, biting and pulling as he fucks her, leaving raw marks. She wonders, when this is over, how many bruises she’ll really have? Will her skin look like a smattering of red marks and scars? Because she is certain something will scar.
Then her body is being squashed against his, his hand digging nails across her shoulders and spine as he brutally fucks her, her rear plunging up and down, beating a steady rhythm against his hips. “Yeah, your virgin asses are always so good,” he says, jerking her back by the braid. “So good...”
He kisses her forcibly then, his tongue invading her mouth as he continues to thrust into her tender asshole. Her cries are muffled by his mouth and he pumps in and out of her, quickly, with increasing force until he is cumming, deep inside her bowels, spilling his cum juice.
Then, with little regard for her, he throws her off, her head hitting the floor with a crack making her temporarily lose focus. But she can still feel it, and she twist her legs trying to close her tender wounds as cum drips from them. “Next!” she hears the men call and other come.
They grip her legs, spreading them apart violently. They push her forward so her anus is exposed and then they dip inside. A third always seeming to take her mouth. They continue like this for several hours, some even taking a fourth who will take her tit meat and squeeze both breast together around his cock, thrusting wildly and pumping his shaft between them, giving all her body an increasing amount of pain.
She soon forgets about anything but the pain and humiliation, the time starting to lose meaning with the constant thrusting and penetration of the various penises that assault her. Each and every one either cumming inside her, filling her bowls and womb with slick cum. It is several hours before she is allowed to breath, her chest heaving up and down, slick with piss, sweat and several loads of jism.
“Alright bitch,” say the men, surrounding her, “we should be good host and wash you off now. Craig, hold her up will ya?”
One man grips her by the braid as he comes behind her, pulling her up by it so she’s in a sitting position. Her legs feel weak, like slop and she is breathing heavily but slowly, barely able to keep her eyes open. Her mind is muddled and she doesn’t understand what it means for all the men naked around her, stroking their hard shafts in front of her.
It isn’t until the hot piss strikes her face that she whines, screaming. The men all laugh, each emptying himself on her, the warm piss cleaning off the cum from her body but adding another level to her humiliation and a rancid odor to her skin. When each is done draining themselves on her, they each take her braid, passing it around between them and clean their penises off with it. She sobs, crying and whimpering.
One man pushes her down with his foot and with a final laugh, they all turn around and walk away, leaving her spread out, body hot and stinking now of urine, her body laying in a puddle of it.
She lies there for several minutes before her sleep is disturbed by a loud grating sound, the gates opening slowly and booted feet coming, shadows looming over her. She does not even look up, so dulled are her senses now.
“Seems like out little harlot is all spent up James,” says a voice she can recognize. Her eyes move to the left, trying to see him, but they are blurred.
“Yeah, looks that way,” says the second, bending down, smiling down at her darkly.
“You’d better get her cleaned up James,” says the other man, turning away.
“Yeah, no problem.”
He grips her hair, digging into the scalp and begins to drag Sophia out. She does not protest, not even making a sound. All her world is, it’s all pain now. Her eyes slowly shut as she allows herself to fall into a restless slumber.

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The pull of the chains on her wrist is a fire on her aching arms. She winces at the pain, shutting her eyes, just wishing it to be all over. Her feet drag along the bathroom stall, the air frigid and cold, making her shiver uncontrollably, barely a shred of clothing left on her bare skin.
“Look it that,” says a harsh voice breaking through her clouded mind. “Bitch is shivering already and we haven’t even turned on the hose!”
“What did you expect John?” says a very familiar voice. “She wanted to be model. Not a gangbang slut.”
“Alec?” she whispers, trying to break through her haze.
“Looks like the bitch is waking up sir,” says a third voice.
“Well then James. Don’t keep the lady waiting. Turn on the hose already!”
Hose, she thinks, her head still groggy, fingers twisting in their shackles. She lifts a heavy head, looking down the dark barrel of a very large nozzle. But even here her mind is fuzzy. The creaking of the pipes and the hiss and gurgling does not wake her until from that black nozzle erupts a pressurized blast. The water slams into her already cold body with devastating force, eliciting a scream from the captive girl.
“That woke her up!” says the third voice.
“Haha! Sure did! Keep at it! I don’t want any of those creeps’ cum in her when I take the whore.”
“Sure thing boss!”
Sophia shrieks, now fully awake, the water slamming into her tender flesh, turning her around, twisting her on the chain. Her screams as often as not get choked by the water, pressure slamming into her open mouth making her swallow great loads of water. It hits every part of her from her battered nether regions with the inflamed flesh to her lacerated breasts to her raw back and buttocks. Nothing is spared the searing pain of the frigid waters. Her cries fall on deaf ears and she continues to twist, her feet slipping on the cold floor.
It is several minutes before the pressure of the water halts and Sophia can sputter, spitting water and remnants of cum from her lips. She hears the hose hit the floor with a thunk, the fat warden like a shadow, moving towards her.
He grips her cheeks, squeezing them tight. “That’s much better, isn’t it cunt?” he says. She merely stares, her eyes tear filled, but she does not cry. She’s still too tired to do so.
She is unhooked from her restraints and drops from them with a thud, crumpling on the hard floor.
“Ooohh!” says the one. “That’s gonna’ leave a mark.”
“Yeah?” says the warden, gripping her arm, none too gently. “Like I care.”
“Me neither,” says the other voice, dipping his hand below her other arm. She looks up at him, seeing the blonde guard who’d had head phones on. He now stares at her with a lustful gaze and she turns away slowly as he jerks her up by the arm. “Don’t care as long as her holes are still good,” he says.
She doesn’t even have the strength to shiver now, her legs unable to hold her wait. The two men drag her across the floor. From the corner of her eyes, she sees black suede shoes on the hard floor, the smell of smoke filling the air.
“Alec?” she whispers, but she is being dragged past, through the halls with men hooting, waving their arms through the bars, pressing their faces against them.
“Yeah, give me some more of that cunt!” one says. “I want fourths!”
“Me too!” says another.
“Her asshole is still too tight! Give us another round!”
But the warden ignores them, dragging the woman along, the guard to her left whistling contentedly. She is dragged to the lower levels, her legs smacking against the hard steps. She does not even see how many cells she bypasses or who is in them if anyone is. Only that they stop at one cell and the door swings open before her.
“This is your new home whore,” says the warden, twisting her head back by the bangs. “Better get used to it!”
They pull her along and throw her on the cot, her body bouncing on it twice. She does not resist, letting her arm dangle over the side, staring at them with sleepy eyes.
“Bitch is out of it,” says the one.
“Well she better snap out of it soon,” says the warden. “I’m gonna’ have my turn wether she’s ready or not. You got an hour cunt! Then I’m coming back for my turn!”
The door slams before her, the lock turning with a click. Lights are shut and Sophia looks out at the darkness her eyes slowly drifting shut. An hour. She only has an hour to rest...

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Bloody fantastic! Keep up the good work, and for god's sake no snuff endings! We've all become quite attached to Sophia now and want to have her around for a very long time.
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