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Default Mandy (M~F)

Well, guess what? Yup, I wrote another story!
Mandy was fine! She was my sister’s friend and was 18. I was 17, being a year younger than my sister. Katie was always at our house during the summer, and I absolutely loved that! She would always come over to swim, showing up in a revealing 2 piece bathing suit.

She was about 5’6’’ and was fairly tan. She had long brunette hair that had a sexy tendency of resting on her shoulders. She had pretty dark brown eyes that made me nervous every time she looked at me. She had a very pretty almost innocent looking face, with freckles lightly spotting around her nose. She had soft full lips, that I often found my self looking at, when I wasn’t looking at her nice tits or perfect ass. When she was wearing a bathing suit, she would some times jump into the pool and her bottom would ride into her ass partially revealing it. It was nice and firm looking and made me just want to spank it.

Well, my parents had left me and my sister alone for the weekend while they went out of town on business. My sister had plans to spend the night at her other friends house that night. Luckily, my sister left her phone at the house when she left around 7:30 that night. I waited till about 8 to make sure she wasn’t going to come back and get it, before text messaging “Hey, want to come swim?” to Mandy from my sisters phone.

She quickly replied with a yes and said she would be right over, having nothing to do that night.

She arrived not noticing all the blinds were closed as night began to devour our house. Ding-dong! I answered the door, not even trying to hide looked at her wonderful 38D breasts.

“Perv!” She said playfully stepping into the house, with me closing the door behind her.

She called to my sister up the stairs wondering where she was at. I said, “Oh she’s upstairs in her room changing I think.

When Mandy got to the top of the stairs, I grabbed her arm and dragged her into my room, before she could head for my sisters.

“John what do you want?” She said calmly.

Her face changed completely as I closed my door. She screamed for my sister, but there was no answer and I explained, “There’s no one here but me and you, and what I want is to fuck you.”

She ran for my door, but I was still standing by it and grabbed her. She began slapping at hitting at me, luckily not hurting me, until I threw her on the bed, knocking her over night bag out of her hand as I pushed her back onto my bed.

“What’s the matter? You don’t like me?” I taunted my hands now cupping her nice firm tits.

“Get off me you sick bastard!!!” She screamed.

I slapped her and said, “Tell me you want me to fuck you!”

“Fuck you!” She shouted spitting on my face.

I was now straddling her, and I slapped her hard in the face.

“Say it!”

“I-I I want you to-to fffuck me,” she barely whispered.

I reached up to take my shirt off and she hit me in my exposed stomach. I fell on top of her dropping my shirt on the floor and pinning her down.

“You’ll pay for that later, bitch!” I said hitting her in her stomach knocking the wind out of her, as I got back up onto my knees straddling her again.

I reached under her back and untied her black bathing suit top, ignoring her feeble slaps to my arms. I began sliding the top over her arms, but she resisted until I held my hand above her in a fist.

Once I got her top off, I examined her wonderful tits, now holding her arms into the bed.

I leaned forward, letting go of her arms. She scratched at my back as I began licking her quarter sized pink nipples. I slapped her and the scratching promptly ceased. Grabbing the back of her head by her hair and pressing smooth bare chest into her wonderful tits, I kissed her full lips softly. She wasn’t wearing any make up but still looked as fine as ever, as I pressed my face into hers, parting her lips with my tongue and invading her warm moist mouth, slightly pulling her hair when she tried to resist.

“You better kiss me back!” I demanded.

She complied pathetically at first, but with some hair pulling she reconsidered and began trying. Our tongues rolled around each other’s for a while, her tits now rubbing against my nipples. Sucking on her bottom lip for a moment, before letting it go out of my mouth softly sucking on it as it escaped, I moved to her neck. I softly kissed down her neck starting where her jaw met her neck and moving downward. I tilted her head to the side, and softly kissed her neck, the kisses over lapping as I slowly moved down her neck. I reach down to the end of her shoulder and shifted my body, so my face was level with her tits. I began massaging and licking them, noticing her nipples were hard.

“Do you like this?” I taunted obviously looking at her hard nipples.
“N-noo, it’s cold,” she said spitting out the “it’s cold” almost as if she was trying to convince her self.

I ran my hands softly over her bare smooth stomach, causing her to shiver, but not from the cold. I flicked her hard nipples with my tongue a few more times before running my nose and hands down her stomach.

I stood up, her still laying on the bed, and moved her legs together.

She closed her legs without any resistance, but soon regretted that as I began sliding her sexy black bathing suit bottom down her legs. She tried to resist, but I hit her in the side of her leg causing her to squeal in pain as she relaxed both of her legs in submission.

I spread her legs open, despite her pleading with me, fear sexily filling her dark brown eyes as they watered.

I looked at her pussy still holding her legs apart. I leg her legs go for a moment, and they darted closed, as I dropped my pants and boxers, my 8inch cock springing out. I jumped on the bed causing her to either spread her legs or have them crushed. She spread them.

I looked at her wonderful shaven cunt, my head now all of 6 inches away from it. I slowly slid two fingers into her warm and surprisingly wet pussy.

“You’re wet,” I said looking up at her playfully with playful questioning in my voice.

“You – I – but – that- it,” she died off of her vain explanation growing blushing more with each word, both of us knowing there could only be one reason why she was wet.

I continued sliding my fingers in and out of her. I began rubbing her clit as well with my left hand, my right busy with her pussy. I moved my thumb out of the way to flick her clit with my tongue repeating this a few times. I was determined to make her cum.

She moaned no longer able to resist as I leaned forward licking her clit running my left hand over her lower stomach for a moment, 2 fingers still going in and out of her.

Her body tensed up and I began rapidly finger fucking her, still rubbing her clit in fast circular motions. “Ooohhhhhhh!” She came her entire body tensing, and her legs curling around me as the waves of ecstasy rolled through her driven by my fingers.

I quickly reached under the bed producing a camera and took a few rapid pictures before she could try to cover her self up.

“Do you like cumming for me?” I probed.

“Fuck you!” she spat verbally at me as she very deeply blushed.

I got back on the bed, her legs still spread, and got between them, sitting on my knees which were in between her legs. I put my cockhead at her entrance, and she pleaded, “Please don’t!” adding, “I’m a virgin,” as though it would magically make me stop.

“But I thought you and Mike…”

“No,” she said her eyes welling and her face blushing before she continued to explain.

“I gave him head a few times, and let him finger me once or twice, but that’s all.”

“Ohhh good to know I get to be your first!” I said slowly sliding into her now.

The tightness was ambrosial as I slid into her wet warm hole, her pussy wrapping wonderfully around my cock.

I rested with my cock all the way in her for a moment, and then leaned over repositioning my self.

Now laying on top of her, I forced her to kiss me and she could easily tell I wanted to kiss her back as she made eye contact with me.

Our tongues swirled around as my hands explored her body, my legs now slowly thrusting my cock wonderfully in and out of her.

“Rub your self,” I whispered in her ear as I stopped kissing her for a moment.

I turned her head sideways and began kissing her neck softly as her hand slid down her stomach to her clit. My hands hovered all over her body during this and found her tits. I massaged them as I continued to pump in and out of her, now going fairly fast. My hands snaked under her and grabbed her ass cheeks as I began rapidly fucking her, now about to cum in her.

I squeezed her ass cheeks, one in each hand, as I rapidly slid in and out of her, now partially leaning up on my knees.

“Ooohhhh,” I came deep in her pussy and continued to fuck her for a little bit longer. I slid out with cum still dripping from my cock.

I laid beside her and told her to suck me.

I turned sideways on my king sized bed causing her to turn sideways too as she complied, lining her face up with my half hard cock. I turned sideways and she mirrored me, her legs now at my face.

I lifted her leg up, figuring why not, as I leaned my head into her legs and began licking in her pussy. I let her leg go, and her knee bent around my head, as I was now enveloped in her legs.

“Ooohhh” she moaned, my cock deep in her mouth which vibrated as she moaned.

I continued licking her, now with 2 fingers sliding in and out of her.

She stopped sucking my cock as her breathing quickened and she tried to fight cumming. She laid flat on her back, not believing she was about to cum for her rapist again. I repositioned my self on my knees, my recently sucked on cock sticking into the air. I rolled her onto her stomach and slowly slid my cock into her. Her orgasm had backed away, but began to surface again as she found her hand running under her and rubbing her clit as my thick cock slid in and out of her tight hole smoothly.

“Ooohhh,” she moaned her body tensing and her hand freezing for a moment as it flexed just as the rest of her body.

Her cumming had turned me on and I began rapidly thrusting in and out of her, until I neared cumming as well.

She just laid there worn out from cumming as I continued to enjoy her hole, my cock so hard I thought the veins were about to pop. I slapped against her ass as my cock continued violating her, until I came deep in her pussy once again, continuing to fuck her for another good 20 strokes before collapsing on top of her, my cock sliding out of her pussy a thin line of cum breaking as it stretched too far.

We both laid there completely exhausted for a few minutes before I got up. She quickly got up, sensing I was done and put her bathing suit on in record speed, my cum still oozing out of her pussy. I reminded her that I had taken some lovely pictures before sliding open my closet door and revealing a camera, after I watched her put her sexy body away covering it up with clothes though skimpy as they were. I warned her not to tell anyone, and luckily she never did. She graduated that year, but I hear she went to a college not far away…
pictures coming soon

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Pics attached. no tit shot, but you can see the general size... Also, the girl in the story didn't have a tattoo. Besides that, thats exactly how I pictured her .
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