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Default MorganRunner

Copyright Wifeseducer
And one of the best damn stories I've read in a long time!

Eighteen year old blonde Morgan Healy had hoped that her budding young body would attract the interest of the Junior and Senior boys at High School and if she had made varsity cheerleader it might have. The boys her age were just idiots and even the older boys seemed immature. She quit the JV squad and decided to concentrate on her running, hoping to be in better shape for spring soccer.

Four five times a week she would run, mostly in a tank top and shorts but sometimes when it was hot she just wore a jogging bra. It seemed that most everyday that her neighbor Ted would be outside when she jogged by. She would always smile and wave to him. He was a good guy. He helped her mom out a lot with things after her moms divorce. He was always looking hat her though in a different way. There was no way this 52 year old man would be interested in her. But she liked to think maybe. Occasionally she would stand in front of the mirror naked and look at her own body. She cupped her small but growing breasts. She wished she was older and fully developed. Then maybe the older boys would look at her more.

Ted Wallace had been a widower for years and had a few women friends since but nothing lasting. Lately he found himself addicted, as most men, to porn. He found himself looking at pictures of younger and younger girls until he found himself looking for pics of girls around the same age as Morgan. Morgan had been such a cutie growing up and only this year had he noticed any difference. She suddenly had this athletic little body with very cupable looking titties and a perfect little ass. Her jogging outfits weren't helping matters, in fact they were what started him getting excited in the first place. He began to wonder and fantasize what her little body would look like naked.

Morgan's mom was always busy now with her husband gone. Though she was still young, she couldn't handle all that need to be done around the house especially with her job. She was grateful for Ted. He always helped with and yard work and such. He was even happy to help set up Morgan's new Dell that she got for her birthday.

Ted was eager to take a look at Morgan's room. Just the thought of being in the room where she got dressed was exciting. He set up her computer in no time and attached everything, even the webcam. Morgan didn't know too much about the computer so he set up some things like Yahoo IM and AOL IM. He needed a IM name for her and she came up with MorganRunner14. He added his name to the Yahoo menu and even IM'd himself to show her how it worked. She wasn't sure if her friends used AOL or Yahoo but she'd figure it out. He liked how close she was standing to him and he prayed that even for just a second she would brush her breast against him. But she didn't.

A few days went by and Ted was working on some way he might use his binoculars to see in her window at night. But that would never work since her room was in front and her shades perpetually closed. He returned to his adult chat rooms and growing porn collection.

Then one Sunday things changed completely.

Morgan was not sure why she had lied to Ted about not knowing anything about computers. She was quite savvy with IMing and all that. Heck, she had spent many an hour on her old laptop (from mom's old job) chatting with friends. They of course all used AOL and Ted was the only name on Yahoo. For kicks she turned on her webcam and looked at herself. This was very cool, she'd have to get her friends to get a cam. Then she noticed Ted was online. She looked at her options and saw a 'whos watching me' button. She clicked and saw it was empty. For kicks she decided to leave it on, but stacked some books in front of most of the picture.

Ted logged on to yahoo and visited various chat rooms to see if anything was going on. Hopefully some couple was giving a sex show. Nothing. He started surfing through some amateur sites when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. On his yahoo list he noticed that MorganRunner14 had its webcam indicator showing. He stared for a moment at it in wonderment. His cursor slowly moved over the name. Online time 47 hours, idle 4 hours. As he hovered his cursor over the 'view my webcam' he felt his cock stiffen. He clicked. He heart stopped while he waited.

The image popped up on his screen. Ted tried to make sense of the picture. He finally realized that there must be something in front of the cam. Yes, it was a pile of books that took up most of the picture. In the left corner of the screen however he could see a dresser in the background. Morgan's dresser. Ted pondered the picture on his screen, for an hour. He thought about IM'ing her but decided not to. He soon began to wonder if they were even home next door. He dialed the number with the excuse of misdialing if anyone answered. The answering machine picked up. He hung up. He looked at the screen once more, shrugged and then disconnected.

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It was getting dark when Ted noticed the Healy's car drive past and in to their driveway. He wasn't sure what he was thinking as he raced back to his computer and connected back to MorganRunner14's webcam. The picture was the same though it was much darker now with the fading light. He started to come up with excuses if Morgan IM'ed him and asked why he was viewing. Suddenly the picture brightened as a light was turned on in Morgan's room. Ted's cock immediately became rock hard.

Morgan flicked the light on in her room and plopped down on the bed exhausted. Shopping was fun with her friends but with Mom it had become a drag. A constant fight over what she could and couldn't buy. Ugh. She glanced over at her computer and saw something that made her forget all about shopping. There was a name in the 'who is viewing me' list. She got up and walked to the desk, staying out of the webcams view. It was TedDog99. She felt her whole body shudder as she realized that Ted was looking into her room right now, well a small bit of it. She wondered if he would IM her and tell her that her cam was on. She hoped not. What she knew was that she HAD to make it seem as though she didn't know it was on.

Ted watched with nervous anticipation. The light was on but he saw nothing but the blurry pile of books and a bit of the dresser. Then he saw her. Only for a single frame as she walked by. Then he saw her again near her dresser. Beautiful little Morgan. Then the light went out. Again he wondered what was going on. Could she not know her cam is on? She did seem pretty clueless when it came to the computer. Maybe she was playing around with it. He moved the cam viewer to the side of his screen and would surf until the light came back on again. He wasn't going to budge an inch.

Morgan had goosebumps all over as she plopped in front of the TV. She wondered how far she would go in teasing. Perhaps he wouldn't even view anymore. She knew he would though. After dinner it was time to play oblivious again.

Ted's heart again skipped a beat when at7:30 MorganRunner14's webcam became bright again. He closed all the other windows and doubled the size of webcam image. He saw something move in front of the webcam. It was indeed Morgan. He could see her shoulder as she sat at the desk in front of the computer. The to his surprise two of the top books were lifted off the pile. Much more of the room came into view. There was still some sort of pencil holder blocking the right half of the screen but the left was clear. Her dresser, the closet door, the foot of her bed. He could also see Morgan. Well her left shoulder and arm in a pink shirt anyway.

Morgan looked at her own webcam on her screen. She knew what he was seeing…if he was watching. She fought the urge to look into the cam and tried to focus on her homework. Which she couldn't.

Ted watched intently. Morgan was obviously doing homework but he kept waiting for her to position the camera on her face so it would be in a better position if she were to cam with her friends. She completely ignored it. Shortly she leaned back in her chair and read from her book. He could see her pretty face now. Somehow his cock found its way out of his pants and he was stroking it.

Morgan couldn't stand sitting any longer. She knowingly set her book in front of the cam, partially blocking it again, but not as much as before. She got up and went to put her new clothes away.

Ted watched as Morgan came in and out of screen, putting things in the dresser and closet. He was overcome with realization that she had no idea that her cam was on. He almost came right then. Then the webcam went dark again. For a moment he thought it stopped, but then realized it was so dark outside that it became black when she shut off the light.

As Morgan soaked in the tub she thought about Ted. Is he really watching her? How could he be interested in her? He probably wasn't even at his computer.

Ted had to pee like a racehorse but he wasn't going to budge from his chair. Was there actually a chance he might see her naked? She had that perfect little runners body, tight and compact, firm little butt and little boobies that were growing nicely. He remembered the other week when he was getting the mail. Morgan was doing her daily run and stopped to say hi. It was quite hot so all she had on were small shorts and a jogging bra. All he could think of as he watched her jog away, blonde ponytail bouncing, was that some lucky kid is going to get to fuck the hell out of her one day.

He almost made a run to the bathroom when the light came back on again. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Morgan walk by wearing only a towel. She walked by a few more times. He could see her hair was wet. Ted found himself talking out loud. “Drop the towel, please, drop the towel.” He then saw her walk towards where the door would be and disappear out of the picture. Damn!

Morgan dried her hair in front of the mirror. She knew just what she wanted to do.
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After what seemed to be a lifetime Ted sighed relief when Morgan was still wearing her towel when she came back in the room. She stopped at the dresser with her back to the cam and opened a drawer. Ted loved how her hair looked as it wasn't in her standard ponytail. And then it happened. Her towel dropped to the floor. Ted stopped breathing as he gapped at her naked figure. Her back, her legs, her ass. Just in time Ted clicked the 'save image' button. Young Morgan had pulled out some pajamas. Ted pleaded for her to turn around but her nakedness disappeared as the long nightie slipped over her tiny body. She then pulled on some sleep shorts underneath. A second later she was out of the picture and the light was out.

Morgan again plopped herself in front of the TV. Her nipples were still erect from the excitement. She could only wonder if Ted had been watching.

Ted quickly pulled up the saved image of Morgan. In seconds he was coming as his eyes focused on that perfect little ass.

Ted kept vigil on the cam until at 10:30 the light came on for a minute and then off again. He knew she had gone to bed. He could only hope the cam was still running in the morning. He logged off.

Morgan heard the IM door close. She knew it was Ted as he was the only one on her list. She smiled to herself. He had seen her. For the first time her hand slid between her legs and she massaged herself, and it felt good, real good.

At 5:00 the next morning Morgan was waken by the sound if an IM door opening. Bleary eyed she peeked over at the screen. A few seconds later his name popped up on the viewers watching list. She was unable to fall asleep until her alarm buzzed at 6:15.

Ted had been up since 5. He was already dressed and ready for work and was sitting in front of his screen watching Morgan's dresser, closet and desk chair become clearer as the sun came up. He knew this voyeur moment wouldn't last. Soon she would realize what was going on or reboot or something. But he had his cam capture program running and if little Morgan was going to show her titties he wasn't about to miss them. At 6:15 he noticed a light come on. Not her room light, but a hall light or something. His cock was already out as he waited and watched.

At 6:30 Morgan headed back into her room and turned on the light. Ted was still online of course. She meandered around the room for a few minutes just so if Ted hadn't been looking at the moment he would notice. Finally she headed to the dresser and pulled her small bra from the top drawer. Reaching down she grabbed her nightie and pulled it over her head. With her bra in her hand she hung the nightie on the closet door and then, with a deep breath she turned towards the webcam as she fiddled with the bra straps.

“YES! Fucking YES!” screamed Ted as he watched fourteen year old Morgan turn around, her creamy white titties in all their natural glory. In less then five seconds she had her bra on. A few seconds later he got another glimpse of her cute butt as she pulled off her shorts and pulled on some yellow panties. He watched for a few more minutes as she got dressed and grabbed all her books from her desk.

Morgan came back to her room for a moment before leaving for the bus stop. She noticed that Ted was already offline. She wondered if he liked what he saw.

Ted loved what he saw. He played it back again and again. Such perfect set of tits for a perfect little girl. He looked out the window as Morgan was walking by to her bus stop. He looked back at her tits on the screen and came again. He zipped up and grabbed his briefcase and headed out. As he drove by the bus stop on his way out he more than ever appreciated that sweet smile of Morgan as she gave a friendly return wave. He wondered if she'd be running today after school. He knew he would have an early day today at work.

At school Morgan decided to reward Ted if he was home before her run.

He was just pulling in when she got off the bus. When Morgan walked into her room she could see him logging on and then connecting to her cam. She thought she'd mess with him a bit by placing her Snapple on her desk, right in front of the cam. She then got changed into her running shorts and jogging bra. She knew Ted would be cursing up a storm.

Ted was definitely bummed when all he could see were the ingredients of the all natural drink. A few minutes later the drink moved and an aerobically clad Morgan stood there drinking. He watched her set it back down (though not in the way) on the desk and sit on the end of the bed. His cock was already wilting as he watched her tying her shoes. He stopped his cursing when he noticed her fiddling with her bra top. She kept picking at the side as though it was bothering her. Suddenly Morgan grabbed both sides and pulled it off over her head. His cock sprang to life as he watched her pick at the bra top, all the while her titties in plain view. She then got up and walked over to the desk and set the bra on the back of the chair. Such a great shot of her tits. Morgan then proceeded to try on two more tops. Each time removing them and setting them on the chair. Each time giving Ted a brilliant view of her tits. It was the little mole next to her right nipple that set him off, coming in waves.

Over the next week Morgan continued. As not to be obvious she would sometimes dress out of view and even go a day without giving Ted anything to see. Usually she would be just behind the pencil holder where he couldn't see her. Then there was the day when she let Ted know that she was a true blonde. She took off her short and panties almost right in front of the camera.

Ted was so hooked. Even more so when Morgan gave him that great beaver shot. The light tuft of blonde pubic hair did nothing to hide those sweet little lips. How much he'd give to be able to put his cock inside her and inject her with one of the hundred loads he had already cum by her. He watched her as much as he could not caring if she was sitting fully dressed doing homework.

Then he screwed up. When Morgan was not at home he still visited the chat rooms. Mostly amateur couples or voyeur-wife rooms but sometimes really raunchy fantasy ones. Ted was private chatting with another when he wanted to paste a dirty link to him. He hadn't copied it correctly and instead pasted MorganRunner14. He had been renaming files earlier and had the name copied for a short cut. He quickly sent another message with the correct link and brushed off the questioning about the IM name. He hoped the guy would ignore it. He didn't.

When Morgan got home from school she was wondering how she might tease Ted today. She stepped into the room and glanced at the screen. She stopped short. She blinked. Yes, there were two names on the view list. She walked by the cam to a spot she could read the screen without being seen. Who the hell was MasterCK4891. She looked up his profile and saw a 48 year old nasty looking bearded guy whose only info was listed in his hobbies and it was 'fucking the hell out of just about anything'. Suddenly frightened, Morgan left her room.

She went downstairs and thought about the cam. How had he gotten her name? Did Ted really give it to someone? Why would he do that?

Now there was someone else looking into her room. At first she thought about shutting the whole cam down but she couldn't get over how it excited her somehow. Maybe she'd let it ride a little longer

She went back to her room and changed into her running gear, all the while keeping her back to the cam. She felt a bit creeped out by the thought of other eyes on her but by the time she got back from her run she knew she would be disappointed if the other had left.

She wasn't disappointed. When she got back to her room there were four names on the list. She did her best to be non-chalant about changing. She took off her sports bra and tossed it in the basket. She cupped her boobies for a moment as she always did to massage out the tightness and itchiness from the bra. She then took a few seconds to pick out a shirt from the closet and even more time before she put it on. Again she fought the urge to look at the webcam and computer. She pulled off her sweaty shorts and panties and pulled on a fresh pair of shorts without showing too much.

By the time she came back after dinner to do her homework there were ten names on the list. Where were all of these people coming from? She went through their profiles and noted that they were all middle age and older men some were even in their sixties. Some had adult profiles that she wasn't allowed to see. Every few minutes another name popped onto the view list. Nineteen sets of eyes were on her when she dropped her towel and put on her pajamas. When she went to bed that night her list was filled to the maximum amount of viewers, thirty.
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As Morgan lay in bed rubbing herself she thought of the thirty perverts who were watching her. They didn't seem to care that she was underage. They didn't care that she had small boobies. They just wanted to see a fourteen year old get naked. They were just a bunch of dirty old fuckers. She wondered if they touched their cocks when they watched. Suddenly she felt her hips start to writhe as she came for the first time.

MasterCK4891 had not only checked out her cam he made Ted divulge the whole story by threatening to IM Morgan and spill the beans. A shamed Ted told him all. Ted's pang of guilt ebbed quickly as he thought of the wonderful gift he gave to his fellow pervs. It felt even better then when he had posted pictures of his last girlfriend nude.

The next two days went by and Morgan continued to give her 'audience' brief shows. Although it thrilled her just wished she knew what they were thinking.

That evening after her run Morgan sat back at her desk and sipped her Snapple as she chatted with her friends on AOL IM and posted on message boards. She used AOL since it was separate from Yahoo and none could see her webcam. She was now used to having strangers watch her. She wondered how they could stand watching her sit there for hours doing nothing but typing on the computer.

For fun she checked MasterCK4891's profile again. She was shocked when she read his revised hobbies list. It now read '1. Watching Morgan, 2. Chatting about Morgan, 3. Worshipping Morgan, 4 Dreaming of Morgan' Chatting about Morgan? Was he really? Where would he do that? Maybe all the people watching her were talking about her. She started perusing the yahoo chat room list but didn't see anything good. She then recalled that her account was set up as a minor. Just as well since showing up when they were talking about her wouldn't be good.

Morgan un-retired her mom's old laptop and booted up. She created a new male adult yahoo account (TheGuy1960) and started looking through chat rooms. Then she noticed the 'Go to Chat User'. She clicked on it and entered 'MasterCK4891'. It tried to connect and then a message popped up, 'Morgan Luvrs chat room is full. Try Later' Morgan Luvrs? No way. She tried to get in for 15 minutes before the room popped open and a list of 40 users filled the screen. It stayed blank for a moment.

KILLR_JOE: Blah Blah homework homework chat chat

TOMKNIGHT: Yup yup but patience is a virture

SKINNER_CLOTHES_OFF: And payoff is bliss

KILLR_JOE: no shit man

TOMKNIGHT: …and theres still towel time to come!

CUTRIGHT9: You mean towel off time



Morgan stared at the screen unbelievingly. She looked at the view me list and saw all those names on it. They were indeed the onese watching her.

She stood up and walked to her dresser and pretended to get some thing from it. She came and sat back down and looked at the screen.


CUTRIGHT9: On the move.

KILLR_JOE: Towel time ?

SKINNER_CLOTHES_OFF: Back down…false alarm


SLIMPIKENS: Crap, my wife's gonna be home soon.

Morgan sat back in her chair and watched the words fly by.

KILLR_JOE: Oh I love when she sits back. What a fuckin cutie


MASTERCK4891: How I'd love to forcefeed that pretty face a hot load from my cock.

BIGWIG_WIGBIG: Don't sugarcoat it Master…You should let your feeling out…lol

MASTERCK4891: Hehe…and a special thanks to Teddyboy (or NXTDRNBR as he is now known) for finally moving that fuckin pencil holder!

Morgan froze. Slowly she sat up and read it again.


NXTDRNBR: My wish is your command!

Morgan glanced at her pencil holder. It was no longer in front of the webcam, but a few inches to the right of it. Ted had been in her room! Holy shit. For some reason her only thought after that was that she was glad she installed the CamHide program to make the webcam window unseen. She hadn't wanted her Mom to see it running. If Ted had seen the cam running he would have known she knew about it. She opened the webcam screen and could see that right half of the window was now clear and most of her bed and the bedroom door could be seen.

She took another sip and sat back.

CUTRIGHT9: Did anyone catch her Mom putting clothes away this afternoon?


CUTRIGHT9: She's do-able too

SLIMPIKENS: Not likely that she'd get naked in here...hehe

NXTDRNBR: Doubt it…but I have seen her tits

Morgan's jaw dropped.


NXTDRNBR: Oh yeah, last summer. Caught her through the blinds with my binocs

MASTERCK4891: wow

NXTDRNBR: Yup, Morgan's gonna have a very fine set of tits in a few years.

NXTDRNBR: …not that they aint perfect right now

CUTRIGHT9: I was gonna say…I'd nurse on those little babies for a week.

Slowly she typed in the chat box

THEGUY1960: How did you get in the house?

She waited.

NXTDRNBR: Copied the key a few years ago. Just dug it up again

CUTRIGHT9: You dog you!

Morgan watched for a few more minutes. Her panties were wet. Never before had she ever gotten wet without touching herself. She felt like she was going to explode or pass out. Instead she got up.


BIGWIG_WIGBIG: Checking out the dresser…


Morgan dropped her shirt in the basket and walked over to the far side of the bed where she knew they could now see her with the unobstructed view. She started to remove her bra.

SLIMPIKENS: Oh thank you God!

LOCKJAWww: Look at those puffy nubbies

KILLR_JOE: and the pants
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TOMKNIGHT: If we get bush I will just die happy


BIGWIG_WIGBIG: Lookit that

SLIMPIKENS: We have bush!

SKINNER_CLOTHES_OFF: Does that look tasty or what?

TOMKNIGHT: I'm dying and I'm happy

SLIMPIKENS: shes gone

LOCKJAWww: clapping icon

KILLR_JOE: clapping icon

BIGWIG_WIGBIG: clapping icon

When Morgan finally got back to her desk she read through the log. She smiled at the clapping icons. They were repeated again after she had come back from the bath and got into her PJ's. Later that night in bed she thought of how they loved her 'fine blonde cunt' and how they would love to stick their finger, tongue and cock in it. She felt so sleazy. She wondered what being forcefed a hot load was like. From someone old enough to be her grandfather. As she came she knew it had to be good.

When she got home from school the next day she reread the log from the day on her laptop. Again they loved her little morning show of getting dressed though she mainly only showed them her backside. And again she loved some of the more explicit comments about what they would do with her rear end.

As she sipped her Snapple she saw how Ted (or rather NXTDRNBR) has them view his webcam. He was showing from his window Morgan walking out her driveway and to her busstop. They knew he was on the level. They also did something else. They started a bidding war.

Ted knew each Tuesday evening Morgan's Mom would take her to choir practice at the school. After they left he would sneak in and steal Morgan's sweaty jogging panties. The highest bidder would get them in the mail.

When Morgan got home the first thing she noticed that indeed her panties were gone. As she read through the log she saw the clapping icons as a masked Ted had pulled her pink striped panties from the basket, sniffed them and then in front of the webcam had placed them in a ziplock baggie and then into a manila envelope. By this time on Thursday for the total of $100 MASTERCK4891 would have his nose buried deep in the scent of Morgan's tender young pussy.

Within a few minutes the group had hatched a plan for Ted to buy matching panties and substitute the same panty in the basket for the one he stole. The next day he would check her brand while she was on her run.

Later that evening at the same time that Morgan rubbed herself to orgasm, MASTERCK4891, with Morgan's panties wrapped around his cock flooded his load into the soft pink material.

Ted later received and interesting IM from MASTERCK4891. Tomorrow during Morgan's run Ted would have a second item on his agenda.

At lunch time the next day Morgan sneaked out of school and ran to the nearby strip mall. She popped in the Fashion Bug and bought ten new pairs of panties to replace all the unmatched pairs in her drawer. When she got home she threw nine of them in the dryer to make them look used but left the tag on one. When she got to her room she set her books on the desk and her Snapple in front of the cam to block the view. She yanked out her old panties and jammed in the new ones. After she was satisfied that all looked normal she went back to her desk.

She pulled out the laptop, which was still running, from her locked drawer and opened it. She smiled as she saw the joy following Ted's announcement that she just got off the bus was replaced with bitching at a Snapple bottle. She kept teasing them by drinking and setting it in the way again. As she reviewed the log she found that TOMKNIGHT would be the lucky owner of today's panties. He might have to wait until tomorrow when Morgan was at school but Ted would try. She also kept seeing references to Ted's big surprise. The thought left her mind as she changed and left for her run. She knew Ted would be over while she was gone and bet herself $50 that the Snapple would be moved out of the way when she got back.

Morgan's mom pulled in the driveway just as Morgan was finishing her run. Her mom had no problem agreeing to go out to Chi-Chi's for dinner.

Morgan had to hide her grin when she reached her room and saw that indeed her drink was moved. She came over and took big swig and thought about placing it in front of the cam again. Instead she sat on the bed and took another drink. She looked at the bottle strangely for a second. Something seemed different. She set the bottle on the floor and pulled off her top and stretched. She pulled off her shorts, took another swig and lay back on the bed in just her panties. She knew the crowd would like seeing her like this. She knew they'd like it even more if she rubbed her pussy.

Finally she sat up and took another big drink, finishing her Snapple. She decided to give them a treat by sitting topless at the computer.

TOMKNIGHT: Wow topless typing. SHOT SCORE!!

CUTRIGHT9: Beautiful!

KILLR_JOE: Look at those little beauties

NXTDRNBR: Gotta love that little mole

BIGWIG_WIGBIG: I still can't believe she drank it!

MASTERCK4891: Oh yeah, downed it like no tomorrow.

TOMKNIGHT: If she only knew.

Knew what? Did they drug her? Morgan frantically scrolled up.

SLIMPIKENS: lol Fashion bug! NXT is the man.

MASTERCK4891: hehe, I know who's headed to the Bug tomorrow.

She scrolled down a little.

KILLR_JOE: What's he doing now?

CUTRIGHT9: He's pulling his fricken wiener out

CHUBMANz: He gonna cum on her panties?

MASTERCK4891: You'll see in a second

TOMKNIGHT: Strokin strokin strokin


CUTRIGHT9: Not the Snapple!

KILLR_JOE: Holy shit

MASTERCK4891: There she blows!


BIGWIG_WIGBIG: Did he really just cum in that bottle?

Morgan looked over at the empty Snapple bottle. She really didn't just do what she thought she did.

TOMKNIGHT: She's back.

MASTERCK4891: C'mon Morgy, we know how thirsty you are after a run.

CUTRIGHT9: Drink! Drink! Drink!

SLIMPIKENS: There she goes!

KILLR_JOE: And again.

CHUBMANz: and off with the top

MASTERCK4891: Uh oh she's lookin at it. She knows something is wrong.

BIGWIG_WIGBIG: Look at her laid back like that. Please lord give me 5 minutes with that body!

CUTRIGHT9: Get in line after me Wig

MASTERCK4891: Gulp gulp…and there it goes down the hatch


SLIMPIKENS: I'm fucking speechless.

MASTERCK4891: So Teddy how does it feel to have your entire load in her belly?

NXTDRNBR: I'd have to say pretty darn good

KILLR_JOE: Too bad it wasn't her lips wrapped around your cock instead of that bottle, hehe
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Morgan was in shock. She had just drank all of whatever came out of Ted penis. She swooned at the thought. She 'placed' an open book in front of the cam and leaned back in her chair. One hand rubbed her belly where Teds cum was now in and the other hand rubbed her crotch. She pushed her panties far inside her as she rubbed and then came hard. TOMKNIGHT would have a very nice set of panties.

When Morgan got home after dinner the panties were gone. Later that night she came again fantasizing about having Ted cum right in her mouth.

By the next day Ted's little business venture had taken on a second venue. At the cost of $100 to MASTERCK4891 a package on ice was already on its way to Ted.

A day later Morgan sat at her desk. She was breathing hard from her run, but even more from the sight of the bottle of Ice Tea. She had read the log and already knew that Ted had been in the room, opened a small box, cut the corner of a small ziplock baggie and emptied it's milky white contents into her drink. In the chatroom MASTERCK4891 was willing her to drink. She pulled up his profile and looked at his picture again. He wasn't a pretty sight. She picked up the bottle and put it back down before drinking. The chat room booed her. Morgan then lifted the bottle to her lips. Slowly she let the cool liquid fill her mouth. She swallowed. The chat room went nuts. They continued to cheer and clap when she drained the bottle a few minutes later.

For the next two weeks Morgans Luvrs continued their voyeur, panty theft and body fluid assault on pretty little fourteen year old Morgan Healy. Most of the regulars had not only received a pair of her panties but had a load of their cum in her belly.

Since then Morgan twice had her friend Darsey over to run with her. She wanted them to see her naked and made sure they got a nice view of Darsey's bigger tits. Morgan had her try on a few tops until they got one that fit. Morgan wondered later what Darsey would think if she knew all those old guys were seeing her naked. Morgan was in heaven knowing Darsey had also unknowingly had two loads of Teds cum in her belly as well.

After awhile Morgan realized that the chatroom was getting a little weary. She didn't even bother reading the logs some days. She actually spent more times talking with friends and posting than being obsessed with the chat room.

She decided that maybe she would masturbate for them. Unknowingly of course.

What she didn't realize was that the chat room was coming up with its own way to spice things up. They were hoping for a more one on one approach to getting there cum inside young Morgan.

And when men have there mind set on something….they get it done.

Morgan hated the three hour drive back from her Aunt’s house. Her Mom’s car was small, uncomfortable, the conversation boring and they always fought on what music to play on the radio. She just wanted to get home, shower and check her email. She wondered if her 'fans' had missed her over the weekend.

When she finally got home she went straight to her room and as always avoided looking right at the cam. Of course the books she had set in front of it before they left had been moved out of the way. She tossed her travel bag on the bed and sat at her desk. She was surprised to see only a single user viewing her cam. Were they tired of her? A sense of sudden disappointment filled her. It didn't last long as shortly a new viewer joined, then another and within a few seconds her cam was maxed out. Someone must have announced her return. She could barely contain her grin.

She unlocked her drawer and pulled out her laptop to check on the chatroom. She had shut it off just in case Ted managed to break into the drawer while she was gone. As it rebooted she checked her email. When the laptop finally came online Morgan was bummed when she couldn't get into the MorganLuvr's chat room. Again and again she got the chatroom full error.

Morgan gave up on the chatroom for a bit and went to put her clothes away. Opening up her travel bag she began tossing her dirty clothes into the basket. She then pulled out her new soccer uniform. Her daily runs had been traded in for soccer practice. The red and black outfit was the coolest she had ever seen. A large italic '5' emblazoned the back. There was no doubt she was going to kick butt this Sunday for their first game. She pulled off her shirt and pants and tried on the outfit. She checked the mirror. Definitely cool. She sat back at her computer and tried once again without luck to get into the chatroom. She wondered what they were talking about.

They of course were talking about her body and things they wanted to do with her. Only one noticed the WEST MILFORD WILDCATZ moniker on her uniform top. Within a few moments of google searches MASTERCK4891 knew exactly where he might see sweet young Morgan in person.

Morgan got up and neatly hung her outfit in the closet. She walked about a bit in her bra and panties for a few, putting other random things away. If she could have gotten in the chatroom she would have walked around stark naked but this was her private punishment for them. She smiled and walked out of the room to the shower.

After a long shower Morgan stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror. She cupped her small firm breast lifted slightly and released. One small bounce and it was back in place. Her pubic hair had still not filled in very much but the blond colored tuft was quite soft. No one could ever call her a bottle blond. She turned and checked out her butt in the mirror. Thoughtfully she marveled just how fixed these older men, some as old as her grandfather, adored her body. Did they really want to do all those things to her that they had written? She slid her fingers down her belly and between her legs. She swooned at the thought.

Catching her breath she continued to dry off and then blowdry her hair. She finally finished when her mom bitched at her to let her have a turn. She hated sharing a bathroom. Thank god Mom had a date tonight and would be out.

When she got back to her room she gave them a few seconds of titty before 'deciding' on which pajama top to put on.

When she finally got into the MorganLuvr's chatroom under her alt ID she was confused. They kept mentioning something called GHB. After researching a bit she discovered it was some sort of knock out date rape drug. What the fuck were they talking about that for?

Ted wouldn't really do that? She decided to not leave out her drinks anymore.

She chatted online with some of her friends for awhile on MSN IM and even with Ted. Well not really Ted but she knew it was him with a fake name. He said he was sixteen and came across her by accident. Morgan almost fell for it until they started talking about it in the chatroom. She went along with it, once again playing naive. He never made sexual references but just played good friend.

Monday afternoons school bell finally rang. Morgan raced out of the building to meet Darsey. Together they were going to ride over to the mall on their bikes. Morgan's stomach dropped when she saw Darsey's mom loading her bike in the back of the minivan. Apparently her dentist appointment got rescheduled for today.

Morgan waved as the van pulled away and out of sight.

“Fuck it” she thought, “I'm going anyways.”
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Twenty minutes later Morgan was locking her bike outside the mall. Maybe she'd at least run into a friend while she looked at all the stuff she couldn't afford.

Arthur Billings sighed. The thought of trying to pick out an anniversary gift for his wife of 35 years was a daunting task. There would be noVictoria's Secret for her. She had long since left the days where even a nice bathrobe would look good on her and the thought of her cellulite legs in a nightie made his skin crawl. He racked his brains as he walked mindlessly through the huge mall.

“This is ridiculous!” He mumbled to himself. “I should just get her a gift certificate to Wendy's” He chuckled. Then a thought came to him. “A nice cookbook or trashy novel would do. Yeah sure.” Then at least he could get out of this maze of a mall, get home and change into some comfy clothes, grab a beer and watch the news.

The mall map indicated that Brentano's was on the second floor so Arthur set out for the escalator. He waited a moment as a number of people stepped on in front of him. He got on, closed his eyes and sighed.

When he opened them again there was an angel in front of him. Well not an angel per say, but the cutest little butt with the word Angel written in fancy script across both cheeks. He had never seen sweatpants that were so tight, or cut so low. She also wore a shirt that exposed her tiny mid-drift. A small girl, long blonde ponytail, cute. Arthur was so close he could see the tiny blonde hairs on her back He stifled his now rising hard on as best he could as he enjoyed the last few seconds of his trip to the second floor. An incredible urge to just grab the edge of her sweats and pull down overcame him.

By the time Morgan stepped off the escalator she was aware of the man that had been standing so closely behind her. As she walked past the stores she gazed at the reflection in the large windows. An overweight man with glasses and a suit in at least his fifties walked a few paces back.

For some reason Arthur found himself passing right by Brentano's and continued following her bobbing pony tail. He slowed down as not to seem too obvious but had a hard time not staring at her firm little ass. When she finally turned and entered a store he decided to turn back to the bookstore. In a last glance he caught sight of her very cute face. He knew Brentano's could to wait a few more minutes.

Morgan was surprised when he didn't follow her into the Sharper Image. She knew he had been watching her. She never really got the feel of the voyeurs who watched her on her webcam so it was a new experience to feel real eyes gaze on her. But he was gone now.

She decided to head over and check out some of the new Mp3 players. Damn they were cool. Her old P.O.S. Rio player died weeks ago. These were nice…and expensive. She would definitely have to pick up some more babysitting gigs to get one.

Morgan smiled as she thought of her last job. She remembered holding little one year old Joey's hands and helping him walk. His parents had just come home from the movies. Ms. Driscoll went off to get changed and Mr. Driscoll sat in the kitchen getting his wallet out to pay Morgan. Morgan stood, leaning over Joey, helping him walk. She hadn't worn a bra and knew Mr. Driscoll would be able to see down her loose shirt as she marched little Joey towards him. “Look at Joey go!” she had exclaimed so innocently as she looked up at him for a moment. Mr. Driscoll was not looking at Joey. She looked back down at Joey as she walked him right up to his dad. Morgan wasn't surprised when she received a much bigger tip than usual that night.

“How do those things work?”

The sudden voice made her almost drop the player. It was the man who was behind her on the escalator, standing right in front of her.

“I take lots of business trips and thought one of these might be nice to have.”

In less than two seconds he pegged her as very early teens. Super cute face, pert maturing little boobies and a body as tight as can be.

Morgan fumbled, “Umm, yeah, they hook up to computer and you can download music on them.”

Arthur grumbled, “Ugh, computers”

Morgan smiled, “It's really not that hard.” He was even homelier than she noticed in the window, and that suit, even at her age she knew that his polyester suit was lame. She stifled a laugh.

“Are you going to get one?” Arthur tried to keep the conversation going for a few more seconds. He eyed the player in her hands but was really focusing on her chest.

Morgan sighed as she put the player back and started to turn away “I'd love to, but it's too rich for my blood.”

“Well thanks for the help”

Morgan smiled, “No problemo” She turned and headed out of the store. He didn't follow.

An hour of window shopping later Morgan was bushed, and hungry. She stopped at the pizza counter and bought a slice. As she went around the other side of the counter to find a table she noticed the man there. He was sitting back turned to her at one of the tables. When she sat a few tables away she immediately caught his eye. He smiled and waved. She smiled back.

“Did you buy one?” She politely asked.

“No, still want to check things out first.” He replied, covering his mouth full of food.

Morgan sat half turned away from him and watched the people pass by as she nibbled at her food.

Arthur sat in silence thinking. In the prior hour he worked out this hypothetical scenario in his head. It was ridiculous, stupid and insane. Now that she was suddenly back he felt compelled by fate to try. What the hell. He felt himself break out into a sweat. In a moment he knew she would be gone. He got up.

“Hi, I'm Arthur, well Art.”

Morgan could hardly believe he had just sat down at her table. She forced a smile. “Umm, Morgan.”

He tried to appear calm and friendly. “Look, I do deals all time with many many different people. Sometimes people love them, sometimes they don't. Sometimes I just lay them out on the table and if people don't like them they just walk away like it was never even mentioned. That's the great thing about deals, they're just out there for you to decide. Do you follow?”

Morgan was bewildered. ”Umm, I don't think so.” She could see he was sweating now.

He leaned in closer to her. His beady eyes seemed tiny through the coke bottle glasses.

“I saw you really liked that little player in there. So here's the deal. And remember you can just get up and leave if you want, just like that. So I'll run over and buy that player for you right now and it'll be yours to keep for only one tiny, tiny favor in return.”

Morgan furrowed her brow skeptically. “What?”

He leaned closer. She could smell his breath.

“For thirty short tiny seconds you, umm, lift your top for me.”

Morgan was stunned. Holy crap. She didn't know what to do. She looked around with a look of a deer caught in the headlights. She didn't move though.

“You're still here, that's good.” He was relieved that she hadn't run off screaming, though his heart was still beating far too fast.

Morgan considered this preposterous offer. She still couldn't believe her ears. Finally she spoke and she couldn't believe what came out of her mouth.

“Right here?”
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“No, no” He forced a small laugh. “It's simple. I'll go get the player, meet you at Penny's. We go back to the changing rooms like I'm with you. I stand outside the changing room, you go in, take off your top, open the door for thirty seconds. I won't even get near you. You get the player, we both go our separate ways.”

Was she really considering letting this perv see her breasts for real? Of course she was. She felt a rush of heat flood through her body. She kept her cool though.

“Okay, but I want the iPod”

“Deal. I'll meet you in front of Penny's in 5 minutes”

Morgan watch him get up and head in the opposite direction of Penny's, towards the Apple/Mac store. She took a deep breath and tried to compute what had just happened. A moment later she found herself up and walking in the direction of Penny's. Was she really going to take off her shirt and show this guy, a total stranger, her breasts? What if he was a maniac or something? What he was, was an old perv who probably whacked off to Britney Spears videos. Seeing a fourteen year old's tits a few feet away was probably his dream. She smiled. And she could to give him his dream.

As she walked she saw the exit doors coming up. How easy it would be to run to them, exit, jump on her bike and speed off. But she didn't. She could barely feel her feet touch the floor as she passed by the exit. The large Penny's sign grew larger as she approached.

When she entered the store, she turned, but the Arthur was nowhere in sight. Somewhere deep down she hoped he didn't show. She waited at the perfume counter, finding the perfect scent to try on. For him.

Arthur picked out the iPod. A nice red one. She would like that.

As he left the store he realized that he should have brought her with him. He sighed as he realized that there was probably no way in hell that she was waiting for him at Penny's. He already concocted a quick story if she was there, with a cop. But if she was there, alone. He felt his hard on begin to swell again.

Arthur tried to keep a normal pace as the distant Penny's sign inched closer painfully slow. He tried to keep his sweat at bay as he passed by the stores. He knew his pits were already soaked and just hoped he didn't start to smell bad.

When he finally entered Penny's his heart dropped as Morgan was nowhere in sight.

Then he saw her, at the perfume counter. So pretty, so young. For a moment he tried to picture her naked. Oh God yes.

He stood off to the side until she looked over. He held up the bag and she smiled. He pointed towards the back of the store and started walking. He turned back. Oh God, she was following.

Morgan followed him around for a few until he found a section empty of customers. She felt scared and excited at the same moment. He stopped at the entrance to the dressing rooms. He turned to her.

“Go in that room. When you're ready open the door slightly. I'll come back and set this down inside. Just thirty seconds and I'm gone. Okay?”

Morgan nodded and headed into the tiny mirrored cubicle. She shut the door and looked in the mirror. It seemed as if it were a different person looking back at her. She was barley aware of her actions, like she was on auto pilot. She put her hands to the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifted it over her head. She then unclasped her bra and hung it over the hook. She stared at the door handle.

Arthur stood trembling. He had watched her cute angel ass enter the room what seemed like years ago. He nervously looked around. No one had entered the section. When he turned back he saw her door was now inched open. He almost dropped the bag.

He slowly pushed the door open enough to put his head in. There she stood, topless, her hands criss-crossed over her breasts. So fucking hot. He set down the box on the floor and looked back up at her.

Morgan watched him set the box on the floor. She could feel his eyes burn right through her as they watched her expectantly. Here goes nothing. She closed her eyes and slowly let her arms fall to her sides as she started to count to herself.

The first thought that hit Arthur's mind was “Oh my fucking God”. There she was, her beautiful breasts for him to see, perfect and pert, puffy little nipples.

“Morgan, you are perfect.”

Morgan smiled unconsciously as she reached the number 20.

“Put your hands over your head.” Arthur softly ordered. She seemed a bit shocked by his request but complied. Her little breasts lifted up even higher with her new position.

“29, 30” She reached her goal but only received a new order. Again she complied and clasped her hands behind her back. She could hear him sigh deeply and perversely.

“Okay, go ahead and put your bra back on.” He knew his thirty seconds of bliss were up but figured to stretch it as much as he could. When she reached for the bra on the hook her little tits were little more than a foot away. He could smell the perfume scent on her.

Morgan felt almost embarrassed as she clipped the bra back on over her breasts. After she pulled the shirt back over her head she looked up and he was gone. She had to sit down as her legs would barely hold her anymore they were shaking so badly.

Arthur could barely make it home fast enough. Her perfect little tits were first and foremost in his head as he stroked himself off. He kneeled on the bed and pictured Morgan below him. She couldn't have been older than maybe fourteen or fifteen. He wanted to come on those tits. She had listened to him so well, she was such a good girl. He imagined pinching those puffy nips and making her squeal. His knees buckled when he came and his small spurts off cum landed on the bedspread.

When Morgan got home she eagerly set up her new iPod. It worked perfect. She was so pumped up now she even decided to give her webcam viewers a show so she spent the next while wearing only her panties and iPod while she put clothes away and chatted with friends on IM. Looking over at her laptop she watched the MorganLuvr's chat room go to town. It had been a number of days since they had seen anything so they were all psyched.

Ted kept IMing her with his fake ID. She finally got where he was coming from as he started to hint when her mother might be going on her next date. He was going to try and drug her that night when her mom was out. He was, she knew it.

When she finally was dressed in her pajamas she closed the laptop. That's when she heard the zap from it. She opened it back up, nothing. She could smell burnt plastic inside. Fuck, the damn thing shorted out and was now toast. Oh well.

Later, in the darkness in bed her thoughts returned to the afternoon and the look on Arthur's face as he had watched her. She wondered if it had gotten him as excited as she hoped. Had he masturbated to her? Had he rubbed his fat penis? Morgan began to cum.

Over the next few days when she didn't have soccer practice Morgan found herself at the mall, sometimes alone, sometimes with Darsey. She knew why but wouldn't admit it to herself. But he was never there and of course no one approached except pimply-faced teenagers. Even some of the good looking older boys did nothing for her. The only time she felt any stirring was when she saw an older man shopping. Were they all pervs like Arthur? Probably so but they would never allow themselves to admit it. She liked how the men would sometimes check to see if their wife was watching them before gawking at her.

Each night Ted kept IMing her. He was really bad at playing a sixteen yearold.

When next Monday rolled around Darsey mentioned about hitting the mall. Morgan only wanted to go alone today for some reason. Darsey shrugged it off and had work to do at home anyways.

After a boring hour at the mall Morgan was ready to go home herself. She stopped at Starbucks and had enough money from skipping lunch to get a latte. She plopped down at the small metal table for a moment to relax and sip at the refreshing brew. It was stupid anyways. Better to never see him again anyway.

“Well hello again!”

Morgan looked up at the familiar voice. It was of course Arthur.

“Aren't you a little young to be drinking that?” he laughed.

“I'm fourteen, that's old enough, besides we all need a little jolt to get going from time to time.”

“Very true, very true indeed. So how have you been?” So she was fourteen, holy crap.

Morgan shrugged, “Okay I guess.”

“I see you have your iPod. How's that working?”

“It works fine.”

There was awkward silence for a moment. Morgan looked away and took a drink.

Arthur got his nerve up. “Is there, uh, anything else you were looking to buy today?”

Morgan thought for a moment. She was surprised that she hadn't even thought of anything before this. When she looked back at him his eye weren't focused on her face. Sweat beads were already forming on his brow.

Arthur looked back up to her eyes.

Again her mouth formed words her mind didn't even know were coming.

“Did you like last time?”
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“You could never imagine how much.”

“Well…My laptop did die the other day.”

Arthur pondered. “That's a pretty expensive item.”

She shrugged. “You asked what I needed.”

“I did, I did indeed. Hmm.”

Morgan looked away again as nonchalantly as she could and continued to sip at her latte.

Arthur thought for a minute. He didn't care about the money, he had gobs of it. In his mind he put together a deal. A minute later he leaned towards her and whispered in her ear.

“Okay, you get a laptop. But what I want see all. We pick out two outfits and bring them to the changing room to try on. I get to watch you from beginning to end. Everything comes off each time, no hurrying.”

Without looking back Morgan considered. She had hardly ever showed the voyeur crew her bottom. Was she about to let him see it from just a few feet away?

Fifteen minutes later they were exiting Radio Shack with a new HP Pavilion notebook in tow.

Five minutes later Morgan was picking out a bikini to go along with the spandex aerobic outfit that Arthur had already chosen. Once again she felt as though she was on autopilot.

As Arthur followed her to the dressing room he again fixed his eyes on her tight ass, loving how it moved as she walked. In a few seconds he was going to watch her pull off her panties and show it to him. He had already bet himself that she was a real blonde.

As Morgan stepped into the changing room she hung the outfits on the hook and turned back. Arthur had already set the laptop case on the floor and was staring at her. Once again everything seemed to have been a blur and she was not sure how it all ended up right here. But here she was about to strip naked in front of this sweaty overweight coke bottle glasses pervert. Her legs suddenly felt rubbery.

“I'm uh, a little nervous.”

“Don't be, you're a beautiful girl.”

“Umm, the bikini or the spandex?”


She didn't look at him as she stripped. First her shirt and bra then her pants.

Arthur watched unbelievingly as this sweet young thing disrobed. He only wished he could stroke himself as she stripped. Seeing her tits again made him smile. Then those great legs, so toned.

“Do you run? You're legs look great”

“I run a lot for soccer.”

She turned away from his as she dropped her panties. Never in all his porn watching days had he seen anything so perfect. He wanted to taste her so bad.

“Turn around” he whispered. And she did. Her golden fleece barely hid those sweet lips tucked so nicely between her legs. Such creamy white flesh. Not a crease, a sag, a blemish, a wrinkle. Her titties seemed to defy gravity as though an invisible pair of hands lifted them keeping her nipples pointed almost upwards.

Morgan took the bikini off the hook and slowly put it on.

“Pretend you're checking it out. In the mirror.”

Morgan turned to the mirror and looked at herself. She wasn't crazy about the suit but it didn't really matter, did it.

“Now the spandex.”

Morgan started taking off the bikini.


She slowed, letting him drink in her view. Again she was totally naked in front of him and reached again for her next outfit.

Arthur watched her pull the tight silky material up her legs and over her butt letting it snap into place. He almost orgasmed as she struggled to pull the tiny top over her head. Her titties were pointed almost skywards now. And they jiggled ever so slightly as she finally worked the top over her head and down covering her chest.

“Turn around for me.”

Slowly Morgan pirouetted. She could swear he was actually drooling now as his mouth hung open and his eyes glued on her scanning up and down her body.

Finally he nodded approval and she removed her top and bottoms again. By now she just wanted to get out of there. She kneeled down to pick up her panties.

“No, don't kneel. Bend over and pick them up.”

With her back to him she obliged. She bent forward and reached for her panties on the floor.


Arthur knew he would never forget this view. From behind he could see her little pink lips between her legs. They parted ever so slightly from her being in such a bent position. Her tits dangled as much as they could dangle. Just how much he'd pay to come up behind her right now and jam his cock into he couldn't guess, probably all the money he had. He'd sell his fucking house just to feel how tight that little cunt would be as he forced himself in.

Morgan put on her panties and bra. Once again she found him gone as soon as her shirt was on. She sighed in relief and excitement as she finished dressing. She knew what Mr Arthur would be doing soon. She grabbed her new prize and headed out to her bike.

As Morgan rode home she wondered what he'd look like when he touched himself. Later in bed she was thinking the very same thing when she came.

When Arthur came he was picturing young Morgan bent over the arm of his couch as he fucked her from behind, her tiny feet lifting off the ground each time he pounded himself inside her. He imagined shooting his load deep inside her. Oh yes he needed to fuck her so bad. Oh yes.

On Wednesday Morgan's inner mind got the best of her. She had her new laptop running now and was back checking out the chatroom. For some reason she told Ted that her mother had a date this Friday night. Not more than a minute later Ted informed the room that he would be getting some nice clear digital pics for the room by the weekend.

There was no way she was going to let him drug her. But what if she pretended, pretended to be out of it. What would he do?

When Friday arrived the best of her took over. Things were going too far. Morgan decided to go to the movies with Darsey instead of staying home. Needless to say Ted and the chatroom were disappointed. Besides, the next day, Saturday was her first game.

During the game she never realized there was someone in the crowd of Soccer moms and dads that was there for only her. MASTERCK4891 had his binoculars trained on her the whole game. He was finally looking at the real live Morgan in action. His long coat hid his enormous hard on. He already knew where she lived. He was waiting there last night, disappointed. She wasn't home for Ted to give her the dose and get his little photo session. He wanted to wait for Ted to leave so he could have his own special session with Morgan. Patience.

When Monday rolled around Morgan wasn't surprised to run into Arthur at the mall. Perhaps she could do something quick and earn another iPod. She giggled to herself as she didn't even want it for herself. She'd give it to Darsey. She just wanted to strip for Arthur, feel his eyes on her. It was like a drug. A little drug for the secret slut inside her. She knew this Friday she would stay home for Ted. Geez, if anyone at school knew what she was doing, what she was thinking.

Arthur was already drenched in sweat. He never knew he would elevate it to this level. It was a stupid chance and he knew it. But he planned it well so what the fuck.

Morgan was surprised when Arthur handed her the thick envelope.

“Take this home and look at it. Think about it. Everything's there.”

And he was gone. Morgan stood there befuddled with the strange envelope.

There was no way she was going all the way home before opening it. She headed towards the bathroom and locked herself in the stall. She opened the envelope and pulled out a number of papers, all Xeroxed copies of large typed print, each page in a different font.
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The first page said “$5000 CASH”

The second: “ONE HOUR”



Fifth: “MY HOUSE”

The sixth page read “YOUR CONDITIONS” with a number of blank lines below for her to write in.





Eleventh: “$5000 CASH”

Morgan was floored. HE WANTED TO FUCK HER! That greasy old geek perv fuck wanted to fuck her. He wanted to put his fat penis in her and fuck her for five thousand dollars. What did he think she was? a freakin prostitute? A whore?

Morgan felt her nipples harden. She bit her lips. Wow.

She folded the paper back up and headed home.

There was no way she was going to do this. No way was she going to look back all her life and remember losing her virginity to some guy forty years older than her. The thought of Arthur even touching her made her cringe.

A week later, after checking the mail everyday and now giving up all hope Arthur checked his PO box again. This time his heart almost stopped. A letter was in there. The letter.

He couldn't tear it open fast enough.

He started to read the conditions…

Ted peeked out his window and watched his young neighbor walk by. Even in the fading light he could make out all the perfect features of fourteen year old Morgan Healy. And even though her shorts and cute spaghetti string top concealed her budding body from the world he knew. He knew exactly what it looked like underneath; perfect mouthful sized tits, tight little butt, and very soft looking blonde thatch of hair that barley covered her virgin pussy.

But all that observation came from a tiny viewing screen. Enlarging pictures only made them grainy. His heartbeat quickened and wetness returned to his palms as he eyed his new digital camera and the tiny bottle of clear liquid beside it. For the moment he knew he would do it. He didn’t know about the next moment.

By the time Morgan walked out of her door she had forgotten all about Ted as her thoughts returned to Arthur. Why did she let that poor excuse of a human do those things to her? She knew he was the type of man women hated, the type that stared at your breasts and glared as though they were mentally undressing you. But she had given him (well sold anyways) something he couldn’t get otherwise, something taboo, something illegal. He didn’t seem to care about any circumstances because of her, because he had to have her. She indulged his sick fantasy, willingly.

Already the whole sex episode seemed blurred, almost as though it was some sort of outer body experience. She knew she had to get this out of her head before she got to Darsey’s else she would be sweating like a pig. And damn, she still felt slimy down there. Maybe it was because she was thinking of sex. Sex, yes sex. It wasn’t so bad, was it? When she recalled her orgasm she felt a rush of blood to her head.

Darsey greeted Morgan at the door with a huge grin and a large glass filled with crushed ice and red liquid.

“What’s that?” questioned Morgan.

“It’s a Margarita stupid, what do you think it is?”

Well, a margarita made as well as fourteen year old can make one, rum, margarita mix and some crushed ice.

Morgan stepped in and took a huge sip and gagged at the alcohol.

“Whoa, there’s alcohol in this!”

“Yeah, no shit Sherlock. Good ain’t it? I made it myself.” Darsey beamed with pride.

“You’re Dad let you have this?”

“No way, you kidding me? He left a half hour ago to bring mom to the airport. He won’t be back for at least two hours.”

Morgan took another sip and grimaced. She went to hand it back to Darsey.

“I got my own. C’mon Room Raiders is coming on.”

They both giggled and ran to the TV room to watch the cheesy MTV reality show.

As he had done dozens of times before, Ted opened the never-locked laundry room window of the Healy household and slipped inside. He made his way up to Morgan’s room. He smiled as he knew he could find it now with his eyes closed. He peered into her room but did not see her Snapple anywhere in sight. He knew from the cam that she had one but she didn’t leave it in her room. He made his way back downstairs to the kitchen. We he opened the fridge he saw what had to be Morgan’s half empty Snapple.

Again he felt his hands shaking as he grabbed it and set it on the counter.

He fumbled to pull the small vial from his pocket. When he looked at the bottle he felt his cock harden. He cackled out loud at the apparent Pavlovian effect upon himself. He thought for a moment of giving her a ‘double’ dose of the drug and his cum. But he knew he was already doing something incredibly risky and stupid so why fuck it up if the interaction of the two made a bitter taste. Besides the next time he jerked off could be in front of her naked body. That’s right, no touching…just looking.

Carefully he mixed the solution into the contents of the bottle. And just to be convinced he took a small sip himself and swished it around his mouth. Yup, tastes like Snapple. He spit in to the sink and carefully placed the bottle back into the fridge. If Morgan didn’t drink it tonight he would sneak back in later and empty it out. Can’t have her passing out in front of her Mom.

Now all he had to do is wait for her to get home…and hope her Mom slept over her new boyfriends as Morgan had mentioned to him earlier online. By the time he returned to his own home he had to take a cold shower to rid himself of the sweat that had covered him during his escapade.

Meanwhile, Room Raiders had finished the same time as Darsey and Morgan’s margaritas were drained. Morgan already felt a buzz in her head, and it felt good.

Darsey shut the TV off and jumped off the couch, tripped on the table and flopped on the floor. They both cracked up.

“C’mon Morg, lets make another and do some hot tubbin”

Morgan grinned, “Sounds like a plan to me.” She pulled off her top and shorts, revealing her bathing suit. “and like a flash, I’m already ready already ready already. Whatever.”

They both burst out laughing again.

Minutes later they were sitting, sloppy drink in hand, in the hot tub on the back deck of Darsey’s house. For the next half hour thye talked about most everything. Then Morgan looked up at the house next door.

“How’s your neighbors?” she blurted.

“They’re fine, how’r yours?” snorted back Darsey.

“No I mean is the guy okay? Like you know when you lay out in the sun tanning you think he watches you?”

“Geez, I don’t know. I never thought about it, but thanks for making me paranoid now.”

“Hey, maybe we should wait till he wife goes out one day and lay out naked. Give him a thrill.”

Darsey gave a horrid grin. “No fricken way, you are definitely whacko tonight. No more booze for you.”

“Maybe he’s watching right now.” Morgan said as she dunked under the water. When she came up her bikini top was off.

“What the frick are you doin?”

Morgan sat up on the edge of the tub, topless.

Darsey looked horrified, “Geezus crap Morg, put your top back on. My dad might come home!”

Morgan turned towards the neighbor’s house. “Mr Neighborrrrr…are you watching?”. She hoped that somehow he was.

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Morgan turned back and giggled. “It’s cool, no one is there. Just chill.”

“What if was there? He’d see you naked”

“If you only knew I just let a strange man jump my bones.” Morgan thought to herself. Her mind began to wander.

“You gonna put your top back on?”

Morgan returned from her naughty thoughts. “Not yet, this feels good, all free and everything”

Darsey turned at looked back at her house, “Okay, just watch for my dad.”

Morgan grinned to herself, “Oh I will.”

Shortly Morgan noticed that the more relaxed Darsey got, the differently she stared at her. Although Darsey had a pretty face she was more than a bit larger than her. And even when boys noticed her early maturing body Darsey had never mentioned a word about them. For a few minutes they both were quiet.

Morgan reached in the hot tub and took out a handful of water and slashed it on her face and hair. She then grabbed the nearby hair brush and combed her hair back.

Darsey couldn’t help but look her up and down. “Geez Morgan, when did you get so friggin gorg?”

“Hey don’t go staring at me lesbo”

Darsey was stunned for a moment, then grinned and splashed Morgan. The next minute was an all out splash fight.

“Wait, my contact” Darsey blurted. They stopped as Darsey fiddled with her lens.

That’s when Morgan noticed the lights pull in the driveway from the other side of the house. She didn’t say anything to Darsey. She sat back on the edge of the tub and grabbed a pair of sunglasses from her purse and put them on. She threw a pair to Darsey.

“Here blindy use these for protection.”

Darsey put them on and giggled, “Sunglasses at night. Yeah, this is so cool. You dork.”

Morgan abruptly started a conversation about tomorrow’s soccer game and Darsey fell in quickly as she also played on the team. As they talked Morgan kept one eye on the kitchen window. She knew Darsey, with her back to the house, wouldn’t notice her dad home. Morgan knew, however, that he would notice them though, but what would he do?

When she saw a dim light through the kitchen window she knew he must have entered the house.

The first thing Craig Ely noticed when he entered his living room from the garage and flicked on the table lamp was the mess in the TV room. TV was on, sticky red rings on the glass coffee table, couch pillows and clothes scattered on the floor.

He rolled his eyes. “Oh those girls, Arg!” he muttered as he shut off the TV.

As he walked into the kitchen he heard muffled voices coming from outside. The girls must be in the hot tub, sounded like Morgan was over.

After his trek to the airport and back he was thursting for a beer. As he cracked open a cold one he thought for a moment. Ahh Morgan, she and Darsey were best friends for years and years. She must have been only six years old the first time she came over. How she had certainly blossomed into a great, and yeah, beautiful girl. He remembered a few weeks ago when Morgan was over in their above ground pool with Darsey. Yes, seeing her ‘new’ body in a bikini was a bit of a shock. He could not deny admitting just how good she looked.

Craig could also not deny himself of taking a peek out the kitchen window. Yeah, maybe that bikini body deserved a second look.

This ‘second’ look was nothing like the first.

Through her sunglasses Morgan saw the outline of his face in the window for just a moment. He definitely was there. So either he would come out and yell or something else

Craig almost dropped his beer. Fucking Christ! She was sitting there fucking topless. No shirt, no bikini, nothing. Nothing but a set of perky white little tits.

Craig stepped back quickly. He felt his face turning red, though he wasn’t sure if it was embarrassment or what. He was pretty sure the girls didn’t see him else they would have made some sort of a ruckus out there.

He stood and listened. The girls continued to gab as they had been before. Craig took another large swig of his beer and set it down. Then without thinking he went back to the other room and shut off the lamp he had turned on when he came in. He wasn’t sure why he did that, no, he knew exactly why, because the kitchen would be completely dark and he wanted another look.

Morgan continued to play it cool. Mr. Ely hadn’t come out or yelled through the window so she wasn’t sure what was going on. Then she saw the already dim light go dark in the kitchen. She slid all the way back into the tub again.

Craig’s brow was covered in sweat by the time he had the nerve to peek out the window again. He also had a hard on like never before. It hadn’t been since he peeked into his neighbor’s window as a horny teenager did he feel such nervous excitement. When he saw only Morgan’s pretty face was above the water line he was only a bit dismayed. She had to come back out again. She just had to.

Craig could hardly tell what the girls were saying above the din of their boom box, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to see. And since for some odd reason they were wearing sunglasses he knew they most probably couldn’t see him.

Suddenly Morgan turned her back to the window and stood up. Craig watched as she seemed to bounce up and down and grab her boobs as though she were flashing the neighbors. He stared as the water cascaded down her toned back and over her bikini bottom. Then Morgan turned back around and both girls let out a screech of laughter.

Craig stood breathless as Morgan again took a seat on the edge of the tub facing him. Somehow his pants had come undone and as he pulled his cock out he began stroking himself. For the next five minutes he stared and stroked in wild wonder. Just a year ago she had seemed so tiny and thin, like a walking stick, and now, tits, perfect young handfuls only ten feet away.

His breathing quickened as his fantasies took over, fantasies of touching young Morgan. In the hot tub, in the bed, in the shower, fuck yeah. When Morgan lay back on the hot tub deck it as too much for him. He shot his cum in the sink, cum as though had never cum before.

A few moments later, after recovering, he zipped up and then proceeded to ‘arrive home’ again, this time with more lights and noise. He heard another screech of laughter outside and when he looked out the window Morgan was covered up as he suspected.

When the girls came in the house they could hardly stop.

“Hi Mr. Elyyyy.” snorted Morgan.

Darsey smacked her and they laughed some more.

Craig just shook his head and tried not to stare at Morgan. “Hi Morgan, you ready for tomorrows game?”

“Oh, I’m always ready to play.”

Craig’s mind went wild. If she knew that he had just seen her topless then she might understand how her words were driving him nuts right now.

“Speaking of which, I gotta get going.” Morgan said as she picked up her clothes from the floor.

Darsey saddened, “I thought you were gonna stay over.”

“Can’t, Mom wants me home tonight.” She lied. “I’m just gonna change quick.”

Craig watched Morgan enter the laundry room and shut the door behind her. He realized that for a moment she would be completely naked in there. He wished he could be invisible for just two minutes.

Morgan emerged from the room.

Darsey smiled, “Hey you better get some sleep, remember that my Dad’s gonna video our game tomorrow.”

A thought suddenly occurred to Craig and he blurted “Hey Morgan, why don’t you just bring your suit and stuff with you to the game. We can just come back here and you guys can swim or relax in the hot tub.” He instantly regretted saying that as he thought it sounded somehow perverted. With all the perverted thoughts running through his head right now he just didn’t know.

Morgan noticed him glancing at the laundry room but replied brightly and innocently “Sure that’s cool, thanks Mr. E!”

By the time Morgan entered her house she had barely finished reviewing in her head all that had gone on today. Thoughts quickly turned to what might still happen. She entered the kitchen and eyed the refrigerator. She knew immediately that Ted had been there as the tiny bit paper lay on the floor next to the fridge. When she had closed the fridge door earlier she had placed it between the door and the fridge so that it would fall the next time someone had opened it. And someone had. When she opened the door she also noticed her Snapple wasn’t in the same exact spot. Had he really done what she thought he did?

Ted didn’t know what to think now. She was home and it was already too late to go in and undo it. What would happen?

Morgan took the bottle in the bathroom with her and examined it. There was no clouding in it so she knew he hadn’t left his usual offering. Was he really trying to drug her? She took the tiniest sip and tasted nothing strange. She then poured the rest down the drain and filled it partially with some water.

Morgan then jumped in the shower and scrubbed herself totally clean.

Ted was going nuts trying to catch a glimpse of what was going on next door. Then he noticed the light in Morgan’s room come on. Quickly he ran to his computer. He saw her briefly as she dropped her towel and put on an extra long tee shirt and pink panties. Then her light went out. Was she going to bed? Did she drink it? There was no way he was going over if he didn’t know. He looked out his window for some sort of clue. Then he noticed the light from the TV room come on. Quickly but quietly he ran his back door to the only place with a view of the TV room.

Morgan sat on the couch and flicked on the TV. She had thought about sitting in front of the computer and ‘drinking’ her Snapple but really didn’t want all her ‘viewers’ watching her. Besides that she still had quite a buzz going and just felt like lying on the couch. She knew that Ted could see into the room from outside if he wanted to. And she knew he wanted to.
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Ted watched from between the wickets of the diving fence. He had a surprising clear view of Morgan sitting on her couch. She was munching on a bag of potato chips and yes, ‘the’ bottle was sitting there on the table. When she took her first sip he pulled his cock out and began stroking. What ever was going to happen was going to happen.

“Thank the Lord for creating salty chips.” he whispered to himself as he watched her continually drink from the bottle, finally draining it. “Finish it all, that’s a good girl.”

A few minutes later Ted’s breathing quickened as he saw Morgan shake her head as though she were trying to clear the cobwebs. Over the next few minutes he watched her rub her eyes and try to keep from nodding off. Once she even tried to stand up and had to sit right back down. Then she nodded off for a few moments and woke, nodded off again, tried to get up. Then she just laid back.

Morgan lay still for quite a while. It wasn’t difficult as the alcohol had totally relaxed her. In fact she almost fell asleep waiting for something, if anything, to happen. When it did she almost jumped off the couch. The phone rang. She knew immediately who it must be. He was testing her. It rang a few more times until the answering machine picked up. Then it rang again a few moments later. Then a third attempt. Then quiet. Then the doorbell rang a bunch of times in succession. She knew then he would soon be in the house. This was the time to move if she didn’t want him to come in. She had to know what he wanted to do with her. She didn’t budge. A loud bang came from the laundry room.

Ted slipped in through the window. It must have been his nerves but as careful as he was his foot slipped and smacked against the dryer, emitting a loud hollow bang. He stood in silent shock, scolding himself. He tiptoed into the kitchen and then to the front door. From there he called out in a low voice.

“Hello. Hello? Anyone here? I heard some strange noises. Hello?”

No reply. He continued to call out softly as he walked back through the house to the TV room. He reached the couch where Morgan was. Sure enough she was fast asleep, laying back on the couch cushion, feet still on the floor. Her damp hair was mussed up and covered her most of her pretty face, and her long tee barely covered her panties. He had to stop and take a deep breath in attempt to slow his pounding heart. When he composed himself he continued with the usual methods of testing; calling her name, shaking her shoulder softly, then harder. She was definitely not waking up.

Morgan heard him walk to the window and pull the curtain closed. Then she felt him sit next to her on the couch. He shook her shoulder one more time. When she felt his hand on her leg she felt a surge go through her body and wondered how she could pull off playing ‘passed-out’. The hand began to slowly caress her leg. Did he notice that her nipples had stiffened?

“Just want to see, that’s all, just look, nothing more.” He continued to repeat his mantra, trying to believe himself despite the fact that his hand was traveling further and further between her thighs, her tender thighs.

He froze as she suddenly shifted her body. It wasn’t much and she seemed to settle right back down. If his cock wasn’t hard enough already it became even harder as he noticed two things. Her shirt had pulled up slightly and he could see her panties. It had also pulled a bit tighter over her chest and he could see her nipples poking through the thin material.

Again she felt Ted’s hand on her shoulder. This time it only remained there for a moment as it slowly inched down her shirt, stopping just above her breast. A thumb began to caress the top of her boob, circling lower until it pressed against her nipple.

Ted’s excitement grew when he felt it stiffen.

Ted stared up at the fourteen year-old’s cute face for any reaction as he continued to fondle her breast through her shirt. When he gently pinched her nipple she seemed to flinch slightly.

“Just want to see, that’s all, just look, nothing more.” Ted once again tried to convince himself that he wasn’t doing anything that wrong.

The hardest part for Morgan was keeping her eyes closed. She wanted to see the look on his face. She could hear him mumbling things and his breathing deepen. His fingers were shaking when they first touched her but now they were relaxed. Once his strong hand encircled and held firm her small breast she knew she was done. It felt so good.

Morgan felt Ted shift on the couch. When she felt him grab the bottom of her shirt she knew what he was trying to do.

There was no way he was going to pull her shirt up over her tits unless he moved her somehow. He realized the best way to do this with the least amount of moving would be to stand on the other side of the couch behind her. Once behind her he leaned over the couch and her body to grab her shirt. His face neared her neck as he did so and he could just smell the innocence on her. Slowly he pulled the shirt up, unwedging it from between the young girl and the couch. Again he watched her face as he did so. Her body rocked slightly and her eyes seemed to open slightly and then shut again. When he looked down he realized he could sop pulling. The prize sight, the puffy pink caps of her nipples were now in plain sight.

Ted walked around to the front of her again and admired her. “God you are so fucking gorgeous. Look at that fucking body.” And he did. His eyes roamed from her bare toes, up her legs to the tiny panties that seemed molded to her pussy, tight belly and then those tits. Full color, no graininess, no tiny picture, just right there, just for his pleasure.

Upon hearing his words Morgan suddenly realized why she was somehow attracted to these older men. They weren’t like the boys in her school or even high school. Those boys just wanted to get laid or get a BJ. They didn’t care about the girl it could be any girl, even a slut like Amber Collins. But from her experiences with all her webcam voyeurs, Arthur, Mr. Ely, and now Ted was that the difference is that these men worshiped her and her body. They wanted to explore every inch of her, drink her in with their eyes. And they would do anything to get her, touch her, and use her. She swooned at the thought that she was their perfect fantasy. A taboo fantasy. And she had the power to make that fantasy come true for them. She was in control.

She knew he was staring at her and she so much wanted to see the look in his eyes.

Never before had lust coursed so violently through Ted’s body as it did now as he stood before the young half-naked girl. He unconsciously rubbed his cock through his pants. Then, moving the coffee table aside he kneeled in front of her. Gently he eased a hand on each of her knees and slowly pulled them apart.

Morgan felt his body move between her legs all the way to the couch. This time she heard him whisper “Just want to see, that’s all, just look, nothing more.” He certainly wasn’t listening to himself for the next moment his hands slid up her belly and over her breasts. She heard his loud moan of a sigh as he began to fondle her.

If there was a heaven then this had to be it. He looked again at Morgan’s expressionless face. Even when a sudden pang of guilt flowed over him about what he was actually doing he didn’t stop. Couldn’t stop. He leaned forward and took one of her tits in his mouth.

The sudden wet warmth on her breast caused her to flutter her eyes open for a moment. She could see the top of Ted’s face as he nursed on her. So very badly did she want to touch herself. Moments later he moved to suckling her other breast.

After what seemed an eternity of bliss Morgan felt him to start to move down, kissing her belly and sliding his hands to her waist. She gulped in shock as she felt his fingers slide under the waistband of her panties. A moment later he was pulling them off.

Ted had to move back for a moment in order to get the panties over her knees. He watched them fall silently to the ground. This was one time that her freshly worn panties meant nothing to him. He lifted one of Morgan’s petite feet out the panties and then forgot all about them as he moved her knees apart once again. His eyes fixated on the spot where her legs met, where many times before he had seen the soft blonde fleece but never a good view of what it barely covered. Nothing was hidden anymore and he immediately decided that this spot was absolutely where heaven had to be located.

Morgan felt embarrassed for a moment. How could you not when some man has your legs spread open and is staring at your crotch. Then for the second time today a man began kissing her legs, earlier it had been a semi obese stranger she had stripped for at the mall and now it was her neighbor. A man who she might say hello to tomorrow as he pretended to be just a friendly good hearted neighbor, a neighbor who had drugged her and was now kissing his way inside her thighs.

Morgan thought she might explode if/when he touched her ‘there’.

“Just want,” kiss, “to see,” kiss, “that’s all,” kiss, “just look,” kiss, “nothing more.”

Ted could feel her body shift and jerk ever so slightly as he kissed his way closer but her faced still showed nothing. He continued ever closer.

An inch away from heaven he stopped. He pushed her one leg farther apart, exposing her even more to himself. He let his fingers gently trace her sweet little pussy, noting every hair, line, crevice and fold of her lips. He began to massage the top of her slit, knowing her clit was buried in there somewhere. Again her hips shifted. Ted smiled for a moment as maybe she might be having a sexual dream. “Well,” he thought. “I’ll have to make sure she wakes up satisfied.

At first Morgan figured he would stick his finger in her, but he didn’t. Unable to stop herself she let out a deep breath as she felt his warm mouth press into her. First kissing, then licking. She felt his fingers pull her open and his tongue slip deeper inside her. She could never have imagined such a feeling. She wanted to grasp the back of his head and pull him further in. She wondered for a moment if he still would be as eager to lick her if he knew that only a few hours before that Arthur had his penis in there. When Ted slipped a finger inside her she swooned.

By now Ted had his cock pulled out and he was stroking like mad as he kissed, licked and slurped at her virgin little slit. He recalled for a moment his last girlfriend, a forty five year old bitch who had the hairiest patch he had ever sceen. He decided not to recall how she had tasted in the one time she talked him into it. This little future homecoming queen tasted exactly how it was supposed to taste. And how easy it would be to just stand up now and jam his cock into her. From the wetness his finger pulled from deep inside her he knew was definitely ready. What an incredible fuck that would be. No, no, no, he wasn’t going to do that to her. He couldn’t do that to her. As much as he wanted to, she didn’t deserve to be raped like that. He might not cum in her, but definitely on her.

Just as with Arthur, Morgan felt Ted get into a rhythm, and when his tongue found her tiny clit it was almost too much. She gasped softly as a moan escaped from her. She gave in to her hips and let them move slowly. Ted seemed to take it for granted. She only hoped he wasn’t on to her. She felt her orgasm coming yet she tried to hold back. She was going to cum. Then suddenly he stopped.

Ted almost came when he heard her soft mewing. He let go of his cock and pulled back. “Not yet.” He thought.
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Morgan felt him stand up. She thought for sure that he was going lay over her and put his penis in her. “It’s okay,” she thought to herself. “Just use me for whatever you need.” She wanted him to do it. For the first time she understood what her mother had meant when she overheard her on the phone with one of her boyfriends. About aching for it, needing it so bad.

Instead Ted shifted her body on the couch, lifting her feet on to one end, laying her on her side with her head propped on the pillow on the other end. Then he moved in front of her face and started to masturbate again.

Again Morgan risked a momentary glance, just barely opening her eyes. Inches from her face was Ted’s penis, the tip glistening, with Ted’s hand wrapped tightly around it furiously stroking. It was an amazing sight she would never forget.

Ted moved closer to the couch as an uncontrollable urge forced him to touch the head of his cock on her lips. He stopped stroking and squeezed, forcing some precum to ooze from the tip. He swiped the glisten fluid across her lips. As he pulled back a long strand still connected his cock to her pouty lips.

Ted stepped closer again and once more placed his cock on her lips. This time he pressed into her, trying to part her lips. But Morgan turned her head away from him. Ted assumed it to be some sort of instinctual reaction. Gently, with the tips of his fingers, he took her chin and slowly pulled it back towards him.

When Morgan tried to pull her face away a second time she felt his strong hand hold her steady. When again he pressed himself against her lips she let him enter and for the first time, after tasting cum so many times, it was time she tasted the head and shaft of a penis. Salty and sweet at the same time mixed with the strong musky scent was almost overwhelming.

Ted looked down and could hardly believe what he was doing, though he couldn’t stop himself. And he was amazed on just how well it was working. “Just keep dreaming you’re sucking on a Popsicle.” Heck, she probably couldn’t suck better if she was awake. He watched as the head of push out her cheek as he pumped. Then he closed his eyes and savored the warmth of her willing mouth.

Morgan fought to breathe as his penis continued to fill her mouth. Suddenly she felt him pull out and she could hear him stroke fast and hard. When she heard him moan she peeked just in time to see a large stream of white fluid fly by her cheek and onto the couch behind her. Then another stream, this time it fell across her cheek. Another small glob dripped down. Then his penis was in her mouth again. She heard him gasp and felt his body tremor. Morgan felt his penis spasm in her mouth as it released another small amount of liquid. Then he pulled back, she heard him sigh loudly and then plop down in the chair next to him. She then forced the salty fluid forward in her mouth and over her tongue.

For five minutes Ted just sat there and tried to catch his breath. He looked over at the mostly naked girl on the couch. When he saw the small trail of cum on her cheek he smiled as he felt his cock stiffen slightly. He knew he had to get a picture of that.

Morgan continued to lie still as she heard Ted go to the laundry room and get something. She was really hoping he’d leave as she just wanted to get to bed and rub herself. When she saw the bright flash, even through her closed eyes, she knew what he was doing.

Ted clicked away knowing he had room for over 300 pictures on his camera. He knew he really shouldn’t do this as it evidence of what he did. Again he didn’t care.

Morgan heard him finally stop clicking. She wasn’t crazy at all about the pictures being taken, especially when he spread her legs apart and took close-ups. Too late she realized that maybe she could fake waking up. Instead of leaving though, she heard him head upstairs, to her room. When he came back down minutes later Morgan was shocked as he put his arms under her and lifted her up. “Let’s get you to tour room.” She heard him murmur.

When they reached her room she could tell her light was on and a quick glance relieved her of her fears that he was going to show in front of her cam. The cam seemed to be covered with a hat or something.

Ted set her down on the edge of the bed in a sitting fashion. He lifted the young girl’s shirt over her head and off as she fell back on her bed. He watched with delight as her little titties bounced slightly before coming to rest. He then resumed posing her naked body for his camera, of course including shots with her stuffed animals. He then rolled Morgan on her belly to get some of that perfect butt of hers.

Morgan felt increasingly awkward and hoped he would just leave. Then she felt him climb on the bed and straddle her legs and could feel his hard penis lying between her cheeks. More pictures. Then he moved again, placing his leg between her legs so that he straddled only her left leg. She felt Ted set the camera down for a moment as he slid he hand under her right leg and lifted. She was forced to roll half on her side as he put her ankle on his shoulder. His penis was lying on her left inner thigh, now just inches from her crotch.

Ted looked down to see his cock lying on her bare thigh and like some ethereal compass it pointed directly to heaven.“These should be some good shots.” Ted whispered as he picked up his camera and snapped a few. “Just a little closer” he murmured as he shifted his body up her leg, the tip of his cock right next to her lips. “Just looking, that’s all.” He used his thumb to spread her lips as his cock head moved in.

Morgan knew what was coming though she never expected Ted to go this far. He kept whispering about not touching her yet his hips were rocking slowly and his penis was going further inside her. It was much bigger than Arthur’s and she worried for a moment as the sensation of fullness overcame her. The sensation quickly turned to pleasure as he entered even further. Her wetness allowed to slip easily within and soon he was deep enough that she could feel his penis press into her bud. The aching was gone now and this felt so so good.

Ted heard the moan slip from her lips when he entered her fully. So tight, so warm and wet. His hips started moving quicker, “No, no, no, no…” . He dropped the camera on the bed and grasped her leg with both arms, pulling it tight to his body, forcing himself deep inside her, as far as he could go. When he heard her moan again he came, flooding her tiny body with his cum.

He held still for a moment before slowly withdrawing. A wave of guilt and shame flowed through him as he quickly got off the bed. “Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with me. I got to get out of here.” He somehow managed to get her panties and shirt on her again and then tucked her in. He grabbed his camera and hat from the webcam and shut off the light. He cleaned up the downstairs and left.

His guilt, however, didn’t last long as 20 minutes later he was reviewing the pics from his camera, already hard again.

Morgan lie silently in the darkness listening to Ted downstairs, waiting until she knew he was gone. She glanced at her clock, 2:37 a.m. She had to be up in a few hours for the game. This was a day like no other day in her life. What was she doing? Why had she let him do those things, why did she tease Mr. Ely, why Arthur? She was now worse than Amber, the sluttiest girl in school. Was that what she was, a slut? A secret slut? Yes, only she could know this. Nobody likes a slut. But no one knows. They all think she is pure. Yes, it’s good to be pure, they all want that, they need it, those men. Her fingers slid down between her legs and dove into gooey mixture of her wetness and Ted’s sperm.

When she knew Ted was gone, she let herself cum, and she came hard. All the images of the day rocketed back to her. She heard herself moaning loudly.

In the morning, as she dragged herself to the shower she still felt slimy. She suddenly recalled that feeling from yesterday and blurted out a laugh in realization that Arthur must have somehow removed his condom. She knew exactly when too. She shook her head in amazement.

Morgan stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror. She touched her matted pubic hair. Could anyone tell that the sperm of two much older men was inside her?

Morgan played the whole first half of the game in a daze. Some halftime oranges and some razing by her teammates woke her up though. In the second half she returned to that normal determined fourteen year old kick ass soccer player, scoring two goals and adding three assists as the Wildcatz ran away with game.

After a brief team meeting, Morgan and Darsey headed off towards the parking lot. Just before they reached the stands Morgan look over at Darsey.

“Hey, you forgot your jacket.”

Darsey cursed and ran back to the field.

As Morgan watched she heard a voice behind her.

“Great game Morgan”

Morgan turned around. It was Arthur. But how? How did he know she was here? How had he found her?

“You really kicked butt out there!” Arthur added enthusiastically.

“Umm, thanks” was her unsettled reply.

Then Arthur turned to the man next to him.

“I’d like you to meet a friend of mine. This is Charles.”

Morgan looked up at the man. He was thinner than Arthur but looked older than him since he was bald except for what was left of his white hair. He held out his hand.

“Pleasure to meet you, Morgan.”

Totally caught off guard Morgan took his cold hand. “Hi.”

“I certainly enjoy watching you in action.”

Morgan took her hand away and stuttered. “I gotta go. Bye” She turned and headed past them.

“Don’t forget to check the box sometime.” Arthur called after her.

Morgan didn’t have a chance to think of what he was talking about before Darsey joined her again.

“Who was that?” Darsey snorted, all out of breath.

“Umm…just a friend of my Mom. His, uh, daughter was on the Blades.”

“Oh.” Darsey looked back at Arthur. “He looks like one of those old pervs that would hang out in the park. How could you stand next to him without grossing out? ugh!”

Darsey shook in an exaggerated shiver.

Morgan laughed and wondered what Darsey would think if knew that just yesterday she had willingly let him have sex with her, his fat naked body lying on top of her, his sperm now inside her.

Morgan nervously looked back over her shoulder. The two men still stood in the distance smiling at her. She looked ahead again.

“C’mon Morg, race you to the car.”

“Uh, yeah" Morgan smiled again, "Yeah, we can check out all my scores your dad videoed!”

They both broke into a run towards Darsey’s dad.

Craig Ely stood by his car and watched with a newly lusted interest as his daughter and young Morgan ran towards him, her ponytail bouncing as she trotted along. She was indeed the persona of youth, innocence and beauty. Add in a hint of budding sexuality and it could drive a man insane.

Drive him to do the insane.
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Craig Ely stood before the kneeling young girl. Each hand was locked on a scrunchy-tied pigtail on either side of her head. Looking down he watched her greedy mouth slurp on his long cock. A bit lower her puffy pink capped nipples were in plain view. Somewhere below that was her waiting and willing virgin sex. A surge began to rise from deep within him.

"Stop, stop ,stop...don't move" he ordered breathlessly.

Her pumping motion slowed and ceased as he held her head still, now with only the head of his cock still between her lips. His eyes rolled back as he felt cum rise from his swollen testicles. He held on a moment longer before releasing with full force. His knees almost buckled as wave after wave of the warm fluid left his body and entered the warmth of her mouth.

At last he pulled his cock from her lips and looked down at fourteen year old Morgan. There she was, the best friend of his daughter on her knees with a full load of cum in her mouth. His cum. She looked up at him with innocent blue eyes and a questioning gaze. He smiled at her almost comical look; lips pursed closed and cheeks bulging like a squirrel. She seemed unsure what to do next.

He reached down and put his finger under her chin, tilting her head back.

"That's a good girl, a real good girl. Now swallow."

He watched her close her eyes and force down his ejaculation, grimacing as she swallowed. A moment later she looked back up at him, smiled proudly and licked her lips.

"OH MY GOD, DAD!!!" screamed his daughter Darsey.

Craig shook his head and returned from his fantasy.

"Didn't you see that stop sign!" she called from the back seat.

Craig fumbled for a moment as he regained his composure. He wiped the sweat from his brow as he re-clutched the wheel and focused on his driving.

A moment later the girls spotted and waved at a friend out the window. They yelled out something to her and then plopped back into girlie conversation.

Craig sighed relief and peeked into the rear view window at the two teen girls. He studied Morgan's lips as she spoke, giggled and laughed. Thoughts of those lips wrapped around his cock was just one of many fantasies that he had conjured up in the twenty some hours since he had seen her topless in the hot tub. He glanced down at the video camera on the seat next to him. Hopefully within the hour he might get to see her again. His cock stiffened.

As they neared the Ely home Craig fought off the sexual images and tried to focus on anything else, cause there was no way he was going to hide the enormous erection he was sporting.

Morgan Healy sat in the back seat of the Ely car with her best friend Darsey. A best friend she allowed strangers to see naked on her webcam, a best friend who she let swallow a drink spiked with a load of god know who's sperm, a best friend who's dad had now seen her partially naked. Did Darsey have any idea who the girl next to her really was? Could she ever tell her that not only did she know that ‘gross' guy at the soccer field but that less than twenty four hours ago she was lying naked on his bed touching his penis.

As the car pulled into the driveway Morgan noticed Mr. Ely's eyes in the rear view mirror glance at her for perhaps the twentieth time.

"Dad, can you put the video on TV? You HAVE to see my last pass to Morgan," Darsey pleaded.

Craig stammered for a moment conjuring up a lie, "Umm, the battery is just about dead. Let me copy it onto a DVD for you both, it'll be easier."

The moment they parked, Craig was out of the car and into the house. Morgan and Darsey got their stuff out of the car.

"Geez, what's his rush?" moaned Darsey as her water bottled slipped out of her hand and rolled under the car. "Crap."

Morgan laughed and hauled her bag over her shoulder. She kicked off her cleats and entered the house. She pretended not to notice that down the hall Mr. Ely was slipping out of the laundry room. She smiled to herself as she knew just what he had been doing. Were all men so predictable?

Half an hour later Craig looked out the back window at the two young girls playing in the above ground swimming pool. He had tried so hard not to stare at Morgan when she came out of the laundry room in her bikini just a few minutes earlier. But as the girls walked out the back door he couldn't help but watch that perfect little ass.

Quickly he made his way to the laundry room and pulled the video camera out of the clothes basket. His heart was beating a mile a minute. In the twenty minutes it took the girls to decide to go swimming he had changed his mind more times about the camera than he could count. He tried not to imagine the unholy embarrassment, not to mention all the trouble he would be in if she found it. When Morgan finally went in to change he almost had to run to his own bathroom to puke he was so worked up. He had it placed just so the lens could peek through one of the holes. There was no way she could see it.

A few minutes later he was sitting at his computer desk, stroking his cock as he watched the image of Morgan entering the laundry room. He giggled to himself as she not only locked the door, but pulled on it just to make sure it was shut tight. Craig then unconsciously held his breath as she dropped her bag in the floor and took out her bikini and set it on the washing machine. Leaning over she rolled down her long red socks and flipped them into the corner, followed by her red shorts. When she pulled her soccer jersey over her head she paused a moment as it seemed to be stuck on her pony tail clip. Craig marveled at the sleekness of her body: long toned legs, flat belly and indentations where her ribcage shone. How tightly that black sports bra gripped on to her. When the shirt rested on the floor next to the other items he didn't care which came next, bra or panties. It was the exact same thoughts that went through Ted's mind and the dozens of others that had watched her get naked. At last she crossed her arms across her body and took hold of the bottom of her sports bra. One more moment...

As Morgan climbed into the pool she knew she was perfecting the art of teasing. Teasing that almost crosses the line to downright nasty. Even without looking directly at it, it hadn't been hard to see the shiny lens in the laundry basket, though she doubted she would have noticed it if she wasn't looking for it. As the basket sat on a chair in front of a door mirror she could feel the eye watching her, waiting patiently to capture her nude form for another's pleasure. This was a feeling she had grown to know and love, an addiction of sorts. But this time she was messing with him, turning away from the camera just as she removed her bra. She had slipped on her bikini top without turning back. She had then grabbed her bikini bottom and took it in the tiny adjacent shower/bathroom to change. All that Mr. Ely would see of her was her bare back. The thought of that suddenly dismayed her. She could imagine his frustration of being so close, efforts wasted. How she could have pleased him. She felt caught between the game and the addiction. Then she smiled to herself...all in good time.

Craig held his orgasm at bay until his heart and cock wilted in disappointment. Nothing. No tits, no ass, no bush, nothing. He sat for a moment and then rewound the tape to her pulling off her bra top.
He replayed it again and again noting that her small panties did nothing to hide the exact shape of her ass. He hardened and resumed stroking. Conjuring up the images of her topless on the hot tub was enough to send him over the edge.

After horsing around in the pool for an hour the girls got out, dried and plopped down into the lounge chairs to tan. After all the events of yesterday, last night, the soccer game and the pool, Morgan was ready to crash. Darsey popped on the radio and immediately began to yap away about something. Morgan quickly tuned her out as her thoughts were already far, far away.

Morgan tried to review all that had happened in the last twenty-four hours. It was almost too much to believe, let alone deal with. Right now there was $5000 sitting in a bag in her closet because she had visited Arthur. How just did he find out whom she was and that she had a soccer game? And who was that other guy, Charles, yes that was his name. Although he had looked older than Arthur he was certainly more well dressed than his sloppy counter part. Even so, he was a bit overweight and hardly the type get find a good looking woman. Thinking back Morgan thought of how sweaty and crappy she must have looked after the game. He probably wanted out of there as fast as he could.

Only someone as pathetic as Arthur could want her. She recalled how he had wrapped her fingers around his penis and moved it up and down. It was weird just how soft and hard it was at the same time. His face had ecstasy written all over it. Morgan played back the entire scene and figured out when he must have taken his condom off and how she could barely breathe as the full force of his body pressed into her, ultimately grunting and shooting his sperm inside her. That was okay though, since she hadn't yet had her first period. She knew that there was absolutely no way to get pregnant yet. And yet she had had an orgasm. How could that be? Arthur probably never made anyone orgasm in his life. Did he even notice hers? And after him there was Ted and everything he did, stripping her, touching her, licking her, putting his penis in her mouth (umm, yes, that was much nicer than she had ever expected). She would never forget how he held her head and pumped it in and out and when he ahd put it back in after having an orgasm and a little more came out in her mouth. A slight sweetness that left an aftertaste in her mouth. And like Arthur he shot his sperm inside her as well. Heck, showing her boobs to Mr. Ely seemed like no big shake. Next time he would get his film footage, yes indeed. Morgan felt herself drifting off. Checking the box? What did Arthur mean about checking the box? Too much to think about.

Darsey's course voice shattered the tranquility. "Hey Mor, can you get my back?"

Morgan flashed back to reality, opening her eyes. "Umm, sure".

Morgan sat up and applied a glob of lotion to Darsey's back. A few seconds of a sloppy job later, "How's that?"

"Great, thanks" Darsey chirped.

Morgan lay back down, this time on her stomach.

"Let me getcha back" offered Darsey.


The hot lotion and Darsey's hands felt incredibly relaxing and soon Morgan was zoning out again. Her thoughts had ceased and the only thing she sensed besides Darsey's fingers unhooking her bikini top was the voice on the on the radio, an interview with some hip-hop star. The first word caught her attention, "Sex...sex be everywhere, don't you know, in the streets, in the houses, places you ain't never thought of before, [beep]ing everywhere. What? Oh [beep] sorry man. Anyway, you may not see it, but it be there boy, it be there, and it be waiting for you. Most folk don't know that and that is why they miss out on a chance to jam. Now open your ears to my new spin and open your eyes and get busy."

Morgan knew he was right, sex was everywhere and she had been plenty busy.

Craig had been busy too. Already his cock was hard again as he peeked out the bedroom window. How he wished he could trade places with his daughter right now and be the one rubbing not lotion, but his cum that he had just splattered on Morgan's back after fucking her.

It was around five-ish when Darsey suggested that they go out to TGI Fridays for dinner. Craig said that would be fine and Morgan too was very up for it.

Morgan suddenly cringed, "Oh Crap, I have to sit for the Driscoll's tonight."

Darsey saddened, "No way Mo! What time?"

Morgan glanced at the clock and sighed, "In like a half an hour"

"Come back over afterwards, you can sleep over. C'mon."

"I dunno Dar, I don't feel real great, I'll call you later from their house. They let me use it once Joey is asleep."

Morgan looked at the clock again, "I don't have time to go home and back, is it okay if I take a quick shower here?" then she glared at Darsey, "seeing how someone put like a GALLON of lotion on me."

Craig's heart stopped again as he cursed himself silently, "SHIT!" Here she was, about to get a shower and he forgot to put the camera back in the basket. But perverted minds work differently than others and like the Grinch, he thought of a lie and thought it up quick. "Before you girls do all your running around, throw the solar cover back on the pool, will ya? It's supposed to get windy tonight and I don't want all the leaves in it."
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Five minutes later Morgan was locking and checking the laundry room door. Instantly she knew what Craig was up to in the time they were outside. Earlier, when she had gone to the bathroom the camera was gone, but now it was back again. Again she teased as she entered the bathroom section with her bikini still on. In the shower found herself incredibly aroused. What if Mr. Ely could see her now, leaning back against the shower wall, suds running down her body, fingers jammed deep inside herself trying to recapture the fullness of last night.

An hour later Craig was thanking God as his computer spewed forth video of young wet Morgan dropping her towel. The resolution was so fine he could see the beads of water on her back and perfect little ass. Then she turned around. He could see everything, absolutely everything. And when she reached up to dry her hair with her towel her legs spread just a bit, enough so he could make out her tiny cunt lips. A few moments later he would forget all about that ‘long distance' shot as she grabbed her hair dryer and moved in front of the mirror to blow dry. The mirror, of course, was right behind the laundry basket. Morgan's virgin little pussy was only inches from the camera, close enough he could count every hair, see every fold. Craig came as he imagined her scent, her taste.

Right on time the doorbell rang at the Driscoll household. Morgan turned and watched Mr. Ely drive off after giving her a lift the five blocks over. Mr. Driscoll opened the door and smiled when he saw her.

"Sorry I'm late Mr. Driscoll. I almost forgot", she apologized.

"Oh, don't be sorry Morgan, you're right on time. Come on in."

When Morgan entered little Joey came running over on cue to great her with a big hug. As she kneeled to hug him she noticed how Mr. Driscoll maneuvered himself around to the front of her. But there would be no ‘show' today as she only had a high collar tee-shirt on, but geez, just how much can a girl do in twenty four hours? Then Mrs. Driscoll called her into the kitchen.

"Morgan," Mrs. Driscoll paused as though she were about to reveal a secret, "Now you can say no if you want to and don't feel bad about it if you do but we were hoping it wouldn't be a problem with you."

Morgan was dumbfounded. "Umm, what?"

"Relax, it's nothing really," She continued. "But my father is here. He had a stroke a few weeks ago and he's been living here."

"Oh my God, I'm sorry." Morgan consoled.

"It's okay dear, we've gotten used it. It's been easier than I thought.."

"Your Mom must be very upset." replied Morgan.

Mrs. Driscoll gave a slight chuckle, "Oh no, they've been divorced since I was a kid. He had cheated many times. He was born a playboy and never remarried, too busy carousing with the woman even now at his age, well up until a few weeks ago. It's kind of sad to see him in this state. But there is no need to worry, Herbert, my dad, just sits in his bed and stares at the TV. He doesn't talk and can't even recognize that his own daughter is talking to him."

"Gee, I don't know"

"Like I said, it will be okay if you say no, but really, you won't even know he is here. And you have our cell if you need anything. Unless we help him he doesn't budged."

Morgan shrugged her shoulders, "I guess so."

Mrs. Driscoll broke into a huge smile, "Oh thank you dear. We had a nurse here for a weeks but insurance ran out so we haven't been able to get out much as you can imagine. We'll be back by nine, I promise."

"It's no problem Mrs. Driscoll, take your time."

Morgan was glad to see them go and was happy to enjoy the company of a simple two year old.

"Are you gonna turn out like all other men?" She asked little Joey.

Joey just smiled and took off running. Morgan chased after.

By seven Morgan was tucking little Joey into bed. She gave him a kiss and partially shut his door as she left. As she made her way down the hall she peeked in on Herbert. Just as Mrs. Driscoll said he was sitting, eyes glued on Alex Trebek as he introduced three new contestants. She sighed and wondered how the brain could change someone so much. Then she grabbed a Coke from the fridge and plopped on the couch with the phone. For the next 45 minutes she gabbed with Darsey and finally agreed to come back over for a sleepover. Morgan really just wanted to get back to her own bed and just sleep.

Just as Morgan hung up the phone she heard Joey whimpering from down the hall. She jumped up and checked on him. A few soothing words and he was back to sleep in no time.

Again she made her way past Herbert's room. She stopped and looked in again. He was still staring at the TV unmoved. Intrigued, Morgan quietly entered the room. Still he didn't look at her or even budge.

She waved her hand and meekly announced "Hi, Mr. umm Herbert, I'm Morgan." No response. She moved around the side of the bed and stared at his face. He seemed so intent on the TV that it didn't even seem that there was anything wrong with him, and even though just a few months ago he was chasing the ladies he would never again. Again she called his name, this time louder but still nothing.

Morgan looked up at the TV. "Hmm, Wheel of Fortune, you like that show? It's kinda okay, but I never get the puzzles."

After watching the show for a minute she grabbed the remote from the bottom of the bed. "How about some MTV?" She went to change the channel but accidentally turned the TV off.

She looked back at him, "Oops, sorry..." His gaze just went unfocused. When she clicked the TV back on his eyes returned to the TV.

"The TV really does keep you company, eh?" She changed the channel to MTV where an episode of ‘Real World' drama was playing. She looked back at Herbert. He was still staring at the TV but with even less intent than before.

"Guess you like the bright lights and all the bells and bings." She looked back at the TV. She hadn't seen this episode. "You won't mind if I watch for a minute, just till the next commercial." She knew he didn't mind. Even if he did he wouldn't say anything.

A minute later came the standard hot tub scene after the night at the bars. As usual Rachel and Johanna were fighting over some guy and both came out in the skimpiest of bikinis. Morgan could only wish she had a body like Rachel's.

When Morgan peeked back at Herbert she noticed his eyes were wide open, staring intently at the screen. Morgan looked back at the two vixens on the TV, then back at Herbert. Oh, he was staring alright, with luster. Suddenly a commercial came on. When she looked back at Herbert his eyes were half closed again. Morgan chuckled, "Once a ladies man, always a ladies man." Then she pouted. "So am I just chopped liver then, eh Herbert?" She stood up. "Herberrrrrt" His eyes remained glues to the set. "Hmph, Guess I should remember to bring my bikini next time." She switched the TV back to his game show.

Morgan almost jumped when she heard the garage door start to open. Quickly she ran out of Herbert's room and cleaned up what little mess she left. Fifteen minutes later Mr. Driscoll was dropping her back off at Darsey's house. When she got out of the car she counted her money and was dismayed to see the much smaller tip than usual. "Geez Mr Skimpy," She thought to herself, "sorry if you didn't get to see down my shirt tonight." But with five thousand dollars in her closet there wouldn't be much need to baby-sit anymore.

Morgan was exhausted but she managed to stay up until after midnight with Darsey watching all sorts of crap on TV. Mr. Ely, of course, was extra attentive to her but they didn't see much of him since they hung out mostly in Darsey's room. The one time she did run into him in the kitchen he was unable disguise a ‘total go over and removal of clothes' with his eyes. Immediately afterwards he disappeared to his room.

Around 1 a.m. Morgan was almost asleep as the girls sat on the floor of Darsey's room with empty bowls of ice cream and popcorn watching TV. She hadn't even noticed what Darsey was watching anymore. Heck, she even missed the end of ‘SAW', despite all the killing and violence. When the TV came back into focus she had to shake her head to make sure what she was seeing, two woman making out.

"What are you watching Dars?"

Darsey blushed for a moment. "Oh it's the L Word"

"The what word?"

"L Word. It's an HBO series a kinda soap opera but all the women are gay. It's really an intense show, I mean about all the relationships."

"You always watch it?"

"I dunno, I kinda got hooked on it. Not cause the lezzy stuff but it's just a good show, gets real serious."

Morgan tried to watch but it seemed as confusing as the long winded narration Darsey tired to give to explain. She was intrigued however when the two woman were in bed. "Just how do two women do it?" she thought. However it was, they certainly portrayed it quite erotically. When the scene had returned to some ‘normal' conversations Morgan climbed up into Darsey's queen size bed. Ever since they were little they always slept in the same bed. It was different for girls though, sleeping in the same bed didn't bother them as it would the boys. "Okay, it looks like a good show. Stop explaining. I'm going to sleep." A moment later Morgan rolled on her side and was fast asleep.

Morgan didn't know what time it was when she woke but it was pitch black. For a second she had to remember where she was. Was the bed shaking? Then she heard a soft moan from the other side of her. Geezus, was Darsey doing what she thought she was doing? Then she noticed Darsey's heavy breathing. Yep she was. Whoa.

Morgan didn't know what to do. She wasn't about to say anything and embarrass Darsey but this was so weird. Not only that, she felt cramped on her side and needed to change positions. In fact she had to move her arm just a bit right now. After that Darsey stopped moving. Then Darsey rolled on her side and two girls lie back to back. A moment kater Morgan rolled comfortably onto her back but her left hand accidentally landed on Darsey's hip. For some reason or other she left it there.

"Morg, you awake? Morgie?"

Darsey laid in fear that Morgan would answer her whispering call. Because if she did, then she was awake, and if she was awake then she'd know that she was doing, masturbating. That would be THE single most embarrassing moment in her life. But the ‘L Word' was too good tonight. On the show she had watched Bette having an affair with a woman that she seduced in a New York City night club. It was just too fucking hot. She had almost made herself cum recalling how they had so seductively stripped each other clothes off, ran their hands over each other and kissed. But she had stopped just short of orgasm because she thought she Morgan was waking up. So she sighed and rolled on her side knowing that she could finish her fantasy after Morgan left in the morning. Then she felt Morgan roll as well and thought that, well, that maybe she was awake now.

But there was no reply. Darsey lie silent listening to Morgan's steady breathing. She whispered again, and again there was no response. Knowing how tired Morgan seemed earlier it was no surprise that she was deep asleep. It also wasn't a surprise that she could feel the heat from Morgan's hand through the sheets on her hip. There was no doubt that Morgan had become a gorgeous girl. She would break many hearts, both men and women's. It was just yesterday that she thought this, in the hot tub. It wasn't fair that Morgan could look so good. Suddenly the TV fantasy returned to her, but this time Bette wasn't closing herself in the hotel room with the woman, she was in the room with Morgan. The older woman had seduced Morgan and was stripping her clothes off, touching her body, kissing her lips. Darsey couldn't stop her left hand from sliding between her legs and allowed her other to touch Morgan's hand. She did this with barely a motion, smooth and light as possible.

Morgan felt shivers run through her body the moment that Darsey hand glided over hers. Despite the incredibly awkward feeling she didn't move, trying her best to feign sleep. It became even weirder when Darsey let go and slowly begin to push the covers out from under her hand. Just as her hand felt the soft material of sweat pants, that too began to move. Her hand now resting on the warm flesh of Darsey's bare hip, Morgan's heart began to race as the sensation of warmth flowed through her. Again she controlled her breathing as Darsey once again lie motionless, listening to her.

Darsey couldn't remain motionless for long as the fingers on her left hand was already pulling wetness from between her legs. Her fantasy was in full flight and the combination of Morgan's hand on her bare hip only fueled the need to bury her fingers inside her and release that incredible feeling. The orgasm, which she only recently become acquainted with, not so oddly coincided with her first viewing of the L Word. But this was awkward. Not the situation, but her position. She needed to roll on her stomach or her back, both of which she found could stimulate a different kind of orgasm. Tonight, however, it was obvious which way she would roll.

Morgan could feel Darsey's body begin to rock slightly. She then felt Darsey do something she wasn't really expecting. Ever so slowly she could feel Darsey shifting to roll on her back, but as she did so she held Morgan's hand still. Morgan could feel the soft skin slide under her fingers as Darsey rolled. Down her hip and finally coming to rest on stomach, no actually it was below her stomach. Was that really pubic hair that her fingers rested in?

The two young teens now lie side by side on their backs.

After all the moving Darsey lie motionless once more, praying that the shifting had not woken her friend. Again convinced, she slipped her fingers back between her slightly spread legs and into her wetness. This time, however, her masturbating hand rested next to Morgan's. Her other hand slid under her sleep shirt and she began to caress her own breasts. Normally she would fantasize about herself being with one of the women from the show but this time it was Morgan and that was somehow hotter. Of course the sensation of Morgan's hand on her probably had something to do with it. But how would she do it? How would Bette make love to Morgan? She knew they would be rolling passionately in the bed, naked, sheets flying as they kissed madly. Breasts touching, yes, then she would kiss down her body. Morgan's back would arch when she took her small breast into her mouth.

Morgan could feel herself getting extremely wet as the girl next her writhed and moaned softly. She could feel muscles in Darsey's body tighten as she continued to masturbate, her body rising slightly as she extended and contracted the muscles in her legs and butt. Morgan desperately wanted to touch herself as she could feel her nipple stiffen and the folds of her sex began to swell. Then she felt her hand being forced further down between Darsey's legs and pressed firmly against the hot wetness. She actually had her hand between another girls legs. Then a hand cupped hers and began to force her finger within the slippery folds.

Darsey pushed Morgan's finger inside her and then buried her own as well. She felt it coming, all was good. She removed her hand from under her shirt and moved it under the sheets and over Morgan's bare leg. How warm and wonderful. Yes, Bette would be on top of Morgan as they made love, pressed hard together moving towards orgasm. Bette would start to moan loudly as she came, as they both came. No it wasn't Bette at all, it was her, she was fucking her best friend.

Morgan felt Darsey's body buckle and knew she was having an orgasm. She didn't know how Darsey would ever expect her to sleep though all this as Darsey's was rubbing herself furiously now and her breathing short, choppy and loud. Darsey was squeezing her leg so hard it almost hurt, but it didn't, it felt incredible. So great in fact that she allowed herself to slide her own finger inside herself. She knew Darsey wouldn't notice. She wanted to cum so badly but even as the thought came to her Darsey let go of her leg and relaxed with a staggering sigh. A few minutes later Darsey carefully put her hand on the bed next to her and then rolled on her side away from her. Shortly after that Morgan rolled on her side, balling her hands under her chin. She could still feel the slight stickiness on her finger and unconsciously moved her hand to her face. She thought she would be grossed out by the smell, but it was different. It was sex, girl sex. That was the last thought she had before she fell asleep.

The next morning Morgan woke alone in the bed. Actually it was the hair dryer that woke her. Darsey was already up, showered and dressed. When she finally climbed out of bed she was presented with a long with a list of things for them to do today. But all she wanted to do was go home and sleep some more. A day of absolutely nothing and nobody. Damn she still had a report to work on for School tomorrow.

An hour later Morgan shut and locked the front door of her house and crashed on the couch. Finally some peace and quiet. She crashed on the couch without another thought of Arthur, Ted, Charles, Mr. Ely, or Darsey.

The quiet ended at 2pm when Morgan's mother came in from the garage. She of course bitched on how messy the house was and wasn't it supposed to be Morgan's job to keep it clean? That was how she was earning her $15 weekly allowance. She didn't want to lose out on that money now, did she?

Things actually cooled down a bit after that as her Mom apologized for being grumpy. She had a late night and really just needed a shower now. After she left the room Morgan realized how little her mom knew of what was going on, typically clueless, but she loved her nonetheless. Her mom did sleep around quite a bit when in between boyfriends and was probably considered easy. She was quite open about sex, perhaps too open. Heck, she'd probably help her get on the pill if she asked. She doubted though that her mom wouldn't just drop dead if she knew what her innocent little daughter had been up to this weekend. When her mom came back downstairs Morgan was working on her paper at the kitchen table. Again she apologized and wanted to make amends for being gone most of the weekend.
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"How about dinner out?"

Morgan smiled at the thought of not having to make them both something for supper, "That works for me."

"Can we stop at the mall first? I wanted to pick up an outfit I had on backorder."

Morgan shuddered at the thought. The last thing she wanted to do right now was go to the mall and run into Arthur or something. "What store?"

"Bloomies of course!"

Morgan sighed relief. That was part of the Rockland Mall, the other side of town. "No problemo"

Her mom smiled. "Okay, but it looks like you need a shower too."

Morgan didn't have to look in a mirror to know that was true. Twenty minutes later she was walking back into her room after a very long shower with only a towel wrapped around her wet body. She shut the door and took off her towel and wrapped it around her hair. She glanced over at her computer and the gleaming eye of the webcam as it stared endlessly at her. She couldn't image that anyone even watched anymore. And ever since Yahoo shut down all the user chat rooms she couldn't even see what the watchers were ‘thinking' anymore. Had they moved somewhere else? She was tempted to just shut the thing off for good since it was the feedback and words that she liked the best. She finished drying her hair, put on a pair of panties and sat down at the computer. She un-hid the webcam viewer and user list and sure enough there was 15 users watching. Probably they just left their screens on all the time and weren't even watching. She glanced at the viewer and could herself clearly sitting there, breasts exposed for anyone to see. But she knew all these names, did these guys ever do anything but sit at the computer? Occasionally a new one would pop up but mostly the same people. Then the user list started growing, 17, 21, 25, 30, which was the max. They most definitely were watching. A few of the names she didn't recognize, which was kinda cool. She could only wish she knew what these new guys were thinking. Then she thought of the money.

Morgan sat herself on the floor of her closet, which was out of view of the cam, and took out the bag from Arthur. She untied the knot on top and peeked in again at all the cash. Look at all of it, just because she let Arthur, yeah, she let him. For a moment she wondered if his sperm was still inside her. Did it come all out when she pee'd? She really didn't know. Maybe it would always be there. She let the thought go as she reached and pulled out a couple of 20's. The Rockland had a Hot Topic and wouldn't it be nice to get something cool, maybe a new Evanescence or The Used shirts. Wearing something new to school was always ‘in'.

She was about to close the bag when Arthur's comment at the soccer field came back to her. Something about checking the box. But this was a bag? What did that mean? She dug through the money until she came across a small envelope. Pulling it out she tore it open. Inside was a small key and note. The only words on it were " P.O. Box 721, Vienna ". Vienna was the next town over. A post office box. That was the box he was talking about. She grinned as she realized this was Arthur's way to communicate with her. There was probably a note in there, probably having to do with Charles.

"Geez, whatta you guys think I am? Pass around Pam?" She muttered as she hid the key, note and cash again. She got dressed in a black tee shirt and put on a ball cap. The last thing she wanted to be right now was sexy.

As it turned out Morgan and her mom had a fun time at the mall. Her mom even gave her some money to use at Hot Topic just so she didn't have to use up all her baby-sitting money. Heh, if she only knew. They ended up just eating at the food court, which was fine. Morgan was just content to eat with a crowd and have no one notice her in her baggie pants and band shirt. And no one gave her a second glance in this fancier mall. Morgan recalled the interview on the radio from yesterday. Sex be everywhere. Yeah right. Not today.

As they got ready to leave the mall her mom pulled out her cell phone and excused herself to make a call. Probably another date, probably for tonight.

"And Morgan, be a dear and run into CVS and get me some of that Migraine stuff I use. I think I have one coming on. You know which one it is."

"Sure Mom"

Morgan entered CVS and made her way back to the medicine aisle. She quickly picked out the right bottle. She examined the label. "Gee, all it has extra is caffeine, what a crock." She took the bottle to the front counter and handed it to the lady.

"Hey don't I know you?"

Morgan looked up at the lady and recognized her at once. It was Ms. Tibbits, her phys. ed. teacher from 6th grade. Her hair was now a lot shorter, almost a man's cut and she had put on a few pounds as well, but she was still had a semi pretty face.

"Oh Hi Ms. Tibbits."

"You remembered! You're Morgan right? I never forget a face. How are you?"

"I'm doing good Ms. Tibbits"

"Great, but call me Leanne. We're not in school anymore."

It suddenly came back to Morgan. No she wasn't in school anymore was she. Morgan recalled back when she was in 6th that Ms. Tibbits left teaching in the middle of the year. Something about inappropriate conduct. She had never been sure what that meant but had heard various rumors ranging from stealing girls underwear to being caught masturbating to fondling one of the high school girls during her after school program. In any case she knew it had something to do with her and one of the girls, which of course meant that she was lezzy.

"Okay, Ms. Tibbits, I mean Leanne."

Ms. Tibbits laughed gleefully. "Wow, you've really grown." She paused, "But not too much. You don't want to grow up too fast now do you? Are you in high school yet?"

Morgan shrugged, "Next year."

Ms. Tibbits rang up her purchase as her interest grew. "So how are you keeping busy these days?"

"Umm, school mostly, and soccer and baby-sittting."

Ms. Tibbits perked up, "Babysitting? My brother and his wife are looking for someone new. Would you be interested?"

"Oh I don't know, I already have too many clients."

Ms. Tibbits seemed disheartened as she handed Morgan her change, "I'm sorry to hear that, see they just moved into town and have no one. Their really in a bind."

"Umm, maybe, I'm not sure. Where do they live?"

Ms. Tibbits grimaced. "Over in Butler , but I'm sure they or, or I could give you a ride. I'm trying to do everything I can to make them comfortable here. This would be a HUGE help." She smirked, "and make me look good in the process."

Morgan felt bad for her for some reason. "I guess if I'm not real busy."

"Oh great!" Ms. Tibbits took out a small notepad. "Here, write your number on this."

Morgan scribbled her number down on pad. "Why am I doing this?" She thought to herself. "This is ridiculous. Why would she want to come all the way out to my house to get me to baby-sit. There must be a thousand kids in her area."

"Thank you Morgan. I promise you, I'll make it worth your while."

Ms. Tibbits watched young Morgan leave the store. "And maybe, just maybe I can make it worth MY while." At 45, Leanne had had seven lovers in her life. The first a horrible, and her lone experience with a boy at age 17. Never again would she let a man near her. The other six were woman, spread out over the following 28 years. Two had been lasting relationships of over four years. None of them had been over the age of twenty-five as older woman, despite their maturity, or maybe because of their maturity, turned her off. The youngest, and most recent, had been seventeen, a troubled girl she came across doing some after school program at the high school three years ago. At first glance she knew the girl was most likely gay. It had been easy to seduce the vulnerable young girl and Leanne was thrilled to find that she was the girl's first. Unfortunately after only their third encounter the girl got in some trouble and moved to Boston to live with her father. But by then Melissa's tight young body and spirit had already spoiled Leanne and she soon began to crave for another. She found herself constantly fantasized about the girls in her high-school and junior high classes, even sneaking peeks in the locker room. At that point in her career no one suspected her of being a lesbian, at least not openly and she felt almost guilty at being able to watch these nubile young girls change clothes every day. But she had messed up. She had picked the wrong girl to try and seduce. The girl had told her parents and it basically it came down leaving her job and all charges would be dropped. So for the past two years she has had exactly zero lovers, mostly because no one of legal age seemed to interest her anymore. Her job at the factory provided absolutely no exposure to anyone who fit that bill. But after only a week at CVS she came across what seemed to be a perfect candidate. She was young, pretty, perky, friendly and the most important factor, naïve. Yes, there would be no mistakes this time, no doubt. This would be her project. Manipulate her slowly, expose her weak spots, draw on her compassions and then compel obligation. A precisely designed awkward moment and the young girl's defenses would crumble allowing a brief instant for her to enter. Leanne would not miss that chance and once that line was crossed the girl would fall and become her lover. And that girls name was Morgan. For the first time in many months Leanne has something to look forward to.

It wasn't until Morgan reached the parking lot that Ms. Tibbits request and her past came together. Was she imagining things or was Ms. Tibbits no different from Arthur?

"Geez," She whispered under her breath, "maybe sex do be everywhere"

She laughed at how silly her ghetto speak sounded.
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Morgan laid back on her bed perusing the song list on her iPod and sighed at the short listing. She glanced at her computer. Yeah, it was time to download some new tunes.

Morgan sat at her computer and fired up her Limewire file sharing program. Twenty minutes later she had thirty new songs. She then clicked on the video tab and searched there. Tons of videos came up. She knew she’d have to run to the mall soon and get the new iPod video player. Now that would be cool to watch videos on that. She glanced at her closet. It wasn’t like she didn’t have the money.

Just for fun she typed the word ‘soccer’ in the search field. A number of soccer blooper videos were listed with some real ones. She started to download a Mia Hamm goal video as she was her idol. Then, looking back at the long list she saw another video that probably had nothing to do with soccer at all. It was named ‘soccer mom gangbang’. She clicked on the name to see the description but accidentally double clicked on it and it started to download the 88 meg file. Just then a buzzer from the oven went off downstairs.

As she stood up she noticed the ever watching eye of her webcam.

“Sorry, no shows today boys.” She whispered to herself.

Two hours, and a few Tivo MTV Real Worlds later, Morgan returned to her room. She had forgot about the downloads and checked her computer. The new My Chemical Romance videos were incredible, she so loved them despite everyone at school seeming to hate them. Definitely getting the video iPod.

The last video in the completed downloads was the soccer mom video. Morgan stared at it for a moment when curiosity got the better of her. She double clicked on the video.

A second later the video filled her screen. A typical good looking college-aged boy, spiky hair, and holding a large blue cup stood in front of the camera. He reminded her of Ty Pennington from the Home Makeover show.

“Okay kids, in today’s math lesson we are going to find out what the numbers one, four and thirty have in common. Give up? I‘ll give you as hint. It’s what you get when you mix one innocent soccer mom, four cups of grain punch (he holds up the cup), and thirty horny college boys. Don’t believe me? Then watch this.”

The video switches to a noisy, crowded party scene in a frat house. ‘Ty’ is standing in the far corner with a young (but older than the typical college girl) blonde woman. The camera man makes his way though the crowd and approaches the couple. They both notice. The woman seems confused, Ty smiles. When it reaches them Ty looks into the camera and speaks.

“Hey Steve! I want you to meet Jennifer.” He looks at her and whispers, “Jennifer, right?”

The woman, Jennifer, looks uncomfortable in front of the camera. The petite and pretty blond, about 25 or so tries to shy away from the camera.

“She’s a little pre-occupied, she’s in town visiting her sick father.” he continues.

“Nice to meet you Jennifer” replies the cameraman.

“I just stopped by to say hi to Steve, he’s been very friendly” she blurts in a whispered voice, “I’m leaving in a moment.”

“C’mon” boosts that cameraman, “Hang out a while, have a drink, meet the guys. We’re not so bad. Have a little fun.” He begins to back away. As he does the video zooms on her wedding ring clad hand and then pans back up to her face.

Morgan’s jaw almost hit the floor. “Aunt Jennifer?” She whispered to herself in shock. It couldn’t be, no way, but it was.

Aunt Jennifer was her mom’s younger sister, the good one, the polar opposite of her mother. As her mom was the trampy unmarried pregnant at eighteen chain smoker, Aunt Jenn was always the nicest and purest person she had ever met. Morgan had already been looking forward to spending a week with her and Uncle Mark after school let out. What was she doing in that place, with those boys? She remembered Grampa being sick about two months ago and her mom wouldn’t go. Mom knew her perfect younger sister would take care of everything, she always did. If there was anyone in the world Morgan looked up to and wanted to be like it was her Aunt Jennifer.

Morgan stared, hardly blinking as the video continued.

The video popped back to the Ty alone with the cup.

“Now let’s all count to four together.” He cheerfully announced.

The video returned to the frat house and a blue circle with the number ‘1’ appeared in the top left corner. In the picture Jennifer was talking with ‘Ty’ in the far corner of the room and drinking from a blue cup. The picture switched and the number ‘2’ appeared along with the caption “Ten minutes later…”. She now had a red cup, then a yellow, then a green. At this point, thirty minutes later she seemed quite drunk, her body language was so relaxed that she was starting to stumble a bit.

A little circle opened in the bottom left of the screen with Ty in it again.

“See what happens when you drink too much, not only does it make it difficult to stand but also hard to make rational decisions. I mean, don’t you think she should be headed on home to her husband by now?”

In the video Jennifer staggers towards the front door but Ty gathers her in and redirects her out of the room towards the stairs.

In the circle Ty looks up to the right (ala Brady Bunch style) and speaks again.

“Oops, I guess not.” He looks straight into the camera again. “Okay boys and girls. Are you ready to count to thirty? Well, I am.” He smiles and his circle disappeared.

Morgan’s jaw dropped even further as heavy metal music began to play and the video switches to a messy bedroom. There was her aunt Jennifer lying naked on the bed with some guy thrusting his penis into her mouth. He suddenly moaned and pulled out, shooting his sperm all over her face. A large red ‘1’ appeared in the top right of the video. It quickly switched to Jennifer on her hands and knees with a different guy behind her having sex with her. He suddenly grabbed her hips and held her still and moaned out loud as a large red ‘2’ appeared.

Morgan watched in disbelief as the crowd around the bed had sex with her aunt in every way possible, showing only the last few seconds of each ‘encounter’. Their sperm went in her mouth, on her face, on her body, in her body. All the while Jennifer seemed in some drunken stupor of pleasure, never resisting, never taking control, as if she just let them do what they wanted to her, let them use her. The point when Jennifer was on her back with one boy straddling her face and another with her legs over his shoulders was when Morgan began to unconsciously touch herself. Both boys orgasmed at the same time. Even some black boys did her, had one even forced himself in her butt, making her half moan, have cry in pain, her face buried in the pillow. The last boy, number ‘30’ was a very large fat boy. He was on top of her the normal way but he was so big she couldn’t even her aunt Jennifer beneath him except for her calves and feet on either side of him held up pointing towards the ceiling bouncing each time he rocked into her. Morgan couldn’t help but imagine that the tiny feet bobbing was all that could be seen of herself when Arthur was on top of her. She saw the boy’s body stiffen as he groaned. Jennifer’s legs flopped to the sides as he crawled off of her, leaving her spread eagled on the bed. The camera zoomed in between her legs as a large glob of white goo started to leak out of her open lips. The end of the video showed her lying naked, asleep on the bed, her body covered with black markings. Yes, they had all written their names on her with magic marker. Then the video clicked off.

“Holy fucking shit”, Morgan whispered to herself, still unable to comprehend all that she had just seen. Why would Aunt Jennifer do that? Why didn’t she stop it? What would Uncle Mark think?

A few weeks ago she would have been appalled but after all that she had gone through since it was a bit clearer. Maybe her aunt was exploring herself as well. Maybe she was more like her aunt than she ever thought. It would be so weird to see her when she visited.

Morgan climbed into bed and continued to rub herself. All the feelings of the past weekend came back to her and they mixed with the video she just viewed. She had let thirty of them have sex with her in a row. What would it feel like to have that many men in a row? She started to cum before the chance to explore that thought any deeper.

The next morning Morgan had been late to school, but not because she got up late or missed the bus, but rather that it took longer than she thought to ride her bike to the Vienna post office before school. Now she sat in the back row of Social Studies pondering the still sealed envelope tucked inside her school agenda book. Looking around the room she stared at the girls in class. Were any of them having sex yet? Tammy Baxter most certainly was, at least she was pretty sure if rumor had it, though it was with a seventeen year old high school boy and not a sloppy 50 year old overweight business man.

She turned her attention towards her teacher, Mr. Whitaker. She was sure he would be the pervy type but his eyes never strayed towards any of the girls in class. He didn’t watch their asses when they left the room, his eyes never drifted from eye contact to their chests. He did, in fact, treat everyone the same, as a kid. He wasn’t the only one either. Morgan had kept close vigil on all the teachers, watching where their gazes went. Even the gym teacher gave absolutely no indication that he was the slightest bit interested any of the girls in her grade, especially not her. And if they were, they sure hid it well. For a moment she wondered if any of her webcam viewers were teachers. Maybe Arthur was a teacher, or Charles, or maybe even a principal. Even Letterman, the janitor (his name was really just Dave but everyone called him Letterman) kept his eyes to himself. But there was the night janitor, a greasy little guy that sometimes did days. She remembered he would look the girls up and down while holding his mop.

Her heartbeat quickened as she slowly pulled out the envelope from her agenda book and stared at it, her hands already getting sweaty. Quietly she creaked open her desk, pulled out a pair of rounded rubber-handled school scissors and cut the end off the envelope. She looked around and made sure no one was paying attention to her, especially the teacher as this was probably not the kind of note you want to be caught with at school.

Again there were multiple pages, each containing its own brief cryptic note.


Morgan quietly folded the papers and returned them to the envelope. Strangely enough her first thoughts were not or whether to or not to, but that her next home game was this Sunday at two and that she’d somehow have to avoid getting a ride home with Darsey as her parents usually drove her there and back.

She stopped and shook her head, trying to gather some sense of reality. With Arthur it had been different, kind of a spur of the moment thing, even if it hadn’t really been. She felt sorry for Arthur. No. It had excited her to strip for him in the changing room as he basked in the glory of seeing her unclothed underage body. Then she went to his house and she let him…use her. She recalled Charles. He seemed so distinguished, gentlemanly, proper. His white hair trimmed neatly, clothes proper like he was the president of some company or something. But he was just the same as Arthur, he wanted to have sex with an underage girl, a perverts dream come true. And of course she was the girl. How did that happen?

Sometime between Social Studies and dismissal Morgan #2 penciled her reply.

By eight o’clock that evening Arthur relayed the message “Sunday 4 p.m. Hennessey’s Exxon” to Charles. By eight-fifteen Charles was toasting himself in celebration of the fact that in a few days he would be laying pipe to the little ball of energy he had watched on the soccer field. Arthur really wasn’t shitting him and this was for real. How that sad sack he met on the internet managed to bag that sweet thing was beyond comprehension but at the moment he didn’t care. All he cared was having her little mouth wrapped around his cock. Fuck the rules, he had his own rules and the first rule was the fourteen year old girls don’t make rules, they follow them. And little miss soccer could be the key to a door that even Arthur had no idea about yet. A place where five grand was a drop in the bucket.

School and soccer practice kept Morgan pretty busy the rest of the week, though too often her thoughts turned towards the upcoming Sunday. She had checked the post office box yesterday and received the confirmation that they would pick her up. Why would there be a bonus if she came right after the game? That was just weird; she’d be all sweaty and dirty. Maybe he wanted her to shower first, maybe so they could watch. Where would Arthur go? Would he leave them alone? Could she really go through with this? She knew she could easily bag and ride home with Darsey. Heck, she still hadn’t come up with an excuse to not go home with them. It was reassuring to know that she had an out if she wanted one. Three days seemed a long time to ponder the situation and already she was starting to flip flop her decision.

The more Morgan thought about it, the more confused she became. The thought of sex with these men didn’t excite her as she was hardly attracted to them. The thought of kissing any of them (especially Arthur) turned her stomach. Heck, when she thought about Arthur he reminded her of, of Peter Griffen from Family Guy. So if he was so gross, then why did she do it? Then the image of his face came to mind, the look on his face when he wrapped her fingers around himself, or when he stood between her legs and began to press his penis into her, or the way that human cartoon character almost suffocated her while lying on top of her just before emptying his sperm inside. But mostly as he watched her get dressed after he had used her. Yes, he had used her. He didn’t care if she enjoyed it, and neither had Ted, and neither would Charles. Morgan suddenly felt a sudden stirring inside. Used. Why that sounded so good she couldn’t yet understand but yes, she needed to be used again.

It felt really odd to have Mrs. Tibbets pick her up for the babysitting job. She wasn’t even sure if she should sit in the back or front seat. But Leanne, as she insisted Morgan call her, was totally cool about everything and even as the ride to Butler took almost twenty five minutes it went quickly. It seemed that Mrs. Tibbets had played soccer in college and was actually third team all American and was never short of a story to tell.

The babysitting gig was easy as the kid slept the entire time. The parents were very nice and had paid her well. Morgan could tell though the nervous tension between Mrs. Tibbets and her brother. She was very concerned on making them feel at home. Morgan figured though that the father would drive her home but indeed it was Mrs. Tibbets again. That was fine though as they continued their friendly banter all the way home. She even offered extra money in appreciation of Morgan going out of her way but Morgan refused it. She did however thank Morgan for listening to her yap away as she really hadn’t had anyone to talk with in awhile.

When Morgan shut the door behind her and plopped down on her couch she thought about Leanne. She didn’t act ‘lezzy’ at all. She had earlier thought laughingly that she could probably introduce her to Darsey if she was that way. But she was okay. Morgan actually felt sorry for her. She could tell just how much that she enjoyed talking with her.

Leanne reflected as well as she drove home. The night went perfectly as planned, maybe even better. She wasn’t surprised how easily it was to develop a rapport with Morgan. The girl was bright as the sun, with a killer smile and the prettiest face, just bubbling with life. As much as Leanne tried to focus on planning her next ‘advancement’ of the friendship her mind continually leaped ahead to a time where her hands and lips could freely roam the warm flesh of the young girl’s unclothed body.

Saturday was long, going from here to there with her friends Darsey, Taylor and Aimee. Taylor’s older brother Jason had a car and he drove them around. They must have stopped at a dozen houses of friends, some of them Jason’s friends. They even picked up one of his buddies, Neil. Morgan could only laugh at their pathetic attempts to be cool and impress the girls cause, you know, they were in high school. It turned out that they ended up at the movies. Morgan watched as Neil kept trying to put the moves on Darsey. Darsey, of course, would have nothing of that. They also ran into Max, a boy from her class that she knew liked her. He wanted to meet her at the mall after her soccer game, but Morgan shyly declined. Morgan was glad for the crazy day for it took her mind off of tomorrow, Sunday.

Sunday morning Morgan woke once again in Darsey’s bed, though this time it had been a sound sleep. There was no repeat of last weekend. And with Darsey’s mom around even Mr. Ely behaved. His only flaw was how he flushed slightly red when she mentioned getting changed into their soccer uniforms. Morgan even went so far as to scout Darsey’s room just to see where he might hide a camera if he should ever try. As she looked around the room she could only spot two such places, not that he would ever put a camera in his own daughter’s room. But then again if he knew what they had been up to the previous weekend he just might. At that point Darsey asked her if she felt okay because suddenly she looked quite flush.

As they drove to the game Morgan returned to the questions she had been unable to resolve. Should she? If so, then she needed a story, quickly. Before halftime arrived at the game she had one. But it had taken all her concentration from the game.

The coach pulled Morgan from the game as she was just playing terrible.

“What’s the matter Morgan? You don’t seem to be with us today.”

Morgan plopped on the bench next to her teammate Natalie. “I dunno Coach Jones, I just don’t feel; that great I guess.”

“Alright, take a break until halftime. I know you can pull it together.” He consoled, “But we need you out there if we want to win today.”

Morgan nodded.

Natalie spoke up, “I never so you play so bad before.”

Morgan laughed, “Gee thanks”

“No, I didn’t mean it as a dig, just concerned.”

Morgan looked up and scanned the crowd. As she hoped, Arthur and Charles were nowhere in sight. That would have freaked her out even more. She looked over at Natalie. She was a big girl, a slow big girl, perennial bench warmer. But she always had a smile on her face.

“Hey Nat, you live right over there behind the school right?”
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“Sure, why?”

Morgan sighed as she knew this was another step in the process. “My mom was supposed to pick be here after the game but we’re gonna end early. I was wondering if I could just wait for her over there.”

“Sure” She beamed at the prospects of hanging out with one of the more popular kids, “but I thought you would go with Darsey like you always do?”

“I can’t today.”

“No problemo muchacha”

Morgan never did get it together and the girls lost their first game. As the sullen girls walked off the field Darsey was a bit befuddled when Natalie joined them. It took a minute of unconvincing explanation by Morgan before the girls separated. Darsey wasn’t pleased.

“Ok, whatever. Call me later then, seeya.” A perturbed Darsey then walk off to her dad.

A fifteen minutes later Morgan was thanking Natalie and her mom for the brownies and milk. Five minutes after that Morgan was standing in front of Hennessey’s gas station with her soccer duffle at her feet. She peered into the window of the station and saw it was only 3:50. She took a step back and looked at the reflection of herself in the large window. There was still a large dirt mark on her leg from when she had done a goal saving slide tackle and a nice grass stain on her shirt from being tripped while dribbling. She had washed her face off at Natalie’s but she could see the dark circles under her eyes from not sleeping much last night.

She whispered to herself, “Morgan Healy, you look like shit.” She sighed deeply and looked at the clock again. Paranoia suddenly coursed though her body. What the fuck was she doing? She knew that she still had time to hide, run behind the building and wait till they came and went. She picked up her duffle and turned around. Before she could take her first step a car pulled up next to her.

It stopped with the handle to the rear door less than a foot from her hand. Morgan peered in through the side window and sure enough there was Charles at the wheel and Arthur seated next to him in the front seat. They were both looking back at her with crooked smiles. Morgan almost jumped when the rear window began inching open with a loud buzz.

Arthur’s voice emanated from the two inch crack, “C’mon in, it’s unlocked.”

Morgan stared down at the metallic door handle.

Habib Jabobo stood behind the counter of his filling station. He was just about to walk outside and gas up the silver sedan that just pulled in. But he realized that it wasn’t there for gas. The pretty young girl who had been standing outside for the last ten minute was now talking with them. Earlier he had watched the young teen dressed in her soccer outfit talk to herself in the reflection. He laughed because he had thought she was talking to him through the window before remembering the reflective glass. She seemed generally distressed, constantly biting her lip and shaking her head. He peered out again at the two businessmen in the car. Perhaps they needed directions. Just as he was about to open the door something very odd happened. The little blonde opened the door and got in the backseat. As he stepped through the door he watched the car pull away. Now why would she get in the car with those two? So very odd. She should know not to get into a car with strangers, who knows what those two men might do to such a pretty defenseless teen. A scenario suddenly formed in his head. Two minutes later he was in the bathroom jerking off to that thought.

Morgan sat in the backseat as they drove off. No one said a word as they drove through town, familiar images passing by her window. When she realized they weren’t headed to Arthur’s house her heart began to race. Yes, this was the dumbest thing she had ever done in her entire life. She could only hope her life would last longer than today. Stupid, stupid, stupid. A short time later the car pulled into a garage of a small house. The garage door was closed even before they got out, engulfing the car in momentary darkness. Morgan thought she was going to pass out. For the first time she felt scared.

Even though the garage was now lit by the soft glow of his car’s interior lights Charles quickly made his way to the overhead light switch.

“Sorry about that, that bulb just blew out this morning” he apologized as he flicked on the garage light. “There, that’s better.”

He watched Arthur and Morgan open their respective doors. Arthur stood up and looked at the dead bulb in the ceiling. “Yeah you just need to change that.” Charles just rolled his eyes at his new friend’s useless comment. Then he noticed Morgan, poor girl looked like a deer in the headlights. Arthur, as stupid as he was, was right about her. She was no pro, heck, not even an amateur, just a naive kid with who knows what kind of issues built up inside. It didn’t really matter what was going on in that sweet little head of hers, as long as he got his cock inside that sweet little cunt of hers.

“Come on in,” he summoned in his most friendly voice.

Morgan looked up at him before closing her door, “Umm, should I leave my bag in the car?”

“No, yeah, just leave it there.” He waved for her to come on.

As soon as Morgan entered the kitchen she knew this was no family home like Arthur’s. Even though it was obvious that things were recently picked up it still held the aura of a mess. This was a single man’s house, no knickknacks, or anything that might pretty-up the place.

“Anything to drink?” Charles pulled open the mostly barren fridge. “Soda, juice, milk?”

“No thank you”, Morgan whispered in reply.

“Arthur, a beer perhaps?”

He Arthur seemed suddenly nervous, “I’ll pass for now.”

Charles nodded his head and smiled, “Fine, let’s go into the living room then.”

Morgan led the way into the living room. Another manly room, much cleaner than the kitchen but also barren of anything feminine. A large stuffy couch, coffee table, reclining chair and big screen television were the main attractions in bland beige room. It seemed that newly installed curtains were drawn across the front bay window, their bright color and stiffness giving away its newness.

Charles sat on one end of the couch and motioned for Morgan to sit at the other. She complied as she sat petitely on the very edge of the cushion. Arthur plopped down in the recliner.

Morgan looked down at her feet and gasped at a clot of dirt that had fallen from her shoes, “Oh my cleats, I’m sorry” She leaned over to take them off.

“No, no no”, Charles gently grasped her arm to stop her. “It’s okay. Leave them on, please. It’s okay.”

Slowly Morgan sat back up and looked back and forth between to the two men.

Arthur couldn’t help but grin like an idiot, again reminding Morgan just how much he looked like the Family Guy.

Charles let out a thoughtful sigh, “This is a little awkward I know, so Arthur why don’t you…go for a walk or something and come back at,”, he looked at his watch which read 4:20,”come back at quarter after five. That should give me and Morgan some time to get acquainted.”

Arthur was taken by surprise but capitulated. “Uh, sure okay.” He nodded his head and looked at his own watch. He then got up and headed to the door without another word. As he stepped out the front door he took a quick look back at the beautiful doe-eyed girl sitting on the couch. It wasn’t a look of pity, but of envy. The now receding erection in his pants indicated that he had expected to watch. He reluctantly closed the door behind himself and was gone.

The two sat watching the closed door in silence for a moment before Charles broke the quiet.

“So how are you doing Morgan?”

Morgan looked at him. Charles was much different than Arthur. He wore nice slacks and a tailored shirt. His white hair, what was left of it, was trimmed neatly which gave him a gentle appearance as opposed to a completely shaven head which would seem a bit more menacing. She still couldn’t place his age though it had to be late fifties or even sixty, the same age as her, yes, her grandfather.

“I’m okay I guess.”

Charles noticed her looking at his head and smiled, “You know I once had a great head of hair, almost the same color as yours, but alas it was very fine hair and that becomes the first thing to go.”

Morgan forced a smile.

Charles noted the still slightly dirty ground burn on her leg, “So it seemed you girls got pretty beat up today at the game.”

“You were there?”

“Well, we didn’t want to distract you so we watched from the parking lot. You didn’t look at all like the last game we watched…so if this was a distraction then I apologize.”

“It was just a bad game.” Morgan looked down at the floor, strands of her hair that were no longer in her pony tail hung in her face.

Charles continued, “And to be honest with you I wasn’t sure that you’d be out waiting for us.” He reached over and gently tucked the strands of Morgan’s hair behind her ear, “But I’m really glad you did.”

Charles sighed, “So Morgan, why are you here?”

Morgan looked over at him unsure how to respond.

Charles helped her out, “Well, the money of course. Is there a problem at home?”

“I don’t know, I just need it. You know, college an all. My dad was never a dad and Mom doesn’t make much.”

“Ahh, of course. Morgan, did you ever see the movie Angel?”

Morgan shook her head, “No.”

“It was a movie of a high school girl who was a student by day and a hooker by night.”

Charles noted her look of distress, “But you’re nothing like that at all I now realize.”

Again he reached over and with the tips of his fingers pulled her chin so that she was looking at him, “You’re just a sweet kid that has a ton of shit going on up there.” He said as he playfully tapped her head. “Right?”
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Morgan couldn’t help but smile for a moment, “Yeah.” She nodded.

“Have you ‘been’ with many people?”

She shook her head. “No, not really.”

“How many?”

Morgan seemed embarrassed, “Just him.”

“That’s okay, you’re still quite young and the boys your age are still just getting up to speed.”

Morgan nodded in agreement.

“Did he use a condom?”

Again she nodded, “Oh yes, he had to.”

“Yeah, you don’t need to be getting pregnant do you?”

“I don’t think I can yet anyways. I haven’t, well you know, had my first, yeah you know.”

Charles nodded and then gave a sly smile.

“So answer me this silly question.” Charles watched her crinkle her brow in anticipation of just about anything. “Do you think Arthur is attractive?”

Morgan peeked her eyes in Charles direction as she couldn’t help but break into a huge silly grin and slowly shake her head.

Charles laughed out loud, “Say no more. That’s okay, he’s not a real big friend of mine and to tell you the truth,” Charles quieted to a whisper and grimaced, “I think he looks like Peter Griffen from the Family Guy.”

Morgan couldn’t stop from snorting out loud, “Oh my god, me too!”

“But I think Peter is a little better looking!” Charles burst out laughing.

Charles took a moment to study to young soccer girl seated next to him. Such a pretty thing, a tiny girl with delicate, yet not fragile features. Her face, with doe eyes, perfect little nose and mouth. Her lips glistened with some sort of gloss that gave them a wet slippery appearance that was incredibly erotic and impossible to ignore. As their laughter settled Charles added soothingly, “See this isn’t so bad.”

Morgan was surprised at how relaxed she suddenly felt. And when he placed his hand on her bare knee it felt okay somehow. Of course his next question caught her off guard completely.

“So, have you ever had a really good look at a man’s cock?”

Charles laughed to himself at the look on her face, totally priceless. He chuckled and added, “It’s really not such a big deal.”

Morgan felt numbness flow through her body as she watch Charles lean back on the couch, pull his shirt out of his pants, unzip and then pull his pants and boxers down over his knees. And there it was, springing free, his penis. At first sight she thought it was a banana as it curved upwards dramatically. She had always assumed that penises were straight. Not this one. And though she could tell his hair was very light to begin with he had shaved and there wasn’t a hair on or anywhere near it. It looked so…clean. She watched Charles step his feet out of his pants. She was now seated next to a man who was naked from the waist down. Somehow, being still dressed herself, she still felt detached from the scene as if nothing really was going to happen. But something was going to happen. And maybe that’s what made it so easy. Whatever it was, it was going to happen to her, by him…and she would let it happen.

Charles took hold of the base of his cock and held it pointing up straight. “See, it’s just a silly thing.” He wiggled it around, “Kinda like a toy of sorts.”

Morgan sat transfixed, staring at his penis. He was talking about it but it barely registered with her as she was more focused on what he was doing with it. After shaking it about for a bit he had suddenly wrapped his hand around it and was stroking up and down slowly, mumbling something about how good it felt.

“Morgan!” Charles had repeated for the second time in attempts to get the girls attention. Yes, this girl was the real ting. And by the way she had complied with everything so far it seemed she was easily manipulated. In his time Charles had fucked many a young hooker, though he could never tell their age and they were always just robot fuck machines. A few times he had ventured into Mexico and bought some girls he knew for sure they were young, but they were dirty and stupid. This girl in front of him, packaged so perfectly in her virginal youth soccer outfit, was the prize of all prizes. Even more so than a schoolgirl outfit the soccer uniform personified youth and innocence. And soon that personification would be lying on the floor in a pile as he violated the public trust by fucking the hell out of her.

Morgan shook her head as she came out of her miniature trance. She looked at a smiling Charles and then at her right hand, her hand that he had just taken hold of and was now moving towards his penis. As he slowly pulled her hand she was forced to turn more towards him and slide closer until she was right next to him. Somehow it didn’t seem odd to her that although she didn’t allow his knee to touch hers she let him place her hand in his crotch, wrapping her thumb and forefinger around the base of his penis and resting her palm on his…

…balls. Charles lay back again and sighed softly. “See, you could never imagine how much better your hand feels than mine.” He returned his hand to stroking himself. “Now watch how I do this.”

Morgan again stared at how his hand went up and down. He seemed to have it wrapped firmly, but not tightly around his penis allowing the skin to slide through at times. At other times he gripped harder making the skin move up and down with his hand. On occasion his hand would go up over the tip and squeeze. All the while she let her hand rest there gripping slightly to the base. She was surprised at how firm his, balls, were. She figured them to be disgustingly hanging hairy sacks but these, like the rest of him, were shaved and compact, and warm. She briefly glanced at his face when he let out a soft moan. She could suddenly see all the age lines in his face and the sacks of extra skin under his chin. He suddenly looked much older.

Charles let his last down stroke to continue down over Morgan’s hand. He then gripped her hand and pulled it up onto the shaft of his cock. He looked over at Morgan. “Now you try.” Morgan hadn’t turned to look at him but did have a look of concern over her newly appointed task. But he guided her well and within a few minutes he laid back and closed his eyes as her tiny hand mimicked his own stroking method.

“Wow, that feels incredible.” He opened his eyes just as she looked over at him. There eyes met. “You are one quick learner.”

Morgan blushed at his comment. She continued to stroke up and down on him and just as he did, sometimes her hand glid over his penis loosely and sometimes she gripped harder. The only bad thing was her position. Twisting and leaning from the side was giving her a cramp in her side.

“You look uncomfortable.” Charles mentioned as he noted her discomfort. “Let’s try it a little different. Why don’t you stand up for a second?” He watched Morgan obey, first removing her hand and then standing in front of him. He sat himself straight up now on the edge of the couch. “Now why don’t you take off that shirt?”

Morgan bit her lip as she looked around the room. Things were turning surreal again. When he repeated his request she complied, lifting her soccer shirt over her head.

“What should I do with this?”

“Just toss it on the floor babe.” Charles replied. He had expected her to be wearing a regular bra but was hardly disappointed at the black sports bra as the only thing adorning the top half of her body. But as she tossed the shirt on the floor he wasted no time in continuing, “hmm, why don’t you lose the shorts too.”

Again, though slightly embarrassed, Morgan complied, pulling down her shorts and letting them drop to the floor. As she stepped out of them she realized that Charles was no longer looking at her face. It reminded her how Arthur had watched her in the changing room, but this time the man was sitting right in front of her with his penis out and erect.

Charles swooned at the sight of young Morgan. The black panties and sports bra reminded him of the teen underwear models he used to jack off to in the Penny’s catalog. But those models had always been airbrushed to perfect. There was no need for that here as her slightly tanned skin glistened and youthful tautness made her look sexy as fuck. And though she still had on her cleats and tie-dyed knee high socks on he figured to have her leave them on for now.

“Now kneel down her and we can try that again.” He directed as he motioned to the spot between his feet.

The safety of repeating the last simple act made it easier for Morgan to place herself down between the knees of the old man. She let him direct her left hand around the base of his penis while again letting her right hand do the work. It was strange having the head of his penis so close to her face and on each down stroke it seemed to point directly at her. It was so close that she could see the tiny hole at the tip and the bit of fluid building up there.

Charles watched the young girl take her position and resume her flawless delivery. How easily it would be to just let her finish him right there and now and spew his white cum over her pretty little face. But he didn’t. He did allow himself to run his hands over the tops of her arms and shoulders, thoroughly enjoying his first contact with her tender flesh.

“So tell me,” he managed to ask as he started to massage her shoulders, “Did you enjoy sex with Arthur?”

Morgan thought for a moment as she continued stroking and then kind of shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“Did you have an orgasm?”

“Umm, no” she lied.

Charles nodded his head and chuckled, “I wouldn’t imagine you would.” He then slid his hands down her shoulders, over her sports bra and cupped each small breast. He immediately began to fondle each of them, “Have you ever had an orgasm?”

Morgan again blushed and refused to answer even when he added “I mean, even by yourself.” She knew he could tell she was embarrassed.

“That’s okay, you don’t have to answer that.” was his reprieve to her. Again he studied her pretty face. Such fantastic lips indeed.

“Morgan, do you know what men really like?”

Morgan’s heart skipped a beat at the question. Something new was coming. She felt his right hand leave her breast and wrap around her own stroking hand, stopping her motion. His other hand slid back over her shoulder and behind her neck. Her eyes looked up and met his. His friendly gaze had been replaced with that of pure lust. She then felt him brush the tip of his penis along her cheek. It slid with a wetness that she knew was the sperm that had built up while she was stroking him.

Charles looked down at Morgan, the glistening smear on her right cheek reflecting the bright lamp next to him. He repeated the act on her left cheek, though this time a much smaller smear.

“They like the feeling of lips on them, an intimate warmth unmatched by anything else.”

Morgan looked up at him, “But Mr…”, she paused nervously as she realized she didn’t know his last name.

Charles guided his cock across her still glistening lips, “Just call me Charles,” He guided it back to the center of her lips and stopped, “and it will be okay”. Pushing down softly he used the tip of his cock to pull down her lower lip.

Morgan couldn’t help but watch his eyes as he maneuvered his penis between her lips. She could smell beyond his cleanliness, a musky sweetness. The soft but stiff skin of his penis felt odd upon her lips, but she couldn’t look at it as her gaze was locked on his. She felt his other hand behind her head slowly pull her forward and down. She tried to refuse with a “But I…” but that only parted her lips enough for him to start to enter. Then she allowed her lips to part further as he pushed the entire head of his penis into her mouth. She heard him sigh loudly as he removed his hand from behind her head. His other hand guided hers back to her prior stroking motion before setting it to his side.

“This is what it’s really all about”, Charles thought to himself. “No blowjob indeed.”

Again Morgan focused on her task, trying to make Charles feel good. She had a hunch that she was doing a good job so far and hopefully he approved of the rest. It still felt odd having his penis in her mouth. It was somewhat different from the time with Ted as he just shoved it in her mouth. It was quick and rough and she liked that, but this was different. The head of his penis was large and she could taste it, a salty sweetness. At first she held her tongue back but had to relax it and now the soft ridges of the tip rested gently upon it. And he seemed to like that as his penis was somehow stiffer than before. Then she recalled when Ted had his orgasm. Suddenly she pulled back.
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“You’re not going to…”

“Cum in your mouth?” smiled Charles, “I won’t, I promise.” He pulled her head back down on his cock, “I know I’m getting more than I deserve and I’m not going to ‘blow it now’, if you can pardon the pun.”

Morgan barely had a second to think of what a pun was before his penis was back in her mouth. She started to stroke and again but this time he stopped her.

Charles held her stroking hand still, “No, this time this way.” He then slipped his hands on either side of her face and slowly began motioning her head up and down on his cock. He knew he couldn’t get much more of his cock in her small mouth but the little that she was slurping in and out was in heaven. He might not be the first person to stick his cock in her little cunt but she’ll always remember the first knob she sucked on. And he added one more thing to make this particular moment just a bit better. He reached down, took hold of the bottom of her sports bra and slid it upwards just enough to release her little titties, which of course he immediately began to fondle. Oh, the temptation to cum right now, just hold her head still and fill her mouth. Wouldn’t she surprised? But it would take too long to get hard again and besides, he wanted to fuck her pussy with the heightened sensation of the first hard on. He stopped her for a moment as he lifted her sports bra up over her head and tossed it on the floor and watched with pleasure as her pouty lips were once again parted by his stiff cock.

He watched her head bob up and down on him for a bit, “Mmm, you do that so good Morgan, I could cum so easily.”

Morgan stopped and looked up at him questioningly.

“Why don’t you stand up?” he directed. He reluctantly watched his cock slide out of her mouth as she began to stand up. He noted her grimace as she straightened her legs and chuckled, “Leg cramps?”

Morgan grinned as she nodded. “Yeah” She rubbed her legs for a moment before standing fully erect. She watched Charles stand and remove the rest of his clothes. Although he was overweight it wasn’t like Arthur with rolls of flab, his skin was tight and mostly hairless, perhaps he was Swedish or something. She had no idea. She felt him move behind her and could feel his belly press against her back as he wrapped his arms around her waist. On the small of her back she sensed the unmistakable impression of his penis. She could feel his fingers explore up and down her sides, hips and butt before gliding over her tummy and then back to her breasts where he started to play with her now hardening nipples. She heard him mumble something about how beautiful she was as he nuzzled his face into her neck and started kissing.

Charles swooned at the scent of innocence and sweat mixed so sweetly. He moved down her neck to her shoulder where he kissed and bit ever so slightly. Slowly he dropped to his knees letting his tongue run down the middle of her back; again savoring the salty remains from a sweat drenching soccer game. He allowed his hands to fondle her perfect little ass as his kisses finished at the top of her panty line. He shuffled his way around to her side where he let his finger glide softly over the large red raspberry on her hip. Yes, this girl went all out no matter what she was doing. He ran his hand down the outside of her long leg and then back up again on the inside, stopping at mid-thigh where her legs touched.

“Open your legs just a little bit.”

Morgan complied, moving her feet about a foot apart.

“That’s perfect, Charles added. Again he ran his hand down her leg and then back up, this time without stopping. Over top her panties he could feel her small lips through the thin material. He continued up her belly and then back down her leg again. When his hand returned upwards his hand cupped deeply around the inside of her thigh. When he reached her panties he stopped and began a slow circular motion over and around her pantied covered pussy. His fingers zeroed in as he confined his massaging to one spot, pressing the soft material between her lips. He felt her body shift and he looked up at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. What a precious sight indeed. His other hand slipped behind her and began to fondle and squeeze her ass. He continued to massage her, pressing deeply into the silky material, until he felt a small wet spot soaking through her panties. He stopped massaging her pussy for a moment as he maneuvered his hand under her panties through the leg hole. He pulled the material open enough to see the fine soft tuft of her blonde pubic hair. His fingers went back to work, this time making their way inside her. He was inspired by three things now: her long deep exhale, he hand that now rested on his shoulder and the slight gyration of her hips.

“That feels good, doesn’t it?” he asked knowingly. The only reply he received was that her face turned a quite red and a tiny utterance from her lips he could only imply was a yes. “Oh, just you wait little one.”

Morgan stood unmoving. It wasn’t supposed to feel this good, she was supposed to be indifferent. She’s not supposed to like this. When she felt him pulling down her panties she almost passed out.

Charles marveled at the perfect body before him for a few moments before he had her sit down on the edge of the recliner. He then directed her to lie back. Fuck, if he could get her to blow him a little pussy licking wasn’t out of the question was it? He spread her legs and moved in. Before she could even protest his tongue was already searching her soft folds for her little clit.

Never before, even with Ted, had Morgan felt so exposed. Maybe because it was still daylight, or maybe because she was allowing this older man to hold her legs apart while his mouth explored her most personal of places. She closed her eyes and wondered that if she let herself orgasm would he think her a slut for her certainly wasn’t licking her for her enjoyment, he was doing it for his. That’s what made it so erotic.

Charles began stroking himself as he continued to lap away greedily at the young beauty that he would so soon be fucking. Too bad that fucker Arthur got to pop her little cherry, how sweet a treat that would have been. No matter. After seeing her run around the soccer field with her other barely-coming-of-age teammates it wouldn’t matter if she had been fucked fifty times. Well, maybe it would. It was certainly more erotic to fuck a naïve teen who still has social studies homework to do than a trampy little slut. And fuck her he will.

As soon as Charles stood up Moran instinctively pulled her legs together, though she knew what was coming next. She followed his instructions to roll on her side and when he came around the side of the chair she thought he might want her to put it in her mouth again. She looked up at his imposing figure, totally nude complete with big gut and erect penis. But instead he tore open a small condom package and slipped the rubber ring over the tip of his penis. Then again, as instructed, she reached over and unrolled it down the shaft of his penis as he felt that she should know how to do this.

Charles then stepped back to the foot of the seat and guided her legs up on the chair, tucking her knees to her chest in almost a fetus-like position. With her butt right at the edge of the foot rest she was in perfect position, her perfect little pussy in plain view. He stepped in closer and pressed the tip of his cock into her.

Morgan prepared herself as she had no idea how it might feel. Even with Ted and Arthur having put it there before, she was still scared. She could feel her fingers pull her lips open as his stiff penis began to force its way in. She closed her eyes and clutched the chair cushion.

Charles noted her body stiffen and calmed her.

“It’s okay, we’ll go easy.” He said smoothly as he began to stroke her hip and thigh. Slowly he rocked back and forth, working himself inside her tiny opening bit by bit, denying the overwhelming urge to just slam it home.

Soon he was fucking her, fucking her as deep as he could without hurting her though he enjoyed how she would stiffen and let out a small cry when he went too deep. But oh how nice and tight she was, worth every penny of her price, even more so when he would slip of his rubber and do this sweet young thing bareback. Often he would pull completely out of her and would note just how quickly her pussy closed as if it were quick to be rid of the unwelcome intruder. That didn’t happen with a chick who has been fucked many times over, it would remain open for a time, just another fuckhole aching to be plugged up again. He’d then again press his head into the tiny slit and watch it part as he shoved it back in again, causing her to gasp sharply and clutch the cushion tighter.

Morgan tried her best to cover her fear, fear that he would go in too deep and the pain would make her cry out. And often she couldn’t help but wince when he pushed to the limit. When she peeked back she saw him looking straight down with a huge smile on his face. He was enjoying this, enjoying her immensely. She could barely process his comments as the mix of pleasure and pain overcame her. Tight, precious, gorgeous, cunt, baby, fucking and girl were just a few of the words that she caught before he pulled out for good. She watched him plop back on the couch and grin at her. Was he done?

Charles wasn’t done by a long shot. He called the young girl back over to the couch. Even as she took the few short steps he sighed at the perfection of her nubile body that was still clad with her soccer socks and cleats which did nothing but emphasize her innocent youth. She stopped in front of him and seemed unsure of herself, again biting her lip and eyes flittering nervously. She was waiting for him.

“Now come here and climb up on old Charles”

Morgan took his outstretched hand and stepped closer to the couch. She watched him pull his knees together as he patted the couch next to him.

“Come on, put your knee here,” he directed. “You’re going to like this, I promise.”

Morgan climbed on the couch, or rather climbed onto Charles, straddling his waist and basically sitting on his erect penis. Again she was unsure what to do next.

“Here, lean forward just a bit. That’s it”

Charles helped her lean forward, noting with delight how her little titties, when dangling, lost their roundness and formed into small pink capped cones. He wanted to suck them entirely into his mouth, and he would, in a moment. It was obvious that in the meantime she was not going to guide him inside her, which was fine, she would learn that eventually.

As Morgan leaned over Charles she could see the sweat beads on his chest and forehead. His big belly felt odd against hers as it too was moist with his sweat, sweat she could smell now. She had to put her hands on the back of the couch to prevent herself from falling onto him completely. Then she felt his hands wrap around her back and glide down her body, over her butt and back between her legs. She clenched for a second when she felt his fingers enter and spread her lips. She tried to relax when, what she knew was his penis, was guided inside her. His hands had moved to her hips and pushed as he urged her to sit back. She gasped softly as his penis slipped all too easily inside of her.

“Now sit back up.” Charles directed as he helped her upright. “Now you see, in this position you can control everything, how fast, how and how deep.” He rested his hands on the top of her thighs. “Now you see these strong muscles you have here. Use them.”

Morgan placed her hands on his large stomach for support as she slowly started to move her butt up and down.

“See, isn’t that easy.”

Morgan could only muster a nervous giggly response, “Yeah”. Yes, this was easy and it felt good to be in control knowing that she only had to go as deep as she wanted.

Charles allowed her to find her own rhythm. Soon her hands left his stomach as she straightened up completely on him using only her leg muscles to guide herself up and down. He could see she had closed her eyes as she milked him. For a time he allowed himself to just relax and admire her young body. It probably wasn’t long ago that it had a boyish look to it and just the last year or so it gained its petite curves as the budding little brown nubs forming into pink capped breasts. He allowed his hands to move up to her tits and began to fondle the firm flesh and tiny stiff nipples. He watched her little pussy work his cock though at no point could she get his final two inches in her. But seeing her tiny lips roll up and disappear on the downstroke and reappear when she came back up was so worth it.

“That’s it, that’s perfect” he sighed loudly. He could see a small smile form on her smile.

“Okay, now this. Gimme your hands, I’ll show you something else.”

Morgan opened her eyes and leaned forward again as he pulled her towards him. Again she lay over his belly and had to put her hands on the back of the couch to stop her from going face to face with him.

“Now, don’t go up and down this time.” He placed his hands on her hips. “Go around, like this. You have to move your hips instead.” He guided her hips into a grinding motion. She seemed to take to it naturally.

“Oh my God Morgan, that’s it.”

Morgan started to breath heavily. Never before had she felt anything like this. Somehow, in this position his penis seemed to rub against her in such a way on her most sensitive spot. And when he started sucking on her breasts it only heightened the effect. The heat of his hungry mouth flowed through her chest as did the heat building between her legs. Oh, how she wanted to orgasm this way but she knew she couldn’t, that would be…slutty. She could feel his hands roaming her body and then he began to suck even harder, her entire breast was now in his mouth somehow. How could he not orgasm to this incredible feeling? She wasn’t sure how much longer she could go as her hips seemed to be on autopilot, working hard to get even more of him inside her.

“Here, let go now.” Charles said as he helped her hands off of the couch back. He then had her lay fully on him, her bitty boobs pressing against him and her face on his shoulder. He just let her fuck him now as the only thing moving in the room was her little butt grinding round and round.

Charles glanced at the clock on the wall and had to reluctantly stop Morgan as the hour was almost up.

“Okay, stop stop stop.”

Morgan pulled herself together and slowed to a stop.

“Is there anything wrong?” she asked nervously, “I’m sorry, I hope it’s okay”

Charles shook his head, “No, nothings wrong, absolutely nothing. You’re perfect; I could fuck you all night long. How about a sleepover?”

Morgan grinned as she shook her head.

“I didn’t think so. Now come on, we’re almost done. Just one more position.”

Morgan’s body quivered slightly as she slowly dismounted Charles. The way his penis slipped out of her, stimulating her sensitive spot even more, especially as the large tip squeezed past, was enough to urge her to sit back down and take him in again. But she climbed off him and stood up. She watched Charles stand and move over to the side of the couch. He cocked his head and grinned.

“Over here little one,” Charles said as he motioned in front of him. He made room for Morgan to step between him and the large cushioned arm of the couch. He gently took her shoulders and guided her around in a half circle so she now faced the couch arm.

“Now just lean over.” Again guided her shoulders, applying soft pressure for her to bend over the couch arm. “That’s it.” He watched as she took one innocently trusting glance back at him before complying. He sighed as she leaned, letting his hands run down to the small of her back and then her hips.

“Now spread your feet a little bit,” he urged as he moved in closer behind her, “A little bit more. That’s it.” He kneeled slightly, just to get a better look at her fine little peach so prominently displayed for him now. Her fine pussy lips, so unaccustomed to sex were now a bit swollen and puffy but as they glistened with sheen of sex. Charles couldn’t ever remember seeing anything so fuckable in his life. He looked down at his stiff condom clad cock and thought about ditching the rubber right now, but he couldn’t yet, she would know and she might freak out. In due time though.

Morgan found herself again clutching the cushions as she felt Charles move in behind her. She closed her eyes and tried not to squirm when his fingers massaged and parted her lips. And then the pressure. She could feel him pushing, trying to get the right angle to enter. Somehow his penis seemed larger than before and she suddenly worried it would hurt. But it didn’t. She gasped softly as his fullness slipped in. When she felt his hand take a firm grip on her hips she realized that in this position she had absolutely no control at all.

Charles began fucking away, his big belly slapping into her ass. He fucked deeper, determined to fit his entire cock in the young girl. Often she would her cry out and the tiny muscles in her body would stiffen. At one point she reached back to his hand and managed a “not so deep, it hurts” But he continued his rhythm and the slaps grew louder. He grinned as he she was up on her tippy toes now as he was almost lifting her off the floor.

Arthur stood outside the front door and looked at his watch. He had been gone for exactly the time that Charles had stated. Was it okay to go back in yet? Should he wait longer? What was going on in there? Was Morgan still even here?

He slipped the key in the lock and slowly turned the knob. As he entered he quickly took in the scene. For a second he felt sorry for the young girl as she was bent over the couch arm and grimacing with each pounding thrust Charles was giving her. But his guilt withered away as quickly as his hard on grew as his fantasy played out in front of him. He couldn’t understand why she still had on her bright red tied dyed soccer socks and cleats but it somehow made the scene before him seem incredibly fucking hot. Unlike the the fake videos of twenty something year old girls in pigtails, this was real.

Slap, slap, slap was all he heard before Charles spoke.

“Arthur!” Charles bellowed without a break in his rhythm. “Come on in and have a seat.” He pointed to the recliner. He watched Arthur absently move and sit in the chair all without taking his eyes off of them.

Morgan felt a flush of red flow through her when she saw Arthur enter. It was totally embarrassing to be in this position in front of someone. And the lustful look in his eyes as he watched. What if he wanted to pay too and use her later? By this time the constant deep pounding was feeling anything but good anymore. Her whole body rocked with each thrust into her. Morgan was feeling awkward in this position and just wanted it to be over so she could get home. Why won’t he finish?
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