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You've described two buildings that may have been built a hundred years apart. The difference reflects the architectural styles in which schools were built at the time.

The schools are in Belfast? The city that you have just described where the Union Jack has been removed from the city hall? The very same Belfast? The Belfast that is in the Northern Ireland where Sinn Fein has had ten years of disproportionate power sharing? The same Belfast that is in the United Kingdom where state funded schools receive the same amount of money per pupil regardless of the religion of that pupil? The same Belfast that is in the same United Kingdom where faith schools, academies, and other independently operated schools are free to spend that money how they see fit, so long as they teach the national curriculum, and don't discriminate against any pupil in that school?

Ten years is plenty of time for a building to dilapidate, or for it to be restored to some sort of decent standard. Sure one may be an apparently lovely Victorian place, the other a post-war monstrosity, but the latter only proves that some one cared enough to build a school for those kids at all. Perhaps replacing one that was bombed by the Luftwaffe, or putting up a school where no school was required before?

Does your article reflect that? No.

Faith schools exist because the different faiths decide they would like to teach children according to their custom, and because their parents decide to send them there. The state didn't divvy up the education system and say "right, all you prods over here in this lovely brick built paradise, all you taigs over there in concrete carbuncle land". There are Protestant/ C of E/ C of S and Catholic schools in Great Britain too. There are also Islamic madrassas, Jewish schools, and I expect schools of other faiths too.

There are also academies, and non-sectarian schools that receive state funding but are run indpendently of local authority control.

All these schools, the prod and taig schools, the academies and madrassas, they receive exactly the same amount of local government funding per pupil, according to the level set by local authorities. They are free to spend that money how they like, so long as they teach the national curriculum. That is the law. Local councils are not allowed to discriminate against pupils based on their faith, and neither are the schools themselves.

Or are you suggesting that in a city run by a council that can remove a Union Jack from the city hall, they are purposefully discriminating against children in a nationalist community for bizarre reason?

So, two schools, one built 100 hundred years before the other, that can't be helped. What can be helped is the way in which those schools are maintained. If the one is shabby and run down, that is because it is poorly run, not because the Brits hate the Irish and therefore discriminate against them.

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