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Default My favorite fantasy

1. Your gender and age?
male, 30's

2. Do you identify yourself most as Straight? Gay/Lesbian? Bisexual?

3. Do you fantasize being the rapist or the victim?

4. Age when you first started having these kinds of fantasies?

5. Do you still know what started it? (f.e. movie scene, book, story you heard etc. ...)

6. Have you been molested or sexually abused as a child?

7. Have you ever raped someone or been raped in real life?

8. How often do you fantasize about rape?
regularly watch such vids

9. Do you masturbate while you fantasize?
What else would 1 do?

10. Do you masturbate while you read rape stories or watch rape movies?

11. Do rape fantasies help you to get a faster/better orgasm while you are masturbating?
not specifically

12. Are your masturbation fantasies always about rape or do you also have vanilla fantasies?
many different kinds

13. Do you more often fantasize about stranger rape or rape with someone you know?

14. Do your fantasies more often involve one on one scenes or gangrape?

15.Do you always fantasize to be involved in the rape (as rapist or victim) or does it sometimes arouse you just to watch?

16. How important is the enjoyment of the rapist(s) for your fantasy (Absolutely important, very important, not so important)
very (absolutely if female)

17. How important is the suffering of the victim for your fantasy (Absolutely important, very important, not so important)

18.What are the most common settings for your fantasies? (bedroom, outdoors, forest, a cabin, a dungeon, prison, military camp, etc.)
whatever's in the vid

19 What's your favourite type of rapist (blacks, gangster, convicts, soldier, biker, pirate, KKK men, etc. ..) or victim (virgin, schoolgirl, housewife, middle aged woman, MILF, business woman, nun, female POW .....)?
rapist: lesbian
victim: young/rapists relative

20. Are your fantasy scenes typically more "soft" (the victim being forced against her will/ overpowered/unable to resist without overt violence) or more brutal (include the victim being hit/slapped/punched by the rapist)?
no blood, but a lot of slapping (tits, face, ass...)

21. What's the center of your fantasy, the sex or the humiliation and degradation?

22. Is it important that your fantasy scene has a convincing overpowering sequence including some struggling, slapping, screaming etc
yes: bad acting spoils it

23. Do your fantasy scenes typically include convincing resistance (kicking, biting etc.) by the victim?
yes: bad acting spoils it

24. Is it important that your fantasy victim is screaming, pleading, begging etc
yes: bad acting spoils it

25. Is it important that your fantasy rapist(s) is/are degrading the victim with words ( calling her a slut, whore etc.) ?

26. Do your scenes typically include a man's cum and if yes, where does it usually end up?
yup: face/tits/inside/unprotected/etc.

27. Do your scenes include anal rape? (Always, Often, Occasionally, Rarely, Never)

28. Do your scenes include oral rape? (Always, Often, Occasionally, Rarely, Never)

29. Do your scenes include vaginal rape? (Always, Often, Occasionally, Rarely, Never)

30. Do your scenes typically include the victim having an orgasm?

31. How important is the size of the rapist(s) cock(s) cock in your fantasies?
not very

32. How long does a typically rape fantasy (masturbating) session usually last?
depends how much time I have

33. How do you feel after such a "session"

34. Do you sometimes feel some kind of guilt for your fantasies?

35. Does someone in your real life know about your fantasy?

36. Do you know of someone in your real life having such fantasies?

37. Have you ever enacted a rape roleplay in real life?

38. Do you imagine yourselve or your victim to be tied up?
victim sometimes

39. Are there any celebrities or pornstars playing a role in your fantasies (as rapists or victims)?

40. Are there other key elements to your fantasies that I have missed with the questions above? If so, please describe them briefly.

celebrity lesbian gangbang rapes including bondage/S&M, young victims and incest are a fave.

ideally here

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