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“Oh…it’s nothing really. In fact, you guys are doing me a favor. I don’t have to cook tonight. Just sit back and enjoy the evening.” Kelly grinned looking from me to Master. She was such a petite thing and so fresh looking. I liked that about her—unspoiled and fresh. I salivated inwardly as she chattered on. I smiled and made all the appropriate noises as Kelly talked. Master took the bags from Kelly. She gave me a surprised look as I shrugged and grinned sheepishly. He disappeared into the RV as we stood outside. I noted people pulling up and entering the restaurant, but none paid us any attention, though the casual observer, we looked like a normal set of friends out for the evening.

“Your husband is such a nice guy…and well…he has the most amazing eyes…green.” She smiled at me. Silly little bitch. He is mine. I caught myself.

“Yes, he’s amazing alright.” I sighed in an overly romantic tone. I giggled inside—I’m such a good ‘actress’. Little Kelly would soon find out how amazing Master is and if she survived it, we would have another convert. My mind momentarily drifted back to Cindy. A warm feeling flooded my lower regions. As Master returned, we entered the restaurant.

We were soon seated and looking over menus. I looked around the restaurant with vague interest as Kelly droned on about the town, things to do, sights to see and places to go. She was right, there really wasn’t much here, but for now, we had what we wanted. Master made all the right noises…complimenting her on her knowledge of the area, and her cheerful, sweet attitude. Eventually a waitress showed up and took our order. Master was charming and urbane, even flirting a little with the waitress (I made a mental note to look her up when we were done with Kelly). Master absolutely floored Kelly by offering to pay for everything as our show of appreciation.

She was astounded at how kind he was, I wasn’t because his ‘kindness’ had been shown to me many times. Of course he could also be cruel, but then…so could I. I smiled at the mundane talk going on at our table. This was all just a prelude to our real purpose tonight. I think he could tell I was getting antsy. I was ready to begin playing. As my mother always chided…”don’t play with your food.” Kelly was indeed my ‘feast’ tonight and over the next few days if possible.

We ate and talked, Kelly was fast becoming quite open with us, sharing personal information, most people would have been hesitant to relate to total strangers. I suppose the alcohol Master kept subtlely ordering was the main culprit, but to be honest, she sounded lonely. It seems dear Kelly was not exactly the most outgoing person. Her life centered around her boyfriend, his friends (who were all on this camping trip) and her job at the local library. As the she was off from work until the beginning of next week, no one was expecting her. Her boyfriend was away, so that was no bar to our activities; even if was home, Master would handle him easily enough and we’d have two ‘toys’. Kelly also, kindly revealed that her parents and sister lived several states over, so it wasn’t likely they would come calling. She was perfect.

“You guys are really cool, you know?” Kelly sat cross-legged in an overstuffed chair in her living room as we occupied the sofa facing her. We had followed her back to her home at her insistence since she really liked us. She wanted us to stop in for a drink to welcome us to the area since we gave her a free meal. She was sweet, and that was going to make breaking her that much more deliciously fun. Master sat one leg casually draped over the other with his arm around me. “I mean it! You guys look so sweet together…and…and…like all in love. I wish Rick and I had that. I mean it’s not like he doesn’t love me, you know? But he’s kind of dense when it comes to little things, you know?” Kelly was obviously not much of a drinker.

Her voice had become almost sing-songy and she was definitely buzzed. I smiled, as we sat biding our time. Master leaned forward pouring another drink for her (in addition to the three she’d had at dinner) and easily slipping the drug into it. Kelly was too busy going on about her love life, or lack of one.

“Oh…we understand, love. I’m a man and I have to admit, men can be kind of ‘dense’ when it comes to the finer points of romance. Really all that ‘staging’ though is intended to lead in one direction. Let’s face it—men are a lot more primal, don’t you think?” he gave her a look that seemed to make her a bit nervous. I had the feeling that old ‘Rick’ didn’t have the hypnotic quality of my Master.

“Er…um…primal?” she tilted her head to the side like a curious puppy.
“Yes, primal. You know—a man who takes what he wants. To put it simply, he fucks hard, long and without regret. He fucks any woman he desires, with no thought save to bury his hot, thick cock in her and fill her with his seed. His baser needs control him, not the mores of Society. He gives in to his urges, they shape what he is or is not. I’m willing to wager, given the proper stimuli, your man will show what’s really beneath his skin and it’s not flowers and candy. I’m also willing to be you really want to be taken and used by a real man.” Master let the words sink in as we watched Kelly nervously down her drink. She couldn’t take her eyes off Master.

“Huh? What?” Kelly blinked as if she were in a fog. Of course we knew what was really causing it. A few more minutes and she’d be nearly catatonic, long enough to put our plan into motion.

“Does Rick give in to his urges?” I asked in a seductive tone. I slid to the edge of the sofa, my eyes never leaving hers. “Does he take what he wants, Kelly…or does he beg like a little doggie hoping you’ll drop him a crumb or two at your pleasure?” I dropped to my knees and edge toward her.

“What? I mean…no! He…I mean Rick is sweet…” she began hesitantly, but I could see the drug beginning to act. Master leaned forward, his elbows on his splayed knees. He took a sip of his drink. Sweat broke out on her brow. “He loves me in his own way. S-sure…we….have…have our differences…but he works hard…has…has…never cheated on me and takes me…me out. Wow…excuse me, I feel a little out of sorts.” She wiped her forehead, finally tearing her eyes from Master’s intense stare.

“Oh….being ‘sweet’ is nice…but what do you do when you want a real fuck? When you want a man to force you wide open as you beg him to stop? Does Rick do that?” I asked closing the gap between us as I crawled to kneel in front of her. She dragged her eyes to rest on mine. I gave her a feral smile then turned to look at Master. He was so magnificent. He could tell I was ‘starving’ as he gave a short nod for me to proceed. I gave him a huge grin then turned back to Kelly. “Come on Kelly…you can tell us.” I braced my hands on either side of her where she sat.

“I…I…um…I…don’t…don’t feel so well….” Kelly began to stammer nervously. I could smell her rising fear. I blocked her in as she placed her feet on the floor to get up. She looked about wildly, her breathing increasing and caught Master’s look. “M-maybe…we…can…meet up another time…I don’t think—“ she started to weave a bit.

“Shh…no thinking Kelly. Master will do that for us and trust me…you will be glad he does.” I whispered moving until I had my arms wrapped around her neck. She feebly attempted to pull away as the drug did its work. “Now…answer my question Kelly…does Rick fuck you like a man? Does your cunt beg for him to take you like an animal? No? Don’t worry baby…after tonight you’ll be begging for cock.” With that I kissed her as she opened her mouth to protest. My lips pressed against tongue invaded the warm cavern of her mouth as my hand dragged her forward. I pressed my body between her legs and allowed on hand to trail down to her breast. I teased and pinched it through her top.

“Mmfff…! Mmmfff…!” she murmured weak protests…her breathing became shallow. I squeezed her tit hard as she emitted a little cry into my demanding kiss. Eventually I felt her sigh. I love how girls give in so easily. I could feel my pussy starting to soak. My fingers touching, rubbing and pinching her breasts. They were a nice handful. Master would be pleased. Then I felt her sag against me. Poor thing had succumbed to the drug. I pushed her over. She lay limply over the side of the armchair.

“Pet…well done, and only with one kiss. Mmm…did you enjoy that?” Master rose up and came to stand behind me, observing our prey.

“Oh yes…very much, thank you Master. Ohhh…her mouth is so sweet. Your cock will enjoy the softness and warmth. I can’t wait to see her eating my hot little pussy. Shall we secure her, here?” I was as happy as a puppy earning a special treat from her owner. There was no doubt he owned me. My fingers slipped inside the leg of her shorts and stroked her cunt lips. I was pleased to feel smooth soft skin. Though Master cared little whether a woman was shaven or not…I liked any cunt I fucked to be clean shaven—just one of my little idiosyncrasies.

“No, Pet, I think not. First, who knows who might come looking for her. Noisy neighbors abound in little cloisters like these. Second, we need to keep her off guard. She knows the layout of her own home. I don’t want her finding any makeshift weapons or alerting anyone. We will take her to our lair and drive to one of the campground areas we spied on the way into town. Now…get her cellphone and look for names of people she might text. Check her messages to see who texts her most. I will wipe down our fingerprints which shouldn’t be too hard since we didn’t touch anything except the wine and glasses.

I picked up her cellphone from the table she left it on and watched it come to life. I found a text from her boyfriend.

Rick Garrett: Hey dollbaby. Made it safe. Guys say hey and thx 4 the CRL. Back on SUN NITE. Doc and Craig already fighting like to two bitches in heels. LMFAO. K babe be good. LUV U. XOXOXO!
I sent a reply.

KellyKitten: Hi Sweetie! Glad to hear. Have tons of fun. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home. Luv u 2! XOXOXO!
I sent a text to her mother (it wasn’t hard to figure out that Akiko Yamanda was her mother telling her I was going to spend some time with a girlfriend while Rick was out of town. Mrs. Yamanda was happy her daughter was getting out. Well…she was…in a manner of speaking. I cleaned the cellphone and pocketed it. Master hoisted an unconscious Kelly up into a fireman’s hold. Exiting the house first, I made sure no one saw us. The houses on either side of Kelly were both dark and no cars were in front of them. Once we locked up, and secured Kelly in the camper, Master pulled off into the night and toward a campground area that he’s spotted in a secluded spot.

Kelly lay on her back, strapped to a pull out bed. I had stripped her clothing off and cut off anything I couldn’t move. Now she was naked, her wrists and ankles secured and gagged. I’d taken the precaution of placing a blindfold on her. Master asked the reason. Mostly for dramatics. I liked the shock value. When I’d dommed my husband, he said the most frightening and thrilling thing was to be restrained and blindfolded. Having that sense of sight cut off…he didn’t know what to expect. It could have been me with a strap-on or ten guys ready to gangfuck his ass, or a pretty girl to suck his cock. Well…Kelly was probably going to be on the ‘frightened’ side for most of this little ‘trip’.
Master pulled into the campground’s rental office and paid the necessary fees. Apparently he told the manager we were recently married and wanted to get away…for some ‘us’ time…the manager, no doubt a ‘romantic’, suggested we pull into one of the more secluded spots. Lucky ‘us’.

“Mmmm…..mmm! Mrrr? Mrrr…?” pretty Kelly was starting to wake up, and not enjoying her situation.

“Ahhh…Pet, I think our guest is awake. Why don’t you go check on her, while I get thing ready.

“With pleasure.” I smiled and practically leaped out of the passenger’s seat to go to her.

“Mrrr…! Mrrr….! Mrrrr….!” Her whining was louder. The drug was wearing off. I sat beside her and stroked her cheek. At first she rolled her head from side to side to sense where I was standing.

“Hi Sweetie…’re awake now. Well, don’t worry Kelly, you’re in good hands…or you soon will be darlin’.” I leaned in and kissed her cheek. Her head rolled vigorously as she attempted to avoid my touch. I grasped her chin roughly. “I suggest you settle down, little kitty. Things are going to get rough, I promise you.” I held her chin firmly as she tried to struggle. I smiled slyly.

“Keep her quiet Pet…we are almost at our destination!” Master called from the front.

“I will Master…she needs a little incentive.” I let my hand rest on her tight stomach, then slid it down to her snatch. Her eyes widened in fear when she felt me sliding my finger back and forth over the lips of her cunt. I teased her edges..then slid it between the lips. Kelly shook her head and tried to squirm but was held tight. I laughed.

“Mrrr…! Mrrrr…!” she screamed into the gag.

“Get used to it Kitten.” With that I shoved my finger into her dry pussy. She clenched her eyes shut and whimpered. I pulled my finger out then used to slam into her. “Ohhhh…Sweetie…so tight. Are you sure you and Rick ever fucked? Well…don’t worry….that will change. A word to the wise—learn to take it. It’s only going to get worse.” I laughed again and leaned over to kiss her forehead as she began to sob into her gag.

Yes….things were certainly going to get worse.
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