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This was such an exciting moment for me. Master was going to let me choose the next victim. I was truly like a ‘kid in a candy store’. I didn’t know where to start. ‘Everything’ looked so delicious. I chuckled to myself, thinking how hungry I sounded. Well, to be fair our ‘play’ was like sustenance to me now. I never saw myself as a sub, a pet or anything I felt was so demeaning. I considered myself a Domme. Of course I’d been shown the error of my thinking and luxuriated in the relationship at this point. I loved being a pet. For me, at least, being a pet meant I was cared for and wanted. I was no longer searching for that ‘something’ I was missing in my life. Even when I was married, it was all a ritual for me. Up until that fateful meeting with Master, I’d done as everyone expected. I’d married well. Joined all the right clubs, socialized with all the right people, had a ‘profession’, though I really didn’t care for it. I didn’t hate the little darlings I taught, it just wasn’t me, but like every lemming before me, I ‘jumped over the cliff’ to my inner death every day.

Now, I was free. I could be the woman I was meant to be. Certainly, I didn’t think that way at first, but Master convinced me after much persuasion, sometimes good…sometimes not so good. Now, I loved Master. He is my life. I would do anything he requires without question. I would die for him.
I smiled casually as I walked with Master down each aisle. There were short women, tall women, blondes, brunettes and the like. There were a variety of races to tempt any fetish. I loved my women a little plump. Their soft breasts, cushiony asses and the sound it all made when being struck by a belt hand or being fucked, nearly brought me off each time. Master liked them tall, slender and athletic. He was a leg and ass man. Since our time together, I’d finally put on more weight. I was healthy looking now. My short hair had grown out and I no longer rinsed it blonde. I let it grow back to its wavy, heavy tresses dipping to my back. Master loved to grasp a handful and pull as he fucked me anally, or gave me a brutal throat-fuck. It was a rich chestnut brown to match my eyes. I had a seductive shapeliness now, rather than the thin stick figure my ex-husband liked. My legs were toned, shapely and drew male attention quite easily. Master didn’t seem to mind, though he did punish me a few times for giving a little too much attention to some males that got a bit too close. Silly Master, as if I wanted anyone else but him. I would never leave him. I would die if he left me.

“Master, perhaps we should split up. Judging by the looks some of the women are giving us, they may not rise to the bait if they think we are together. Alone, I could—perhaps—convince our victim that I am not suspicious. May I do this Master?” I looked up at him to see a look of approval. My heart did a flip.

“Yes Pet, I think that is a very good idea. But I’ll be nearby. I expect you to play nice and remember what I’ve taught you. ” His voice was warm and gentle, but I could detect the underlying steel in his tone. It was a reminder that he is the Master and I am his Pet. I owe my new existence to him and wanted his approval in every way.

“I remember Master.” I smiled, lowered my eyes and nodded. Moving away from him, I instantly felt the emptiness, but I rallied and went forth to stalk ‘prey’. That was exactly how I felt, too. I felt like a predator in search of innocent and unsuspecting prey to snatch and devour. Master could tell since that first time for me with Cindy that I needed—craved—the feeling of dominating someone. John and I had played at it. Though I enjoyed a measure of satisfaction from humiliating my ex and dominating him, there was always something missing. Now, a whole world of pleasure and pain had been opened to me. I moved through one aisle after another, choosing then discarding potential victims. Most did nothing for me. A statuesque redhead moved past me and gave me a charming view of her well rounded ass. Master would do so much to her. He loved ass. Just as she passed me, two small children raced to join her. Yipping and yapping for this and that, the woman, their mother no doubt calmed them down. I frowned. I shied away from mothers. That was one level of depravity I had no wish to visit. I moved on to another aisle. The next aisle yielded little; two older women and a store clerk. Moving on, I finally saw what I wanted. It was mouth watering, delectable, and alone.

I studied boxes of cereals and such as I made my way down the aisle. I squeezed past a young woman loading her cart with several boxes of cereal. She was a young Asian woman, in her early twenties from the looks of things. I did a quick assessment of her from head to foot. She had her hair pulled up into a messy ponytail, wore a man’s thin plaid cotton shirt over a bright red tank top, tan cargo shorts and red flip flops. I could see the outline of a surprisingly full breast as her shirt fell open as she reached for another box. Licking my lips, my eyes travelled lower. Her waist was tiny, but her hips flared to a pleasing curve. Not much ass, but her legs were really nice, very toned and would look wonderful tied and straining to get free while a thick cock burrowed into her tight little hole. I had to snap myself out of my fantasy if I wanted this to become reality. I eased closer, mumbling in a frustrated tone, as I picked up one box after another.

“Can these prices get any higher? It’s just cereal for goodness’ sake!” I spoke in an annoyed tone.

“Oh tell me about it and it’s not like I can get away with buying one or two boxes of cereal. I have to get two of everything!” she had a perky Midwestern accent.

“You have quite a few boxes there. Let me guess…you have kids?” I asked with a bright smile.

“Kids? Oh, no…no. It’s all for my boyfriend. I guess you could call Luke a big kid. The guy loves cereal. He and a couple of buddies are going camping this weekend and he just has to have his cereal. Geez…who eats Corporal Crunch, or Fruity Bits on a camping trip? I mean it’s all about hunting and catching stuff in the wild, right?” she shrugged her shoulders affording me another glimpse of her tits.

“Oh…right! Of course. Men….such babies! My husband is the same way sometimes. We are new in town and---oh gosh where are my manners? I’m ‘Selena’, my husband Max is around here somewhere. Probably in the car sulking since I refuse to buy his favorite snack.” I laughed good-naturedly.
“I get it. I really do.” She chuckled. “I’m Kelly Yamanda. Luke is happy enough to have me do all the shopping while he eats all the food.” She said as we walked up the aisle.

“Ah…well not this weekend right?”

“True. So…you and your husband are new to Bailey Springs?” she asked.
“Yes…just arrived the other day. We are looking to settle down, but right now we have our mobile home. My husband and I decided we wanted to leave the rat race of big city life and move out west. We got tired of the 9-to-5 demands and decided to move to a quiet town, someplace we could perhaps start a family.” I could cry on demand. A wistful look came over my face.

“Aww…that’s sweet. I’d like to get married. Luke and I have been together for three years. Some days he’s all I can think about, and other days…I dunno…I’d like to try some different things. I’ve been in Bailey all my life.” She gave me a shy smile. Hmmm…did I detect the glimpse of a freaky chick? Who knows? She could have meant a different job, a different man or different shoes for all I cared. But she told me a lot without meaning to, that I could use. We continued to chatter on until I decided it was time to set my trap.

“So what is Bailey like?” I asked hoping I sounded genuinely interested as we made our way to the checkout counters.

“It’s quiet. You’re in luck. The schools are okay. If you are looking for work, Uniontown is a better deal. It’s a commute, but you get used to it. If you just want scenery, then Bailey Springs is the place. We don’t get a lot of people moving in though. Well…retirees maybe. But you don’t look old enough to be retired.” She glanced at me.

“Well…I’m 33 and my husband is in his late 40’s.” I smiled again.
“Like ‘em older, huh?” she grinned.

“I like them interesting. It was quite a rocky road for me and my husband the first time we…uh…got together. He grew on me and I’ve learned so much from him. I love him deeply.” I stared at her as we locked eyes.

“Hey...nothing wrong with that.” She nodded, lowering her eyes in an almost submissive way.

“Say…can you recommend any good restaurants around here? We’ve been busy trying to settle down; I really don’t feel like cooking.” I asked as she took the ‘bait’.

“Hmm…there’s not much here, a few fast food joints. Well, there is one place—Dixie’s Grille. It’s not fancy, but you get your money’s worth. It’s just past where I live. If it’s not out of your way, I could show you.” She offered.
“That’d be wonderful.” I agreed.

“Okay, just follow me. I’m the blue Focus over there.” She pointed as we made our way outside. Master was sitting in the camper waiting. His trust in me was overwhelming. The thought that he had confidence in me to find a choice victim made me smile. Kelly returned it, thinking it was due to her kindness. I helped Kelly load her bags into her car then introduced her to Master. Like most women, she was awestruck. Master had that air about him. His green eyes were mesmerizing. That smile was so disarming. Kelly would never forget. Master would make sure of it. I felt my pussy moisten with each step as I brought him my ‘offering’. He was gracious at Kelly’s offer and thanked her. She blushed and nervously giggled when he complimented her. He smiled, saying surely we must have met the prettiest resident in all of Bailey Springs. Like all the other cunts, she ate it up. I had big plans for her.
As we rode behind Kelly, we sat high up enough for me ‘thank’ my Master properly. He stroked my hair, running his fingers through it as I lovingly suckled his cock. My head bobbed up and down while my fingers wrapped around the shaft to stroke him.

“Ahhh…Pet, you did very well. I think that one shows a lot of promise. Breaking her will give you something to sharpen your claws on. She’s perky, I like that. I can’t think that I’ve ever raped an Asian girl. Mmmm….very exotic, that one.” He groaned softly as I sucked and stroked. His cock was so beautiful…yet terrifying. He was right, young Kelly was going to get introduced to some things she’d never forget. I hummed with happiness as I felt Master’s body flex and his movements, slight as they were, becoming jerky. I doubled my efforts now willing him to cum. I needed to taste him. I needed him to mark me. I wondered how Kelly would react at seeing cum smeared on my face and tits. At that moment Master pumped quick and fast as his cock spurted three healthy streams. Once in my mouth…mmm…god…he was so delicious. The next two landed on my chin and neck dribbling to my breasts.

“Oh Master, this is going to be so worth it!” I licked my lips, and used my fingers to gather the cum dripping down toward my chest. I moaned as I licked the remnants of my little treat. He passed me a napkin to finish cleaning myself.

“Yes it will love…yes it will. You and I both will get to play to our hearts content.” He chuckled as we followed behind Kelly. My pussy throbbed at the thought that soon she would be ours.
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