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Default My Fourth Night As John's Slave.......part 3 the end of the night.

I don't remember John coming back up into the attic with me. My body had been abused so brutally by him already that I must have passed out from exhaustion. Between my arms still chained up above me, and my legs too weak to hold me up any longer, my body just gave out. I was awoken to my arms finally being freed and my body falling like dead weight onto the hard wooden floor. I opened my eyes as my head lay on the floor and seen my pussy juices still in a puddle on the floor, along with some drops of John's cum that had poured out of my asshole, and ran down my legs. I also seen a few drops of blood. Then I realized it was my blood. Only I didnt know where it came from. It was either my torn pussy, my stretched asshole from the hard pounding he gave me with his thick, huge cock, or from my stretched and ripped nipples, or clit. It was an incredible sight though to see all of those fluids mixed together like this on the floor. And they all spilled out of my body. Even his cum.
As I went to see what part of me was bleeding the most, and to see what parts of me John caused the most damage to, he suddenly picked me up by my hair until I was on all fours. He told me to stay just like that and not to move an inch. He placed a collar very tightly around my neck with a long chain. He pulled me up onto just my knees and tied my arms in back of me with a zip tie. He stood in front of me and unzipped his pants. He pulled his huge, already rock hard cock out of his pants, and told me to open my mouth as wide as it goes. He shoved his cock all the way into my mouth that I could feel his balls pressing against my chin. I started to gag and choke immediately. He pulled his cock out, raised his hand above my head and slapped me across my mouth so hard that my whole body flew to the floor. He gripped the chain even tighter and jerked my body back up on my knees with such a powerful force I was afraid he'd snap my neck. He ordered me to open wide again and said "If you gag or choke this time I will beat that reflex out of you. You hear me bitch?" I said "Yes master," but my voice cracked and quivered when I answered him. I could barely talk let along suck his huge cock. He held my mouth open and forced me to swallow every last inch of his shaft. He said "That's a good little slut. Now keep taking me all the way in, swallow my fat fucking cock you whore. Just like that!" He pulled his cock all the way out, barely gave me a moment to catch a breath, then rammed it back down my throat again. Every time I managed to open my eyes I was either looking at the head of his dick coming right at my face, or looking at his groin shoved into my face. He began ramming his cock into the back of my throat harder and faster. At this point I could no longer catch a breath at all. Just when I thought I'd pass out he pulled out of my mouth and let go of the chain. I dropped to the floor gagging and spitting all over. I must've taken 3 good, deep breaths before he yanked me back up on my knees by my chain and collar, and then lifted me back up on to my feet. He took the chain from my collar and put it on a hook way up over my head. I couldn't move an inch without choking myself and almost hanging myself. I was barely able to stand on my tip toes. Either I let myself choke, or I hurt my toes so badly they could break. He stood in front of me, grabbed my face, and slapped me hard across my cheek. He grabbed, squeezed, and twisted my tits with every bit of strength his fists had in their steel grip. He twisted my nipples until they felt like they would come right off my tits. He slapped my tits as hard as he could until they were completely red. Then I seen that smile of his again. The one that tells me he has a sinister idea in mind for me. He makes a fist, and punches me in the face. Then makes another fist and punches me in my stomach. The wind gets knocked out of me and now I'm swinging back and forth by my neck from the force of his punch. I'm both choking now and I can't breathe from his punch. He stops me from swinging, and waits for me to take a few breaths again. Then he punches me in each of my tits at the same time with each fist. I'm crying now at this point. He says to me "I love beatimg a bitch to tears." He then licks my tears off my cheeks. He says "Nothng tastes better than a worthless whore's tears produced by my fucking fists. I want to taste some more." He then punches me right on the cunt. It hurt so much more than his punch did earlier in the night! Probably because of all the horrible things he had done to my pussy since that first punch. I wasn't quite crying hard enough for him so he slapped me across both sides of my face about a dozen more times. That finally produced enough tears for him. He again licked them off my cheeks but then forced my mouth open and spit them in my mouth and said "Now you taste your tears whore. Here's some more" and then he spit right in my face. Next he was filling my mouth with his fingers as he rammed them all deep into my mouth and fucked my mouth with his hand until I gagged on his fist. He then said "Time for another lesson you fucking cunt."
He walked to a table and grabbed a firm leather cattail whip. He stood in front of me massaging my tits like he was getting them ready for what was to come. He stepped back a bit, then snapped the whip against my tits to hard that the sound of the crack was loud enough to cause my ears to ring. He grabbed one tit by the nipple and pulled it out as far away from my body as it would go. The skin on my tit could not stretch an farther. He held it out like that by the nipple then snapped the whip down on my tit until I screamed so fucking loud that it must've gone past the soundproofing. I felt my nipple throb in pain as the warmth of my blood started to run from the torn skin on my tit. He then did the same to my other tit. The whip felt like it took my nipple right off my body. I almost expected to find it on the floor in my now drying pussy juices. But when I looked down at my tit it was still there, just torn a bit. He put the cat tails down and said "Now let's take this up a notch."
He picked up a firm, leather, single whip with a small sharp metal piece on the end of the whip. He walked behind me and began grabbing my ass and slapping my ass cheeks with his hands until he thought they were ready. He backed up a few feet, then came at me with a running start. He snapped that whip right across my ass cheeks with his entire weight and strength behind his hard, sharp swing. I screamed at the top of my lungs! I began sobbing uncontrollably. He then took the handle of the whip and rubbed my tears on it, made me suck on it, and spit all over it until it was dripping wet. He slid this thick hard handle down my back, used it to spread apart my ass cheeks, then rammed it all the way deep into my asshole. He twisted it all around inside of me, then ripped it right back out of my ass. He stepped back again, and came running at me once more whipping my ass so hard that my cheeks were on fire now. He said to me "I must not be hurting you enough. I don't see any broken skin or blood yet" Then he stepped back again and whipped me with the force of his whole weight. I yelled but he said "Louder bitch!" He whipped me again and again as I cried out begging him to stop! He then yelled at me "THAT ISNT LOUD YOU WORTHLESS WHORE! I TOLD TO SCREAM AND BLEED FOR ME YOU FUCKING PIG!" and unleashed on my ass cheeks over and over until he was out of breath, and his arm was worn out. I felt the warmth of my blood dripping down the back of my legs, he finally got what he was looking for. This was all too much for me now. I cried and cried begging him to stop hurting me. I told him that I couldn't take any more punishment. I begged for no more lessons and promised to never step out of line again. I cried out to him "PLEASE MASTER! I will do whatever you want me to do, just please stop hurting me! I'll give you whatever you want if you please stop!"
My pleading, begging, negotiating, and promises were the final straw for John. He put the whip down, but walked over to me shaking his head. He grabbed me by the top of my hair and became very angry as he looked at my tears and my pleading face. He said, "You don't have a say in what happens to you! You aren't my equal, you don't get to make deals or demands. You aren't even fucking human to me! YOU AREN'T EVEN A FILTHY PIG!" He then spit right in my eyes, grabbed my hair even harder, and yelled right in my face "YOU AREN'T EVEN WORTHY OF BEING MY dog! You aren't here for YOUR pleasure, or to be pleased in any way unless I ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN! ALL YOU ARE IS A CHEAP PIECE OF FUCK MEAT, a tool for me to use and an object for me to blow my load in and on to. YOU AREN'T EVEN GOOD ENOUGH TO BE MY FUCK TOY, YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE PLAYED WITH BY ME! YOU ARE JUST MY THING!" He then let go of my hair, shoved my legs far apart, and slapped my pussy until it was as red as my bloody nipples. He then squeezed my cunt with a full hand as hard as he could, spit in my face again and said "You feel this fucking hole I'm grabbing?" I said "Yes master!" He said, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" I yelled "YES MASTER!" He then said to me while squeezing and twisting my pussy lips and clit, "These pathetic holes are all you have to offer this world. Anytime I am filling a hole of yours you can know that you are reaching your full potential in life, and your sole purpose in life. You are being the fucking worthless whore that you are!" He let go of me and and screamed in my face "DO YOU FUCKING GET IT NOW?" I yelled back "YES MASTER!" and I meant it. I finally knew my place here, and in life.
I could tell he was still skeptical of my newfound enlightenment of my submissive calling in life, of my acceptance to be used and abused while the only good parts of me are filled over and over by any and all men he gives me to for them to get off inside as they see fit. He decided to test my commitment to please him correctly and obediently. He lowered me down some so I could stand without choking. Then he grabbed this wide, firm, sharp leather strap into his hand, kicked each of my legs away from my body until my my legs were open as wide as they would go, then snapped the leather strap hard and fast onto my pussy. I stayed silent. He then whipped the strap against my tits, I barely made a sound. He then grabbed a whip used for lashes, smiled at me with that sadistic look of excitement I've seen before, and gave my pussy 5 hard lashes. I had to whimper and cry after such pain. He then said "You're allowed to cry, to scream, to yell, to yell bloody murder when it hurts. I love hearing you in so much unbearable pain, I love causing you that pain. I get so fucking hard watching you helpless against my torture." He then continued, "Cry all you want, but you're going to take it without complaint. Cum buckets aren't capable of doing anything else. You're just a stupid, worthless, dumb animal that has one purpose, and that's to always provide all cocks with your wide open, exposed, juicy, wet, and willing cock holes for loads of cum to fill and cover. You hear me pig?" I said "Yes master." Next he said "Then show me how you're a filthy pig and squirt for me!" He made me spit all over his fingers, then began ramming them in and out of my cunt like he was trying to scoop my juices out of me, I began moaning in both pleasure and agony as he was making me so fucking wet. I could hear his fingers and palm slapping through my cunt juices into my pussy. Then all of a sudden I felt all the fluids I had inside of me come gushing out all at once onto his palm, through his fingers, and splash onto the floor. He took his hand out of my dripping wet pussy and forced me to suck and lick each finger clean again. Once he was satisfied, he bent down to the floor and rubbed his hand in the puddle of my pussy made. Once his fingers and hand were covered in my juices again, he slid his hand deep into my pussy. This time his fist glided right inside of me with such ease until I seen his wrist disappear between my pussy lips. He pulled his hand out, made a fist, and punched his way deep into my cunt. Every time he pulled out, he punched in just a little deeper. It wasn't until I felt my insides being twisted apart that I looked down at my cunt and was shocked at what I seen! His arm was shoved inside of me half way up to his elbow. I screamed over and over in pure agony that his neighbors must've heard me, even through the soundproof walls that surrounded me, John then took his arm out of my cunt, and said to me "Now I'm ready to watch you cum for my pleasure."
He pulled out a really wide horse with this ribbed rubber covering. He also grabbed a vibrating dildo that snapped onto the horse. The cock wasnt as large as the last one thank god! But it still looked as though it would fill my whole pussy with no room to spare. He slid the horse under me, pushed my cunt down on the cock until my pussy swallowed it all up, then he turned the vibrating cock on. I expected that to be all but then he plugged in the horse too! The whole ribbed rubber covering on the horse was also a vibrator! He said "I will control your orgasms. I will do the fucking for you. This is for my pleasure, not yours. Whores don't get that right." He raised the horse up enough to lift my feet off the floor, then grabbed my hips tightly as he pounded my pussy onto the cock, and grinded my clit deeply into the horse. The orgasm came with no warning. I felt a powerful wave rush all through my body, my arms and legs quivered uncontrollably and I let out a scream of pleasure while I came all over the horse. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had. I couldn't control my body at all. After the last rush pulsated from my pussy my body just fell limp all at once. I almost passed out. Just then John says "You're not done yet! Come on slut! I wanna see you give me another one now!" He then grabbed my hips and fucked the cock with my now soaked, engorged pussy. He also pounded and rubbed my huge clit against the horse. He said to me "Come on, take it bitch! Cum for me! Fuck it harder you whore!" I once again couldn't control my body! But he was still controlling my fucking. He just wasn't pounding me on this dildo and horse hard enough. I couldn't help what I did next. My body just took over and rode it myself with all my weight and might. I could feel my tits heaving up and down as I breathed in and out harder and harder as I came closer to climax. My moans became louder, I couldn't control the volume of my pleasure. I was so close now..........I pulled my hips up and back one more time, and threw my whole body with every force I had in me to engulf that vibrating cock with my pussy as I squeezed it tightly with my clenching pussy walls. I slammed my clit so hard into the horse that my thrust caused it to slip from me a little. The cumming overtook my mind and body so hard that the orgasm caused my body to violently shake as the never ending waves overcame my muscles. It wasn't until my body finally overcame this ecstasy that I realized I fucked myself too far forward and was choking as I was close to hanging myself from almost thrusting myself off the horse and the cock I was riding. Watching by body shake and convulse violently from each orgasm was too much for John's fully erect huge cock to handle. He pushed the horse back under me, watched me fuck it some more, then climbed up in back of me again. Only this time he wasn't squeezing in my ass, he was shoving his cock in my pussy with the dildo. He pushed my back down causing the collar to choke me again. He held me there and rammed his cock hard and deep inside of me against the dildo. He didn't stop or let up. He was now pounding me so forcefully that the horse was sliding out again. I couldn't breathe at all. He didn't care though. He loved seeing my face turn red, and my body uncontrollably start convulsing from needing air so badly. This was making him slam his cock deeper into me. The last thing I heard was John say "Come on you worthless fucking pig! Tighten up on my cock more, keep riding it and jerking around on it! Omg you're squeezing my cock so tight I'm exploding inside you! Don't go lifeless yet bitch! OH FUCK YEAH YOU WORTHLESS FUCKING COCK WHORE!" Then everything went black and I passed out from lack of oxygen. I came to moments later after he cleared my airway from the collar. I just hung there almost lifeless as I tried to breathe enough to come back to life fully. I felt dizzy. I felt cum dripping out of my cunt, then I felt John take the collar off and I just dropped to the floor. He picked my head up by my hair and then wiped his cock all over my face. Once he was done he ordered me up on my feet. I stood up. He then cut the zip tie from my arms, pulled up my tube top, pulled down my skirt, and admired his handy work on my body. He then said "Now you can get the fuck out of my house and then my sight!" He dragged me out to his SUV and threw me in the truck. He drove me to the train station, pulled me out of his SUV, and told me to go inside and get a ticket looking the way I did, all used up. I had cum dripping from my pussy, restraint marks on my legs, ankles, wrists, arms, and especially neck after just being choked out. My hair was a mess, some blood was seeping through my top from my nipples, and I was still so dazed and out of it. He stayed to make sure I didn't go and wash up or anything. He ordered me to ride the train home like this as well. My body was so worn out I stumbled on to the train, and collapsed in a seat. I passed out before the train even left the station. I think I woke up a little to a man fingering me at one point but I can't be sure. I was just too spent to fully notice. I just know I woke in my city with my skirt pushed up, my pussy wet, and my tits hanging out. I ran to my car and barely made it home. I want to say that I was done meeting up with John but I couldn't bring myself to think such a thing. I finally learned my purpose in life, and knew I was his. There's just no fighting this. I have no right to. I can't wait to be at John's service and pleasure again.

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