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Default My Fourth Time As John's Rape Slave.....part 1

John messaged me and told me he wanted to meet the upcoming Friday. I said ok and asked where. He told me that he had a surprise for me and he had plans for me, but that it had to be done at his house. This would be the first time we met up at a non-neutral I wasn't worried though. If he wanted to keep me or seriously harm me he had plenty of chances to do so already. He told me to dress like a slut, not just slutty but like an actual prostitute. A cheap one. He said no underwear, no,bra, short skirt, and a revealing top.i wasn't to drive out to his city either, I had to take the bus or train dressed this way with no coat. I looked at train times and there was one leaving my city at 9:15 pm, and arriving in his city about 10:05. I asked if that was ok and he said yes. He said there was more though. I was to take pictures of my exposed pussy and tits on the train and send them to him. He said they could not be taken in a bathroom though. If I failed to meet all of his demands he would not pick me up when I arrived and I'd be left alone, dressed like a whore in a sketchy part of the city, and he'd be sure to tip off a few dangerous people he knows about my presence and vulnerability. But if I followed his orders then I was to start walking towards his house and he'd pick me up like the whore I am. Luckily not many people take train rides these days. I was able to send him a pic of me from my seat on the train with my skirt pushed up around my hips, and my cunt fully exposed. A second after I hit send he messaged back and told me to take a pic of me fingering ,myself. I did as I was told. He messaged back and said "now go find another place to expose your tits and take my picture," I stood up, pulled my skirt down, and walked to the end of the car where a corner was semi private. The other passengers couldn't see unless they walked right by, but it was dark and I had to be completely inside the corner, kind of pushed up against a window. I turned on my flash, pulled down the tube top I chose to wear, pressed a side of my face and part of my tits up against the window, and took the picture. The light from the flash was really bright in the dim lit car and dark corner. I'm sure people seen the light and figured what I was up to. I hurried up and covered my tits then sent the picture. John said I obeyed well and he would pick me up.
When the train arrived in his city, he told me to walk to the main road by the train station, then turn left and walk for a few minutes until I get to Second St. I was to turn right on Second street. He said to wait in the middle of the first block. I stood there waiting on this dark, almost empty block with no activity. There was a warehouse on one side, and a crumbling old building on the other. I texted him that I was there. He said he knew. He could see me. I asked where he was. He said if I wanted him to come out and get me, I'd have to earn it. I asked what he wanted me to do. He told me to show him my tits, I pulled my top down but didn't know where he was so I stood in the middle of the road and twirled around to make sure he seen my tits no matter where he was. . He didn't message me back though. So I started grabbing my tits for him, and licking my nipples. He then messaged me and said to show him my pussy now. I pulled up my skirt, spread my legs, spread my pussy lips apart, and rubbed my clit as I twirled around for him again. He messaged me saying I could do better than that. So I started fingering myself in the middle of the street! The danger of being seen or caught was such a turn on, I stood there with one hand finger fucking my wet pussy, and my other hand grabbing and squeezing my tits. I was getting off on this. Then John came speeding out from an alley in a SUV and pulled right up next to me. He opened his driver side door and already had his cock out. He grabbed my hair and said "get over here and suck my cock you filthy whore" and shoved my face into his cock. I stood there bent over with my pussy and ass fully exposed, and my tits hanging out while he fucked my face with his cock. I couldn't breathe and started gagging just when he pulled his cock out. He pulled me by my hair down to my knees and came all over my tits. Then he said I earned a ride and could get in the car. I start to adjust my clothes but he stopped me. He said he hadn't given me permission to put my clothes back on yet. He told me to get the fuck in the truck just as I am. I walk the passanger side and climb into the seat. I sat there completely exposed with a huge load of cum covering my tits. He starts to drive and takes a couple of busy roads with a lot of street lights. On one street we were waiting for the light to change when a tractor trailer pulled up next to us on my side. He asked me if the driver was looking at me. I said yes. John told me to smile at him and wipe some cum off my chest with my finger and lick it off my finger. I obeyed. At one other intersection we had to,wait for another light as a car pulled up on my side. John looked over and seen there were 3 younger guys in the car. They were looking at me, laughing and pointing. John smiled at them then ordered me to watch them as they watched me. Then John reached over and started grabbing my tits really hard. Then he brought his head down to my tits and sucked it even harder. Then he bit and pulled on my nipple with his teeth. These guys looked like they couldn't believe what they were seeing. The one in the back seat was licking his lips as he rubbed his crotch. John said we could do one more. He pulled into a packed parking lot outside of some strip bar in his city. He rolled down the windows and told me to slide my chair all the way back, and to tilt the back part of the seat down a little. I did what I was told. He spread my legs wide apart, and started fucking me with a soda bottle. He began rubbing my clit and it felt so good! I asked that he go harder and deeper as I grind my hips down onto the bottle. I couldn't stop myself from grabbing my tits. I opened my eyes and look around the SUV and see a small crowd forming. A few grab their cell phones and start recording me. John pulls the bottle out and climbs in the back seat. He orders me to straddle the gear shift that's between the seats and ride it until I cum. I climb on top and push my cunt down on it until the gear shift is completely swallowed by my pussy. I have one knee on each seat and start sliding up and down on it. There's a bunch of guys all around the truck pointing their phones and flashlights at me. I start rubbing my clit until John stops me. He says to the guys, "Anyone wanna give her a hand? Make her cum all over my fucking stick?." Within seconds the doors whip open and I have two hands massaging my clit. I feel another hand grabbing my tits and pinching my nipples. Someone pushed me back towards the dashboard to get a better view of my cunt grinding up and down oh his truck's shift. My legs are spread more open and back, I have someone now pushing me up and down on this rod. Another hand is rubbing, pinching, and slapping my clit. Next thing I know I'm not the one who's fucking anything anymore. They're fucking this stick with my pussy and body. They're grabbing me, and rubbing me telling me to cum all over the stick. I hear on guy tell another one to make me fuck the stick harder. He said he wanted to see it deep inside my cunt. I have no control now as someone pounds me pussy down on the gear stick. I'm slammed down harder, and it's shoved in me deeper and deeper. The truck is rocking like crazy. As I'm molested by all their hands, and having this stick shoved violently inside me again and again, I look up at John in the back seat. He just smiles at me. He sees I'm about to cum, I start moaning with each thrust. I tell them to make me cum. They pound that stick in my cunt with a few really strong thrusts. My pussy exploded all over that gear shift. My body convulses in orgasmic pleasure as cum hard for all to see.Once this wave of pleasure has run through my body, I slide off the stick and John feels my dripping wet cunt. He scoops my juices out of me and tells me to taste myself. Then a bunch of hands go in my cunt to scoop the rest out of me. One rubs it over my tits, another rubs it all over my face, I seen one guy drink it himself, and another shove it into my mouth and make me swallow it all. John thanked the guys for participating. He then ordered me to thank them for playing with me like a little toy. I obeyed. Then we left and John said that was enough for now and he took me to his house........part 2 of this night coming soon!
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