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Default More of me as John's slave

*(Part two)*

It had been almost 2 months since i first met John at the motel. He and I had been trying to make another date but he had to work each weekend. He finally got a free weekend but then I couldn't make it. He was very upset with me. He demanded to know what was more important than being his slave. I told him that my fiance and I had made plans moths ago to go out of town for the weekend. My fiance had no idea that I had been visiting sex sites, let alone meeting anyone! John asked me where I was going. I said Lake George. He asked where I was staying. I told him I was staying at the Best Western. That was the end of it.....or so I thought.
We got to the motel at about 4 pm on Friday. We checked in, then walked around the town. On the way back to the motel I got a message from John. He ordered me to find a reason to leave the room so I could meet him in the stairwell. I had 15 minutes. I waited for my fiance to get into the shower and ran to the stairwell before my 15 minutes were up. I see John and he gives me a bag with a dress in it. It's really tight, very short, and one size too small for my breasts. He told me that I have to wear the dress out to dinner with my fiance later. He told me what restaurant to insist on eating at. About 2 hours later we arrive at the restaurant. I see John there but he didn't say anything to me or message me. It wasn't until my fiance and i went back to the room that I heard from John. He messaged me with an order to leave my motel room by midnight and come to his room. He had booked a room at the same motel as me, in fact he was only 3 doors down. Then he sent some pics of our last encounter and threatened to show them all to my fiance if i didn't show up by midnight, and I was to wear the dress with out any underwear or a bra. Luckily I packed my sl**ping medication so I d**gged my fiance at about 11 and waited. He was out within 30 minutes. I slipped my bra and panties off, and snuck out of the room. I knocked on his door and walked into his room. He wasn't alone. There were 4 other guys there with him. Once they seen me they smiled and handed John wads of cash. I must've looked confused because John explained to me what was going on. He ordered me to wear the dress earlier so some men at the restaurant could get a look at what John was selling. I was advertising myself to strange men without knowing it. Well, they were strangers to me, but I wasn't a stranger to them. Each man had been viewers logged onto John's live sex channel from our last meeting. When John heard I was being a bad slave and not meeting him this weekend he decided I needed to pay for disobeying him. He reached out to his viewers and asked who lived near Lake George. He told the men who answered him that I needed to be taught a lesson and all of them could teach it to me for the right price. These four met the right price. John walked over to the chair, sat down, then picked up his camera and started the live channel for his other viewers. Before I knew it my dress was pushed up, the top was ripped, my tits were out in front of the camera, and someone was sliding their fingers inside me. I had my arms tied behind my back and was forced to my knees. One by one they filled my mouth with their huge throbbing cocks. My face was shoved into their balls as they slammed their rock hard cocks into the back of my throat. Then I was picked up and thrown onto the bed. My legs and pussy were hanging off of one side in front of the camera. Then I feel something cold touch my pussy. I look down and see i'm being fucked with a beer bottle, but not with the thin end. The whole bottle was shoved up inside me. All you could see sticking out was the bottle cap. Then one guy takes it out of me and starts to finger me. I feel one, then two, then three, and then four fingers enter me. I figured that would be it, until I seen him reach for lube and squirt some on my pussy. He rubs it around, kneels in front of me,then forces his whole fist inside my tight, wet cunt. I feel like I'm being torn apart. I yell in pain but he just goes in deeper. I look down and he's almost up to his elbow. He slides his hand out and tell the other guys they have to try it. One by one they each fuck me with their fists. I feel like I'm being destroyed from the inside out and beg them to stop. John tells them to stop, but only to give them other things to fill my pussy with. One was a dildo that was twice as thick as the beer bottle. One guy held my shoulders down on the bed, I had a man grab each of my legs and pull them wide apart, then the 4th man worked to get that huge, fat dildo inside of me. It took a few minutes but he finally shoved it deep inside of me. I yelled so loud that they had to cover my face with a pillow. Next I felt something hard inside me. It was a lamp from the room. Then I felt something weird. I stopped crying so they'd uncover my face and I could see what I was being fucked with. I look down and see it's John's foot. The whole foot was inside of me! After a few minutes he sat back down. The guys picked me up off the bed and bent me over the table. They tied each limb to each leg of the table and the first guy enters my dripping, wet, gaping pussy. He said "We stretched her out way too much guys! Gonna have to finish in her ass if we wanna feel anything." Then he grabs my hips, lines up the head of his cock to my tight asshole, and rams it all the way inside of me. I shriek out in pain and then I hear John say "Someone put a cock in her mouth and shut her up!" Within seconds I have two cocks fighting their way inside my mouth. I end up having to take them both at the same time. I start gagging and I couldn't breath. Then I feel a huge warm load of cum shoot into my asshole. Once he pulled his cock out of my ass the two cocks in my mouth pull out to fight over fucking me. They decide to compromise. Since my pussy is stretched so open they decide to both fuck my cunt at the same time. I'm untied, picked up, and placed on top of one of the cocks. Then the other guy crawls on top of me and I feel his cock shove into me. They both start pounding away at my pussy. I couldn't believe that they were ripping me apart even more! How much wider could I get? I beg them to stop and start crying. This made them mad cause the one I was on top of grabbed my throat and squeezed it hard. The one on top of me slapped my tits really hard then squeezed them. They each held on to me as they pounded away at my pussy harder and harder until they both jam their cocks deep inside of me and shoot their loads at the same time. They toss me off to the side and I could finally breathe again. I felt so much cum pouring out of me. I feel my pussy with my hand and see that there's also some bl**d. They literally ripped me apart. Just then the 4th guy grabs me and throws me to the floor face first. He drags me in front of the camera and tells me to look at the camera and not look away. Then he kneels down in back of me, picks my ass up by my hips, and pulls my asshole onto his huge cock. He starts of slow, then thrusts harder and faster. He grabs my hair and holds my face in front of the camera lens. I stare into the circle as he pounds my ass deeper and deeper. Just as I start to cry, he quickly pulls out his cock and starts jerking it into my face. Within seconds I hear him grunt loudly as he shoots a huge load all over my face about 3 inches away from the camera. Then he throws my head back down to the floor. The four guys get dressed and leave me lying there. John rolls me over onto my back and runs the camera all up and down my body. He shows a close up of my torn, stretched, gaping wide pussy and the cum dripping out of both my holes. He sets the camera down and pulls out his cock. He rubs it over my tits, then fucks my tits. Then he slaps my face with it and makes me swallow his whole cock as he fucks my face into the floor. He pulls out just before he cums and sprays it all over my tits. He makes me lay there until every one of his viewers is done jerking off to the used up sight of me. Only then can I get up and dressed. Just before I leave he grabs my neck and tells me "If you ever tell me no again I'll tie you up and let a whole bar full of men fuck you until you pass out. Then I'll let 100 more take you" and he throws me out of his room. I will never tell him no again!
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