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Default Queens Regulations By Mad Gerald. Part 6

Queens Regulations By Mad Gerald.

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Queens Regulations

Part six.

Flight Lieutenant Sue Miles was dragged along the corridor of the prisoner holding centre. Her pussy still ached with it's recent fucking. The butt plug the major had secured in her ass, made her feel as if he were still in her.
They reached a secure door, Sgt Bishop unlocked it and they ushered her inside. The room was cold and clinical, brick walls white washed, hard tan linoleum covered the floor. There was a plastic chair an unscreened shower cubicle. A low bare bed and a sink. light came from a single caged light bulb.
John released her arms, "Get undressed!" he ordered.
They watched as she slowly undid her uniform jacket, she put it on the chair.
She tried not to look at them as she undid the RAF blue grey skirt and let it fall down her aching legs. Her breath still noisily snorted through her nose, as her mouth was still full of her own soiled panties, secured with adhesive tape. Now she undid her black tie and threw it down. She undid her light blue service blouse and let it fall. She was left in ruined black stockings, black suspender belt. Butt plug. Her breasts two large free stiff mounds. She undid her torn bra and placed it on the chair. She let her arms drop and faced them defiantly.
"Take the rest off!"
She kicked her service shoes off. They watched as she unhooked then
rolled each soiled stocking down her strong shapely legs. This left her in
her impromptu gag and butt plug
John walked over and tore the tape off her mouth. She stood still as he grasped the end of her pants and drew them out of her mouth. She took a deep breath. relieved.
"You will shower and rest. The interrogation will continue later."
John gathered up her clothes. They turned to leave.
"Wait! please what about this thing in my bottom?"
Dave turned smiling. "Well I think the Major will be very angry if we or you, remove it, I don't think we want to make him angry do you?"
"N . . no" she muttered.
"Well best leave well alone then. See you soon."
They left. she found shampoo, soap and tooth paste and brush in a plastic
bag. She felt exhausted. The first thing she did was brush her teeth to get
rid of the awful taste in her mouth. She thought of Joan and hoped she was Ok. The shower was hot and refreshing. She washed around the butt plug. She desperately wanted to take it out. She remembered the orgasm she had had when the Major had analy raped her. She shuddered as she touched it. No man had made her come before, No woman had made her come like that.
Part of her ached to come like that again. She shook her head in disbelief.
What was happening to her, how could she be turned on by any of this abuse?
Her mind flashed back to Cpl Wright struggling beneath her. Thrills coursed
through her. Her soapy hand strayed to her pussy. She was becoming depraved, she was sure. Her thighs gripped her hand. Water coursed down her heavy breasts and off her now rigid nipples. She suddenly thought 'perhaps they're watching' she wouldn't put it past them. She withdrew her hand. No she wouldn't give them the pleasure.
Sergeants Dave Bishop and John Peters went back to the office, They had some coffee and a smoke. They sifted through all the letters they had gathered from Flight Lieutenant Mile's flat. John opened one.
. . . Anyway things are going well now I miss you and the other girls.
a lot actually, my thoughts are always with you. though when I wake up damp
and Franks not around. My thoughts are defiantly with you.
The Babies 6 weeks old now. I'm all milk and hormones.
Franks happy I haven't told him he's not the dad, it would ruin everything.
Who knows it could have been him? do you think? no not really. oh well. I'm sure when it comes he'll be too over the moon to notice. I'll write again soon. my love as always Liz.
He looked at the date, four weeks ago. He found the front page. No address, he sought out Sue's filofax, he went through the address section. Bingo.
Lt. Elizabeth Hall, Culdrose Medical centre, RNAS Culdrose, Cornwall.
He showed it to Dave they had a chuckle. Dave picked up the phone, "I'll get some transport" he stated.
Two hours later at Culdrose Medical centre Lieutenant Liz Hall put the phone down herself.
One of her old friends from the Tri service hockey squad had just told her of the arrests. She desperately tried to think how she could be caught up in this. Suddenly she remembered the letter to Sue. She turned to one of the other Naval nurses she worked with.
"I have to Pop out a minute Ok?" She nodded.
Outside Liz made her way to the phone by the Naafi. She phoned Joan, No answer. She tried Sue no answer she was sweating now. She went back to work. Then excused herself. and went home.
Liz was 5'6" with a chest of 42" since the baby. She was 34 years old and kept herself very fit, I suppose you would say she was stocky. She had auburn hair cut quite short.
She picked up her 10 week old son from the crèche and hurried home.
She got to the front door of her Married quarter, got the key in the lock.
"Lt Elizabeth Hall?" a mans voice from behind her. She turned. An Army Royal Military Police Sergeant was stood there offering his warrant card for her to see. She inspected it carefully, her hands were trembling.
"Yes?" He smiled back at her question.
"Ma'am, I must inform you that you are hereby under arrest under suspicion of improper sexual misconduct under the Joint Service regulations concerning appropriate behaviour." he continued to caution her. Another Sergeant had appeared and was stood behind the first, behind him was a shore patrol WREN.
"If we could go in Ma'am then people don't see and hear?"
She nodded dumbly more in shock than anything. They all entered the house.
Her son was asleep in her arms.
Once in the living room she regained her composure. "What is the meaning of all this Sergeant?" they grinned at each other.
"Evidence has come to our attention which implicates yourself Ma'am in an investigation we are currently involved in."
"What sort of evidence Sergeant?" she could feel her face blushing. "All you need to know Ma'am is that we have sufficient grounds on which to base this arrest. You understand I'm sure? Where is your Husband Ma'am?" "In the Falklands Sergeant, why?"
" I was worried about child care Ma'am, have you anyone who maybe able to look after your child while we conduct an interview?"
She smiled at him "No, no I haven't"
"Never mind if you would pass the child over to the WREN Ma'am" "Is that really necessary?" she was getting angry now.
"Yes I'm afraid it is, now hand over the child to the WREN"
"He"ll be fine Ma'am" the WREN reassured. Liz reluctantly handed him over.
"Ma'am I must request you proceed to dress in your No. 1 dress uniform without hat, at once." Dave insisted.
"Oh very well, I must say this seems ridiculous though for a few questions"
"It's regulations Ma'am" She went to go upstairs they followed. She turned on them "I can get dressed Sergeant".
"Regulations Ma'am" She sighed and went upstairs.
In the bedroom they watched as she undressed from her nurses uniform.
Her breasts were far too big for her nursing bra, they bulged over the top.
She struggled to maintain her composure as she tried to keep them out of view.
As usual Dave and John made things really difficult enjoying her humiliation.
She put on a black suspender belt, black stockings. Then she pulled her white blouse on. She struggled to close it over her breasts, when at last she had it done up, it gaped, the buttons straining. She stepped into her dark blue skirt pulling it up her legs, Downstairs her son woke and cried. Almost immediately her blouse dampened over each hardening teat. She went to the dressing table and opened a draw retrieving some breast pads.
"You won't be needing those Ma'am!" John barked.
"Look He's overdue a feed, I'll be soaked unless I . ."
"You won't need them!" Dave insisted.
She looked at them in disgust and threw them back in the draw.
He cried again, she felt her nipples react, swelling and aching. She picked her jacket up and quickly put it on, she could feel her blouse wetting beneath.
"Can I feed him before we leave?" she asked, Dave grinned.
"Collect your baby equipment from downstairs, Do you express Ma'am?"
Her face was brilliant red now. suffused with barely contained anger.
"Yes . . yes I do!"
"Bring that stuff as well, is there any prepared?"
"In the fridge, from this morning." she admitted.
John went downstairs. Dave picked her hat up and insisted she turned around.
"Turn around Ma'am, wrists together!" he urged.
"Your not going to cuff me are you Sergeant surely?" He did.
"Regulations Ma'am" ha reassured.
He cast his eyes over her now in her Wren's No.1. Her jacket struggled to contain her laden breasts. She saw the hunger there and swallowed in apprehension as she was led from the room.
When she got downstairs the Wren was feeding her son, The suckling noise made her breasts ache and throb.
"Look I can feed him, it's no problem"
"I don't want you to feed him. I want you to be quiet Ma'am!" Dave said menacingly.
They took her outside and put her in the police wagon, The WREN brought her son and all the baby equipment. They left for the Rudloe Manor detention centre.
At the detention centre. Flight lieutenant Sue miles, Sergeant Joan Smith.
and Private Todd had all been left to shower and rest. They were woken in the evening and supplied with Dinner and they're Uniforms freshly dry cleaned. Stockings and underwear laundered. As each cell only had a coarse blanket on the bed and a towel. They all quickly dressed again for warmth and modesty. Then they were left to ponder on what was to happen next.

End of Part Six.

Enjoy MG

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