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Default Queens Regulations By Mad Gerald. Part 3

Queens Regulations By Mad Gerald.

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Queens Regulations

Over dinner in the mess, they talked at length of how to go with Flt Lt Miles. Once they had the act together they went back to work. Flt Lt Sue Miles paced in the interrogation room she'd been there all day. Her mind was racing she couldn't see a way out of her predicament. Was she the only one under suspicion, who else would they have picked up?
It was half seven in the evening when the door opened and Sgt's Dave Bishop
and John Peters came in. Followed by their token chaperone Cpl. Jane Wright
who took up position to the left of the door. They placed a heavy briefcase
on the desk and John dragged over a plastic chair and sat down. Dave remained standing.
She stood on the other side of the desk looking deliciously smart in her Officers No 1 Uniform, her hat was on the desk. They both looked her over she was very conscious of they're attention. She was truly a gorgeous woman. Tall, Powerful looking, large breast's, wide hips. She filled her grey/blue uniform to the brim it fitted like a glove (as it should it had been tailored only weeks before). Her collar was undone, her black tie loosened. Her uniform jacket presented her large breasts beautifully extenuating the curves of her Amazonian femininity. The brass buttons holding it closed over Her 38DD tits. Her thick skirt taut over her wide hips and strong legs, which looked wonderful in the black sheer stockings they had chosen for her that morning. Her court shoes gleamed. Their thoughts went back to her humiliation as she dressed before them that morning and her awareness of her intense sexuality. "Sit down Ma'm, we have some questions for you."
"I need the bathroom Sergeant ".
"Not now later Ma'm"
She sat down showing no sign of stress as she faced them. Her black hair framing her beautiful face, her body relaxed, she put her still cuffed hands on her lap before her.
"We have received a complaint levelled at yourself, concerning homosexual
behaviour contrary to Queens regulations, are you aware of the seriousness
of these allegations"
She swallowed slowly maintaining her composure "I'm surprised, and yes I am
Dave grinned "Of your homosexuality or the seriousness" She stared at him blankly "Of the seriousness Sergeant." "Do you know who would make such an allegation against you Ma'm?" John asked.
"An aggrieved subordinate perhaps?" she smiled.
"More like a spurned lover". Dave goaded.
She ignored his remark. "May I go to the bathroom now?" John glanced at Dave's darkening face and thought 'god that'll cost you', "No not Yet! Ma'm". he said.
They questioned her at length about her private life, she gave careful
guarded answers. After about an hour the started talking about her sporting
interests and then about her role with the Tri-service Netball squad. They could feel her mood had changed. She was increasingly careful of her words.
They loved this playing cat and mouse with the stuck up bitch, not letting her know what they knew. Letting her talk her way into a corner. She had no boyfriend because of the pressure of work.
"You go out drinking with the girls in the Netball squad though?"
"I'm expected to I'm they're OC" She countered.
"Are you expected to sleep with them too?" Dave asked.
She faltered going crimson. "No I'm not"
"But you do?" asked John bluntly.
She stared at him swallowing "No I don't"
John Smiled "But a letter at your flat refers to when you were in bed with someone. was that one of the team members?"
"No" she looked uncomfortable now.
"Who then?" said Dave quickly.
She fell silent.
"One of the letters says that you made someone feel special" "Merely sporting encouragement" she smiled confident. "Perhaps you supplied the service woman with drugs to get that effect?"
She laughed "Oh come on Sergeant, you can't be serious?" the looks on their
faces said that they did. She swallowed nervously.
"Oh we are, we are" John smiled.
Dave produced a specimen bottle from his pocket and placed it on the table.

"If you could supply a sample, we can have it tested, and that avenue of investigation at least can be forgotten."
"Not here surely, it's intolerable" She looked to the WRAC Cpl. for support. She stood by the door silently staring ahead. "You are chaperoned, regulations demand that an investigating officer visually supervises the sample production. I don't see a problem, do you?" He leered.
"You're doing this on purpose, you perverts!" her face was burning red. Dave grinned " You are of course able to enter a written complaint if you are unhappy with the way you have been treated."
"How does that help me now?!" she blurted.
"oh it doesn't. Failure to produce a sample will be administered as an admission of guilt at your trial." Got you bitch he thought. Dave went under the desk and pulled out a bucket he placed it on the floor to the side of the desk. "Here we are" she stared at him filled with anger.
John pushed the paperwork across the desk.
"It's all in order, you just sign at the bottom, we sign as witnesses. when
your ready Ma'm."
She stood up and walked to the bucket. She was so embarrassed. She couldn't
believe the Bastards were going to make her do this.
The two of them came close enjoying her unease.
"I can't do this with my hands in these" she motioned with her cuffed wrists.
Dave smirked "well you have to Ma'm would you like help with your skirt?".
She couldn't look at him "What choice have I got then?". Dave and John pulled her over the bucket and drew her skirt up her parted legs. Her legs were gorgeous in the sheer black stockings she had on. Her white thighs contrasting beautifully with them. Her naked thighs were goosebumped either with cold or excitement.
They both knelt down admiring the sight. Her face was crimson tears welled in her eyes.
She crouched really uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. The men's hungry faces made her shudder.
"Are you going to piss through your pants? or would you like me to pull them out of the way?" Dave grinned at her discomfort. She lost her voice she nodded and swallowed. trying to think of something else.
Dave ran his hand up her thigh and to the hem of her panties. He pulled them to one side. Her pussy was framed in trimmed black hair her vulva slightly swollen and parted. Both men grinned at her she shut her eyes. "Whenever your ready Ma'm". john said.
She tried but couldn't even though she was desperate to go.
"Just think of a waterfall" Dave sniggered.
her eyes flashed angrily at him. she constricted her muscles and a thin
stream of piss spluttered out. the first drops ran down her inner thigh and
were absorbed by her stocking tops. The rest strummed into the bucket. John
pushed the bottle into the flow as it began to pour out. once full he capped it.
Dave let go of her panties they snapped back over her twat immediately becoming soaked. "OOPS!" he joked.
"Nooo!" she tried to stop but couldn't. The rest of her piss fell through the cotton of her pants into the bucket. Eventually she stopped. her pants and thighs were slick with her piss.
"You bastards" she croaked mortified.
They let her skirt drop and stood up. She stayed crouched over the bucket.
"You bastards! I need to clean up where can I go?"
Dave chuckled "Hey now it's not our fault if you piss yourself, is it now?"
they both laughed. Flt Lt Miles glanced at the WRAC on the door she looked appalled then looked away.
"Sit down Ma'm, we have lots more to ask you"
"You can't leave me like this!" she gasped.
"Sit down or we'll make you sit. SIT DOWN!" Dave shouted.
She jumped and after glaring at them for moments went over and gingerly sat down. Her piss soaked pants squelched as she sat. Her skirt started to soak up the wetness.
John thrust the pen at her and motioned her to sign.
She grabbed the pen and began to sign then she read the first line. 'I Flt Lt Susan Miles have been engaged in lesbian activity throughout my service . . .' She dropped the pen they grinned at her.
"You really are arseholes aren't you"
John smiled "Oh yes, it's what we're paid to do"
She sat back appalled at their attitude.
The questions started again.
It was Two in the morning that eventually she let slip by inadvertently referring to Joan Smith as 'Sexy' and damned herself. She was almost in tears they welled up but she kept control.
They excused the Cpl. WRAC.
John and Dave stood over her now as she struggled to maintain her composure.
"I feel I must inform you that we arrested Sgt Joan Smith earlier in the evening( He lied) and a Private Sarah Todd". She looked crestfallen. "Is Joan all right where is she?" she asked.
"She's down the corridor she's fine, we haven't spoken with her yet" (Down the corridor Joan was jerking stiffly as a police dog handler emptied his load into her sopping cunt, he pulled off and another started to ease into her asshole. making her grunt into the ball gag and wince.)
Dave motioned to John and the WRAC, He took the hint and ushered the chaperone out of the room.
"So your worried about Joan then?" he said.
She nodded and stood up to get off the wet seat, walking to the wall.
"Yeah and that would mean anything to you?"
Dave drew out the letters from Joan's flat "I know how much she means to you, I've read your letters" She turned staring at him questions forming in her mind. "The others haven't seen them. I thought maybe we could strike a deal and without these the MOD would have no evidence against you." She brightened visibly "You devious little man, So it's all an act! I didn't have you down as a gay I must admit" she grinned getting the wrong idea.
"I'M NOT! I just know what I like and You've got the body of a fuck bunny in that Uniform" "oh" her face fell.
" So if your a good girl and do as your told, then these letters get a trip
to the shredder, I'm sure we can then exonerate you and make out it was just soar grapes on the part of the grudge bearing subordinates. you get the picture?"
She smiled now seeing a way out. " and what does this being a good girl mean exactly Sergeant?"
He grinned broadly and threw the almost empty tube of Ky on the desk in front of her.
The Flt Lt stared at it for a few moments "My my you are a filthy disgusting little man aren't you Sergeant . . .You still haven't told me what you expect of me . . . to exonerate myself? . . . Its obviously perverse" He leered at her " Oh yes it is Ma'm, you see I want you to bend over the desk pull your skirt up over your nice round arse and hold it open for me while I shove my cock up your tight snobby asshole . .Ma'm" "And what about your friend?" she asked hard faced.
"Oh I'll expect he'll want the same too"
"You disgust me you maggot!" She turned away for ages then looked back.
"Can I trust you Sergeant?" her voice breaking.
"Of course you can Ma'm" his hand edged to the alarm bell.
"Like I did with my pants when I went to the toilet, sure?"
"That was humour, yeah?"
"Very funny, What about Joan?"
"You be good and do this for me, and depending on how good you are, well put it this way we can be very lenient when it suits us. I'm sure we can sort something for her too."
"Can I get to see her?" she asked.
"I can arrange that too" oh you'll see her all right he thought.
He pressed the bell.
She held her wrists out. Then he unlocked her handcuffs. Outside John had just stood the WRAC Cpl. down he turned to watch through the glass. He glanced at the video camera pointing into the room just to ensure there was plenty of tape left.
The Flt Lt had just pulled her skirt up her thighs showing her long, strong legs.
Her wet pants clinging to her ass her thighs and stockings still damp with piss. The uniform material bunched at her waist. Dave walked around behind her. admiring her athletic stocking clad legs. Her ass was deliciously chubby.
"Bend over the desk Ma'm!" his voice taking on a dominant edge. Outside the mirror a group of RMP's were gathering with John. They watched as Dave drew down her wet pants to mid thigh. He ran his hands over her big round goose bumped cheeks. He turned his head to grin at the mirror. "Hold yourself open!"
Her hands hesitantly went back and cupped her globes, she slowly drew them apart. she could feel his eyes drinking in the view of her stiff round spread ass, admiring her deep crease and her amber ringed anus. She tried to destroy the mood for him "I'm afraid I haven't been to the toilet today, apart from that pee earlier" she said her voice full of arrogant triumph as she imagined his disgust at the prospect. Behind her he smeared KY on his index finger and then began easing it against her tightly closed sphincter. She winced beautifully.
"That's OK, but I think your gonna wish you had" he remarked as it eased in up to the first knuckle. She looked crestfallen again as then inadvertently groaned as his finger slid deeper. Her fingers clutched at her flesh drawing it wider.
Her ring clinging to his finger as he slid it in and out. She was unbelievably tight.
He couldn't wait any longer he pulled it out she flinched. She was trembling.
Flt Lt Miles held still as he stood behind her and she heard him undress.
He wanked his cock slowly as he approached her wide rear.
"WIDER!" he barked. She fumbled and managed to spread them wider. He pushed the head of his cock to her puckered greased hole. She shut her eyes tight gritting her teeth, as he began to press in. It started to give and she gasped as she felt the pressure build, her ring began to ache and burn as he forced in stretching her virgin ring.
Suddenly she jerked rigid her face contorting as it popped past her ring and it sat hotly in the entrance to her rectum. He began to push, She let out a cry of anguish as he inched it in. her fingers fighting to keep hold of her splayed butt.
"OH GOD . . OOH stop please OHH . I . . I need the toilet. I do ooooh stop please. OOOOHHHHHH!" Her bowels cramped as he forced in. He backed off and then in again, "OOH UHH" she groaned. He almost pulled out she felt as if she would shit herself and she clenched her cheeks around his girth. He grabbed her uniform skirt clad hips and drew her back onto it. She arched her back in pain as he slowly crammed it in. Her head lifting from the table.
"OHH GOD! just get it over with, OHH YOU BASTARD IT HURTS! OH UHH please
please just OH OH UHH UHH!!" she felt as if she was about to shit each time
he pulled back, but his thick cock head stopped her. He started to butt fuck her then slowly building up into deep hard thrusts that went deeper and deeper forging a furrow up into her narrowing rectum.
She staggered forward on to the desk top. "THAT'S A GOOD WHORE, TAKE IT
CUNT!!" he shouted as his excitement started to build. his balls slapped
her cunt as he pistoned her arse. She cried out and clutched desperately at
her ass cheeks trying to widen it's path and ease the pain. He looked down on his new found prize an RAF Officer in her No1's her body jerking in rhythm with his cruel strokes up her held open ass. He rammed hard and grinned as her head shot up her back arching in pain again. he grabbed her hat off the desk top and thrust it on her head. He stayed deep in her feeling her poor stretched rectum spasm around his cock her heat almost bringing him to the brink. She made lovely grunting noises as he reamed deeply up her bowels. Her strong wide buttocks opening and closing with each hard stab.
He pinched her fleshy hips forcing her hard against the desk edge. He battered against her ass, her cheeks juddering back and too. She grunted and moaned with each solid thrust. Her face lined with pain as he took her harder and harder, her legs stamping and straining as she struggled to accommodate his swollen tool. She let go of her arse and grabbed at the opposite edge of the desk. Then her right hand went to her face and she began biting on the back of it. He was fucking her ass with a savage pace now. Her court shoes slid on the floor as she kicked and stamped in anguish. He brutally raped her ass. she sobbed hoping he would finish soon.
Outside the mirror John and the others were watching enjoying every grimace
and entreaty the poor Flt Lt went through. They all had a look of sadistic glee on there faces.
Inside Flt Lt mile's tear streaked face changed to one of open mouthed
horror, She went rigid as he speared her viciously, her feet lifting from
the floor as she felt his cock expand and pulse trapped in the tight sleeve
of her rectum. She yelped as she felt his hot load spurt into her guts, over and over he came as she writhed under him. Her belly aching as his hot seed filled her colon. She lay there exhausted.
John decided it was time to make his entrance as Dave pulled his shit covered cock from her still spasming asshole. The Flt Lt groaned in relief as he pulled out. She startled horrified as John walked in seeing her like this. Dave yanked her briefs back up into her ass, and pulled her skirt down. She went to get up bright red with humiliation. "Oh don't stop taking it up the shitter on my account Ma`m" John said enjoying her obvious distress. Dave moved away and she stood up and then immediately regretted it as her ass let out a loud fart and shit and spunk soiled her knickers. They both laughed. She cringed and shuddered staring fixedly at the floor.
"You better sit down before you shit on the floor Ma`m!" john grinned at her shocked face.
"You've obviously struck a deal, am I in on it?" john turned to Dave and winked.
"Sure john, would I leave you out?"
Flt Lt Miles was still stood up. shocked at her predicament. "I SAID SIT DOWN!!" John shouted at her. She complied her face an image of disgust as she sat on the mess in her pants.
"So what's the deal?" John asked.
"We become very lenient, she gets exonerated the others are cautioned and in return, You tell him Ma`m" said Dave.
She looked daggers at him and swallowed nervously. "NO" "Oh go on, you tell him" She looked away at the floor, bright red "You get to bugger me" she said quietly.
"Sorry what was that?" John said putting his hand to his ear.
"YOU BUGGER ME" she forced out tears rolling down her face.
They both smirked, John walked over to her and stood in front of her.
"Very nice, though it seems too easy, Did you agree to be a good girl?" She
nodded yes.
" Oh good. Get up come here!" She stood and walked over. "please not in my bottom again so soon I . . I can't stand it" "Exoneration's an expensive business Ma`m" Dave gloated. "sit on the edge of the desk Ill clean you up." She looked at him with disbelief.
"Do you want to stay covered in shit and spunk or not? get back on the fucking desk!" She saw he had some wipes in his hand. She sat on the edge.
Next minute Dave had her upper arms and wrenched them behind her holding
her elbows fast. She struggled as John reached around and he handcuffed her
arms just above the crook of her elbows painfully.
"YOU BASTARDS YOU SA . . . . UMPPHHHHH" John was shoving a hard ball into
her thick lipped mouth. He busied himself doing up the straps for the ball
gag at the side of her terror stricken face. Once done they switched
places. John pulled her skirt back up around her waist so that her soiled
panties sat against his crotch. Dave wrenched them down and off and threw
them to one side. Then he grabbed her ankles one at a time and tied them to
the desk legs spreading her strong legs delightfully. She struggled straining with her legs testing the rope he'd used. John put his arms around her front and undid her jacket buttons then her blouse. Then he pulled each bra cup down off her fat stiff tits. he started to fondle them squeezing and pulling them. Her nipples soon came up, thick studs, her aureole wrinkled and dark as they filled. He brushed and teased them. Dave left the room.
John pushed her upright the poor Flt Lt teetered on her bound legs. Behind her he pushed his pants down and wanked his cock admiring her large inviting butt. She struggled to keep her footing. She glanced about unsure what was going to happen.
Before her the door opened and Dave came in with Private Todd. She was blindfolded her arms pulled back behind her. She was dressed in her army No1 dress. Suddenly John grabbed the Officers hips and dragged her backwards so that the thick head of his cock sat between her bum cheeks. She protested uselessly into the gag.
Dave forced the helpless Private to her knees in front of Flt Lt miles. He
held her by the hair. "Open your mouth bitch!" she did " Stick your tongue
out!" hesitantly she complied. He pushed her tongue into the Flt Lt's pussy
she shuddered as Todd immediately began to explore the unseen cunt offered to her. "Good girl, that's it you lick it out good, make her cum or it's anal games with the Police dog of your dreams yeah" She began to lap and tease avidly with more vigour.
"UHH . . MMMMMMPH . . UHMPH" came from the officer as her neglected cunt began to respond. She jerked with a groan as Johns cock began to enter her slick anus. His hands came up and started to grip and pull her teats, milking them slowly. Todd's tongue fluttered over her clit hood and she shuddered and eased back against the cock in her butt. Her eyes rolling up into her head with the new found combination of pleasure and burning pain. She eased her hips up and down letting it slip deeper. Todd's tongue slid up between her inner lips, Flt Lt Miles groaned and began to slowly butt fuck herself back onto Johns thick manhood. She pressed down accepting it all the way up her just busted ass. She twitched and jerked impaled on it. Feeling the Privates tongue dip over and over into the entrance to her cunt.
John held her to him letting her do the work. He squeezed her teats pinching and twisting them. He breathed in her ear " That's it you lesbian whore fuck me with your tight ass, good girl, good girl, try and shit it out, go on, ohhh yeah and again uhhhh, I'm gonna fill your belly with hot spunk, you cunt, uhh uhh" Her buttocks pressed down at him as she took him full length up her rectum.
She pumped her legs enjoying it's fullness, Todd's tongue was circling her
protruding clit, her belly ached and tightened, it flicked over it, and
again, then her lips sealed over it and she started to suck. Flt Lt Mile's
legs jerked and danced, then she went wild heaving up and down on his hard
pole. She threw her head back howling into the gag as her uterus burst into
hot contractions and then the heat burst from her cervix and she came.
Private Todd released her clit and hurried to lap up the hot juices that
sprayed out of her cunt lips. Dave wrenched her head away so he could watch
as love juice gushed over and over from her quivering twat. John couldn't believe how her arse squeezed his cock as she came. It was just hot humid suction he held on waiting his moment.
Dave pushed Private Todd to the floor and pulled his rigid cock out again. he quickly got in front of her and forced himself into her dripping twat.
He heaved it in feeling Johns cock slide behind his. Only her thin internal
wall between them as he started to fuck her helpless cunt. Fuck she was tight. Flt Lt Miles was in ecstasy hardly aware the bastards were making a sandwich of her.
She jerked and shuddered between them her breath snorting with force from
her nostrils, with each heavy shove she took. They picked up the pace
getting in sync as they fucked up into her. Suddenly Johns cock exploded up
her arse. His cock pulsing seed up into her sucking ass. The throbbing of
his cock set Dave off and he grudge fucked seed deep into her cunt. Flt Lt
Miles came again her belly releasing excruciating pleasure in waves through
her abused cunt and rectum.
Dave pulled out and went over to Private Todd he wrenched her up by her
hair and forced her mouth down on to his slick cock "Clean it you cunt" she
lapped at it obediently until it was clean. then he dragged her over to Flt
Lt Miles who was laid back on top of John in the throws of aftermath. He made the Private lick her semen dripping cunt out. Then around her ass as Johns cock slid out.
Dave lifted the limp officer up so that John could get up. They released her legs and then lay her face down on the desk. Dave forced Private Todd to start licking out her spunk and shit coated ass hole. They left them like that while they smoked watching as they thought about what to do to the bitches next.

End Of Part Three.

Sticky fingers yet Enjoy MG
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