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Talking Aerligus Stewardess Gambling debt

Aerligus Stewardess Gambling debt

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.

The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a policewoman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


After her flight landed she made her excuses to the crew and hurried through arrivals – she mustn’t be late. She rushes from work to the Holiday inn goes to the lift up to floor 6 along the corridor to room 613 and knocks the door clicks open she goes in. Sat on the bed is Mr Blue the owner of the online Poker she owes shit loads of money too. She swallows "You got the money?" "Some of it" she stammers she hears the door click shut the room is really dark. "Not good enough you Irish cunt - where is it?" "In the bag I'll get the rest I just nee . ." "Shut the fuck up you stupid Fuck hole - Do her boys!!" The light comes on, she starts realizing there are about 10 men in the room, one immediately grabs her hair from the side as another punches her full in the face, she yelps her hands coming up as another kicks her in the ass, someone has one of her wrists twisting it, a knee comes up into her cunt as she starts to scream.
She is head butted and starts to fall back as her senses dim, She is held up by her hair as hands grab her blouse ripping it open, her breasts bounce free her uniform jacket dragged down her arms. Someone grabs her around the legs lifting her bodily struggling and throwing her face up on the bed as hands smother her face gagging her as others yank and pull at her skirt stretching it up her strong thighs she hears it rip she kicks feeling her knees gripped and held forced and wrenched open she yells "NOOOO!" into the hand over her mouth as her tights are ripped and torn she struggles her thighs together as fingers tear at her briefs the hands lift from her face as a fist comes down smashing into her face knocking her senseless for a moment her legs are dragged wide and the first rams his meat up into her unprepared cunt, her knees are gripped and held as she stirs beginning to kick as it thrusts deeper hard fast and urgent as they laugh and cheer him on in moments she feels the hot pounding rush of his seed into her he pulls out another climbs on as hands grip and twist her bewildered face two cocks are thrust into her lips one spearing her mouth the other is slapped against her lips as her mouth is raped viciously. The cock in her cunt is rammed deep and pounds into her she tries to pull back from it helplessly as hands pinch and pull her breasts teeth bite and mouths suck greedily at her teats as the man fucking her face forces his cock down her gagging throat and groans pumping his seed right down her throat she chokes and splutters forced to suck it down for air as her poor cunt is hammered full of more semen. Another cock is stuffed in her mouth. she kicks and heaves and manages to twist on her side they laugh and hold her there dragging her knees higher as fingers grip and spread her big butt cheeks she chokes "NOOOOOO!!" around the meat in her throat as fingers test and explore her butt hole then force in "Lets fuck the mick bitches ass then lads, hold her!" Mr blue fists his meat and then spits on her held open ring she jerks and strains as he forces the head of his cock to her virgin ring and presses slowly in. Her throat floods with hot jizz and she coughs and swallows going rigid and kicking as his cockhead slides into her straining butt "There take it like a good girl that's it, TAKE IT!" he thrusts deep up her ass and she wails in horror as he starts to viscously rape her ass as the others cheer him on. “It’s is going to be a long night fucking night whore!”.

He holds her hip pinning her in place as he fucks into her virgin asshole spearing her making her legs kick franticly as he laughs, she tries to hit him shouting “No your hurting!!” but he grabs her hair and shakes her head viciously. She fights kicking her thick strong legs back and out trying to dislodge him the other men laugh and grab them. Their strong fingers arresting her straining partially nylon clad muscles. They drag her feet off the bed gripping the back of her thick knees and holding them fast as he gets right up on top of her and rams his cock into her shitter to the hilt “That’s it you fucking Irish piece of shit fight me huh? Huh!! There right up your fucking shitter you stupid Irish whore!!” One of them grabs her crying face “Arhhhh don’t you like it in your dirty fat ass? does it hurt?” she sobbed as he spat on her face.

Mr Blues hands grab the sides of her face fish hooking her mouth on either side and jolting her squirming form back on his rearing meat She wails and yelps as the cruel rapist in front of her grips her hair and forces his cock into her held open mouth thrusting into her choking throat and fucking her helpless head hard and fast. The laughter is cruel and harsh as Mr blue draws his meat back and laughs “hey looks like you should’ve taken a shit before you came here with your sorry ass excuses – nice and tight and hot just right!!” He rammed his shit slick cock right back up her making her held legs strike out rigid her AerLingus issue shoes pressing into the carpet as she bucked against his every thrust. His belly flattening her spread butt cheeks as he forced her to take every painful inch. He sped up the rest of them egging him on as he butt fucked her like a rag doll her gagging choked cries filling the room as her oral rapist yanked his cock out and spurted thick jizz all over her nose and eyes laughing as he slapped it across her weeping face as Mr Blue banged her faster and faster coming to a deep shuddering halt as with a deep groan he unleashed one heavy thump of semen after another up her hot wet pulsing rectum he pulled out his jerking cock spraying the last dregs of cum over her shuddering buttocks. They laughed and clapped, she was off she jumped upright twisting around and launched herself at the doorway a hand caught her shoulder but she shrugged it off dipping forward, stepping around one of her assailants to take a fist straight in the nose she yelped her head snapping up and back her body slumped forward limp they grabbed her and dragged her back to the bed, they threw her on her back and one kicked her legs open tearing more of her tights apart he mounts her hard thrusting up into her limp form he grips her stewardess turquoise neck scarf wrenching it tight around her throat, hands grab and pinch at her tits mouths find her nipples as she moans and starts to come too as her cunt is filled with another rush of hot semen. Her knees are gripped and lifted and another rapist leers down at her as he forces the head of his cock up into her gaping anus she yelps complaining as he thrusts in making her take it as two others garb her head and slap her thrusting their cocks against her face making her suck them “Please . .Please don’t” she begs as they ram both cocks into her mouth. The rapist up her ass fucks her solidly gripping her tits hard as he grunts his load up into her bowels. He pulls out she kicks and struggles as another mounts her filling her blonde snatch with his meat. The two men raping her face cum covering her face and pull away the man raping her cunt grips her by the throat and drags her up and over with him. she lands on top startled as he heaves up into her. Another is behind her she begs them not to as he forces his thick cock head into her sore leaking ass her thick legs strain and press to the bed as they both heave up into her. “That’s it you dumb Mick cunt take it in your shit box! -now fuck! be good – BE GOOD!” he slaps her hard until she starts to fuck her hips sobbing as she feels their hard cocks slide over each other inside her as the man behind her grips her shoulders and forces his meat to the hilt in her straining ass. “No –Nooooooohh-uhh-uhh!!” she grunts as they fuck her suddenly stiffening and shuddering wracked with orgasm letting out a pained sob as they realise and laugh as they keep on humping her hard through her sobbing pleas until with hard brutal strokes they both cum in her cunt and shitter forcing her over the brink again her hips jerking in short hard pumps as she cums again. She is grabbed by the hair and dragged off her ass letting out a loud wet fart as sperm splutters out their giggles stinging her as she is thrown on her face over the edge of the beds corner her legs are grabbed and fought together someone tapes her thighs together hard with gaffa tape just above her knees. Then another is on her forcing his meat into her butt hole her feet slip and straining against the carpet as he heaves up into her ass gripping the waistband of her uniform skirt as he starts to feverishly anally rape her. She glances at the bedside clock over seven hours before her return flight she stifles a smile grunting as the latest cock is ground deep up her bowels. She hears Mr Blue on the phone "Yeh you know I said I would get you that stewardess you wanted? Yep, I know, I have her here now so come over with your boys - yeah while she's still tight - see you soon Bye" "Hey whore! looks like those seven hours are going to fly by!"

Enjoy MG

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