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Talking A matter of time Part 4 By Mad Gerald

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2012.

Part Four

Lt Comdr. Blake's face was now a mask of dripping cum her mouth and nostrils struggling blowholes of semen choked distress. She made low moans and grunts as the latest guard to mount her had his colleagues fight and control her kicking legs up and holding them to either side of her bucking torso as he forced his bobbing cock into her flinching ass. His fingers dragging her straining cheeks to the side as he made it go in with cruel determination. His hard muscled belly slapping her cum sodden cunt as he rammed it home. Laughing as she yelped and her body flexed in agony with the full length of his meat wedged in her rectum, the others fought her legs as she strained to dislodge him as he began shafting her butt with long hard deep strokes. Hands slapped and pinched her trapped bouncing breasts tugging her red swollen teats into painfully throbbing nubs. Nider moved to her spluttering face and reached below it undoing two metal latches so that a section of the beam beneath her head slid out. Her head now supported by the plinth beneath it which the blinkers and dental spreaders were attached. She moaned in fear as Nider grinned into her terrified cum saturated eyes and began to lick and then tongue her choked mouth as his fingers deftly worked to release hidden hinges, which dropped her head down at a sharp angle. Now her head still trapped in the blinkers was looking into the groins of her attackers. Leaving her cranked open mouth wide. Thick blobs of semen began to slide down her face from her mouth as she spluttered and coughed around Nider's probing tongue. Through the semen sliding into her eyes she could already see the next cock being wanked hard in readiness to be plunged into her mouth.

Nider pulled his face away savoring the smell and flavor of all the semen bubbling from the helpless prisoner's mouth. She gurgled in shock and horror as her mouth was slammed full of meat, which barreled, into the slick entrance to her throat and was, heaved in. The guards holding her legs gripped them tightly as their colleague began really grudge fucking up into her making her ass lift as he went on his toes bellowing in delight as he emptied his churning balls into her tightly clenching rectum. At the last moment they released her legs so she could kick and batter at him with her thighs and booted feet as he heaved his last into her ass. Her long legs squirming and flexing as he finished and wrenched his cock from her tortured ass chute allowing her to let out a humiliating loud wet fart.

She fought with her legs as another tried to mount her, slapping and gripping her thighs before forcing his meat into her slick cunt. The man raping her face viciously fucked her throat not even noticing when she lapsed into unconscious.

Nider allowed them to continue and then ordered them off her, he checked her ragged breathing, and satisfied he shouted orders at them hurriedly she is released from the stock and manhandled on to her face. Nider lays out a thick leather belt over a D ring in the floor and attaches it with a heavy clip. They lift her bodily and place her on to it and Nider straps it tightly about her waist. Nider busied himself removing the rest of her uniform (except for her boots) with a knife. He dragged the neoprene off her and with help from the guards and they tightly tie her wrists to her booted ankles and then both to the belt at her waist. This left her hogtied her back arched.

He hauls her head up and rams a wide ring gag into her sperm coated mouth dragging the thick strap around the back of her head and fastening it. He then attaches a chain to the back of the ring gag strap and hauling her head back clips the chain to the belt at her waist, now her back is really arched her face now facing forward her big breasts just resting on the cold floor. He orders one of the guards to grab her shoulders and drag her back higher. He selects some rough thin rope and roughly grabbing one tit begins to loop it tightly around its base.

Lt Comdr. Blake moaned as she came too her head lolls as she tries to focus; she could not bring her head forward. The bastard white guy was just finishing tying her tits up into two trapped rugby balls, he pulled he ropes away with him and dragged them over to two rings on the wall opposite, he fed one through one ring and drew it tight, then began yanking it tighter wrenching her bound tit out hard, stretching it alarmingly as he put his foot to the wall and yanked t viciously making her scream, he tied it off satisfied and dragged the other rope through the other ring.
He yanked that tight too, he grinned at her "Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"
"Noh phuk oo u ick astard!"
he chuckled and nodded to someone behind her, she felt her knees pushed wider, hands gripping her booted feet and then a cock against her ass again. It began to press in, then it snapped in past her slick ring she shuddered in her bonds as her rapist began to bugger her helplessly bound form. She watched wide eyed trying desperately to shake her head as Nider lifted his foot and then slammed it down on the two ropes, Emma shrieked in agony pain slamming through her as her tits felt as if they were almost torn off.
The bastard on her back slammed up her ass viciously making her grunt in agony as his meat bottomed out in her aching butt.
"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"
"Peaze shtop ith urts peaze!" she wailed as he laughed and slammed his foot down again. She went rigid her tits agony as the fucker up her ass pounded her fast and deep, he stopped suddenly his meat full up her helpless ass, he came deep up her straining shitter. He pulled his cock free her ass let out a loud wet fart her ring a big open 'o' air rushed in making her gasp as the cool air flooded her burning asshole. Another knelt behind her and pressed his meat to her gaping anus, he held her boots using them to lever himself into her as she tried helplessly to lift her aching ass away.
'Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"
She stared at him pleading as he slammed his boot down, she screamed in agony the guard on her back laughing and viciously butt fucking her as she jolted and jerked her tits stretched out taut.
Nider quickly got to his knees and knelt on the ropes he gripped her hair and guided his cock to her helplessly gaping mouth, she gurgled and choked as he sank in. Nider made it go into the entrance to her throat and holding her head hard he began to thrust viciously into her throat until with a snorting glug it snapped into her throat and he set to grudge fucking her face with shallow deep thrusts as she snorted for air and moaned pitifully as he sped up slamming her face with his belly as he gripped her blonde hair tight making her take every inch into her bulging throat. The squelching farting coming from her sodden butt and the muffled wincing moans from her stuffed throat filling the room as they both raced each other to orgasm. As one they came in her the guard on her back slamming her ass flat as he unleashed a heavy thumping hot load up her shitter. As Nider heaved into her face thrusting his hips forward holding her head tight as he slammed a thick stream of jizz down into her heaving belly. He held onto her head enjoying her stifled moaning as he slowly humped her face until his cock softened and he released her head and got up looking down as she coughed and spluttered his sperm streaming from her nose and chin onto her stretched out tits.
The guard got up pulling his meat from her just fucked asshole her buttocks flinched as her rectum flooded with cool air and her ring pulsed still open as semen ran out over her sore raw pussy lips making her try to close her tied open thighs to no effect.
Ushu watched as Nider got up and retrieved the pole with the large dildo on the end he went behind her and grinned looking down on her helplessly bound form, her still open thighs, her tightly bound arms her gaping pulsing anus he nodded to Ushu who stood in front of her and stood on both ropes stretching her tits out like they were going to tear off. Nider placed his boot toe to her cunt making her flinch.
'Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"
She shook her head about to answer, Nider pulled his boot back and kicked her cunt viciously laughing as she screamed and writhed in pain,
'Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"
Again he kicked her cunt making her ass lift her whole body going rigid.
Nider bid two of the guards to hold her legs wide while he presented the thick blunt dildo up to her swollen bruised cunt. The head was massive. He pressed it to her aching cunt lips and the two guards had to drag her cunt lips out from under it, prizing them wide. She began to yelp and complain as they stretched and dragged her cunt lips cruelly out of the way so Nider could twist and force the thick dildo into her neglected twat. The pole was a meter and a half long and Nider levered the massive thing into her making it go in enjoying her yelps and pleadings as it slowly filled her cunt to the brim, Emma forced her knees to the floor and her chest trying to lift her hips to be off the awful thing but the strap around her waist gave little and soon she was fully impaled on the fat thing.
'What is your mission Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"
she shook her head wracked with pain, Nider leant on the pole making her writhe in agony he twisted it and fucked her hard making her grunt and gasp.

"Do you like to cum Lieutenant-Commander do you stuff all your fingers in your cunt and dream of all your men using you as a fuck toy, getting all those fingers gooey as you think of all their cocks"

"Pease No, stop ith"

"Do not worry we will make you cum again will we not Nider"

Nider chuckled and fucked her hard with the dildo enjoying watching her writhe and strain, he suddenly withdrew it and leant it against the wall leaving her poor stretched cunt hole gaping. He retrieved a large well-used smooth topped vibrator from his trolley and plugged it into the wall he switched it on the room filled with its loud strumming as he knelt behind Emma and pressed it to her cunt forcing it down to her clit. The effects were immediate she shrieked in shock trying to pull her cunt away as massive waves of oscillation pounded up through her pubis making her butt clench hard and her hips swerve trying to drag her clit away from it they laughed as she let out an awful pained sob lifting her ass her face contorted with pain and pleasure

"Oh I think you will cum for us Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake I think you will cum like a whore in heat humping and begging and squirting like the slut you are!"

Ushu stepped from the ropes allowing her tits to spring back a little flooding with sensations as he knelt and began to tug and tease her big nipples watching her face as Nider ground the heavy vibrator into her swerving clit, you could see the tension building in her body as she writhed and her hips began to twitch.

"Oh uu shick phukkerz ooh eye kunt ahh ahh Noh u irty phuks stop stop it STOP!!"

Nider stuck his face into her ass ramming his tongue into her freshly fucked butt his tongue darting in and around her sore sensitive ring slurping and teasing it as she wailed and lifted and spread her ass to his face as the vibrator tormented her clit. Grinding and pressing it so that her cunt was throbbing, contracting her whole body shuddering with tension she could feel her belly taut beginning to strum inside to the heavy vibrations from her aching clit. Ushu twisted her teats studying her face intently waiting for that moment, he grinned.


Nider pulled his face from her ass and yanked the vibrator from her cunt laughing, Ushu stood away as she wailed "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" bucking helplessly as all the sensations disappeared leaving her shuddering on the brink of orgasm, her hips pumping desperately as she thrashed and moaned in despair, sobbing and then weeping as they stood and smoked watching her desperately trying to finish herself off by humping her hips at the floor until with as sob she came to rest.

"Oh dear Lieutenant-Commander did your poor cunt nearly cum? Were you so close? Would you like the nasty vibrator back on your clit whore?"

Emma sobbed and then whispered "yes"

Ushu grinned "See I told you, you would cum I just didn't say when" He nodded to Nider who went back behind her and switched the vibrator back on and traced it up her inner thigh chuckling as she widened them and lifted her cunt groaning as he pressed it to her cunt slowly circling it and then grinding it to her clit. She moaned and pressed back gasping as Nider stuffed his face into her ass his tongue worming into her butt as she
Shuddered her cunt instantly beginning to contract again, the muscles in her legs tight as she began to hump moaning lowly as Nider ate her ass out.

Emma's whole body was shaking her bound tits wobbling as she was driven to the brink again her belly getting tighter and tighter as the vibrations pounded up through her cunt her face again a mask of excruciating ecstasy as she humped against the humming hard vibrator. Ushu knelt before her and began roughly manhandling her stiff jugs swiping her turgid teats and tugging on them as she struggled to reach climax her body going stiffer and stiffer to that point again. Hassaf waited behind Nider his heavy hard tool in his hand slowly stroking it in readiness at a nod from Ushu Nider moved away leaving the vibrator against her pubis, Hassaf leapt in there pushing the thick crown of his massive cock to her gaping cunt and with a savage thrust impaled her twat on it Emma wailed in horror and pain as her cunt was viciously stuffed full just as she was about to cum. Hassaf reached forward to grab her shoulders and heaved himself into the bound lieutenant stirring his fat meat deep inside her aching cunt, thrusting long and deep into her as her belly exploded into hammering contractions as she came her twat contracting and fluttering around his thick veiny tool as snorting and heaving she climaxed like a bitch in heat milking his meat so that he went wild hammering up into her like a man possessed as he slammed a huge hot wad up into her cunt.

Grinning Hassaf pulled his meat from her and Nider thrust the huge dildo into her cunt again , grinding it into her straining whimpering body. Then he slid it to the floor and forced the end behind an embedded D ring so it was trapped deep up inside her.
'I am going to leave you with my men now Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake when we come back you will tell us what your mission was?"
'Noh pleash eye ill ell ou! Eye ill!'
They got up and left behind them all the guards descended on Emma whooping and laughing as they fought over her face and ass.
Hours later her helpless unconscious body was slowly rocking as the last man filled her ass with jizz and got off her cum soaked body.
Ushu came in and ordered her untied, she was dragged outside and he supervised them pressing her back to the wall a thick metal collar was fixed around her neck her arms snapped into manacles to either side. A stretched piece of canvas was fixed over her in which were two slits Ushu pulled her tits through these he squeezed and fondled them then soaked them in some oil leaving them exposed to the sun and left the sun to do its work.

Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake came too with a start she felt hot, not just hot but roasting, she couldn’t see she couldn't move! She tried to ask for water her mouth bone dry, low voices spoke around her then something was ripped from her she was blinded by the harsh sunlight, hands were all over her, gripping her arms her neck and wrists were released. She was dragged across the floor and up some steps she fought feebly as they dragged her over a stone floor and then forced her arms behind her; where they were snapped into manacles again. The manacles were suspended on a chain from the ceiling. Her breasts were burning in fact on fire she looked down at them to see them bright red with harsh sunburn. The chain was snatched taught yanking her arms up and forcing her forward, she was now on tiptoe struggling to keep her footing as Ushu stood before her admiring her sunburned breasts. He smiled then drew up some spit and spat on her left breast, Emma jolted in pain as it hit pain ringing through her.

End of Part Four

Enjoy MG

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