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Default WPC Dock Green by Mad Gerald. Part Three.

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to DP10

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

WPC Dock Green by Mad Gerald. Part Three.

WPC Helen Green`s in trouble. She was a big girl 5`10”. bobbed black hair, under her Police helmet. green eyes, a deliciously pouty wide mouth. Fair complexion. Large 40D tits were crammed into her taut white blouse. Her uniform black skirt was tight across her hips. Set up and secretly watched by her colleagues, She is trapped assulted and raped by a large gang of black youths in a deserted quayside in Londons docklands.

After being raped by some of the gang she was held on her knees. One after another raped her throat. After five or six had made her swallow their cum. They paused. Her face was covered in smeared red lipstick and thick wads of spunk. She panted for air as the rest spoke in hushed voices off to one side.

Two stayed with her one holding her arms the other teasing her swollen nipples. He started to milk them cruelly, twisting and stretching them.

“Please no, please please don’t! AHH please please noooo!”

“You fuckin` hold them then while I shag `em yeah?” She looked at him with disdain. She nodded and they released her arms so she could cup her large stiff globes she pressed them together for him. Her fingers trapping her full teats. He pressed his cock into her cleavage and began fucking them hard. They quickly became slick and bruised as he pounded her fat tits. The one behind her held her wrists with one hand, he pulled her skirt up. She stiffened in shock as his cock pressed against her ass and then to her wet twat. He slid in and started to fuck her from behind. His cock burying deep into her still gaping twat. She was helplessly trapped between them. Both pounded her trapped body. The rapist on her back slamming against her big strong ass cheeks. He rammed her hard and deep and she shuddered and winced as she felt his load shoot into her tender bruised cunt. The other took ages and she was grateful when he eventually pulled back and sprayed semen across her startled face and helmet. As he did she felt the others soft cock slid from her.

She was still held on her knees, her face dripping cum as the rest came over.

“Fuck! you leave her for five minutes and she fucks everyone she can. What a slag!” Their boss said. More laughter.

“We’ve decided, what we want you to do to stop us killing you copper!”

“What . . What now?!” She said dejected.

“NOW NOW be nice . . Yeah!” He threatened.

“OK OK I`m sorry” she countered not wanting to rile them further.

“Right . . Are you listening? . . All you have to do is fuck me and make me cum.” He smiled.

She brightened, relieved. “OK Yes I`ll do that”.

“With your arse, Bitch!” He laughed.

“NO NO NOT THAT NO!” She pleaded.

“There told you she wouldn’t. Just do her!!” Said Eddy

“Shall I Boss?” The guy with the knife asked.

He went to speak but she interjected. “ NO . . Look . . Look I`ll do anything else . . Anything. . . Please . . Anything!” They all grinned down at her.

“ But not up the ass?” He asked.

“No I can’t, I just can’t. . . Please” she said hopefully.

“Yeah . . . You’re right Leon! SLIT HER!!” He barked. Leon stepped forward his blade glinting in the street lamp.

(In the load control room, Tony and John pulled their Night-sticks. Al held his arm up to calm them. “They won’t believe me, they won’t, they’re all noise.”)

“NO NO NO . . YES YES OK OK YES ALL RIGHT!! . . I WILL!” She cried out.

“Put it away Leon” he said. Leon hesitated then put it away.

WPC Green knelt there an anguished look on her face. “WH . . What do you want me to do?” Tears rolled down her blushing cheeks,

The boss got his cock out and began to wank it slowly. “ Lick your fingers make them real wet”

She brought her fingers up to her mouth and began to lick them, her tongue gliding over them, her eyes drawn to his stiffening member.

“Now turn round. Put you’re face on the floor and show me that nice big arse whore!”

She looked shame faced as she struggled around on her knees. She pulled her skirt up. And bending forward put her face on the cold floor.

“Open your legs. Lift that booty up babe” the boss growled.

She slowly did as was told. (Above in the control room Tony zoomed the camcorder in on her big white arse.) The gang members feasted their eyes on her wide fleshy buttocks. Her deep crease closed. The cold making her skin goose bump as they looked down on her. Her cunt was still open her lips pouting. Semen clinging to her black pubes.

“Hold your Bum open whore. Show me!”

“Oh god . . You bastard” she sobbed as she put her hands back and fumbling found purchase and drew her stiff cheeks apart. Her furrow was deep and slowly revealed her amber ringed virgin anus. She knelt there trembling as she showed them her most intimate place.

“Wet it, wet your asshole with you’re fingers whore!” He ordered.

She pulled one hand away and dipped it to her mouth again. Then cringing with humiliation she pushed her fingers back to her crease. With true amateur fumbling she managed to slowly ease them in against her ass.

“Now finger fuck your cunt whore! That’s it good bitch!” She sank her fingers into her twat, grateful for the respite from her ass. She moaned lowly her fingers automatically pushing toward her swollen G spot inside. She pressed against it, feeling her belly react, tightening reflexively.

“Now scoop out that cum and put it in your ass! He ordered.

She scooped some out and eased it against her bottom hole. She felt her cunt react, and she couldn’t understand why these bastards abusing her made her feel this way.

“Finger fuck your ass, cunt” he barked. She pushed and eased them feeling her anus give slowly and accept her digits.

“Push them in!” He ordered.

“I can’t . . . I’ve never . . Never (sob) done this before” she complained.

“Push them in! Make them go in cunt!” The Boss watched as she did. His cock was hard and full now. Her fingers were dipping in and out, her ring clinging to them tightly. He wanked it. He was ready, he moved forward and stood over her.

“Hold it open, hold your bottom open, cunt.” She did, her fingers biting into her quaking cheeks as she spread them. Her moistened ring gaping slightly.

“Ask me to fuck you in the arse, whore”

She swallowed hesitating, there was no way out. She had to.

“Fuck my arse” she stated. Her voice faltering.

“ASK NICELY CUNT!” He barked.

“Fuck my arse . . Please . . . Please fuck my arse” she begged her face crimson. She couldn’t believe the words as they tumbled from her lips.

The gang looked on as the big white police woman knelt on the floor. Her ass in the air, the remnants of her torn black tights clinging to her muscular legs. Her uniform skirt swept up over her waist. White blouse hanging open. Her fat tits brushing the cold floor. Her helmeted head turned to one side. Face flushed with humiliating submission. Mouth smeared with lipstick and sperm. She gritted her teeth waiting the first touch of his cock to her open ass.

He made her wait, trembling as he savoured the moment. Then he touched the thick glistening head to her moist ring. Enjoying the way she flinched. Her fingers spread herself wider.

“Push back on to it. C`mon you police bitch make me bugger you’re fat arse. Do it! That’s it, DO IT!”

She pushed back feeling it hot against her sensitive ring. It felt impossibly big.
“Please . . . I . . I can’t . . Please” she pleaded pulling away.

Leon knelt near her head. Knife in hand. She stared at it her face full of fear.

“Oh you can” he breathed behind her. She pushed back, he guided it to her ring. The hard knot of her spider pressed to his glans, she flexed her hips and pushed again. This time it gave. She grunted in pain as she felt her anus forced slowly open.

“Oh God you bastard . . . OH OH UHHNNNN!!” It gave and she was overcome with awful burning pain as she felt her sphincter snap closed around the girth behind his thick helmet. Her fingers scrabbled to draw her cheeks wider. To ease the burning. He pushed. She groaned loudly.

“WAIT . . Wait oh oh Wait . . Nooo!” He pushed deeper. Her rectum squeezed and pulsed around him. She tried to ease off it.

“Get back on it cunt!” He barked. She screwed up her eyes and with gritted teeth pushed back. She shuddered as it slid deeper up her narrowing ass. She panted and trembled impaled on his thick shaft.

“OK now get on and sodomise yourself whore! C`MON DO IT CUNT!”

She swallowed in disbelief and disdain as she heaved back on it, it felt huge, she would be ruined. Unbelievably she felt it ease deeper. She eased off and back again. Her rectum spasming as her internal muscles were forced. She felt it ease over the back of her cervix making her cunt pulse and feel strange. He suddenly rammed forward spearing her on it. She squealed and slapped at her own arse. In surprise and awful pain as her guts ached with fullness his meat lodged deep in her bowels.

“Yeah! Take it cunt!” He announced as she moaned in pain. Pressing her head to the cold floor. Her face set in an anguished grimace. He was full in her now her ring stretched unbelievably around the hilt of his cock.
He reached under her and began to finger her pussy. His fingers seeking her semi erect nub. He found it and he started to frig her hard and fast. She moaned and bucked as shocks rippled through her cunt.

“Fuck me with you’re ass. I wont tell you again. NOW DO IT!!” He insisted.

She complied starting with solid jerks back on him and then she began to slide up and down it, groaning with relief as it got easier, and easier as her virgin ass opened up to take him. Her buttocks shook with each hard blow as she began battering his groin with her splayed ass.

Up in the load control office They watched her first ass reaming with fascination.

“Fuck I want some of that! Are we gonna get some?” Dave complained

“All right keep your hair on, your not the only one Dave” Al responded.

“John go down to the van when I signal on the radio, set the siren and lights going. Yeah, and then come and meet us an we can all give Big Jugs a go OK” They all grinned, John went out the door. The rest went out the other door, down some steps to the rear of the door Helen had tried to get through earlier. Al pulled the key from his pocket. They waited.

WPC Green was almost in delirium now. Her poor cunt was on the brink of Orgasm again. Her ass was pistoning back on his meat hard. His fingers were rubbing her hard clit back and too as he slammed harder and harder at her shuddering cheeks. She let go of her buttocks and grabbed at the floor. Lifting herself. He grabbed her wide hips and butt fucked her hard. She wailed and kicked as her cunt suddenly contracted and released. She came squirting more hot juice as she felt his cock head expand and then throb and jerk jetting spurt after spurt of hot scalding seed into her bowels.

“OH GOD OHH OHH BASTARD YOU BASTARD!!” She groaned as she collapsed forward on the floor. His cock popped out the last of his semen jerking into her crease.

Behind the door Al sent the signal and in the distance the vans siren burst to life.

The boss started as he heard the siren he jumped to his feet.

“OK Get the fuck out go go!!” He shouted as his gang members sprinted away. He hurried to put his cock away.

WPC Green took her chance and rolling on her side scrambled to her feet. On the floor feet away was her Night-stick she grabbed it and swung around bringing it down with all her might on the back of his head. He crumpled to the floor as behind her, her colleagues piled out of the door.

She gasped for breath, relieved as she dropped the night-stick to the floor. His semen gushed out of her just vacated ass. Making her groan in disgust as it ran down the back of her thighs. She was shaking. She just realised the others hadn’t gone after the gang when a hand held cloth was forced over her mouth she tried to struggle. Everything went black as she too crumpled to her knees.

“Chloroform, we don’t want her spoiling things now do we” Al put the bottle back in his pocket. The others looked at him shocked.

“Well you didn’t think she was going to say, hey boys I’ve just been gang raped you want some too, did you?” They shook they’re heads.

“Right get her over that crate.”
They dragged her over to it and put her face down on it.
Al yanked her skirt up out of the way, he undid his trousers and pulled his cock free.

“I’ve waited fuckin` ages to do this.” He spread her spunk and shit coated cleft. The others got close to see. Al held her big bum cheeks wide, her recently forced ring was still partly open and slick with sperm the sphincter muscles twitching as he forced her cheeks wide. More semen oozed out and dribbled down to her twat. They backed off as he got his cockhead to it and forced himself into her limp body.

“Oh yes, she’s still pretty tight. Oh fuck yes” he started to shaft her big arse. Tony pulled her head around and shoved his cock into her open mouth. Holding her face as he started to fuck into her slack throat.

Al was heaving up into her ass, feeling her big stiff buttocks slap to his groin. ‘How often he’d wanted to do this up her fucking big bum. Teach her place. Fucking stuck up bitch, the times he’d wanked about doing this to the prissy CUNT!’ he shuddered as he felt himself ejaculate into her hot bowels.

Dave watched as Al finished and pulled out. He was next. He got behind her and pushed up her cunt and began fucking her hard. Then he pulled out and forced his almost bursting cock up her still resistant asshole he grabbed her full hips and ground slowly in and out. Savouring the tightness of her rectum. Then he set to shafting her ass with viscous deep strokes. He grudge fucked her for ages before hammering his load into her clutching, spasming rectum. As he did Tony pulled out of her throat and with a strangled gasp sprayed semen all over her comatose face. He sat back relieved.

John butt fucked her next, he couldn’t wait to shove it in to the hilt and ride her hard, He gripped her shoulders and just piston fucked her big arse for all he was worth until with a cry of “BITCH” he shot his load up her ass too.

Meanwhile Al had gone for the van and as they tidied themselves up and Tony videoed her semen sodden cunt and ass. He backed it up and they lifted her into the back. They dragged the gang boss in too. Handcuffed. They needed someone to blame of course. And then they drove off.

“Where we taking her Sarge?” Dave asked.

“To the Nick Dave, The police surgeons going to have a look at WPC Green. No doubt he’ll have something soothing to rub on that nasty fucked arse she’s got.” The laughed.

“What like his cock as well?” Dave asked.

“Exactly, exactly only he’s said he’ll pay fifty quid a time to shovel WPC Green’s shit uphill for her!” They all laughed and joked as they drove back. Tony patted her spunk coated face. Maybe he’ll even get another go, he thought.

Later that morning.

WPC Green slowly came too. Her vision swam. Bright lights hurt her eyes.

‘Oh God, the gang they’re still raping me’ she could feel a cock sliding in and out of her sore bowels. She was semi upright her legs lifted wide apart, restrained as if in stirrups. She couldn’t move. She heard voices.

“She’s coming too! Give her some more chloroform. There’s more paying customers waiting. The day shift will want some too.”

A cloth went over her face again and she began to doze off her body shuddering with the butt fucking it was receiving. She could have sworn she heard her Bosses voice, the inspector saying it was his turn next. Then it went black.

End of Part Three

More?? MG.

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