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I thrust slowly into my Pet’s ass, almost lovingly, I thrust deep inside her and as I did, felt her ass and hips thrust forward as well. Kelly’s muffled screams only added to our pleasure. Each time my Pet thrust in deep, and Kelly made that delicious “MMMMMFFFFF!” sound, my pleasure multiplied exponentially. “Yesssss…” I said as I started to pump my Pet faster, harder and she did the same to Kelly.

Kelly’s muffled sceams increased in repetition and intensity, which only made our tempo increase as well. I fucked my Pet harder and faster as I heard the “MMMMMFFFFF” “MMMMMFFFFF” “MMMMMFFFFF” “MMMMMFFFFF” growing louder. Finally, after 10 short minutes, with one final thrust I felt my hot lava-like cum stream out of my cock and fill my Pet’s ass. As it did, she thrust violently into Kelly’s ass. Kelly screamed and passed out.My Pet then shuddered, stiffened as she came and then just collapsed on top of Kelly. I lay on top of my Pet, my cock still buried deep in her ass.

We lay there for a while, as I listened to the soft breathing of both women but it was time to liven things up. I needed to remind my Pet that while she could dominate another woman, she was still mine. And besides I knew she was growing to enjoy the pain I imparted. I slapped her ass.

”It’s time, my Pet, for your lesson.”

She lifted off Kelly, slowly pulling out the strap on. It popped out and sprung upward. Blood ran down the inside of Kelly’s thighs. The dildo was shiny with it.

I noticed my Pet’s eyes were downcast. She thought she had failed. I smiled at her and reached out to lift her chin. She looked at me quizzically.

“Aww, my Pet, do not fret. You were magnificent!” A huge smile spread across her face, a smile of gratitude and pride. I loved the gratitude but not the pride. ‘Pride goeth before the fall’ I thought and then she asked her question…

“Master? May I ask a question? If I was…. ‘magnificent’ then why?….why the lesson?”

I shook my head in amusement and smiled at her. “You don’t understand do you? These ‘lessons’ were never meant as punishment. They are my demonstration of love for you. I love you, so I discipline you. I give you pain so you can appreciate the pleasure.

Then laughing…”And admit it, you like both in equal measure. Am I right?”

Her eyes were downcast but I still saw the smile forming and then that soft, “Well …yes”

“I want to wake up little Kelly here so she can witness the lesson. I want her to see how tough you are, and how bad things could be for her. I want her to witness your pain, and I want you to smile at her and ask for more. Her horror? will be our joy. “

“Hold out your arms, my pet.” She obeyed and I tied here wrists tightly, looping the nylon rope around, over and under in a nice tight knot. I then fed the free end of the rope through the pulley I had installed in the roof of the RV. I pulled the rope and watched her arms rise with each tug, Finally, her arms were fully extended above her head and she hung there, her toes barely touching the floor. “Ahhhhh” was the only sound she made as I made the final pull, wrapping the free end of the rope around the clamp I had mounted on the wall.

I walked over Kelly, and I untied one ankle and flipped her over to face upward. I slapped her face until she was awake. As she awakened, her eyes grew wide and she tried her best to squirm away from me.

“Awww Kelly, What? Is your admiration for me gone so quickly? So fleeting? You need to learn about commitment, my dear. My Pet has. She is fully committed to me. Look at her hanging there. Isn’t she magnificent? Such a beauty. She has no fear, Kelly. She has only an unmatched loyalty. A love that is truly unconditional.”

I stood. “Here let me show you.”

As I stood, I removed my thick, wide leather belt from my jeans that now lay puddled on the floor. I walked over to my Pet.

“Are you ready my love? “ She smiled and nodded as she spun slowly to the left and to the right. I pulled my arm back and swung the belt into her naked torso. SWACK!

She closed her eyes and smiled. I pulled my arm overhead. This time the belt landed squarely on her right breast. SWACK! She stiffened a little and smiled again. “More, ….Harder!” were her only words. Her body twisted and her back was now facing me. I swung again side arm, catching the cheek of her ass with a loud SWACK! And again back handed , reversing course, SWACK and again and again SWACK! SWACK! SWACK! She swung around again to face me once again, panting heavily, the red welts apparent. Even I was panting some with the effort I had employed to deliver those stings of pleasure.

I looked over to Kelly on the bed. Her face was a mask of horror, her eyes crinkled as if she were the one receiving pain. I smiled.

“Kelly do not be afraid. Your turn is coming. My Pet gives as well as she receives. But observe well, Look at her body. See those marks? I do this soley because I love her and because she loves the pain. I have taught her to enjoy both the giving and receiving of both pain and pleasure. They are much the same you know, such a very fine line that separates the two.” I paused for effect. “Sometimes, however, the pain can be more intense in the mind then in the body. Here, let me show you. I spun my Pet to face Kelly. I held her still facing the bed.

I then approached Kelly, as she lay on the bed. I saw her legs spread wide, her slit so very inviting. I began to stroke my cock at the sight and it did not take long to get hard again. I knelt on the bed and felt it dip slightly. I used my hand to massage Kelly’s pubic mound, sliding my finger slowly up and down between her cunt lips, gently massaging, stimulating, …teasing.

Despite herself, Kelly’s slit began to gleam with wetness, so I slide my finger inside her, moving in and out, then up to her hardening clit. Kelly turned her head to the side, angry and humiliated that her body was yet again betraying her. I replaced my finger with the tip of my cock, repeating that same motion and lightly probing her hole. Finally I lay down on top of her and thrust deep inside. I slid in so nicely. She was wet. I noted her face was as well, as the tears welled in her eyes to slowly slide down her cheeks. I smiled again and began to take long deep thrusts in and out of her cunt. This was so perfect.

I didn’t have to look behind me to know that other tears were also flowing. My Pet could be so hurt when she watched me fuck another woman and enjoy it. I knew she was jealous as she always wanted me, to be touching or fucking her as well.

I also knew she envied Kelly’s pleasure and soon that envy would turn to jealousy and then anger…Anger that another woman would dare try to take me away from her. As I fucked Kelly, I smiled yet again. I knew when it was Kelly’s turn to hang from the ceiling, my Pet would have no mercy. Kelly would suffer greatly for her ‘sin’. I would watch with delight. And once my Pet’s anger abated, we would share Kelly once more. And Kelly would be most compliant.
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