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Default Hey!

Sorry for the absence. Something came up, but I’m glad to be back.

Along with the teacher/student idea, there’s a few other plots I’d like to explore.

Classmate/s who rape me in the shower/locker room after gym class, etc.

Someone corners me at a pool party and fingers me, maybe even fucks me in the water. Maybe they take me somewhere else and has their way with me.

Bride raped on her wedding day!

I’m your son’s/daughter’s ex, and I completely shattered their heart. You come to school one day and corner me after class. Start screaming at me in the hall or my dorm or something, and things escalate from there as you punish me for my actions.

Angry coworker wants revenge. Maybe I got a promotion you deserved, etc.

I’m at the dentist’s/doctor’s office, about to leave, but you come in and fuck me. Maybe you’re my dentist/doctor, a nurse/assistant, another patient or patient’s family member, etc.

Any of these can be gang bangs!

Also, I’m sorry to anyone who sent a message! I accidentally deleted them. Would you mind resending? Thanks!

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