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All during the first two seasons of "Devious Maids" I kept wishing I could be little Mexican/Lebanese cutie Edy Ganem as Valentina Diaz... and that my employers would have something over me so I couldn't quit or go to the police. I'd spend my days actually having to do real maid work in between being ordered to blow important guests or just plain being "available" for any guest of the house to grab and rape as he pleases.

Maybe I'd be pushed face down on an expensive sofa and raped doggy style (or anal!) and then when the guy's done, I'm in big trouble if I don't clean up the cum stains on that priceless piece of furniture before my boss finds out! Maybe there'd be days where after working hard all day to prepare the house for a big party I find out I'm one of the party favors, used and abused in one of the upstairs bedrooms all night by one (or more) of the guests... raped, choked nearly unconscious etc. And then, in the morning, it's STILL my job to clean up the mess from the party! I even have to come down to the dining room and serve breakfast to the men who raped me all night!

Maybe, just for fun my employers make me stand and watch as they let all their guests jerk off and cum all over my own breakfast, and if I want to eat that morning, I have to eat it cum and all. And, of course, none of the guests ever think about calling the cops because they're having too much fun when they visit.

The whole thing is even better if I can speak only spanish, so all these men yelling obscenities at me will sound even more threatening because I don't know what they're actually saying to me or asking me to do. And they can all laugh as I beg and plead for them to stop hurting me in spanish because they don't understand me (or just don't care). Only my employers will ever speak to me in spanish, and that only so that there's no misunderstanding when they order me to do something like lick the cum off the floor after hosting a "bukkake" party with me as the recipient of everyone's climaxes.

It goes without saying they never let me wear anything but my maid uniform, except maybe an even sexier uniform. Maybe they even force me to wear platform heels while I work to further entice male guests to take advantage of the "hospitality" the house has to offer. Maybe I even get punished every time a uniform is ruined... not that I have any way of stopping a guy from ripping it when he grabs me in the hallway and drags me to his bed for some afternoon delight.

Sound like fun? How many of you would love to have "Valentina" as your personal maid/sex toy? I'd love to be her! Well, maybe after the first day I wouldn't love it quite so much - but by then it's too late! The only way out for me is to escape (or die satisfying some guest's "snuff" fantasy, as long as he's willing to compensate my owners for the loss of their prize maid).
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