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I used to play tie up games with my girl friends, we'd use our skipping ropes..ten maybe? But that was all pretty tame childhood exploration...the real obsession began after I was rutted against on the bus about six years ago.

The bus was packed coming home from work, and at first I just passed it off as the older man behind me not having enough room (the warning bells that his hardon was grinding against my ass were there but I ignored them, that sort of stuff doesn't happen in the real world) and I quickly ran for a seat to get away from the situation when one popped up.

He proceeded to sit down next to me.

He had his briefcase covering his lap and was shaking and moving up against me (I was horribly embarrassed and wouldn't look at him, it wasnt until later I saw he was jacking off under the briefcase, my oblivious little head actually told myself he probably just had a palsy) Every time he'd edged up against me I'd move closer to the window, until I was pressed against the window. It never occurred to me to yell at him or tell him to stop, and when we hit a terminal I ran to speak to the bus driver about him and he slipped out the side door before I reached the driver.

Since then my mind has played that event out a million times or so, but the ending is quite different
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