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Returning to the squad car, I gave Davids my best shit eating grin as I slid back into my seat. Now it was just a waiting game. According to Danny, she usually spent a couple of hours with Lupa getting high and fucking. I sighed, settling down into my seat for the wait. I picked up my now cold coffee and took a sip. Grimacing at the concoction, I put it down and swallowed the disgusting swill.

“Fuck! Nothing worse than good coffee gone cold.” I chuckled then looked at him. You know, Davids, this is going to go down easy.” I stare out the window at the girl’s car. I can’t help but notice he’s quiet. I knew he wasn’t 100% ‘sold’ on this, but he was at the end of his rope. I was also banking on the fact that this girl looked an awful lot like his ex-wife, right down to that slender frame. Judging by the pics I’d seen of the ‘ex-Mrs. Davids’—Lupa’s bitch could have been her younger sister, or maybe her ten years ago.

Usually Davids is a ‘Chatty Cathy’, discussing everything from sports, finances, the state of the police department, his ‘ex’ and anything in between. I needed to keep the momentum going. I didn’t want Stevens. I didn’t tell him the real reason I didn’t want Stevens. I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him some of the places Stevens and I ended up at off-duty. He’d never believe it anyway.

Okay, it’s like this…I have a little secret. One, if Davids knew, he’d damned sure look at me in a whole different light. Stevens only found out by accident. Hey, who knew Stevens had some of the same tastes as me? I’d been discreet, or so I thought. I was out at one of the ‘clubs’ I liked to frequent.

Okay…it was a BDSM thing! I needed to let off steam and sex with my ex-boyfriend wasn’t going to always cut it. I liked to indulge in the scene, but being a cop, in the public eye, ethics…blah, blah,blah…it just wasn’t something I wanted out there. It was tough enough being taken seriously without anyone making jokes or using my lifestyle as leverage against me.

Out of all the clubs and events out there, Stevens had to pick the one I liked the best. I’d been engaging in a training session with a particularly enthusiastic Domme (I wanted to be trained by the best) when one of the club’s owners asked if several newcomers could peek in to get an idea of what was happening. Of course, Lucy would have to say ‘yes’. She loved to be on display and knew I would be on my best behavior. I had also unwisely decided to forego wearing the mask I usually donned. I could hear the newcomers approving remarks through my moans and grunts of painful ecstasy. The endorphins flooding my brain didn’t quite block that asshole’s voice.

“Wilde? Wilde? Well…shiiit! I know her!” I could hear him excitedly telling another guy. I looked up in shock. Brown eyes met blue eyes. Mine narrowed in warning when someone asked how he knew me. He grinned with a look of pure malevolence. I was fucked unless I took control.

After my session was over, I found him chatting up a little sub and grinned myself, knowing that her Dom could kick his ass. That wasn’t my worry though. I ‘excused’ him and pulled him into a private area. Between lewd remarks, innuendo and guffaws, I managed to convince him that his life was forfeit if word got out. His price was to use me for ‘training’. So, for a measly few hours each week of him ‘playing’ with me—flogging, spanking, knifeplay, or whatever—he kept his end of the bargain. Frankly I could have ‘outed’ him, too. Of course nobody would bat an eye if they heard Stevens was into some things. He was barely hanging on by a thread. Me, on the other hand, nobody suspected. They saw a good, dedicated career cop. That’s the way I wanted it. Fortunately Stevens knew he was skating on thin ice to expect me to fuck him. Sure, I gave him blowjobs (I needed to feel a man in my mouth, so sue me!) a handjob or two and that is as far as it went.

I wanted Stevens out of my life and I hoped the prospect of money would shake him loose. But with Davids on my side, we could tie Stevens to all this and that would effectively put him out of commission. He could tell everything he knew, but by the time he did, we’d be long gone. In the meantime, I had a few ‘interrogation’ tactics gleaned from my ‘training’ at the club.

“Davids, why so quiet?” I didn’t look at him; I kept my eyes straight ahead. “Come on, level with me, ‘cause I need you 100% or this will go down like a lead balloon. So, level with me now, or I call this off and Little Miss Jessica will drive off free.” I crossed my arms defiantly; the set of my mouth was stern. I didn’t need this shit, but I didn’t want the prospect of him having second thoughts at the wrong time.

“I told you, Kat. I’m on board. Just nothing to say right now. Fuck…just...let’s get this done.” He grimly replied. I nodded my head. Whatever he wasn't telling me, I hoped it didn't affect our plans.

After three hours, two more breaks—fortunately there was a fast food joint around the corner—our little ‘birdy’ emerged from their love nest. I smiled to see her clumsily trying to negotiate the steps down to the sidewalk. Looking about she made sure she was alone and patted her purse. Bingo! She was also carrying. She walked with the gait of a freshly fucked bitch. I’m pretty sure Lupa did a lot of nasty things with that prime piece of ass. She kept his ‘product’ flowing amongst her wealthy and willing friends. He couldn't ask for a better dealer than that entitled, self-absorbed little cunt. Little did she know her world was about to get rocked. I patted the dashboard and smiled.

“Let’s go Davids! Our girl has a date with destiny and I think she just broke the law!” I chuckled humorously as he pulled off after our prey.

“Fuck yeah, she’s ours!” he smiled. Smiling, that was good. I was glad to see, he was on board--at least on the surface. He tailed her as she pulled off and away from the neighborhood and out of sight of Lupa and his boys.

After tailing her for ten minutes, we followed her out of the neighborhood, intending to catch her before she hit the interstate. Once there, we’d have no jurisdiction and I’m sure she’d know that much.

Davids hit the siren in warning, flashing our lights. She took the bait, looking up to see if we were after her. Like a good little citizen, she pulled over. I gave her credit for being smart. I wanted her to make us chase her and get another reason to hold her. Making sure the area was clear and a bit deserted, I got out of the car and walked over to her.

“Miss, are you aware why you are being pulled over?” I asked in my most non-threatening professional tone when she rolled down her window. Her big blue eyes peered up at me. Redhead. Mmmm….I did enjoy redheads. I kept my features neutral as she seemed to hesitate. I waited for the usual excuses and frustrated sighs. She didn’t disappointment me.
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