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Erotic Escapades of Elise: The Home Invasion Photo Shoot - Part Eight

The tip of his cock slid in and then he stopped, watching her reaction. It did not take long.

“NO!” she shouted in horror. “No, please god no! Stop it – it hurts, oh god it hurts! Please don’t do this to me. My god – this is so wrong, please no!”

Hoselvr grinned in pleasure, hearing her pleas and cries. He shifted his hips, causing his cock to slide in further. Elise screamed loudly, feebly swinging her arms behind her to push Hoselvr off her. She panicked as his cock slide further in. She could not imagine anything more painful, uncomfortable, or revolting than what was happening to her. She screamed more, trying to increase the volume, hoping someone in the neighborhood would hear her and respond. She sucked in hard breaths in hopes of sustaining the scream, but she had to stop the effort, forcing the rising bile back down.

Hoselvr continued to push his cock inside her ass and Elise continued to scream in measured bursts, but their volume dwindled as she progressed, wearing her out. She tried to block the pain out of her mind, but it was nearly impossible. His girth spread her open, his hands clutching her hips to help run it into her. She dug her fingernails into the cushions of the sofa hoping it would help her to endure. Finally, he stopped forcing himself inside. She had a brief respite from the pain before another more intense wave struck her as he withdrew and thrust again.

“Oh god, please stop!” she cried out between the screams and tears. “Don’t do this to me.”

The pain continued to strike her in waves with the crest coming as Hoselvr’s thrusts reached their peak inside of her and their bodies slapped together. Elise buried her face in the sofa cushion, biting the fabric, hoping the pain would end. Each of his thrusts sent pain through her entire body, she thought.

Elise tried to take her mind off the pain, but it continued to hold the central point of her thoughts. She wondered then if this pain was similar to the level of pain women endured in childbirth. If it was, she would request an elective Cesarean section if she ever became pregnant, she thought. Then, that thought led her back to her initial fear when Hoselvr had fucked her, his cum filling her pussy. Was she already pregnant from his seed? The fear of such enveloped her thoughts but did not retract them enough to forget the pain she was enduring.

Still pounding into her unmercifully, Hoselvr grabbed her by the hair, pulling her upper body off the sofa cushions. He roughly pawed at her tits with his other hand. Using her hair to pull her onto his cock, he continued to fuck her ass. With new pain added to her collection, Elise cried in broken sobs. Looking over her shoulder, he saw the smeared multicolored stains of her make up on one of the cushions, looking like an abstract painting rejected by Picasso.

“S-stop!” she cried, but her voice began to crack. “P-please leave me alone. I c-can’t handle this pain.”

She continued to cry, tears streaming down her face and dripping onto the sofa cushions. Desperate to end the pain, she thought of a tactic to try to get him to stop pumping into her ass.

“Please stop,” she choked out between sobs. “P-please f-fuck my pussy. H-Hoselvr, I want you to fuck my pussy. I need it bad. Please do it.”

Hoselvr paused in mid stroke. She was begging for a pussy fuck to prevent the pain, he thought. He might just have to accommodate that request – with a twist. His pumping resumed for several more strokes, and then he withdrew his cock and shoved it violently into her pussy, ramming it all the way in one stroke, slapping against her ass cheeks. As soon as he withdrew, Elise expelled an audible sigh of relief. Then, he released her hair, moved his hand to her back and forcefully pushed her face down into the sofa cushions. Elise did not mind this – for the pain had subsided and without him gripping her hair, it was now even better. She turned her head to the side and let out another audible sigh, almost as though she was now enjoying the pussy fuck.

“You like that Elise?” Hoselvr asked her in a mocking tone. “You like my cock in your pussy?”

Elise moaned – faking the enjoyment – hoping it would encourage him to continue this way until his cum entered her once again. She closed her eyes and waited while he thrust into her. Then he withdrew his cock again. Elise’s eyes snapped open. Before she could react further, his cock rammed violently into her ass. Hoselvr pounded relentlessly – her screaming renewed. Then he laughed. There was no cheer in it – it was pure evil. He had played her and she knew it. The pain would only end when he finished and went away. Hoselvr began to count.

“One, two, three,” he said then pulled out and entered her pussy. “One, two, three.”

He settled into a rhythm – thrusting three times in her pussy and then repeating it in her ass, each thrust accompanied by a slap on her ass. Elise shrieked with each slap, but soon pressed her face into the sofa cushion, seeking its support. Once again, Hoselvr increased her pain by grabbing her hair with his free hand. The pain was all around her.
Soon the thrusting increased, his body slamming into hers with abandon. After several missed approaches while switching holes, Hoselvr fully concentrated his efforts on her ass alone. His relentless pounding made her entire body soar. Her head hurt from the hair pulling. Her neck and shoulders hurt from being pressed into the sofa. Her ass from the slaps and the cock reaming. Her legs pressed against the sofa arm.

Then she heard a change in his breathing, punctuated by grunts. The ass slaps continued, as did the violent thrusts. Each time he slammed into her, his cock deep in her ass, he would pause, pulling her hair, pushing against her, trying to go deeper still. Her crying sobs continued as well, an occasional whimper escaping. This was her entire world – the pain and horror of the moment – occupying all her thoughts.

Hoselvr released her hair again, but before she could move, a hand curved around her throat, holding her in place. Another hand clutched her tit, squeezing hard. Hoselvr’s thrusts reached their climax speed. The arm of the sofa dug further into Elise’s thighs as he slammed one last time into her. His cock shuddered, throbbing cum deep inside her ass. Elise screamed out as Hoselvr’s finger dug deep into the soft flesh of her breast – then she stopped suddenly as his other hand squeezed the air from her throat. The throbbing continued as she struggled for air, moving her legs, fighting for life, tears running down her face, silent sobs.

As unconsciousness began to envelope her, she felt his cock throb again, his hand releasing her throat. She sucked in a breath, choking on the fresh air – coughing.

“Was it good for you too?” he asked her as he pulled her upright.

Elise said nothing as she heard the quiet rumbling of the garage door. Hoselvr heard it too, but did not immediately recognize it. Only when Elise released a long sobbing sigh did he know what it meant.

Hoselvr quickly pulled his cock out of Elise’s ass, cum dripping on the area rug. He pulled up his pants, grabbed his shirt and sprinted toward the front door. He was on the neighbor’s lawn then, gaining speed when Keith walked into the living room to find Elise sitting on the edge of the sofa, naked from the waist up. She was shaking uncontrollably and crying in a way he had never heard before.
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