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Erotic Escapades of Elise: The Home Invasion Photo Shoot - Part Seven

Escape was not possible now Elise realized as his hands gripped her around the waist. Whatever was in store for her, she would have to endure it to the end now. Strongly doubting Keith would come to her rescue in time, she resisted Hoselvr’s crushing squeeze, their bodies pressing close, his willing – hers not. He cupped her buttocks in his strong hands, mauling them, lifting them and feeling them drop, spreading her cheeks apart through the hose and dress. Next, he slid his rough hands over her body, feeling the material of the dress as they passed over the curves of her form. He cupped and squeezed her through the dress, enjoying the feel of material and flesh beneath. She tried one more time to reason with him, hoping to appeal to his friendship.

“Please let me go,” she pleaded near tears. “I don’t want this. Please, you have to stop. We can just sit and talk. I know you’ve always wanted just to talk to me like we’ve been friends forever. Please…”

“Elise,” he began to say slowly, “I will take this body. You can’t stop me. Pleading with me, helps keep me hard. I like that. You will too once you feel me inside you again. I know you like it hard and fast.”

“No please,” she cried, the tears now flowing.

Hoselvr felt her body more, and then paused. Elise stopped her sobbing short, wondering.

“Okay,” he started to tell her. “We don’t have a lot of time, but I promised you we’d take some pictures of you to share with Keith. I’m going to start shooting and you’re going to pose in that hot dress as though I was Keith. Start moving!”

Elise jumped when Hoselvr shouted out the command. She shook in place, and then began to glance around thinking this would be her last opportunity to escape. Before she could formulate any kind of plan, he was at the camera facing her again. Not wanting to anger him, she awkwardly began to move her body into several successive poses – it looked as though she was dancing in slow motion – but without any emotion. He worked the camera and she heard the shutter sound several times. Then, he stood back up frowning.

“Bull shit!” he said. “You’re just fucking with me now! Get with it or I can forget the pics and just fuck you hard right now. Which do you prefer?”

She certainly did not want to be raped again if she had an alternative that he was willing to offer. She immediately started to pose better, relaxing as she progressed. Hoselvr continued to focus and shoot numerous pictures. As she progressed, he grew increasingly excited. This had been one of his dreams – to be the photographer for a pantyhose fetish model. The various poses she chose were interesting and accentuated her curves. As she moved from one pose to the next, Hoselvr rubbed his growing cock sticking out of his pants. She continued her sexy poses until she began to pull her dress up, fully exposing her legs and ass. At this point, Hoselvr lost control, left the camera and hurried back to Elise. Seeing him come at her, she instinctively pulled the dress back down to its full length, feeling vulnerable as it only covered about half of her thighs. She wished she had chosen something more modest to go with the dark pantyhose.

Hoselvr grabbed her around the waist as he had before going to the camera. A thought of déjà vu’ crossed Elise’s mind, mainly the fact that her potential opportunity to escape had passed again. She was at his mercy. He pressed their bodies together, forcing a kiss upon her lips. She did not resist, not wanting to anger him, hoping if she cooperated fully, there would be no pain involved this time. Next, he took a small step back, separating their bodies. Elise waited. Suddenly, the strong hands grabbed her and spun her around violently. Elise stumbled in the high heel shoes, unaccustomed to their height, only his grip saved her from falling. She didn’t welcome his save, for it only kept her in his grip. Elise faced the sofa in her living room. She could feel the hot photography light nearby, still glowing white from the photo session earlier that morning and minutes ago. How much time has passed now, she wondered. She did not have the luxury of a clock in this room – only the dining room and kitchen had clocks on this floor of the house. She always wore a watch for work and often wore it in photo shoots, but for today’s outfits she chose not to wear one, as the wrist cuffs of the gold blouse were too tight to accommodate the watch.

Hoselvr brought her back to reality when his rough hands began to slide under the side of the dress near her breasts. He cupped them, and then began to pinch and pull her nipples, forcing them hard once more. He leaned his head in and moaned in her ear, not a romantic, gentle sound, but guttural, like the sound of an animal issuing a warning. Elise began to notice a change. Earlier, his hands had not been this rough – insistent and uncaring. His lust had built to a head that he seemed unable to control now. He molested her tits, forcing them to change shape in his grip, pinching and pulling at them, cupping and squeezing. Keith had always been gentle with her, taking care that she was always comfortable with the actions he took. This man did not care for that, fueled by lust alone – hurting her, pawing and mauling solely for his own pleasure – she was only an object of flesh. She could feel his cock press against her ass, its growth evident in the size. The soft tissue of her breasts grew painful as the abuse continued. Finally, relief came when he removed his hands, immediately sliding them down her sides to the hem of the dress, pulling it up over her ass to bundle at her waist. His hands transferred to her pantyhose, sliding along the sheer material, squeezing her thighs, and then her ass. Soon fingers began to probe between her legs.

“Spread -em,” he commanded.

She complied; unsure if any alternative existed in her little world. The fingers continued their search, seeking the soft spaces of her pussy through the pantyhose. Many minutes passed as his hands and fingers probed her, painful thrusts, hose ripping in response.

Another command “Spread them more.”

Again, she complied with his wishes, spreading her legs wide as she stood on the floor, balancing on the heels, ankles flexed and sore. The hole became larger, whole hands now entered through the hose, many fingers probing deeper inside her pussy, stretching it further than she thought possible. She whimpered in pain as the probing transformed into hard thrusting. Just when she felt she could endure no more, it stopped. His hands pulled away. She let out an audible sigh. Suddenly the hands upon her again, they insistently grabbed her breasts. Soon she felt one hand release the Velcro closure on the collared neck of the dress. Hoselvr roughly pulled the front and rear dress panels down to hang at her waist. With her breasts free, his hands snatched at her tits, pulling at them violently, seeking the hard nipples. While cupping her breasts, Hoselvr led her closer to the sofa, steering her toward one end. She shuffled stiffly in the heels, unsure of the plan. Next, she heard his belt buckle and then the sound of his pants dropping to the floor behind her. She felt his naked cock press against her, their flesh touching though the widened hole in the pantyhose. His hand were all over her body, touching, cupping, squeezing, pinching, and pulling.

His stiff cock pushed against her. While still groping her body with one hand, he pushed her with the other, forcing her to bend over the arm of the sofa. With her leaning over, his hand trailed down her back and across the cheeks of her ass. He shifted his body apart from hers enough to grab and stroke his cock before thrusting it in her pussy. He shoved it inside her all the way in a single thrust, his body slapping against her ass. He pumped in and out of her for several minutes. Elise hoped he would cum soon so he would leave. Then, he pulled his cock all the way out, grabbed it again and started to push its tip into her ass.

It was then she realized the plan. She was about to be sodomized…
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